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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Delusion 2030: Joined at the Fractured Hip

The fire and curse of three vowels: A+O+O.


Anonymous said...

wewe taabu, wacha,
what do you have against PEACE, LOVE and UNITY?

Anonymous said...

fake peace is a thousand times worse than the hundred days mayhem that was witnessed in rwanda.

the fake public handshaking reminds me of the "peace offerings" that used to be so common in some church circles during the sunday worship parades.

thereafter, every one of them would return to their usual evil-ukabila corners from mondays to saturdays.

syk jeneza

Anonymous said...

If i was Taabu, considering the fact that the picture is in the local dailies, i would have been more creative and made this post thought provoking. Otherwise, i wonder if Taabu can sit down and expect learned visitors to comment on this empty post. Where is Chris?

Well, i am wrong, maybe flower girls and choir boys will find substance in this yet another stale post from 53 year old Taabu.

Anonymous said...

Yaaaawwn..!What is new here??

Anonymous said...

Av always said that Taabu is an uncreative idiot; & he has never failed me

Anonymous said...

Did this fool want to write an article about raila saying kibaki is a reformist?

Anonymous said...


Raila you have finally admitted that kibaki is a reformer. This is another of your many lies driven by greed and hunger for power. But one thing is true, he is a forgiving and kind person. How else would you explain that Moi is one of the biggest critics of his administration. The guy who tortured and killed many innocent kenyans and destroyed their livelihoods with impunity killing entire sectors of the economy to target certain communities. Kibaki is also not as greedy as you. How else do you explain an African leader declared the victor in elections agrees to share power. Examples are awash to show african leaders would rather let their countries burn and the west to shout hoarse than share a dot of power. This also demostrated Kibakis human compassion for our nation. Could you do the same? are you selfless? Isnt populating of your half cabinet with your tribesmen a sign of greed & selfishness? Isnt appointing your sister a diplomat an indication of your natural nepotic tendencies? Why is it a coincidence that you have fallen out with almost every member of the pentagon? Ruto, Balala and now Nyaga? We know Ngulu has been distancing herself from you lately. Lets leave musalia out for the moment, we all know he is a natural coward who tows the line like a cry baby. We all know that pentagon is tired coz you bully them both in govt and party level. So who can trust you now? when you betray your friends to your former foes, even they would not respect you. That is a harlots behaviour. You have betrayed the kenyan people. We realised that all you wanted was a big title, big office, big car with escorts, big house etc etc. After that, you have become like the rest of them; the cheating, conniving, greedy politician. Everything you have done has failed. even your own self target of solving the mau problem by the current short rains has flopped. The rains have started and we surely will not plant any trees there until april next year. What have you achieved worth mentioning? You wanted power and kibaki gave it to you, so what next.......
Concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

Anon 10/12/09 10:29 PM you are on point. In fact Kibaki did not travel to New York and gave Raila his chance to meet Obama in the closed door heads of state meeting. He even personally intervened so that Raila was allowed to see Obama. But instead of using the opportunity wisely, the guy was just interested in a photo shoot to use in 2012 to mesmerise his supporters

Anonymous said...

Jenza anon 10/12/09 7:51 PM
Do not be decieved, the peace between Kibaki and Raila is REAL. These two fellas have reconcilled and moved on as you stock to kill each other in 2012

Anonymous said...

Kwanza, WHERE IS CHRIS? TAABU, you need to be more creative than copy-paste-and-save-changes. Any 3year old should be able to that without much thinking. As of these 2 big fish, we know what they say "...No permanent enemies..." Come 2012, I expect them to be enemies against each other, only to befriend each other a few weeks after the polls. NA BADO.

Anonymous said...

hate him or not imma vote for RAILA

Anonymous said...

The space between TAABU's ears is a wasteland, worse than the barren sands of the Sahara. Its infertility defies natural as well as artificial inseminations methods. That is why he is forever condemned to write these thoughtless posts.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.29 said well about Raila.

"..You wanted power and kibaki gave it to you, so what next......."

This reminds me of Taabu who also wanted power to run this blog and what has he done with the power he got from the blog creator Chris? Just like his demigod, he has squandered the power. Actually he's efd up!

Kumekucha Prefect.

Anonymous said...

I saw something about a survey that found kalonzo is more popular than kibs and rao. I havent seen any discussion of it. Where is phil. is it something genuine from mashinani?

Anonymous said...

Raila is not the best, but compared to the kind of politicians Kenya has today, he is the best choice who can deliver, if he was given the executive power.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki, the razorblade mugumo cutter, the fence sitter stole power.

He only agreed to share Power after he was told by the US and UK that he would never set a foot in Heathrow and JFK again.

Anonymous said...

Someone had the audacity to say 'Raila is not the best, but compared to the kind of politicians Kenya has today, he is the best choice who can deliver, if he was given the executive power'

Like Chris we ask, why should we be limited to a hair dyeing 64 year old looser who declares Kibaki a reformer?
We have over 1 million young men who can lead the nation to great heights. We have to look beyond the tribal cocoons.


Anonymous said...

To revisit the obama prize, am now made to understand that the nominations had to be in by 1st February. By that time his presidency was not 9 months old but 2 weeks old. meaning he won the prize for what he had done in 2weeks. Am soo proud.

Mwarang'ethe said...

As concerns 2030 "vision" we can say this:

In 1663 (centuries ago), the UK passed an Act called Staples Act. It's express purpose was this:

"making this Kingdom a Staple not only of the Commodities of those plantations but also of the Commodities of other countries and Places for the supplying of the same."

Is London today not the leading commodity market for stuff like coffee, oil?

In 1812, Henry Clay said this:

"[N]ations knew, as well as [ourselves], what we meant by "free trade" was nothing more nor less than, by means of the great advantage we enjoyed, to get a monopoly of all their markets for our manufacture, and to prevent them, one and all, from ever becoming manufacturing nations."

Nothing has changed as the modern schools/propaganda tells us. See this link:

For Kenya to move and build a true market economy, it must have:

(a) Freedom to Trade, and
(b) Tools of production/industrial capital to produce for that trade.

Unfortunately, both are denied to Kenya.

We are yet to study and appreciate what we are against, and therefore, we remain without intellectual means of dismantling the walls standing infront of us.

For instance, is it possible to build and maintain STORAGE FACILITIES for ALL AFRICAN commodities in the West so that we can sell our commodities from the borders of these vampires?

If we do this, we can control the market effectively. This would mean that, once we harvest our coffee, tea, we DO NOT SELL THEM IN NAIROBI, we sell them HERE from our warehouses.


Many times we have asked why is it that SA has failed to bring about economic justice to its poor since 1994. In the same breath, we have asserted that without ending LAND and MONEY monopoly the political democracy is an illusion. It seems things are starting to heat up and as usual, stupid Africans will be blamed for their "inability" to lead. What a curse.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe as predicted had to get some wazungu quotations to support his brother Taabu with whom he seems to be joined at the fractured hip...he he heeee.
Well go on, and remember Raila your best choice has declared Kibaki a reformer like himself. I wonder which mzungu you will quote to defend Raila on this one mwan(r)a wa n'gethi(e)a.

Phil said...

Let me help some of these imbeciles:

Blogger Taabu said.....The fire and curse of three vowels: A+O+O.


Anonymous said...

what about O for obama?

Anonymous said...

You are an even bigger idiot,after years of firing potshots at Kibaki in favour of your demigod,the serial flip flopper comes out strongly to defend Kibaki as a reformer!I guess your ears are still ringing!As for Mr Misery,'he must be constipated from a particularly large helping of humble pie'.IDIOTS...!!!

Anonymous said...

it's real delusional for a people to wait for 2030 when they can accomplish a lot in 2009.

what an absurdity, because most of the current political frogs, weasel and possums will be gone before 2030. that includes most of us who frequent kumekucha, while others will be too old and dealing with senile dementia and alzheimer to do anything in the name of 'delusional 2030.

tick tick tick tick tick tick tick!
some of them will have died by 2015
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick!
many will have gone on to meet their maker by 2019.

tick tick tick tick tick tick tick!
definetly all the old political gizzard will have vacated or exited the country by 2030.

delusion 2030 is great gimmick to play among the kenyan ignoramuses.

shocked said...

These crooks are in the pockets of corporations paying them to stay in power and ravage 99% of Kenyan's citizens while these very foreign corporations are ripping off both the citizens and Kenya's natural resources.

Shocked said...

The Kenyan's crooks in "power" must agree to power sharing because their foreign bosses will send them to premature deaths if they do not comply with their orders. These elites can pretend that they are in charge of what is happening in Kenya until they turn red.
The fact is, these elites are only good at bringing death, destruction and terror whenever the masses of Kenyan citizens demand changes. Their bosses,the multinational corporations,loathe organized popular changes. To them, exploiting people is more profitable than dealing in fairness. They have to create chaos in order to maintain exploitation. Encouraging tribal hatred is the most effective tool in maintaining a chaotic environment in which to operate. The ruling elites's willingness to engage in tribal chaos in Kenya indicates that they are willing participants in destruction of the remaining 99% of Kenyan citizens being violently surpressed!!!

Anonymous said...

The man who appointed his sister as a US diplomat and his brother as finance assistant minister and a bunch of useless luo ministers had the audacity to lecture others on tribalism and graft in civil service.

This one Taabu cannot touch since it will hurt his paymasters.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is heading to HAGUE

he has nowhere to hide:) shiating on himself trying to hide behind Raila for support..

murderers and killers of innocent kenyans must face the wrath of law, international, local or Suddam Husien style... Kibaki and his cronies will face it ask Uhuru he is shivering under his wifes skirt...

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

The incorrigible ODMoron weasel^^^^^^ has crawled back fromk the woodwork writing in caps after the recent exposure of his deity molasses

haya, tuendelee

Anonymous said...

mheshimwa death where are you when you are needed? there is such a high demand for your to get involved in some over due house cleaning and parliament fumigation. please do the needfful in whatever way, form or fashion that has been availed to you by the creator of the universe. and do it quick.

Anonymous said...

I saw two boons being marched naked in kisumu for having sex! na kweli mwafrika ni mjinga. phil, post the pictures and do an article on it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, for all those idiot ODMorons who lick Railas backside.. He declared Emilio a great Reformer on Sunday on National Television.

So will the sheep please fall in line... behind Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha and you loyal kenyan follower, real kenya patriots willing to kill and kufa for kenya.
as long as kumekucha shall, kenya will be. kiba and raila are just passing clouds

Anonymous said...

"Nepotism and tribalism are the new monsters we have to deal with in the Public Service," Raila said during the official opening of the Public Service week at Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) on Tuesday"

The problem with Raila is denying people the same thing he is doing. Its like the way the US spends half its time stopping others from acquring nuclear arms and the rest of the time stocking the same.

Philip said...

A mixture of Kazi iendelee and Kazi ianze has produced "SERIKALI YA MCHANGANYIKO MAALUM".

Now things are getting funny.

I hope it's a mixture of maize and beans which produce one nice food called "Githeri" or "Nyoyo" and not a mixture of sodium and water.

Anonymous said...

africans dont do what they say. Every one in kenya speaks loudly against corruption and tribalism. But every one openly practises these evils. It is why nobody takes us seriously.

It is like one expects to be judged by what one says. You hear people saying they are not this or that.they have never heard that actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

Can this happen in Nairobi?

British PM to give back Sh1.4m

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Posted Wednesday, October 14 2009 at 18:54

LONDON, Tuesday

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will repay more than $19,000 (Sh1.4 million) in expenses after an independent auditor found that he and other lawmakers had made excessive claims, according to Mr Brown’s office.

Mr Brown is repaying money he claimed to cover gardening and decorating costs.

In an e-mailed statment, Mr Brown’s office said the Prime Minister “will cooperate fully and make the necessary repayment” of $19,678.20 — approximately £12,415 — originally expensed for cleaning, gardening and decorating costs.

Following damaging revelations in May that British lawmakers had abused the system of expenses, Mr Brown announced a series of reforms, including an audit by retired government official Thomas Legg of every member of parliament’s expenses over the past five years.

Mr Legg retrospectively imposed new limits on certain expenses, including annual caps of £2,000 (about $3,170) on cleaning costs and 1,000 pounds ($1,585) on gardening costs.

Mr Legg determined that, according to his new rules, Mr Brown should repay excesses of $16,986 (£10,716) on cleaning and $479 (about £302) on gardening.

The career government official also highlighted a bill for painting and decorating for more than $2,200 (£1,396) from April 2006 that was submitted twice.

Inadvertent error

“Mr Brown has apologised for this inadvertent error,” Mr Legg’s office’s statement said.

Following scrutiny of the claims of opposition leader, David Cameron, Mr Legg asked for further information on expenses concerning his mortgage payments.

“I’ve had a letter from Sir Thomas Legg,” Mr Cameron said. “It doesn’t raise new issues it asks for a mortgage statement but not money to be paid back but if any request is made, I will meet it straight away.” (Reuters)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever wondered, maybe the various people who write articles on this blog are actually one and the same. Just different writing styles?????I won't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

I can bet my left hand that Taabu ias furiously editing that story on Kibaki and Karua in Todays standard.

How predictable!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^and it will soon be posted as..You Missed This..

Anonymous said...

tic toc tic toc Ocampo is on the way now they hyena's are hiding tic toc tic toc Kibaki here i come for you, uhuru stop hiding behind kibaki, karua you sold out you are on your own, Ali gives us the goods so that you can claim immunity(in your dreams pal) Saitoti we warned you but you kept taking orders and going on the rampage with your foot soldiers from Nairobi down town to Kibera, Kisumu, kakamega, mumias, rift valley, mt. Elgon, and yes we understand even your own mungiki youths slaughtered in vain.. for what? so that you could Keep the Old man who rigged elections in broad daylight in Statehouse?
Even Martha Karua now sees her mistakes..
ha!!ha! I understand when she was recently in the states she took a dossier and has asked for Immunity on being involved and master mind on the clashes and slaughters in Naivasha and Nakuru... does Martha Karua really believe that the Kenyans who lost their loved ones will accept for her to get immunity? from Hague?? no such lack..Ruto and former President Moi will tell Ocampo who they hired to slaughter innocent kenyans.. they know and we know.. Uhuru hire of mungiki thugs.. he told them to bring him a jaluo head!! si they mungiki's have said it on tape-why do you think Ocampo is being pressurized to start the cases quickly?

we have some sick blood thirsty kenyans in the government and they need to be removed sooner than later,,,

Anonymous said...

anon 9:32

you seems to suffer from selective amnesia. What about molassses raila and his kabila adui calls?
what about balala and his Lesotho outburst?
what about madoadoa cleansing all sanctioned by ODM headed by Raila?

continue smoking the weed but Ocampo will not spare the chief thug Raila who equally rigged elections in LUO nyanza and in other odmorons filled constituencies.

Anonymous said...

Raila is currently scheming to continue the historical injustice against the GEMA which was started by Moi with regard to parliamentary underrepresentation. He is fighting tooth and nail against splitting of the huge overpopulated constituencies around Mt.Kenya. He has constituted a secret think tank to fight against proportional representation in the Mt.Kenya region. The dreadful thing is that Mt.Kenya leaders are asleep while Raila plots on how "to reduce the kabila adui to size."

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens that the next govt will be headed by President-in-Waiting Kalonzo Musyoka with Ruto as as the VP. The Prime Minister will be the one and only Peter Kenneth. All the patriotic Kenyans have decided!!

Anonymous said...

The Chickens have come home to roost.

Listen to Kibaki:
Karua ni nani? Karua ni Pumbavu! Pumbaaaaaavu sana! Mavi ya Kuku.

Anonymous said...

Without Martha "defender" Karua, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki would not have managed to STEAL the elections of December 2007 successfully.

We have it on authority from Karua herself that as she was "defending" Kibaki - Kibaki's theft of the elections, actually, akina Uhuru "Millions of acres of grabbed and stolen land" Kenyatta, George Kinuthia "Goldenberg" Thaitoti and the rest of the PNU gang had gone into hiding.

Now look at what they are doing to Karua -

Kibaki: Karua ni nani? Karua ni Pumbavu! Pumbaaaaaavu sana! Mavi ya Kuku. Pumbaaaaavu sana huyu mwanamke.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Kikuyus are as many as they claim to be. It is just propaganda that they are so good at, cheating us that they are many. They just got to be counted during the 1989 census cos they lived in Nairobi while the rest of us were in mashinani and unreachable. Plus they have such a low birth rate. If census is not manupilated (rigged), they what i suspect will be known.

Anonymous said...

How strange that Mwarangethe has not commented on the recent Nobel Laureate in Economics, and yet I thought he cared for the environment, the land and inter-generational equity.
Oh well, guess she's still alive and has not a penis.
On all your behalfs, I celebrate her.
“I would applaud thee to the very echo,
That should applaud again.”
Macbeth. Act V. Sc. 3.

Anonymous said...



Read this story which Taabu and chris do not have the balls to touch since its going to hurt his pay masters. where is mwarangethe and his land policies to tell us what a beautiful job orengo is doing paying his brothers who are land thieves in the pretext of helping peasants.
I heard also that Raila wants to sell the malindi land that he grabbed.
The Lands Ministry has been criticised for buying grabbed or illegally acquired land contrary to recommendations of a commission of inquiry into irregular allocations.

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