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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Storm Clouds Gathering Over Nairobi

When all hell breaks loose in Nairobi, I'll be right here to die with my fellow countrymen. I'll drive down to the JKIA to kiss good bye Kenyans who will have renewed visas to foreign lands and kept their passports ready. After seeing the cowards off, I'll drive back to the city to help this nation figure out where we went wrong and how to get back on track.

You see, I'm getting increasingly pessimistic about the possibility of a meaningful truce between the ODM and PNU. It looks as if the accord signed between Odinga and Kibaki was a silly stop-gap measure, one the PNU side had no intention of honoring. How is it that we are unable to implement Agenda Four? Who is it that stands to gain by keeping the country tied to our moribund constitution? And who is it that stands to gain by remaining adamant in the face of urgent calls to institute sustainable land reforms?

Folks, it is easy to write from the States or Europe or anywhere else and sound tough as hell, but when you are within these borders and you see the faces of destitute, hungry mothers and children, when you talk to a security guard and they tell you that they have to walk from their assignment at a CBD complex to a squalid they call home in Ngomongo because they can't afford the fare, that's when you begin to understand why the games Kibaki's inner circle is playing with our security are not funny at all.

As I write this article, I'm sitting in my office, just across from Uhuru Park. There is a beautiful worship service going on there. Men, women and children are dancing and praising God for Kenya. They are calling upon God to bless our nation. But is God listening? How come just yesterday a meeting meant to heal the coalition government blew up in the faces of our leaders? And how come there is palpable angst all over this nation? Have we come to a point where we can't resolve our differences because Uhuru Kenyatta must be made president of Kenya? Have we come to a point where perpetrators of the post-election violence have determined that they will lead this country...even by force...or let it burn?


Kenya belongs to all of us. The time has come to tell those who think they are more Kenyan than the rest of us that we will not take their crap anymore. The Prime Minister was gracious enough to save this nation when it was clear victory was snatched from him. At what point will Kibaki and his team reciprocate that gesture? What kind of greed drives the men around this leader?


Either Kenya is for us all or it must be for none of us.


Anonymous said...

Our thugs of polititians have not learnt and worse more they do not intend to learn from past mistakes. Sam we ain't seen anything yet. When the people will rise it will hit them (thugs) so hard that the 2008 violence will be reduced to a gentle caress. I think unfortunately so that we have to go this way for kenya to start on a new footing. TIME TICKS

Anonymous said...

Well said Sam,

Am really beginning to think that the othayian sloth is senile. Didn't he say the meeting went well, I mean, the idiot cannot even say the truth - that the meeting had flopped and nothing was dicussed. On realizing that ODM had already told Kenyans the truth of what transpired, 'empty suit' kalonzo comes out to confirm that the meeting did not materialize. This after he spent the week trying to gain relevance by 'dictating' what the Kilanguni agenda would be.
Haven't these PNU thugs realized that Deception and Fraud will no longer work. What was the stunt of trying to 'sneak in' mutula, muthaura and wekesa into the meeting? surely!!

Anonymous said...’s%20failures%20override%20his%20successes

Kibaki’s failures override his successes

Updated 18 hr(s) 36 min(s) ago
By Koigi wa wamwere

Recently, President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila said they would sack ministers who do not perform.

This is as it should be. But their right to sack ministers should translate into people’s right to sack them if they too fail to perform.

The two have, however, said no to this and blasted the National Council of Churches of Kenya for demanding fresh elections.

To determine whether Kibaki’s rejection of fresh elections has merit or not, we must put his failures and successes as president on the scales. If failures win, he should concede elections. If successes win, he can stay in power.

The President says because he is busy solving people’s problems, elections should not distract him. Kenyans should, however, not exempt, especially the president, from seeking a fresh mandate when their problems are increasing and worsening.

Kibaki may be a good person. As president, however, he must be accountable to his employers — the people. To hold him accountable, we must, most respectfully and fearlessly, demystify the presidency and scrutinise his history.

He came to power ill. Notwithstanding, he scored some undeniable achievements. He restored our hope from despair and desperation. He stopped our accelerated decline to economic death. And he has put the country’s infrastructures on the road to recovery.

Unfortunately, these achievements have not taken the country from Third to First World or disapproved failures of Kibaki’s fabled economic brilliance by giving poor people food and other necessities.

Economic meltdown

Instead, the cold of the economic meltdown has given Kenya’s economy pneumonia, thanks to the president allowing our economy to be largely foreign owned. Hungry faces of ten million Kenyans are testimony of Kibaki’s failure. IDPs’ landlessness speaks of the greed of those, like the President, who own immense tracts of uncultivated land. Only the rich and corrupt call Kibaki a great economist.

Outside the economy, Kibaki has other failures.

He is the anti-thesis of change. He helped kill multiparty democracy. Then he derided heroes of a second liberation as madmen cutting a fig tree with a razor blade but became one of the first beneficiaries of that change.

By failing to implement his MoU with Raila Odinga, he invited ethnic hate to divide the country into two, politically.

With the Coalition Government, Kibaki and Raila have killed democracy a third time.

American Ambassador Michael Ranneberger fights corruption harder than Kibaki and Raila.

By failing to understand that in fighting corruption, family and friends are his worst enemies, Kibaki has lost the war against graft. Hence the country laments with Jeremiah (5, 26-28):

"Evil men live among my people; they lie in wait like men who spread nets to catch birds, but they have set their traps to catch men. Just as a hunter fills his cage with birds, they have filled their houses with loot. That is why they are powerful and rich, why they are fat and well fed. There is no limit to their evil deeds. They do not give orphans their rights or show justice to the oppressed."

In December 2007, Kibaki’s and Raila’s ethnic politics ignited a genocidal conflagration that cost the country dearly. For this, both should not hold public office.

Kibaki failed to protect Kenyans from post-election violence. By failing to stem extra-judicial and criminal executions, the rule of law has been exchanged with King Herod-ism.

The country’s lack of moral leadership brought about pyramid schemes, unabashed corruption and immorality that gnaw away our moral fabric. Hence:

"Justice is driven away, and right cannot come near. Truth stumbles in the public square, and honesty finds no place there. There is so little honesty that any one who stops doing evil makes himself a prey." — Isaiah 59:14-15.

Like the former presidents, Kibaki has never demanded justice for the downtrodden, the Mau Mau, assassinated heroes or anybody. For his antipathy to Wangari Maathai, Kibaki has thrown Kenya’s environment to the dogs.

Coming to power as Joshua but failing to lead us to Canaan, where is Kibaki taking us? His vision 2030 is not a roadmap to the Promised Land. It inspires none. It tastes like ashes and feels stillborn. I have tried to own this foreign-conceived dream but I cannot. It feels like yet another contrivance to entrap the country in poverty forever.

Lesser leaders

The charges against Kibaki’s rule are legion. In a democracy, he would long have resigned. But in Kenya, he hangs on because Kenyans believe they are lesser people who deserve lesser leaders. Nevertheless, God’s hand has written:

"God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

[Already] Your kingdom is divided and given to others." — Daniel 5:26.

Having succeeded to restore our despair and desperation, as Chamberlain abdicated government to Churchill to lead Britain through Second World War, Kibaki should let someone else lead the country to the First World.

Kibaki’s full term will at best, stagnate and at worst, accelerate this nation’s collapse. If he will not resign, Kenyans should not allow him to self-perpetuate by picking Uhuru as his successor.

The writer is chair of Chama cha Mwananchi and author of Towards Genocide In Kenya: The Curse of Negative Ethnicity.

One Wife Man said...

Samo aka Sam O,
how are you? you've been quiet for long and by the way i see you're in a e-fighting mood today thats good sometimes we have to get these things off our chests otherwise we can explode inside like a volcano ama?

First of all i don't understand who you're calling a coward and why. secondly which tough as hell diasporan in Kumekucha has been laughing at the politics of PNU lately?thirdly is God the God of a lesser Kenya?and lastly is your ultranationalist message meant for all kenyans or just tough as hell diasporans in Kumekucha?

i agree we need to tell those scoundrels Kenya belongs to all of us. so will you cast the first stone? anyway, an e-rant is always gratifying ama? makes us feel like we've done something

Vikii said...

You are writing a lot of nonsense right now, Mr. Okello.

Three things;

One, you allege that the PNU side were signatories to an accord they had no intention of honouring. This is not just a misleading statement, one made on behalf of those desperate to snatch state power through the ceiling, but also outrightly malicious. Look here, what specific aspect of that so called accord has the PNU reneged on? It is the other side that, after tasting a little bit of illicit power, wants to shift the goal posts and indulge even more without a care to an accord they themselves signed. When they use every little opportunity to sneak in some little stupid demands for renegotiations, do they think everybody has the time they have on their hands? You cannot renegotiate constitutional provisions in clubs. They were not drunk when they discussed the power sharing, they were only dumb. If they have gotten a tad smarter, then they should proceed to parliament and ammend that which they figure stands in the way of the imperial power that they so much yearn for. There are only two ways of doing it; lobby their majority in Parliament to edit that accord or petition their godfathers, Mr. Anan and President George Bush, to bully the other side to the negotiating table. That's how they did it in the first instance, that's how they will have to do it this time round.

Tell me why you conclude that it is the President's side that SINGLY has been frustrating the implementation of that Agenda 4. You cannot just go throwing out accusations that you cannot back with tangible evidence. What land reforms are you talking about when President Moi's commissioner of lands, who is today an important legislator sitting on the ODM side, along with other party mandarins are implicated in the Mau report sanctioned by none other than the ODM gang leader, Raila Amolo Odinga, are the least bothered by the findings of that committee? You've got to tell us why your Prime Minister has gone quiet on this issue, by the way. What land reforms are you lecturing us about when the increasingly parochial Jimmy Orengo is the minister for lands? What land reforms are you telling us about when the country's most authoritative document on land grabbing, the Paul Ndung'u report, has Raila Odinga and his deputy in the ODM gang, William Ruto, as two of the country's prime land grabbers. If you want me to remind you, I will; Raila Odinga campaigned for President promising "the full implementation of the recommendations of the Ndung'u report". Before, as usual, he comes lying to you that some imaginary people in government are undermining him as he strives to achieve justice in land ownership, he should lead by example and produce himself in court about the same. That to me, would be a true demonstration of leadership and a serious committment to ethical governance. Simple logic. Very very simple logic, Sam!

Two,you have alleged that it is difficult to reconcile differences because of people keen to make Uhuru Kenyatta President. I do not even know what you are talking about here. If this is about Kilaguni, your people, that galaxy of suspects in the coalition management committee, are the ones that walked out. I have not heard anyone in those talks accuse Uhuru of being behind their frustrations. Uhuru is a government minister nominated to that committee by the President, just like William Ruto is there nominated by someone else. I mean look here, Sam; I know UK is pretty good and that scares some people, but seriously, dont you think any attempt by a team to choose the other team's players is ridiculous? It reminds me of how much these babies fear Mutula that they cannot accept him as a replacement for Martha.

About Uhuru's ambitions, I would be happy if you told me explicitly how he has striven to "force himself" on Kenyans. To me, UK is one of very few people interested in being President who has gone about his "campaigns" in the most civil manner there is. He ran a very mature and civil campaign in 2002, and in 2009, he is holding himself back even against opponents who only understand stones and character assasinations as the best tools to win an election with. Are you telling me his mere expression of interest is illegal, unethical, undemocratic, unfair, whatever? Sam, your credentials as a democrat are such a disppointment, and this is from a friend.

Lastly, your old tired, tested and discredited declaration of an Odinga victory is just so lame. Take me through the process that led you to ascertain him as the victor in that election. You can keep repeating your fancies the much you want, but that really does not make them real. It is funny when you put the words, Raila and grace, in the same sentence--very very funny.

Anonymous said...

The talks collapsed because the President's agenda was Waki Tribunal and working relationships in Cabinet. ODM wanted renegotiation of power yet this was done in Serena and cannot brought up again.

So ODM are to blame for this failure. They want to keep going back when masses of people are starving. Kick ODM out!!!!

Anonymous said...

These two fools Raila and Kibaki need to resign.Kalonzo is the worst of them.We need Kenyans of acumen in the diaspora and in Kenya to start campaigning to take the government back in the next elections.The current 97% crop of Mps must also go.There is so much systemic corruption and a "me first mentality" among our so called leaders that we really need a true change this time.

Anonymous said...

Again Sam, you just disappoint. How many years did you stay in the USA? Do you call yourself coward? Never be quick to pass judgement brother. Are you even in Kenya?

You see, you are not more Kenyan, and will never be more Kenyan than those you are calling cowards. You see this country has been spoiled by the politicians. It's foolish, when these thugs have ruined the country and its burning, you stay behind to burn with it. Do you think the Congolese in diaspora like it or are less Congolese than those who remained?

There is only one advice I can give to Kenyans when the country explodes, don't burn or hack your neighbor just because he is Kikuyu or Luo, gang up and frog match all the people who led Kenya to where it would be. Start with Kibaki, Raila, Moi etc.

Anonymous said...

"A cartel in the Office of the President comprising anti-reformists is making my work difficult," KARUA says.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sam, are you a prophet of doom or what? You think it is ok to start saying things like this on a blog? You may be inciting people to cause that chaos you are prophecing.

First of all, Kibaki is not the only one in charge of security, any tom dick and harry can tell you every security oriented thing is split between ODM and PNU, so please, cut that statement out.

Second of all, even you in your fancy office overlooking Uhuru Park is doing nothing. Sitting there writing this but not bothering to offer any constructive solutions is why people like you should be hidden in some dungeon somewhere.

Third of all you call the constitution moribund. Then what do you suggest? Every sane person can see a mere constitutional ammendment can change things for awhile until we are able to enact a new one in.

NO we dont want the bomas one, or the draft one, NO!! Those were primarily influenced by our politicians, looking objectively, the current one is still the most functional, it needs some ammendments, and then it can take us for another 10 years even.

I am sick and tired of you and some others on this blog talking about how storm clouds, and all manners of things will happen, and then you offer nothing to correct that. Yes there is a great danger of having something worse happen, but it is almost as if you are wishing it to happen.

Kenyans rejected the constitution in the referendum, they elected the same guys who destroyed them into government, they perpetuate corruption by paying bribes, and yet they thing its their God given right to expect change. And im not talking about those who dont have a choice, I am talking about those like you and me who do have choices.

If we cant even be bothered to discuss decent things, then why the hell do we expect better from anyone? We are the one's making fools of ourselves, and then we think that it is security detail, ati moribund constitution that is the trouble. Those are symptoms of the biggest problem. The most aware, up-to-date Kenyans, are expecting reform to fall like manna from heaven. NOT A CHANCE, either we work for it, or we forget it.

Vikii said...

Anon 9.20, I have not said anywhere that Uhuru will be President. That's not my job, that's a decision that will have to be made by the voters. If he doesn't become President, he will not be walking alone; there are many other people who will never, either in this life or the next, become President.

All I have said is that Uhuru Kenyatta, just like everybody else, has the democratic right to run for office. Sam thinks Uhuru or those who supposedly control him, are using uncouth means to get to State House. I have challenged him to point out exactly what it is they are doing that is unthinkable. You, on the other hand, think Kikuyus SHOULD NEVER be President and you have that right. You have that right even when the two Kikuyu Presidents we have had have served for a combined period less than the quarter century dictatorship led by a non-kikuyu and when both those "Kikuyu Presidencies" have been so much better than that quarter century of retrogression. That right that you have, however, does not take away Uhuru Kenyatta's to run for whatever office he aspires for as a Kenyan who meets the requirements of that office. That's all I am saying, but obviously, we have different viewpoints on that.

UrXlnc said...


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

it defies logic why these guys met at Kilanguni and why they or kenyans in general expected different results.

its the same people, same egotistic and intransigent mindsets buoyed by both a false sense of dominance and pompousness masking sheer arrogance and mindlessly selfish stupidity.

nothing has changed in the approach to national issues, the composition remains of the same group of hard nuts, so what different outcome was expected of the meeting? casting the net further, what different outcome are we supposed to expect of the GCG if they have determined to deliberately continue to pull in different directions all the time

regarding the many doomsday predictions. maybe its time we all looked at this critically and going back to einsteins perception of insanity.

if there are people sitting pretty in the very same zones where violence exploded/occured and expecting different results this time round, and if thats the expectation of kenyans in general when no tangible progress has been made towards bridging the rifts, then we have an insane nation. i think no one in his/her right mind will be (or should be) caught in "hostile" territory.

unless there can be assurance of tolerance or honest attempts to educate masses on democratic rights and tolerance of divergent opinion, the message we should deliver is that everyone should be that either we practice insanity (intransigency and chaos) or observe safety, we should not fool ourselves and expect both.

We are now in the 2nd year of the govt and 3 yrs (at most) before the next election, in this period Agenda 4 should have been well on the way, and that important but forgotten or sidelined process (national healing and reconciliation) headed by Karua should have been well on the way involving various influential social interest groups. instead we have Karua quickly becoming irrelevant, no real progress made and worse the church ( a highly visible and opinion leader) not even making any attempt at reconciliation but pushing for an election today.

that bravado of escorting diasporans to the airport then making a stand on the last frontier is all very nice in wild western movies, which are fun to watch, but in this time and age, we need clear thinking and pragmatic solutions.

I know you mean well and therefore would urge you Sam and other forward minded kenyans not to be discouraged by current happenings and help implement far reaching solutions.

Anonymous said...

To Vikii and other PNUs,

I think what has become very clear is that Kibaki does not consult Raila on key issues eg pressing issues, apointments he should. Why should Kibaki give the judiciary a clean bill of health and Raila say the exact opposite? Wht send Mutua to issue GOVERNMENT statements that Raila has not endorsed? The most recent case is that of judges - not even the minister in charge was consulted. As for the pereceived ODM 'fear' of mutula, what makes you think he is regarded highly? I think ODM were genuine in protesting his, muthauras and wekesa's presence because they were SNEAKED IN and had to endure the embarassment of being thrown out. Mutula should wait for the next elections and support another theft like he did kibaki's.
The argument that they needed someone to counter Orengo's wisdom doesn't wash. After all, aren't kalonzo and wetangula both lawyers?
Me thinks this was kalonzos scheme, to have an ODM-K 'presence' when they should be sitting pretty waiting for their crumbs from PNU, and to push Kalonzo's agenda (apparently they are the few kamabas who still dream kalonzo can be president).
Dream on fellas.

Anonymous said...

UrXlnc, why do you like to preach what you don't believe in?

Mwarang'ethe said...

See them fighting for power, but they know not the hour, so they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money, trying to belittle our integrity now.

They say what we know is just what they teach us; and we're so ignorant'cause every time they can reach us through political strategy.

They keep us hungry, and when you gonna get some food,your brother got to be your enemy...

So, sung prophetically, Bob Marley.

Anonymous said...


take this with its seriousness. No kikuyu will make it to power AGAIN after kefaki's TRAGIC term ends (hopefulyl by an assasin bullet). No NDURIRI will ever be fooled by a KIKUYU again. If you dont realize this, then do some history as to why the IGBO of Nigeria, Baganda of Uganda or Chagga of Tanzania have so little clout. FORTUNATELY (and I say this with utmost confidence) the KIKUYU rigged theft and corruption has led to the EVENTUAL isolation of the KIKUYU in future politics. You may not see it now but the end is coming. It will be fast and furious and guess what!!! When a future NDURIRI president decides to deal with KIKUYU mungikis, not a single NDURIRI will defend you. All will look away and comment "WALIJITAKIA WENYEWE". Meanwhile, how does persona non-grata beyond naivasha sound? or persona nongrata beyond machakos or beyond isiolo. When you wake up, you will see it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

These jaruos are so emotional!

The truth is both ODM and PNU have failed. period. They are both to blame. But some very stupid people here will start throwing stones... ODM vs PNU foolishness.

Chris said...


Delighted that ur a Bob Marley fan old boy. Just like me.

How about a Redemption song...?

...These songs of freedom is all that Kenyans ever had.

It is time for us to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery...
e.g. Anybody can be president. ANYBODY. NOT just Uhuru Kenyatta.


Anonymous said...

ANON 11:59pm

dont worry. let the "jaruos vihiis (as you call them) be". we the rest of kenya agree with them. the problem in kenya is KIKUYU GREED and MIS-LEADERSHIP. and it shall be CUT down to size. I guarantee you that it will. you wont see it until its done. wait for reality when the siren comes calling. OK!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe coalition has done better than Kenya.
Mugabe and tsvangarai, two bitter rivals have agreed on new constitution by next year!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52 AM

Apparently your view of the Kikuyu is shaped by ignorance. As a first step I recommend you read Mau Mau and the Kikuyu by Louis Leakey which you can google and read for free.
A second step is to disabuse yourself that there is nothing negative about the term NDURIRI. In my book Nduriri is much kinder word that "Mjaruo" because it doesnt discriminate. It simply means "one from other nations" Ruriri is the foundation word meaning a nation. Nduriri is a different nation. I am sure if you are Luo you have a word for non-Luo.

It smacks of hypocrisy that people who never bother to read about others became such experts in ethnography of people they hate.

It would do you much good to first know your stuff before you start writing NDURIRI in capital letters and purporting to be such an expert. If there was a word that is politically correct in its usage then NDURIRI is.

Anonymous said...

Here we go,Hate them or not abuse them or not its true that most protests and activisms in post independence kenya have been fought for , backed by and to some extent led by our stone throwing brothers from the lake. By design or ill luck these brothers have known nothing but the opposition since uhuru.If you put them in the govt and expect them to keep quite, Mr kibaki you are dreaming. People like Vikii will be shocked when change changes them. Look at what has happened to Karua in a spun of only 1yr.
From my little experience in life I have learnt only to fight for the truth and justice to all men. Atleast it never lets you down.In kenya we have very few such politicians. I think vikii knows them well as he hates them so much!But as he always say it is his democratic right to do so!

Anonymous said...

the kikuyu mafia govt security services continues to murder innocent kenyans. watch this video.


Vikii said...

Believe you me Kinoo or whatever your name is that my desire for TRUTH and JUSTICE is heaps and heaps bigger than yours. What we differ on though, is our understanding of what exactly entails these concepts. While your understanding of truth and justice is a blind support for a direction-less politician's cause, mine is about the true essential meanings of those words.

I am really interested in what you have to say about this, you know, just so I can get your sense of truth and justice;
1. How does Uhuru Kenyatta's interest in the Presidency hamper successful "resolution of differences"? How has he striven to "force himself" on the Kenyan people? What gives everybody else the right to run for President and denies him the same?

2. How has the PNU side of this government of bogus unity been frustrating the implementation of agenda 4 which the ODM has been working overdrive to bring to fruition? Don't just call me names and misuse words like truth and justice, tell me point by point how they have set themselves apart from the PNU in terms of deeds. I mean, come on!

3. If the President's side is frustrating land reforms, don't you feel that the minister in charge of Lands, James Orengo, should tell them off and initiate those reforms or voice his frustrations like Karua and not just threaten but QUIT government? Still on this, don't you think they have a duty as a party suffocating (in terms of composition) their own report on the Mau forest to say something about that report? How about the person who commissioned the use of public funds in that inquiry, Raila Odinga, should he now keep quiet about it just the same way Pesidents have been condemning to the shelves such other reports? Does that then not disqualify him from that holier-than-thou madness that drives his politics? Still on land, morally speaking, does he not have a duty to take himself and his ministers implicated in the Ndung'u report to court because he ran for President on the plattform of its full implementation?

Look here, if pointing out the above, which by the way is my version of TRUTH and JUSTICE is wrong, then I do not want to be right. I get your version of truth and justice very clearly (just an endorsement of a deceitful and thuggish politician) and I am pleased to inform you that that's a version I will not be embracing either in this life or the next.

Anonymous said...


lets not argue so much. what is not spoken in the streets of kenya today is "when will kikuyu stupidity and greed end". when will they realize that we are closing in on the time for our patience. when will they realize that when we finally cross the bridge and the sirens are sounded, it is them who will suffer the most. did not the rigging and effects of the PEV of 2007/8 wake them up? sawa sawa! next time, not even the international community will bother to save them. we shall watch and push them to isolation.


watu wamechoka na upuzi ya wakikuyu

Anonymous said...

Did you see raila playing to the religious gallery? A stupid move if ever you saw one.

Anonymous said...

Jaluos are emmotional. We may be the ones to save you from burning yourselves, as we work hard in the diaspora. Sam, some battles are not worth engaging in, gitch that.

Anonymous said...

it amazes me that kikuyus had planned to STEAL 2007 elections and then GENOCIDE kisumu.

well it failed badly.

by the time they figured it out, it was RV that was burning with 0.5m kikuyu IDPs having lost hundreds of billions in property, wealth and access.

it was the biggest WEALTH DESTRUCTION event of the kikuyus in history.

and all done by their Mungiki leader.

the end is coming nigh. PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL.

and its coming for sure. the signs are all pointed to it.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, uhuru has every right to gun for the presidency, However before one guns for such an important seat we are free as kenyans to question his credentials. In matters truth and justice what has uhuru contributed to the political and democratic landscape of kenya that can be mentioned.Nada! yet all he has made headlines about is his support for the naivasha massacre of which the hague beckons. And on that note neither Ruto his old friend is excused. The truth is you either support both or none. My take is I cant advice any of them to ever imagine gunning for any elective post in kenya.
2.PNU and kibaki were forced to the negotiating table by ODM with the help of the international community. They(PNU) know as soon as all the agendas are implemented the coalition ceases to exist. ODM is the majority party in parliament meaning they could form the govt.unless elections are held and the equation changes. Do you still believe kibaki would tie his own rope that ends hanging him up.And even if he was willing, the mafia would do anything to derail the whole process and that is reality today. Tell me another lie.
3. On land reforms atleast Raila has put some efforts to the same. I agree there could be hiccups because land is and remains the most sensitive issue in kenya. However if your way to solving the same is by keeping quite about it and letting the mau forest die with our water system like your "duly elected president" is doing. Then I am glad not to be counted with your lot. Its a shame that you can chastise Raila for wading in the waters that kibaki cant affront vikii. Note bien, I did not misspell you name nor call you any names. It costs nothing to stay civilised.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for choosing to stay civilised. Vikii missplet your name and almost called you female anatomy below the belt but his points clearly stand and I add further.

1. You seem to selectively forget one little item announced by no other that ODM's SG Anyang Nyongo about targeting some community businesses. People died in citihopa buses as a result of that utterance, so do we include Prof Nyongo to the Hague bus?

2. You demand truth and justice and clearly think Uhuru Kenyatta has contributed nothing to Kenya's political landscape. By the same vein, ndugu yangu, what has the likes of Mudavadi, William Ruto, Najib Balala, Henry Kosgei contributed except DECEPTION and FRAUD. One man, Raila Odinga has contributed to the struggle but if we are to judge by days spent in jail, then we should have Koigi wamwere as life President.

My point is if you want to talk truth and justice then incoporate an element of fairness and the right of every man to be presumed innocent until proved guilty.

Vikii said...

Oh, this is interesting and I am happy to pursue it, Kanoo;

1.When Uhuru decides to run for President, of course every Kenyan has the right to demand answers on what he has done and what he has not done. That goes not just for Uhuru, but for EVERY other Kenyan who wants to be President and believe me we will continue to ask those questions.

That, however is not the crux of my argument. Unlike many Kenyans on this blog who would rather we close our eyes and mouths about an individual who is asking to be our President, I am not in any way trying to insulate Uhuru from legitimate questions on why he should be President. My question to you and Sam, however, (which by the way you have not answered and to which I doubt you can come up with a convincing answer) is for an explanation exactly how he has "forced" himself to be President. In the post on which we are commenting, Sam has posed this, "Have we come to a point where we cannot resolve our differences just because Uhuru Kenyatta has to be made President?" Now this is exactly what I do not get. What differences are these whose resolution is tied to Uhuru's candidacy? This is a question you guys can keep avoiding while throwing these cheap accusations and this is what I will keep asking.

2.Your number 2 is something I should not waste time on. You form government if you are elected by a plurity of those voting and not if your party has a plurity of Members of Parliament. Just read our constitution. I also find it strange that we should now assume PNU is not interested in agenda 4 because of this warped interpretation of the accord.Give me real reasons why we should blame them alone on the lukewarm attitude towards the implementation of the agenda and tell me precisely how more interested the ODM is on this end.

3. On Raila and land reforms, once again this is besides the point. Sam Okello has blamed the President and those around him for frustrating land reform. I challenged him to tell me why we should continue paying a Lands Minister who has not led on these reform efforts or at least gone public on whatever frustrations coming his way. Simple-- Resign from government if you cannot perform your constitutional duties. In the same post, Sam has attempted to glorify Raila Odinga, himself a SUSPECT of land grabbing according to the Ndung'u report which he pledged to implement if elected President. As Prime Minister charged with coordinating government operations, the principled thing to do is to frog-march fellow suspects Ruto, Gumo, Mwaita and others. He should also produce himself in court about the same. I am just tying him to his own word. Keep in mind I am not interested in the 'Kibaki is better than Raila' nonsense. Sam Okello raised real issues to which I responded with real examples that debunk those mythoi that Sam is propagating.

So, Bw. Kanoo, if you really have to address me, please respond to the secific issues that I raise. Don't try to start an 'Ame Zidi,no, Zidi Ame' monotony. If you think forming an inquiry committee about Mau is effort at land reform, even when you do not show the courage to implement what that committee, your own committe, proposes, then I would rather we just stop the debate. The money that went to such an exercise would have been better utilisd buying food for those starving after the illegal sale of maize in Sudan.

Anonymous said...

SEMANTICS aside, the message is clear

politically and economicall, the mugikuyus will survive the looming conflict.

histroy is against them, and they have nobody to blame except themselves.

Anonymous said...

SEMANTICS aside, the message is clear

politically and economicall, the mugikuyus will NOT survive the looming conflict.

histroy is against them, and they have nobody to blame except themselves.

and their mungiki tribalism. good riddance to bad genetic rubbish.

Anonymous said...

in that eventuality there could be many military roadblocks upto JKIA; each would be a hurdle to extract cash - even the cleaning lady in the washrooms in JKIA will ask for chai; you could probably get a laugh out of a corporal at the military roadblock saying your son married a muindi and you are returning to india.....

Anonymous said...

What happened in Kenya that the Kikuyus have become so disliked? This is insane. Yes they milked the cow more than others but this kind of blind hatred needs to be addressed and the national level, and URGENTLY!! Is anyone listening???? Any one?? Before Kenya goes to the dogs?
Not in my wildest dreams did I expect Africans turning on their fellow 'brothers'. Vikii speaks eloquently. Is there no decent ODM rebuke aside from the name-calling and threats? oh and by the way, I think thing UK is a red-herring.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus = Prostitutes, Conmen, Conwomen, Fraudsters, Carjackers, Swindlers, Thieves. They "excel" and are "champions" in all these "professions." They are the Scum of Kenya. Pieces of Shit!!

Anonymous said...

"Kikuyus = Prostitutes, Conmen, Conwomen, Fraudsters, Carjackers, Swindlers, Thieves. They "excel" and are "champions" in all these "professions." They are the Scum of Kenya. Pieces of Shit!!!"

why hasnt this post been deleted?

Anonymous said...

Raila's so called grabbing of land was added as an annex to the land report. This was an after thought. I hope that sorts you out. Get the two versions of the Ndungu lands report and you will be home and square.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Ati Kikuyus are going to have it rough like Bagandas in the coming political dispensation? What a laughable, tragic and futile wish. Two things:
1. There will never be another ODM. Kalenjins will not vote 100% for Raila again and will very likely be divided with those who will vote for a candidate backed by GEMA, most likely Kalonzo.
2. The Luhya will be as divided as ever and will vote both ways, just like they did in 2007.
So when some hate filled frothy mouthed bundu chile claims Kikuyus will be isolated beyond Naivasha, Isiolo and Machakos, are they crazy beyond salvage? Can they show how their chang'aa befuddled pea brains arrived at that psychedelic conclusion?

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