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Friday, January 23, 2009

Why The Grand Coallition Government Must Go NOW

Who will this silly cabinet re-shuffle help?

After the President allegedly “read the riot act” to his ministers in yesterday's cabinet meeting kumbe the man was preparing to do a cabinet re-shuffle the next day which was announced in the middle of the day today.

One would have thought that he would have followed up his dressing down of the cabinet with some subtle signs. Like moving Messrs William Ruto and Kiraitu Murungi from the Agriculture and Energy dockets and putting other people there who will facilitate proper investigations in to what exactly happened. Even the ancient minister of Education should have been moved for his pedestrian way in handling the teacher’s strike as we complete a full week with our children basking at home and increasing expenses in the house in this usually “dry” January month. Instead Emilio’s agenda seems to be quite different and it is NOT in the interests of the Kenyan people.

Uhuru Kenyatta has been appointed Finance Minister and Amos Kimunya bounces back into the cabinet as minister of Trade. Now let me ask a question. Is the ministry of finance a preserve of the house of Mumbi only? Surely!! There are two ministries in Kenya that are notorious for being the preserve of certain tribes. One is Finance (where even business is transacted in Kikuyu) and the other is the Ministry of Health’s Afya house which can easily be mistaken for a market in Ukambani courtesy of the 5 years Charity Ngilu spend in that ministry during President Kibaki’s first tenure. The nice lady could not find any other tribe to employ at the ministry just as Emilio cannot find any other tribe for the Finance docket. I hope poor Oburru Odinga, the Finance assistant minister understands kikuyu.

Analysts see this joke of a cabinet re-shuffle as part of the PNU agenda to re-position itself for life after the current coalition by having its’ point men in strategic and important ministries. As deputy prime Minister and minister of Finance, Uhuru now becomes an extremely powerful individual.

But I think all this nonsense is really beside the point. Kenyans have now said enough is enough. The coalition government must go and we go back to the polls. We CANNOT wait until 2012. Hatuwezi kuvumilia. We need new leadership in Kenya now. For better or for worse. The coalition government must go NOW. The bloated most corrupt cabinet in the history of Kenya must go NOW. We want fresh elections NOW. The details of how that will be done with no electoral commission can be worked out. But Kenyans have spoken. The coalition government MUST GO. The whole damn LOT.

STOP PRESS: Latest Steadman poll shows that only 20% Kenyans have faith in the Coalition government.

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joe the choma man said...

you gave the coalition until May of this year before it breaks up if i remember correctly?

I see you are already getting impatient and demanding the whole building collapses today-well unless there is an explosion of some sort to make it happen now, i think your earlier prediction of mid this year still stands as the most likely time because by then the entire country should be fed up with the mess this Government is making, as opposed to just we the "few with internet connection" who blog here on Kumekucha

for now its business as usual

Demogod said...

I never understood why only in Kenya do we recycle cabinet ministers within ministries! How can one person who has been running a local government ministry now become an expert in Finance! Kibaki & Raila are surely a joke, and they are doing a great disservice to this country and its people.

Unfortunately, Raila has lost the mandate of its people, and he has shown his true colors, that he is no position to govern this country anymore, and neither are ODM and its ministers.

We have most corrupt government in the history of Kenya, and no wonder GCG stands for the "Grand Corruption Government".

This GCG has to go, and the people of Kenya must demand this at the earliest, otherwise we are doomed, and we will live to regret what happens! The extent to which these "thugs" are "raping" our country is so fast and furious, that even the likes of MOI n BIWOTT are now being seen as SAINTS!

It's really a time for BIG CHANGE - and NEW LEADERSHIP!

It's time for a revolution in this country, and it has to come from the people of Kenya, not the politicians! Kenyans, have to take the responsibility to vote for the right person, and if he/she can't deliver they must go - no ifs or buts!

WHAT A SHAME! Thousands of innocent kenyans dies for these "idiots" in the GCG - it surely time to pay back, these "thugs" must be handled with ruthlessness as any criminal on the streets. If we kenyans let them get away, then its only our misery and sorrow.

THESE GUYS MAKE ME SICK - when millions are starving, and these BASTARDS loot the coffers!

Taabu said...

Don't get worked up, BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT. A closer look at all the gimmicks should answer your earlier question: WHAT IS THE COST OF STEALING ELECTION. But now you have opened the flood gates and ole wako PAD YOUR CHEEKS.

Kenya iko na wenyewe and you should know better the gate keepers will not allow you anywhere next to the fence. Fianance ministry must be i the right hand to finish the deals prior to the elctions. You must be naive to imagine outsiders would be invited around that table.

The whole GGC was to perpetuate SECURITY IN NUMBERS mentality as the theives go wild with their grand theft schemes. All we had was nothing but the lull before the fraud storms. All that granstanding by Michuki was just that now he is the worse for it as Kimunya comes back smiling from ear to ear. He is needed to follow up on the GR saga you know.

Contempt and impunity galore. Na bado.

Anonymous said...

I am suggesting that laws should be enacted similar to those of the US affirmative action.

If the executive is from one community, then certain strategic ministries cannot be run by the same community.

Within the ministries, only a limited percentage of top and all employees can hail from the same community as the minister.

The same formula should then be applied throughought govt agencies and parastatals.

Anonymous said...

We have had 4 ministers in this particular ministry , finance , including one in acting capacity and in only six years all have been fron kibakis tribe , do you mean out of all the 42 tribes in kenya only a kyuk can be qualified for that position? i think the oldman has finaly lost it totaly any shred of credibility that he had is now totaly gone, what?.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say Uhuru is not qualified to handle the Finance docket? Is Bett a road engineer to be qualified to handle the Roads docket? Is Nyong'o a trained doctor to handle Health or Orengo a land surveyor to handle Lands, etc, etc. At least Uhuru studied some economics if that is what you call a qualification.

If you trust Oburu, he will be assisting Uhuru. If you trust Raila, he will be supervising and coordinating Uhuru. Or Oburu and Raila have now become Kikuyus not to be trusted?

When you say people are not qualified, give us an objective analysis - don't feed us your tribal phobias

Anonymous said...

And the rantings continue as kenya is raped! 2 willing 2 b raped? Hahaha! I love ths game!!

papa plus said...

Demogod relax! The constitution of Kenya states that ministers must be selected from the pool of elected members with a handful or so that the president can nominate.

Now if I were president I would take the oppotunity to nominate technocrats and leaders with integrity in the field of finance, agriculture, commerce, planning and urban development, constitution and other such "important ministries". Instead, we work ass backward and give important ministries to friends and cohorts and then expect them to perform at a high level.

Such isht only happens in banana republic like ours.

Anonymous said...


The chief rapist of Mau forest, Frank Bett, is back in full force. The ministry of Roads better be ready for the ultimate super rape.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kumekuchans,

Why is PM Raila Odinga supervising and coordinating the fleecing of our country? Why?

Anonymous said...

Chris chris,

Why all the hollaballoo about Kibaki this, kibaki that, kikuyu this kikuyu that? you are just inviting the more than willing Taabu who just loves it when kikuyu's are on the line. Now, if you were to take one honest minute, you would just realise that those that you spend sleepless nights defending a.k.a Raila is waist deep in the same corruption chain that you have placed solery on Kikuyu's. his choise of ministers and his silence when they are looting maize, raping mau forest and ethnic cleansing as well as his excesses in accepting a 800 million office when his Kibera constituents are begging just shows you the devil he is.
however, no matter what i say your mind is made up and you have already dedicated kumekucha to seeing evil through one eye.
Kumekucha has great brains but little ethics, its full of elites with deep seated tribal hatred. it reminds me of Nazis.
like i always believe, you still have time to redeam your demented image and apologise for all the hatred you cultivate.

its up to you chris.

Your Neigbour (K..)

Vikii said...

What is the theme of this post? Ni nini maudhui muhimu ya hii tamthilia?

Is Uhuu Kenyatta NOT qualified to be minister at the treasury? How is Bett a better engineer than Uhuru is a finance person. You guys are so fearful it is laughable.

Taabu, you are a bigot, the kind that went to school with my grandpa in 1954. And he liked smacking you on the face everytime u guys had a break. I would do the same if only to make you sensible.

Phil said...

Chris said..... STOP PRESS: Latest Steadman poll shows that only 20% Kenyans have faith in the Coalition government.

What else was published on the same poll?

Who enjoys the most approval in public, and across the country?

Which institution supposedly enjoys public confidence?

I repeat. If we are to have lively debate then we shall have to be fair, just and transparent in what we post here. We cannot stand to accuse others of being selective yet we ourselves remain the most selective in disseminating information for public consumption.

On cabinet appointments; I will say this. Although I may not necessarily agree with the latest appointments, the law gives the President the Prime Minister powers to appoint cabinet ministers from MPs in parliament. One cannot argue with that!!!

Perhaps what we need to say here is how we can change our constitution to have parliament VET and APPROVE all public appointments by the president. In other words, devolution of executive powers. Sounds familiar? You bet it does!

At this point in the history of Kenya, the need for constitutional reforms has never been greater. The grand coalition government - which is already entrenched in the constitution, albeit temporarily - presents the best opportunity yet for Kenyans to determine the course of their won destiny!!!!

If the country goes to the elections under the current constitution (god forbid!), it means we shall revert to the original pre-GCG consitution, and believe you me, whichever angel is elected president will want to put as much gap (read steal votes) as possible with the runners up so as to avoid a forced grand coalition government!

The fact is that whether it is SAM OKELLO, MWARENGETHE, JEFF ALL-KENYAN-ALL-THE-TIME, PROUD KIKUYU WOMAN, IVY, CHRIS KUMEKUCHA, VICTOR or even JOHN GITHONGO we elect as president, all these so called 'untainted and young' Kenyans will still emerge as bigger dictators than Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki put together. Why? Because we have faulty laws!!!!

What I am saying is; the foremost priority for any Kenyan in this world right now should be to participate fully in the drive towards comprehensive constitutional reforms. There are many provisions that require adjustment in order to make our leaders accountable to us. Everyone agrees the constitution needs to be changed, yet we do not have the eyes to see the very people we want to make accountable are the ones blocking the road to reforms!

Kwani waKenya mtachezewa kama mpira mpaka lini?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The GCG is going nowhere fast. Both Kibaki and Raila got what they wanted with the reshuffle.
For Kibaki, it was to strengthen the pro GEMA/Akamba alliance proponents fronted by Uhuru and Kalonzo, and to send a message to Saitoti and Karua that the establishment does not back their ambitions. Uhuru is now the effective No 3 from the PNU side in Govt after Kibaki and Kalonzo.
For Raila, it is an opportunity to consolidate the Kalenjin conservatives in ODM fronted by the Kosgeis to his side and to undercut Ruto's clout at the same time.
Mourning about Kikuyu this or that is ignorant nonsense and naively disregards political realities. Kaa hivyo hivyo tu. You won't know what hit you when elections are called immediately the constitutional review process, which is about to begin complete with a census, has concluded.

Anonymous said...

Let them focus on Uhuru and forget Kalonzo. For those who wish to know the truth here it is:

The lineup that will face Raila will be headed by Kalonzo assisted by the very able Uhuru and preferably a Kalenjin. Ruto is aware that Raila has sworn to put Ruto behind bars someday and is not sitting down idly. Ruto is therefore desperate to be that Kalenjin to complete the Kalonzo-Uhuru alliance. But the atongoria from GEMA have told him to wash the Kikuyu blood off his hands first. Also, Mzee Moi has been going bananas after hearing that Ruto could potentially link-up with the House of Mumbi. Moi still believes that a Kalenjin going to Kikuyus must pass through him.

As a way of washing off the blood from his hands, Ruto has been telling RV councillors to make this year the year of "Karibu Nyumbani" for the IDPs. Whether that proves enough to rehabilitate him is immaterial, what is material is that the Kalenjins will go to 2012 elections divided down the middle and that is good news for PNU.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pals,
I personally have problem with Uhuru being the Minister for Finance if he is qualified! What I have a problem with is that all these people have to be from one tribe! Does it mean that only Kikuyus have qualified economists, accounts in Kenya? Could this be the way of imbalancing resource distribution to other parts of Kenya?
What qualification does Uhuru have that makes him the boss of Dr Oburu Odinga a PhD in Economics holder, other than being a Kikuyu?

This man uhuru bought machetes to kill innocent kenyans in Naivasha! Now he is in charge of our buying stores, he will arm the Mungiki thugs with guns i say!
This kikuyu supremacy has to end one day!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Let them focus on Uhuru and forget Kalonzo. For those who wish to know the truth here it is:

The lineup that will face Raila will be headed by Kalonzo assisted by the very able Uhuru and preferably a Kalenjin.

Our comment:

Very well said. However, this is only one side of the coin. Could you educate us what will be the policies of this line up, that will match the challenges Kenyans face.

Mai ma Nguku said...

Nyumba ya Mumbi Rules!!!

They will reign over you for more than 100 years to come!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mai ma Nguku(Mavi ya Kuku) said...

"Nyumba ya Mumbi Rules!!! They will reign over you for more than 100 years to come!!!!"

Sorry, Mavi ya Kuku. It is like so:

Nyumba ya Mumbi STEALS!!! na siku za MWIZI ni 40. Your 40 days are almost up. Wezi Nyinyi!!!

Anonymous said...

thank god Chris you have woken up to the plea of most kenyans- since the Anglo leasing corrupt deal then add Grand Regency deal - Kenyans decided that the coalition was of no use
but there to fatten corrupt MP's



Anonymous said...

Kenyans are ready to go on peaceful demonstrations every day to remove the coalition government.. what are we waiting for********

Where all the young educated and intelligent kenyans??

Kenyans are ready to hear a new voice and for a new leader.

forget Raila and Kibaki if Americans chose President Obama a black man!!
then we as Kenyans owe it to ourselves to chose a fresh voice.

Remove the old fools and corrupt MP's

the speaker of the house we hear has been bought sold and delivered.he is no use to the Kenyan people.

We must use PEOPLE power to remove this corrupt coalition government

Anonymous said...

Forget who is popular with the Kenyan ati steadman reported? sincerely do they think that Kenyans are so dump and foolish to support a corrupt coalition government??

Kenyans are waiting for a Kenyans with guts and might to stand up and take the leadership role

the coalition must be removed period the people of Kenya have spoken EVEN on the streets of Kenyans all people are saying they want the coalition out. they didn't vote for a coalition government it was forced onto the kenyan people

Time out: can the brave and mighty stand out to lead our beloved Kenya out of this corrupt coalition government!


Anonymous said...


why don't you stop licking Kibaki's senile ass and face reality?? Kikuyu's like you are sick lot and blind to Kibaki's evil and deadly ways.

All kenyans agree that the Coalition is not working. then you come here with your abuses and pettiness. No wonder Kibaki is a dog without a tail.

He will face the Hague for crimes against Innocent Kenyans citizens or else Kenyans will demand he is done Saddam Husein Style, go tell Kibaki to enjoy the stolen good but it won't be for Long.

wewe shenzi bure sana mavi ya kibaki wewe.

Anonymous said...

Coalition must go.
in order to get rid of the thieving thug Kibaki.

the coalition must go since Raila is not fir to stop the corruption

the coalition must go since the MP's are too greedy to care

the coalition must go because the facts are it is not working

Kenyans are tired- we don't need a coalition we need an election now.

new rules and laws must be put in place. old party are useless we need new parties or independent people in Kenya to remove the old guards from power-

Kenyans it only need a collective voices and grassroots support.

Money we can raise and support an individual that we feel is not corrupt and is willing to stand up to everyone else,
but wait we need to have protection in place for this individual or else
MARTHA KARUA WILL SEND KILLERS FOR THEM- sources now say she was the lead on all the deaths of former MP's.
This Martha Karua is a dangerous women some material proof has surfaced someone taped a conversation at one meeting where Martha Karua was confirming to someone that (she named the MP's) plan was in the works to finish them she says this in her Kikuyu language.
This is bigger than the Waki Report this is a murderer confirming murders before they take place.

Martha Karua must be brought to justice now.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha tehe he he he....... Na siku zaendelea kusonga! am not complaining! Jst like lyk phil nishatosheka!! ati smbody 2 rise? Frm whr watu ni wale wale tu mpende msipende. Na bado?

Anonymous said...

anon11:03 AM

Yes Keep laughing - I guess you are one of those kenyans who look at children dying because of hunger and you look the other way and keep laughing and hoping they die soon!!
shame on you..

People thought Moi would never be voted out but kenyans proofed them wrong-
Do your sincerely think that Kibaki, Raila and their coalition cronies are god?? and that Kenyans can't remove them from Power? and I repeat demonstrating peacefully without bloodshed?? (President Obama will not seat and watch another blood bath by Kibaki and cronies like Bush the senile fool encouraged)-
Raila has also failed.
Kenyans want a change and we will get it by hook or by crock.



Anonymous said...

coalition must go
coalition must go coalition must go
coalition must go
coalition must go coalition must go
coalition must go
coalition must go coalition must go
coalition must go
coalition must go coalition must go
coalition must go
coalition must go coalition must go
coalition must go
coalition must go coalition must go
coalition must go
coalition must go coalition must go


Anonymous said...

anon11:38 AM

I agree with you totally

can you give us some advise on how to go about it?

1. do we go on the streets to demonstrate(i was thinking do it the Thailand style)

2. We need someone kenyans will listen to to lead this movement.

3. Most Kenyans on ground here in Kenya are ready(trust me)

4. How do we us normal kenyans fighting off the corrupt coalition government get world support? since it is the World super powers that gave us a Corrupt coalition Government that Kenyans never voted for?

5. Who will control this corrupt greedy coalition government so that they don't give orders to the police to shoot innocent kenyans demonstrating for their rights??

BY the way talking to Kenyans some are saying their kids are already dying of hunger - and they are ready to remove this coalition corrupt government even if they die while doing it (Steadmans report actually gave a higher figure of 20% kenyans in support of the coalition I would narrow it to 12% kenyans the rest of kenyans are ready to through out the coalition government by force.

Those are some of the some of the question Kenyans are trying to solve then get into action.

Anonymous said...

"One of the greatest benefits of an Obama presidency is hidden in plain sight: the relationship between Michelle and Barack. They provide a great role model of a healthy relationship, at a time when such models are sorely needed."

Source: Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks

"The Obama Relationship: A Major Benefit Nobyd's Talking About."

Anonymous said...

ORENGO for president! The other corrupt, cowardly, status quo idiots must go.

drummer said...

kenyatta was senile in his last days and the government then was run by a clique of his trusted friends...kibaki in his last days is senile and the government now is run by a clique of his trusted friends.....both men detatched from the realities facing the citizenz....both times have episodes of impunity and outright a clique of trusted friends....painful but true...

Anonymous said...


Waache wale wanataka kupigana waende wakapigane.

The Mau Mau fought, the Homeguards ate the fruits.

Matiba fought Moi, Kibaki became the president.

In January 2008 the Luo youth were maimed and killed, now Raila Junior is driving govt Mercedes and screwing Kikuyu beauties.

Let the fools go fight.

As for me and my little sons we will wait and join the winners at the dining table.

Anonymous said...

Kifurki is a stupid leader who will never improve the living conditions of Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

We need a new constitution where the president has no sole power to appoint a minister or any civil servant. Any appointment must be ratified first by a proffessional body and then by parliament.

A person like Kimunya is a big thief which shouldnt have not been allowed into the cabinet. It means a thief appoints a thief. If the PM is silent, then he is also a thief.

Kenyans force the thieves to go home. NeW Elections. Full stop.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the great Hon Amos Kimunya was re-apppointed to the cabinet but sad that he was made trade, not finance minister. That's still great since we need a young intelligent person who can negotiate for us favourable trade terms in an increasingly gloomy, and therefore protectionist, global economy.

How he fleeced the oil-rich Libyans by selling them the Grand Regency at an inflated price of KSh 2.9bn is pure genius when you consider that TPS Eastern Africa, which owns 11 Serena hotels and lodges in East Africa, is worth KSh 5.4bn.

The Kenyan public, in it's infinite cluelessness, actually believes that CBD real estate is extremely valuable. Maybe back in the day but not anymore due to the exodus to Upper Hill and Westy by moneyed investors. When was the last time a moneyed multinational or local company set up HQs in the CBD? The CBD nowadays is only popular with small businesses, especially stalls. To make matters worse, luxury hotel guests prefer quiet places in the leafy suburbs like Windsor or the House of Waine where they can totally unwind instead of CBD noise.

Finally, the great CBK governor Prof Njuguna Ndungu and his former boss the great Hon Amos Kimunya didn't break any law. Where in the Cockar report does it say they broke a law?

We need to stop this lynch mob that has been orchestrated by MPs who don't wonna pay taxes and by the media who don't wonna be prevented from airing adult material in broad daylight.

Obama/Kimunya supporter

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