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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why Speaker Marende Has Booked A Place In the History Books

Also published in the last few hours: Speaker Marende's smart parliamentary coup

I do not mind admitting stuff. I wrote a post but liked this comment from one of our readers much better and it is my conviction that it deserves wider distribution and thus readership. And that is the reason I have upgraded it to a main post. ENJOY!!


This Speaker is a silent genius. Marende's was more than a parliamentary ruling.

In his hour-long ruling, he adeptly and preemptively made his own interpretation of the constitution vis a vis NARA Accord probably well aware that PNU were soon going to be rushing to courts seeking constitutional interpretation of the same.

Marende's ruling was of superior legal and political quality - very comprehensive and incorporating the realities of the day in Kenya. A classic ruling that has so far received accolades from top constitutional experts besides widespread public support.

Now challenge that!!!!!

This was the greatest move in public relations and advance persuation that I've seen in such a long time in Kenya.

Marende was giving all and sundry his own top notch constitutional interpretation of the very question Kalonzo Musyoka has announced PNU will be rushing to courts to seek an answer.

Marende tayari amelijibu hilo swala.

And in doing so, he has already convinced many that the constitution cannot be read in isolation from NARA. the good 'ol constitution is no more. The days of absolute Imperial Presidency are basically history.

It's an era of consultations and power sharing - at least in the life of this coalition. Marende amesema, waKenya wamekubali.

Marende was thrice clever just for the record and precedent - he has explicitly addressed the question of what happens when there's inconsistency between the constitution and NARA - and that is - NARA supersedes.

People like Michuki and Kalonzo who are blind on NARA need to listen to that wise counsel- all Kalonzo and Michuki see is an imperial presidency which they die to preserve and the old constitution that Kenyans die to reform...these PNU sycophants never see NARA as part of the constitution.

Then few other interesting observations.

Karua has welcomed Marende's ruling and she will be sitting in the HBC. Yaani, she doesn't insist that Kalonzo must be the HBC Chair/LGB. Tells me she doesn't really regard Kalonzo worthy of leading her. Haya! remember the reformers vs anti-reformers debate?

Did anyone read what PNU's Saitoti said? He actually welcomed Marende's ruling! unlike his PNU-mates Kalonzo and few others. Of course Saitoti also bubbled a few other words to the effect that whoever appoints the LGB still needs to be resolved. But at the moment - he's game with Marende, essentially telling Kalonzo to chill out and keep off the HBC Chair/LGB seat.

Aint that some doggonit something!!!!!

Someone tells me George Saitoti was seen yesterday at Lunch time with none other than PM Raila Odinga munching steak and ugali at Serena Hotel - this was reported in the papers too. haya!

Did someone swallow a tinga tinga like KANU jogoo did?

It is clear Kalonzo is being elbowed by Saitoti and Karua already even as Kibaki continues using him (Kalonzo) as toilet paper to wipe the big 'ol doggonit.

Let Kalonzo keep making a fool of himself...wiping Kibaki's mess...the same script followed by wakina Nyachae, Kombo, Awori, Mukhisa and other Kibaki sycophants of yesterday.

By the time they came back to voters, they were stinking nasty..and people were running away from them.

If you choose to be Kibaki's snake oil salesman, beware Kenyans pay back on you fast and furious.

I'm also reading today that ODM's Andrew Ligale has been appointed the new boss of the Boundaries Review Commission.

Anyway back to the crucial issue left pending by Marende.

He asked the two principals to consult.

Here is the interesting thing.

That consultation this time can NEVER EVER AGAIN be at a closed door room in Sagana between two individuals called Raila and Kibaki.

This time it will be a broad daylight PNU-ODM consultation through the CMC (Coalition Management Committee)....each and everytime any consultation is required.

Kibaki had better be ready to get busy working and consulting and not just sleeping and eating mutura and slaps at State House.

We shall only deal with Kibaki this time formally - with a pole called CMC.

No more informal agreements to be soon discarded by the perennial conman and thief. This belligerent half incapacitated man has held the country hostage for so long. Ashindwe kabisa!

ODM has already learnt the hard way talking to Kibaki who then orders Muthaura and Kalonzo to contradict the PM. Can the nation go through such nonsense anymore? They have said NO. ENOUGH!

and the PM himself has said so - no more talk with Kibaki informally, only formal consultations through the CMC.

And many things will soon be consulted about. Everything literally will be consulted. This is what Kibaki wanted when he trashed goodwill, let the formal consultations now take root.

I hope Muthaura and Mutua are reading these developments keenly.

It is not business as usual tena.

Haya twende!

I close with these remarks below quoted from a wise unassuming man currently Speaker of Kenya's National Assembly - whom I've previously shared a bite of mbuzi and kanywaji with here in Washington DC.

“An accord was painstakingly negotiated as the country waited with bated breath… these words were uttered before the whole world. Do they mean anything? Do the signatories to them intend them to mean anything?”

Kenneth Otiato Marende

With that I say - adios for now!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Chris let me tell you other people who are in the history books,

Kibaki being the 3rd president of Kenya for a 2 term period. During his tenure he brought universal free primary education, revived government cooporations that had been run down by years of Moi misrule, reversed economic growth to a high 0f 7%, brought democratic space never felt before...before ODM and Raila came and burnt all that progress.

so in brief marende will be forgotten the moment another issue comes up so dont try to create a hero out of a boot licker. he was just trying not to embarass raila since the law clearly states that the president is the leader of govt and can delegate to any minister. marende will soon have to surrender that post to whoever kibaki picks.

you may not like it but its the truth.
whatever you copy pasted here was posted by taabu as anon...

Anonymous said...

Below is an extract of an article Chris published a few months ago........ ODM/Raila thugs, wake up to reality!

On paper, Kibaki and Raila are “equal” partners. But in reality, Kibaki calls the shots. If they are “equal” partners, why did Raila swear an oath to Kibaki and accept a letter of appointment written and signed by Kibaki? Why didn’t Kibaki swear to Raila? Kibaki’s letter says: “I have no doubt that you will do your best to discharge your duties diligently and wholeheartedly for the benefit of the people of Kenya.” Why not other way round where Kibaki’s letter being drafted and signed by Raila or both having their letters signed by a neutral authority?

Apart from RECOMMENDING ODM ministers to cabinet, how comes all ministers swore to Kibaki as President and no mention of Raila or his PM post? How comes all ministers received letters of appointment signed by Kibaki and not Raila and no mention of PM in their letters? Raila’s role is JUST WATCHING as ministers swear to the dinosaur that is Kibaki. If they are “equal” partners, how comes Raila is only one who RECOMMENDS to Kibaki and not other way round? Why is it only one partner (Kibaki) who can call, chair or dissolve the cabinet?

In his protocol tussle with the VP, how comes Raila waits alongside Kalonzo and other dignitaries for Kibaki to arrive at every public functions? Why not other way round Kibaki waiting for Raila to arrive in other functions or arriving same time?

Who between Kibaki and Raila holds key to real power? Can Raila dissolve Cabinet or even sack a minister? What if Raila RECOMMENDS sacking of his own ODM minister and Kibaki rejects it? What if Kibaki fires an ODM minister and use state machinery under his firm control to enforce his move? What can Raila do? Can Raila sack an ODM (leave alone PNU) minister. He can only recommend in respect to ODM only! Can Raila appoint a Chief Justice and judges?

Can Raila sign any law passed by Parliament? Wasn’t he humiliated by Kibaki the other day when he received a memorandum from media owners protesting about a new law that had been passed in Parliament? Raila was gleaning on TVs assuring them the “Government” would look into their grievances and that he would present their memo to Kibaki for consideration. In an open show of contempt, Kibaki signed the law three days later! It had not dawned on Raila that the law on signing of laws passed by parliament was not amended and the president did not need to consult the PM.

If Kibaki and Raila are “equal” partners, how comes Kibaki’s salary is clearly set out in the constitution and Raila cannot use his own executive powers to determine his own salary and all he can do is whine in secret leaks to the media and in public that he wants a salary at par with his “equal” partner? How comes we have not heard Kibaki demanding to be paid the PM’s “higher” salary?

How comes it is only one partner who has the key of the vehicle (Kenya as a country and overall executive powers) and the other “equal” partner cannot drive it and the only thing he can keep doing is to keep RECOMMENDING to the other, “please drive we go”? Kibaki’s letter says: “Neither are you at liberty to announce major policy decisions without having to put the matter in question before the Cabinet.” But Kibaki can make all manner of roadside declarations, like Moi perfected, including making a village a province, if he likes, without consulting PM, Cabinet or PM. Maybe, he can consult Lucy Kibaki to make Othaya Kenya’s ninth province.

How comes Raila depends on Kibaki to provide him with security and not vice versa? We all see it. Whenever Kibaki is in same function with Raila, Kibaki’s guards are fully in charge and Raila is reduced to level of other dignitaries. Why do the bodyguards of Raila coil their tails and fight for space with the crowd?

If Kibaki drops dead today, what does the constitution say? Does it even mention the PM in any role after death of President? It says the current VP takes over. Raila’s and Kalonzo’s public gimmicks to be next to Kibaki are a result of bloated ego and signs of inferiority complex. It’s only Raila (not his “equal” partner Kibaki) who struggles to be next to Kibaki. Why that if both “equal”? Shouldn’t we be seeing a drama of Kalonzo jostling with Kibaki to be next to Raila and to invite Raila to speak last?

If Kibaki dies today, Kalonzo would automatically take charge as a caretaker president for three months before fresh polls are held. Kibaki’s death would bring an automatic death to the Accord he signed with Raila. Hence, Raila needs Kibaki alive to keep his job! But VP who would be in office then would be the sole beneficiary of Kibaki’s death as he would assume power and there would be no deal with a PM. Raila would then find himself jobless and he would most likely stay in the cold for three months trying to endear himself to his disillusioned supporters (if at all he still has their grip today) before a General Election is called by the interim president.

Bearing in mind Kibaki would not be a candidate, the political landscape we saw in 2007 (which favoured Raila and I believe he deserved it) would shift and Raila would have an uphill task marshalling the frenzied support he got in 2007. In fact, a big majority who voted for Raila were doing so in protest against Kibaki but not their love for Raila. Raila was the only strong DUME capable of flooring Kibaki and that is why we saw all sorts of characters of divergent political (criminals included) and ethnic backgrounds gang up in ODM to defeat Kibaki and his PNU.

On the other way round, a big majority who voted for Kibaki did not do so because they loved him. They did so due to the Raila Odinga presidency fear phobia that Moi put in Kenyan minds. Raila is regarded by some Kenyans, GEMA in particular, as a big threat to their survival. We saw all sorts of thieves and tribal political chiefs gang up behind Kibaki to secure the unfinished culture of eating and guarantee their seats in Parliament (and possible plum cabinet posts).

Kibaki out of the way, even in 2012, Raila will have the biggest test of his political career. Unless Kibaki openly backs him in 2012. Can Kibaki for once shelve his selfishness? I doubt.

But if Raila dies today, Kibaki would hold a state funeral for him and shed crocodile tears of how he had lost a brother! Afterwards, he would appoint a new PM from Raila’s ODM and he remains in office till his term ends in 2012. None of the other ODM heavyweight as Raila’s political muscle and Kibaki would have even an easier ride. If mighty Raila failed to shake Kibaki (apart from “sharing power to save Kenya”, the Mudavadis, Rutos, Henry Kosgeys, Balalas of this world would dance to Kibaki’s tune while wiping Kibaki’s shoes with their tongues.

The “executive powers” Raila “shared” with Kibaki are just an illusion and Raila was so hungry for power to see the con trap Kibaki had placed on him. In fact, the PM should thank his stars Kibaki wants to have title of president and cares little about running Kenya. If Kibaki and Moi were to swap places in the current arrangement, Raila would find himself dancing to a different tune. Moi would frustrate him and make his work a nightmare. This thing works because Kibaki wants it to work. Raila is Kibaki’s hostage.

It is, therefore, too late and pointless for Raila and his aides to keep whining over spilt milk. Raila has two choices – move out of Govt to force it collapse and or stay inside, shut up and fly in the same smelly oil with his “equal” partner.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is blowing hot air

Anonymous said...

Saitoti is kibaki's emmissary to or liaison with raila. As has been admitted in the other post, marende's ruling was written at odm hq. As has also been said else where, the ruling is a big slap across kibaki's face. No doubt about it. Ati marende telling kibaki not to write to him unless the letter is countersigned by raila. pnu are only pretending to accept the ruling but they know a war has been declared and things are going to get very very dirty.

M-Pesa said...
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M-Pesa said...

Anon 1.14.

Shame on you.

Chris is a writer, blogger, thinker, political analyst, businessman, philanthropist, editor, human rights activist, family man.. etc. So wacha matusi.

But sielewi why everytime TAABU writes a post, Chris quickly buries it down with another post like the mumbo jumbo he has posted. Could this be why Phil has gone into hiding? Chris please explain this strategy which was pointed out a few days ago by someone. Taabu, wewe usijali. Who said life was fair? Ask Agwambo

Anonymous said...

Please ODMers:

Stop this emotional celebratory moody of yours. Soon mutachapwa kiboko na PNU kama kawaida. Emotions have never won a fight. Marende is temporarily holding back the maurading PNU and you better make use of the break he provides.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: is there going to be a letter coming from the "co-presidency" which exists in the minds of odmers? According to KTimes, raila told odm mps that kibaki told kofi annan that he does not want to discuss the issue and that the letter he wrote to the speaker is final and irreversible. are we to expect that the president will eat humble pie and sign another letter with raila, probably naming another minister? i dont see it, honestly. and it has nothing to do with who i support. I hust know something about african presidents, accord or no accord. Renneberger and annan may have to talk to rao to back down if likes the office he now occupies. He could send merende a message withdrwing his own letter.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa, does it means if you are "a writer, blogger, thinker, political analyst, businessman, philanthropist, editor, human rights activist, family man.. etc." you cannot be gay?

BTW, I meant "gay" as in terms of happy. The true and real meaning of gay:)

Anonymous said...

This matter s not overand those celebrating that ODM/Raila has won against PNU/Kalonzo have no clue what is coming soon. Raila will have to pull back if he wishes to continue being the PM of Kenya. He could find himself lining up for his turn at the toilets, very soon, and the sun will rise in the East and set in the West as usual.

Anonymous said...

Ok marende said he respects the office of president and noted that the president is the head of state, head of gava and commander in chief. when he said this there was silence in the house and i think even for the most partisan odmer the expectation was that he would accept the president's letter. once you accept the president is the head of gava, there is noway you can reject a letter from him. The rest is BS. You are accepting that NARA amended the constitution but did not change this position. this is what any credible lawyer (not a party hack) will say.

So if the president receives a letter from the speaker will he ask whether the clerk has been consulted. the clerk is in fact the accounting officer of parliament but the president has to accept the speaker is the head of parliament even if he shares power with the clerk. what odmers merely want is more power for pm, but their position would be the opposite if their man was at state house.

One Wife Man said...

Chris aka Chris,
all human beings dead and alive have booked a place in history books simply for having been on this earth at one point in time no special qualification required.

Marende is no more a genius than you or me what he said in 62 minutes he could have done in 5 last week when this whole nonsense started if he had bit the bullet then instead of working from his home the whole of Monday trying to avoid MPs

why in this country do we enjoy passing the buck, rejoicing over frying small fish, sweeping things under the carpet, refusing to bite the bullet etc? we are back to square one this ruling has not solved the problem who is going to be leader of government business?

anyway let me not waste much time with these smokescreens-all i want to know is when are true reforms going to begin?anything less are sideshows

Anonymous said...

Is there no place for compromise? Must somebody always WIN and win COMPLETELY and bury the opponent in the dust? Governance is not a wrestling match. People here conveniently quote Obama and democracy when it suits them--they have been silent on Obama's strategy this time around, and what might be necessary for democracy to take root and thrive. I wonder why?

This kind of culture where you must completely snuff out your opponent as if s/he does not have a right to anything is what led us into the mess we saw last year. Kenyans must learn to tone down and to shed that zero sum mentality that keeps us from cooperating and moving forwards.

I personally do not see the winner in this and must credit Marende for his vision and pragmatism. I hope the two numbskulls will now see just how important it is that they consult and reach an arrangement that allows both of them some equitable influence over the House's agenda.

I also think its monumentally stupid to threaten that if they dont Kenya will sink back into last year's bloodbath. That is counter productive and makes it very difficult for anyone to negotiate over anything in a rational way.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Raila: I accept the ruling of the Speaker. I have constantly complained about lack of consultation in Government decisions. This should tell PNU that the time for unilateral decisions is long gone. I regret we had to wait to get this far when mere consultations would have sorted out the matter a very, very long time ago.

Raila, umewatwanga 10 - nil!!!


Metropolitan Minister Mutula Kilonzo: I disagree with the rulling, it creates two centres of powers in broad daylight.

Now now Mutula, that is a load of crap. Didn't you clowns STEAL the elections IN BROAD DAYLIGHT? You shall just have to live with the unfortunate consequences of your election theft.

Public Health Minister Beth Mugo: Kibaki is the Head of Government and the ruling seemed partisan.

Now now Beth Mugo that is bullcrap. Didn't you clowns STEAL the elections IN BROAD DAYLIGHT? You shall just have to live with the unfortunate consequences of your election theft.


Anonymous said...

I recall a time when kumekucha religiously hunted down an anon who used to call Raila Kihii and even deleted his comments. But the same is happening to Kiuks and fold their hands laughing behind their comps

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:53 AM,

Stop peddling falsehoods over here. We are not thick, blind, deaf or clueless.

The blood of the innocent people who died in the POST THEFT OF THE ELECTION VIOLENCE is not in the hands of Chris. This is just another one of your panua cultural traits of fraud and deception.

This is the correct picture:

The blood of the innocent people who died in the POST THEFT OF THE ELECTION VIOLENCE is in the hands of one Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki. He STOLE elections, made people annoyed and caused the violence that occurred as a consequence of his theft of the elections.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Panua mongrels, I feel your pain.

You shall just have to live with the unfortunate consequences of your election theft.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Looks like PNU are setting the stage for pulling out of the coalition. If the courts rule against Marendes decision, as they likely will, and ODM then defy the court ruling, as they very probably will, PNU will have no option but to pull out and start making arrangements for new elections later in the year. The date will be Kibaki's secret weapon.

KenyaLuv said...

Marende's ruling is a non-starter. So any Kenyan can now pull out laws from a hat like magic and declare this how it will be? Who made Marende a law-maker? He's acting like a constitution still doesn't exist. Until Kenyans agree on a new constitution the old one remains in effect. Or maybe Mungiki should also kill more people and say the old constitution doesn't apply anymore after NARA and they are now declaring our own laws? Marende's ruling was patently illegal and can't stand for too long. Hopefully Judges will bring back sense to this anarchy. People always warned two centres of power are untenable in Kenya but people scoffed. Now look we are stuck in a rut and there'll be a crisis every time we want to take a step. At this rate Kenya will industrialize in 4020.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki stole elections only in ODM's heads. 2 years later and no evidence has surfaced to prove it, no one has gone to court. Why? Because they know they lack any evidence and can only shout. We were all there for the recount so you are wasting your breath shouting everyday. Keep shouting it if it'll put ugali or toilets on your table, lol

Anonymous said...

Panua Mongrels,

A case of SOUR GRAPES or WHAT? Looks like it. We can however feel the pain, the huge pain, in your hearts. Poleni sana. You planted it and now you are reaping it, this plus the "extravaganza" of savageness taking place in Kirinyaga, Mathira/Nyeri.

We ODMers do not expect miracles as a result of the ruling. It would be delusional for us to do so.

We are very aware that the war between the Reformers who want real change (Raila, Ngilu and co.) and the usual defenders of the pumbavu status quo (Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka, Uhuru "millions of acres of grabbed land" Kenyatta, George "Goldenberg" Saitoti, Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi and co.) is still on, it has not abated.

What matters to us is that for the first time in a long time a decision has been made by someone important in Kenya - Marende the House Speaker, that is "moving in the right direction."

This is very refreshing considering the fact that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki has been consistently and stubbornly "spoiling the Kenyan air" with his indecision, poor leadership, contempt and malice... generally he has been sleeping on the job and that is why our lovely country is in a continuous state of one crisis after another. You mark our words, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki will soon precipitate another crisis very soon, you just wait he never fails to deliver UPUMBAVU. Yeye ni pumbavu sana.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.02 is a post by kumekucha disguising as anon. please give us a break from you STUPID, NARROW, THICK, SCREWED, IRRITATING tribal comments. How more foolish can someone be? Kwani you think Kiuks are not people? We are sick and tired of your kiddish/ childish ignorant, backward antics, full of unbeievable insults which Chris has constantly condoned & applauds behind his comp. If you have balls, stop being anon and just post the comments as an article

Anonymous said...

even if you got Panua judges to rule in favour of Mwai Kibai, Parliament doesnt listen to the Judiciary. Afterall it makes the laws the judciary implements... so Wacha Kalonzo wastes his time... recall the last time Judiciary ruled in favour of Electoral commision and they got kicked out anyway. Parliament doesnt Care. Rule as much as you can, but so what? will you take parliament to court??

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:11 AM,

You have spoken a huge pile of Matope.

It is a waste of time trying to even convice you, itakuwa kama kuchezea MBUZI Guitar - a big waste of time.

Whether you like it or not here is the truth:

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki did not win the elections of December '07 - HE LOST AND THEN STOLE THEM. If he really won why did he have to have himself sworn in in secret and in the dark? He knew that he had not really won and that is why he behaved like so

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki = An illegitimate piece of shit.

Anon 4:11 AM, you are one kind of fellow who, with a straight face, will tell me that Peace and tranquility reigns in Kirinyaga Mathira and Nyeri areas and that people are Kissing each other all over the place. You will also tell me that their is no evidence of any violence going on over there. PUMBAFF!!

Anonymous said...

BTW ODM has 11MPs and PNU 10MPs in HBC and Marende has no vote as the chair. If PNU pulls intends to pull out there are two items on the agenda for HBC they need to be aware of:
1. Separation of Parliament from excutive whims (Keter Bill)
2 Vote of no confidence on government.

Keter bill could never have made it to agenda before with Kalonzo, but not it is with ODM fully in charge of HBC. Pull out of coaliation, with Keter act in place, Kibaki goes home based on simple majority of parliament.

Anonymous said...

It is true that the constitution is the supreme law. But it is also true that rules are human artifacts. The legal dimension is critical, but it is not everything. As someone aptly said, laws are made and implemented within arenas of political struggle, which as well give them meaning. Rules do not drop from heaven and we should stop behaving as such.

As Marende put it: we are living in an extraordinary political time. Rule making will match this--let's be realistic. Perhaps the only solution, whose feasibility in the current and near term is laughable at best, is to go back to the ballot. Repeat: Unlikely.

Kenyans should not lift their foot off the gas pedal--force Emilio and the stuttering bumpkin to cooperate over this! Marende has led us off to a good start. The political landscape changed rather significantly last year. Live with it.

Anonymous said...

Chris, it is true you like protecting luos. I have seen so many comments here by luos insulting kambas ati sisi ni watu wa njaa and we are always being used from mulinge to kalonzo. i once asked why a luo should blame me because his leader did not convince kalonzo to back him (in which case if you follow this logic raila would be using kalonzo, but thats ok) and then i added in anger that as a human i did not feel insulted by apes. the post was immediately deleted. chris if you are allowing your fellow luos to insult us please allow us to hit back. kwani which people dont have stereo types and prejudices about others.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:21 AM,

You asked:

"Kwani you think Kiuks are not people? please give us a break"

What an ironic question from you (and your kind) who regard people from other communities to not be people enough.

When I see the savage happenings in Kirinyaga, Mathira and Nyeri areas where some very savage and ghoulish horrors have taken place, I pause and ask myself, are you people or savages? I think the answer is obvious....... (Jijazie)

Anonymous said...

Panuas have gone crasy. The brains don't think anymore. Their women are now calling for sex boycott against marendes rulling.
Surely when you have nothing to say be courageous enough to shut up.

Anonymous said...

One Big mistake that you panua mongrels make is to assume that everyone who makes a comment here that is "painful" to you is a Luo. No! That is not the case.

I, for one, am not a Luo and I regularly make comments over here. I Know of 2 other guys who are not Luo and also make regular comments over here that Panua mongrels find uncomfortable to read as it pricks their consciences. But then I ask myself, do you panua mongrels have a conscience given the way you like zeroeing in, decending on and swiftly chopping off your fellow tribesmen and womens heads..... That is a debate for another day.

Anonymous said...

I spy with my little eye...


Kalonzo "msaliti" Musyoka wiping Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's A** Hole.

Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

Mwarang'ethe said...

KenyaLuv said...
Marende's ruling is a non-starter. So any Kenyan can now pull out laws from a hat like magic and declare this how it will be? Who made Marende a law-maker?

Our response:

Actually, mps, including the speaker are law makers. We thought all people know that.

Kenyaluv wrote that:

He's acting like a constitution still doesn't exist. Until Kenyans agree on a new constitution the old one remains in effect.

Our response:

Yes, a Constitution exists, but as amended. So, there is nothing as old constitution.

Kenyaluv said:

Or maybe Mungiki should also kill more people and say the old constitution doesn't apply anymore after NARA and they are now declaring our own laws?

Our response:

We are not aware that, the Constitution as amended sanctions murder.

And, who declared a new law? It was just a construction/interpretation of the law.

Kenyaluv wrote:

Marende's ruling was patently illegal and can't stand for too long.

Our response:

How illegal?

Kenyaluv wrote:

People always warned two centres of power are untenable in Kenya but people scoffed. Now look we are stuck in a rut and there'll be a crisis every time we want to take a step. At this rate Kenya will industrialize in 4020.

Our response:

When would it have industrialized with one centre of power?

And, since we had one centre of power since 1963, why didn't we industrialize?

Anonymous said...


Brilliant. Brilliant. Just Brilliaint.

Those Answers? Too brilliant. May those who asked the questions and stated their skewed opinions "chew" on them until they sink into their brains.

John Maina said...

Not that I got anything against you but pls stop using your ass to reason. I hate the irony on your name, which indicate you love Kenya yet your comments are regularly psychotic and lacks merit. It’s the likes of you and PNU mongrels that will cause Kenya to burn.

Marende's ruling was that the accord/constitution should be read together not separately.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.25am. the tukanaring is mostly by luos. people from other tribes tend to be civil. anyway even odmers assume all supporters of pnu are kiuks. like me i normally make comments here sympathetic to pnu but am not from central or eastern but am assumed to be kiuk.

Anonymous said...

By the way, why are kyuks not talking about the Neri Kirinyaga murders? Can you imagine if this had happened elsewhere? It could have been, uncouth luos, kalenjins, kissis, now Kyuks, what is worse than beheading 30 people in a night, in the president's backyard, and he says nothing, zero? And you guys still support him, just for the sake of it? Unless there is more to this than meets our eyes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:29,

I feel you, You stated:

"By the way, why are kyuks not talking about the Nyeri Kirinyaga murders? Can you imagine if this had happened elsewhere? Kyuks would have had a field day! It could have been, uncouth luos, kalenjins, kissis.... Now, Kyuks, what is worse than beheading 30 people in a night, in the president's backyard?"

My take is that a very strong, deep sense and feeling of EMBARRASSMENT, SHAME and HORROR keeps them very quiet about these wild, primitive, savage and ghoulish happenings in their home province of central.

Imagine, No! not imagine! it is reality, it's happening, their own fellow tribesmen zeroing in, descending on and swiftly chopping off their own fellow tribesmen and womens heads off..... Yuck!

Anonymous said...

two centres of power

the NARA created a partnership of two units with the express recommendation that on matters of governance there should be adequate consultation. as long as one of those partners acts in breach of this arrangement (i.e acts without consulting the other) then it follows that there will be the perception of a more than one center of power moving in a different directions.

as long as there is adequate consultation (read power sharing) and a mutually agreeable middle path is settled on, then there can be no sign of two centres of power since they will be acting in one accord.

as stated in the main post, the problem continues to be those still living in and trying to impose the era of an imperial presidency (status quo)

its not business as usual neither is it business unusual

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, but on almost every major PNU battle front with ODM, its been ODM-K pawns out in defence, Kalonzo, Mutula, etc while the core PNU (central think tank operatives) remain in the background and fringes offering caustic support and stoking the fires. This strategy is derived from the PNU operations manual posted by kumekucha several months back. Very interesting indeed, i wonder how long before Kiema and Kilonzo finally tell their boss to stop sacrificing their party after which they will more than likely be shown the finger.

Anonymous said...

John Maina

You are the one who reason with your itina. Do you think everyone here is tight-assed like you? Some of us come here to comment humorously and if you can't it that, leave Kumekucha now because KK is full of politic satires. Kubaffu wewe!

Phil's Mistress

Mwikali said...

Well said anon @7:17. Kalonzo would do well to talk to others who have trusted Kibaki only to be spat out when their use is served ... Mary Wambui, Winnie Wangui Mwai, Kiraitu, Chris Murungaru, Matere Kereri, LDP, Martha Karua... the list is as long as a toilet roll.


Anonymous @7:17 AM said...Not surprising, but on almost every major PNU battle front with ODM, its been ODM-K pawns out in defence, Kalonzo, Mutula, etc while the core PNU (central think tank operatives) remain in the background and fringes offering caustic support and stoking the fires. This strategy is derived from the PNU operations manual posted by kumekucha several months back. Very interesting indeed, i wonder how long before Kiema and Kilonzo finally tell their boss to stop sacrificing their party after which they will more than likely be shown the finger___________

Anonymous said...

Hawa watu wa ODM-K wataendelea kutimiwa kama karatasi ya choo na wakikuyu.

Anon 7:17 AM,

Nakubaliana nawe kabisa:

"On almost every major PNU battle front with ODM, its been ODM-K pawns out in defence, Kalonzo, Mutula, etc while the core PNU (central think tank operatives) remain in the background and fringes offering caustic support and stoking the fires."

Anonymous said...

The CON STITUTION has been replaced by " Accorstitution " add that to your vocabulary and like it or migrate.

Daniel Toritich arap Moi would simply put it as " Na hiyo ni maendeleo "

Duly elected has been given " Accords tuition "

Wiper! wiper! wiper! Mimi pande hii, Kibaki pande hii na kumbe bunge inatumaliza NA BADO pass the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Annan’s team commends Marende decision

The Panel of Eminent African Personalities has welcomed the ruling by House Speaker Kenneth Marende on the House Business Committee.

In a statement to media houses on Wednesday, the panel of former United Nations secretary general Kofi A. Annan, Mrs Graca Machel and President Benjamin Mkapa, said "we had been following the events in Kenya with "considerable concern".

Led by Annan, the panel was responsible for brokering the February 2008 deal that brought together President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga and ended weeks of clashes in which more than 1,000 were killed, property worth millions destroyed and more than 350,000 displaced.

"We welcome yesterday’s ruling by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Kenneth Marende, which should unblock the impasse and enable Parliament to continue the important business of the people. We applaud the Speaker for his wisdom and statesmanship," said the panel.

They called on MPs to uphold the spirit of reconciliation for thesake of peace in the country.

"We urge Kenya’s leaders and all Members of Parliament to put aside their partisan considerations and place the interests of the people first.† It is imperative that they recapture the spirit of reconciliation and healing needed to build a democratic, stable, peaceful and prosperous nation."

Anonymous said...

Women sex boycott start now!!!

Anonymous said...

Neither ODM or PNU won the battle in parliament. The real winners were the lives of Kenyans which were spared by the ruling by Marende.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:05

I thought that was sick joke, hadn't realised there were some people crazy enough to even contemplate such an idea

Take it one step further, so if the issue is resolved, what is the reward, sex sprees/orgies?

That standard of thinking is definitely below the belt.

Anonymous said...

The Kenyan Vice President Kalonzo " Don Quixote " Musyoka aka Wiper

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo believes the " lord is his shepherd " thats why he behaves like a sheep.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this main post by anonymous (and blindly adopted by Kumekucha) was plagiarized from Jukwaa and is the intellectual property of one Job Oduor, a vintage member of that board; doesnt the 'famous' Kumekucha have any thinkers to undertake news analysis?

Anonymous said...

Political blogs suspended for the next 3 hours till Arsenal and Man U square it off. Sio siasa kila wakati. There was even a ceasefire for some hours during the ruthless Nigerian Biafra war so that they could watch Pele play in the world cup finals.

Anonymous said...

ghoulish? what's that?

Anonymous said...

hehehe came across this and its rather funny

Pee On U is a farty founded on the very sound principles of Peeing On U. We fart with anybody once our objectives have been achieved, for egg shampoo after ensuring that our man got the certificate of presidency we farted with ECK and even recently we farted with Karua and Mungatana who defended us vigorously. We are now working on Kalonzo's golden farting ceremony which has been delayed because we still need the numbers in bunge until the inevitable

In the mean time we are and will always be Peeing On U all

Anonymous said...

What is it about Kenyans and English football? I live 10 minutes away from Arsenal in North London and although i support arsenal iam less passionate than my fellow kenyans when it comes to football. The only cracking game that get me going is North London derby (Arsenal & Tottenham)

wangu wa makeri

Anonymous said...

Jaluos ni mashogas it is now official!!

Anonymous said...


Marende is an ODM and he is working under Raila as Speaker. It is because of Raila that he was elected Speaker. So just as Kibaki had appointed Kalonzo to be Leader of Government Business in Parliament this time Raila appointed Marende and got him to make the decision. It is a tactict. Kibaki will agree with Raila later that Marende remains the HBC leader and that way Raila and ODM will have won as they will control Parliament fully since they will have all the important posts of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, HBC chair and Leader of Government Gusiness.

With all that Raila has consolidated his position and power and will be able to block motions he does not like and bring motions as he pleases such as to censure all PNU ministers blocking his way and he can also bring a vote of no confidence in the VP and the President on grounds of failure to protecting Kenya's borders and internally against Mungiki etc. Raila and ODM will also be able to have the reforms of the constitution and institutions like police, judiciary etc changed as he likes and he will want the changes effected immediately so people like Gicheru - chief justice and Ali police comm, mutua and of course Muthaura will be replaced by people of his choice and THAT WAY RAILA WILL VERY SOON BE IN TOTAL CONTROL IN KENYA AND NOTHING WILL PREVENT HIM WINNING ELECTIONS THAT ALSO WILL COME AT A TIME OF PARLIAMEN'S AND HIS CHOOSING BECAUSE ODM MPS ARE THE MAJORITY IN PARLIAMENT AND HE WILL BE ABLE TO BUY A FEW PNU MPS TO VOTE WITH ODM.


Anonymous said...


Which ones? The communists..ooops, East Germans? What will they do--make him president? Try reasoning less with your backside and more with what's above ur shoulders.

Anonymous said...

my brothers and sisters wake up - forget about the Nara, why are our children, mothers and fathers being slaughtered in nyeri and Kirinyaga in the name of Kibaki and his cronies?

who of you kikuyu are as rich as this fools and look fat and fated?? do your children go to private schools or flown to universities abroad with accounts full... who are the fools here, us the ordinary kikuyu's or kibaki and cronies??


we can't even speak up, Maina Kiai and Muite are telling us to open our eyes and mouths and speak up and yet we are refusing to open up...




Anonymous said...

Just been thinking....the HBC has Raila, Kalonzo, Saitoti, Ruto, Uhuru, Karua etc, all of whom have declared interest in being on the ballot for president in 2012 or sooner. Will this HBC be united and deliver or will it soon grind to halt as the ambitions/strategising/backstabbing/undercutting take over?
Will Marende as HBC C/Man comfortably chair meetings where his boss-Raila-will be a backbencher? Will Marende be able to man both the HBC and parliament without conflict of interest? Whereas Marende has saved the country from certain destruction, he must vacate the HBC seat as soon as possible and concentrate on being the speaker.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:02 pm.
There..that's fine...let it out. Let is aallll out; dont hold anything in.
......Gooooood boy!
Now go to bed.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that Marende has used the same principle that Waki used in forcing the principals to play ball? The principle is "Give them time lines, limits and options" It is unfortunate that politicians of Kibaki and Raila calibre can not agree and work together in harmony and good faith and that they have to be cajoled, coaxed, boxed in and forced to follow a certain plan of action. The one who is losing face most in this facade is Kibaki. If it is true that Kibaki had told Annan that Kalonzo will be the LGB and C/Man of HBC wapende wasipende, then it will be very embarrassing for him to sit with Raila to mutually agree on whom to appoint. And Kalonzo is now sure that if Marende sticks to his guns that the two princpals must consult, then he will not be a LGB in the current parliament as Raila will not endorse him.
Raila and Kibaki must eat humble pie and follow the letter and spirit of the National Accord in good faith and for the benefit of the country-not for their own self-aggrandizement, ambitions and power schemes. As the women have said, Kalonzo must stop being used to stand in between the two principals.

Anonymous said...

anon2:58 PM

Don't dare talk about the two principals- shame on you PNU sleaze have you ever seen the PM using Kalonzo ro wipe his ass?? NEVER

take it to your senile crook corrupt fool thieving goat named Kibaki..
don't hide Kibaki's murderous ass behind Muysoka..

Na mambo bado.. his own Mungiki from Othaya will put him six feet under.. shenzi mpumbavu yeye..

Anonymous said...

2.40 pm , well thats a silly thought because mr speaker was very clear that this was only but temporary arrangement, meaning that if kibs n mollases agree on a neutral person to chair the commitee then he will nullify the temporary arrangement immediately , soma gazetti bwana.

Anonymous said...

i dont follow much of kenyans politics. whats is the meaning panua ?

Anonymous said...


WOW!!! WOW!!!!!

Wa JALUO have arrived. Wile mungikis nyonga each other in the middle of the night, and kambas look for perennial relief food, the JARUOS make a clean cultural sweep at the globally seat of power!!!

Anonymous said...

I am fully aware of what you are saying. But Kenyan politicians being who they are and Kibaki/Raila being whom they are, getting a compromise chairman of HBC and LGB is going to take very long. Meanwhile parliament will be going on and issues will be coming up. Somewhere along the line, Marende will find himself bogged down with HBC matters at the expense of Parliamentary matters. Supposing there arises a dispute between him as C/M of HBC and members of the HBC, will he have moral ground as speaker to make any ruling on the dispute? Who then will be the arbitrator when he is one of the parties in the dispute? This again will bring us back to square 1. In fact, I suspect that the PNU members in HBC will just bring up a dispute with Marende...and that will be the beginning of sorrows.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Luos are just fools. Here and in newspapers they say kalonzo should stop coming between the two principals. are the principals babies? why dont they kick him away? kalonzo is only claioming posts to which he was appointed by the head of government.

The speaker's ruling is popular but what is popular is almost always wrong. As some mps have pointed out in today's Nation, the matter was just postponed. consultation or no consultation there has to be some one who is final. How would things be if that were not the case? a big mess! but we know luo boons like messes. like the messes they created in uganda before museveni came in.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo needs to join and support raila. after that no one will ever accuse him of being used.

Anonymous said...

ANON 2.02 Stop pretending ati you are Kiuk....You are just the same APE (Read Luo) Who has been posting all the deragatory remarks here. You are anon 4.58, 5.25, 5.30 and many other backward, childish (expected coz u r not cut) comments. Ok, what could be more uncivilised than burning 30 women & children in a church (Which your god endorsed)? or uprooting a railway that transports vital commodities in the rift coz of a 1 acre rock? or complaining about not being given a VIP toilet when you havent provided the same to your constituents? MBWA WEWE, KIHII NUMBER 1, FOOLISH APE, BURE KABISA.....
By the way, do you know why mungiki got courage to do the uncivilised acts? Coz the Ape-in-Chief, has been supporting them in words and deed (rem Aliston/ Oscar time?). Careless Kihii with nothing between his ears...when will he grow up, Ati carpet. Stupid SOB!

Anonymous said...

The only thing RAO should get is a bullet between his eyes, and it will happen tu

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.38....VERY VERY TRUE
The truth is that Chris the SOB AHOLE who has been deleting comments against Luos, RAO (The biggest Ape in History according to Guiness book of records), ODM but keeping, supporting, fueling and publishing those against Kiuks, Kaos, PNU, and all forces against stupidity. Now watch him delete this comment, his favourite pass time. DO IT CHRIS, YOU CANT RESIST........JINGA WEWE!

Taabu's Mistress said...

Blame me!!!!

I thot all along ODM have enjoyed parliamentary majority?
I also though the speaker is ODM?

so why the heck have they not pushed for a single bill that will help mwananchi and what is the miracle that having a HBC chair will add to the numerical advantage they have always enjoyed?

Anonymous said...

It's not just sex boycott men, Chris and all other male contributors of this blog, you are now grounded! Let the women do the posts until the govt get their acts together.


Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

anon 10.20, I didn't know there are apes walking around? does kenya have zoos for these. I here there are nice natioanl parks there. Surely, you can't just let apes loose like that, and what surpices me that you let them have a political party and a leader....wonders shall never end...only in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Men, if there is no SEX just WANK or go to K-st.

Anonymous said...

A visibly distressed Kalonzo "msaliti" Musyoka had blurted out that PNU would challenge Marende's ruling in court.

"This is an assault on the powers of the presidency. The President is the appointing authority. We may have to seek interpretation elsewhere... in the Constitutional Court."

But on Wednesday, Kalonzo was forced to eat humble pie, "clarifying" that PNU would not contest the ruling.

Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki must remember that it is the National Accord that salvaged the country. In a coalition, there must be compromise. You can not have it your own way especially when your so called "victory' in the elections of December 2007 is not accepted by the majority of Kenyans. Truth be told, they always think of you as a person who STOLE the elections; that you did not win but lost and then STOLE the elections.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:44 AM,

You asked:

ghoulish? what's that?

Answer: Strangely diabolical or cruel; monstrous. Showing fascination with death, maiming, etc.

As in: the recent happenings in the Kirinyaga, Mathira and Nyeri areas have a "GHOULISH" character about them.

Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Chris wont suffer from the sex boycott from women since he 'eats' mavi. Go Chris...enjoy yourself, the boycott doesnt apply to you! JINGA WEWE...SI YOU DELETE THE COMMENT, YOUR FAVOURITE PAST TIME, MBWA WEWE!

Anonymous said...

anon 2;33 am.
Oh, ok. It helps--thanks. Such a dramatic word!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.14

" chris is gay" so what?

Marende is a hero. The whole world said that and trator VP was told off. He had to withdraw his intention of going to court.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:20pm & 2:52am... We need INTELLIGENT comments... While 10:20pm rants and raves about others being childish, does the post from him/her make for very adult & mature reading huh??

Anonymous said...

I've noticed something, since the Raila haters are currently "DEFLATED" and consequently unable to "spin" all things hateful and derogatory about Raila, they have directed their hatred, insults and frustrations brought about by the current "DEFLATING" circumstances towards Chris/Kumekucha.

They are a sick pathetic lot. They should just quietly "stew" in their pain, shame, embarrassment and horror. They sowed it and they are now reaping part, I repeat just part, of the horrible harvest that's coming to them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06 am
Ati, "I've noticed something, since the Raila haters are currently "DEFLATED".....they have directed their hatred, insults and frustrations towards Chris/Kumekucha"
MBWA WEWE, How can we be deflated about a sick ape concerned about VIP toilets & red carpet? A goon who has been supporting mungiki because the people being killed are kiuks (his biggest threat & enemy)? On kumekucha, its an open secret that they have been supporting tribal hate coz thats their mandate. They sit their asses everyday to direct hatred and propaganda against certain tribes esp Kiuks. Their record during post election violence is unbeatable. What else do you want to know...JINGA WEWE!

Anonymous said...

In the "Planet of the Apes" it's the apes ruling the humans. Anyone know of a spacecraft big enough to transport our boons to that planet?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.02 Peleka intelligence yako chooni. We have been polite until it became clear what Chris/ kumekucha are propagating....posting anon tribal comments while deleting others MATAKO WAO!
Remember what Malcolm x said abt "the hate that hate produced"

Anonymous said...


It is true majority of LUOS are homosexuals!!!

Shocking stastistic here!:

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:29 AM,

I see I really touched a raw nerve within you. You came out firing insults with all the strength you could muster. Pole sana, watch that your rage does not turn you mad as in "loosing all your marbles"

For your benefit, I repeat once again:

"Stew" in your pain, shame, embarrassment and horror. You sowed it and are now reaping part, I repeat just part, of the horrible harvest that's coming to you. Prepare yourself for more heartbreaking disappointments in future, all as a result of the pumbavu seeds of FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT that you planted.

Anonymous said...

Want sex? Tell kibaki and raila to end wrangles!

I think there is a reason why in almost all cultures men think women are stupid (these days you dont say it because of PC). How on earth can this put pressure on the "principals"? And it assumes only men need sex. I thought a lot women buy it these days.

Anonymous said...

Does it means these parliamentaries need sex to function normally so much so if denied for 7 days they will get their acts together for the sake of sex??
Men please answer me.

Wangu wa makeri

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:41 AM,

You and you fraudulent and deceptive aplication of what Malcom X said:

Remember what Malcolm x said abt "the hate that hate produced"

I could have given you a straight answer but itakua kama kuchezea Mbuzi Guitar, you will REFUSE to understand. You are the kind of fellow who will tell me that peace and tranquility reigns in the Kirinyaga, Mathira and Nyeri areas and tha the people there have been profusely kissing one another with a lots of enthusiasm. PUMBAFF!!

What I would like to ask you to do is to go back into the History of Kenya since 1963 - because it has a lot of bearing with what is happening now in Kenya, read about how Jomo Kenyatta betrayed the Mau Mau and rewarded the home guards (akina John "the rattlesnake" Michuki etc.)..... then the ruling elite at the time (the Kiambu Mafia), to cover up for their theft and looting of the economy, succeeded in brainwashing you Kyuks that the other tribes are the "enemy" while all along they, the Kikuyu so called elite - the current wealthy old cynical men, are your real enemy. Just one example, there are many but I shall just use one and it is in form of a question whose answer is within the question itself:

Under whose "watch" are the current arrests and mass extrajudicial killings of young Kikuyu males being done under?

Once you answer that one honestly I'd like to advise you not to follow your so called kyuk elite of wealthy cynical old men who do not give a f*ck about you, they only care about their "stomachs." Free yourself from mental SLAVERY.

If the above does not convince you, then read the following article.

KIKUYUS-ethnic ‘entitlement’ does not bode well for Kenya and its communitiesBy MAINA KIAI and PAUL MUITE Posted Tuesday, April 21 2009 at 15:08

In Kenya, politics has hinged on the pre-eminence of ethnic identity since 1964. And today, ethnicity has been elevated beyond all other identities and interests. We reject this notion totally and completely. None of us chooses the identity that we are born into, but as we grow older we take on various identities that make us who we are and determine our interests.

We are of the Kikuyu ethnic community ­­— and take pride in our language, culture and norms — but we are far more than that. We see ourselves as Kenyan first and foremost with a national outlook and perspective. But we have suffered for this view, being called “traitors” and “disloyal”; even receiving credible death threats.

Since 2004, it has become apparent that what Narc stood for, nationally, has been seriously eroded. Mwai Kibaki declared in his campaigns he was for zero tolerance on corruption, but he seems to be condoning it. He had stated that he would operate a meritocracy with due regard to the diversity of Kenya, but his appointments to the most sensitive and crucial offices are tilted to one ethnic group and its relatives.

He had asserted that he would change Kenya from the dark days of the Moi years, raising our hopes and aspirations, but he was soon recruiting Moi’s people to crucial positions in public service. Patronage and fear have been used. Simply put, his 2002 rhetoric was exactly that — rhetoric — and now we are continuing “business as usual”.

For us, it does not matter what ethnic group the leadership comes from: we expect and demand a government which has the interests of the nation at heart, which is fair, honest, effective, accountable and transparent. And we expect the government to follow the law, especially with regard to human life, and fundamental rights.

We challenged Daniel arap Moi on these issues. We can challenge anyone, including Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, George Saitoti, Musalia Mudavadi, Martha Karua and Uhuru Kenyatta, who are interested in leading Kenya. Why can’t we challenge President Mwai Kibaki?

We know that we have fallen foul of something larger than “political opposition” or “dissent”. It is a bigger problem that the Kikuyu community and its allies must urgently confront. It is the issue of “speaking with one voice.” This is the question of blind ethnic loyalty to decisions made by some wealthy old men, who determine the leadership of the community and convince us to follow.

There is nothing democratic or progressive about it. They do it on their own, and without our input, behind closed doors and in clubs where the majority of the Kikuyu can never get access. These are the Kikuyu oligarchy, and they are dangerous because they work on the assumption that the rest of the community, and indeed the country, are fools and can be taken for a ride.

It is a fatal road we drive along. Their decisions, cloaked in forged assumptions of ethnic nationalism and pride, are never about the good of the nation — or even the good of the community. It is all about themselves, and extending their hold and power over Kenya for their own selfish benefit.

With the elevation of ethnic politics in Kenya, this behind-closed-doors community trickery is dangerous and unacceptable within any community.

Critical crossroads

But we are addressing ourselves to the Kikuyu community at this point, because the power, assumptions and suspicions of the Kikuyu political elite is at a critical crossroads and could destroy this country. “Speaking with one voice” suggests that because of our ethnic heritage we have the same values, interests and ideals, and we should, therefore, accept the things that these old men decide for us.

But nothing could be further from reality. In fact, critically assessed, this class has nothing but disdain for the majority of Kikuyu, who are poor and struggling, and pay for their arrogance and mistakes. If they did care for poor ordinary Kikuyu, then some of the things that have happened over the last few years would never have been condoned.

Consider the following. It is during the watch of a Kikuyu president when there are extrajudicial killings of poor young Kikuyu men, claimed to be Mungiki. More than 600 cases of these deaths were documented in 2006. Hundreds more disappeared. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that they were Mungiki — despite the fact human rights defenders are sure that more than two thirds of them were not.

There are laws that govern these matters. Why were they not used? Killing poor young Kikuyu men, illegally, does not solve the problem of Mungiki. It shows utter contempt for the poor. It shows us that although we are expected to “speak with one voice”, the Kikuyu community is certainly not one. There is the powerful class and the “other” Kikuyu.

We doubt that there has ever been such a large-scale state-sponsored killing of Kikuyu since the Emergency period or during the clashes in the ‘90s, yet none in the oligarchy has uttered a word in protest or shock. And consider this. When the post-election violence started in January 2008, these same Kikuyu men were in control of the security apparatus.

They decided it was better to deploy security to Uhuru Park, to prevent Raila Odinga and his supporters from gathering there, than to stop the killings of Kikuyus, mostly peasants, in the Rift Valley. The effect is that peaceful protests at Uhuru Park were prevented, and security forces concentrated on killing opposition demonstrators in western Kenya, at the cost of hundreds of lives in Rift Valley, and the destruction of property worth millions belonging to the poor.

Last but not least, listen carefully to the old guard, and some of their new recruits. They put the entire community at risk with reckless and derogatory comments that undermine national unity. Their comments are arrogant and demeaning to everyone, and exacerbate perceptions that the Kikuyu leadership feels superior, and needs to be taught a lesson.

Unfortunately, because this leadership is inaccessible and far removed, these lessons are “taught” to the ordinary Kikuyu who are more accessible.

Destructive views

We are all diminished by stereotypes and chauvinism. We would dismiss the attitudes of old men with humour, but for the fact that their destructive views translate directly into the significant State power they wield. Expecting us to speak with one voice does not protect our interests. It protects theirs.

Statements that assert, as minister John Michuki recently did, that the State has no obligation to explain why it conducted an illegal act in raiding the Standard Group, show a dangerous attitude. His mindset is essentially that if something is done by the State, it cannot be wrong. So if the State kills, say 2,000 people in the name of “State security”, we should not ask questions.

Now we have that old political class, dangerously entrenched by a sense of ethnic “entitlement”. Kikuyus should realise that this does not bode well for the nation, let alone their community. But this attitude is not just the prerogative of powerful politicians, it has also affected the middle class and ordinary Kikuyu.

There is a dangerous sense of victimhood and entitlement. The feeling of victimhood is now deeply entrenched in the community, and understandably so, given the colonial emergency, the clashes in the ‘90s, and the post-election violence in the Rift Valley, but it is coupled with a sense of entitlement and superiority over other communities, expressed in attitudes that the Kikuyu are somehow superior; that they work harder than other Kenyans; that they have more financial and entrepreneurial sense than others; and able to govern better than others.

It is also expressed in derogatory assumptions and stereotypes about other communities. This is foolhardy, a recipe for disaster and chaos. It has made our position precarious, and if we don’t start asking questions of this “leadership,” we will only have ourselves to blame if the current tensions explode.

This is the time to re-think and reject the old class, whose interest is now focused on ensuring that their sons take over from them as the “leaders” of the community. These “sons” have no skills or vision to lead, just a sense of entitlement. This is not just contemptuous of the ordinary Kikuyu, but also of the entire nation.

We should learn from the experiences in other countries. Look at the demons and forces unleashed in the Balkans by Serbian leaders who continuously highlighted what they described as the Serbs’ historical grievances, as well as their “specialness”, playing on that for their own political ends.

But even closer to home is Rwanda. Can any of us forget what happened there? By whipping up anger about historical injustices against the Hutu majority, and emphasizing the “right” of Hutus to rule, Hutu leaders facilitated the genocide. And as always, it is the ordinary Hutus who paid the price for not questioning the received “wisdom”.

This is a moment of truth for the Kikuyus as a whole. We recognise that much of what we have said may not be palatable to many. It will, in fact, be painful. But these are truths we cannot run away from. If there was ever a time for change and challenge, it is now.

Mr Kiai is former chairman of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights while Mr Muite is former MP for Kabete

Anonymous said...

anon kikuyu gay4:43 AM

What ? are you insane or just simple a stupid kikuyu with no brains or education?

The whole world knows they are the kikuyu's who practice Incest with their sons and daughters...

the first guys I met in Kenya were Kikuyu gays SAM AND DOMINIC in the early 80s at New Stanley hotel and they were open and proud to be guy supported by all the kikuyu elite off springs!!

Kikuyu's are known all over Kenya to be closet gays " shoga" especially most of the Kikuyu married men

That is why when the Groups of women announce no sex strategy - look carefully the kikuyu men didn't seem to care - si they have men to jump on who they pay very well for services rendered..

so if you are looking to abuse any other tribe in kenya then you are wasting your time pal...

My advise to you is to stop embarrassing yourself here posting things from the Daily Nation Kikuyu gutter price which we all know is used to abuse and undermine other tribes.. it will soon shut down...

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.45 & 5.14 since you are the same idiot, wacha panganga mingi. We have no time to read you leangthy bullshit. Ati history...take your twisted lies to your newly acquired VIP toilet.....Who cares what Muite thinks or Maina kiai (mayai) says...Take that shit and shove it up your ass then go worship your Ape-in- chief

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.27 you said ati
"the first guys I met in Kenya were Kikuyu gays SAM AND DOMINIC"
Seems you were looking for a dick to get into your ass full of shiat. But we are not suprised to hear such crap from you since you are an APE

Anonymous said...

Kenyans, this is SHOCKING!!!

Anonymous said...

Wangu wa makeri,

Even if a sex strike can achieve anything, 7 days is too short. These unmarried ngo women dont know that many couples can go for 4 weeks without any one realising a strike was being implemented.

Also in africa men have all the executive authority on this matter. There is no power sharing. The woman is told "get bent" and that's it.

The ngo women are asking for donor funds to pay prostitutes to implement the strike!! Do they have a register of all prostitutes in kenya? Is there anywhere else in the world where anything like this can be thought of in the 21st century?

Anonymous said...

Please can the APES get into the cages, its getting dark. Time to play is over

Anonymous said...

By the way, it is a known scientific fact that Luos resemble apes more closely. Just take RAO and add more hair...there you have it!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:27 AM,

Who told you SAM AND DOMINIC are Kikuyu names?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.47 kwani you wrote something without reading?...the quote was a copy paste from what you said, you called them Kikuyu gays. But it seems you have consented that you were looking for a dick. And nway apes are allowed to make such errors....

Anonymous said...

Luos have been intermarrying with other tribes to shed off their ape like features.....

Anonymous said...

5.14 aka 'mdomo baggy' aka 'The Village Idiot' aka 'the Ape' aka 'the Man looking for a dick' Please spare us the recycled copy pasted rubbish. If you have nothing to say shut the FUCK UP!

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:56

An ape can not be a professor. But mind you Apes steal, kill and feed on others.

Tell me now who is more of an ape.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus have flocked Kisumu and are practising homosexualism. These people copy whites because they dont have culture.....uncultured culture.

Anonymous said...

anon 8.54 Professor mavi ya kuku! Kwani isnt Nyongo a Prof full of shiate it drips from his mouth..a true baboon in words and form. How else do you discribe a Prof who licks ass like Nyongo does? How else do you discribe the kind of behaviour exhibited by Kibera goons daily & Luos in UON when they demo?
Anon 8.58 We know you as the usual village bastard. Kwani you think researchers are fools like you and fellow apes? Kwanini hawakusema Kiambu? Coz Luos are known to be cheap, they can lick shit to eat sukuma & Ugali

Anonymous said...

Chris you really need to moderate this blog or shut it down so that the madmen here hurling insults can return to the asylum.


Anonymous said...

When I lived in Kisumu it was common knowledge many Asians kept their favourite butt boys diguised as houseboys. They'd lounge around the house all day,doing nothing and even getting an attitude with the wife ,secure in their position as buttslaves.Ask around in Milimani estate.
Even in school,though Luos succumb easily to perversion.

Anonymous said...

Chris, why are deleting comments after you enabled people to delete their own comments?

What is this hypocrisy?! You like people to believe you are democratic but you are worst than Hilter!

Anonymous said...

Charity begins at home!! we have started by killing our own snitches then we will descend on luos baluyas and others,watch this space!!

Anonymous said...

There is only a people in Kenya who can do everything for money. The whole world knows this. Fullstop.

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