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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Amazing Contrasts

accident victims - reckless abandon vs reckless abandonment

This Nation article is of two accidents, in the first reported accident, the victims are relatives of high profile personalities. Even as I wish them recovery from their injuries I am unable to turn away from the fact that that these young fellows are quite friendly with one another, and were injured coming from one party in all probability headed to another driving some fairly decent vehicles. Luckily the victims managed to get assistance and access to medical facilities rather quickly and hopefully they are on the way to a quick recovery.

This is quite in sharp contrast to the fierce relationship or rather acrimony of the political supporters of their relatives playing political power games who even today are ready to kill each other at the drop of a hat. The supporters are hard working citizens barely able to put food on their table let alone own a luxury car to flash from "partey to partey"

Which brings me to the second accident mentioned rather low key in the second part of the article, this involved some IDPs (ah yes the very same political supporters or victims of the senior relatives mentioned earlier). These were a group of people bunched or huddled together into a probably not so luxury government vehicle, ostensibly headed to inspect a possible new area to relocate and resettle. Note that these IDPs have been living in deplorable conditions with poor basic hygiene.

In this accident one of the IDPs tragically lost their life. We neither know his/her name but we (thanks to the media) can probably list all three names, dates of birth, favorite pets, etc of the first set of victims.

I Owe You vs Let me Awe You

In this other Standard article we get a chance to look at understanding that if MPs were to pay their taxes, they should remit 200,000 a month instead of 60,000 a month. Kudos to the MP for demonstrating steadfastness.

In contrast lets break this down by comparing to another well known but largely inconspicuous group. Teachers. After agitating for a 200% increase almost 10 years ago in 1998 (yes during Moi time and probably long overdue) which was agreed to be implemented over a 10 year period the current total wage bill is about 75b a year. There is about 500,000 teachers. Therefore on average each of these educators interacting ¾ of the year with, and shaping the minds of the future (sometimes called leaders) of Kenya earn about 150,000 a year. Yes people, these teachers earn in a whole year far much less than what an MP should remit in taxes for a month. In fact to be exact, the balance of tax due from the MPs (140,000) per month, which they are refusing with, is the amount a teacher earns a year. And there is 200+ MPs


The contrasts or ironies are many and these are but a few examples. These contrasts would in all fairness be understandable in free enterprise where professionals, entrepreneurs and businesss compete and prosper. However, a significant number of these actors are perhaps suspiciously fairly close to the (offices, corridors, kitchens, etc of ) public coffers.

Let us pay more attention, to how over the years, we have let way too many issues, slowly get uncontrollably out of hand and lets begin, difficult as it may be, to work collectively towards fixing what we can. Let us properly honor and recognize the trades and skills that will steadily help build this nation, return integrity into the institutions meant to serve us, and restore pride in the many skills, talents, trades and professions so widely prevalent in Kenyans, while at the same time work to curb the fiduciary / pecuniary excesses of public officers/figures and institutions. ..... just a thought .....


Sayra said...

Your Excellency,

Very well put.

Many times the ironies of life hurt more than you can ever imagine and sometimes you can't help but wonder why?

But when you look at it deeply you can't fail to see the contributions you could have made to some of these circumstances. Either by been silent when you should not be or by letting things go when you should not. Or out of acting in a selfish manner you let things get bad for a short-term gratification ignorant of the outcome and the consequences some years down the road.

One thing we need to be aware of as Kenyans is that Kenya belongs to us not to the politicians ... and only then we'll we take charge.

One of the basics of life is "Know thyself". I have reasons to believe that many of us don't have a clue to who we are reason why we will accept crap from a few ... who will gladly take us to the dogs in a flash. And good people we have the power to stop them.
Another one is "Love your neighbour as you love thyself". I love myself reason why am capable of loving my neighbour. Many don't love themselves they therefore can love their neighbours ... reason why they will steal from them, injure and kill them and still afford to sleep.

We need to go back to the basics of life and work collectively to fixing what we can. Kenyan belongs to us not to the dogs.

Vikii said...

These are actually very interesting comparisons that raise some important questions.

About the accidents, the first one will, in all likelihood, sadly, explode into a press frenzy yet it has everything to do with irresponsible DUI. Hundreds of people die on the Kenyan roads due to conditions out of their control and if they are lucky, their stories appear on page 17 of the dailies. But I guess, it's a fulfillment of that fundamental truism that some animals are more equal than others.

On matters taxes, I have argued elsewhere that we are seeking to treat the symptoms and not the cause here. We are wrongly obsessed with how much taxes MPs pay as opposed to how much 'illegal' allowances they give themselves and how to stop them doing that. Now I understand they have backed down and agreed to pay the taxes. Are we so naive as to believe they are not scheming to cater for that deficit through more crazy allowances? The solution lies with the abolishment of the Parliamentary Service Commission to curb limitless allowances, not merely taxing those allowances.

Our teachers, just like the policemen, wardens and many other lowly folks definitely deserve better pay. We do not have to compare them with politicians because we place completely different expectations on their wallets, but we all agree we can pay them better. We can afford to. All we need is political
resolve. Maybe someone shoud cultivate that PDQ.

Pathfinder said...

UrXlnc…thanks for posting this “eye opener” articles am sure many will read the papers today but they have no sensitivity to feel this injustice and inequality.

Dalai lama said “There can be no peace as long as there is grinding poverty, social injustice, inequality, oppression, environmental degradation, and as long as the weak and small continue to be trodden by the mighty and powerful.”

After reading the Daily Nation article, can we still say there is no social injustice and inequality in our country? Guys wake up there will be no peace in this country, your mother land, as long as we are silent and this scenario is repeated now and again.

If we don’t stand up and stop this injustice and inequality then today it is the Internal refuges and the poor who are feeling the heat and tomorrow it is either you or me or both of us.

M-Pesa said...

It's only when Kenyans free themselves from the bondage of tribal chieftains that we as a people can be totally free and rational. I understand that the guys were coming from Alfajiri near Citizen TV, which I hear is owned by.... Michuki's son. The joke as I've said on us!

sereast said...

Sober article and sober comments so far. Am glad the ignorant have decided to spew that crap elsewhere, now I see some progressive debates here on KK.

There are only two tribes in Kenya, the haves and have nots. The haves wine and dine together at night, their kids screwing and intermarrying each other and play power games in the daylight to fool the have nots so as to kill and rape each other in the hope of elevating them even higher in the pecking order. Its all power games and this is what will destroy this country unless the have nots stand in unison and the constant pawns in the power wars of these politicians.

sereast said...

*unless the have-nots stand up in unison and not be the constant pawns in the power games of these politcians.

On another note, do you see what MPs earn? Ksh 888,266.65 ($ 12,690 * 12 = $152,275 p.a) gross and only pay Ksh 53,932 in taxes? U.S senators earn $165,200 p.a and obviously pay taxes on that. Infact they release their return for public viewing and scrutiny.

Let there be an independent body to revise the salaries of this lazy fellows down by half and on top of that they need to be taxed.

Sam Okello said...

Fantastic article.

The other side of the coin is this. Can all Kenyans live like the tycoons who were out partying last night? The answer of course is no. What we must ask for is that our government make it possible for as many Kenyans as possible to move up from poverty to the middle class or better.

These kids belong to what I've alsways called The Lucky Sperm Club. They know zero about the challenges of life, and yet when the time comes Kenyans will want them to lead! Am I wrong? Look first we had Jaramogi and now we have Raila. First we had Jomo and now we have Uhuru. First we had Daniel and now we have Jonathan and the other Mois.

As long as we carry on with this hereditary leadership, things will never change.

Which is why the other day I asked...With an electorate like the one we have in Kenya, who needs an enemy?

Anonymous said...


Should it be your husband you should be calling "Your Excellency" and not some buffon you meet on the internet?

Phil's Mistress

M-Pesa said...


"..Lucky Sperm Club.."

That cracked me up!

I would call them pampered, rich, spoiled, little brats and Uhuru just happens to be the leader of the pack. These guys don't have a clue about tarmacking for jobs till smoke bellows from the soles of your shoes. They have never been inside a matatu and don't have a clue where River Rd is. It's all about chauffers and butlers. Dinner means lobsters, shrimps, caviar and Bolinger champagne. Meanwhile, as Tom, Dick and Harry descend on each other with machetes and rungus in the name of their rich dads, the kids are busy "banjuka-ing" in Cape Town.

Anonymous said...

One advantage of wealth is that it gives you relatively more freedom than poverty.....Rich kids are more likely to do want they want even if that means fraternizing with the 'enemy' camp.
Their parents to do mix but for different reasons, mostly business....
It is accepted human nature to want to be powerfull and elite, and the political class will naturally find themselve in a seperate 'space' from the a rich guy You really don't want to hang around guys who will be needing a 'loose' 100 bucks for busfare so naturally the political class will find each other better company than mingling with the common man.
make no mistake about it rivalry still exist it may not be tribal but it exist...its not a happy go lucky bed of roses situation. Problem is this will continue because majority 'ordinary ' people aspire to that exclusivity too, even some with half the money and connections tend to act as if they belong so its not dying soon.
like the ad says; 'status, you will hate it if you don't have it.'
It is an unusual human being who will break the mold, but that does no meean that all moneyed people will forget the poor..

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Well put, what troubles me in this whole saga is that these spoilt brats could have been driving under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately enough they rammed into each other. It would have been a different story if they had hit a pedestrian or another motorist. The consequences and contrasts would have been even more pronounced.
Alcohol is the single most important cause of accidents on kenyan roads and yet of all the newspapers that reported this accident, none even questioned the state of the "young thugs"
Now how do these our so called "leaders" come to tell us to be carefull on our roads something they cannot even teach their own kids.
As for the tax thing no need talking about it. Its not only annoying but very primitive of our MPs. Nowhere in this world will you get anything for free. They are just lying to themselves and very soon mother reality will down upon them.


Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
E-CHANGE said...

yet again your name does not belie the quality of your posts-this is an excellent blogging and thank you for it

Unfortunately in this country the nouveau riche ARE the ethnic political elite who can rightly be described as the main corruption element of this society

Its not always clear how they acquired their wealth;however, its this economic endownment that they hereditarily pass onto their offspring who have grown up with a misplaced sense of entitlement-the world is not enough and to them the world is a stage and life is but a play and they forever remain grown-up children stuck in second childhood. This is the failing of their parents who should have explained to their children that in life the more you have then the more you have to answer for.

moving on to pay or emolument-after food and hunger this is the most contentious issue in kenya, one that is surely likeley to cause riots and strikes and all kinds of life&work stoppages in the days&months ahead to come

Kenya is the 22nd poorest country in the world and more than half the population live under $1 a day and yet ironically it is endowed with ABUNDANT natural resources-look, you can't be poor in Kenya all you have to do is invite foreigners to come and STARE at our country and you will earn money for TOURISM. so why are we poor?

Incompetence-and lack of ability to provide equal access to the same opportunities for all, not to mention skewered distribution of resources in favour of ethnic alignments and OLD MODELS OF GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT FIT FOR 1970 ECONOMY AND POPULATIONS

No need to cry me a river stupid-all that is needed is political WILL and this lame african tiger will ROAR again. have you ever seen a lion go hungry staring at food&the promise of eating?

As you said Urxlnc Let us properly honor integrity and hard work and shun fake politics and false entitlement

Kwale said...

Thanks Urxlnc for this well thought and moving article.
This is what Kenyans should be fighting for – equality and fair treatment, and not killing each other in the name of politicians!

The gap between rich and poor is the product of the social system. Many people like to blame poverty on the poor, some blame genetics, arguing that the poor are actually genetically inferior, others argue that the poor are simply uneducated, or that they lack the self control to save instead of spending.

All of these arguments are wrong. There have been numerous studies looking at the intelligence and behavior of the poor. The general conclusion is that the poor are a product of their environment and nothing else. The poverty problem originates in our social system; our laws, our economic structure and the way capital in our system is distributed.

So, that leads us to the next question how do we close the gap between the rich and the poor? I think the entire system really needs overhaul re-structuring. Currently the wealth of the nation is concentrated on 10% of the population which has ranked Kenya as one of the most unequal society. (I believe it's the third or so most unequal society in the world after India and Brazil)

To reform such a system you need a well-balanced redistribution of wealth. This could mean harsh inheritance (death) tax, perhaps as high as 90% of inheritance. A less radical way to reform the system would be to tax the rich more, but at not on high level. Also we should have a minimum wage structure which should contain government subsidies so that it does not hurt the private firms and companies, or else it will result in high inflation which can force companies to shut down warehouses and other workstations, causing even further unemployment.
Besides robust distribution system, there should be a change in our criminal laws, a change in the way military and Mps funding is spent (and how much of it is spent) and there must be greater spending on education, housing and medical care.

I should like say briefly about Mahatma Gandhi's views on poverty and injustice.
The two supreme values for Gandhi were truth and nonviolence. One of his greatest insights was to understand that violence was linked to poverty and injustice, which are sometimes now referred to as structural violence. He opposed poverty and injustice because to do so was a pre-condition for peace, at the same time he was against violence.

Kwale said...

This caught my attention,
"Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s son and first President Jomo Kenyatta’s grandson were on Thursday injured in road accident in Nairobi…The group had been at a popular entertainment spot in Kilimani up to about 3am when they left to regroup in town."

Seems these people irrespective of their ethnicity are enjoying themselves, while some stupid folks are at each others throat here at Kumekucha and in the slums. Kikuyu/Luo rivalry looks like it doesn't exist among the rich.

Anonymous said...

you all seem to miss the fact that the number plates of the mercedes that molasses son was driving was promptly removed for the obvious reason that it was a GK!!!

Duh, where are the investigators who sell us raw notes at KK? sleeping on the job? how can molasses give his young son a public fueled car to go binge and screw????

Corruption at its best!!!

Anonymous said...

The rich patch up their difference and make-up after falling out what we need is to educate our people not to harm or kill fellow poor kenyan in the name ethnic chieftains and tribal waRloads like Kibaki and Odinga. wHere are the thugs that rob poor kenyans they should target these intoxicated rascal running amok in our city entertainment joins and get what is rightly theirs back period.

papa plus said...

See I took a completely different view from this story. At first I was glad that they did not sustain any serious injuries. And then I was glad that the scions of Kenyatta and Odinga can party and have fun together. I think it would be a brilliant idea to have these two young men become ambassadors of peace and reconcialliation in Kenya. They should tour the country together to promote unity and heal the country. I think they will have more success than the strained and pained and un natural spector of Raila and Kibaki together. These two boys could share a beer together and interact naturally.
Just a thought.

Taabu said...

I am not sure the juveniles would communicate effectively with Kenyans except themselves. They are far removed fro the average and the only thing they share with the rest is geographical accident called Kenya.

That said the accident revelas what ails the rulling elite. Leadership from the front and by example is acutely scarce. Mark you those brats don't use paper money and they are not accountable by any measure on what they spend.

Leaves you wondering whether to remain human and sympathize or shout SERVES YOU RIGHT.

PS: 20 comments and counting no trivia. What a marvelous strict fidelity to the topic. Keep it up folks.

Singa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Otieno said...

Subject: Taxation of Members of Parliament

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well, I am ok.
This morning I moved to the High Court Kenya and filed a petition on behalf of myself seeking legal redress on a matter that I know is close to the hearts of many of you, and that is the continued refusal by our Members of Parliament to pay tax on their salaries and allowances.
Every so often, a bold Minister for Finance introduces the provision in the National Budget to have MP’s taxed and in all these occasions, MP’s have ganged up to have that provision removed from the Finance Bill. We know for a fact that our MP’s are some of the highest paid parliamentarians in the world and, of course, I don’t have to tell you that they are most unproductive too.
If MP’s were taxed at a rate of say 30 percent, the government would raise in excess of a quarter billion shillings, this is not chopped liver, it can go a long way in alleviating some of the pressing social and economic issues in Kenya today. On issues of tax, more often than not, it’s not the quantum amount that one pays rather it’s the principle.
In my petition, which is before Justice Nyamu, I seek orders to compel KRA not to levy any taxes on my salary and allowances. Instead I will have the deductions deposited in an escrow account managed by the High Court of Kenya until such a time that matter is determined. I also want a constitutional court to declare section 5 read together with section 2 of the National Assembly Remuneration Act Chapter 5 of the Laws of Kenya null and void as they infringe on my fundamental human rights contrary to sections 82 (1), (2), (3), (4), 70(a) and 74(a) 1.
To avoid the legal jargon, I basically want the salaries and allowances of MP’s and other constitutional office holders (judges, the Attorney General, Commissioners of the Public Service Commission etc) to be subjected to tax under the Income Tax Act.
Friends, herein lies the challenge, by targeting MP’s, the same bullet will hit other constitutional office holders critical to the determination of my petition i.e. judges, and that is why I send you this appeal.
I would like you to spread the word on my behalf to all your friends and relatives regarding this petition. I have attached the press release which we sent out to the media this morning, you are at liberty to sambaza it far and wide even overseas if you can to our brothers and sisters in the diaspora.
For those of you who feel touched by my petition, come, be enjoined in the petition, lets fight from the frontlines together. Those who have expertise that can help us with the campaign please feel free to email myself or my advocate, Ashford who is copied on this email.
If you are a lawyer and you think you can add value to the petition please feel free to come forward with your suggestions we are more than willing to have a sit-down and share with you.
If you are tech-savvy, and use online social networks such as Facebook, please spread the press release to your friends there.
Most importantly, the more people get enjoined in the petition the better as it will show the level of public interest and put pressure on the courts to fair and impartial even though they are going to have their salaries and allowances taxed.
In the meantime I will be going before Justice Nyamu tomorrow morning at 9.00am if you can find time please come we need all the company we can get.
Have a great day,
Kind regards,

Michael Otieno

Anonymous said...

This is the way and the solution to our problems see

Anonymous said...


If you post a crap post you get crap comments. quite simply this is why we are not having crap comments here becoz this post is not crap or your kind of hallucinations.

Anonymous said...

Papa Plus,

What do these people have in common?

Fidel Odinga

James Orengo

Chris aka Kumekucha
...and many others.

…they have all married girls from that "tribe"! Maybe they should all go out and bring healing and reconciliation to our country.

kalamari said...

Archbishop Desmond Tutu (the man who was expeditiously chased out of Kenya at the beginning of this year) has joined Raila Odinga, Zuma, Rice and Morgan Tsvangirai in asking Mugabe to leave power immediately.

Meanwhile, a few political stalwarts here in KK are waiting for acclamations from the essentially defunct African Union. In their minds, the sovereignty of Zimbabwe (read Mugabe administration) is of utmost importance and must be accorded deserved respect. With cholera in the streets and way over 250,000,000% inflation, they, like Mbeki still want to sit down in a conference room to understand Mugabe and the problems of his country. Fellas, the people of Zimbabwe are living in extraordinary times…. it’s only extraordinary measures that will see them through. These jamaas need all the help and support they can get.

I know Kibaki is a gentleman and will therefore not be found interfering in another country’s internal affairs. In fact, he is following the rule upheld by most African leaders. Most were silent in Darfur, Rwanda, Kenya and now Zimbabwe. This is where ideas like silent diplomacy emanated from. In fact, if Kibaki was to publicly rebuke Mugabe, most African leaders would vilify him. He will be called a traitor to the cause of ‘African Leadership’. How dare he not see the speck in his eye?

With all due respect to those who see a country’s sovereignty through the eyes of Vikii, at what point should Kibaki say something about Zimbabwe?

Anonymous said...


You are the only one out of topic here. If you don't know the previous article is dedicated to your comment/Zimbabwe and Mugabe. so kindly shove over there and leave the comment there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I truly agree with the fella who said the joke is trully on us.When the poor folk living in slums spent hours under the sun evading teargas canisters protesting a flawed election,these rich kids were in the comfort of high walled gated compounds.And now that we suffered and lost loved ones to keep the elite in power look who's reaping the fruits.The poor hardest hit by high food prices go to bed with rumbling stomachs while kids of the political elites we fought each other for party hard into the night then race in drunken stupor through the streets of Nairobi with the latest state of the art machines most probably bought and fueled using taxpayers money.We need divine intervention!

kalamari said...

Now, as far as Mercs and Beemers colliding in up market suburbs or IDP laden lorries landing in countryside ditches, who gives a rats ass? There’s no contrast here, just reality. The poor must sustain the rich. It is the way of the world. The faster you accept this fact and succumb to your social strata, the better for you.

I think we must be very careful not to frown on the affluence and riches that we all aspire to attain. No Kenyan will say no to vacations in Seychelles, a house in Runda and two shopping sprees in Europe and Dubai each year.

We all want our sons to go to Rift Valley Academy, play rugby, exclusively sex ministerial and ambassadorial daughters while driving the latest 7 series BMW.

Now, if your son goes to Korogocho Boys and Girls Secondary School, plays darts or drafts at the kiosk, has sex exclusively with the maids of Ziwani estate and doesn’t even ride a bike, it is because you did not work hard enough. You may have got the As in high school and University but you did not work on the contacts you need to survive in Kenya. You looked at life in the same way your nursery school daughter does. Ati soma na bidii alafu utapata kazi nzuri sana. Today, as you eat your daily sukuma wiki in that plastic plate, please blame yourself and stop being jealous.

And remember, the word ‘equality’ only has meaning in a dictionary.

kalamari said...

Now, if by contrast you also meant (and I think you probably did) the out-of-scene friendliness between political leaders as compared to the livid hate among opposing supporters; it exists. But it too is a class affair.

I will not be terribly surprised to learn that Raila actually voted for Kibaki and vice versa.

Sayra said...


I will not be terribly surprised to learn that Raila actually voted for Kibaki and vice versa.


Equality is a word that has been overrated ... way too overrated and many times misused.

Anonymous said...

Most of you are forgetting that Raila's wealth comes from thieving molasses plant and dirty oil deals when he was Energy Minister under corrupt regime of Mr. Moi. Raila is the most corrupt politician in Kenya!

Phil's mistress

papa plus said...

Anon 7:44

They may all be married to Kikuyus but that is not a crime. In fact I'd argue that intermarriages are a plus.


Well am not convinced that these kids wouldn't get the point across. Heck it should be their punishment as community service for endangering their lives and that of other road users. They may be detached from the regular youth in Kibera but that is nothing that a good PR firm and coaching can't fix. Heck, by all accounts many folks believe Raila and Uncle Moody are regular folks yet they are some of the richest men in East Africa.

But consider this. The bulk of the Kenyan population is aged between 16 to 45 give or take a few. That age group has a lot more in common with these two youngsters in terms of what they want out of life. Kenyans as you very well know, love to party. Considering that most of those who died post elections were in considerably young, I think it would be a good idea for these the elder Kibaki/Raila to use them to reach out the young future leaders of tomorrow. They might just tap into that large base, excite them and bring them into the fold. They speak their language. Kibaki and Raila do not hung out in Hurlingham. They are more the Norfolk and Muthaiga crowd.

Anonymous said...

Let Raila and other Bigfish pay for the damages their stupid children have caused to the tax payers.

I am a supporter of Raila because he is one of very few Kenyans who speak openly against injustices in Kenya and Africa. But I am not a blind follower.

I would like to see this stupid son of his get arrested, if he stole the govt car from his father's compound. If Raila knew about it then he should openly apologize to Kenyans and pay all the rapair work from his own pocket.

We young Kenyans want to about the truth to make Kenya a worthy place to live in. Blind following, tribal or ethnic support should not come in. It is time for us to be mature in the head and blast all what is hurting us, be it Grand Regency, ECK, KEC,Goldberg, Anglo-Leasing, etc. We want the culprits to be charged or to repent and give back every cent they stole.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:01,
If you believe in Raila then he should pay back all the money he stole from Kisumu molasses plant.

We young people we want "people revolution" where we force govermnt to do things. Raila must repay back all the money he stole or donate it to good causes.

Anonymous said...

Stop your crazy stupid ethnic motivated hatred. You know very little about the matter surrounding the mollasses plant.

Kenyans and Kisumu town people in particular are happy that the plant is the only job creating factory remaining in the city. Breweries (who owns it), Kicomi (competitor of Rivatex), etc closed due to ethnic/political reasons.

Ouko died because of the plant. Moi and Biwott swore that the plant would never never function. The people of Kanyakwar who are the real owners of the land (NOT KENYA) are happy that Spectre has created jobs.

Please shut your mouth, if you dont have anything to say. We dont want tribalists in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:57 AM
You said "The people of Kanyakwar who are the real owners of the land (NOT KENYA) are happy that Spectre has created jobs"
"Please shut your mouth, if you dont have anything to say. We dont want tribalists in Kenya"
Compare and Contrast the above sentences, can't come from the same heart and at the same time..see your Doctor quickly.

Anonymous said...

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