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Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Kibaki And Raila Must Go

What is ODM? What is PNU? What do those strange abbreviations mean?

There was a time in the 10th parliament when things were pretty predictable. If ODM voted in a certain direction, you would be sure that PNU would vote in the opposite direction. So if the two principals wanted something done they rallied their troops and then came to parliament and everybody would obediently rubber stamp what they wanted done. That is how the crucial Anan bills were passed in record time.

Now all that is ancient history. The only place where people are still divided along those old party lines is here in Kumekucha. Go out and talk to the Kenyan people on the ground and you will quickly discover that "ODM" and "PNU" are very very dirty words these days.

Yesterday the 10th parliament embrassed the two principals by defeating a constitutional amendment bill in their faces, whose intention was to establish a local tribunal to try post-election violence suspects. Some MPs have been heard saying that Raila and Kibaki should prepare themselves for more nasty surprises and embarassments. This was only kionjo.

I hardly ever agree with what Mutula Kilonzo says. However what he said yesterday I agree with 1000%. He said that Kibaki and Raila should now resign because their troops have lost all confidence in them. Mutula was being kind because what we saw in parliament was a clear message from the people of Kenya. They are tired of impunity and they want justice. They want big names behind bars for their crimes and they do not not trust the local justice system. And most of all they are tired of the grand coalition government.

I would go further and say that a government as divided as the grand coalition government is at the moment is a serious threat to our national security. Do you have any idea how dangerous it is for us to approach the threats against our country with a divided multi-agenda-laden cabinet? What kind of things to these guys get involved in individually in private to further their own selfish motives?

If Kibaki and Raila really loved mama Kenya, they would heed Mutula's call and resign right away, paving way for us to look for a way to hold general elections ASAP.

Fresh elections are the only way we can avert disaster which hangs like a dark and persistent cloud over our country.

Let me end by saying that the way the politics in Kenya is shaping up, anything can happen and the 10th parlaiment looks like the parliament most likely to move a successful vote of no confidence in this government and thus send themselves back to the electorate for a fresh mandate. Naturally any MP who appends their name on such a motion would guarantee their place in the 11th parliament.


Lest you take comments in Kumekucha too seriously;

What I said 2 weeks ago;


It is sad reading through the comments in this blog daily where well-educated Kenyans are still thinking in terms of PNU and ODM (and the gods they worship, namely Kibaki and Raila) when the vast majority of Kenyans have already moved on. More so when it looks like even most legislators have moved away from those tribal groupings as was seen yesterday in parliament...

Of great interest are the new political re-alignments that are now emerging and more interestingly the motivation behind them...

Many other legislators who had nothing to do with the post-election troubles have a lot to gain by blocking the bill and causing all the suspects to end up at the Hague. It will obviously eliminate a lot of the competition for their grand ambitions.

I doubt whether most of the political class conecerned slept well last night. You see the game plan was to have a local tribunal and then intimidate all the witnesses from coming to give evidence (already a number of key Waki witnesses have received death threats). Now it seems that the Hague beckons for sure...

What a Kumekucha commentator said about the post;

Anonymous said...

Chris, Please come back from fairy land. The bill will be passed and there will be a local tribunal.

Read the full post Here



Anonymous said...


No Raila No peace!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Chris. Lets assume Kibaki and Riala resigns today, who is ready to lead this country?
I tell you what; none of the leaders we have today is worth leading Kenya! I mean NONE.

Anonymous said...


This so called grand coalition was doomed right from the start. It was based on a LIE. Ati 50%-50% power sharing.... The reality is that it is 90% power for Kibaki and 10% power for Raila - lets face it guys, Raila does not have any real power in this government, you can tell this from the the dominant "culture" that prevails and is practiced in the GCG; it is very Kibakiesque: Lack of direction, endless crisis after crisis, contempt, lack of discipline, massive corruption, massive tribalism and endless grumblings due to poor leadership right from the top - by Kibaki.

This was and is not a goverment of equals. It is a government where one party (PNU) has continually been usurping all the power for its own selfish interest while at the same time continuously undermining its partner (ODM). This kind of FRAUDULENT arrangement can not work, it can only produce what we have been seeing since it was formed: FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT. One cannot not plant cactus and expect to reap strawberries, it can not work. Cactus with all its thorns is all that you will reap.

Chris, this has been my opinion since i saw the election being stolen in broad daylight and the fraudulent and deceptive activities that have been going on since then upto now. Anthing built on a foundation of lies, fraud, deception and theft cannot not survive and will not yield good "fruits"

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:48 AM, you are the archtypical example of those still stuck on PNU/ODM mentality.

What happened today, you don't have the usual youtube video you normally carrying in your pocket about "election theft"?

Anonymous said...

When Mutula Kilonzo was suggesting that Kibaki and Raila should step down what, and folks remember that this is a very mischievious fellow, he most likely had in mind was for Kalonzo "msaliti" Musyoka to take over. Naughty, naughty, naughty....

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57 AM,

You asked for it. Here goes.

Anonymous said...

Ruto should go into exile in Zimbabwe before the net closes in with him.

Joe said...


You say..

...and the 10th parlaiment looks like the parliament most likely to move a successful vote of no confidence in this government and thus send themselves back to the electorate for a fresh mandate

This is highly unlikely. Kenyan MPs are too selfish to sack themselves for whatever reason. Throwing out the local tribunal motion was the usual "kicking the can down the road".

That said, i support taking these folks to the Hague. One might say it will take over 15 years to convict them, but i ask, how long ago were Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Julie Ward, Ouko and the rest murdered?

Anonymous said...

Joe Msenge@ 5:23 AM, nilikuabia jana uende utafute elimu ya ngubaru.

Did you ever go to school?
How many kenyans have been killed and have never seen any justice? Or those few selected names are the only that deserve justice.

There is a God of justice and God will avenge for all those who were killed by ODM stone-throwers like you. Ngoja your payback is coming soon. You will regret it.

Anonymous said...

Simon Makonde @ 4:33 AM said

"none of the leaders we have today is worth leading Kenya! I mean NONE."

Then what? These leaders are just a reflection of us. When you look at them you see what Kenyans are. We are no better. In fact we could be even more corrupt and more evil.

Look at what our very educated Kenyans some with MBA's (some of them could even be very religious, strict church goers, and saved - "washed" with the blood of Jesus christ) do the us when we buy shares at the Nairobi Stock Exchange:

Tiny elite at NSE fleece investors

The Nairobi Stock Exchange is in a total mess. That is the stark message from a forensic audit report on the troubled Nyaga Stockbrokers, now under statutory management.

It is a long tale of cases where money from clients’ shares are sold without their knowledge, where officials of the Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) collude with brokers to postpone updating clients’ accounts and where prices are routinely manipulated by stockbrokers.

Nearly all institutions in the trade — including the watchman of the industry, the Capital Markets Authority — is engaged in an elaborate game of deception presided by a tiny elite with tentacles in almost all segments of the business.

The forensic audit report was conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and handed over to the Capital Markets Authority in November last year.

The report is a catalogue of damaging allegations on the part of CMA, Nairobi Stock Exchange, Treasury officials and the CDSC. According to the report, the investing public lost Sh1.3 billion,

By the time it was put under receivership early last year, Nyaga Stockbrokers had about 70,000 retail and corporate investors. The report has dealt the biggest blow so far to the reputation of the NSE, adding injury to the already waning investor confidence in the bourse.

According to the report, Nyaga Stockbrokers would exploit loopholes in the law to falsify its accounts and, therefore, mask its blemishes.

The forensic audit reveals that massive rip-off of investors’ funds was accomplished through unscrupulous manipulation of clients’ accounts.

The auditors concluded that what happened at Nyaga Stockbrokers was a collusion by the main players to loot public resources.

The scheme, according to the report, cut across from junior officers who received bribes to facilitate forgery and senior managers who failed to use their positions to stop the theft.

Two managers of well-known investment banks are accused of being part of the gravy train. In addition to the evidence of false financial reporting, the document also sets out a careful scheme orchestrated on individual clients’ accounts.

“This happened in a number of different ways depending on the suspect’s objective at the time,” it says. Among the tricks used by the brokerage firm to defraud the clients included a process referred to as “uploading of the prices”. This happened in instances where clients’ shares were sold without their authorization and then repurchased, usually at a loss.

More startling in the report is the role played by two senior investment banks whose owner-managers at time had a say in the NSE boardroom. These powerful individuals used their positions to perpetuate and cover up for the activities of the beleaguered stockbroker, lending it money recklessly in what looked like a cheque-kiting scheme.

The report recounts how when a meeting of the NSE board decided to rescue Nyaga Stockbrokers by advancing it Sh100 million, the money ended up being used to pay the firm’s debts to these investment banks.

Apart from this, the two banks are also said to have benefited from Sh269 million and Sh76 million from the troubled broker on diverse dates between November 1, 2007, and March 5, 2008.

The NSE itself is heavily censured in the report. The auditors say that interviews with officials of the bourse suggested that the managers were overly protective of Nyaga Stockbrokers and its managers.

On the part of the CMA, the report has indicted former chief executive Edward Ntalami. It alleges that the former CEO had knowledge of the irregularities at the brokerage firm.

Indicating diverse dates, the auditors put Mr Ntalami on the spot for failing to act decisively on financial irregularities committed by the stockbroker.

Joe said...


You say....

There is a God of justice and God will avenge for all those who were killed by ODM stone-throwers like you. Ngoja your payback is coming soon. You will regret it

Very well. But before God dispenses justice, there is something we can do to help. By making sure justice is served right here on earth. That is what i am talking about. That is why i want them to be taken to the Hague.

Now i have to ask. Can you actually read?

Anonymous said...

Mutula Kilonzo's mischief knows no bounds. What he said may have sounded reasonable, but you can bet your last shilling that his intentions were not all that innocent.

I do Know one thing, and this you can take to the bank, Mutula Kilonzo was one of the many high flying lawyers who were anticipating to make a very big kill representing suspects were the tribunal to be held in Kenya, and because parliament took matters to the Hague, he is a very disappointed man for very selfish reasons.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you may have read the mood of the House correctly re rejecting the tribunal bill but dont kid yourself about the matter going to the hague. Ruto's people were initially for the local tribunal because they feared being taken to the hague as the media kept on saying BUT then they (ruto's people) later realised the hague was just an empty threat. That is why most kalenjin mps "voted for hague".

Anonymous said...

You idiots forget about god. He never disappoints by doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Joe Msenge @ 5:50 AM,

I don't mean you have to wait till we get to heaven. Payback is here and NOW! You will suffer terrible curse, and eventually all ODMers will begining to drop like a flies.

wewe Ngoja utaona...

Anonymous said...

has anyone taken akeen look at the list of the MPs who voted aganist the motion?pliz do and you will find that the so said guys in the waki envelop had their cronies voted aganist,so you tell me if this guys really want to send their masters to hague,the truth is that both kibaki and raila wanted the bill deafeated,but on the otherside they wanted to be seen to do somethin by the internatial community thus their lobbyin and their presence in the hse,THEY VERY WELL know that hague may come eariest past 2014 so it wont interfere with the succession politics

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and Raila resigning wont help anything at all. I dont understand Kenyans at all, here we have MP's who vote against the bill, essentially adding twenty years before compelling evidence that Kenya is incapable of administering justice is collected.

And then, by that time half will probably be dead or too ill to be sentenced properly. When will Kenyans learn? Doing this just screams that we are incompetent and therefore have to turn to the West to even determine for us what is right and wrong. Wake up, we must start solving our problems at home, refusing to do this is stalling, all those damn MP's that are mentioned in the Waki list have lawyers who told them that doing this would probably reduce the chances of them being indicted, look at Bashir in Sudan, isnt he supposed to be at the Hague right now?

International Law is much more complex than the mwananchi has been led to believe, for them to try those guys the Kenyan state must be proven to be totally incompetent, and so far in the Hague, it has been mostly countries that have experienced civil wars.

The only way we can overhaul our justice system is by starting to try these guys at home, we can get in foreigners as arbitrators but it must be a people driven process, and in the Hague it is not going be that,we must stop throwing our problems to someone else to solve, every country that does that does it at a massive cost, and it definetly isnt worth it.

Anonymous said...

can't see how mps who vote for big salary for themselves vote in the intersts of kenyans......???

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:05 AM,

We are willing to try these killers at home. But, its not up to us. Are the bigwigs willing? How many powerful people have ever been convicted in a Kenyans court? Kenya law favours the rich and punish the poor.

You could rob someone milk to feed your family and the big man can kill a pedestrian while under the influence of alcohol, but I tell you, you are more likely to end up in prison while the killer walks free.

Anonymous said...

Who could trust the auditing firms?..they used to give perfect reports to ENRON; to ensure auditing firms get their large fees they usually slant the report to the favour of the company that is paying them - usually that is the firm they are auditing such as ENRON. So in this case it looks like the Capital Market Authority is paying for the report? - somebody there has an ulterior motive.....perhaps after some NSE executives or out to destroy Kenyas reputation...

this problem of auditors independence - is well studied in North American universities..the same place I learned the whole story about the mau mau...

1 for eg:

Price Waterhouse, the auditors to Satyam, is facing the flak for not detecting the accounting fraud.

Price Waterhouse has been the statutory auditor for Satyam Computer Sevices for last six years now.

2 for eg:
June 28, 2002 in print edition C-3

WASHINGTON – PricewaterhouseCoopers, the largest accounting firm, agreed Thursday to make a “substantial payment” to the Internal Revenue Service for promoting abusive tax shelters and will tell the tax collector about clients who used them.

3. for eg

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) was landed with a £1.5m penalty for its involvement in the TransTec affair yesterday, after an accountancy tribunal found it guilty of failing adequately to carry out its auditing responsibilities

4 for eg
April 21, 2006
PWC told to pay £1m over BCCI auditing

By Liz Chong
The 800-strong partnership at PWC will pay the Joint Disciplinary Scheme a £150,000 fine and £825,000 in costs.

The JDS said the fine reflected the “substantial financial penalty” that PWC has faced since BCCI collapsed in 1991 with £9 billion of debt.

5 for eg

Disgraced accountancy firm Arthur Andersen has been handed the maximum penalty allowed under US law for its role in the collapse of Enron.
Arthur Andersen was fined $500,000 (£322,000) and sentenced to five years' probation.

Anonymous said...

Kenyatta said forgive but do not forget...kenya thrived

Mugabe said I will get them....Zimbabwe is not thriving

Anonymous said...

Anon@6.17, you make a valid point, but right now they know they will get away with it because international law does not currently allow for prosecuting perpetrators of violence unless the state agrees to expadite them. If they are in the government, how will that happen? At what cost?

Either the public will revolt and cause a problem far worse than the post-election violence, or they wont be expadited and will just remain in Kenya or seek exile somewhere until they die. There has been no precedent with this, Kenya is not in a civil war, and it would be the first time that this type of case would be undertaken.

What Kenyans have to remember is that the problem wont disappear, the greatest danger is amongst us, we have to engage each other, yes, our current justice system is corrupt, but you can set up a tribunal that has observers from abroad, and you can make it as transparent as possible. I feel this is a much better option than waiting another 15 years before getting a decision.

Judging by tribunals such as the one for Rwanda, it wont take any shorter to try them.

Vikii said...

I do not agree with what Mutula Kilonzo is saying. There should be a clear separation of powers between the Presidency and Parliament. And this is something we need to learn as Kenyans. When we went to the polls, we elected Members of Parliament to represent us without looking over their shoulders to see what anybody else thinks about their positions. In other words, I support MPs voting with their conscience and not caring what those two other MPs think. MPs are not sheep to be "coordinated and supervised". What they did yesterday was an example of what they should do with any other bill that comes to the floor of the house. That is, afterall the essence of democracy, no?

About these never ending calls for dissolution of government and a return to the ballot, when shall we ever get it? We should now all put a handful of stones in our pockets, collect our raping gear and sledge hammers for uprooting the railway line and then flood to the streets. We should demand that the constitutional affairs minister, the chairman of the Parliamentary-select commitee on the constitution and the Attorney-generals office begin taking a serious look at what needs to be done to achieve a comprehensive review of the constitution within the shortest time possible.

I don't get it; Can anyone be said to be sane when they challenge MPs to pass a vote of no confidence in the govt and expect to be voted back solely on that one undertaking? Have we not all been baby-crying here day in day out about the rot in Parliament? Is more not expected of these Parliamentarians? And if we go to the elections right now, what cushions do we have against repeating the same mistakes that continue to haunt us? Folks let us demand a swift enactment of an agreeable constitution then go for elections.

Let us fix what we know is wrong in our constitution, you know that which leads these politicians to torture democray for their own selfish interests. After that, let us now head for the ballot right from the civic unit to the Presidency. Let us even be prepared to hold a Presiddential runoff if the candidate who gets the most vote does not exceed the 50% mark. That way now we can form a government that is both confident and has the confidence of the people. Such a government hopefully will be focussed solely on solving the country's problems as opposed to the constant bickering that has come to define previous governments.

Anon 5.54, Mutula Kilonzo is the MP elected by the people of Mbooni. He has the right to express his opinions just like you. As an MP, he has the priviledge to vote as he pleases on any issue. After all, he is among the 103 MPs who voted YES, are those others lawyers who were expecting to reap from the potential legal windfall that a local tribunal would have brought?

Look here, Mutula had nothing with the chaos that happened. If you have to direct your bitterness to someone, then direct it to those who organized and finaced the chaos. And while at that, remember that your little opinions are not superior to anybody else's. It is time we became tolerant to the opinions of others. As for me, i pray that God gives me the wisdom to know the things that i can change and learn to live with those I cannot change. Amen.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Sudan President Bashir was named a genocide suspect Feb 2007, indicted July 2008 and arrest warrant issued Feb 2009. Where did the idea it will take 10 years to get justice from the Waki suspects come from? They will be served what they deserve soon enough, then Kenyans can slink back to their ethnic cocoons appropriately chastened and wiser.

Joe said...


My worry is: Assuming these fellows are indicted and arrest warrants issued, will our weak leadership promptly hand them over? Will they not fall back to the well tested "our tribe is being unfairly targeted" mode?

Anonymous said...


Tomorrow is st. Valentine's day, have you got something for your woman?

Anonymous said...

Let the bad leaders resign.

KIBAKI is the culprit No. MOJA.

Anonymous said...

Before anyone is invited to Hague Kbaki will be forced to go there. He was at the helm when oll these happenned.

Fish starts stinking from the head.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Chris & Co.,
None of our warlords will ever be sent to Hague; at least not for the PEV. If we don't set-up our tribunal, that is it, the world is not going to hunt them down for us. The Hague has more urgent/serious fish to fly. The warlords know it and that is why they authorized their errand boys to vote the way they voted.
So get real and learn to scratch your fleas, the world is not there to do it for you, Chris.

Anonymous said...

FACT: The Nairobi Stock Market is a sham simply because it is infested with Kikuyus!! I tell you these Kikuyus steal coffins from the grave!! Nuff Said!!

Phil said...


A few questions for you:

Why do you refuse to accept the basic fact that Kenya is a multi-party democracy?

Are you implying that MPs rejected the amendment bill solely because they disagree with the two coalition political parties?

DO you honestly believe MPs can pass a NO-CONFIDENCE vote on this government?

Lastly, are you aware the same MPs who rejected this bill have approved a previous amendments that led to the publishing of this one, and it is only because 'cabinet' amended the bill to let ministers mentioned in the Waki envelope retain their portfolios until after they are found guilty is what contributed to the rejection of this bill because potential successors to the cabinet positions felt slighted?

Anyway, you are entitled to your opinion. Those of us on the ground also know what we know.

I notice that despite of the heated debate, you have conveniently avoided advising us which option you (or the common man) prefers and why: ICC or STK?

PS1. Mutula Kilonzo obviously forgets he was at KICC urging his tribesman Kivuitu to announce the loser as the winner, and that his party ODM-K strongly resisted calls by ODM for a re-run of the presidential poll. Now he has the audacity to tell us we go for elections after having been in a team that recommended and endorsed the disolution of the ECK. You can see the man's undertanding of democracy means everyone voting in the same direction. The word democracy is alien even to some in this blog. What a tragedy..
Sio kwa ubaya. Just asking, so please no need to create a main post to answer me.

PS2. For once, Kimi is talking sense. Well said.

Anonymous said...


I always find you nauseating!
This blog is always better without your output! You stink!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38,yeah ave got a big one for her and ave always got it and she likes it so no big deal about valentines.Sucker!

deroo said...


My take on democracy is that there is a thing called majority wins. It was displayed yesterday when the majority won in the Kenyan parliament. It stops there!

That the so-called principals could not whip the required support to win a simple vote-count, does not demonstrate their inability to lead thence their resignation, it only meant that people had differing opinion and takes on the matter at hand. That is the democracy that I have read along the way.

Chris, as you have indicated in between your post, that people are applying myopic advances in the problem at hand, I will tell you that the current situation was a product of avarice advocated by the ODM regime, in their wild thoughts that they would defeat the PNU brigade within the precincts of the Kenyan parliament.

As said in another post yesterday, this will be the trend of voting and likewise, if the constitution is not changed by June next year, be sure that 2012 election is going to be held under the current archaic one.

Yes, ODM, in their imaginations of being penned in the domain of power, accepted all that came from the so-called Annan talks in Serena to accept every word that was contained in the accord. They, in their thoughts found it wise to believe that by being closer to Kibaki and his thieving ilk (If they are as talked about on this blog) would be able to command, though sympathy and other means, the ability to rise to the greasy pole.

As it turned out, even after the shouted the praise of Waki appointment, they failed to realise that the commission was subject to politicking and from what many gather; the findings were squarely detrimental to the ODM charade.

True, ODM is more affected by the findings that anybody else. Not left untouched, is Uhuru Kenyatta while the man many love to hate Kalonzo Musyoka is untouched, and thus the shouting that comes from the ODM end on any matter that comes up bad. That ODM-K did not participate in the balkanisation, massacre and the destruction of Kikuyu property across the country means that every OMD-K leader is seen as standing apart form the madding crowd that is PNU-ODM. Why did they ever agree to join-up? Ole Wao!

Back to the post, and in the interest of democracy and fair representation, the government lost, with Raila and Kibaki at the top. But let us all remind ourselves of the threats that ODM MPs were served with at the beginning of last year. If you vote against the tide, you will be defrocked from the mirage that Raila Odinga will one day lead Kenya.

True, let us now see what happens to those ODM Mps who voted against the wishes of their self-appointed god. Sack them or what? Raila cannot touch the poisoned chalice now. He is between a rock and a hard place and for any reason, he is better off as a Prime Minister than a leader of people going to be dragged to The Hague. God forbid.

On Mutula Kilonzo, I tend to differ. On a few reasons. That they resign? No, not that way. They should learn to live with the fact that as a government they are not capable of delivering anything, including promises that they have been shouting from the rooftops about.

On another point Chris and this is one thing I will drum for as long as I can, is that we cannot hold elections in the country now. The treasury has not recovered from last year’s elections and its knock-on effects that will be felt well into the coming year. I believe that Kenya needs dialogue, gelling and above all, a purposeful drive.

Chris, I support Raila and his ODM sycophants on this. Kenya cannot go to the polls with the electoral register still having 1.2 million dead ‘voters’. Kenya cannot head to an election with all those displaced people living in football stadia. Kenya cannot go to the polls with the peace still in its current fragile state.

We cannot go to the polls without an ECK! That means that Kibaki will appoint another unilateral board that will be condemned by me, you and all. Kenya’s economy and including those who spent Sh300m is still not ready for another round of politicking. Let the president enjoy his term and Raila enjoy the closest he will ever be to power.

Finally, I imagine Raila Odinga scratching the dark walls of the deep hole he dug himself into. I imagine that he was livid yesterday and totally miffed by the fact that he lost in parliament, even after trying to marshal the support of the MPs and after he has traversed the country telling people about the power that he wields.

Honestly, life can be very unfair at times, but, that is life. Life is such that you have to make sacrifices and undertakings that at times leave you ruing at your decision to do all that.


Anonymous said...

anon6:03 AM

Wrong again- the Mungiki warlords will be falling like flies

you want me to remind you??
1. Uhuru Kenyatta(name in waki list
2. Kibaki(name in waki list
3, Saitoti ( name in Waki list)
4. Ngenga Karume(name in waki list)
5. Martha Karua name in ( waki list)
6. Michuki (name in waki list)
7. Kabondo waKabondo (name in waki list)
8. Njenga MP name in (waki list)

The above are the main Central Province Funders who met at statehouse and in Kibaki's resident with the Mungiki murdering thugs to Plan the Nakuru and Naivasha Massacre ( beheading, burning alive, and slaughtering of innocent kenyans)


Anonymous said...

anon9:22 AM

Yup I imagine Phil's truth posts makes you feel that way..

Truth is the truth....

kenyans are more clued than you think:)
Kilanzo is a dog with wrong heat.. shame on him.

deroo said...

Have a nice weekend. Ponder Sana. Kesho rugby, FA Cup and many more. Have a payukaring weekend. Vikii, email...


Anonymous said...


Sack all the contributors and bring on Vikii and Derek ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Jaluos are mashogas. 31.8% of men in Kisumu prefer man to man sexual orientation and 25.9% of women in Kisumu prefer woman to woman sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...


If deep in your heart you believe the majority won yesterday, then you have a conspicuous misunderstanding of democracy.

Anonymous said...


make sure you make love to your women properly not just on valentine's day.

Amazingly, 98% of Kenyan men don't satisfy their women.

Anonymous said...


The Tanzania Teachers' Union is taking legal action after 19 primary school teachers were caned.

The teachers were caned by a police officer, some in front of their pupils, after an investigation into poor exam results at three schools.

Ativus Leonard, a 33 year-old teacher at Katerero Primary School, 20 miles outside the regional capital Bukoba, and one of the victims of the caning, told the BBC what happened:

On Wednesday morning, the District Commissioner came to our school. He met with the head teacher and called a staff meeting.

Once we were gathered, the DC told us that they had been keeping track of the teachers who arrived late for work.

He read out the names of the teachers in question. I was one of them. I had been late for work twice in the last month.

He asked each of us our reasons for being late. I told him there were different reasons. It could be family problems, or if I had been feeling unwell.

The DC said our lateness was causing the school to fall behind and that it was unacceptable. He said he was going to punish us now.


At first I assumed he was joking. I told myself that it could not be possible.

I have not been able to teach since this happened

But once they locked the doors of the staffroom and made everyone line up to receive their strokes, I knew that they meant business.

Seven of my female colleagues took strokes of the cane on the palms of their hands.

When it was my turn, a police officer ordered me to lie down and receive my punishment. I refused, so he kicked me and I fell down.

Once I was lying on the ground, he carried on kicking me. He brought out a big cane and beat me with it.

He hit me everywhere; my legs, my chest, my arms, my hands. When it was over, I went to the hospital for treatment. I was given medicine but I still have a lot of pain in my chest.

My legs were also injured. But worst of all, this has affected me psychologically.

This has made me feel ashamed to meet my pupils. They did not see me take the beating but they know about it.

I have not been able to teach since this happened. I feel inferior to the children now.

I am married with four children. My wife is also a teacher at a different school. She is furious that they have done this to me.

Right now, I'm still very angry. But I'm also stunned and amazed at what has happened.

The DC must be punished for what he has done. Caning teachers must be against the law. I am seeking financial compensation from the government for what I have suffered.

Anonymous said...

UrXlnc @ Anon 12:13 PM My God! Why are you using anon to address Deroo?

You don't think we know your writing? For God sake no wonder people call you hypocrite here! You change whenever something suits you.

I hope people here come to know your an illiterate good for nothing bastard that change opinions to fool people around.
ODM thug!

Anonymous said...

Please don't for a moment mention mutula 'build castles in the air kilonzo. Everything he does and says is with the intention of propping up fellow coward Kalonzo. We can smell these status quo fuata nyayo clowns from afar.

UrXlnc said...

seems some of our memories are short these findings will come in handy at the ICC am sure just as will the Waki report


and an academic view point

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Phil, if you really cared for objectivity, you would realise that i try to talk sense most of the time. I do not begrudge you your fanatical support for Raila, that is your right, no matter how misguided i think that is.
However, in the larger scheme of things, it is quite obvious to clear eyed political observers that much as Raila is an effective politician, he is hopeless as a leader. Consider this:

1. What has come out of the numerous talk shops he has held since becoming PM? Can you, Phil, tell us his achievements?

2. Why did people fail to show up on the third day of his much hyped 'Kenya We Want' conference?

3. Why has he done nothing about corruption perpetrated by his ODM sidekicks like Ruto? Where is the zero tolerance?

4. Why is he asking, nay commanding, public servants who earn over 100k to contribute 10% of that salary to a proposed famine relief fund, yet he won't compel, at the very least, ODM MPs to pay taxes? He could set the example by paying the taxes himself, so why hasn't he made such an obvious and unselfish act of leadership?

Am i making sense so far?
The above is but a microcosm of Raila's incompetence and the sooner you dump the 'shades za mbao' the better. They don't make you look cool, they make you blind to reality.
Phil, you should by now have become more like Mama, the ex-ODMer whose luminous intelligence and graceful elegance comes out in her eloquent prose on this blog. Well done, Mama, you are truly an honest and patriotic Kenyan.

Anonymous said...

@ raikonnen
...and moronic zunguz hiding in kenya can slink back to europe with nothing better to do after africans regain their senses...and resign to breeding dogs and working on the "obesity art".
hee heee.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Allow me also to make up a list of the politicians behind the dec 2007 killings.

1. Raila odinga (in waki list for ethnic hatred speeches, funding looters, and murder in kibera and looting of property countrywide)

2. Ruto (in waki list, for murder of kids in Kiambaa church)

3. Bett ( in waki list, for murder in kericho)

4. Sally Kosgei (in waki list funding of the burning of houses and killing of innocent people)

5. Phil. (not in waki list, but well known for tribal hatred articles in the internet)

These gangsters shoul be hanged like saddam hussein.

Veritas said...

This is worth checking out. If Kenya wants to move forward then it needs to help the UK Serious Fraud Office to conclude its investigations and put away the men responsible for trying to defraud the Kenyan people out of billions of dollars that was meant as International aid in the Anglo Leasing Affair. Githongo started this ball rolling and it's time these men were brought to justice. Why is the Kenyan government protecting these criminals???

Anonymous said...

i believe tribunal will become a crobber. let the PEV suspects go to the Hague. secondly we should also be told why the election thieves will not be punished. how could kibaki have won in only two provinces and be declared winner. most kenyans outside Central Kenya are bitter over the blattant cooking of votes. let the world know that unless the truth is exposed, 2012 may be an apocalypse. what about the role played by the police in shooting dead over 400 protestors? what about the distribution of resources and opportunities which is skewed in favour of Central Kenya. we need majimbo once and for all. KIM

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