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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why Kibaki and Raila Should Lead the Hague Trail Suspects

The on-going debate on the dreaded Waki List lacks any serious substance. Every politician who shoots his mouth to contribute to the debate are defending themselves (the listed names are still top secret but the guilty ones are already afraid), defending their kinsmen/community or trying to circumvent the truth. These are the fruits of our collective worshiping of our tribes and failing to reason with our heads.

The stinking debate on the Waki List shows that Kenyans never learnt a single lesson from the bloodbath we witnessed early in the year. It is either we are all foolish like the proverbial warthog, which escapes from the jaws of a charging lion once and immediately forgets the looming danger and stops to continue eating grass. The lion’s second attempt is often successful and tragic. If we sit on our brains, we will all sink in this country which we all falsely believed was an island of peace! We thought what our neighbours were going through was a Rambo movie.

When will Kenyans rise above tribes and reason rationally? If Kenyans will refuse to see no evil or hear no evil in their quest to adore their tribe and blindly defend their tribesmen and women implicated in serious criminal acts, then what is happening in DRC today could soon happen in Kenya but on a bigger scale to make the Congo war look like child’s play.

What is amazing is that every time a politician urinates on the law (committing crimes against humanity or being involved in theft of our taxes – which they have stubbornly refused to pay) they rush back to their community shouting their tribe is being finished. Yet, the loot they stole is not shared amongst the tribes but amongst their own wives, children and the lucky concubines. Yet, the community – wallowing in abject poverty – often end up being fooled by the politicians and take the frontline in defending “our own” politician.

Some are even ready to bite the bullet on behalf of their greedy and well-fed politician and yet they themselves have difficulties putting a decent meal on their table. When the politicians manage to hoodwink their tribes they are being finished, the law is often bent to favour the politicians who get away with the crimes and the cycle of the culture of impunity, stealing, theft, corruption and murder continues. Who suffers? Who becomes more and more impoverished? Definitely not the fat-bellied politicians and the “duly” elected president. In all the African countries which have been gripped by turmoil, their leaders often flee to safe havens in other countries and leave the foolish subjects slaughtering each other.

Let’s face the truth. Anyone who was in Kenya in the past three years know the truth of what triggered the violence after the December polls – but we have all sat on our brains due to the stupid loyalty we have for our tribes (read stupid politicians). We never use our brains but prefer to sit back and allow politicians to think for us. And we blindly swallow any rubbish and crap they vomit to our ears without questioning it.

Before the elections were held, the country was so charged – torn between communities supporting OMD and PNU. Anyone wise enough knew this was a recipe for chaos and it was a bomb waiting to explode. Before the election was held, ODM started crying foul that PNU were planning to rig elections. ODM leaders, led by Raila himself, made toured the country making inciting remarks against tribes that were perceived to be supporting Kibaki and his PNU. This heightened tensions in Kenya. And we all sat there cheering our politicians as they armed themselves with their razor-sharp tongues tearing our country into pieces. Already ODM had declared they would not recognise a Kibaki win long before the elections were held? This meant that only an ODM win was a genuine win. Why then go to the polls if you already knew the outcome of how Kenyans were to vote? African elections are never won depending on which side you support. They are rigged.

The election was held. All leading media houses, state-owned KBC included, had figures from the grassroots showing Raila was leading Kibaki throughout. On the 3rd day of counting votes, a MAGIC happened and all the media houses simultaneously removed the figures they were showing us on their TV screens and used ECK figures which showed Kibaki had miraculously overtaken Raila. A few hours later, Kibaki was hurriedly declared winner and sworn in like a thief at the lawns of State House as darkness fast approached. If Kibaki knew he had won fairly, why the haste to be sworn in at night in the GSU protected confines of State House? If he was the people’s president and he had won the popular vote, why not wait to be sworn in the following day at Uhuru Park like it happened in 2002? Surely, a president who has won a popular vote should give a chance to people who voted for him and his opponents to share his glory!

ODM queried the “huge” turn out of voters in parts of Central province. Maragwa constituency, for instance, recorded 115% voter turn out! Only God knows how the voters who cast their ballots could be more than the registered voters. In their defence, PNU accused ODM of electoral malpractices in their strongholds on the voting day. Some constituencies in ODM strongholds in Rift Valley and Nyanza recorded 98% turn out. It was alleged the poll officials and ODM agents voted for the voters who were dead or who failed to turn up. The same claims was made after ODM won the Referendum vote. But how can an Opposition steal votes where there is a functional Government in place? Only in a country where the “duly” elected president is Emilio Mwai Kibaki!

After the “duly” elected Kibaki was sworn in, Raila and other ODM leaders called for mass action and mobilised their communities against communities perceived to have voted for Kibaki. The slaughter of innocent Kenyans began as the “duly” elected president retreated into his preferred cocoon of State House and heard no evil and saw no evil as the country burnt and Kenyans swarm in their own blood.

When they saw Kibaki was not going to yield, ODM cried to the international community and Mr Koffi Annan was dispatched to Kenya to mediate. In fact, Mr Annan was the choice of Raila and ODM leaders. Kibaki and his PNU were reluctant to have international mediators claiming Kenyans were mature enough to solve their own problems. Due to the international pressure, Kibaki and his allies backed down and agreed to meet the Raila team at the negotiating table.

Backed by the international community, Raila pushed the “duly” elected president to the wall and he reluctantly agreed to share power (on 50/50 basis? That’s an illusion) and the slaughter of innocent Kenyans eased off. At the time, Raila and his ODM and communities which supported them were full of praises to Mr Annan, Ambassadors Michael Ranneberger (US) and Walter Lindner (Germany) and all foreign countries that backed the meditation.

Both the Waki and Kriegler commissions of inquiry were the product of the Koffi Annan-led mediation talks. The power-sharing pact signed by Kibaki and Raila endorsed the two commissions and everything else they agreed upon. Both PNU and ODM were bound by the signatures of Kibaki and Raila. Nobody in both PNU and ODM rejected the pact or the subsequent commissions.

When the Kriegler report was unveiled, ODM hurriedly endorsed it and called for the speedy disbandment of ECK, which was criticised by the commission for the poor manner it handled the elections. On the other side, PNU led by Kibaki were urging caution in disbanding ECK. Why? The likes of Martha Karua and Kibaki were against ECK during Moi’s reign. Kibaki’s contempt for competitive democracy was evident when he trashed the gentleman’s IPPG agreement of 1997 and single-handedly picked commissioner to oversee the 2007 polls. Why the sudden change of heart? Did Kibaki and Martha Karua know something the rest of us didn’t know? Why not implement the Kriegler report recommendations, which Kibaki had committed himself on paper to support? Were Kibaki and Karua returning a certain favour to the ECK the rest of us don’t know?

The Kriegler report did not mention any politician. Apart from Kibaki and Karua who were urging caution on the implementation (due to the favour they were returning to the ECK), the Kriegler report is a 100% safe document to any politician and that is why the likes of William Ruto were shouting from the rooftop for the speedy implementation of the report. The Kriegler report did not create any dust since ECK commissioners are not politicians and Kenyans care little if their careers were sacrificed. But should they have been politicians, the story would be our tribe is being finished!

To understand the hypocracy of our politicians, the debate on the Waki report is the complete opposite of the Kriegler report. Why? Because the Waki report identified politicians who financed/contributed to the slaughter of innocent Kenyans! Although nobody knows the names that were handed over to Koffi Annan by Judge Waki in a sealed envelope, the guilt in our politicians has given them sleepless nights and they have retreated to their tribal cocoons to mobilise their community for support in the most likely event that their names are in the envelope. Unlike before when Ruto frequently appeared on TV in his office or in the field talking agriculture, his face is today on TV in all manner of public barazas in his backyard trashing the Waki report! Why is he so jittery that he can’t wait for the names to be made public? Does he know something the rest of us don’t have a clue?

Just to veer off the debate, why did Ruto get all his wealth? Where was he employed after university? How did he make all his money if he was never employed like the rest of us and we don’t have so much money? Have Kenyans forgotten the YK92, Moi’s machine that looted state coffers to fund Kanu during 1992 polls under Ruto and Jirongo? Isn’t Ruto an accused in court for grabbing a forest land in Ngong Forest and selling it to KPLC at inflated prices? Yet Ruto and Jirongo appear on our TVs lecturing us on how we have been made more poor by others (not seeing themselves first)! One feels like puking when we listen to all the lies on TV and digest them like the gospel according to St Luke.

Mr Ruto’s stand on the two reports clearly illustrates the hypocracy of our politicians. Mr Ruto was very vocal that the Kriegler report should be implemented 100% and even told ECK chiefs, led by Mr Kivuitu, they should not wait to be shown the door but should resign immediately if they had any little conscience remaining in them. The Kriegler report was sweet music to Mr Ruto and his ODM. But the Waki report turns out to be a bitter pill for Mr Ruto and a section of ODM and they want it trashed. Why? They suspect their names are in the sealed envelope!

Initially, Kibaki was categorical that any killer/mastermind of the post-election violence should not expect any mercy from Kenyans. On the other hand, Raila and his group were demanding total amnesty for the suspects. That was around June. Today, Kibaki and Raila have swapped positions. Kibaki is calling for forgiveness – suggesting we sweep the Waki report under the carpet and not even place it on the shelves to gather dust! Why the sudden change of heart? Is his inner conscience being pricked by some guilt? And Raila is now calling for the total implementation of the Waki report. Kibaki and Raila both expressed their opposing views on the same platform. Who is fooling who here? Aren’t Kenyans being taken round some circus they don’t know anything about?

Let’s face the truth Kenyans. If the post-election violence was the work of small timers and villagers like most of us, those involved would have been ruthlessly hunted down and those who were luck to escape Maj Gen Ali’s live bullets would be languishing in jail not knowing what hit them. Our jails are bursting to the brims due to congestion. Who have filled the jails? Isn’t it small time crooks? And where are the big time crooks who have milked us dry and made us to slaughter each other and swim in our blood? Aren’t they the ones we vote into leadership and Parliament because they have a lot of money to bribe our conscience – with the same money they have looted from us? Kenyan parliament is full of thieves and murderers. The crooks in Parliament have committed crimes that are collectively bigger than all the crimes committed in the people languishing in jails. Yet, the MPs are walking free with their fat bellies while the wanyonge are languishing in the prisons! Why don’t Kenyans see this when politicians rush to them seeking protection from their tribes?

If post-election violence was the work of the small fish, there would have been no need to form the Waki and Kriegler commissions. The small timers would have tasted the full force of the law on the same day they committed the crimes. The BIG BOYS in Kenya are untouchable and we have to form commissions to investigate what is common knowledge to us. This is a tactic to buy time to give the BIG BOYS a soft landing. When did we ever hear of a commission of inquiry to investigate cries of the wanyonge and the down-trodden? When did we ever hear calls to FORGIVE the wanyonge and the down-trodden? When did we ever hear DIALOGUE being encouraged to determine the fate of the wanyonge and the down-trodden?

If Kenyans want the culture of impunity to end in this country, then we must take hard decisions and tough choices. Anyone who contributed to the post-election violence – either by stealing votes or calling on Kenyans to fight – should carry their own cross regardless of their tribe. Let’s all forget our tribes if we all want to secure a good future for our children and future generations. The post-election violence was directly triggered by both Kibaki and Raila and they must lead the pack going to Hague for trial. That is the surest way to end the culture of impunity and re-unite our country. Why take foot soldiers to Hague and leave out the two masterminds of the violence? Kibaki and Raila diehard supporters can frown over that but the truth is always a bitter pill to swallow. While you are wallowing in poverty and paying huge taxes, Kibaki and Raila don’t know of your sufferings. Think outside the box before you hurl insults for telling the truth.

Kenyans should vehemently demand that no tribunal should be formed in Kenya. All killers and masterminds of the post-election should be frog-marched to Hague which is neutral. If the trials are held here, we will start looking at the tribe of the judge, prosecutors versus who is on trial. Due to our polluted minds, the outcome of the trial will be measured in our minds on the basis of tribe of the judge and the accused. Why are both PNU and ODM against the Hague trial? Because they know they can use their money and influence to have a trail that is favourable to them? They want the Waki List tabled in Parliament so that they trash it like the List of Shame they trashed in the 8th Parliament, which had listed MPs who had stolen public land.

As I have stated above, the Waki commission was the product of Koffi Annan mediation talks which were backed by the international community. The European Union and the US paid bills for the Annan team. ODM knew this all along. Kenya did not pay a cent for their upkeep and allowances. By then, Koffi Annan and European Union and the US were regarded as God-sent angels in ODM ranks because they had forced the Kibaki mountain to move to the negation table.

After the Waki report was out, ODM brigade now shouts from the rooftop they don’t want the Waki report and that the international community has no business lecturing to Kenyans on how to conduct their affairs! Good Lord! Why was it in order in January for the international community lecture to Kenyans on how to conduct their affairs? Koffi Annan did not have any business coming to Kenya in January if he was not invited by ODM. This is why ODM’s latest twist in the Waki debate stinks. ODM wants local trial of suspects.

In Dec, ODM called Kenyans to revolt against the “duly” elected president and told us they would not challenge his election in court because they did not have faith in Kenya’s judicial system. What reforms have taken place in the judiciary since then to make Ruto and other ODM leaders have faith in our courts? Isn’t it hypocritical? ODM’s invite of Koffi Annan and the international community is like a person who sharpens a knife not knowing it will end up cutting him afterwards.

ODM and all the others should face the international knife which we sharpened together because we cannot manage our elections and the best way we know to contest an election defeat/theft (whichever side you stand) is to slaughter each other – when those who are ordering the slaughter are safe in the confines of their well-guarded Nairobi homes. They poured and continued adding more petrol in the villages as they watched the bloodbath on TVs from the comfort of their secluded homes – together with their wives and children. We never saw them, their wives or children leading the battle fronts. We did not hear any casualties in Kibaki, Raila’s, PNU’s and ODM ranks. But close to 3,000 (police doctored figures put it at around 1,700) Kenyans lost their lives. Helpless families were burnt alive in an Eldoret church as they cried for mercy.

Poor Kenyans lost their jobs, business, homes, property, animals, dignity and pride – they are still refugees in their own country. Poor Kenyans live in tents miles away from their home – which offer them little protection from rain, disease and cold weather at night – as Kibaki and Raila sleep under the warm hands of their wives in their electric heated bedrooms. The poor Kenyans are suffering – not because they did anything wrong but because they were perceived to have voted for the wrong presidential candidates. Yet, all of us Kenyans have forgotten the cliff we stood watching our country almost exploding into a bonfire. We are now cheering when our OWN politicians come to us seeking our support to OUR communities (read the politicians) over the looming Hague trial. Why do these politicians come to us only when their careers are threatened and not when they receive their fat salaries to share with us?

Kenyans, rise above tribes and allow every politician who contributed to the bloodbath to carry their own cross and not drag your communities into a selfish debates aimed at protecting their careers and families. Kenyans should tell all politicians – Kibaki and Raila included – that the Waki report was funded by our money and we collectively own it as 37 million Kenyans. The document is not the exclusive property of MPs, Kibaki and Raila for them to decide on their own what they want to do with it. The collective will of the Kenyan people should prevail over the selfish interests of these damned politicians.

We either stand together as Kenyans and not as tribes or we will all sink together.

Guest post by a friend of Kumekucha

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Anonymous said...

The guest writer has hit the nail on the head. Great piece of writing. Anyone without a tribal mind knows that's what the writer has penned together is the plain truth. Good job Chris.

b-carotene said...

Brilliant post!
More guest writers, please.

Just one thing.

You say:
" Hague which is neutral."

What makes you think the Hague is neutral?

AS far as we've heard there are Kenyans (from tribes) involved in the ICC--a new vice president and if all goes well, a justice to the bench. By token of your argument, WHY should Kenyans expect neutrality in the Hague?

Anonymous said...

This is another long winded boring useless arguement who's sole purpose is to make kibaki and RAO equqlly culpable-read to make a criminal out of RAO or as I have said before trying to light a fire in lake victoria......
The more it becomes evident that Kibaki is culpable the greater the desparation to rope in RAO......paint them all black to cover kibs arse. Weak move. Or hopefully get RAO suporters to stop the hauge express by including him in it. Clever but not quite.
When will some people get over the fact that neutralising ROA or ODM is not the solution to their problems? The Strategic Research poll indicates that kenyans have their eyes on the ball and are not letting it go......whatever shady moves you pull you will have to contend with wanaanchi, amke no mistake we are not asleep.
I'm not going to waste my time trying to show how RAO and kibaki cannot be on the hague express together or are equally culpable, becuae you know the truth just STOP this pointless spindoctering...!!!!

Sir Alex

Phil said...


What gives your ghost writer the right to usurp the lawful mandate of the Waki-led CIPEV commission to shamelessly declare who should be shepherded to Hague?

And since when did mass action become ILLEGAL? Since when did it become a crime to be born from any of Kenya's 40+ ethnicities?

Gai fafa.

One could be forgiven to think we were not here ourselves to witness what happened. as if we were not on the ground ourselves to experience the vote robbery, the fraud and the violence.

it is one thing to say The post-election violence was directly triggered by both Kibaki and Raila and they must lead the pack going to Hague for trial. it is quite another to get Mr. Ocampo to react to emotional statements such as these.

Thankfully the ICC based in hague does not rely on information posted by bloggers so as to indict individuals. thankfully again, as members of a civilised society who do not presume people guilty until they prove themselves innocent!.

Chris, your ghost writer may attempt to convince us through the long essay, but we all know what the root cause of our problems are. We also know what triggered off the post election violence early this year and we keep asking ourselves if there is any point of making an effort to place our ballot papers in the (stuffed) ballot boxes, if the same ECK is still alive and kicking one year after staging a daring civilian coup and plunging this country into bloodshed.

Just because ODM and PNU party leaders jointly signed the NARA does not necessarily translate into making them 'partners in crime.' Annan's solution was largely political and not LEGAL. On the other hand, ICC fully operates under international law. Mixing issues here and there does not help anything.

It just shows ignorance. Kenyans voted for change. To their surprise, a status quo was forced upon them, supported by another self-proclaimed miraculous anti-reformist masquerading as a messiah; with disastrous results!

I am not surprised you ghost writer mentions nothing about constitutional reforms and land reforms all of which have contributed to the culture of impunity and bred huge disparities across the Kenyan society. (Neither am I surprised he overlooks the infamous revenge attacks in Rift Valley), but a critical look at the current political class, reveals what I would call a pack of hyenas and a herd of gazelles. it is very easy to pick out who has been fighting these vices and promoting social democracy ALL their adult life, point out who has been preserving the same injustice and promoting negative ethnicity ALL their adult lives.

But back to your misinformed piece, and as the PM rightly said yesterday; does the law assume your are guilty until proven innocent or does it assume you are innocent until lawfully proven guilty? Unfortunately, your article pure prejudice!

Anonymous said...

The comments by the 3rd reader (anonymous) shows how some Kenyans will never have a rational debate coz their minds and reasoning have been held hostage by the politicians they worship. It's withn you own right to worship Raila and potray him as an angel and your 1st god. Who in his right mind doesn't know Kenya was plunged into violence by both Kibaki and Raila? Raila is not an angel and those who worship him and believe he is a saint only do so to fool themselves. Raila is much a devil as Kibaki is. Throw the two in jail and we move on to heal and reclaim our country.

M-Pesa said...

I don't buy this stupid notion that the crimes committed after the elections were SPONTANEUOUS. My dictionary tell me that spontaneous means.."coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained; unplanned."

Can someone tell me why if some people were so angry they didn't just torch the nearest house or kill the nearest person? We find that gangs roamed the villages looking for certain tribes and certain dwellings that belonged to certain individuals.

Those that hijacked some buses along Naivasha road atually demanded to see ID cards before chopping off the victim's neck. The whole sordid affair was very well ochestered by wealthy individuals that Waki List try to illuminate.

These guys have to be 'got' whether it's by Hague or local tribunals. If no justice is metted out, death squads like Mungiki may take the law unto themselves.

Ivy said...

The PM said if calling for mass action is tantamount to murder then his name is definately there.

So can the writer tell me what crime the PM has committed? Long essay true and thanks for the effort but no thanks. Since when did mass action become bad?

Phil said: To their surprise, a status quo was forced upon them, supported by another self-proclaimed miraculous anti-reformist masquerading as a messiah; with disastrous results!...Precisely, if all the men of God were like him then i believe by bow the church in Kenya would have lost the slightest moral authority that they had....Thank God for remnants.

I agree with Gitobu, it is sad that the man the constitution gives the mandate to share power with the president has been aclipsed to the periphery, as Kaloozer who was just a mere observer assumes that he is 2nd in command....Sad indeed and that baffles me everyday as as One Sirma said Peace Valley people are not orphans.

Let everybody carry his own cross, so let us not put RAO in the same bus with Kibaki, it is just like trying to mix water & oil....hiyo haiwezekani, he should have thought of the repercussions before hosting tribal chiefs in a house that is paid and fully sustained by the tax payers of this country.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki was hurriedly declared "winner" and sworn in like a thief at the lawns of State House as darkness fast approached.

If Kibaki knew he had won fairly, why the haste to be sworn in at night in the GSU protected confines of State House If he was the people’s president and he had genuinely won the popular vote, why not wait to be sworn in the following day at Uhuru Park like it happened in 2002?

How can an Opposition steal votes where there is a functional Government in place? Only in a country where the “duly” elected president is Emilio Mwai Kibaki!

I shall end by quoting Ivy:

"let us not put RAO in the same bus with Kibaki, it is just like trying to mix water & oil....hiyo haiwezekani, Kibaki should have thought of the repercussions before 1)STEALING the elections of December '07 and 2)Hosting tribal chiefs in a house that is paid and fully sustained by the tax payers of this country."

Kibaki Should be the Number 1 suspect on the Waki list. If Kibaki had not STOLEN THE ELECTIONS, non of these terrible things that subsequently happened would have occurred. He (Mr Pumbavu a.k.a Kibaki) triggered everything.

Kwale said...

This fellow called Phil is so miserable! You wonder why our country is in such a mess!
I had already resigned from commenting on anything politic in this blog until I saw this well articulated article that seeks for a better Kenya than live in a state of denial. The author has done a great job by not leaving out certain details in order to tailor a story or falsely agreeing to some common assumptions in order to please certain section of people here.
This is the best post written here in Kumekucha to date, but the fact it touches ODM and particularly Raila messianic Odinga, the ODM cry babies are now crying wolf.

Phil, for once why can't you rise up above petty tribal politics or see a life without Raila? At the moment you're life seems to revolve around Raila Odinga. Like it or not Kenya is going to have a new brand of leadership and Raila Odinga will not be in it!

I honestly feel sorry for Kenya and Kenyans. I had always thought Kenyans are smart people, educated and very civilised until I came here in Kumekucha. If what I see here in kumekucha is a representation of Kenyan society, then God help Kenya!

Papi said...

Let me congratulate the writer. Good analysis albeit long winded.

Look guys, we are all leaving a collective lie in Kenya. I don't know why we even expect any miracle (in the name of a new constitution) to be delivered by these so called "waheshimiwas". 90% of our politicians can be described as mafias. All they do is play Russian roulete(sp) with Kenya. Infact its almost a miracle that Kenya is still intact.

And I agree totally, both Kibaki and Raila should carry the cross. These guys should not think they can ride on the ignorance of the masses (read tribes).

Anonymous said...

We all know about historical injustices....kibaki was in the sytem RAO was fighting it....with a prison record to prove....what are kibaki's struggle credentils,..who will he call as character witnesess?when did this leopard change its skin?

Kibaki fired the first hatrade salvo on M01 on his inaguration and set the tone of violence and uncouth behaviour....thus far RAO had done the unthinkiable a luo declaring a kikuyu 'tosha' this are very diferent characters, they can never stand accused for the same crime its a strecth of the imagination.......the man who said kibaki tosha was imediately turned against in the full public glare, the man who dared to believe, in tribless kenya, the man who accepted to share power...remenber he was gunning for the prime ministers post......that was made to look like the most evil thing on earth......

there is a very big gap between RAO not being an angel and him being a crook....we are all not angels but that does not make us murderers but to some simple minds because RAO is no angel then he should go to the hague...I see this trend all the time.....this is how the story goes..'write a very well balanced article the just drop in one lie and nobody will notice...' Usually you can spot the article ;its very long winded.
unfortunately some of us are relatives of the man for kogelo, much fish eating has its just don't pull wool over our eyes like that.....
Its a tired old tactic just GIVE IT the hague to the hague kibaki to the hague....all you headless chicken, mara sovreignity, mara the hague is not neutral..why the panic.....the lesson here is very clear...there is no clever way to loot kenya anymore, lert you world famous work ethic pu bread on the table NO MORE SHORTcuts.....,to the hague to the hague and this train will be leaving withought RAO..get used to it..

Sir Alex

Kwale said...

To add to my comment, and to those calling for constitutional reforms, I have said it here before;
Constitutional government is nothing but words on paper unless its principles are alive in the souls of the people; people get the government they deserve, but when free person fails to internalize and exhibit public and private virtue, no government on earth can keep them from destroying themselves. On the other hand, people who cultivate and maintain virtue and value their principles above their privileges enjoy unlimited prosperity, peace, and happiness.

e-change said...

Chris/mystery guest
i fear you are banging your head repeatedly against a brick wall BUT expecting the wall to bleed; where it hurts the most is you thought you were going somewhere with this "insha" until you came read the attendant comments

pole sana ndugu/dada but TIA (This Is Africa) not South Africa mind you; Mbeki was a crazy man to resign because since when have any leaders on the face of this continent been the ones to take the lead and uncover their own nakedness, take up a cross and sacrifice themselves for the countries they rape and soothe at the same time?

nice writing but impractical and never will happen-Raila and Kibaki will NEVER lead the Hague Trail suspects even if they were the last 2 human beings left in Kenya. Their followers would resurrect as zombies from the graves and start hacking each others skeletons with machetes all the while shouting "Kibaki tena!" or "no Raila no peace"

Sayra said...

This is stale news but a good reminder considering we have RAM kind of a memory.

Kwani for how long do we have to keep of talking of the same thing so we can start acting? Or move to something else that is equally or more urgent. How about the looting that has been going on? How about the IDPs? How about the Constitution? How about our education system (that is taking care of the future leaders)? How about the social decay? and many more ...

And we forget that this is not about ODM or PNU its about Kenya and its people. There very many other things that need to be addressed that we are deliberately ignoring.

Kenya belongs to us not to the dogs.

Talking and complaining about 2007 elections will take us nowhere ... lets start taking action.

Anonymous said...

For the first time since the December 2007 elections,
> he publicly
> > criticised Mr Odinga for failing to defend the
> interests of the Kalenjin
> > community.
> >
> > The following letter addressed to the PM was leaked
> from Ruto's private
> > company- Venture Africa Safaris and Travel Ltd. Read
> on...
> >
> > TO : *Prime Minister Raila Odinga
> > *
> > DATE : *2ND/November/2008*
> >
> >
> >
> > It has become necessary to write you this letter
> because recently, our
> > meetings have become thin both in frequency and
> content.
> > In mid October, a couple of days before Waki presented
> his report, you
> > remember I came to see you at home and repeated my
> concerns that this report
> > was going to be used to undermine key individuals and
> groups, and
> > specifically, myself and Kalenjins in general, and you
> seemed to understand.
> > My major concern is that while you wholeheartedly
> agree with me in private,
> > you always seem to find a way to act exactly opposite
> in public. I am
> > therefore not convinced even by your assurance that
> you will use parliament
> > to ensure the report dies in it's infancy.
> > When you went public with the insistence that the
> report should be
> > implemented, it was not an astute political move,
> contrary to what you tried
> > to justify to me later. Central Kenya 's attitude
> towards you did not
> > undergo magical change. I fail to see what political
> mileage you achieved.
> > My dear friend, many of your supporters are now loudly
> wondering, on whose
> > side are you on?
> > However, I accept that ultimately, only you can decide
> which drumbeat you
> > want to dance to.
> > Owing to your public pronouncements, I have taken the
> initiative of holding
> > several meetings with those MP's from Rift Valley
> who share my vision, and a
> > surprising number from outside RV as well. We feel
> pushed to the wall and
> > we recognize that the problems facing us can no longer
> be left to the sole
> > hope that a meeting with the PM will resolve issues.
> > Therefore, we have resolved as follows:
> >
> > 1) That if ODM resolves to support the Waki report,
> the entire lot of
> > sixteen MP's who attended the meeting will resign
> from ODM, and yes, we are
> > prepared to go back to our people to seek fresh
> mandate.
> > 2) We shall be free to seek alternative co-operation
> with whoever is
> > prepared to accommodate our views in the entire
> political spectrum.
> > 3) In this regard, I have already prepared my letter
> of resignation as
> > Minister for Agriculture, and I wish to repeat my
> gratitude for your efforts
> > in appointing me. In the letter, I have nothing bad to
> say about you and I
> > have in fact acknowledged your positive contributions
> to the Republic Of
> > Kenya .
> > 4) It is not our intention to scuttle the
> arrangements that give you a
> > parliamentary majority and allow you to be PM in the
> coalition government,
> > however, we must place the interests of our electorate
> first. We owe them
> > everything and many of us are tired of returning home
> every weekend with
> > shame on our faces. Unlike many other politicians, we
> will not forget those
> > to whom we owe our positions.
> > This may seem like a drastic decision on our part, but
> on the contrary, it
> > has been a long while coming, and ever since you came
> back from Sagana with
> > a cabinet list which you crafted on your own, the
> question has not been
> > whether, rather when this moment will come. I want to
> remind you of some
> > events that you may have forgotten.
> >
> > In all the instances when I am accused of being a
> warlord, you have never
> > once defended me directly. On the contrary, you lend
> your weight to a report
> > cleverly calculated to damage me irreparably. I am
> particularly bitter when
> > I remember how, on Dec 29th, it was you who gave
> directions about sending
> > funds to Elijah Chepkwony in order that a 'tougher
> message' be sent to the
> > Kikuyus.
> > In January, you relentlessly reminded us that in 1997,
> the foreign powers
> > told you that if you had managed to sustain civil
> disobedience and anarchy
> > for a week then the International community would have
> stepped in against
> > Moi's victory. In that analysis, you were
> definitely correct and I will not
> > deny that.
> > Where we differ is that without the courage of the
> Rift Valley youths and
> > their commanders, none of this would have been
> possible. Do we therefore
> > reward them with the Hague after using them?
> > On June 23rd 2007, you were live on Kass FM, moderated
> by one Mr Sang. You
> > reassured the Kalenjins that they would get back their
> land from foreigners.
> > You promised them that there would be no more
> evictions in Mau. That was the
> > night when you won the Kalenjin votes. What has caused
> you to betray them on
> > each and every one of these issues, merely eighteen
> months later?
> > When the same vote-getting Kass FM was attacked as
> being a war monger
> > station, not once did you come out to defend them.
> Kass was accused for it's
> > vernacular messages. In any tribunal they will face,
> one of their defences
> > is that there were other people spreading vernacular
> messages freely. In
> > particular, they will point out that in your last
> political rally in Nairobi
> > , you spent close to ten minutes exhorting people in
> Dholuo!
> > During the violence that followed the announcement of
> the election result,
> > there was no major Rift Valley action in which you
> were, if not consulted,
> > at least given a report.
> > During the campaigns, you were present on all those
> occasions when madoadoa
> > were discussed, specifically on 21st July 2007 at
> Bomet and 4th Nov at
> > Eldoret if you have forgotten.
> > In closing, I want to remind you that many people have
> not forgotten much
> > of what you said in those days. The Kass interviews,
> and your contribution
> > at the meetings, were recorded. If you do not whip
> your parliamentary muscle
> > to defeat this report, it leaves you in a very
> precarious position because
> > these people will not sink alone. They will quote you
> my dear friend.
> > You are the one who predicted that Waki would include
> some 'token' names
> > who would then be able to exonerate themselves easily.
> That judge is no
> > fool, and we all know why he made 'mistakes'
> in the accusations of Uhuru and
> > his ilk, so they can get off and leave the rest of us.
> I can safely predict
> > that next week after the PNU meeting, your friend
> Kibaki will emerge with a
> > declaration that the entire PNU supports the
> implementation of Waki fully,
> > flanked by Uhuru, Saitoti and co.
> > In the circus of trials that will follow, only one
> sure thing will come out
> > of it. Not one of the Pentagon members will be left
> with a political future,
> > and I repeat NOT ONE, except of course perhaps Joe
> Nyagah.
> > I now leave in your hands the future of ODM, your own
> seat in the
> > coalition, and by extension, your entire list of
> Ministers.
> > In my opinion, you need to whip your side of ODM to
> unequivocally defeat
> > this report, my side is ready. If you feel that this
> will cause you to lose
> > face in view of your earlier stand, you can always
> speak to Dennis to report
> > that you were arm-twisted by the MP's.
> >
> > *William Ruto*

Ivy said...

Anon 5:03

Splendid....This reminds of the much hyped about MOU. Bring on another one.

Anonymous said...

Why are you adding Raila's name on here?? every kenyan that had anything to do with slaughtering Innocent kenyans should carry their own cross..

did I hear anywhere Raila ordering the Police to shoot innocent kenyans??? NOPE!! Kibaki did order the Police to shoot Kenyans

Chris stop bowing under pressure from Kibaki supporters on here..

and the rest should carry their own crosses and proof their innocence.. you can't blame the whole ODM or PNU party.. Individual MP's of Parliament involved themselves in this crimes against humanity and they alone should face justice..

As for the Police... the buck starts and ends with KIBAKI!!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry kikuyu pal-1:27 AM

As hard as you try to place Raila with Kibaki.. it is not working and won't wash.. Kibaki ordered the police to shoot and Kiiiiill Kenyans.. we all saw that on live T.V
Raila did not...

So each will carry their own cross and the only person we can see carrying a heavy cross with more than 3000 dead Kenyan names written on it is Mwai Kibaki the murderer.

Anonymous said...

2:57 AM

Kwale !!!from California you spew shiate and nonsense thank god you ain't in Kenya and if you are the type of kenyans who left to go wash plates and old people in the USA thank god for that- stay there, we the brilliant kenyans here on ground fighting for our democracy though stolen by Kibaki and cronies!!

Kibaki and his Mafia Mob is heading to HAGUE soon thank god we are on our way to true democracy soon..pole sani Hague train has arrived for your darling Kibaki.

Phil said...

@Kwale, I did many months ago promised myself not to respond to your pathetic and misguided out bursts.

If I am so miserable why does it itch/hurt you so much?

Your childish rants and indecisiveness shows each time you post a comment here.

In the interim period, you have threatened to shut down this blog, threatened to quit this blog, propagated irrelevant French politics, declared yourself Obama's 1st and only supporter and now come out in your true colours calling others names because they told you the truth. You cannot and will never curtail my freedom of speech or expression. All you have to do is to skip to the next each time you see my name.

Instead of calling me names, why dont you challenge one of the single issues I have raised, or even come up with a counter argument?

Rise above tribal politics you say - Which ones, because where in my initial comments did I mention tribe? You must be dreaming because you assume I am supporting ODM because I am Luo or what, is it a crime to be a Dorobo or Borana? Bottom line is I am Kenyan and your likes will not shut me down for as long as we continue having pretenders to the throne.

I firmly stand by my earlier comments and if you do not like them, MEZA WEMBE...What a waste of internet space!

Anonymous said...

Kikuyu forgery-5:03 AM

and you really believe we as kenyans are not intelligent enough to see the forgery and or a letter written by someone who has no sense of politics or ODM:)

Go try your childish tactics in central province... do you remember the other Ruto letter that was making rounds on Mashada?? take your nonsense there and post your forgeries there..
Kumekucha blog is for intelligent kenyans not thieves, thugs or tribalists -get lost- move on and go post your mavi waste else where...

shenzi sana this is not mashada where PNU post forged letters..

Anonymous said...

Here is a man who is fighting for kenyans and African's to see the Riches in our backyards and use them to our advantage:
Minerals, Rivers, Lakes, good weather, great soil for agriculture - what exactly is Africa lacking??????? "Intelligent leaders - to forge us ahead)-


Raila dares Africa to chart its destiny
Update 6 hours and 56 minutes ago

NAIROBI, November 21 - Prime Minister Raila Odinga has urged Africans to define their own destiny by steering a home-grown development agenda to cut reliance on foreign funding.

The PM told guests at a magazine launch on Thursday night that a widespread notion where tangible development in Africa is impossible without funding from western countries and the Bretton Woods Institutions was misplaced.

“It is time the continent sought alternative sources of capital from local resources,” he added.

“We have two categories of people in this continent, those who are Afro optimistic and think that nothing is impossible to achieve and others who are Afro pessimists who perceive the contrary,” he said.

Mr Odinga cited a case earlier in the year in which the World Bank suspended funding for major road projects in the country on learning that a former Finance Minister had resigned from the government to pave way for investigations.

The Premier went on to accuse the foreign press of painting the continent in bad light and urged The African Mirror monthly, which he was launching, to rectify the trend.

He decried the international press for influencing the perception of policy makers and prejudiced the decision making process for western nations, who withhold assistance to the continent whenever there is negative publicity.

“The perception of policy makers and of the general public in those countries is rightfully reflected in their national decision,” the PM said.

Mr Odinga regretted that the continent was endowed with untapped resources and yet was the poorest in the world.

The PM said Africans had the ability to shape their future and challenged Kenyans to fight the ethnic fault-lines that polarised the nation. “Forge ahead in a united front towards the development of the nation,” he enunciated.

Anonymous said...

too long, nothing brilliant therein, nor new analysis that has not been written or heard since february of 2008.

extracts and excerpts from several magazines, international tv/radio broadcasts and past commentaries.

be original next time around and give credit where it's due, it's pays in the long run.

unfortunately, kibaki (kenya's foday sankoh) will be six feet under by the time well known kenyan political thugs and rabid tribal hyenas begin taking up residence (cages) at the hague in arusha.

five ringleaders will definetly be heading to the hague (netherlands) in ten years time.

does the name charles taylor ring a bell? lol! he is now wasting away in custody while the value of his billions depreciate in offshore financial centres, and large cache of diamonds accumulate dust in bank faults in switzerland, antwerpen, and cayman islands.

kenya's political hyenas and snakes will lose it all in due time.

Dr Murinho said...


Like I told you before you have psychological problems. What names did Kwale call you?
I have noticed you people when faced with certain characters don't know how to respond.
I have noticed you are emotionally insecure. Insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving oneself to be unloved, inadequate or worthless (whether in a rational or an irrational manner).
A person who is insecure lacks confidence in their own value and capability, trust in themselves or others, or has fears that a present positive state is temporary and will let them down and cause them loss or distress by "going wrong" in future.

I could lecture you about your condition but I don't want to embarrass you here. Know there is a cure for your Raila worship.
I offer psychotherapy should you need one.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psychologist

UrXlnc said...

sayra @ 4:09

second that

Anonymous said...

Phil, if you don't know it you are miserable. why do you worship another human being?
all your comments are apologetic with no life in them.
seek help from Dr Murinho!

Kwale said...

Its good to see you have noticed my 'colourful' life here in Kumekucha.
That's exactly how my life is. VERY colourful. No Frills. No jerks. Pure and undistilled. Just the way God intend it! Have you also noticed no matter how many names you people call me (uneducated, primitive, unintelligent etc) I am still here? Do they hurt me? Not in a million years and I will be here for a very long time.

In fact it's Friday night, let the music begin.....!

Btw, I do apologize if I've hurt you or you're feeling in any way. Sincerely.
It is a shame you live in a country where the only chance of making it in life is if Raila Odinga becomes the president. Sad. That's the point I was trying to make.

Anonymous said...

Raila does not share any guilt with kibaki because Raila was not incharge.It is kibaki who gave shoot to kill orders on innocent women and children by his police force , it is kibaki who trashed the IPPG deal that even Moi agreed to and that is why he is in state house today, it is kibaki who took an oath of office to protect kenyans but instead arranged for retaliation murders at state house , since when did two wrongs make a right i have never heard of a government raping rapists,it is Kibakis cronies including his wife who went around telling kenyans that kibaki will win no matter what, it is Kibaki who was sworn in the dark.Need i say more.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:05 PM

clap clap clap!!!clap!

someone here says it as is- facts are facts though some on here and on ground at home would like to see it differently....


Raila does not share any guilt with kibaki because Raila was not in charge.It is kibaki who gave shoot to kill orders on innocent women and children by his police force , it is kibaki who trashed the IPPG deal that even Moi agreed to and that is why he is in state house today, it is kibaki who took an oath of office to protect kenyans but instead arranged for retaliation murders at state house , since when did two wrongs make a right i have never heard of a government raping rapists,it is Kibakis cronies including his wife who went around telling kenyans that kibaki will win no matter what, it is Kibaki who was sworn in the dark.Need i say more.

Taabu said...

Whatever happened to the good old English language and its summary. At least COWS DERIVE some nutrients in chewing CUD lakini binadamu?

Only FAITH HEALERS wax psychological with no shame to credit WIKIPIDIA as they ruminate on such long winded tradiationl sermons.

At least somebody is has done some THERAPYSPEAK for those who love to have their egos messaged and hate facing the nasty and ugly truth.

The whole post is premised on SECURING GUILT/SECURITY in numbers. All else is nothing but cleverly clothed DECEPTION intended to smear. No wonder such cheap epithets like WORSHIPPING are bandied with abandon. Indulge.

Dr Murinho said...


Have you ever thought of how egomastic you are. You are a very proud person- whether you know that or not.
You always talk of ego because you suffer from a very acute ego state.
Do something pratical, look yourself in the mirror and repeat after this. I AM NO BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PERSON. Repeat this evryday until you get that conviction inside of you. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PERSON.

Dr Murinho
Consultant Psycologist

Matako White said...

Wapenzi wasomaji, leo nimeamua kuzungumzia suala ya matako makubwa. Tafadhali msione kama ni matusi lakini hapa USA ni issue kubwa, maana watu wanayachukia! Nimeona nizungumzie suala ya matako makubwa kwa vile jana kazini, mzungu aliyekondeana mno kasema ni mnene na akila keki eti yote itaenda matakoni. Nilishangaa na kusikitika sana.

Uzuri kwa wazungu ni kuwa na matako fleti kama vile yamepigwa pasi. Sijui kwa nini. Mtu anashepu ya mbao, mwanamke hana hips kakaa kama dume vile eti ndo uzuri. Kumbe ni kwa sababu hao models na wacheza sinema wako hivyo! Basi wasichana ana akina mama wanajinyima chakula kusudi wakonde na eti wapendeze. Ndo maana magonjwa kama Bulimia na Anorexia zimeshamiri hapa. Lakini ukitazama sinema za miaka ya nyuma kama za 1930's na 1940's, wanawake walikuwa na shepu na walikuwa wamejaa na hata wanaume wa kizungu walikuwa wanasifia. Mpaka 1950's kulikuwa na mcheza sinema Marilyn Monroe, alikuwa na zinga la figure 8, na wanaume wote walikuwa wanampapatikia. Ama kweli mambo yanabadilika. Hivi sasa wanasema eti walikuwa ni obese yaani wanene!

Mbona mimi naona matako fleti kama chapati ni mabaya na hayapendezi? Au ni kwa sababu nimekulia Africa? Brothas (waMarekani Weusi) wanapenda mwanamke awe na matako ya maana! Akipita mwanamke mwenye mbarikio utasikia brothas wakisifia, "umm, umm umm!" Kuna siku nilisikia wanaume wa kizungu wakijadili sababu ya wanaume weusi kupenda matako makubwa, walisema ni "cultural thing". Kwa kweli ni culture yaani utamaduni! Kama umekulia katika mazingara ya kupenda kitu utakipenda. Na ndo maana kuna weusi USA wanataka kuwa na shepu iliyokondeana kama mzungu kumbe haiko katika 'genes' zake. Wajitahidi kupunguza mzigo lakini wapi, iko pale pale.

Sisi wanawake wenye asili ya Afrika tumebarikiwa huko nyuma. Yaani boxi, siha, wowowo, booty, na nasikia waGhana wanaita yokohama, matako makubwa yana majina mengi. Waafrika tunaona kama ni urembo, lakini wazungu na waliokulia uzunguni wanaona kinyaa. Wanasema eti ni dalili ya ulafi na uvivu! Lakini kama ni dalili ya ulafi mbona hata mwanamke mwembamba mwafrika anaweza kuwa na kamzigo huko nyuma? Ubaya mwenye matako makubwa anaweza kubaguliwa kwa vile bosi anaweza kuona kuwa ni 'ugly' na mwenye nacho anachafua mazingira ya ofisi. Kweli kabisa!

Hayo matako makubwa ni 'genes' za sisi waafrika. Lakini ajabu kuna siku nilisikia wazungu wakisema eti waafrika tuna matako makubwa kwa sababu ya utumwa. Eti mabibi zetu walinyimwa chakula hivyo matako ndo ilikuwa godown ya mafuta ya akiba. Nadhani ni uzushi kama ile ya ngamia kuweka maji kwenye nundu zake!

Mimi mara nyingi nimeambiwa nina matako makubwa, niyapunguze kwa kwenda gym kufanya mazoezi. Hayo mazoezi haisadii kitu ni makubwa vile vile! Lakini msione kama naona haya, wala! Mtu akiniambia nina matako makubwa namwambia mbona kama ni madogo, na ningependa yawe makubwa zaidi! Wanabakia kushangaa hasa nikiwaambia kuwa Afrika, matako makubwa ni uzuri.

Na amini usiamini kuna opresheni ya kuyapunguza inaitwa Liposuction. Wanawake wengi weusi na wazungu wamefanya hiyo liposuction ya matako, akiwemo mwimbaji Janet Jackson. Ubaya, ni kuwa ukishafanya hiyo liposuction, mafuta yataenda kwingine mwilini, hivyo utakuwa na shepu ya ajabu!

Sisi waafrika tunapenda kuringia huo mbarikio wa matako makubwa. Nilipokuwa nacheza ngoma shuleni na jeshini, tulikuwa tunatia nguo ndani ya bukta kusudi tuonekana na matako makubwa kweli kweli! Lakini, mara nyingi mitaani hapa USA, nimesikia akina dada wakifokewa, "You got a big a-s!" Kuna siku nilikuwa kwenye kituo cha Subway hapa Boston, kapita mama fualni Mganda, aisei alikuwa amejaliwa kweli huko nyuma, mpaka nikaona wivu. Basi ungeona wazungu walivyokuwa wanamtazama kwa mshangao ungecheka. Ila nilishuhudia baba fulani Mmarekani Mweusi akimtazama kwa furaha na kawa kama vile anamezea mate.

Nampenda sana mecheza sinema, Whoopi Goldberg. Nilikuwa nasoma jinsi akienda kwenye audition au akiwa kwenye movie shoot, wazungu wanamwambia kuwa ana matako makubwa au avae nguo ya kuzificha. Yeye alichoka, na mwishowe kusema, " Mimi ni mwanamke mweusi, nina matako makubwa niache kama nilivyo!" Wanawake wote tungedai heshima kama Whoopi nashani wazungu wangeheshimu matako yetu makubwa.

Tatizo linigine la kuwa na matako makubwa USA ni kupata nguo. Ukienda kununua sketi au gauni uanweza kukuta mbele refu nyuma umepanda. Au unavaa hiyo nguo lakini kwenye hips na matako haipiti! Hii ni kwa sababu nguo imeshonwa kwa ajili ya wazungu wenye matako fleti. Na kupata Jeans inayofiti ni vigumu. Mtu ambaye atatengeneza nguo 'molded for the black woman' atapata wateja kweli kweli, maana tunalilia nguo kama hizo.

Pamoja na yote haya sasa wazungu wameibuka na staili ya kuwa ka ka-butt. Yaani jeans inakuwa na pedi ndani kusudi mtu aonekana ana matako. Loh! Watu hawaridhiki! Sijui tuseme asante J-Lo (mwimbaji Jennfier Lopez) au nini. Kwanza walikuwa wanamcheka J-Lo na matako yake makubwa lakini naona watu wanaanza kuyapenda. Mpaka kuna opresheni sasa ya kuongeza matako. Wacha wafanye haitapendeza kama matako natural tulytozaliwa nayo waafrika.

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