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Monday, August 03, 2009

Hilary Clinton Keep Off, Kenya is Sovereign

By marshaling thee hitherto divided cabinet to unanimously endorse no Hague no local tribunal, President Kibaki has shown unique leadership from front and example. Hilary Clinton must know that Kenya is sovereign and stop spreading Obama’s lies that we are corrupt.

Acts of neocolonialism as propagated by Human Rights Watch must be resisted at all costs and with all might. The international NGO HRW is trying to sneak in Professor Alston’s hatred for Wako and Major Ali. We saw it before and rejected their innuendos and we will reject it again.

Wako is Kenya’s longest serving AG and with his impressive global CV, Kibaki couldn’t ask for a more able legal mind with a permanent smile to match. We know our murderers and we are well placed to deal with them without Ocampo's theatrics. We cannot afford to indignity of hanging a future president out to dry.

Obama must stop visiting shame upon us via catapult. He snubbed us last month and Clinton must not assume the proxy role to insult our national pride. Let Jonnie Carson go nostalgic and visit the Mara. Shame on Speaker Marende for inviting foreigners to help us solve problems we have lived comfortably with since independence and more so after the unfortunate 2007 election.

There are numerous ways of skinning a cat and provided you don’t sit on it hence risking lethal claws on your rear side, the job’s end justifies the means. Smart President Kibaki and the cabinet outwitted hostile MPs by showing the mob who the boss is. The rest of Kenyans must learn to take five course meal marinated in obtuse contempt. It never constipates.


Anonymous said...

Stop spoiling the fish and ugali party, the Party of National dis- unity aka PNU and the Orange un-Democratic Movement are in in romantic relationship

You know the cabinet decision amounts to inviting ICC indirectly. It is only that they could not make that announcement in publicly because they did not want to appear to be sending their cronies to Hague. Ocampo is coming and that is what we always wanted.

Anonymous said...

If Hilary is coming to throw tantrums and then DOMO DOMO us, she will achieve very little. If she comes empty handed as Obama did in Ghana, we will listen to her, yawn and then point to her the direction of Maasai Mara. Mambo kwisa.

This is not the time the IMF and World Bank used to harass Moi untill he re-introduced multiparty politics. Poor illiterate Kaleos opened themselves to foreign intimidation because they ran down the economy and could not even collect taxes to finance a simple budget.

Not any more. The govt of Kibaki and Raila is nearly fully financed from domestic sources. So the foreign mulatoos and mzungus (Obamas, Hilarys, Browns, etc) must change tact when dealing with us.

So, let the exitables cool down, Hilary will come and go, just as Kissinger did in the 1970s and Kodi Rice in 2008. And the sun has never failed to rise in the East and will continue to do so long after these political tourists are past tense.

But change will only come when Kenyans decide it is time because they are the holders of the title deed of the Republic of Kenya. All else is delusional exitement.

Anonymous said...

We do not need lectures or dollars from the Americans. Let them open their borders for free trade with us and we will help ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Some Kenyans have made a career out whining that Americans are not to coming to visit us. So what if they visit every country in Africa except us. We don't eat in their homes or bury our dead in their cemetaries.

We benefit more from our trade with Uganda than with our trade with the damn Americans!!!!!!!!!

M-Pesa said...

We know Bill Clinton has an eye for the ladies, (ahem..monica lewinsky) so how on earth does he survive when Hilary is constantly globe trotting? Ouch, Must be one painful experience. Look but don't touch!

Anyway, the Americans don't give a hoot whether we roast ourselves or not. Isn't that how Africans are? Ameros have recession to deal with. They also have Iran, Afghan, Pakistan, Iraq, N.Korea...phew! If only we had some oil...

For me the funniest moment of last week was watching TJRC chairman Bethwel Kiplagat weep like a bay-bee on TV. Hee he he, crocodile tears being used to hoodwink our gullible masses, makes you want to throw up.

You would have thought this old mzee has seen it all especially when he has Moi's cheerleader when this country was being raped right, left and centre. And of course just like the proverbial ostrich Taabu keeps writing about, This blog has buried it's head in the sand regarding Uncle Kip's pathetic PR stunt and his attempts to white wash our evil past.

he he he, mimi nacheka tu!

Anonymous said...


Taabu was a beneficiary of Moi's kleptocracy. He was given a scholarship without qualifications. Don't expect Taabu to touch the RV mafia who tried to drain marrow out of Kenyan bones. I tell you, you can take the guy out of Mogotio but you cannot take Mogotio out of him.

quest said...

Please be warned that neither Hillary nor Obama is the issue but rather our inept ability to read and appreciate the direction of REALPOLITIK. Kindly wake up ask the PUNDITS where the ship is headed to.NNO

Anonymous said...

you call this satire? (pukes)

Lebo said...

When the world declared the wildebeest migration in Kenya a wonder in the world, you cheered and felt proud to be a Kenyan. Now you must bear the consequences of that. The same world will not allow you to destroy that wonder because it is not yours, it is the world's. So you will hear Hillary, Obama, O Campo, EU etc asking Kenyan leaders to account for their misdeeds. The world will protect its heritage-whether you howl and foam at the mouth that you are a sovereign country or not. Hillary, please talk long and talk tough. Pump sense into these insensitive, selfish, arrogant leaders we have in Kenya. We stopped listening to them long time ago. We can listen to anyone else.

Anonymous said...


You can stop listening to the Kenyan leaders as much as you want, but as long as you line up in 2012 to vote for Raila so that he can send his sister to Los Angeles to be the Consul General, your plugged ears don't mean a thing.

Anonymous said...

Again, Hilary will come and go. She can even lecture the leaders until she goes hoarse, or pull all the hair off her head. That is not the issue.

The issue is whether the Kenyan citizenry can stop worshipping their tin political gods. When a politician tells you that the tribe across the ridge is the problem and you willing take that crap and vote him in, what does that say about your rationality.

Thus, if Hilary want to achieve anything positive, she should not lecture the leaders, but the idiotic citizens who let their emotions and handouts cloud their judgment during elections time.

Anonymous said...


We should stop being childish with Hilary Clinton's visit, ICC, African Eminent Persons, and Kofi Annan since they are concerned with saving our nation that became a failed state the very moment Mwai Kibaki ordered the killing of innocent protesting democrats after he stole the Raila win.

What John Michuki the then minister for internal security stood for at the time is obvious since his orders saw the Nyanza PPO Kahindi ordering the killings of innocent democrats in Kisumu moments after Kibaki was inadvertently declared the winner.

What of OCS Oyugis, Insp. Sawe, who gleefully shot dead seven innocent people down without any provocation at that town, South Nyanza moments after the ''so-called Kibaki win''?

This is not the time to be childish now that Hilary Clinton is visiting our country with the possible plan of easing the gridlock caused by the PNU genocidaires.

The Hague is coming as Kitula Kilonzo with his maneuvering, prepares for the arrest by the Hague Mwai Kibaki,Uhuru Kenyatta,George Kinuthia Wamuthengi ole Saitoti, Raila Odinga,William Ruto leaving Kalonzo Musyoka scot-free to contest the 2012 presidential elections despite his contributions together with General Kianga, who commandeered Kenya Army to the ICC, to ensure that Kibaki rigged presidential votes on the 30th December 2007, and Kivuitu contributions to the mayhem also being obvious.

Martha Karua's contributions to the rigging on the same day cannot be gainsaid.

The Hague beckons as the non-reformer Mutula Kilonzo ''cleverly'' leads PNU pev perpetrators together with the non-perpetrators like Raila Amolo Odinga and William Ruto to it.

Mutula Kilonzo, the nonreformer man of impunity and like Kalonzo Musyoka the Nyayo psycophant, will hung last after the leading PNU leaders have to face life sentences at the Hague.

Anonymous said...

let us not cheat that we are not corrupt, though i agree that kibaki acted with foresight when he panel beat the cabinet to do away with hague and local tribunal.

africans please learn to take constructive criticism positively so that we forever break the york of slavery and neocolonialism.

isalovell said...

While it is so true that we passionately defend our sovereignty,the fact is that we are so fed up with our leaders!Everytime they're taking us on a ride!ati Amos Wako?My foot!Like i said,we are jealous of our sovereignty,but the thought of having the hyena investigating the goat's case is a pure sham!
And like Jesus said that you cannot point a speck in your brother's eye when you have a log in your own is purely applicable to the Western powers!

Anonymous said...

the same people demonising mama Hillary are the same goons who said Obama was just a mere senator and should not comment negatively about corruption in Kenya. looks like we are very forgetfull. if it wasn't for this same foreign voices and intervention, we would still be butchering each other displacing one another and messing up the railway line. Men, lets be honest at times and accept contribution from the world over for our benefit.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when you are in need, you forget about your sovereignty and go begging unconditionally, but when you are told to put your house in order you are quick to produce your sovereignty card? What does claiming sovereignty serve you when for all intents and purposes you are not sovereign (remember how you are treated by your Uganda and Sudan neighbours)? If you are sovereign, why do you sign international agreements that dilute this same sovereignty and make you just a spoke in a large wheel? Put your sovereignty aside, listen to constructive criticism, amend your ways, stop your self-centeredness, accept your mistakes, accept your current state and accept to be assisted in your weaknesses. Sovereignty kitu gani????

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