Thursday, January 08, 2009

Eldoret Dead Bodies Drama: Hilarious But Not Funny

I have been talking about our blundering government a lot in recent times (need I remind you that it is led by our dear beloved blunderer in chief who is commander in chief of all the blunderers and blunders).

If ink was something we used to make posts online, then I would have said the ink had not yet dried on my post when the President made an about turn on the Kenya communications bill he signed only last Friday and ordered the contentious parts to be looked into. managers please help us here with the following question. How much does it cost to make a decision and then make an about turn only a few days later? How much is this little circus costing us as a country?

Anyway the main aim of this post was to attract your attention to another government blunder in Eldoret where the government was caught red-handed trying to secretly bury dead bodies of the post election violence. What is hilarious was the excuse the government pathologist gave to grief-stricken relatives of the dead for his actions. My ribs are still aching in pain since I read this a few hours ago;

But Dr Njue said the measure was temporary, as the bodies would be exhumed once they had been identified and given to their families.

“This is actually not a burial ceremony, but a temporary resting place. The way we are doing it is not like a normal burial ceremony. Even the UN recognizes this as a legitimate way of holding bodies,” he said. Read the full story.

I have said time and again that this government has perfected the art of burying evidence especially in the form of bullet-ridden dead bodies and dead bodies in general. I stand by my figure for the total death toll of the post election troubles (well over 5,000 souls). While agreeing that it is not easy to dispose of thousands of bodies without trace, just remember that we are dealing with experts here and some of the tactics that have been devised include the following;

- Throwing bodies in the vast Nairobi National Park during a drought
- Taking bodies of Mombasa Victims to the Nairobi morgues and Nairobi victims victims to Kisumu.
- Digging mass graves like the one in Eldoret and burying dozens of bodies at a time.
- Other ingenious methods that we will discover with time.

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Anonymous said...

Keep laughing, I gues you have nothing better to do! Do you believe everything the press writes?

Sam Okello said...


What has been going on in Nairobi is that a bunch of crooks were caught red-handed trying to set the stage for another round of rigging in 2012. The plan of course was to pass a law that would legitimize a temporary ban on media coverage as Kibaki's man is hurriedly, and in a sea of blood, sworn in as president. That these poeple can attempt something like this must give us all pause. Is this their way of warning us that they'll never accept the verdict of Kenyans?

One man we must all watch and stop his immaturity and idiocy is Uhuru Kenyatta. This spoilt brat thinks he can grab all of us by the tail and force his presidency down our throats. I say so because it is clear that the shameful events of the past few months have been schemed to help him become president. The big fear at the State House of course is that a man or woman may become president...who will surrender the Waki culprits to the Hague. How best to forestall such an eventuality than by passing the mantle to Uhuru, a proven tribal chauvinist, a man whose claim to leadership is based on the fact the he was a lucky sperm. He will do all he can to protect the killers and rapists, after all, he was one of them.

As Kenyans, we will have to work hard to elect the leaders we want, then ensure that our democracic voice is not subverted this time round. If the evildoers end up carrying the day fraudulently in 2012, there will be no Kenya for them to rule.

Anonymous said...

Ms Alice Mumbi: Kwa nini serikali inatufanya hivi? Sijashindwa kuzika mtoto wangu. Wanazika mtoto wangu ndani ya karatasi kwani siwezi kununua jeneza?" (Why is the Government mistreating us? I am not unable to bury my child. Why should they bury my child in a polythene bag? Does it mean I can not afford a coffin?"

Chief Government Pathologist Moses Njue: The measure is temporary, as the bodies would be exhumed once they had been identified and given to their families. This is actually not a burial ceremony, but a temporary resting place....

This is a panua Government at its ""best." KAZI IENDELEE, KAZI IENDELEE

Sam Okello said...

Are these Kibaki things really blunders?

Anonymous said...

Moi failed for too much governing and too much meddling in the running of the country. Kibaki is failing for too little governing and little meddling in the running of the country

Anonymous said...

Tone down your emotional outbursts against Uhuru if you intend to be a presidential candidate in 2012. Emotional Luo-type ethnocentric outbursts are not the way to get countrywide votes. Emulate the coolness of Obama.

Anonymous said...

A Kibaki presidency:

* Eldoret dead bodies drama...

* Mungiki rascals chopping of their own tribesmens necks like their is no tomorrow.

* Hands off, ears plugged, eyes closed, legs locked pumbavu kind of leadership.

* STEALING the elections of Dec 2007 and denying the people their true choice of President.

* The very public and embarrasing public marital wrangles of Lucy and Narc activist wambui (Kibaki's second wife)

* The artur gangsters causing mayhem all over the place and screwing Kibaki's daughter (Winnie wa Mwai)

I could go on. Let me stop there.

Mkenya said...

Ave never been so pissed.But at least washikwe doing what they have been doing all along-Kiliing people and burrying them-remember the countless young men who just vanished??
I agree Chris-toll is over 5000+ and going by what happened jana,alot of peeps are burried in alot of places-in water included.Its a shame,but who cares-wacha wale wanataka kuzikana wazikane!!

Anonymous said...

James Orengo said he would resign from govt (and probably divorce his Kikuyu wife) if the Media Bill was signed into law. The Bill was signed and he has done neither. What a bastard!!!!

Chris said...

It is with great sadness that Kumekucha has to announce that it is withdrawing from the internet with immediate effect.

In these difficult financial times it has become impossible to justify this blog's continued presence in what has always been a very expensive arena of competition. Kumekucha has always found taking part in the internet to be a powerful and authoritive voice to reckon with, but, in the current economic climate, we have realised that this is essentially nonsense and it's time to stop spunking money away on embarrassing failure in the public eye.

Once again thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

anon 2:21 AM

More embarrassing blunders, theater of the absurd and tragi-comedies are coming. Kibaki is a literal factory of them.

Anonymous said...

dear all,
there are some aspects of the ICT bill that are irritant. What was that clause on ringtones and passwords again? amazing people! What was the drafters intention if I may ask? can someone enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

what does sam okello and a dog have in common?
apart from a foreskin, its the idol worship of the master (read molasses raila) and the sheer loath of anyone that the master dislikes (read hon. uhuru). and like a faithful dog, he barks to draw attention and enjoys mating seasons.....

need i say more???

chris, go ahead and close this garbage dumb site....

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:14 AM, Ukweli inakuuma sana. You appear to be among the people who enjoy living a LIE e.g the Kibaki won fair and square nonsense. Sorry more truths will come bursting forth in your face ala this hilarious Eldoret dead bodies drama. Chief Government Pathologist Moses Njue's response to this tragic comedy was vintage panua craziness.

Your idol and object of worship (Kibaki) is a THIEF, A SERIAL BLUNDERER and a very WEAK and INDECISIVE poor slob of an individual.

Chris, Keep it up with Kumekucha. it is excellent and always gives us the truth. Let those who hate the truth go hang themselves ... oh! i forgot, they can offer their necks to their fellow mungiki tribesmen to do what they do best with their fellow tribesmens necks: CHOP THEIR HEADS OFF!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello is a faggot!

Anonymous said...

Just the other day, all you panua mongrels were full of praise for Sam Okello. Now you call him a faggot! What happened?

Anonymous said...

3.14, how dare you compare a dog with Sam Okello. A dog is a clever animal, man's best friend Sam Okello is a faggot!

Joe the choma man said...

Not many other African countries are lead by PhDs-in fact apart from Kenya i can't think of any other recent example-this is part of the reason why Kenya is the true success story of Africa and the peace we are experiencing is just one of the many benefits that comes from coalition governance which by the way has never been carried out successfully before us on this continent of ours

you asked how much does it cost to make a decision and about turn only a few days later?surely a philanthropic guy such as yourself should not worry about that because your taxes pay for these decisions as well as commissions of enquiries,published reports,chaired committees, boards, and of course the legislative. I know you are not legally trained Chris but try to understand please-your charity is helping this country in more ways than you can imagine

please don't throw away your life- you are a rich man, kwanini unataka kupigana na wale wanataka kupigana?if there is something wrong with this country its with the people that think there is something wrong in this country, otherwise if you're not looking for trouble it won't find you

Enjoy the new year and stop thinking we are like America-we have 22 more years to develop in 2030

clemo said...

Am ashamed at times to call myself a kenyan!instead of discussing the real motive as to why the gava decides to accord some of our poor brothers and sisters such an indecent burial as the Eldoret one,some people come here to start calling others names.i really pity your parents.if you were my child i would nyorosha you mpaka ujikojolee!am sorry for using such strong words but surely some people need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Chris comment

'our dear beloved blunderer in chief who is commander in chief of all the blunderers and blunders'

our comments;

during the reign of the so blunderer, free education was provided both in pry and sec, the economy was revitalised from -ve growth to 7%, KCC, KMC and other dead public companies were turned into profit making companies, nairobi was transformed to a beautiful city from the dumpster it had become, agriculture, tourism, and all other sectors grew at double digit rate, tax collection quadrupled....

can i go on...

then enters molassses raila with his bandwagon of 40 thieves through bloodshed...

the results are self evident...

so chris who is the fat mother of blunders?????

Ans: the bumpkin of bondo, weighing 300 pounds in the blood red corner, with square face.....molasses amollo tinga raila aka circumcision season whistle blower

Anonymous said...

anon 4:55 AM, you are free to post your delusions of reality here but the REAL BLUNDERER IN CHIEF is your object of worship and adoration - Kibaki the thief.

This is the "substance" of a Kibaki presidency(this will be very painful to your eyes but it is the truth. Your fairy tales of economic utopia growth are at best HOGWASH):

* Eldoret dead bodies hilarious drama...

* Mungiki rascals chopping of their own tribesmens necks like their is no tomorrow. This festival of Kikuyu's chopping off their own fellow Kikuyu's necks is bound to recur in in the near future. Just recently they were upto these neck chopping antics in Kibaki's backyard of Othaya. PHEW!!

* Hands off, ears plugged, eyes closed, legs locked pumbavu kind of leadership.

* STEALING the elections of Dec
2007 and denying the people their true choice of President.

* The very public and embarrasing public marital wrangles of Lucy and Narc activist wambui (Kibaki's second wife)

* The artur gangsters causing mayhem all over the place and screwing Kibaki's daughter (Winnie wa Mwai)

e.t.c, e.t.c..........

Anonymous said...

in 64 activist year of molasses raila son of a man who died dreaming of presidency,

what has he done for Kibera or Luo's???

just circumcision and illusions year in year out. his followers have remained poor as he loots spektre limited from the public and shows off in helicopters and of a liberator...

jaluo ni jaluo tu!!!

talk talk and no substance...

Anonymous said...

anon 5:39 AM go to a fellow Kyuk and have your neck chopped off Mungiki style.

Anonymous said...

William Ruto donate land for mass burial of the kiambaa church massacre kweli Kenya kuna mambo!! and an idot gov pathologist tell us it's a temporary burial and they will be exumed once they are positively identified kweli hii sarakasi ya KIbaki itaisha lini.

Anonymous said...

ukweli mtupu

jaluo ni jaluo tu!!!

talk talk and no substance...

Sam Okello said...


Let it be made clear that there can be no more rigging in Kenya. This is not about Kukuyu or Luo or Kalenjin or any such rubbish as some folks here always want to reduce our discussions to. This is about the integrity of an electoral process. We know the games some people are trying to play. As Kenyans we must all join hands in saying: Never again!

Chris, let me plead ignorance os aspects of this Eldoret saga. Why is it that those bodies have not been biried a year later?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:01 AM, you seem to think that everyone making comments that pain, depress and break your heart is a Luo. No, you are barking (nyef, nyef, nyef) up the wrong pair of trousers. I, for one, am not a Luo and I Know many other Kenyans from different tribes from mine who share the same opinion. We are Just calling a spade a spade...

If you are really honest with yourself, you will realize that you dug yourselves into this hellhole that you find very uncomfortable and unpleasant. You are just reaping what you have planted... We refuse to tell your emperor that he is smartly dressed when he is STARK NAKED with all his ugliness exposed.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, I just wonder if Raila rigged the election (assuming ODM did not rig 2007 election), or will rig in 2012, will you say NO more rigging EVER again?

Sam Okello said...

anon 6:30 am,

like i have said, this is not about tribes. This is about the integrity of an eletoral process in Kenya. Neither Raila, nor Uhuru, nor Kalonzo, nor Ruto must be allowed to rig an election. period. Whoever rigs an election must not be allowed to govern.

By the way, where did this thing about Raila rigged come from? I find it tragic that some folks would repeat a lie so many times till they come to believe it. Truth is, Raila was robbed of victory. There are very few folks who have chosen to bury their heads in the sand, folks who still refuse to recongnize the pain of going through life under the burden of an illegitimate government. These are the same people who will bury their heads deeper should a man of their liking be rigged in. To such folks, democracy means quat. Kenya would be better if they were not born.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Kenya is Kenyans themslves they think they are smart or eductated just because the attended school or universities localy teaching 19 century british curriculum Kenyans need exposure and they should stop believing the strash the media in Kenya write, they need proper training in objectivity and relevance. why can the media report on the drought and famine raveging NEP.DR Njue the gov pathologist in eldoret tell alot about the education system in kenya eti we will exume them after positive identification how will that work with bodies 6fts under

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello you are an idiot. Krigleir's commission unearthed some serious and blatant rigging by ODM. Can you explain how ODM came to have 110% votes in Maragwa, a constituency in Central Kenya?

Anonymous said...

Where is Kwale to give these people lesson 101?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sam Okello,

"find it tragic that some folks would repeat a lie so many times till they come to believe it. Truth is, Raila was robbed of victory."

(This is for those panua mongrels who think so tribally: before you quickly jump to the erroneous conclusion that I am a Luo I would like to dissapoint you, I am a Kenyan who comes from Coast province)

Kibaki STOLE the elections to impose this kind of leadership back on us:

This is the substance of a Kibaki presidency:

* Eldoret dead bodies hilarious drama...

* Mungiki rascals chopping of their own tribesmens necks like their is no tomorrow. This festival of Kikuyu's chopping off their own fellow Kikuyu's necks is bound to recur in in the near future. Just recently they were upto these neck chopping antics in Kibaki's backyard of Othaya. PHEW!!

* Hands off, ears plugged, eyes closed, legs locked pumbavu kind of leadership.

* STEALING the elections of Dec
2007 and denying the people their true choice of President.

* The very public and embarrasing public marital wrangles of Lucy and Narc activist wambui (Kibaki's second wife)

* The artur gangsters causing mayhem all over the place and screwing Kibaki's daughter (Winnie wa Mwai)

e.t.c, e.t.c.......... More blunders and theaters of the absurd from the blunderer in chief are coming soon. GUARANTEED!

Anonymous said...

Sam, what did you have for lunch?

Anonymous said...

Kibaki STOLE the election and he will be with you for the next four years Upende Usipende!
You either remove him, take him to court or SHUT UP!!

Be prepared, Kalonzo WILL succeed Kibaki upende usipende!!

Sam Okello said...

anon 7:15,

It's a shame that decent folks have to share the space we call Kenya with you. But listen, we will be glad to let people like you enjoy the fruits of our labor once we fully democratise Kenya. I hope when you experience real democracy, you'll realize that you've lived in a cage all these years.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, anon 7.15. I gave you an option, you either remove Kibaki, take him to court or SHUT UP!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:15 AM, you will personally in future come to regret your remarks, and as sam just told you, you will realise, when your eyes finally open, that you have been living in a cage all these years while thinking you were free. It will be a very TRAUMATIZING experience for you.

You will realise that you were behaving like a blind boy in a dark room chasing a black cat that was not there in the first place.

Paulo said...

In relation to the Electronic Transactions section, the following is what scares me most.

84D Any person who publishes or transmits or causes to be published in electronic form, any material which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest and its effect is such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied therein, shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding two hundred thousand shillings or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or both.

So I guess there was no special consideration given to sex in the champagne room.

Limiting, or in this case ‘blocking’, electronic access to the trappings of Eros is not good. Today, Kenyans are a very busy lot. Life is fast paced and consequently, less time is set aside for the thunder between the sheets. Very soon, folks will be totally bored of sex altogether….so no babies….so no society.

To ensure our society survives, we must find urgent and responsible measures to increase The Appetite. I think the best idea so far is the midnight public screening of “Boris The Jack Hammer”.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.40, this anon 7.15 again. I say it again,
Kibaki STOLE the election and he will be with you for the next four years Upende Usipende!
You either remove him, take him to court or SHUT UP!!


Sayra said...


You don't have to always shout at how Kibs is not measuring up, more so knowing we stuck with him for the next 4yrs. How abt for a change offer him solutions and ways to get out of the hole? At least down memory lane in decades to come some will say that Chris of KK offered a solution (even if Kibs won't listen).

And are you aware that complaining and always talking abt ur issues (which means you are aware they exist) does not move you forward ... meaning your moving backwards. Do you know that?

Solutions Man, solutions is what we need.

papa plus said...

Sam let me answer this one for you;

YES! If Raila or kalonzo or whomever rigs elections we should repudiate these actions full stop.

The problem is that we have gotten sopolarized that everything has to be looked at through PNU/ODM lens.

Someof us just want proper governance.

It seems to me that ODM is finding out that on balance it was a mistake to join the GNU. Short of having a GNU as a transition GK, They should have let Kibaki form his PNU GK and then prepare for the next elections. Win it and then investigate any illegal activities and bringsuits against such agents. Otherwise they are hog tied to whatever mess goes on under this GK;much of it am sad to say they are calpable. This idea ofleading from the tail; you pass a law without reading it and then have an emergency about doing things in the opposite way namely, have a meeting to discuss this law and then make an informed judgement.

Raphael Tuju said...

Yes Kibaki STOLE the election and you are stuck with him for the next 4 years!!!
Now go KILL yourselves!!!! bastards!

sereast said...

I am a disappointed Kenyan. I have been doing some soul searching to find out whether we truly are inferior or its part of a ploy by the evil European genius who came up with this idea so as to keep us down as a race.

My search has led me to read great works from people like Dr Ivan Van Sertima and Dr Henrik Clarke. Others that come on board are Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and presently Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.

What am I trying to say. People like Ivan van Sertima have gone to great depths to prove that Africa is the home of civilization and infact what European fabricated as civilization having started in Greece is nothing but utter rubbish. He has done research and has backed it up with evidence to show that the pyramids in Egypt were indeed built by black Africans. Infact Pharaohs of Nubian nobility were incharge when all this was being done. This is part of history that Europe eliminated from the history books. How many people also know that the worship of one god originated in Africa. Infact art, science, architecture, medicine, mathematics have their roots in ancient Kemet (presently egypt). back then black was a symbol of excellence.

Now folks, you look at what Africa has been reduced to and the kind of leaders we have and this leaves very bitter taste in your mouth. What went wrong. If at one point we ruled the world, how come tables just turned?

With the kind of leadership we have in Kenya, can we really be proud. The Africans in the diaspora (most) are very proud of their roots but the Africans back in Africa are really letting them down.

When will we ever stand up on our own when we have backward leadership almost in every country? Can we get back to where we were or is it a lost course? With the ignorance that am seeing even being spewed on this post do we stand a chance or do we invite our diaspora brothers to come home and take charge?

sereast said...

And BTW when I talk about Africcans in the diaspora, I mean both the ones who were taken as slaves and the present day Africans who migrated in search of opportunity like myself.

chola said...

Till the day Kenyans look at themselves as Kenyans. Kenyans, fingering from political class will go on, no matter how much you lament here in kumekucha, no change will come. You can all stick a maize cob; it may reduce the pain of this Kenyan life trauma. Happy New Year.
The only true change come from you mind and soul. Kenyans should all think Kenyan and forget you sinful tribal smegma.
Voting raila, kibaki, uhuru kalonzo or mwakoli will change zero if you mind and soul will be full of tribal smegma.
Now lets all kneel and pray for tribal smegma sins that his all mighty may redeem us from this evil and not to let our politician to leader in to tribal temptation but deliver us from raping and killing our neighbors and to give our daily ugaly. For ours is Kenyan and thy is the kingdom for ever amen.
Think kenyan

papaplus said...


I have come to the conclusion that ranting on Kumekucha although carthegic will not change much. Action has to be applied. Like minded folks have to work towards something with actions. And am not just talking pro ODM. Indeed many of us will admit that ODM has been ineffective in GK. They'd have done a better job in the opposition. As we speak we have no opposition to speak of. But I digress.What am saying is that unless Iam willing to take someform of action towards getting my country on the path that I want it to be, we shall be rambling here for another 5 years.

ps; this ideas should also incorporate PNU enthusiasts who love their country and are not smoothered by what Chola aptly calls (slippery morning) tribal smegma.

Anonymous said...

Please stop being a kihii behind a computer screen. If Kibaki stole your vote, go and remove him from the presidency and install your choice. Back in January 2008 you gave Kibaki's govt a week to colapse; it is still there a year later.

If you and your kind don't stop being whiners and emotional wrecks, you will not know what hate you in 2012. Kalonzo (supported by Ruto and Uhuru) will teach you grown-up politics.

Anonymous said...

And these ideas should also incorporate ODMites who love their country and are not smoothered by human worship.

Anonymous said...

Ruto is slowly rehabilitating himself in the eyes that matter:
1. A week ago he was preaching the merits of Karibu Nyumbani IDP program to his Kalenjins.
2. Now, he is donating the land to bury the victims of Raila's lunacy in Eldoret

These are the right actions of a man who is repentant and should be encouraged with an eye to forgiving him.

papa plus said...

Anon 11.17
Na hapo umenena.

Anonymous said...

anon5:24 AM

You couldn't have said it any better my friend !!KEEP UP WITH THE GOOD REPORTING ON HERE! I just got new information from your post..



Anonymous said...

Kibaki caught burying the Eldoret church dead(remember mungiki has claimed this atrocities- they were paid by kibaki & his uhuru, martha karua team)

don't kikuyu's have shame?? I knew they are engaged in a incest tradition with their won children...

Now they bury those they kill in mass graves??

Kibaki and his animals must be taught a lesson shezi bure kabisa this murderers should be stopped!!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans !!kenyans! wake up.

we have a murderer in statehouse

kibaki the murderer was trying to busy the kenyans he murdered in mass graves without telling their family members! what!

Emilio mwai Kibaki is a known Murderer!! na nimesema ask me he ordered police to kill my cousin.

Anonymous said...

anon. he ordered to kill your cousin he should have ordered to kill you at a point-close-range too!

Kibaki should wipe-out all ODMites, masscare them and throw them to lake victoria!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki, Michuki, Martha Karua , Uhuru, my question to you is this why are you burying my relatives in mass graves after killing them?? or why won't you let me see if they are really my relatives?? you have refused us to view the bodies, you have refused us to bring in our own specialist to do tests to identify for us our relatives..

Now we here from the mortury attrendands that most of the bodies were flown in from nairobi, nakuru, naivasha and Mt. Elgon in Army Helicopters and dumped at this mortury! who are this dead people?? where are their families ??re they still looking for them..

Kibaki tell Kenyans how many citizens you orddered dead!! kibaki tell kenyans who are this people you are trying to busy in morturies in Eldoret.. what i saw with my eyes are not burned bodies kibaki thise are bodies with no heads some missing the upper torso and only the half part of the legs, some showed no limbs - Kibaki whose bodies are this??

I was there and I saw....
My dear Kenyans wake up it might be your relatives being buried and you have been lied to that they are still in jail!!ask Kibaki , Saitoti, Michuki, Martha Karua, Uhuru whose bodies lie in all this mortuaries...

Kenyans you must care. or else you will forever regret!!

Anonymous said...

anon11:53 AM

You stupid fool punda wewe.. my cousin was a kikuyu was in Nairobi down town when people were demonstrating and the police shot him!! do you for a second think that the police only shot ODM members??( or kibaki had a right to shoot kenyan citizens)

Let me tell you something my friend and I'm speaking for many kikuyu's out the who buried their family members from police bullet wounds..
You can take this message to your murderer called Kibaki!! he will also busy his own children and grand children (payback is a bitch)when we finish with him.. we are very patient!! do you think he will be a president forever!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.01 you took circumsion leave the other day, now that you are a man go remove kibaki now!! bugger wewe. you jaluo shiate born of retarded inherited mother pretending to be a kikuyu.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering how come those bodies haven't been ID'd one year down the line? Surely the bereaved need some closure. I don't buy the Govt pathologist's argument about it being a temporary burial. Yes, temporary burial may be used in case of natural disasters and where there's no refrigeration - which is the preferred method to preserve dead bodies pending ID by relatives. Basic principle is that soil temperature is lower at depth of 1.5m so it's better to bury the bodies temporarily than leave them unrefrigerated. The govt pathologist admitted that many of the bodies are already decomposed to great extent so we can assume that ID will now have to be done using forensics. So, what's taking them so long to do so? I feel sorry for the bereaved coz the pathologist's comments were in bad taste. There's more than meets the eye here.

Anonymous said...

anon12:08 PM

yes you can shout and sink your head in the sand all you want but facts are facts - well if i don't know my father - maybe be you are right my kikuyu mother was a malaya then when she gave birth to me- and maybe by she did umalaya with a Kihii - so what! at least she knew better to educate me- so that i do not blindly worship a murderer like Kibaki just because he is a Kikuyu like my mother- we we ndio shenzi sana - dead is dead Kibaki killed many innocent kenyans one of them was my Kikuyu cousin I will keep repeating it on here until you get it in your dumb skull mpumbavu wewe... no wonder my mother says she is embarrassed being a kikuyu since most kikuyu's this days do not think with their brains but their ass!! like you!!

KIBAKI IS A KILLER, MURDERER THUG AND HE DESERVES TO BER ALIVE PERIOD!! wewe malaya sana you are so used to practicing incest and denying it - anyone who want the facts of Kikuyu's practice incest as a tradition those are facts!!

Anonymous said...

How is it possible to identify bodies when they are six feet under.I thought you need to have the body to check for identifiable features like , finger prints , eyes etc

Anonymous said...

I Just found this information on Jukwaa blog!! what horseshit the USA Ambassador to Kenya is spreading around!!! can he explain why all other world leaders are invited!!( or are they trying to stop RAILA ATTENDING HIS COUSINS OBAMA'S INAUGURATION???????????

Shame shame shame!!


Dominican president to attend Obama inaguration
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US president elect Barack Obama.
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Santo Domingo.- The president’s office has confirmed that president Leonel Fern├índez will travel to Washington DC on January 19th to attend the investiture ceremony for Barack Obama as United States president on the next day. The Dominican president is on the list of Heads of State, Prime Ministers and special guests who have been invited to the ceremony.

As well as Fernández, the presidents of Germany, Argentina, France, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala will be attending, as well as the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, Canada and Jamaica.

read the story in the nation and standard papers!!

Envoy to represent Kenya in Obama inauguration

Updated 2 hr(s) 35 min(s) ago

By Peter Opiyo and Kepher Otieno

No official delegation will attend the inauguration of Barack Obama as US President .

The US Embassy in Nairobi said only Kenya’s ambassador to the US Peter Ogego would represent the country at the ceremony.

According to US practice, Ogego may be accompanied by his spouse.

"In keeping with past practice, the chiefs of diplomatic missions in Washington and their spouses are invited to represent their countries at the inauguration," said a statement from the US Embassy.

The statement said no other foreign delegations from any country have been invited.

Anonymous said...

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papa plus said...

Listen folks, you can't have savages, be they PNU/ODM or ZANU-PF, partakingin what should otherwise be a day of celebration. No one in their right minds wants to lay down with dogs least they catch some fleas. In anycase, the inauguration is for mature civilized adults.

Godfrey said...

No official delegation will attend the inauguration of Barack Obama as US President

Very good! A civilized society like the United States should never entertain current Kenyan leaders:
- ethnic clashes
- corruption
- torture and disappearances
- secret burials
- etc, etc, etc

eddlove said...

Why is it that ODM people think that they are still not in government. They try to blame all wrong doing on PNU. Its just sad. When the country almost went hungry due to Ruto's mismanagemnt they never spoke it was better that thye die of hunger. When Marende and Okemo rallied Mps not to pay tax they didnt single them out as poor leaders. This is a coalition Govt and responsiblity of all its members.

Anonymous said...

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