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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bye Kofi Annan, Next Bring in Ocampo Please

Annan came, shouted himself hoarse and must leave now after accomplishing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. True, he may have saved Kenya from stewing in her own blood but Annan lost the plot when he chose to advance the interests of the so-called international community at our expense.

And lest he forgets, Annan has never been our friend. No wonder we bugged his hotel room last time he was here. You don’t do that to trusted friends. He has outlived his usefulness and must know when to quit.

Annan is living a lie by refusing to accept and appreciate our 90% reform pass grade. Instead he has shamelessly enjoined himself into our local pettiness so much so that he is know admonishing our DULY elected President’s public appointments claiming they are skewed. All posts are filled on MERIT, period. All else is cheap propaganda.

Appointments on merit
Patriotism and sovereignty are priceless assets which our forefathers lost their lives fighting for. Annan must know the futility and perils of attempting to babysit octogenarians.

Just like one loudmouthed Michael Renneberger, Annan will kiss the next available microphone and leave. And Moreno Ocampo coming after him is destined for the same fate. Kenya is for Kenyans and no amount of noise or pressure will make the landlords change their schemes to auction the remaining viable pieces.

Bye bye Annan, please pass the button to Prof Luis Ocampo and don’t forget to reminding him to breathe real fire and threaten smouldering brimstone too.


Anonymous said...

Its like a circus this kenyan politics.
When its hottest we soon we realise it was no big deal after all. Those hooked to their seats soon relinquish them and proceed to perfom their daily chores.
Meanwhile the gate keepers continue issuing tickets for the next show as they bid bye to the now expired audience.
The irony, the men on stage only change costumes but the characters and individuals are but one and the same. Needless to mention the script.

Thats what kenya is made of. A proud country this "nation"
Ahsante Annan for trying to upset the monotony!

Anonymous said...

Making of a Kumekucha Taabu Miingi

1. Screen the local dailies for anti-PNU type of news.
Note; Standard will give you hits quickly
2. Copy paste the story ready for editing.
3. Add whining words, sarcasm, insults.
4. Copy paste key words like Fraud, Theft, Kibaki, Deception etc
from the file Word Power on Taabu's old PC desktop.
5. Close the recycled story with catching words like Mta do, kenya ina wenyewe etc!!
6. Save the changes.
7. Log into Kumekucha and open post a story page. Copy paste the refurbished story to Kumekucha..aka 'You Missed This'
8. Send an email to the paymasters informing them as always you are earning
your monthly weages.
9. Keep a minute by minute watch on the responses quickly deleting those that smoke
out your hypocricy.
10. Log off and increase comment load by posting as anon openly insulting objective comments
pointing on your bias.
11. Cheer other flower girls like Phil and Mwarangethe as they drum support for your
once again 'ingenious effort'

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

who said that "an accident is a miserable woman's best friend" when she least expects it?

i am sure kenya is in the same position as the 'misrebale woman' and it's just a matter of time before the 'best friend' comes knoncking.

lol! the usual characters who are so busy changing costumes in the arena of kenya's political circus, have forgotten one basic fact, namely, the arena has an entry and an exit, and some of them are timely while other are very untimely.

let's not waste valuable energy fixated on the main arena and stage of kenya's political circus 2012.

syk jeneza

Anonymous said...

This stuff is BORING! The whole sarcasm thing is MASSIVELY overdone by now...get a new shtick jama u are stale!!

Sam Okello said...

Taabu my brother,

It helps to sit back for a few days and do some research. You are insulting our readers intelligence
by lifting stories from the local dailies EVERY DAY and adding no substance.

I know i am going against the grain but sometimes we have to stand by our principles.

Ja'Rusinga said...

Sam Okello,

That has been aptly said. I have nothing useful to add.

Taabu, don't give the Anons an opportunity to overrun your posts with thoughtless comments.

Anonymous said...

Sam what do you mean by "going against the grain"? Is it the odm grain? Anyway thanks for adding your voice. we hope the administrators will take action.

Anonymous said...

Africans are the only people I know who most of the time say what they dont mean and dont do what they say. In kenya we have identified tribalism and corruption as our biggest evils. the pm talked about them yesterday. everybody proclaims themseves as being against said evils but everybody practices them. This is precisely why nobody takes africans seriously.

Anonymous said...

poor Kumekucha,

seems the blog has lost direction!!!!

Anonymous said...


Holla me at and i will send you step by step method of blocking an IP

M-Pesa said...

Ok let's move things forward. So Ringera is out, which Kenyan would you like to see replace him. Maina Kiai was being interviewed the other day and said that COURAGE should be the number one virtue of the new director. Someone of high integrity ready to die for motherland Kenya and what he believes in. What should the KACC board look for and which person would you like to see on the hot seat? Let me make it easier for you to choose.

1. AHMEDNASSIR ABDULLAHI, lawyer, Standard columnist, former chair KACC board, big critic of Kibaki and very brave.

2. PAUL K. MUITE, sharp lawyer and former MP who loves to go against the grain. Get's elected on "wrong" political parties. Currently fighting Kibakis.

3. PLO LUMUMBA, legal scholar, orator, writer, human rights activist.

4. OMAR HASSAN, vice chair of KNHCR, brave lawyer, constantly being threatened.

5.JOHN GITHONGO. Anglo leasing whistle blower and former anti graft czar but easily scared by Mt Kenya Mafia until he fled to UK.

6. MAINA KIAI, Well known lawyer and former chairman of KHRC who enjoys stepping on the toes of high and mighty.

7. KUMEKUCHA CHRIS...political analyst, thinker, writer, not scared by NSIS.

Kuna Wengine?

M-Pesa said...

Ok let's add JUSTICE PHILLIP WAKI of the infamous envelope who will soon be sending some ministers to the Hague.


Mwarang'ethe said...

M-Pesa said...
Ok let's move things forward. So Ringera is out, which Kenyan would you like to see replace him.

Our comment:

M - Pesa bwana, you and others do not get it.

In the book called CAPITALISM'S ACHILLES HEEL: DIRTY MONEY AND HOW TO RENEW FREE MARKET SYSTEM, author Raymond W. Baker a leading expert in capital flight/money laundering/corruption writes on page 189 that:

"The fact is that laundered proceeds of drugs ... corruption, and terrorism tag along with other forms of dirty money to which the United States and Europe extend a welcoming hand. There are two rails on the same tracks through the international financial system. Holes intentionally left in anti - money laundering laws provide a road map to foreigners showing them how to relabel their money in order to get into the western financial system."

On page 201 he writes:

"A 2002 article in World Policy Journal put is as follows 'Traditionally, the U.S. Treasury has welcomed foreign money from any source to fill the gap in the country's balance of payment.'

On page 241 he writes on his attempt to engage the magicians at the World Bank on the link between flight capital and poverty.

He explained to the magician how corrupt money leaves Africa, whereby he said that: "I called the drainage of dirty money, as I do in this book, the most damaging economic condition hurting the poor. When I finished my remarks, the deputy division head said: 'I don't understand the linkage between flight capital and poverty.'

Enough of quotes. The point we are making is this. It is not about who occupies the office of KACC. The issue is what kind of philosophical foundations we rely on when it comes to banking and money.

Without looking at these philosophical foundations, we shall sing for eternity for a stable house is dependent on proper foundation. Unfortunately, we do not investigate these issues for we are blinded to waste time on personalities.

Philip said...


I'll go for Omar Hassan.

PLO Lumumba cannot go for it because his family will be threatened and he may live the whole thing the same way they did to Kivuitu.

Maina Kiai can also try.

Anonymous said...

its funny how Luos distrust any luo who is not mesmerized by Odinga...

PLO, Tuju, (orengo until Raila sent thugs to nyorosha him and keep him in line)

Anonymous said...

Your list is ok but who the hell is Chris of KUMEKUCHA?How do go about choosing an unknown using a pseudonym and 2nd is the real person even a lawyer?

chola said...

Kenyans, do you all recall sabloon and maracha our new headmaster son when he was caught smoking behind the toilet and his father had to make him an example in the morning Pared. Kenya you are the sablon and maracha of today and with Obama blessing Anan and ocampo will make you an example, no impunity will be tolerated.
You Asses will be wipe

M-Pesa said...

'Kenya clans 'rearm for 2012 poll'

"Right now we have AK47 rifles for sale but there are times when we also sell G3s [rifles]," he said.

"In a month we sell more than 100 rifles."

Members of the Kalenjin community and their rivals, the Kikuyu - the country's dominant ethnic group - both said they were arming to protect themselves.

"We bought the guns because we hear the Kikuyu have also bought guns," said a Kalenjin man who declined to be named.

"Before we were using bows and arrows to fight the enemy but changed to guns following the post-election experience because we realised, compared to guns, the arrows were child's play."

A member of the Kikuyu community said he was not willing to "wait until 2012 to be killed".

"We have to arm ourselves. I did not acquire this gun to commit offences," he said.

Phil said...

What a load of crap from these johnnie-come-latelies.

There are millions of blogs in the blogosphere and if you do not like what Taabu publishes here, please move on and look for one that will publish your preference.

Better still; start your own and publish your preference.

No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read Taabu's posts.

It is just as simple as that!

Anonymous said...

You guys have a very shallow stomach for criticism having witnessed dictatorial tendencies firsthand here at KK and yet you are very liberal heaping blame and ridicule on others(read PNU/Kibaki)most often unjustifiably so.2ndly,you have refused to grow up and move on.While most of the country see and blame the problems in the country on the coalition government as a whole,KK bloggers still insist on playing up that silly ODM vs PNU rivalry that only excited the readers prior to the 2007 elections.After that,even a half dumb moron who chooses to accept the reality on the ground,knows very well there's really nothing to choose between the two sides unless of course KK is in the payroll of the orange party as it has often been allegded here.Then,that makes perfect sense....!!

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