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Friday, September 18, 2009

Poor KACC No.2 Resigns, Next Head Please!

The resignation of Dr. Smokin Wanjala as KACC’s deputy director in charge of preventive services shows he is a political feather weight. Dr. Wanjala can choose to wax spiritual in defending his dignity but his gimmicks only succeeds in soothing his academic ego. The real target of MPs remain the dragon slayer Ringera who is staying PUT.

Wanjala must have lived in outer space and he just landed into alien Kenyan political landscape. You see on these shores of the planet we give conscience abundant leave and public pressure and opinion a wide berth. The Anglo Leasing stakes are too high to prod Shakespeare Ringera into even contemplating resignation.

Some dockets in the present regime are TOO SENSITIVE and IMPORTANT to be entrusted to aliens. A look at treasury, CBK and internal security will disabuse doubting Thomases of any trace of pretense otherwise.

Dr. Wanjala's resignation will definitely NOT rattle the ruling reptiles. Surely dinosaurs never learn. All the old gimmick of scheming for 2012 using state power will come tumbling down like dominoes. We are in the 21st Century and the village brilliance of yore will bring the same bloodshed just like insensitive electoral theft of 2007.

Denial must be a fortress for its faithful residence. As Chris posted earlier, the BATTLE ROYALE of 2012 will make the 2007 preface fade into irrelevance. Ringera is going nowhere, MTA DO?


Chris said...

Hello Bro Taabu,

Siku mingi sana.

Thanx for breaking this news for us. It's significance is huge as I will reveal in Part 2 of my earlier post sometime this weekend.

Just watch Ringera squirm but stay put. Why should people continue receiving tax payers money for doing nothing else but protect certain people?


Anonymous said...

I just hope Wanjala is not somehow recycled. The whole resignation sounds so unreal that i cannot help feeling that a conspiracy is in the air.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Instead of waiting for KACC to investigate the Anglo leasing saga, why not try something easy like this one when the MP's get back to the House?

Anglo Leasing Debts and Related Matters Act/Bill or whatever

Recalling that, this House has sought to get full disclosure of Anglo Leasing Debts and related matters for the last 5 years from the Executive in vain,

Recalling that any loan taken on behalf of Kenyans name, must be for their interests or it is illegitimate debt,

Recalling that these debts are to be paid by Kenyans,

Recalling the role of this House in safeguarding public finance,

This House resolves that, until and unless this House is provided with all the information it has sought from the Executive in vain for the last five years, all expenses and debts related to Anglo Leasing Contracts, whether arising from arbitration awards, promissory notes or any other source, shall be deemed not to be PUBLIC DEBTS within the meaning of s. xx of the Kenyan Constitution, but, shall be deemed to be REGIME EXPENSES and DEBTS solely payable or recoverable if paid by the Kenyan taxpayer from all persons who have been or are involved in any negotiation, payment or in any other material way with these contracts.

Anonymous said...

The good doctor must have been 'smoking' something real bad.In Kenya,you never resign as a matter of principle,unless there's more than meets the eye on this latest twist.When dealing with Kenya's sickening lot of politicians,I usually prefer to adopt a wait and see attitude!

Anonymous said...

Dr resigns. Kibaki watch out.

Of course his words are coached "legality was kicked out while political and social overtones.........."

Kenya has changed and it is imperative that Kibaki start learning, and very fast. The typewriters age is gone. Join the IT stage!

The country is ripe for a very violent revolution/chaos. Everybody knows this. Even That ICC prosecutor is talking about "a local special tribunal". The stakes are very high.2011/2 is but, too frightening.

Lets pray for Kenya as it is becoming very frightening. 2011/2 is worrying. But Mutahi Ngunyi said that the defining year for Kenya is 2011. I tend to agree. It is the real campaign year for the 2012 elections.

However much we stuff the security dockets( Mt. Kenya mafia) in a way that the the status quo is maintained, there are some forces that a human being is unable to control. A pre-planned military take over if things moved in the un desired direction?
That is where Kenya is at the moment. But all these are dreams. God will not accept it for Kenyans.

But the Deceiving Executive is pretending. IF HE was able to feed the people, assured them of security, then he would be okay.
Unlike Kibaki,this is what kept Moi. Basic Human needs are no longer a priority for Kibaki's ruled/subjects! All he cares about is Lucy.
Very selfish and evil for a man who has thrived on "cooking" economic data, to show intelligence over the years!
Was Ken Fertiliser project,under Kibaki as the finance minister , the first real "anglo leasing" in Kenya? His true colours, as a thief (not only of an election) have finally come to the knowledge of Kenyans. The proverbial 40 days for a thief.
And most thieves were quite "brilliant in class". This is a reality that has come to be proven in this dude.

Kibaki is a total failure in all areas. He does not even have an idea of what a mess and a fool he is making of himself!.

As Michuki said, I am also "ashamed being a Kenyan"

Na mta do?-Nature has its own ways.

Agwambo must be smiles all through!. His control of Parliament is un-surpassed in the history of this country (no longer a nation).

We are in to enjoy the game in this social-political theatre of absurdity in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

spiritual in defending his dignity but his gimmicks only succeeds in soothing his academic ego

Succeeds? Ngumbaro English could cause harm to your ego.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "one wife man"?
I miss him very much!

What happened to all good commentators we had a year ago?

Taabu said...

One wife man got a plum job at OP and went emotionally plural. Sorry, but he has MOVED ON.

Anonymous said...

Taabu seems to be ectatic, this news must have given him wild erotic satisfaction. I hope he remembered to close the door while he wanked in the office loos.

Curiously, no one seems worried anymore about the biting hunger, high inflation and other woes that the poor mwananchi has to contend with. Newspapers and politicians seems to set Kumekucha's agenda. Even Mwarangethe is busy dancing to Taabu's tunes. Talk of educated moron.

When Balala appointed his friend afew months ago, even Kumekucha buried its head in the dust. When Raila appointed his sister as a US Consular, Taabu conveniently took some off days from Kumekucha. This week, the poor 52 year old fool cant wait for the sun to set before pening another loopsided 'No one Missed' off the daillies stale news.

The quality of Kumekucha is at its worst.

Anonymous said...

Come 2012 and the RV barbarians will not catch anybody unawares. So, unless the barbarians are on a suicide mission, there will be armed peace and no war. The losers will not claim that they have been rigged out but will fold their tails and go home, and the winners will not pour out into the streets.

2012 will be a watershed year because Raila and Kibaki will be sent home by the youth.

Anonymous said...

The KACC and Ringera saga is old news as far as the political class is concerned. Kwa hivyo leta ingine!!!

M-Pesa said...

Kamba "leaders" from VP, Mutula to Kiema have been up in arms playing the tribe card in regarding Kebs boss Kioko Mang'eli's sacking by the head of executive Francis Mutahura. They claim the Kamba's are being "Finished"!

The Kalenjins ethnic chieftain William Ruto is busy screaming blue murder regarding Mau evictions saying the Govt-which he gleefully serves-wants to wipe his fellow tribesmen from the surface of planet earth! "We are being targeted!" He yells to his kingdom!

Raila is busy surrounding himself with his fellow Luo tribesmen and sycophants like Nyong'o, Orengo, Dalmas etc while filing crucial dockets with his own kin and kith (which Kumekucha unsurprisingly condones!)

Old Kibaki is doing what he knows best, tribalizing any sensitive post with Gema scroungers since other tribes can't be trusted. Raila keeps mum over this. So we now know they are just cut from the same cloth!

I wont be surprised if Luhya leaders are up in arms in politician's usual weekend war mongering public rallies claiming one of their own, Smokin (what a ridiculous name) Wanjala- was hounded out of office to eliminate the Luhyas.

The circus continues. Only in a banana republic......

Anonymous said...

I wonder why TAABU was quiet during Moi's time when all the corridors of the govt were filled with mucus-spitting illiterate Kalenjins.

Anonymous said...

Taabu kept quiet because he was also a beneficiary of an underserved scholarship from the same govt.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Basset Buyuka nad other employees at NMG have been sacked ??? someone please confirm for me

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