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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Which Way For Confused Kenyans; Hague Or Local Tribunal?

It was fairly easy for some nasty Kenyans to fuel the horrors of the post election violence in Januray 2008 by inciting angry Kenyans and by paying for the chaos to happen. Sadly it is proving to be extremely complex to get justice for the dead, raped, maimed and traumatized folks who through no fault of their own will carry terrible scars for the rest of their lives.

My heart goes out to all those Kenyans in agony over this frustrating turn of events.

For those of us who wait for the foreign ambassadors and heads of mission to speak first before we form an opinion on anything, it has been particularly difficult and confusing time as most locally based envoys seem to favour a local tribunal over taking the cases to the Hague.

Then there has been all the technical issues of entrenching bills in the constitution and votes in parliament that cannot be taken due to lack of quorum.

Well, I love to simplify complex stuff and so let us cut to the chase of this matter in a few brief sentences.

It is true that if all the cases to try post election perpetrators ended up at the Hague it would take ages. Decades actually. Conservative estimates put it at 15 years but most likely it could easily go over 20 years for many of the major suspects to be tried and hopefully convicted.

It is true that a local tribunal would take a much shorter time. However knowing the Kenyan judicial system it is NOT unrealistic to estimate that a suspect with the right crafty “well connected” lawyers can keep the thing in court for over 15 years (ask Brother Paul Pattni of Goldenberg fame for tips on this).

My view is that a local tribunal would be a big waste of time and taxpayers money. We just need to look at what has happened in the past in this country even in big criminal cases to pass the accurate verdict that justice in Kenya is extremely selective and notorious for being "bent" to favour the rich and powerful over the poor ordinary folk. Those foreign envoys and civil society guys pushing for a local tribunal are in dreamland. Kenya bado mapabano.

So what would be the solution?

Glad you asked.

The way forward would be for us to go to the Hague for now. Even if it takes 100 years. At least victims have a fighting chance that their unborn ancestors will be around to one day reap the satisfaction of finally receiveing justice.

Of great urgency are fresh elections?

What do fresh elections have to do with the post election justice issue?

Well it is very simple. What we have in Kenya now is a case where some suspected violent robbers and key suspects are acting as consultants in the manner in which they will be tried and making all the rules and laws that will control their trials. So what do you expect?

Kumekucha titbits: Laptops get dropped all the time. Did you know that this can easily cause your hard drive to crash with vital data and information trapped inside? Hard disk recovery in Kenya exists and could be your only option if such an eventuality emerged.

Is it surprising that one of the popular clauses on both sides of the house currently that is being pushed for is the ridiculous idea of having suspects continue to serve in public offices until proven guilty. The suspects of course already know that it will take decades for their cases to be determined and are looking at maybe two terms as a cabinet minister as the case continues. Incidentally this is another reason why some of the same suspects are pushing for the cases to go to the Hague where they will obviously take longer.

So we need an election to rid us of as many of these nasty characters as possible. While it is true that many of the undesirables will still find their way back to parliament, the truth is that there is enough evidence on the ground to suggest that a vast majority of them would shockingly be sent home if an election were held today. Hopefully the next government will be in a much better position to seek swifter justice for post election victims.

The second reason is that Kenyans are keen to halt the current massive stealing going on with the grand coalition government. Not only that. The expenses to "keep this monstrr fed” are crippling the country’s economy and well-being. So it is very urgent that the grand coalition government goes ASAP. Hopefully the ridiculous project of building the Prime Minister an office whose cost will ultimately touch the one billion shilling mark can be halted.

So despite all the many obstacles that stand in the way, a general election is a very urgent issue in Kenya just now.

P.S. A blogger gave us an amazing insight yesterday about how virtually every single presidential election we have had in Kenya since the advent of multi-partyism has forced the Kenyan people into a protest vote. It is very important that this time round we avoid this situation and the way to do it is to seek possible candidates early.


Anonymous said...

Justice in Kenya is extremely selective and notorious for being "bent" to favour the rich and powerful over the poor ordinary folk.

In the next elections we should avoid electing any FRAUDULENT, DECEPTIVE and THIEVING character like this one:

Some time at State House Last week on Tuesday evening (the 3rd of February '09) after Kibaki had expressed his confidence in George "Goldenberg" Saitoti

Lucy: Saitoti is useless. He must go.

Kibaki: Lucy, wewe ni mpumbavu sana-

Lucy: (angrily interrupting) Ati what? Mimi? Mpumbavu? I will teach you a lesson! You spineless man! shriek!!! utakiona leo!- and with this, Lucy proceeds to unleash many, many slaps on Kibaki's unpadded cheeks.

Kibaki's Theft of the Elections of December '07

Anonymous said...

I wish your bloggers could stop posting silly material on the President and his family. I fail to find humour in those articles as they seems to be based on kiddish imaginations. I wish we could discuss issues relevant to the daily life of a Kenyan. For example, the country needs cash to buy food, yet the government supervisor (Raila) is taking Sh800m to build a new office. What a waste! I wish the money were to be used to build a new fish market in Homa Bay or to be used in digging pit latrines in Nyanza. What about the ODM maize thieves? Kenya can never realised 2030 type of dreams as long conmen like raila and ruto are in the Govt. Kioko, BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Chris said, "My heart goes out to all those Kenyans in agony over this frustrating turn of events."

I never thought a day would come when Chris expresses his remorse to those killed in Post election violence, or are they are just crocodile tears aimed to fool people around. Is this not the same blog that incited and called for slaughter of innocent kikuyu men, women and children for not voting for Raila?

Chris, shame on you! A terrible curse will visit you and your future generations for cheering and applauding murderers. I hope you rot in hell you Mkamba Msaliti!!!

joe the choma man said...

"Chriso" aka Chris,
you said....
...."the truth is that there is enough evidence on the ground to suggest that a vast majority of them would shockingly be sent home if an election were held today...."

are you REALLY sure about this?i suggest you take a poll right here in KK to determine if what you claim is actually the case. I am highly doubtful as i don't think Kenyans have changed an inch since Dec 2007-don't get me wrong; if its suffering then we have suffered and crying we have shed tears but learning our lesson? thats a different thing all together

If elections were held today you know stupid Kenyans would give that thing to either Dr. Raila or worse Kalonzo or worse still maybe the woman of steel Karua. The only thing i agree with you is that Dr. Kibaki will not get it again but he doesn't qualify anyway constitutionally

Joe said...

Anon@1:14Am,2:00AM and 2:23AM.

What are you afraid of? Why do you choose to remain anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Joe msenge, am not here to tout my ass like you! its is my democratic right to remain anonymous. This blog is always better without your stinking ass!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a disturbing thread from you; your comments here are only aimed at attacking other bloggers. What do you get out of it? And who the hell are you? Nguruwe wewe! Foreskin bearer!!!


Joe said...


You say

I have noticed a disturbing thread from you; your comments here are only aimed at attacking other bloggers. What do you get out of it? And who the hell are you? Nguruwe wewe! Foreskin bearer!!!

Really? Would you call yourself a blogger?

M-Pesa said...

Unlike Mwarang'ethe, I'm not very conversant with all the legal stuff, pros and cons of a local tribunal or Hague.

However my 2 cents worth is that a local tribunal would be the better option, as long as terms and conditions are super right and tight.

For example, those on Waki's List (Ruto and co) should step down immediately until they are cleared. Another issue is that stuff about the president having the powers to pardon those convicted. What about the protection of witnesses? We very well know nearly all witnesses in Ouko murder case were killed or just disappeared in thin air, Kenyan style.

A local tribunal composed of nonsense international judges would be better option than the Hague. Hague has not even started on Congo, Somalia, Darfur etc, so justice delayed is justice denied. In our scenario, it would take nearly 25 years to even get started.

Having a local tribunal doesn't automatically rule out the Hague, since any slight manipulation would result in O'campo taking over at the Hague.


Girl next door said...


Btw, am not any of the above anons. But, how about you, would you call yourself a blogger? If your main aim here is to attack other bloggers?
A Kihii is always a kihii even in the internet.
ghasia kabisa!!!

...and yes am a girl next door.

Joe said...

Girl next door;

Btw, am not any of the above anons

Good for you.

But, how about you, would you call yourself a blogger? If your main aim here is to attack other bloggers?

No, i am not yet a blogger. I comment on what bloggers like Chris, Taabu, Phil, Sam etc write. Sometimes i agree with them, sometimes i disagree. That is the way it is supposed to be.

A Kihii is always a kihii even in the internet.
ghasia kabisa!!!

A kihii can choose to get circumcised tomorrow. The same can not be said about an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Most of those killed were kikuyus and luos. Now kikuyus and luos are pushing for the hague. Whatever their motivations, it is stupid. Go for a local tribunal. It will exist outside the current justice system, so no worries.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:00 AM,

These things you call silly materials are very relevant. They show these silly people for who they really are: FRAUDULENT, DECEPTIVE and THIEVING; that's why Kenya is in the mess it is in.

They are relevant to the daily life of a Kenyans because Kenyans experience FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT on a daily basis, these are things that have trickled down to the masses right from the top - Kibaki. He has been a very bad role model.

If Kibaki could express confidence in a massive thief and looter like Saitoti, If Kibaki could STEAL his way back to state house,

Kibaki's Theft of the Elections of December '07

what do you expect his immediate juniors (ministers, permanent secretaries) followed by other people in lower ranks right down to the bottom to do? They would follow his example. They would do the same as he has done: STEAL WITH IMPUNITY After all they saw their boss (Kibaki) STEAL the elections and get away with it. This is a very powerful "example" and "justification," however flawed, to them that STEALING PAYS and is OK.

Once again, I repeat, In the next elections we should avoid electing any FRAUDULENT, DECEPTIVE and THIEVING character like Kibaki.

If you doubt what I am saying, read what the auditing firm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers say about the corrupt goings-on at the Nairobi Stock Exchange where so many Kenyans have lost and will lose millions of shilling thru fraudulent activities of the people in charge.

Tiny elite at NSE fleece investors

The Nairobi Stock Exchange is in a total mess. That is the stark message from a forensic audit report on the troubled Nyaga Stockbrokers, now under statutory management.

It is a long tale of cases where money from clients’ shares are sold without their knowledge, where officials of the Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) collude with brokers to postpone updating clients’ accounts and where prices are routinely manipulated by stockbrokers.

Nearly all institutions in the trade — including the watchman of the industry, the Capital Markets Authority — is engaged in an elaborate game of deception presided by a tiny elite with tentacles in almost all segments of the business.

The forensic audit report seen by the Nation was conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and handed over to the Capital Markets Authority in November last year.

The report is a catalogue of damaging allegations on the part of CMA, Nairobi Stock Exchange, Treasury officials and the CDSC. According to the report, the investing public lost Sh1.3 billion, Sh500 million more than what the statutory managers had estimated.

By the time it was put under receivership early last year, Nyaga Stockbrokers had about 70,000 retail and corporate investors. The report has dealt the biggest blow so far to the reputation of the NSE, adding injury to the already waning investor confidence in the bourse.

According to the report, Nyaga Stockbrokers would exploit loopholes in the law to falsify its accounts and, therefore, mask its blemishes.

The forensic audit reveals that massive rip-off of investors’ funds was accomplished through unscrupulous manipulation of clients’ accounts.

The auditors concluded that what happened at Nyaga Stockbrokers was a collusion by the main players to loot public resources.

The scheme, according to the report, cut across from junior officers who received bribes to facilitate forgery and senior managers who failed to use their positions to stop the theft.

Two managers of well-known investment banks are accused of being part of the gravy train. In addition to the evidence of false financial reporting, the document also sets out a careful scheme orchestrated on individual clients’ accounts.

“This happened in a number of different ways depending on the suspect’s objective at the time,” it says. Among the tricks used by the brokerage firm to defraud the clients included a process referred to as “uploading of the prices”. This happened in instances where clients’ shares were sold without their authorization and then repurchased, usually at a loss.

The role of these institutions has remained in focus, at times facing criticism in the handling of the investors’ affairs. This has also led to resignations of some key persons in the role that raises more suspicion in the whole affair.

But more startling in the report is the role played by two senior investment banks whose owner-managers at time had a say in the NSE boardroom. These powerful individuals used their positions to perpetuate and cover up for the activities of the beleaguered stockbroker, lending it money recklessly in what looked like a cheque-kiting scheme.

The report recounts how when a meeting of the NSE board decided to rescue Nyaga Stockbrokers by advancing it Sh100 million, the money ended up being used to pay the firm’s debts to these investment banks.

Apart from this, the two banks are also said to have benefited from Sh269 million and Sh76 million from the troubled broker on diverse dates between November 1, 2007, and March 5, 2008.

The NSE itself is heavily censured in the report. The auditors say that interviews with officials of the bourse suggested that the managers were overly protective of Nyaga Stockbrokers and its managers.

On the part of the CMA, the report has indicted former chief executive Edward Ntalami. It alleges that the former CEO had knowledge of the irregularities at the brokerage firm.

Indicating diverse dates, the auditors put Mr Ntalami on the spot for failing to act decisively on financial irregularities committed by the stockbroker.

kevoh said...

As Hon Karua said the Hague will deal with mostly the premiers concerned. that is what I personally want because I feel that with a local tribunal most people will be threatened not to testify. It might take the Hague 10 to 20 years but the issue will get solved once and for all while the local tribunal can never be water tight nor will the foreigners in that tribunal get any co-operation from US the police included.....

Anyway the thing i've come to realise is we should be pushing for what the two premiers dont want coz in the Hague the stakes are too high as all the tribal heads from allover will have something to answer.

NB youtube has alot of incriminating videos on most sitting MP's

Girl next door said...

Joe said, "No, i am not yet a blogger. I comment on what bloggers like Chris, Taabu, Phil, Sam etc write. Sometimes i agree with them, sometimes i disagree. That is the way it is supposed to be."

Don't make me laugh!

You only come here to reply to other people comments and attack them. You can't even write your own comment Coz there is nothing in that thick head! Hakuna kitu kichwani mwako!
Only worms!

Joe said...

You only come here to reply to other people comments and attack them

I agree. Occasionally i insult crackpots like you. But i also comment on what the bloggers post. Honestly.

You can't even write your own comment Coz there is nothing in that thick head! Hakuna kitu kichwani mwako!
Only worms!

Really? Sometimes the resident worm wiggles and i get a bright idea. I swear.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever been in school? You sound so illiterate.

Do you know primary school is free hata elimu ya gumbaru ni kitu muhimu sana.

A Kenyan who has been let down said...

anon 4:12 am

Almost all bosses are stealing from the poor!! Who shall Kenyans turn to?

This is trully a failed state and we need a revolution believe me. Next we shall read that Ngenye Kariuki and co stock brokers has gone under with millions of our safaricom shares majority of us of which we are still waiting for the CDS accounts and share certificates months after we bought shares.

Mama said...

Chris, we shall know in a matter of hours. The MPs for Othaya and Langata have just entered parliament.

The House is packed........lets wait to see if it will be the Hague ama a local tribunal that will just steal from Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

About the NSE and its leadership.... anon 4:12 AM i hear you and agree with your sentiments.

It is important to remember that this FRAUD, DECEPTION and THEFT at the Nairobi Stock Exchange took place during the long tenure of, one of the richest fellows in Kenya, Jimnah Mbaru.

It was he who was against the creation of individual online accounts for investors to monitor their own investments. Corruption starts at the top.

Remember his company was involved in the valuation, and sale of Safaricom shares, and only he could not see the clear conflict of interest. He also happens to be an avid Kibaki golf-mate. Also, remember that ridiculous comment he made about the economy failing if ODM won the upcoming elections of Dec '07 that were subsequently stolen by Kibaki...

Anonymous said...

Joe Msenge,

This is the problems with all Jaluos, they think they are intelligent lakini wapi?
Ati you get “bright ideas”, why are you all still maskinis living in mud huts? The few jaluos that manage to make it come to Nairobi and spend all their money with malayas without even building a place they can call home. Why don’t you get bright ideas and develop Nyanza?

Elimu ni kitu muhimu sana kwa sababu kama ujasoma uwezi ajiliwa kazi mahali kwa kukosa elimu. Ukitembea kwa mtaa utapata vijana wegi ambao hawakupata elim na weigine hawakumaliza shule, pia wazazi weigine huwa wapeleki watoto wao shule pia kama ujamaliza shule kupewa kitambulisho itakuwa ngumu.
Kuna watu huwanatumia watoto wa wenyewe vibaya kuwafanyisha kazi ngumu kama kubeba takataka na kuwambia watafute vitu kama chuma plastic, nisababu moja inatuma watoto watoroke manyubani.
Pia shida moja inatuma vijana wengi wakatae shule kwa sababu ya kutumia madawa ya kulevya nakujiusisha na wizi. Nigependa kusema kama selikari inaweza kumaliza hizi madawa yakulevwa na kupatia vijana mradi wakuwasaidia kwa sababu wengine wanaugana pamoja lakini hawana kitu ya kufanya wanaaza wizi.

Anonymous said...

Joe said,

"Occasionally i insult... "

this is not a place to bring your stupidity and juvinelie childish tantrums. Go back to school and learn some manners!

jinga wewe!!!

Non Kikuyu, Non Luo said...

I read this and wondered where Kenya is headed

When Raila complained about the activities of the Nairobi Stock Exchange, Kimunya and other Kikuyu MP's told him off. Kimunya even went further to allude that the NSE was not a fish Market. I think he was right. The NSE is worse than a fish Market, more rotten, laden with fraudsters, evil musketeers and thieves. Fish Markets do much much better.

Anonymous said...

Even Kalenjins are calling for Ruto to GO!

Mwarang'ethe said...

It is true that the ICC route might take too long. Perhaps too long for Kenyans who are eager to see an end to impunity.

It is equally true that a local Tribunal will face serious obstacles.

Considering the above, we would suggest to Koffi Annan to show a little bit of imagination.

In this way, we would suggest an emergency session of the UN Security Council whereby, in terms of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, it should extend the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, to cover Kenya.

Since the Rwanda Tribunal is established, all that is needed is more resources to hire extra staff, and within a few months, we can ask the suspects to take the Arusha bus from Nairobi.

Mama said...

Hehehehehehehe, Mwarang'ethe!

Anonymous said...

When Raila indicated during the campaign of 2007 that the NSE was a house full of underhand activities, critics, Kikuyu MP's and yes, Kimunya called him nuts. Folks on Kenyaimagine went ballistic, especially one of the moderators.

What Raila said has come to pass. The Nairobi Stock Exchange is full of corruption, fraud, deception, theft and therefore a conduit to rob the public at "legal" point... Just like Kibaki is the "duly" elected president of Kenya.

Almost all bosses are stealing from the poor!! Who shall Kenyans turn to? This is trully a failed state.

Next we shal read that Ngenye Kariuki and co stock brokers has gone under with millions of our safaricom shares majority of us of which we are still waiting for the
CDS accoounts and share certificates months after we bought shares.

Anonymous said...

trace my Ip!

Anonymous said...

5:30 AM, why do you want us to trace your IP? What good is it to us? Even if we do trace your IP we don't know you and we don't care who you r!

Mama said...


Hague Express! 101 Ayes, 93 Nays.

Anonymous said...

No Hague, No tribunal and No elections.

Even the bible says" let the dead bury themselves"

You would think the people campaigning for hague were eye witnesses to the alledged crimes and that they cant wait to give testimony! Some of them are shouting from abroad as if they would be affected if anything happened to Kenya. If you love your country so much, be men and come back to build it. Otherwise come back or forever keep your silence

clemo said...

Did Ababu vote with gava?Saw him shaking Karua's hand and laughing heartily.Let people go to the hague.The Ayes could not get the mandatory 65%+(145)while the Nays exceeded their thresh-hold of 35%(77).I was alittle confused until Marende explained.Well,where's Moreno?

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama in Vogue!!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder why everybody is so positive and optimistic abt a local this country it never happened tht powerful ppl ended up in jail...all this courtcases like goldenberg and many others were just for the show..the result was i ask myself why should it be different with this local tribunal...i tend to believe it will be the same...just a theater to mislead the normal man from the street

Anonymous said...

People calling for Hague should have our country in in mind when they clamour for it.We all know that Going to Hague means Ruto going to Hague. But will this really end impunity in Kenya. i think not.
when people go hague, they may also leave kenyans more divided and toughen the tribal lines that now exist. i doubt that kikuyus will ever live in rift valley again, or non kikuyus in central province.

the way we are talking, its as if what happened in Kenya was worse than the Rwanda issue, yet Rwandans did not react with vegeance but lots of forgivess and careful prosecution. If we are not careful, we will put rwandans to shame and divide the country, this time physically, emotionally and for good.

Kenyans should decide between reconcilliation, forgiveness and healing and the emotion for revenge

I also lost relatives in the post election violence, and i hurt for some time. but i have worked on it and fought the negative feelings. for my own sake and that of the people i love, i choose reconcilliation and forgiveness.

There is no need for the bitterness i read on this site if people are God fearing. Its needless suffering. Try forgiveness, you will love it!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Kalenjins are going to lose a whole generation of politicians to Monster Hague.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:13 AM

You should go tell your cousin Obama to forgive al qaeda, and other terrorists groups.

If forgiveness is the only way for Kenya then we should let loose all jails and forgive all prisoners.

Use your commonsense not your anus.

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:48 AM

Mzee Moi had advised these young politicians not to follow and fight for Thug Raila. They didn't listen. Now the Luos have abandoned these barbarians to face Hague alone. So, don't shed any tears for Butcher Ruto and Co. What is funny is that even among the barbarians finger-pointing has began - did you see some former comrades of Ruto in Eldoret saying Ruto must bear the cross alone. Among hyaenas, that is called solidarity.

Makende ya Nyani said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

These yap yapping jaluos here watch this video and do something!

sereast said...

Lets go the Hague way. Atleast we have a Kenyan lawyer there. She should try to make the process faster for the Kenyan people.

deroo said...

To all,

I thought these twats told us that they are united serving in an amorphous outfit called the Grand Coalition.

Sasa, majuto ni mjukuu and lets us wait to see what is going to come out of it. Sorry, a few political careers are on the wane and God forbid, people will not forgive each other till enternity.

It is unfortunate that this will be the same voting pattern when it come to changing the country's constitution. Very sorry indeed.


UrXlnc said...


agree, even if it takes 15 years at the ICC, those implicated have to be tried and justice served. locally we would be treated to sideshows with pawns paraded in and out of courts while the leaders and masterminds go about their business. but even more importantly the ICC focuses more on the masterminds which therefore sends a stronger message to any other would be leader in kenya to pay attention to the consequences of hate speech. I agree with kevoh @ 4:15 there are numerous video clips of hate speeches that should be aired.

deroo said...


Thank you for that. They should air --- "...Kikuyu ni adui...", they should air Nyongo calling on Kikuyu related businesses to be targetted, something that was misconstrued by the stonethrowing ODM supporters.

They should include the Lesotho tape by Najib Balala. They should include "...hatutaki madoadoa..." by Raila Odinga and many more.

They should round up all those people who said: "Prime Minister alituambia to protest. Prime Minister alituambia Mass Action". I qoute Kutuny and a horde of Rift Valley MPs who said that they were told to take to the streets, including Raila himself having called for 'Mass Action' repeated by Nyongo and many others.

Finally, the best effort should be reserved for the witnesses who attended a swearing ceremony in Rift Valley ahead of the elections.


UrXlnc said...

nice summary of the proceedings in parliament found in this kenya times article


am sure the ICC already have or will build its own criteria on what will constitute hate crimes and what events can be classified as directly leading to hate crimes after all they have been at this for a while now so lets see how that pans out.

i do however agree all materials dating back to 1991 with the reintroduction of multiparty politics, to the 2005 referendum and the 2007 campaigns and the period before the NARA 2008 need to be presented. this problem has been here with us for a long time and we should not narrow our scope to settle our immediate scores.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe these MP's can refuse a loca tribunal, they are taking us for idiots. Everyone knows that with the Hague it will take 20 years before they even get tried, by which time half may be dead. Yes our legal system sucks right now but what they are essentially doing is sweeping the matter under the carpet. Only Kenyans can solve atrocities done by Kenyans, you dont involve outsiders in domestic disputes at first, you must exhaust local initiatives.

Anonymous said...

Derek, you should be careful with UrXlnc. he call himself ODMU Damu at the same time he try to be neutral in comments but he was among of those cheered the slaughter of Kikuyu in RV.

Dont be taken for a fool by that hypocrite!

Anonymous said...


By any standards, Kenya needs a General election as a matter of urgency

Without this, the post election events of 2007 are a joke

Kibaki shouldlead all in the coalition government to resign with immediate effect-the loss of that local tribunal bill is enough for Kibaki to resign. It is also a pointer to Odinga that he should disband this Grand Corruption government

Kenyans have spoken. "NO Kenyan support the current Government"

can you see what I see-2012is for very freah faces in government in Kenya.Perhaps Obamanic is catching up very fast.

Anonymous said...

You know things in Kenya are heating up when “Deroo” aka “-Derek-“ aka “Kioko, BC Canada” resurfaces in Kumekucha. We shall watch your language.

Anonymous said...

I was told BC, Canada stands for Bring Cash....guess from where....????

Anonymous said...

If you can forgive the colonialists in 1963 you can forgive each other.

Anonymous said...

If you want to go to the Hague why not first ask UN or UK or Canada or Ghana...or better still India to administer the next general elections....

My favourite choice is Moi's queque can't cheat - it would be easy to see which line is longer

Anonymous said...

What did General China and Dedan Kimathi fight for???

Anonymous said...

is Kiptanui Moi the election officer getting an award from the Government of Kenya?? is he in hiding?

Anonymous said...

will Ruto live in exile in ...Zimbabwe...I hear that is where Haile Mariam Mengistu is.

Anonymous said...

replace the Nairobi Stock Exchange...... or better still nationalize it....

Anonymous said...

It is over. Anan will present a request to Hague to consider the case. Hague will take very long to consider but will eventually not take up the matter. Ruto realised this and that is why he ordered his troops to change tack and vote against the bill. There, kaleos have won this one. Kikuyus and luos have lost. Your murdered relas will not be avenged.

Anonymous said...

I have said it before......NSE

Kenya ina wenyewe the rest of us are just floatsum form a shipwreck

HAve yourself a happy Valentines
Sir Alex

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