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Monday, December 01, 2008

The Aids Scourge

Our society is afflicted with the scourge of Aids and other diseases that owe their origin to promiscuity. Yet the cry is not, “How can we stop promiscuity?” but rather, “How can we cure Aids?”

Aids is a disease that has basically ravaged the society to the very core of the family. Many a family has been brought to their wits end by the crippling effects of this formidable scourge.

With fathers and mothers succumbing to Aids,thousands of children are left parentless.It is estimated that there will be 54 million Aids orphans in Africa by 2010.

As if the pain of being left parentless is not enough, the children are faced with the stark reality of survival— fending for themselves!

A large percentage of them drop out of school and resort to menial jobs to assuage their economic misery. What is more, some girls plunge headlong into the dizzying world of unexpurgated prostitution ending up with the dreaded HIV virus.

Many new cases of HIV infections and Aids deaths are reported daily. With overawed emotion, thousands watch as their beloved die in pain and anguish.

In Africa it is estimated that there are 30 million people living with the virus. This fact clearly traverses the lengths of all imaginable reality.It flies in the face of all the Aids awareness programs that have been mooted and undertaken.

If anything , the pessimistic statistics on Aids are unnerving.Nothing less than this.
Take for instance the recent Aids data in Malawi.It is said that seventy percent of its workforce is infected with the deadly virus.

And without batting an eye , seventy thousand teachers die of Aids yearly in the same country. In Zimbabwe one person in five is infected with the dreaded disease. Similarly in many third world countries such is the tune and song.

Looking at the society one would not fail to see where we have compromised our ideals at the expense of precious lives.

Many Aids awareness campaigns and strategies are put in place but the stark truth is growing dimmer and darker by the day. But instead of trying to patch up our tattered morality, the hue and cry is about getting a cure for Aids.

Nowadays we hear of ‘free love’ and the resulting children as ‘love children’.Sexual experimentation is only wrong today if people do not ‘love’ one another.We hear so often , ‘We love each other , don’t we? That’s all that matters.’

Many people engage in such a liaison with impunity and of such there’s been an alarming spate.

Who can deny that many sexually transmitted diseases, Aids included, arise from this profligate indiscretion? Who can deny that behaviour of this nature is rife in this present day and age?

We also hear of ‘nyumba ndogo’[a man’s mistress] in Tanzania. This is so common place that even the young know what it entails when you talk of it.
Most men go to these mistresses for sexual release which , as many are heard saying ,they don’t get from their wives.

One would rightly expect that with the ever rising rate of Aids infections , the case of ‘mistresses’ would be ‘burnt to a frazzle’. But this is not the case.
Aids, which is no respecter of persons, uses this open door [one of the many doors] to wreck havoc on people’s lives. Infact it would be preposterous for anyone to think that he can hold hot coal to his bosom and not be burnt.

Besides,disorderly houses[brothels] are a common sight in many cities.Here women can be hired for sexual pleasure.
Women of different sizes and ages driven by their different problems parade themselves to attract the ogling eye of many a prurient man for a quickie before he heads home.

Women do it for money ; men do it to satiate their insatiable appetites[or so it is said].
What do they end up with most of the time? Aids. Even if they use a sheath [condom] it goes wrong sometimes.

Furthermore, there is a sad ring to the whole shooting match. The practice of prostitution goes well below the norms of society.

This is gross moral turpitude!

Sadly enough, countless numbers of girls of school going age are hooked in this inglorious vice. And countless numbers of these girls are dying of Aids each passing day.

Lives that have not been lived to the full are suddenly nipped in the bud. All their aspirations and ambitions go up in smoke.
Aids denies them the chance ‘to make a dent in the universe’.

To add more doom and gloom to this already dark picture, we hear of teachers who have sexual relations with their students.This clearly flies in the face of the teaching profession conduct and ethics.

This behaviour is diabolical and socially unacceptable. Moreover, it doesn’t help check the spread of HIV Aids but rather propagates the scourge.

Randy teachers who instigate such liaisons leave indelible marks in the lives of their mates –the young students.These may be pregnancy, Stds or even worse, Aids.
In view of these many doorways to Aids and more yet, we need to redress how we approach the fight against this pandemic.

Fighting against Aids is not an end in itself .We must fight the core: promiscuity. Please don’t get me wrong. Trying to get the cure and anti-retrovirals is not wasted energy. Not in a million years.

But after all illusions of the truth are driven away and the truth is left shining bright, the snag still remains :does it really make sense to get anti-retrovirals for a few[because too expensive] while tens of thousands are infected daily?

People need to be hit where it matters –stop your immorality! -if any realistic end is to be realised.From there work our way up the ranks of prevention and…..cure. If the cents are taken care of, the shillings will definitely take care of themselves.

Promiscuity and immorality have to be taken for what they are; evil, unacceptable and deterrent in the fight against Aids. Period.

To sum up, can we expect to extricate ourselves from this menace if promiscuity and immorality are still a principal part of our moral fabric? If we do, then it’s like expecting a snow ball to survive in hell.

Driving a Point Home – home-style!


E-CHANGE said...

what is your suggestion for ending this scourge?

Anonymous said...

One suggestion is to strengthen the family institution and promote religion and marriage. Ask islamic societies why they are not heavily infected and affected yet they are very polygamous

Sam Okello said...

Siku Dorie alivyokutana na Rafiki Yake
Dorie ni mwanadada Mbongo mzuri sana, miaka 22. Anasoma katika Chuo fulani cha akina dada tupu kwenye mji moja mdogo Jeddah, hapa Saudi. Ana rafiki yake wa kiume Mbongo miaka 29 anafanya kazi mjini. Basi siku moja kaja kumtembelea bwenini. Kwa kawaida wanaume hawaruhusiwi bwenini, isipokuwa mara moja kwa mwezi. Tena ni lazima waache mlango wa chumba wazi.

Dorie anamkaribisha Stephen vizuri. Pombe ni marufuku bwenini, lakini Stephen kabeba ndogo ya Vodka. Wanaongea juu ya masomo huko wanasikiliza muziki wa nyumbani. Wamekaa kitandani kwa Dorie. Roomate wake Dorie kaenda mjini, kwa hiyo ni wenyewe tu mle chumbani. Ile pombe kali inaanza kuwalesha. Dorie anainuka kwenda kufunga mlango wa chumba halafu anarudi chumbani. Kukaa karibu na Stephen wanaanza kusikia joto ya miili yao. Wanapiga Tongue Kisi na kupapasana huko wanacheka na nyege zinawapanda.

"Oh, Dorie napenda chuchu zako zinavyonichoma kifuani."

"Stephen, MMhhh, nakupenda."

Dorie anashusha mkono wake kwenye mtuno wa Stephen. Anakuta mboo yake imesimama. "Oh Stephen, mpenzi" Unanitaka?..

Stephen anjajibu "Ndiyo mpenzi nakutaka!"

Dorie anafungua zipu na kuiachia huru mboo ya Stephen iliyovimba kwa hasira. Anaipapasa taratibu? "Oh Dorie nina hamu na wewe" Stephen anaingiza mkono wake kwenye sketi, and bila kumvua chupi, anasogeza ilesehemu iliyofunika kuma na kuanza kuchezea kisimi cha Dorie. Dorie anapanua miguu kusudi apate yote.

"Oh, Oh?." Dorie analegea kabisa,, Stephen anamvua chupi. Anapapasa mwili wa Dorie, anaamua kumvua blausi na sidiria na sketi?.mwisho Dorie kabakia uchi pale kitandani?..Stephen anainama na kuchezea chuchu kwa mkono wa kulia. Anatazama kuma ya Dorie invayovutia, huko anachezea chuchu huko ananza kumnyonya Dorie kisimi.

"Uwiiiiiiii,oohhhhhhyyaaaaaaa, maaiigodi, taammmuu mpenzi unataka kuniua!

"Unaona Tamu ?" Stpehen anauliza

"Ndiyo sanaaa mmmhhh"

Kusikia malamiko yake Stephen anajua Dorie yuko tayari kutombwa. Anajua ufundi wa kutomba ni kutayarisha kuma, kabla ya kutomba. Kama vile kuwasha jiko la mkaa. Hubandiki sufuria mpaka moto umekolea. Anatesti kuma na kidole, na kuona ina ute wa kutosha. Anashusha suruali na kuingiza mboo kumani. Inaslaidi ndani bila shida.

"Aaahahhhh, Asssantee Stephen, Asante."

Stephen naye alikuwa amebanwa nyege, basi mara moja anaanza kupampu. Dorie naye anaanza kumkatia kiuno. Wote wana piga kelele za utamu, mpaka nje kwenye corridor baadhi ya wanafunzi wenzao wamekusanyika kusikiliza. Kwa vile wanaongea Kiswahili, hawaelewi wanasema nini?.mpaka wanafikiria wanumizana?..Wanafunzi wanaaanza kubisha hodi mlangoni. Wapenzi walivyo katika utamu hawasikii kitu, basi wale wenzao wanagonga mlango kwa nguvu, mwisho dada moja anamua kwenda kwa Matrion aje kufugua mlango na ufungu kuchukua ufungua wa chumba.

Matron anafika mlangoni na kusikilia?"What the hell are they doing in there"!

Huko kasi ya shughuli moto wapenzi wanafikia kilele cha tendo wako peponi kabisa?

Dorie analia kwa sauti, naye?."yeeeeeeeenakuuujaaa" Step ya shahawa kumani anaanza kuja tena? "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII"

Stephen anatazama Kuma ya Dorie na kuona kisimi bado kimetuna, " Wewe bado unanyege!"

Matron anafungua mlango, na kuwakuta ndio wanamalizia. Stephen yuko juu ya Dorie.

Wanafunzi wenzao wanabakia mlangoni kutazama kwa mshangao.

Comments za wanafunzi wenzao.

"Damn! We thought you guys were killing each other."

"Yeah, You guys were just making love!?

"Wow, were you guys loud"

"Is that how you do it in Africa!"

Dorie na Stephen wanabakia kuona haya. Wanavuta shuka?

Matron anamfokea Dorie na kumwambia avae na aripoti ofisini. Kwa vile nyege zimemwishia Dorie anaanza kuona haya....

Kwale said...

Ritch, how eloquent! You couldn't have been any more clearer than that.

"...Promiscuity and immorality have to be taken for what they are; evil, unacceptable and deterrent in the fight against Aids. Period..."

We need more men to stand up against this subject of promiscuity like what you've just done there.
I am so glad you've taken your time to write such informative and hard-hitting article. This is a subject that has bothered me since my recent time in Nairobi, the Africa capital of whoredom.

According to the latest statistic, married couples in Africa stands at a greater risk of contracting HIV than unmarried ones. This did not come as a surprise to me since I've witnessed first hand at some shocking realities in Nairobi - how married men talk casually about the latest birds (chicks) and how to lure and entice women like some testosterone surging teenagers.
And surprisingly women (wives) seems to accept extra-marital sexual relationships of their spouse as a norm - indeed surveys suggest that in the majority of women at least one in two, have a spouse who had some form of sexual relationship outside the marriage since the wedding. Yet the pain, loss of trust, and feelings of betrayal that accompany this, whether the infidelity is declared, discovered, or lies hidden, is one of the most pernicious cancers that can gnaw away at the heart of the strongest relationship.

And by contrast, many of westernized people I know (men) both black and whites, sees infidelity as unimaginable pain to afflict on their spouses, something that's is not worth risking your beloved women and children. They seem to be happy to talk about beautiful women they have seen on the glossy magazines, TV etc. but that is a far as it get, instead they like to brag about their wives and children something you rarely hear from a Kenyan man.

AIDS can be cured if we all take moral responsibilities. Unfortunately the moral standards of my African brothers are too low and some women seem to encourage them taking with them to an early graves.

Extra-marital sex is not an African or men way of life or natural as some claim to be, but it is a morally depraved behavior pure and simple.

Sam Okello said...


You've spoken with the eloquence of a man/woman who feels the pain of humanity's failure to combat this scourge. This is more than three decades since this thinh hit us and look where we are.

Do I trust men to quit chasing skirts? No. Just like the many evils that bedevil society, we're stuck with this one for the forseable future.

That's tough!

Sam Okello said...

I wish I could speak and write Swahili as well as that nutcase up there. Man/woman, can you be my tutor?

Kwale said...

Sam Okello,

What do you mean you don't "trust seeing men quit chasing skirts"?

I do. Sex is in the head not something you're born with, and you can control the urge if you want to.

Egnubo said...

"... Fighting against Aids is not an end in itself .We must fight the core: promiscuity. Please don’t get me wrong. Trying to get the cure and anti-retrovirals is not wasted energy. Not in a million years..."

Well said Ritch!

How I wish that each time there was one of those adverts or articles in the papers that completely fail to see this point that all you people would write letters to the editor expressing your disgust and telling them how unacceptable their continuing to bury their heads in the sand is...

Given the very very very positive comments I am seeing here, I hope that we shall begin to see more letters to the editor on this matter. They (the enemies of fidelity or friends of promiscuity) have a campaign going on. Cant we start one on a good morality and the benefits of it and to show people that it is possible (by the lives we live). Certainly advocating for and supporting what annon @ 5:35 am says will go a long way in helping things work...

Again Thank you Ritch. And also thank you all for deciding to write a few more letters to the editor (one from each of us each time they hit us with one of these things will do... they cant ignore us forever).

Sam Okello said...


Remember that nice country tune by The Kenyan singer Roger Whitaker? goes something like this...So do I trudt you man to set the leopards free? Do I trust you to keep the rhino safe? Not me. Here is my point, Kwale, there are certain things on which I don't trust man. Sex is one. Whether it's in the head or the loin is not the point. The point is that on this matter man is like the next dog you'll see down the street tonight.

Oh man!

Kwale said...

Sam Okello
You sound like one of those cheaters, maybe you're one of them.

Sam Okello said...


Been married for nearly two decades and it still feels like a honeymoon around here. My comment about men is a general observation. Am I wrong?

Kwale said...

Sam Okello,

You're probably right, but we're talking about how to stop spread of AIDS here. I think it would be very sound if you can give some advice from your two decades of happy marriage. Yes men are dogs no doubt about that, but there is a danger lurking beneath those sheet.

You know what, I've been married… well, not anywhere near two decades and I have no desire to shag any other woman so long as I am still married. That's a commitment I made and I am very happy and fulfilled. There is nothing like having sex with the woman I married.

E-CHANGE said...

"Samo" and "Kwalo"
i see you're comparing notes on marriage and its good but look
your fidelities to Mrs.Okello and Mrs. Kwale are not text book examples that can be used for dealing with a scourge the scale of this magnitude

When it comes to educating the general population mass your ethics of morality don't cut the mustard. no need to re-invent the wheel we already have the ABC strategy of dealing with HIV/Aids

1)Abstain-if this fails

2)Be Faithful-to the one you're with(bravo "Kwalo" and "Samo"

3)Condoms-use them regardless of 2

Taabu said...

Aids is a scourage that is compounded by MEN's macho metality. The conquering mentality will leave all such men 6 feet under. And cheering them on the sidelines are the willing sisters (married and single) waiting to be taken along as trophies.

Stop beinmg jealous and leave Sam and Kwale alone to showcase IDEAL spouses. Kwani wamekula nini yako?

kalamari said...

Excluding a dose of arrow roots and a regiment of wild leaves, Mbeki’s approach to AIDS was not totally out of this world. When the ex-president of SA explained that AIDS is caused by poverty, we all laughed him off the stage. Today we cry while taking note that no matter how we look at it, AIDS is indeed the poor man’s disease. Of course the rich are also dying on a daily basis… but nowhere close to the large numbers witnessed within the poor in our society. Whether you are in the USA, Gabon or Gikomba, you will notice that it is the poor segments of society that are dying like flies.

Any serious effort in averting this crisis must look into tremendously improving the economy and elevating the living standards of the poor i.e. to allow alternatives to such trades as prostitution and pimping. Ritch, all the vices associated with AIDS that you have mentioned here are a result of poverty. The term promiscuity does not register in the brains of our teenage daughters in Malindi villas. After all, their mothers are being sexed by pastors and priests to pay tithe.

Great economy, less AIDS.

Kwale said...

Dear Taabu,
There is no such thing as Ideal spouse or ideal marriage. The institution of marriage requires hard-work and commitment.If you enter marriage union with the attitude "what is in for me" you'll be very disappointed. Marriage can be hell or heaven on earth, the choice is yours.

BTW, Why aren't people commeting on this article. The silence is eering. It's feel very spooky here.

E-CHANGE said...

Mwalimu Taabu aka "Tabo"
i wish i was Mrs.Okello or Mrs.Kwale-what FINE MEN they have as their better halfs i hope they are greatful every day

Kalamari "Kalmo",
look i don't think economy is the answer to all our problems.IDEAL SPOUSE 101 may not be the norm with most kenyans however they are quixotic paragons worth pursuing in the long run

sex was there before the world begun and prostitution is the oldest profession in history. improving an economy only gives people more means to indulge their fantasies. Rich and poor alike keep red-light districs alive in each country;the thirst spares no one

Improve the the living standards of the poor by all means but that by no means finishes addressing the root cause of this scurillous problem

Anonymous said...

you are right. My friend asked me one time whether I know the opposite product of Viagra.

He has lust for his secretaries and young lady trainees. As a charming man, he gets them free of charge.

Such a guy can easily contract it. He can be helped, if he could find a product to reduce his lust.

Anonymous said...

I suppose America has less promiscuity????......

Taabu said...

I hear you LOUD and CLEAR. But again hell and heaven share the first 2 letters and a mispelling of one (sin) lead to the next, ama?

That said MEN must stop the obsession to be athletic around the waist. There are only 7 3-lettered English words ending with X and SEX is i good company as TAX and FOX. Zip up brodas or die in pieces.

Anonymous said...

no wonder Raila told all morons from the source i.e. lake side region, kisumu to face the knife.

just read sam okellos comments and u understand why he need to loose his 'smelly overall' down wonder he seems dazed by Kwale's fidelity lesson 101..

will luo's ever survive this scourge. my sincere opinion, never...molasses is loosing voters in hundreds every day on his backyard. even his brother hid from the surgeon just like sam okello here..

Vikii said...

Thank you so much Ritch. There is nothing to add on what is in your post. Let's all do what that post says.

"Sam Okello" @ 5.48,wewe ni msanii! You are my hero. I like the bit when Dorie says "....maigodiii...yeeeeenakujaaaa...."
You just made my day buddy. I am laughing so loud!

KenyaLuv said...

Africans are not culturally evolved enough to practice sexual responsibility. HIV will continue to ravage us unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.19, have you noticed all stone-throwers have gone quite? phil, urclnc, ivy, sir alex... this post touch their nerves and i am sure they are hoping for a new post soon.
molasses cannot save them from aids!!

Anonymous said...

The honest truth is that promiscuity is so international that its not clever to try and point out where it is most is a natural human need and society worlwide has relaxed the restrictions.....What we need is a cure....any other measure is wishfull thinking. The only other problem is that Big PHarma is making so much money out of this....the current situation where HIV/AIDS is managed rather than cured for them to seriously look for a cure. We must stop attacking the Obels of this world and help them to come up with cures because BIG pahrm just will not do it. There is probaly a complete cure for HIV/AIDS but it makes no economic sense to provide it as it will kill a cash cow......thats the real world we live in.

Sir Alex

b-carotene said...

Thanks, Ritch. Very timely. Much needed.

Should we also promote serial monogamy? Maybe that would give the promiscuous types a safety/escape valve. Knowing some psychology (and dr muranho can confirm), telling men to just STOP! promiscuity NOW!, will not work. Even debaucherers need options and a phase out plan.

Moving on to cure. If I were a profit-making pharmaceutical company, my incentive to find a cure would be very, veeery,low, right down there. And in fact, if I did find a cure, I'd keep it quiet. Soooo much profit made from treating the symptoms, no?

Which is why Ritch's suggestion is good, but it still needs a step by step approach so that the lechers are not overwhelmed in the initial and throw their hands up in defeat.

b-carotene said...

Anyone watched the movie Phase IV?
Its worth watching--bout pharm company that discovered a cure, killed off all their exptl cases to cover it up. Profits too sweet. Fiction, though.

Anonymous said...

Aids will continue to ravage Africans. They behave like the animal kingdom where monogomous is nonexsistence.

Dr Murinho said...

I have nothing to add to the article or comments from Kwale.

I was born in Portugal, one of the least promiscuous societies, albeit with roots deep in Central Kenya.
This notion of having multiple sex partners at the same time is something alien to me.
However, psychological studies of sexual monogamy are sparse. Psychologists tend to be more interested in sexual non-monogamy, especially the causes and consequences of sexual infidelity and I think the author of this article has done that.

All I can say is Africans must stop playing Russian roulette with their healths. Sex is good but it can also kill you. Stick to one partner or use condom if you have to…

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

b-carotene said...

Dr: Morinho:
What's so good about a 30 second disappointment? Especially if it can kill you??

Anonymous said...

Most people having unprotected sex know they could end up dead.....what should be investigated is the reason the go a head and do it anyway.......Is it realistcaly possible to end unprotected sex?
Lets stop the pointless pontiofication and face the reality...PEOPLE WILL NOT STOP HAVING SEX wether it kills them or not. the only place there has ever been a significant reduction in the spread of HIV/AIDs was uganda and thats only because the people were showing symptoms early and dying faster than they could spread...same reason ebola does not last kils its victims so fast they don't get time to spread it....
ARVs on the other hand make peole look ok therefore making it possible for the people to continue spreading the desease and more people with aids means more people on ARVs and the profits keep ringing in for Big Pharma....

Trust me on this one Obel is the only answer.

Sir Alex

UrXlnc said...

anon 11:23

some of us are old school

the message from our predecessors is as clear now as it was then

ritch goes to great lengths to expound on it but the message remains

irresponsible/reckless behaviour (be it drugs, sex, towards learning, friends, driving, with responsibility/leadership etc) is accompanied by risk/consequences ranging from slight to grave/fatal.

and besides, after the initial thrill after a while is not as appealing and only serves as an ego booster.

the message need not be drummed home for genuinely responsible or sensible people. in cases where at least one partner is irresponsible/reckless and/or the other gullible or trusting, it is rather unfortunate but we chose whom we relate to/befriend and responsibility begins with those first choices made. when in doubt then its best to err on the side of caution/safety

as they say "safety is no accident"

Anonymous said...

Out of all the comments here, the most sound is from Anon, sir Alex. Most are advocating for people to stop having sex left right centre but whom are they telling? Like I had said earlier, is America less promiscious really? Hence, I think, sir Alex pointed out that pointing out where it is most practised is not the answer.

For instance, recent statistics have revealed that British teenagers are practising unprotected at an early age (average)of 14. This has come down from an earlier reported age of 16. How did they find out? Early age pregnancies. Not forgeting the number of practisng gay people. With that having been said, if we are to look at promiscuity bla bla, I think, it is much worse in some countries BUT somehow, HIV infections are much lower.


Education is a very powerful tool to ending the two things-poverty and disease-that are mostly affecting our Countries in Africa and Africa as a whole.

And please dont get me wrong when I say education. Recently, I watched on the news a short documentary on how an 80yr old grandpa had been converted against FGM and arranged early marriages( through education) despite having practised it all his life and infact, having recently marrying off his 7yr old daughter.

Lets face it! Why are south africans dying.....lack of education. Enlightened Luos are abandoning the wife inheritance practice. Maasai communities living in isolation are getting infected and affected by AIDS. Ask youreslf honestly, why? What is the real problem?


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:47,

No-one is saying people should not have sex. Sex is a creation of God but when abused there is a consequences to face. If you stick to one regular partner then you have no need to worry or use condom everytime you change a partner.

alvaro said...

Sam okello, your swa is just the bomb. Keep it coming man,something to laugh about all day!

Millicent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

FDA approved mens health medication viagra is not a drug to be taken lighliy you should read all about the pros and cons regarding the medication before you buy viagra!

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