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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Electoral Reforms Mirage from Dinosaurs

We are not in the present hell hole for lack of brilliant ideas but failure to utilize them because of political expediency. The trio famine, ignorance and disease that defined our independence clarion call remain a mirage. The useless and myriad commissions and committees continue to suffocate Kenyans.

The new Ahmed Hassan-led IIEC outfit is composed of brilliant Kenyans and already they have shown what they are capable of doing. But it is not what is put on paper that counts when the power wielders can trash anything thanks to obtuse impunity. We only fool ourselves by going in circles in search of solutions only to come out with same old stuff packaged differently.

The easily excitable scoundrels are all glee with the workings of electronic voting. But these are the same people whose cronies penetrated the discredited ECK and abandoned the use of computers and shamelessly opted for manual counting to facilitate voting fraud.

Granted, the evils of ethnicity, irresponsible utterances by politicians and media sensationalism played part in 2007’s PEV. But it is typical Kenyan trait to live the coloured lie in failing to accept responsibility for the action that triggered the near-Armageddon.

Critical mass
The more things change the more they really remain the same. But one thing is for sure, these dinosaurs speak of reluctantly speak of reforms which has succeeded in fueling Kenyans need of true change. No amount of procrastination will buy them time when we acquire that critical mass.

They bastardized Kenya's democracy and seeing the same faces participating in a mock voting exercise amounts to salting our national raw wounds. It is impossible to author any new order out of the present quagmire with these dinosaurs in charge.

Before you know it the real power brokers will have mint spanners in the works with eyes singularly trained for a repeat performance in 2012 albeit with a different face holding the bible in darkness.

Kenya is overflowing with enthusiasm for REAL REFORMS but the acute lack of both leadership and political will is our singular bane. Look no further than the forgotten IDPs who be become but a footnote as politicians selfishly scheme for 2012.


Anonymous said...

as usual another crapy attempt from 50's old man

Anonymous said...

Please Taabu, expand your vocabulary. We are tired of the same themes and words....albeit, bastardized democracy, political expediency, obtuse, singularly trained.... Sometimes it looks like you list some words on a piece of paper and then you make sure they fit in somewhere in your diatribe, even when they don't add value to your text or context. This blog has been monopolized by Taabu who then does not allow contributors to exhaust the thread before he comes up with another copy and paste from his archives. Within the same thread, he also wants to dominate by throwing brick bats at those whose opinion are at variance with his. Jane of Nakuru has only made her maiden contribution, but she is already being pushed and shoved to toe the preferred line. You are slowly but surely killing Kumekucha. We know Raila is your idol, but please can't you even once accept that he is human and that he also makes mistakes!! This might be my last contribution....especially if Taabu will be the one who will write the next thread.

Anonymous said...

I dont know. odm councillors are bandaged so that they dont vote for a pnu candidate. And now we see councillors routinely sign for others to create quorum. kenyans are inherently corrupt. stop blaming your top leaders. Btw, why has taabu never responded to the charge that he is as beneficiary of corruption?

Anonymous said...

I only have pity for those who visit this blog hoping to find or post anything sensible.They are wasting their time and energy,if you believe you are talented in fields like finance,find the relevant blogs and make your contribution there,otherwise your knowledge is being lost in the madness that is KK.
P.S.I wont mention names.

M-Pesa said...

Kumekucha blog used to have a very boring logo that was dull and uninspiring just like the current head of state. I raised that issue, more guys joined in and change was inevitable. Chris listened and acted thus coming up with a sparkling new logo which you see today.

Since that day when this blog was "sold"... it has quickly become like a sleeping pill. It's now being managed with an iron fist just like in the former Soviet union. Any dissenting view or criticism which is not in tune with ODM propaganda is quickly deleted. So much for fair and balanced blogging.

I still have hope that this once trailblazing blog will soar again like the proverbial phoenix and that's why I keep checking just in case. Let's have more opinion published even if it will make DOMOs angry!

They say change is inevitable, that it can only be delayed. So I hope change will come fast in Kenya and also in this blog..! Are the NEW owners of the blog listening or they have buried the head in the sand.

Anything else is living in DENIAL, FRAUD AND DECEPTION just like the current govt which we relish to attack. I would hate to see the blog go to waste for the sake of pleasing the Pentagon. Where's the much hated rouble rouser Sam Okello? I hope someone is listening.

Or is Kumekucha allergic to criticism?

Anonymous said...


You said:

"Kumekucha is boring..... has become like a sleeping pill nowadays........"

M-Pesa, you have got it all wrong. this maybe so to you but not to everyone,

Most of those heavily partisan participants of this blog (the Vikii's, Kwale's and the rest of the panua mongrels) have fled with their tails between their legs because they have realized that their comments which were laced with a lot of LIES, HALF TRUTHS and DECEPTION did NOT manage to "work." They FLOPPED miserably.

They (the Vikii's, Kwale's and the rest of the panua mongrels) will not admit it, just as a thief will never admit that he is a thief, but it is the truth. THEY FLOPPED MISERABLY. They tried to "confuse" us with their long fables so that they could "convince" us that 1 + 1 = 222 (two hundred and twenty two) and not 2 (two). They hit so many bricks walls; that is why they fled from this blog.

For example most of them kept on vomiting the BIG FAT LIE the Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki won the elections "fair and square." They have been forced back to reality and realized that that claim that Mr Pumbavu won the elections is worth just about as much 1 Kilogram of pig excreta.

They spinned many lies and half truths over here at Kumekucha which failed to make any impact and that is why they RAN AWAY WITH THEIR TAILS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS.


Anonymous said...

Yes it is new begining

Anonymous said...

Taabu I think you are sometimes too much of a doomsayer, whilst alot of things are really dysfunctional in Kenya, we have to start somewhere, they may "bastardize our democracy" as you like to constantly point out, but at least the debate has begun.

The reason kumekucha are losing so many bloggers, is because the topics are the same day in day out, they dont change anything they dont inspire anyone, or hold anyone to account for that matter.

Why cant we have more constructive debate? The whoe "ODM Morons vs PANUA Mongrel" talk is just useless conversation!

Ultimately, you are supposed to spur people to form an opinion on issues, and at least get people to express what they think and contribute to debate. That isnt happening, its as if there is nothing left to say.

Taabu said...

It appears people are so fatigued with the truth they would rather some charismatic sermon as an inspiration. But the streets are full with bible-wielding PROPHETS. Maybe one day we will get REALLY SAVED and stop mocking God.

In the meantime truth bores those who hate it. Unfortunately it never mutates. Hate the words but accept the message, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but repeating the truth does not make the truth anymore true. You've identified the problem, you need to move to alternatives, solutions, not continuously dwell on the problem, or truth!

Its boring discussion, and we get the point! Thats the truth but it certainly hasnt changed much, everyone knows what is going on, what is needed is something fresh and inspired, even morbid issues can be inspirational, so please, give us something new.

UrXlnc said...

those fellows so quick to criticize taabu and this has become a boring blog and we need constructive ideas yada yada, just send your contribution to umissedthis at yahoo dot com and it will get posted

Anonymous said...

why should it be umissed this only? isnt discussion on kumekucha too?

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu
kwa nini unawachokoza NEWCOMERS to this blog?
go easy on them please-they can only read KK and comment when the electricity is ON so understand where they're coming from

shocked said...

The security guards ruling Kenya on behalf of multinational corporations are not interested in any reforms. Like any employee in a company, these Kenyan elites are only interested in doing good jobs for the foreign bosses who appoint them and pay their salaties to keep the rest of Kenyan population in check. This is the "World Order" of how rules must be applied. African leaders are not in power and, therefore, cannot raise their voices, leave alone protect the citizens. They are not in any position to control or secure the resources they have under their noses!

As long as there are resources to be exploited and African elites willing to brutalize other Africans when commanded to do so, African is doomed.
The rampant tribalism in the Africa continent is merely a means for controlling the masses.

I do not undertand why Raila and Kibaki are always travelling together as if they are tied at the hip. The whole thing is a facade! I used to think the two men were independent thinkers!

Anyone interested in understanding the perpetual under-development in Africa despite vast natural resources must read the account given by a foreign insider John Stockwell in his book "In Search of Enemies".
Africa is in trouble because of the selected African security guards pretending to be leaders!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Haha death of a once popular blog.You dont invite people to your funeral or Taabu,will you?

Anonymous said...

Very well put, Taabu:

TRUTH bores those who HATE it. Unfortunately it never mutates. Hate the words but accept the message, won't you?

** This for Anon 7:18 AM,

You say:

"everyone knows what is going on, what is needed is something fresh and inspired, even morbid issues can be inspirational, so please, give us something new"

You say "everyone knows what is going on." Not true.

Some may know what is going on but instead cling onto the opposite/lies e.g they know that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki STOLE the elections of December '07 but will tell all and sundry that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki won the elections fair and square. That is PURE NONSENSE! There are many examples I could give but let me stop there.

Bottom line: A lot of us may know "what is going on" as Anon 7:18 AM says but they FRAUDULENTLY refuse to acknowledge it and instead choose to continue LIVING IN DENIAL.

Kenya will never move forward unless we first accept and deal with the ugly truth about ourselves honestly and openly. Anything else is just "juggling liver," John "the rattlesnake" Michuki style.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.29am, you always seem to have the same argument, please tell us something new.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:40 AM,

As long as you keep living in the SAME STATE of DENIAL that you are living in, my "argument" will always be the "same," as you call it.

This is what happens to DIRT: When it appears you CLEAN it. It appears again and what do you do? You got that right, you do the SAME thing again: YOU CLEAN IT.

Rather that bemoan my "same argument" I think it is incumbent upon you and the likes of you to stop living in the SAME state of DENIAL that you are living in. If you do not, it will just end up embarrassing you heavily when the chickens come home to roost (Hint: blobs of feaces on you face)

When you change from living in DENIAL and accept the TRUTH, I can guarantee you that I will tell you that "something new" that you want to hear.

Anonymous said...

The point with elections is not how fast you get the results, but rather how transparent, verifiable and accurate they are. The average citizen has to be able understand the election process technology and outcome.

This means elections have to be as low tech as possible. So you keep computers as far from the actual voting as possible.

Kenyans, electronic voting is the biggest con around. It is completely unverifiable. Electronic voting will prove to be a rigger's paradise. You can rig and nobody will ever know. Sweet!

But at least the rigged results will be broadcast on the 10pm news, same day.

Can't beat that sucker!

JR Alila Writing Blog said...

The last week saw Kenyan constitutional scholars and Lawmakers, aided by brilliant international legal experts get down to the complex task of crafting a new constitutional path and reforming electoral laws of the land. All of us should wish them well. However, the evolving tragedy is for the average Kenyan on the street to assume that a political class whose soul and fingers are soiled by moral rot can give the country any strong Constitution and electoral law reforms that can check the excesses of the same morally tainted political aristocracy.
We have evry reason doubt.

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