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Monday, May 25, 2009

No, Come on Not Uhuru Again

It appears the Mars group wont give DPM Uhuru any breathing space. Just when the Finance Minister thought he had buried the Supplementary TOP UP skunk, Mwalimu Mati has jumped to his neck faulting him for sleeping on the job as the octogenarian Treasury mandarins robs Kenya.

In typical Kenyan style, Mati must be up to some grandiose political mischief. Somebody is providing the noose to Mati and he is all glee in belling the cat. Make no mistake, UK is no novice if the coordinated kicks from his trusted sidekicks are any indication.

You see the DPM is a shining star attracting every shade of political moth. His political opponents will use all nasty arsenals to frustrate him. But Jomo Junior is a true ROYAL in the right company and all such nefarious schemes can't last the course.

Jomo Junior
Morality and credibility are like virginity. You lose them once and no amount of re-invention can help you reclaim either of them. Mars group dutifully called Uhuru bluff and he arrogantly goofed with his initial defence only to kiss the blade with yesteryear’s computer error excuse.

The Mars group have already done their part and saved Kenyan taxpayers a lot. But can they strike it hot and hard again? Your guess is as good as mine, OBTUSE CONTEMPT laced in IMPUNITY oozes from every orifice of body Kenya.


JIMMY. said...

THERE IS SOMETHING FISHY AND URGENT THAT NEEDS TO BE PAID OFF. Could it be the ANGLO-LEASING thing? Those guys will finally get the money out whether MARS likes it or not.

Mama said...


PNU people are preparing for elections. I don't understand all these goofs! They have already paid Gadafi with the Grand Regency deal, what else is there?

Anonymous said...

The ever sleepy sloth residing at SH reportedly asked the ROYAL heir apparent to make money in readiness for the high-stakes 2012 elections.

You see, the house of mumbi must have someone up there to take care of it's interests. Only Uhuru understands how 'difficult' it is to acquire obscene wealth, and only he will make sure it is well protected.

The painful truth is that he will get away with this impunity whether Mati shouts from the top of the US embassy.


Anonymous said...

Kwenda huko Taabu.You see the glee with which you jump on UK's case while someone would have thought you had emigrated to mars(not the Mati one) during the poisonous maize and mau forest sagas such was your silence a post went stale for a full week as you buried your head and pretended there was nothing worth posting.You are so predictable.

Anonymous said...

Why does KK delete comments that are anti ODM and allow tribally biased posts by Taabu and Sam Okello. Is KK an ODM mouthpiece?

Anonymous said...

Dont be decieved by the USA. A stable islamist somalia does not pause any threat to Kenya. Sudan has been an islamist neigbour for dacades and has never threatend us. Somalis also leave among us and we have ties with them, why would they want to harm their brothers! If somalis want an islamist Govt let them have it for the sake of peace in the region. we are tired of hosting countless refugees in our strained economy.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru da project should resign and go home. Wat a shame again. What next? May God help Kenyans coz politicians will only eat n keep on shouting n sleeping in parliament wen da country is being mortgaged to da highest bidder. Is there anybody who ca stop this project thief?

Anonymous said...

Uhuru is trying to steal money for PNU's 2012 elections!!-With all the government funding, they still lost the 2007 elections and this will be repeated in 2012!

Anonymous said...

He also needs a bit of money to pay his Mungiki recruits in readiness for 2012 elections! They have not been paid since 2007 and they are angry and hungry with their pay master Kenyatta Junior!

Anonymous said...

Elections is "NOT YET UHURU"!

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu mati is a professional who cant have quacks reading him a budget.

Anonymous said...

Why does KK delete comments that are anti ODM and allow tribally biased posts by Taabu and Sam Okello. Is KK an ODM mouthpiece?


Anonymous said...

Uhuru is as dumb as the baboon that he resembles. His red bloodshot eyes gives this retard that sinister look that many criminal types tend to have. Heck, I forgot that the dolt shares the same gene pool as his thieving father.

Like I said elsewhere, can this son-of-a-thief called Uhuru even add or read? Hmmm, Uhuru the scumbag, feigns being ignorant of the contents that he was "given" to read to parliament. Does it, therefore, imply that:

A). He is incompetent
B). He is out of his depth
C). All of the above.

Anonymous said...

He failed O-Levels and A-Levels at St Mary's but proceeded to Boston for political science. Only a BA with all that money?

How can a failure and a drunkard be a Finance Minister. Only in Kenya.

There are good people from Coast and West Kenya best suited to run Finance Ministry. GEMA people have proved to be looters and incompetent.

Anonymous said...

A serious Minister reads the scripts four times before discussing it with his PS.

If Uhuru did this, then he and his PS are out to ear to loot public money. They know what they are doing.

They will succeed because the Big man loves hard working people who contribute to a tast economic growth in Mt Kenya Region. from 6% last year to 11% this yr.

Kiama said...

I dont like the false so-called mutongoria forced on us by his great freid Moi. This is why I am with the peasnt from Gichugu.

Anonymous said...

Who funds the mars group? Are they one of those NGOs that are funded by western donors, e mail pics of demos and receive funds for their work?

It is always the same loudmouths at every demo or scandal. Who is mwalimu Mati? Anatoa pesa wapi?

Anonymous said...

Kiraitu wants squaters 200 acres from himself.

Where did he get it from. This man had no land before 2002. Within five years as a minister (was it not 3 yrs) you can become a billionare in Kenya.

Anonymous said...


The cries and moans of a toad will not stop the Mt. Kenya cow from drinking the water, and after filling its tammy, urinating on the remaining water. Umesikia, Kichwa Maji?

Anonymous said...

kenyans to the streets.....we have had enough.......Uhuru is nothing but a common thief the only reason he went there is because he mistook his guts for cleverness. The breif from Mt kenya was they needed a guy who will go and loot for them. Everyone was scared except the son of Jomo middle name impunity.....its in he's genes.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

ODM ate the maize and didn't give PNU its cut; now, PNU is trying to get even. It is the new equity in redistribution of national resources. It is up to us at mashinani to ask the thieves we elected what they have stolen for us. If your thief come home with only a bag of maize, and you are satisfied, hiyo ni shauri yako. If you are not satisfied, then remember to vote for a more daring ambitious, hard-working thief in 2012. That is Civics 101.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is backward because of the three kleptocrats that have reigned since independence.

Kenyatta was a senile, tribal bastard with limited vision and competence to run a modern state.

Moi was an overwhelmed idiot.

Kibaki is probably the worst of the lot. Despite having a graduate degree, the man like Kenyatta, is a thief, also lacks vision, an incompetent leader who delegates work, and avoids making decisions.

2/3 of Kenyan leaders have been Kikuyu incompetents. The other, following in the Nyayo of a Kikuyu thief.

Sir Alex
he he he

SHAKA said...

A finance docket is the most powerful and sensitive ministry in a country.Ministers who have held this docket are considered high potential candidates for presidency.
With the two goofs can, Uhuru run a country as a president?Does this tell us something about his competence?If these arethe kind of leaders we are advocating for then forget vision 2030

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka Trouble,
Uhuru is innocent-do you know how difficult it is to use computers these days? for anyone born after 1980 its very easy

Its not his fault that Mars group and Mati are young and know how to type successfully on the keyboard. Uhuru

Anonymous said...

The problem with kenya is that the population is like taabu: extremely partisan and unobjective. Stealing by someone from my tribe or party is ok but stealing by the other side is not ok. I live in kenya and happen to interact with supporters of both sides and i can tell you we have a big problem. Nobody seems to accept that there is no stealing which is ok. kenyans with their little "born againism" are extremely immoral and corrupt. You have to change these people's attitude first. They have to see the need for denying crooks office.

Anonymous said...

Previous post
5/25/09 9:49 AM said
... you don't become a regional superpower by having a larger middle class, look at Israel the World's super air force power far smaller than Germany or Russia. Obama is American i guess you know that better now. He is not that cheap to play tribal politics Kenya is in bed with. He is a principled leader who is not going to join Kenyan;s political pettiness. It beats my understanding that Kenyans don't see that they have a culture of of an eye for eye. This has to stop if Kenya is going to be respected beyond its marathon runners and the masai mara.

Ummm, excuse me, the apartheid state called Israel receives $3 billion/yr from the US (excluding peferential trade benefits.)

If Obama has any integrity he will pull the plug on that fascist country.

Anonymous said...

So Anon 1:36 AM, are you one of those expatriates with an holier-than-thou attitude?

Anonymous said...

I know it's the height of fallacious thinking to make judgments based on one's looks, but really I ask you, is there really a correlation between UKs dazed look and his integrity?

Sincere responses will be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Anon @1:16AM

Your question is like asking: Is there a correlation between Raila's foreskin and his thuggery?

Anonymous said...

'kenyans with their little "born againism" are extremely IMMORAL and corrupt. You have to change these people's attitude first.'
(Emphasis mine).

Here is a contributor that's thinking about the BOTTOMLINE and about the LONGER TERM. If you Kumekuchans applied your medulla oblangata(s), even for a second, you will find that distributing/redistributing resources, etcetera, etcetera, blah, blah, fiss cake, are but mere symptoms of a more pernicious disease.
Well spoken anon@1:36 .am, I hear you!!!!

Now, I dare POTUSA to pull the plug on Israel's funding.

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu Mati is just another Western stooge. But Uhuru should be more vigilant against the saboteurs in Treasury. ODM are trying to clip Uhuru's wings. Notice Mwalimu Mati and Mars Group never say anything when there is an ODM scandal, so you do the math. shame on Mwalimu Mati for being used by foreign govts. He's a sellout!

Anonymous said...

ODM, Mars Grp together with their Western masters are doing a good job in fighting PNU. PNU should be more vigilant. Kenyan should wake up against The Wests mission to take back control of Kenya.

TheGroupfrmMars said...

Mwalimu Mati is a clown. Weren't the Mars Grp reps there when parliament was doing an audit of the supplementary budget? So who is he trying to fool now? He should also resign for failing to correct the budget then. Mwalimu Mati, stop selling out your country to the U.K. You're a disgrace!

M-Pesa said...

Uhuru AKA Jomo Jnr is the minister for finance and Kibaki's preferred successor. But he's also a rich spoilt brat who happens to enjoy painting the town red with a reputation for being a wild party animal.

What do Kenyans expect from someone who believes State House is his by birth-right watu wapende wasipende? This dude is clearly out of touch with the masses. He's clueless where River Rd is located, has never been inside a matatu like you and me and doesn't know what 'githeri' is!

For him it's a snobbish life of Versace, shrimps, caviar, bollinger, prawns, lobsters and chauffeurs since he learnt how to walk. It's little wonder that he's plain clueless and insensitive to our peasant like suffering!

Who cares about silly budgets and tiresome arithmetic when you could be out there in the hottest and most exclusive party joint till the break'a'dawn? Unfortunately, the joke is still on YOU!

Once again Jomo Jnr goofs but no heads will roll and you can take that to the bank. Kenyans are left with nothing but a big F*&%$@ YOU from this administration!

JIMMY said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 2:25

Yes anon 2:25 and not TheGroupfrmMars, because I know what you are trying to do with gmail or any other mail accepted here.

Why are you wasting your time, maybe you aren't because you see yourself you will be a beneficiary of the "error". Am I wrong?

The first time the error was made Uhuru lost a lot of votes, this time he has lost more votes. In other words if he stands for presidency then we know those who will oppose him and those who will support him, and we know what will finally happen, maybe it will be worse than Jan 2008.

And who are these against land reform?

Anonymous said...

ODM wont be satisfied until the grab all PNU ministries, they are especially salivating for the Finance docket. ODM couldnt win an election so they're doing back-door tactics.

Anonymous said...

Who is against land reform?
Orengo. No one else.
What has he done since he was employed. Apart from wikawikaring hapa na pale about how IDPs should be resettled "where they came from" or running around getting emotional on the rocks of mijinjo, there is nothing we have seen coming from his direction. Not even a mere strategy document, nor even some simple actions to help the mwananchi (for example the never-ending conflict in the subdivisions of group ranches in Kajiado District). It is unclear what the man is doing heading such an important docket. Give it to Mwalimu Mati, man from mars, and you'll see what will happen. Quickly!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans, you are on your own!

Kibaki snors in State House; Uhuru goes partying; Mudavadi spends his days saying "ya Mungu ni mengi;"
Kalonzo spends the day with a vanity mirror; and Raila wastes his life loitering abroad.

Until the next season of uprooting the railway, supervise and coordinate youselves, silly folks.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Orengo about his inanction at Lands Ministry, blame his Kikuyu wife. She sits on the man like a stool. She started by demanding he be circumcised as a precondition for marriage. I tell you, the man has no foreskin and without it he cannot concentrate according to his cultural folkrole.

Anonymous said...

Ati Orengo aritahiliwa ndio apate bibi mkikuyu. Kweli dunia ina maajabu.

Anonymous said...

UON students please stop wasting bandwidth typing your nonsense you are tomorrow's leaders go do your work in the library and use the internet for better research

Anonymous said...

Mudavadi spends his days saying "ya Mungu ni mengi;"

Then he goes ahead to appoint a guy who's been dead a month. How cool is that! I dont mean direspect for the dead--no I dont. But this was the funniest thing I'd heard in years. There's something about St. Mary's........

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:37 AM,

You are a classic PANUA MONGREL. Deception, Fraud and Theft are your core "values."

I quote you:

"ODM wont be satisfied until the grab all PNU ministries, they are especially salivating for the Finance docket. ODM couldnt win an election so they're doing back-door tactics."

Get this through your thick panua skull: ODM did not lose the election of Dec 2007. PNU, led by Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, lost the election and then STOLE election through the back door. If Grabbing is the issue, PNU did that a long time ago by STEALING THE ELECTION.

I must say that your perception of reality is grossly distorted, but then again it does not come as a surprise. Deception - this includes SELF DECEPTION, Fraud and Theft are your core values. Honesty is considered as not being "smart" by your community.

These types of pumbavu values usually end up back firing on the community that adheres to them - with a vengeance - that rattles the "adherents" to their core. You doubt me? Look at how Kikuyus have been engaging in very loud and gory festivals of chopping the heads of their fellow Kyuks off.

Bottom line: Pumbavu values have terrible consequences and this is not the end for your community, more horrors, created by yourselves and inflicted on yourselves, are coming to befall you, thanks to your pumbavu values of deception, fraud and theft.

But then again you people never seem to learn. Maybe what is required is for you and your kind to submit you necks to your fellow Kikuyu mungiki/vigilante neck choppers and have your heads chopped off. The less of your ilk in this world, the better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:09 AM,

You and your panua fraud and deception.

Mudavadi was never at St Mary's. He was at Nairobi School.

You panua mongrels are just rotten to the core. Go get your neck chopped by your fellow Kikuyu neck choppers....

Anonymous said...

Bush is planning to visit Kenya in his first tour of Africa in retirement. The visit is slated to be in February 2010. The exact date is to be confirmed. The visit will start with South Africa then Cameroun, Kenya, Ethiopia and finally Morroco. The itenerary is still in draft form but Kenya is clearly in it. It is believed that Bushs visit is aimed at pacifying the EA state after skipping the country during Africa visits as president. In addition, Bush plans to thank kenya for its unwavering support on the war on terror and being a strong US ally in its fight against global terrorism

Anonymous said...

Let us not ask whether Mati gets his money from Mars or Venus. Let us ask whether there is truth in what he says.

Kibaki stole the elections. Surely if he had not - would he have accepted to share power with Raila. Hata kama watu 10 million wangekufa.

Orengo was not cut because of his wife (by the way is a Meru not a Kikuyu) but because during his detention - walivuta vuta hiyo foreskin mpaka ikaharibika.

Uhuru should remain a DPM and given a prominent Ministry but not finance - Please. Kibaki should look for another Kikuyu to be finance minister but not Uhuru.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Mudavadi ako na mdudu? Word has it that he was critically ill in India a few weeks ago but akaponea. Anyone with 411 here? No pun intended

Anonymous said...

Mudavadi hana mdudu - he is just into too much alcohol. His wife once cheated on him and he has not 'recovered' from the shock.

Anonymous said...

It is true - Mudavadi was NEVER at St Mary's. That place was for Moi, Kibaki and Kenyatta children.

Non Kikuyu/ Non Luo said...

How the Kikuyu elite Brainwashes the Middle class and Poor KikuyusThe reason why the Kikuyu elite likes to posit the erroneous and false point that that the other tribes are against Kikuyus is because it rallies the Kikuyu masses around the fraudulent and and deception laden issue of Kikuyu ethno-nationalism.

It makes the entire Kikuyu nation feel that they are under immediate siege or imminent siege from the other 'jealous' Kenyans who envy Kikuyus. As false as this premise is, it has worked in the past to rally many Kikuyus around these distorted ethno-nationalist goals, pretty much the same way that proponents of grand apartheid used to rally white South Africans pointing out that the 'white nation' was under siege from uncivilized, godless, communist ANC.

The basic weakness of these calls to ethno- emotions, is that they drastically fail to address the central challenges and issues that are important to the poor masses in Central; employment, land, education, and better health care. No wonder they have been fighting very savagely amongst themselves and chopping their fellow Kikuyus heads off.

Kikuyu's wake up. Your real enemy resides within your own tribe.

Anonymous said...

Soon we will hear Mars group is an economic front for mungiki and thereafter they will be eliminated one by one - where is daktari mutua

Anonymous said...

Non Luo/ Non Kikuyu (Actually Luo)

You are just another ape. Hehehehe so the enemy of Kiuks are the elites and the enemy of Luos are Kiuks. Wacha hiyo matako yako, mbwa wewe!
BTW mbona Raila akiwa critisised wajaluo wanatukana wakikuyu? Take your load of shit and eat it

Anonymous said...

Na ni Kweli, daktari mutua is very quiet of late.

Has he finally realize that it is very foolish to try and defend the indefensible about the Panua wing of the Grand Co Govt? I doubt it.

If my reading of his mindset is right, Mutua's normal services of defending the indefensible will resume, just give him time. A Baboon is always a baboon.

Non Kikuyu/ Non Luo said...

anon 4:24 AM,

The TRUTH has really hurt you. The truth has really touched a raw panua nerve in you. It has really really rattled your panua sensibilities. Pole sana.

Once you wake up from your brainwashed state, you will realize that you have been used kama toilet paper by your elite, particularly the old, cynical, contemptuous wazee's who betrayed you after independence in 1963, stole what was meant to be yours as you, in a long continuous state of intoxication with ignorance, foolishly admired their "INDUSTRY" "ENTERPRISE" and "HARDWORKING" nature.

For now, feel free to get more angry and rattled by what I have said. The only looser will be you.

Anonymous said...

A question never answered:
Why is Raila so petty? Kwanza he demands a VIP toilet and red carpet in public, alafu he teaches his son theft, then he appoints himself LGB, then he heads to USA and trys to force himself into white house; after failing he heads to UK and unsuccessfully forces himself on number 10. Where is this ape and what is he doing? Doesnt he have any pride?

Anonymous said...

4.36 If they stole from us, yakuwashia nini? we dont need your advise or information.
They are our problem just like mungiki. So take your head full of tapeworms and stuff it with the same shit from you ass. Advise your fellow luos who are still throwing shit from Kibera into Langata. Some habits are hard to quit!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:53 AM,


Anonymous said...

anon 4.38
Peleka matako yako chooni or kwa Rao akutombe...kumanina wewe!

Anonymous said...

Please please please


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:59 AM,

Congratulations. For the first time I've heard a panua mongrel accepting that the mungiki neck choppers are your (Kikuyu) problem and rightly so, after all it is SPECIFICALLY Kikuyu necks that they target, zero in, descend on and swiftly chop off the Kikuyu heads thereon attached.

CHOP, CHOP, CHOP, CHOP..... Sounds firmiliar? That's the sound of Kikuyu heads being chopped off by their own tribesmen. SAVAGES nyinyi!

Anonymous said...

Chris/ KK
Please start moderation with immediate effect! This unacceptable unpalatable language must stop
To UoN students, the Mashada blog was started for your group of people. Until you start paying taxes, you should keep off this blog. This blog is for people who contribute to this economy and have a stake in it. Let me remind you that you pay lower fees and get HELB support because of our taxes. So we expect a little respect

Dennis Wanyonyi

kabila adui said...


May God bless you with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships, so that you may live deep within your hearts.

May God bless you with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, so that you may work for justice, freedom and peace.

May God bless you with tears to shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, starvation and war, so that you may reach out your hands to comfort them and turn their pain into joy.

And may God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you can make a difference in this world, so that you can do what others claim cannot be done.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Wanyonyi @ 5:14 AM,

Wase! May I surprise you that some of the people who read Kumekucha and make comments have their own businesses that employ graduates from UoN, Kenyatta, Moi, Baraton CUEA e.t.c

Whatever you may be finding to be horrible reading in the comments section is just a reflection of what people think offline. Kenya is in a lot of shit.

And most of it is currently, in addition to historical injustices, as a result of the Recent THEFT of the presidential elections of Dec '07. This THEFT has tottaly poisoned the environment within Kenya. It is bound to explode into a bigger explosion than that of January and February '08

Anonymous said...

About Uhuru and another attempted 10 billlon shillings THEFT.

Nobody makes a typing error for Ksh 10 billion (AGAIN!!). These Mt Kenya THIEVES know what they are doing.

They are cooking the books! Just like they STOLE the elections of December 2007.

Anonymous said...

What have people eaten today?

The venom is too much. . . . .

I have luaghed my head off....chop chop chop....hope i don't discover that I have been chopped by mungiki......have a choppy day yal..

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

UON students stop typing your nonsense here go to the library and finish your studies or you'll never pass your exams and you expect to be employed by businesses whose time you steal commenting uselessly here in KK? some of you can't even spell properly make the most of your education

Anonymous said...

Since becoming PM Raila has made more foreign trips than the Foreign Affairs Minister. What is bothering this thug at home such that he finds solace loitering in foreign lands. Ida ... eh? ... what is going on at home?

Anonymous said...

The problem with home is that it lacks an executive toilet, so Raila goes to shit abroad preferably UK, US and India (of all places).

Anonymous said...

You cant just blame UoN students for the venom on this blog, you sods. That's not fair. I would blame the blog owners, who have the ability to do something about it but choose not to, especially when the vitriol is directed at Kikuyu of Central Kenya.

Anonymous said...

if the middle class, us, stay put no change will happen ever. Remember ALL successful revolutions in the world were supported and sustained by the middle class. Hata kibera and kayole paupers shout to pluto it wont happen. So start changing your attitudes towards yourselves and kenya

Mwambu said...

@4:59, you make Kikuyus appear to be the most dumb and ignorant tribe in Kenya.

Your comment that: "If they stole from us, yakuwashia nini?," has got to be the most dumb and stupid comment that I have ever come across on any forum. Do you have a brain, or have you substituted Muthura and githeri for your brain?

Are you promoting the stereotype that Kikuyus are unethical, immoral, or even AMORAL? That Kyuks do not care about thievery, good governance, corruption or high standards?

Listen here you little brainless twat. I know many good Kikuyus, they are around us all; Githongo, Imanyara, Maathai, Kiai, Gaitho, etc.

Anonymous said...

Mwambu, the only good kikuyu is a dead one!

Anonymous said...

You are right, even a dead one will wake up if you drop money next to their coffin!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.44 village idiot
The only twat is you, inconsistent, lying conniving baboon. You say "i know many good kikuyus" and then continue critisising the same people. We know your kind, you are just an APE like your master Raila, the idiot who would kill a whole tribe just to get a photo with POTUSA. And yes, if you think the Kikuyu elites have stolen from ordinary Kiuks then that is NONE of your business...Take your dirty little ass back to Mijinjo where your real business should be. SHOGA WEWE!

Anonymous said...

11.44 Peleka ujinga wako UON, the home of all idiots and hub of madness. Lets see what jobs you will get with your dirty minds. Many of you will end up in koinange selling your asses and pussys, which you are already doing anyway

Mwambu said...

@9:52 p.m, yes, I said it and will repeat it here until it can sink into your thick skull. You are a disgrace not only to the good civilised Kyuks like Githongo, Maathai, Kiai, Muite, KJ, etc, but to the human race at large.

I think the syphillis from your prostitute mother's cunt leaked during childbirth and seeped in a major way into your brain leaving you totally demented and depraved, incapable of any morality or ethics whatsoever, hence your inability to discern right from wrong.

It is sub-educated bastards like you who are glad to support thieving Interahamwe genocidaires like Uhuru, Kibaki, Kimunya, etc, but yet have major problems with the ethical Kyuks like Githongo or Kiai. Amazing!

For every Githongo or Kiai, there are too many uncouth low-life Kyuks like you who engender the stereotype of Kikuyus as IMMORAL, PSYCOPATHIC, SOCIOPATHIC, and PATHOLOGICAL fuques.

Can't you discern right from wrong? Good versus bad? You and other Kyuks of your amoral mien, who continue supporting thieves and murderers here on this temporal earth, will one day have to answer to the eternal power. Will the thief Kibaki be there to protect you from the harsh and searing fires of hell? Will your Mungiki godfather, Uhuru, douse the seaing flames of hell with water to protect you as you gnash your teeth in eternal cries of pain?

Come judgement day the guardians of the gates of hell have pre-ordered the following welcome signs: ALL KIKUYUS except the good ones, WELCOME!!

Change, boy, change. It is still not too late for you to change because you cannot hide your deceit from God.

clemo said...

Guys, like any normal dad,uhuru's late dad must have told him'son,don't let being last get u down.somebody's got to be last,just don't be last twice in row'.The stupid boy has refused to heed the fatherly advice

Mwambu said...

@9:57 pm, hey, I am privileged and honored to continue pimping your mother and your two sisters who I have been pimping on K-Street for approximately two years now, boy. Maheni, wira ni wira!!

Heck, so you are upset because you are broke. I thought that they were sending you some of that hard-earned money to you abroad (pun intended). Your mother told me that you are always frantically crying that she should send you mbeca to supplement the meagre wages you earn as a toilet cleaner.

Thanks for the message. I will tell your mama and your two sisters to remit more money to you abroad. I will ensure that they service even more men AKA customers to ensure that you remain happy and content.

P.S. Thanx for letting me pimp your cucu and your two sisters. Don't mention it.

Anonymous said...

Kenya has no Foreign Ministry. Wetangula, the Dracula, disqualified himself after elections. He was involved in stealing votes, stealing money- Anglo-Leasing and stealing Grand Regency.

The foreign minister can only travel to Uganda.

The only straight man to sell Kenya abroad is President Raila. The other president is sleeping in the state house.

Anonymous said...

GOD save Kenya!

This blog truly depicts the mood amongst its citizens.

We are just postponing the INEVITABLE, its best that we get around to it sooner rather than LATER so we can start REBUILDING, PICKING UP THE PIECES and GENUINELY RESPECTING each other!

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