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Friday, September 11, 2009

Maj Gen Ali, Why I’ll Not Weep for You

Former victim of Ali tells all

Dear Maj Gen Ali,

Sir, my name is Stephen Muiruri, a former Crime Editor at Nation Media Group, whose 11-year successful career as Kenya’s top crime and security journalist ended in disgrace on February 2, 2007, after I crossed your dangerous path. I should have known better not to play with a rattle snake. However, I have no regret for disobeying you or loosing my job. This gave me the opportunity to live with a clear conscience for the rest of my life and in the next world.

First, let me offer my sincere apology for addressing you in an open forum like this and disturbing your peace before you even recover from the shock from your recent misfortunes. I admit it is a sign of disrespect to an army general of your stature. I was close to you for two years and I know you detest your weakness being known, leave alone being exposed. You prefer people to sing your praises and worship you like God. I fully understand why you like it that way. The blood of a true solder and warrior flows in your veins. Water flows in our veins and that’s why you treat us with scorn and contempt.

A general of your calibre is powerful and is always right. You expect other human beings to accord you the holiness of God and never question any of your actions – either stupid or idiotic. Had you given your new post office box to the journalists you laboured so hard to convince for more than 45 minutes you were not sacked, when handing over to new police chief Mathew Iteere, I would have sent this letter directly to your new office of Post Master General. You have to bear with this form of delivery.

Secondly, let me express my sincere sympathy with the manner the master you served so faithfully unceremoniously showed you the door. I watched you on TV trying to laugh off journalists’ suggestions you had been sacked or removed. “It’s not a question of removal . . . removal presupposes you have been chucked out on the basis of incompetence. That’s not certainly the case with me or anywhere else I have served,” you declared. Yes, a general like you never fails!

Sir, I fully understand how you feel. A real soldier like you should not be depicted as weak or outsmarted by your opponent. A solder like you can never be sacked. That word simply does not exist in your vocabulary. I suffered an almost similar fate on February 2, 2007, because of you. Unlike you, I resigned when I could not allow my employer to tailor-make my stories – where police death squads directly answerable to you and murderous gangs had turned Kenya into a killing field and we were swimming in their blood - to suit the selfish journalism that brought a smile on your face.

It was your heart-felt desire that I pretend I was dumb and deaf as Kenyans swum in their own blood. And your bank account could continue swelling with a hefty salary and you continued enjoying the warmth of the powerful post of Kenya’s top cop. In doing so, I was to help you keep your job by creating an impression you were God-sent soldier who wiped any form of crime from the face of Kenya. On the other hand, my bank account would have continued to swell with a monthly salary of close to Sh200, 000 from the employer you expected me cheat on your behalf. You didn’t care I would have lived a haunted man for the rest of my life with bloody hands to cover your dirty tracks.

Sir, I share your feelings of loosing a plum job especially when you had served your employer so faithfully. I felt the same on February 2, 2007. Unlike you, I did not get a soft landing after I crossed your path. You were given a new job. I vanished into the wilderness to run my tour business. But unlike in your case, I was not sacked. I resigned in principle. When I studied English at Kenyatta University for four years, professors told me that when you are removed from the office you held, you are simply unwanted. So, in your case your boss did not want you and he sacked you. If you were not, you would still be holding onto that office today.

Sir, I watched you on September 4, when former CNN journalist, Jeff Koinange, hosted you on his lively Capital Talk show on K24 TV and you smiled when you declared: “I’m going nowhere. I’m here to stay.” Koinange was amused and teased you: “You even smile when saying that . . . you make me laugh. . . . people are not used to see you smile!”

Although you trained in military intelligence to read other people’s minds, you mistook Koinange’s warmth and laughter throughout the show as falling into your worship doctrine. Koinange has a sharp mind and that’s why he advanced his journalism career to levels majority of Kenyan journalists will only dream about. He asked you hard questions as he laughed to conceal what he was driving at, And you thought he was doing public relations for you! Finally, you uttered: “The police job is the most thankless job.” I burst out in laughter. So, finally it had dawned on you the commissioner’s job was not a pontiff’s job?

Sir, as you sat on the bench, where Koinange conducts his shows, extolling your achievements and bragging to your critics you were going nowhere, your military intelligence mind seemed to fail you. The writing had been on the wall for months and it was just a matter of when the axe would fall on your head. In your wild dreams, you thought you would stay on at Vigilance House until a time of your own choosing or when God dispatched you to the other world. Desperate to save their face and image, President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga were working hard behind the scenes to drop the axe on your head. While we saw it coming, you were so drunk with power, pride and arrogance and your mind failed to give you the right signals. The axe fell four days after you bragged how you are God’s gift to Kenya.

Sir, just to refresh your memory I was the only crime journalist you warmed up to for almost two years after President Kibaki gave you the commish job. I held a powerful post of Crime Editor in the largest media house in East and Central Africa region. No other journalist in Kenya has ever held that post. The post was hurriedly scrapped by Linus Gitahi after I resigned. He could not risk having another man hold such a powerful post due to the obvious risk. What if the new holder followed in my footsteps and discharged his job independently by refusing to be manipulated to write stories giving a false impression the police were doing a good job to please a commish and political leadership allergic to criticism and the truth?

When you looked around the media industry, I was the most lethal. I posed the biggest risk to your police job. Other media houses had junior reporters and correspondents (casual journalists) handling the crime beat and you didn’t consider them harmful or dangerous. As an editor and an experienced journalist, I had Kiboro’s ear and he gave me a free hand to do my job.

For two years, you exclusively invited me to your office. I was the only journalist who had your cellphone number and other telephone numbers. When you frequently changed your cellphone number, you sent me the new number. We could exchange text messages and you invited me for cups of tea. I declined to take your tea or take a cent from you like what most journalists shamelessly do while pretending to hold a higher moral ground than the Kamlesh Pattni’s and public officers they tear into piece and bring down. For the 11 years I worked in NMG, I learnt how the media worked. Reporters and editors are quick to spot and expose the log in other people’s eyes while they had bigger logs in their own eyes. You were amazed why I often refused to take even a cup of tea from your thermos flask. That is the Stephen Muiruri you underrated.

As our friendship flourished, I realised you had other ideas. You wanted to use our friendship for your advantage. You called me to your office or on my cellphone to seduce me like a man in love to a girl couching me how to scale down major crimes like the attack on Ngugi wa Thiong’o. I politely told you I would never do anything unprofessional. You had your job. I had my job. You had your employer. I had my employer. We were serving different masters and had different interests.

You were the fifth police commissioner I worked with. I had created a warm friendship with your predecessors. The four CID chiefs whose tenure coincided with mine were my good buddies. I had direct access to their offices without any appointment. But we all respected each other’s territory. None of them asked me to do anything unprofessional. And they did not take offence with my reporting or when I exposed things they wanted put in a tight lid. In fact, they respected me for managing to dig up the filth they thought was well hidden. To date, we have remained great friends with all the other former police chiefs and CID chiefs.

Sir, you will recall we started taking different paths in 2005 when I refused to bend my professionalism to make you happy. The row climaxed in October 2005 when your own officers shot dead four people during protests in Kisumu over the referendum on the Wako draft Constitution.

If you recall, you called a press conference at police headquarters to counter calls for your sacking and offered your total support to the killer riot squad. With TV cameras rolling, you shameless claimed police opened fire when a mob attempted to raid Kondele police station in an attempt to steal arms. And you declared you had no apology to make to anyone over what happened. After the shootings, Odinga was furious and he demanded you return to the Army where he said “they were trained to kill people.”

Although you were my friend, I didn’t let the story die. I dig up. Daily Nation published my exclusive full page investigative article revealing that three of the victims of trigger-happy police were school children and they were caught up in the mayhem when schools were closed and bumped into police chasing demonstrators. They were killed in school uniform and their school bags were still on their back. The fourth victim was an innocent milk vendor. So, none of the four was taking part in the protests.

You were so furious with me over the story and you called me names and hang up my call. However, you changed your mind and apologised because you thought I would be more dangerous with my pen if you didn’t have me as a friend. Your case was complicated because you had tried to pollute Wilfred Kiboro, my CEO, I was bad man but he had often told you off since you had no facts to back your wild claims. Your only choice was to work with me.

The last time you called me to your office was on January 6, 2006. You were at the time roasting in boiling fat after the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, Mr Justice Aaron Ringera, on December 15, 2005, released a damming statement revealing the countrywide police recruitment you had just presided was riddled with massive corruption.

You couched me how I should discredit the Ringera dossier. I told you I deal with facts and not mudslinging. You were furious a mere journalist could disobey your orders. You issued a threat to the effect that we would see who would loose his job first. You were right. I lost mine one year after your prophecy. I informed my bosses of all my encounters with you. I also carried a tape and secretly recorded all my discussions with you. Kiboro stood behind me.

Sir, you then fell out with Internal Security Minister John Michuki and CID chief Joseph Kamau. They did not trust you and used your own police to raid the Standard behind you back. I told the truth and saved you from public anger. Michuki and Kamau didn’t mind what I exposed about them. The two carry a heavy burden to date.

When I became untamable, you desperately sought refuge in other media houses. And they welcomed you. They reported only what was sweet music to your ears. I continued telling the stories as they were. I told stories of your boardroom rows with Kamau and Michuki and other Government officials. You clashed with anyone who held a different opinion from yours. During our happy days, you told me you only took orders from two men – the president (being the appointing authority and commander in chief of the armed forces) and the chief of general staff. The rest of us were civilians and you could not bow to us. We had to worship you.

While other media houses turned a blind eye to your rows and escalating wave of crime, I unleashed a series of stories and Daily Nation took pride with my stories. I even did a better job in the Standard raid than the bereaved. Kiboro was so proud of me.

When all attempts to convince Kiboro failed, you turned to Wangethi Mwangi, our Editorial Director, whom I had clashed with for killing my stories on the Anglo Leasing scandal to shield former Internal Security Permanent Secretary Dave Mwangi, who was among those being investigated by Ringera. I’m told Wangethi Mwangi and Dave Mwangi share the same blood. Although Wangethi gave you a shoulder to cry on, his hands were tied as he couldn’t overrule Kiboro.

Frustrated, you resorted to a smear campaign by writing secret letters to my bosses demanding my sacking every time I wrote a story. Although I was not supposed to know about the letters, my network spread far and wide and I got copies before they landed at Nation Centre. That failed. You wrote press statements and circulated in all media houses. Your letters and press statements did not address any of the issues my stories had raised. They were raw insults, the sort of thing you expect from a lover who has been ditched.

To cite one example, on October 22, 2006, the Sunday Nation published my exclusive story titled Career Policemen Top List of Candidates for CID Boss Job. The story gave names of three career policemen, including the then Coast provincial police chief, Gatiba Karanja, which had featured in a meeting you had chaired in his office earlier that week. The new CID chief was to replace Mr Joseph Kamau who was on suspension and was due for retirement on November 14, 2006. I confirmed the story with two senior police officers who had attended your meeting to discuss possible candidates to replace Kamau.

In a press statement sent to all media houses, NMG included, on October 22, you rubbished my entire story using unpalatable and abusive language. You dismissed the entire story as total lies and my own imagination.

“Rarely supporting his articles with facts and often quoting phantom police sources, Stephen Muiruri has waged what is clearly a personal vendetta on his own behalf or behalf of somebody else,” your statement said.

“It is our position that this malicious writing should stop. We are therefore asking the management of the Nation Media Group to take necessary steps to address our concerns over the biased and ill-intentioned writing by their chief crime writer, Stephen Muiruri.”

“Indeed, it is unethical and unprofessional for a journalist to push a private agenda through a reputable media group like the Nation Group,” you summed up your statement titled Protest on Sunday Nation Baseless and False Article.

Although press statements end up with the news editor, I don’t know how the document ended up on Wangethi Mwangi’s desk. His secretary delivered a copy of the statement, which Wangethi Mwangi had written some foul comments at the top of the paper suggesting I was manufacturing stories.

His comments read: “Muiruri. These complaints about the veracity/accuracy of your stories are beginning to alarm me. We can’t have a situation where you’re being accused of manufacturing copy. Who are your sources and how credible and dependable are they? I need to get to the bottom of this before our reputation is irreparably damaged.”

I wrote an eight-page report to Wangethi Mwangi on October 24, 2006, explaining the accuracy and objectivity of my stories. I also highlighted other instances you had called me to his office or telephoned me wanting me to scale down my reporting. Kiboro was still in charge and I told him about the new war.

“I’m tired of being accused of doing imaginary things,” I told Wangethi.

The story which you and Wangethi had discredited with insults was, however, vindicated two weeks later when the Head of Civil Service, Francis Muthaura, announced President Kibaki had appointed Gatiba as the new CID chief. Gatiba was among the three candidates my story said had been short-listed by you.

When Gatiba was named the new CID chief, Daily Nation boasted in the headline story how its sister publication, the Sunday Nation, exclusively broke the story. I was overjoyed you and Wangethi had been ashamed. Neither you nor Wangethi offered any apologies for your unprofessional actions and insults.

I sent an email to Wangethi on November 15, on the day Daily Nation was boasting, and I told him it was my prayer that no other NMG journalist would ever be accused by his seniors of manufacturing a story to please outsiders bent on manipulating the media. I received no response to my email.

When Kiboro retired, your buddy Rose Kimotho arranged for a lunch date with Linus Gitahi under the pretext the new NMG chief was to be introduced to you. But after your stomachs were full, you cleverly dropped my name and sought Gitahi’s help to tame me. I was ahead of you and Gitahi and my network of police contacts informed me about the lunch date.

On the day Gitahi reported in Nation, November 1, 2006, he called me and pretended he had read my stories before he took up his NMG assignment and he wanted to congratulate me for a job well done. He never told me you had met. But my contacts alerted me. Gitahi warmed up to me but at the back of my head I knew he could be holding a dangerous dagger.

My fall out with Gitahi came when Daily Nation published my story on January 22, 2007, titled Police Too Eager to Gun Down Suspects. The story told of how police had resorted to extra-judicial killings as a desperate measure to counter a wave of crime rocking Nairobi and its environs.

That was the last of my stories to be published by NMG. My subsequent stories were not touched and I lay idle in the newsroom for two weeks. This led me to inquire why my stories were no longer being published. Two of my bosses informed me Gitahi had complained about my story to one of the editorial chiefs.

Gitahi is not a trained journalist. I, therefore, walked to Gitahi’s office on the afternoon of February 1, 2007, to seek a clarification if he had issued any directive to Wangethi to ban my stories. That brave move cost me my job.

Instead of addressing my concerns, Gitahi called in six other top managers and editors to his office and he introduced two irrelevant issues: I was being accused to have bought a vehicle from a public action from the police and I was required to explain why I owned a tour company.

When I got wind Gitahi was secretly investigating me, I pulled the rag under his feet and made his work easy. I went to his office and presented the original documents showing who buyer of the vehicle was. My only crime was the buyer happened to be my relative. However, the vehicle was bought legally in an open and transparent public auction after all conditions were met. It was among hundreds of unclaimed vehicle disposed off by the police in a sale sanctioned by the High Court and yourself. I owned up I owned a tour company. But there was no crime doing so since there was no conflict of interest. I had invested my own sweat and created employment.

My police sources had informed that you alerted Gitahi on the two issues – the vehicle and the tour company – and these were the weapons he was to use to blackmail me to succumb to your whims. Kibaki was running for a second term in office and Gitahi, who hails from Nyeri, was an interested party and he regarded my journalism as giving ammunition to Kibaki’s opponents, especially Odinga. Gitahi, therefore, fell into your game plan.

At the stormy meeting, I told Gitahi I knew this vicious war against me had nothing to do with the tour company and the vehicle, as I had not broken any laws or company policies. It had nothing to do with my performance. I was as white as snow and my impressive record spoke for itself. I topped the list of performers in the ritual half-year audit. In my view, this scheme to frustrate and force me out was deliberate and well choreographed.

After the meeting, Gitahi tasked Wangethi to issue me with a memo titled Discipline asking me to explain the two issues again in writing. Due to the firmness and uncompromising professional way I ran my docket, Wangethi anticipated I would fight back. Instead, I pulled the rag under their feet and did the unexpected – I tendered a resignation letter the following day.

I resigned not because I was guilty of any of the charges. I resigned because my integrity had been unfairly and maliciously put into question and it was clearly evident to me the issues of vehicle and the tour company were deliberately being used to blackmail me to submit to your whims. There was no way I could continue working for an employer who betrayed his flock to please the enemies.

With my resignation, I sacrificed my huge salary – which a majority of Kenyans only dream about. I don’t worship money. I love my name and my integrity and I chose to put my life on the line to preserve my principles.

After I resigned from NMG, I reported to my company offices and directed all my energy trying to establish the foundations of tour business. I kept receiving information from my police contacts about a looming dangerous plot against me.

On March 14, 2007, I was in my office when NMG’s Security Manager, Mr Sam Koskei, led a squad of about 15 armed plainclothes officers into my office. Koskei, with Gitahi’s knowledge, brought the cops claiming I had played a role in authoring and disseminating damaging emails that had been doing round in the internet exposing alleged sex-for-hire-and-promotion scandals at NMG touching on the top leadership. That was wastage of manpower when Kenya’s were being brutalised by thugs without a single cop to respond to their SOS.

The squad, which had no search warrant and acted in the same manner as they did in the Standard, ransacked all the offices and cabinets, dismantled internet equipment and computers and ferried them to CID Headquarters. They also took away all my business licences. Even after they failed to find anything to link me to the alleged offences, the officers whisked me to CID Headquarters under the supervision of Mr Koskei. The illegal raid was meant to cripple my investment.

After being held for nine hours, the Attorney General Amos Wako ordered for my release after he was alerted by my lawyer Paul Muite. Wako could not find any evidence to link me to the crime and I have never been charged with any crime since then. My seized property still lies with Gatiba’s men. Your men were not lucky. They kept asking for all my tapes. I was wise enough. I have kept my secret tapes in safe custody and if I die unnaturally, the tapes will provide the vital information.

NMG chiefs were furious when they learnt orders for my release came when I was being asked to remove my shoes to enter the cell at Kileleshwa police station. That was God’s miracle. Capital FM, the People and Kenya Times reported my arrest. Daily Nation gave my story a blackout. In fact, I was told how NMG chief tried to prevail upon the other media houses to give the story a blackout. Isn’t it hypocritical a media house which vigorously condemned the Kibaki regime for raiding the Standard could shamelessly do the same to a former employee to settle personal scores?

When the plot to bring me down using your cops failed, my enemies started sending death threats. I reported the death threats to CID Headquarters and nobody showed any interest in the matter despite the email and phone evidence I produced. The assassins took freight when I was invited by the US ambassador to Kenya, Michael Ranneberger, to his Muthaiga residence and he promised to take up the matter with the relevant authorities.

Sir, my departure from NMG was a big victory to you and criminals. With my departure, criminals and your police death squads went overdrive killing and committing crimes. There was no brave voice in the media to expose the evils and crimes. From July 2007, distraught relatives started going to the state-owned Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) telling harrowing tales how their loved ones mysteriously ended up in mortuaries or disappeared without trace shortly after they were arrested by the police. You dismissed the reports as fiction.

Your unholy relationship with the media was best told by slain policeman-turned-KNCHR whistle-blower, Constable Bernard Kiriinya. He was eliminated by your cops in October 2008 for betraying them and the media remained silent.

Surprisingly, the media found a voice in February 2009, five months after Constable Kiriinya was killed, and went into a frenzy telling Kenyans how he died. This coincided with the visit by UN Rapporteur on Extra-judicial Killings, Prof Philip Alston, who flew into Nairobi to investigate rising cases of killings by state agents. The media also found a voice on the harrowing tales they had ignored for months – agony of relatives who had lost their loved ones to the police death squads.

Although he paid a heavy price with his life for betraying his death squad unit and the police chiefs who have adopted extra-judicial killings as the official way to fight crime and outlawed groups, Constable Kiriinya told us stories journalists had deliberately failed to unearth and inform the public. Perhaps, those who wanted to kill me wanted my mouth shut for good like Kiriinya’s.

Prof Alston’s report exposed what has been going on since July 2007 with little, if any, coverage in the media. Prof Alston’s report was an indictment on the Kenya media which had gone to sleep with the police and abdicated its cardinal role of bringing out evils in our society to please only one man – you.

In February, there was a craze in the media with the outlets trying to outdo one another in reproducing Prof Alston's report - most likely because it came from a foreigner. The media had paid lip service to a similar report from KNCHR.

All the killings exposed by Prof Alston occurred unabated because you had a firm grip on all the newsrooms. Most journalists I have spoken to told me they fear doing what I was doing for the sake of their careers and safety. Some of the death squad officers are my friends and they told me how they were ordered to kill anyone they suspected belonged to Mungiki. They used all sorts of crude methods to extinguish lives from their victims. An estimated 5, 000 Kenyans lost their lives before Prof Alston blew the whistler louder. Your methods of fighting crime were not only primitive; they also showed how you had no respect for human life. If Kenya was still hanging condemned convicts, I would have written to President Kibaki to consider you for the job of a hangman. There is no other better choice for that job than you. The Post Master’s job is wasted talent.

You dismissed Prof Alston’s report with the same venom you dismissed my stories. The Kibaki regime backed you then. Local and international anger was mounting. But you were so drunk with power and your word and actions were law.

Under pressure, President Kibaki set up Judge Philip Ransley’s task force. You mistook this as another gimmick by the president to buy time. You feared no one, including the man who appointed you. Under your watch, the police leadership deliberately leaked unsigned documents to the media to assault a task force’s report before President Kibaki laid his hands on it seeking to influence the writing of the final report and seek public sympathy. This was an unorthodox mode of transacting official state business. Why not come out openly in a press conference and explain why any of you opposed the report? That is a sign of cowardice.

Sir, I would rather die penniless fighting for what I believe to be right than die under the bed whining and lose all the principles and values I hold dearly in my heart. I could not live with bloody and soiled hands, cleaning your mess. Sir, you are a general in the army. I’m a general with my pen and the truth is my shield. You’ll never shut my mouth. Only death will. I fear no man or death. Those who kill will also die one day. So, why should I fear death?

I wish to inform you that Gitahi realised his own mistakes and invited me for a breakfast meeting at Muthaiga on December 19, 2008, and we mend our differences, I solely blame you for breaking in the first place. Gitahi was man enough and he told me everything – how you wanted to use him to do your dirty job. I forgave Gitahi.

At the breakfast Muthaiga meeting, Gitahi still believed I had played a role in the dirty campaign, which in reality I didn’t. “You’ll know the truth one day. You eat and dine with the enemy who pretend to be so loyal to you,” I told him. “You are free to believe what you want but the truth will be out one day,” I added.

I have previously challenged any of the NMG editors and managers named in the sex scandals to use the vast resources at their disposal to hire the best lawyers to clear their names in court, if they believed I had a hand in the dossier. I am still waiting for a date with any of them in court.

Sir, if you want to know the hypocracy in the Kenyan media just look at what they have done to you after you were sacked. They sang your tune and you all along regarded them as your great friends after you got me out of your way. Did you ever think they would turn against you? The media, which had gone to sleep as your police death squads went overdrive in 2007 and 2008 before Prof Alston lifted the lid, found a voice after the axe fell on you. Daily Nation and the Standard on September 9 dedicated acres of space to publish stories and editorial taking a critical look at your tainted legacy. Both newspapers carried cartoons taunting you, the fallen general.

On September 10 Daily Nation carried a second editorial titled Tough Agenda for New Police Chief said: “Unfortunately for him, there will be no honeymoon. He must quickly sink his teeth into the job and deliver results. As an institution, the Force stands accused of extra-judicial killings, human rights abuses, brutality, corruption, and extortion.”

“Ordinary citizens talk of fearing to meet rogue police officers more than they fear common thugs. This is because the police can be vicious as they use their positions to intimidate, extort and kill,” the editorial read. But the question is; if editors at Daily Nation knew that all along, why wait till Maj Gen Ali was sent packing to tell us what was in public domain for months but which they sat on? Was the newspaper trying to save face? Didn’t I fall out with Gitahi for saying the same? What has changed now?

In my own view, the new faces in the Kenya Police leadership were chosen to suit personal and political interests of Kibaki and Raila and not driven by the desire for change or implementing reforms that will give birth to a professional police agency, which will make Kenya much safer for all of us.

What is the rationale and wisdom of having a police commissioner and a CID chief – who are the most crucial in the country’s security machinery - come from one of Kenya’s region while the force boosts of highly trained and dedicated officers from other regions?

The quest to fill the top vacancy at Vigilance House saw the main political players — ODM and PNU — take part in behind-the-scenes negotiations before the appointment was made. Each of the parties wanted their own man at the key post. Kibaki’s side carried the day and Odinga’s preferred choice, Francis Okonya, had to settle for the Number Two slot. Gatiba Karanja was retained as the CID chief.

My take is that Iteere and his team will miserably fail like you and all their predecessors if reforms in the security machinery are mere change of faces and not a stop to paying lip service to making bold and fearless changes that will uproot the rot and colonial structures that created the force. You told Kenyans and the media to judge you by your performance. If you strongly believed you were God’s gift to Kenya, why did Kenyans rejoice when you are sacked and a section of MPs questioned your new assignment? Did you leave a major mark? In my view, the only notable difference between your tenure and those of your predecessors is the number of Kenyans sent to their premature graves by police bullets.

Wise men told us too much pride and arrogance comes before a fall. And so, you rode high and anyone who crossed your path lived to tell harrowing tales. You had proved time and again that you were immune to being sacked. Arrogance and contempt for your critics was your trademark. On September 8, you bitterly learnt politicians are only useful to you when it suits them.

Former CID chief Kamau walked the same path when he listened to selfish politicians on the Standard raid. Kamau has been my great friend and he refused to listen when I warned him he would be used by politicians who would dump him when the heat was too much to bear. You thought Kamau was using me to hammer you. No. I was doing my job. And Kamau remains one of my best friends. I couldn’t allow you choose my friends and who I associated with.

Sir, I am sincerely sorry for boring with my long letter. There is so much I can write about you. I forgave you long time ago for what you did. Your sacking came at the right time when I was putting final touches on my book to be unveiled before the end of the year and it has enriched my content. My letter is just extracts from the book. You can stop its publication if you believe you have powers to do so. You had a firm grip on the Kenyan media. Do you have a firm grip on foreign publishers? John Githongo found a UK publisher to tell his story. No local publisher could take the risk.

You will appreciate I have throughout addressed you with the most honourable title of Sir, a title other crime journalists used as a sign of worshiping and glorifying you. I was a naughty boy and I never used it. Sir, I have since repented and I seek your forgiveness for showing disrespect to an army general.

Sir, I have always believed that those who live by the sword also die by the sword.

The resignation letter I served Gitahi read: “Malice and witch-hunt will never take this company anywhere. But I take solace in the Bible which states that those who kill by the sword also die by the sword.”

“And I also take solace in the words of William Shakespeare who said that the evils that men do live long after they are dead. God will one day hear the cries of the silent majority who have been suffering for long or have been forced out of this great company through witch-hunt and evils perpetuated by a small clique of managers who have been using their positions as a tool of oppression,” I wrote.

Sir, you must be aware that Wangethi Mwangi, whom you turned to for gossiping me after Kiboro told you off, also retired from NMG on August 30, just a week before you were sacked. I did not weep for your or Wangethi. I rejoiced because fate had painfully shown both of you that all human beings are equal when it comes to God.

Did you watch K24 TV a day after you were sacked? Jeff Koinange did an emotional story looking at your tainted tenure and summed up your new assignment as the Post Master General thus: “It’s like giving a man a rope to hang himself!” Did you think Jeff Koinange would say that about you five days ago when both of you laughed your hearts out on his famous bench?

For six years, you lived in a dreamland at Vigilance House. Sir, welcome to the reality in the world where the majority downtrodden live. Your attempts to cripple my tour business flopped. I accepted my fate and built a new life. It’s time you shed off your big ego, pride and arrogance and learn to live humble lives like the rest of us.

With kindest regards,

Stephen Muiruri

Former Crime Editor

Nation Media Group


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I knew Maj General Ali was up to no good but I dint know he was this bad.

Anonymous said...

I have read Kumekucha almost since inception but have never left a comment. I know there must be very many of us out there.

What has triggered this maiden comment from me are the folks here who use the slightest excuse to rush to write an obituary for kumekucha (see previous post comments). It is like they are waiting for the death of Kumekucha and it is like it has taken way too long for their liking.

Ok it is true Chris loses focus in his articles sometimes and Sam Ochieng's most recent post left me baffled and indeed worried. But where else do you get information like what is contained in this latest post?

When the kid at the top of the class fails a single subject you never write them off...

Unless of course you are desperate for them to fail.

Who is desperate for Kumekucha to fail and why?

Can you please write a post on this Chris? I'd love to know.

Anonymous said...

It is me again-the previous anon.

One of the reasons why your writing may be getting rusty Chris, is because you take months before making a post these days.


Is there something wrong?

M-Pesa said...

First I'm very saddened but not surprised by this lengthy post about Muiruri's tribulations in the hands of an arrogant, ruthless and extremely selfish Gen Ali. Long after he's gone, Ali will be remembered by all for his arrogance and presiding over the most corrupt and brutal police force in East and Central Africa.

I hope the blood of those innocent souls like Kiriinya executed in cold blood by the infamous Kwekwe Squad haunt him every night in his sleep until his final day.

So many innocent Kenyans have been extinguished by a brutal force that acted as judge, jury and executioner. So many mothers left without sons, many women left weeping without husbands and many kids left fatherless in Ali's notorious reign of extra-judicial killings and murders most foul.

Secondly, thanks to kumekucha for agreeing to publish this very hot post which many would not dare to touch, although it should have been posted on a monday for maximum impact! Bwana Muiruri, wish you well and I can't wait to lay a copy of your forthcoming book in my hands.

TRUTH, NO MATTER HOW BITTER WILL ALWAYS COME OUT. I'm glad it's slowly but surely coming out and exposing hypocrites like Ali, Wangethi and Linus Gitahi.

NMG senior bosses ought to be ashamed of themselves. Today it's Muiruri but tomorrow it could be some other staff member. Phew! I wonder how they manage to publish Mutahi Ngunyi's earth shaking Sunday column?


UrXlnc said...

agree with m-pesa

truth will come out and prevail

interesting insider view, nice work kumekucha

kim said...

Daaamn, i never thought that Ali was this

Anonymous said...

To restore Kumekucha to its former glory,can we get more of posts like this and get rid of Taabu and Sam Okello for their divisive and tribal writing!

Anonymous said...

Muiruri, good piece. Kenya needs brave chaps like you. I'm Muiruri's former colleague and what he has exposed in his lengthy letter is just a tip of the iceberg. Linus Gitahi is working hard to break Wangethi's record of forcing female staff to bed in excganhe of favours.

Julie Gichuru decamped after she refused to go to bed with Wangethi and Linus. The night watchmen who guard Nation Centre at night tell us shocking tales of the frequency at which Linus switches Nation women. Is it then a wonder we hear Linus clobbers his wife and kicks her form their home?

Shame on you Linus for what you did to Muiruri. Daily Nation became stale without his exciting stories. You'll meet worse fate than you subjected Muiruri.

Daniel Mwangi said...

Muiruri, I remember you from our days in KU. I was your neighbour in Kilimambogo. You did yourself well. Hope your tour company is a big success. There are many other news companies that can employ you - but not when you get so bitter and personal after losing your job. You need to forget about NMG and move on. Your addiction to eternal self-justification and maligning the names of your former colleagues paints you as a nasty bitter loser.

That is not what what the good literature and English lecturers taught us at KU. We were taught to rise after falling. You fell, but you are refusing to get up... instead insisting on spending your life on in the mud blaming others for your fall.

I order you to RISE UP! You are a young man. The world has uncountable opportunities to offer you. Get rid of all the bitterness. Maji yakimwagika, hayazoleki!

Anonymous said...

I will miss Maj Gen Ali dearly! So sad to see him go(:

Anonymous said...

you are back on form my brother

Anonymous said...

anon9/11/09 1:21 PM

Daniel Mwangi
How dare you tell Muiruri to shut up and forget the past.. when he lost his Job by resigning for reporting the truth to the Kenyan citizen on all the extra-judicial murders that of innocent kenyans that were taking place at the hands of Major Ali and his police gang of murderers.

Daniel Mwangi are you for real? or you are one of those kenyans who supported the 27th December to February 2008 when innocent kenyans were shot down and killed like animals..

oops i guess you find Muiruri's truth posted here scary.. and guess what it points the finger at the commander and Ali's boss!! can Daniel Mwangi tell us the Ali's Bosses name? the one heading for the Hague for executing mungiki youth? our innocent brothers and sisters?

shame on you Daniel Mwangi - yo are an embarrassment for all those innocent Kenyans that died at the hands of Ali and his bosses!
you are the kind of Kenyans that make Kenya the corrupt, shitty place that it is today..
but wait...

Tomorrow the people will rise and the rest will be History.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Mwangi sounds like those Police killer squads masquerading here on Kumekucha. your days are numbered pal.

better follow your Boss Ali but you won't get away. the innocent kenyans 6fit under are crying for Justice. even if you try to brush off their deaths!


Anonymous said...

Dear Muiruri,

You see, unlike many of Kumekucha readers who do not look at the bigger picture and recheck the facts, i read and analyse and i have found some glaring gaps in your bitter story.

1. Timing.
I wonder when it would have been of value to raise an alarm of the generals inadequacies. Is it when he is holding the gun or after he is relieved the gun?? For crying out loud, you 'resigned' in 2007. You had lots of tyme to be a hero and tell your side of story. But you too a chill pill. Why? We both know the reason to that question. Your timing makes your story useless and a mere attempt to hit back too late.
You remind me of people who talk of premonitions that an accident was about to happen way after fatalities have been reported. In brief, your too long a story is as useless as sand in Kalahari desert.

2. The Mr. Clean Allegations.
All over your very long narration, you have tried very hard to show us how clean you were and how you fought the system bent on killing Kenyans. Poeple who try hard to prove their innocence are only fighting the guilt in them. Actually, the real reason you were fired (drop the resignation story, you know its not true) was professional misconduct and thats why you cannot sell your story to the other dailies. But your good boss allowed you to resign so that you can enjoy your benefits. Truth is if you had not resigned, you were to be fired. Can i tell more??

3. You claim to have had a very powerful post and to have had access to CID chiefs and to the police boss himself. You even claim to enjoy text messages with the chief...he he hee. I know this is meant to give your story some credibility but i hate to bust your bubble. As a colleague, you are TELLING A LIE. We both know you were poorly paid and you had more access to your landlord than to any CID boss.

I can go on but let me stop there for now. As for the Kumekucha gullible readers, i hate to dissapoint you that Chris once again just brought another LOAD OF TRASH.
Treat this tale with the contempt it deserves.

Mr. X

Anonymous said...

A long story that looks too convincing until you start thinking like Mr. X above. Did Chris double check this before posting it here??

Anonymous said...

Muiruri must be a mad dog of self-glorification and self-importance. No wonder when he fell, he fell so hard that his head is still stung by bees of bitterness. He drops so easily the names of his important former police and security chiefs, not to mention the US ambassador. This is a young man who thought he was entitled to a fat salary and a high flying job without the requisite surpervision from his seniors. Wow! If all of us got our wishes, we would be living like kids in a caddies store. But the real world is not like that and will never be. We live and work within the limits of what is ideal and possible, and those who change the world are thoe who know how to work best within those limits.

If this Muiruri was as hot as he claims to be, how come no international media house, or a University, or a security firm has found use of the skills he sings about? With such skills and friends like the US ambassador why is he still stuck in bitterness about the good old days of Shs 200,000 salaries?

After reading the letter, my honest take is that there is no difference between Muiruri and General Ali, the target of his misplaced anger. Both are pathetic captives of delusional self-importance. They are a curse to the Kenya we want to build.

Muiruri, please, come down and measure yourself against other human beings, and not against gods.

Anonymous said...

I would like to sympathise with Muiruri, but I hestate. To me, anybody who casually takes the side of the Mungikis in the Mungiki-police fight ought to have his head examined.

Anonymous said...


Go get a life, and while enroute to getting a life carry your own cross. While your Kikuyu tribesmen were facilitating your quick promotions and inviting you to exclusive circles of the powerful in Nairobi, you never invited us along. Now you want us to join you as you hang you coat of failure on Ali. Ali maybe a very bad man, but that is no reason for you to blame him for your ethical lapses that saw you lose your job. You claim Ali said bad things to you on the phone and in text messages, yet you don't quote a single bit of the titillatingly bad things he said.

Muiruri, Kenyans maybe looking for heroes, but they know a hero when they see one; and you are not a hero. Tend to your tourism kiosk or start your media house where you can break the rule with impunity.

M-Pesa said...


The same childish Anonymous keeps posting over and over again in self delusion and just can't seem to handle the bitter truth. Leta ingine!

Of course not everyone will agree with Muiruri's Controversial post but when an Anonymous goes berserk calling names, ranting and raving like loony, well just figure he's a hired goon.

Anonymous said...

hahahhahahhahahha. Comedy of pigs calling other pigs dirty.... from Ali to this Muiruri down to ODM and their murderous thieving brood in the RV - Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

History will one day prove that Muiruri is a very brave man indeed and that most of what he says here is nothing but the truth.

If it was rubbish why would those claiming to be in the know bother to read it and leave a comment?

I think Chris is pretty brave too to own such an explosive blog. It is much easier to rubbish everything in a comment one leaves as an annonymous than it is to build a place like this one that attracts replies from people who clearly are either the guilty ones or are very close to them indeed.

Anonymous said...

Maj Gen Ali is a good man. Kenya need a tough police boss not a softie.
Can u imigine if we didn't have Ali during the chaos of 2007 post election? These Jaruos would have destroyed our nation into pieces.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kumekuchans:

Ali went after the Mungiki for beheading other Kenyans and circumcising women with blunt tools and brute force. Muiruri went after Ali because Ali went after the Mungiki. Dear friends, who is the villain in this particular case.

Was Muiruri a beneficiary of Mungiki's murderous activities such that he had to go to that length to protect them? Or was he just motivated by a good story as a journalist? The truth shall one day be known.

Anonymous said...

I find it bizzare when Muiruri claims that some killer cops came and told him about their killing conduct after the fact. Is he writing a thriller or about facts?

Anonymous said...

Haaa haaaa ... Muiruri is comparing himself to Githongo. He is trully a wannabe!!!!

Anonymous said...

Muiruri = Ali = RV barbarians who killed other Kenyans for voting the wrong way.

Mwarang'ethe said...

John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff for the New York Times, was one of New York's best loved newspapermen.

He was called by his peers "The Dean of his Profession." In 1953, he was asked to give a toast before the New York Press Club. In so doing,he said the following:

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print.

I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar weekly salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job.

If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

Anonymous said...

members of the armed forces ought to be confined to the barracks....unless a kenyan govt is serious about reducing violent which case the army ought to be put into action in patroling Nairbobi streets 24hrs.....but this can only go hand in hand with major economic policies to provide jobs for the masses....which can only be done in part by a redistribution of excess wealth....oh!! why are there so many mercedes benz in Nairobi???

Anonymous said...

Please put up a new post. We want to move on from Muiruri's hallucinations.

Anonymous said...

Maj general Ali is a good soldier who was not given tenure of office. he has done very good job. read SIASA KALI at http//

Anonymous said...

So, this is the man who was writing those long letters targetting the Nation Media Group Editors....But nothing has changed. Odindo is the MD, all others have been promoted and alas...still writing. Keep on

Concerned reporter.

Anonymous said...

Those of you calling Muiruri names are missing the point. This is his story – like it or hate it. It’s the same each person is different. Therefore, every person has his/her own story and no stories can be similar. Furthermore, Muiruri was not writing for you to agree or praise him. No. This is his story from his heart. If you dislike it, Muiruri will not be you and you are free to pen yours. The world would be so dull if we agreed on everything. Great personalities and piece of work evoke controversies. Great job Muiruri.

Anonymous said...

I may not agree with everything Muiruri believes in but his critics sound so unschooled. Muiruri is telling his story as he knows it. You wanted him to write what? Cheap lies and gossip as that's what most Kenyans thrive on. Give this guy a break. Write your own story or shut up.

Anonymous said...


You are my hero! Why aren't there more of you who are willing to stand up to impunity and high brow arrogance? My question,like in your letter is, "Why now, why not when it would have been courageous to speak up while Ali was in office?
Here is what you said,
"But the question is; if editors at Daily Nation knew that all along, why wait till Maj Gen Ali was sent packing to tell us what was in public domain for months but which they sat on?
This is the point! Ask yourself the same question!

deroo said...

We have heard Muiruri's story. Sad! Even sad for me is that Tottenham Hotspur lost to MAN U. But, just to prick the conciese and peace of the thousands of those waiting to cross the Suez into Canaan, vipi Mambo?

Has the man met his match? Anyway, that is life bwana. Next time, tell Raila Odinga, and I think he knows this, only one group in the country are at his beck and call and worship him. I know some people will be annoyed but so be it. I will not read it for a whole week. Next visit Saturday.

'You can lie every time, but not all the time and you can cheat anybody but not everybody'

The reality has sank and the tide of change is coming in all shapes, sizes and character. It is a bit too early to say, but June 2010 will actually give the direction.

From Antoine Hey, to Ringera to Mau and Ruto, to matapiko ya Moi, to Magara to KEBS man (I dont know his name, but I know Mike Njeru and the maize scandal) to the Nubians in Kibera. The kitchen is getting too hot for the cook.

Enjoy your weekend buddies. IENDELEE...


Anonymous said...

For those Kenyans who hide under their beds and refuse to acknowledge the truth starring at them upfront..
for you I pity

For those who attack MUIRURI on here for narrating the truth about his life as a journalist in kenya( knowing some of our journalists lost their life's for reporting the truth)
to you I say.. shame on you -I'm ashamed to even imagine you are the future voices of kenya..
No wonder Kibaki and his cronies can spit on you as they continue with their impunity.. Moi did the same -so did Kenyatta..

When I look at the attack posts on here on Muiruri - and individual journalists trying to give us an insight - on reporting in Kenya and the powers that try to intimidate journalist to print lies. and yet you as Kenyans come out abusing him for speaking the truth instead of learning and understanding why some of our journalists end up being bought or others fearing for their life's end up doing what people like commander Ali told them to print..

You as kenyans should be worried - how much truth do we get printed by the journalists or newspapers?

or are you the same Kenyans who keep on supporting people like Ali and leaders like Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki?

then I can only say.. as Kenyans we will never remove impunity in our system.. in this generation of kenyans who can't seem to acknowledge the truth when it is starring at them right back..
excuses excuses! is what you look for.. no wonder Kenya is doomed!!

Anonymous said...

Muiruri cries better than his children (if he has any). He imagines about monsters in his cranium, and pretending to be writing a letter to Gen. Ali leads us on a tour through a troubled mind of a failed journalist who tried to fly close to the sun with his wax wings. Poor boy, he thought that reporting on crime was hobnobing with police and security chiefs and drinking tea from their thermos flasks.

Now, Muiruri is where he ought to have been from day one, in his tour kioski where he can entertain foreign tourists with african fables of monsters ang ghosts. But someone better tell him that to succeed in tourism business is more than just telling a dirty african joke to a white or asian audience!!

Anonymous said...

With Muiruri gone, it is good that we don't have a Mungiki mouthpiece inside the Daily Nation. He used to write of how they were being "killed" by police but never how those thugs killed innocent people. It appears Muiruri wanted the police band to go entertain the Mungikis as they murdered and raped people in Central Province.

Anonymous said...

Kunaonekana kama hata Mungiki had infiltrated Daily Nation. That is why it was full of pro-Mungiki stories and anti-police reports. Sasa tunataka Muiruri atwambie ukweli. Hatutaki matapiko ya uwongo na ukuukuu.

Anonymous said...


Ms Helen Mbugua
Group Human Resources Director
Find out:
(*) How a love affair blossomed between Mrs Mbugua and Mr David Waweru before he moved from Nation Centre to KBC.

(*) How Mrs Mbugua sneaks her lover to her matrimonial home in Kilimani when her husband is out of the country and the children are away.

(*) Why the love affair wont end and why Mr Mbugua needs to worry.

(*) Do we have photos of the two love-birds? Find out from us from March 1. It's a secret romance that will leave you on edge.

Mr Cyrille Nabutola
Group Marketing Director

Find out:
(*) Why Mr Nabutola is referred to as the Bull of Nation Centre
(*) How many sales executives he has had affairs with and how many are proud mothers of his children.
(*) His romantic adventures in the office
(*) Why NMG leadership can't dare touch him despite being aware of his love escapades.

Mr Wangethi Mwangi
Group Editorial Director
Find out:
(*) His love affairs with Irene Karanja (his former secretary), Veronica Kinyanjui (former Features Editor), Linda Gacheru (a junior staff who rose through the ranks rapidly and ended up in a plum job the HR Dept), Wahu (formerly of Advertising Dept), Njeri Mwangi (formerly a reporter of Editorial Dept), Adhiambo Odera (Buzz Editor) and Claire Gatheru (a reporter who was axed in the recent retrenchment).
(*) Why Irene's husband who was a lawyer committed suicide in an Eldoret hotel.
(*) How the police treated the death and shocking letters that our research team has uncovered that led to Irene's husband committing suicide.
(*) How did he discover the secret love affair between Mr Mwangi and how he desparately tried to stop the affair in vain.
(*) What Irene's husband said before he decided to kill himself. Would he be alive today were it not for Mr Mwangi?
(*) How a love affair blossomed between Mr Mwangi and Linda. Why did her fiance` abruptly cancel his wedding with Linda? Why did Mr Mwangi jump out through the window of her Buru Buru House at night? What role did Mr Mwangi play in the break up?
(*) How Mr Mwangi continued with the affair with Linda even after she found a new love, who ended up marrying her.
(*) Why Linda's husband had jitters on the wedding day. Why was he jittery? Why did Mr Mwangi tactfully swap his green Merceden Benz with Ken Oluoch's on the eve of the wedding for transporting the bride?
(*) Why Mr Mwangi spirited Linda out of NMG and secured her a job elsewhere. Why did Linda abruptly change jobs?
(*) What Njeri Mwangi said in her affidavit on Mr Mwangi's sexual advancement?
(*) What happened to the sexual harassment case Njeri Mwangi filed in the High Court against Mr Mwangi.
(*) Why has Njeri Mwangi returned to Kenya from the US. What's the new weapon she has against Mr Mwangi. Why did Mr Mwangi go into a hysterical panic when he learnt Ms Mwangi was back in the country.

Mr Joseph Odindo
Group Managing Editor
Find out:
(*) His secret love affairs with Adhiambo Odera, Ms Lucy Oriang (whom he has been instrumental in giving her plum jobs when a new list of promotions is out), Ms Rhoda Orengo, and a string of other women. (*) The secret affair between him and Mildred Ngesa and why he influenced her switch from the Standard to NMG.


Anonymous said...

another smear campaighn against the police! Wait for Mungiki to get u and u will understand the job is not easy.

Babawatoto said...

Thanks God Muiruri resigned..not sure whose ego is bigger, Ali, Kanye West's or Stephen Muiruri. The guy cant write to save his life..!Typical Kenyan sensastionalist drivel...and waay to long. Once Muiruri has crawled out of Jeff Koinange's butt. maybe he can write something that people care about.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki is the creation of Uhuru Kenyatta, Michuki, Kibaki and cronies. let them fear them, look at what is happening in Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Kiambu e.t.c

Ghost Towns.. my friend why should Kenyans fear Mungiki? Kenyans did not carry out the execution of mungiki's ask Kibaki and his cronies that ....
fear mongering will get you nowhere!

Anonymous said...

Muiruri should be grateful he is still alive instead of whining like pussy!! he should know there were/are people who were detailed to monitor his movements 24hrs and that these same people can shut him up anytime,my advice to him is to heed Ole Ntimamas call to "lie very low like an envelope" if he know whats best for him!!

chiefouko said...

Some of commentators behave like blind bats even when naked truth is starring them in the faces.

Muiruri.. Am sure you expected the reaction long before you posted your piece. The truth has also been showed in Philip Alston's report. What are we arguing about?

On the other hand, there is the Mungiki factor that Ali had to deal with... Should he be vilified for giving Mungiki a taste of their own medicine. I think not!!.

Nguruwe will jikaanga kwenye mafuta yao!!

Anonymous said...


"Get a life, and while enroute to getting a life carry your own cross" and in the meantime, write a book like the one (It's Our Time To Eat) by Ms. M. Wrong.

Don't forget what Maj General Ali said to Jeff Koinange during the interview: "you can't waste your life living in the past, otherwise you will be unable to handle what today throws at you in whatever form. You have to roll with the punches and move on without yesterday's baggage."

By the way, let people hate Maj General Ali for all they want or like, until the dark day when Mungiki or another deadly demonic criminal gang rises up and starts paying visits to the businesses, homes, families,close friends and relatives of Muiruri's of Kenya.

They better keep your eyes and ears open because it is going to happen, sooner or later!

Please, will the real MUIRURI get a life and move on without yesterday's rotten baggage.

Or else, you will end up becoming nothing more than a "Has Been". And there plenty of them (MUIRURIS) hanging around Nairobi waiting for free arenas and unsuspecting crowds, in order to vent out their victimhood (broken-records).

Anonymous said...

Muiruri is a sad man with an even sadder life as a professional liar, a mungiki apologist and one who specializes in tarnishing the reputation of others. He is a mad dog with a bloated sense of self-importance. He thinks journalism is about tarnishing other people's reputations.

While employed in Nation Media Group, he viciously attacked his bosses and workmates of adultery, without an iota of proof! His irresponsible conduct of concocting false accusations wrecked homes....but he doesnt care. Typical mungiki mercenary! He is rabid and is unable to accept that he was sacked for incompetence.

His tirade against major Ali is typical of Muiruri's rabid venom.
It is his speciality to make extremely crude accusations.

Its amusing that Muiruri has not mentioned his links to mungiki.
Tell us Muiruri, how much blood money do you receive from your friends in mungiki? Maybe a million per month like Maina Njenga? You receive money robbed from innocent Kenyans for use for your funny 'tourism' business while your victims die!

Truth be told...Muiruri is a pathetic biologocal substance.

Muiruri, get your head out of your ass and stop your venom. Get

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