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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Police Boss Major Ali Sacked, Good Riddance

That is took the GSU rape orgy of KU female students to have Major Ali fired was sweet revenge served cold. The ex-commissioner had no qualms feigning ignorance on camera whether his charges used live bullets or not. He shamelessly even had the guts to deny any death despite facts to the contrary.

While the barbaric and orgy of massive destructive by KU students must be roundly condemned, the predictable police reactions betrays any trace of civilization from our law enforcement officers. Major Ali has eventually paid for his professional sins of omissions and commissions but we still have a long way to go in terms of modern, effective and civilized law enforcement.

So PC Ali is gone, what next? Without any doubt the shakeup at vigilance House will have far reaching effects. The Mungiki gangs will most likely want to have their pound of flesh extracted from their hither EXECUTIONER IN CHIEF. Add to that Major Ali’s bravado in telling Kenyans to accept disputed polls of 2007 and threatening fire which he promptly delivered thereafter following the chaos.

On a positive note, the comish can now have time to patronize and REGULATE Kameme enterprises from close range and recharge appropriately. But the firing authority may not be sitting pretty for fear of Major Ali spilling the beans. You see Iron Lady Martha is in good company and her gliding mouth will not be zipped anytime soon let the worms come out crawling.

Major Ali may be gone but he was just a cog in the steely wheel of IMPUNITY. Kenya’s gatekeepers will not lose any sleep for lack of any locks. We haven’t seen anything yet. Na bado.


cicero said...

The fact that the police has been using live bullets in cases where such show of force is absolutely unwarranted is indefensible.

Sadly though, firing one guy at the top, although symbolically significant, will not clean up the mess that is the police force.

I deal with the K.U issue on my latest videoblog at

Anonymous said...


Being a mouth piece for Kibaki's murder machine secret service won't help you push his case here/

Now Ali can be taken to court to answer on who gave him the order to send his police force out to shoot and kill innocent kenyans in December 2007 and January 2008

and who did he transport to Naivasha and Nakuru to slaughter kenyans ? wearing police uniforms? "Mungiki murderers"

yes the truth shall come out now

or Kibaki will have Ali silenced
executed before he speaks out.. wait and see.

Anonymous said...

hey sources say even sending police to help akinya was the wrong thing to do but that was Rafeal Tuju order from the kibaki state house not Ali

and to say that now that ali is gone crime will stop? no such luck the crooks are controlled by members in PNU mungiki government so life goes on

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka Mwalimu,
what is the date today?just curious you know...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hahahaaa...someone beat me to it. Read the article then went searching elsewhere for more infor..... TAABU, nice try if only wishes were horeses!!!

Anonymous said...

Raila = death, corruption, chaos, economic meltdown...

since this bondo bumpkin joined the good government of H.E. Hon. Dr. Kibaki, the economy which was cruising at 7% has gone down to 1%, the inflation which was at 8% is now at 30%, corruption which the circumcision whistle blower calls 'small' has gone a notch higher, ugali has become a luxury thanx to his ODM thieving ways and his sons, Fidel role in the racket. he is pushing for a 1 billion office while Kenyans are starving to death due to hunger.

how does Taabu, Phil and all the other molasses worshippers sleep at night while their god leaves alot of death on his trail???

We are mourning and not in the mood of 50 cents april fools jokes at Taabu. We are starving!!!

Anonymous said...

okuyu gorilla is in phobia mood. dont worry. muko marked videadly. and in 2-3 years you will be chanting "thai thai thaiyu". hehe did you forget that even the MOI you created CRUSHED you for 24 years? and you think its not coming. hehehe. mbando! ngoja tu.

Anonymous said...


Please visit diary of a kenyan gay man.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

THIKA is LGBT capital of Kenya. That is the place where a lot of TUMUGIKIYUS review one's FORE-SKIN matters first before breaking any ngawshe-mbread with you.

Anonymous said...

Re: [KOL] Re: Activism on Witchcraft Deaths: Thanks Wanja (Delaware Kenyans) and Betty (Coast Women in Development)

I do agree with you on the Mungiki (no comment on Gusii case since I know little about their case) and the way to work on them. Yes, if somebody tried to work on them the way Michuki/Kibaki did, there would be outcry. I think majority of Kikuyus kept quiet because it was Kibaki behind it but most important, Mungiki had gotten out of control. If you ask an ordinary person what they think of the Mungiki, many of them, including yours truly, would tell you to wipe them. There is nothing cultural about the murder. Pure murder cases. Like you, I refuse to use the arguement of economic hardship as justification for the menace. You dont kill you poor neighbor when you go hungry for whatever reason. If they targetted those who grabbed land and the have it, few would be saluting the annihilition of the Mungiki.

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 7:02 PM, asego2002 wrote:


when you see one in an argument go after the personality of his adversary, it is usually a sign of intellectual inferiority of that person towards his adversary. if someone by his own action is intellectually inferior to you, s/he is unlikely able to posses abilities that would enable him to correctly judge your educated/un-educated-ness.

elsewhere, bob-k has given a good explanation of what constitutes a crime and what is culture. you may want to re-read it carefully.

amongst the luo, luhya, taita and many others, being a proactive witness to murder makes you a murderer. these societies and cultures proscribe murder as unacceptable, forbidden and taboo. it is the same in many cultures around the world. if you commit murder, you become ostracized. and by general consent, you become excluded and banished from your own society. in traditonal cultures, to become excluded from society is the worst punishment one can get before god and man.

in the nyamataro video, you can see more than 500 people assembled to witness the killing of five members of their society. infact, the crowds cheer-on the executors as they perform the killings with style. you can see an element of enjoyment amongst the people assembled as the victims burn to death. if the act of witnessing the murder was a taboo (culturally forbidden), the situation would have been different. in nyamataro, the culture tolerated, allowed and encouraged the burning alive of those people. in nyamataro, no crime was being committed. that is why no-one has been arrested and that is why it is reported that the victims were over 80( another stupid attempt to lessen the savagery act). the nyachaes and the ongeris must come out to condemn the burning alive of people. the police wont stop it. no law and order will stop the culture of burning people in gusiiland. the people must proscribe it as forbidden. it is a cultural issue.

a friend of mine told me yesterday how the mungiki went to his uncle's home last november, assembled his family at the dining table, tied the man on the table and beheaded him before his wife and children using an axe. grotesque!

if time allows someday, i will tell you in detail what you do not want to hear. the mungiki is a cultural movement amongst the agikuyu. go and think deep about it.

and just for the sake of saying the obvious: if the mungiki menace is not solved during the kibaki time, no none mkikuyu president will solve it (for fear of being seen to be persecuting the kikuyus). the situation will exacerbate and life in central province will be unbearable. you can take my uneducated prophesy to the bank.

of asego bay.

> Tom wetu,
> Now you are start to make people believe what Matunda told you, that you
> lack education. I think he meant wisdom because
> it has been confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that you are educated but what
> we need to figure out is whether you have wisdon. My father calls it elimu
> ya kuzaliwa.
> Let me try to show you why you may be having deficits in elimu ya kuzaliwa
> (wisdom). There is no culture involved in Mungiki beheading people. It is
> pure criminal acts and one does not need to be educated to know that. The
> same applies to the murders in Kisii which have been carried under the guise
> of witch hunting. It is well known that criminals in the two communities are
> killings opponents and are using lame excuses such as lack of jobs. If you
> those killed are the one supposed to provide jobs. Others have killed under
> the guise of inequality in land distribution yet this all nonsense since it
> has been the poor and may be landless who have been killed.
> Anybody linking Mungiki evil activities to kikuyu traditional religion needs
> to have his head examined. Which traditional african culture allows criminal
> gangs to rape and kill those who refuse to follow criminal gangs. Mention to
> me one and I will withdraw my position that you lack elimu ya kuzaliwa. The
> Mungiki started well, limiting their activities to tradition worship and the
> worst they did then was to sniff tobacco and encourage women to get
> circumcised. They they went out of control, started to force women into
> circumcision and collecting illegal tolls from people who care less about
> Mungiki. They even graduated to ritual murders (ever read about dead bodies
> with missing private parts and heads?). Those killed were the defectors and
> innocent people who were refusing to pay the illegal tolls. And you talk of
> culture? Read Jomo Kenyatta's Facing Mt. Kenya first and then we can talk
> about Kikuyu culture.
> Kuria
> On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 12:36 PM, asego2002 wrote:
> > janet,
> >
> > i brought up the issue and posted the videos that triggered the discussion.
> > so i may as well stay a little longer on the subject.
> >
> > 1. there is a lot of scapegoating concerning beheadings (by the mungiki),
> > rape (in central and kisii) and burnig of people alive in kisii. so-called
> > intellectuals and political leaders would want us to believe that this
> > repugnant culture of murder and rape is because of unemployment, idleness,
> > poverty etc etc. this is nonesense.
> >
> > 2. there are many other kenyan communities that have large numbers of
> > so-called unemployed, idle and poverty stricken youths but their youths have
> > not gone on the rampage raping two year old children, beheading people and
> > burning people at the slightest accusation of practice of witchcraft. why ?
> > because it is not in their cultures.
> >
> > 3. the issue at hand therefore, is purely cultural. people must learn to
> > accept deficiencies in their own cultural practices and cultural mindsets to
> > be able to prescribe solutions to those problems. when tom mboya and
> > jaramogi thought there was no need for continued removal of six teeths
> > amongst the luos, they went public against it. it stopped. when raila
> > thought circumcision could control the spread of hiv, he summoned all luo
> > politicians to nyanza and faced them head-on. some pple made noise but
> > ultimately, it is difficult today to know whether a luo is circumsized or
> > not unless his spouse confides in you. political leadership can shape the
> > cultural direction of society.
> >
> > 4. what central province and kisii need is to gather courage. let the
> > kibakis, uhurus, karumes, koigis, kamandas, nyenzes and the matibas face the
> > issue of the mungiki head on. if they did, the killings in muranga would
> > stop. let the nyachaes, the ongeris, the obures, the magaras and the
> > matundas come out and call a rally at the gusii stadium to condemn those
> > burnings. the burnings are carried out by youths allied to the politicians.
> > if they condemned the killings, it will stop. but if they want to find
> > solutions in libraries and scapegoating and blaming poverty and government,
> > they will continue sliding down towards stone-age culture. in my opinion
> > therefore, the meetings with the pc and all these ngo nonesenses are
> > exercises in futility.
> >
> > my pesa nane.
> >
> > of asego bay
> >
> >
> > >
> > > Dear Wanja, Betty, and All,
> > >
> > > Hello and terrific to hear from you both, and about your own activism on
> > this issue!
> > >
> > > The Delaware Kenyan community has always been caring and concerned on a
> > wide variety of matters--esp humanitarian, as I recall--so it will be
> > excellent to have your involvement now. For everyone, I have copied both
> > Wanja's and Betty's letter below.
> > >
> > > Wanja's address is Wanja Ogongi bngari@, Betty's is coastwindev@,
> > > and the Delaware Kenyans community chair is Erastus Mongare
> > erastus_mongare@
> > >
> > > Betty Sharon, of the Coast Women for Development, has written about a
> > visit the Coast Human Rights Network (of which CWFD is a member) made to the
> > Nyanza PC last August about this issue. She suggests that we talk to the
> > elders in these communities, and also address youth concerns and behavior.
> > And closes by saying: "we must be the change we want"!
> > >
> > > Hopefully we can unite for concerted action, both in Kenya and in the
> > Kenyan Diaspora, and among other interested friends. Please be in touch with
> > Matunda Nyanchama (matunda@), Peter Ngunyi (pkngunyi@), and the cc'd
> > forums on linking up and working together. I myself will be doing networking
> > and hopefully making linkages among women's groups in Kenya...and in the
> > Diaspora, if I can get names and contact info!
> > >
> > > Immense thanks again and blessings to all, Janet (Feldman, kaippg@)
> > >
> > >
> > > Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 8:45 AM
> > > Subject: Re: [16days_discussion] Activism for Those Killed in Recent
> > "Witchcraft" Burnings in Nyamataro, Kisii, Kenya
> > >
> > >
> > > I believe that the Kisii's and Kenyan's in general in the diaspora should
> > get involved in such matters that affect our communities. I have copied this
> > email to the Delaware Kenyan community chair, and hope it gets distributed
> > to the rest of Kenyan's in Delaware.
> > >
> > > Such acts should not be tolerated.
> > >
> > > Wanja
> > >
> > > From: coastwomen indevelopment
> > > To: Janet Feldman
> > > Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 6:53 AM
> > > Subject: Re: [16days_discussion] Activism for Those Killed in Recent
> > "Witchcraft" Burnings in Nyamataro, Kisii, Kenya
> > >
> > >
> > > The issue of taking action on the culprits who kill people in Kisii is
> > long over due, we as the Coast Human Rights Network had paid a courtesy call
> > on the Nyanza PC in August 2008 where he promised to take action, please
> > talk to the elders and do reserch in what excites the youths to act
> > vilently.
> > >
> > > Violence is dire and destructive, it harms the victims both physically
> > and psychologically. Violence starts and ends with us, we must be the change
> > that we want, Kisii people should end this violence.
> > >
> > > Betty SHARON
> > > Coast Women In Development(CWID)
> > >
> >
> >
> >

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha, Taabu my man,

As Chris likes saying, even a hungry Tana River croc can't swallow this one. Ali and Kibaki are joined at the hip. The day he goes is the day Ali goes. Not one hour earlier. No sir!!

One man one are sooooo alert about dates.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, are you aware that Your Blog is doing badly?
Jukwaa has more search results than yours. Noooooooo this is no aprils fool joke. TRY IT, Google both & you'll see it's a fact.
I bet you a million percent that Jukwaa is doing so much better because:
1, No room for garbage & insults & most importanatly

Anonymous said...

Sort of a digression. Am a muikaba and i have a suggestion for my brothers and sisters from Eastern and Central. For the sake of national unity, we should seriously consider letting the presidency go to the western part of the country. Since we will not vote for a luo, we should consider supporting a luhyia for president. Mudavadi has said he will run, which is a good thing as it had been previously assumed he would support rao. I think he would be a good compromise candidate and the country would have peace. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha 10:52 pm, even if kumekucha is doing badly, surely...your 2 cents aka nonsense, is really a BIT TOO cheap. Personally, Can't wait to vote for "that mjaruo" again!!! Sorry & have a Nice day: )

Anonymous said...

ati Ali is sacked, can't get the news? where is it written on daily web papaers

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.48pm and 11.37pm. You are the same person, no? we know what happens at jukwaa. any criticism of rao is met with such "violence". why is the mudavadi suggestion "too cheap"? "wajaruo" were stopped in 2007 and i think it will not be too hard to stop them in 2012.

Anonymous said...

This is an APRIL FOOLS DAY joke.

It's rather pathetic and foolish to joke about such a serious issue. You can do better.
Just think!

Anonymous said...

April fools , you get me every year taabu , ushindwe next year

Anonymous said...

hahahahablahblahzzzzzzzzzzz!!so boring!!

Anonymous said...

if this is an april fools joke as some say then shame on you. there is nothing funny about death and rape and you may figure that this is in the service of some larger point but traumatised kenyans would beg to differ. only somone who hadn't experienced rape/police violence would think this is appropriate.

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