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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wahu Shines, Does Kenya Proud in Abuja

Wahu Nameless has done Kenya proud by winning MTV Africa’s best female award in Nigeria. And that was no mean feat in a ceremony dominated by Nigerians who scooped 6 of the top 10 awards.

At long last, the stylishly shaped Abuja Velodrome stage produced good positive news for and from Kenya after dour 10+ months.

And to crown the occasion, the elegantly dressed MATHEMATICIAN/musician TEARFULLY dedicated her award to her husband and fellow musician Nameless together with her daughter for their inspiration.

What a deserved and refreshing break from our choking and nauseating politics. If only we would seize the traces of inspirations beckoning at us. Thank God small pleasures that occasionally sprout from Kenyan’s national landfill of verbiage and pettiness.

Hopefully we will celebrate Wahu's REAL/HONEST HARD WORK and honour her with no trivia and brickbats. Hongera Wahu.

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Anonymous said...

Wahu, Nameless, Prezzo and all the 'us guys' get too much exposure for doing nothing....There are so many deserving kenyan musicians who sing real music, not just ape American musicians, yet never get recognised because they are not politically correct.

e-change said...

This great country of ours is BURSTING at the seams with talent both RAW and POLISHED waiting to explode on the world stage like a Post Election Violence RAMBO movie

See what we can do when we are not busy tearing down each other to pieces with machetes and pangas-our athletes are the best RUNNERS in the world second only to themselves and each year bring home enough trophies to fill a shopping mall; our coffee is famous the world over, sipped and swallowed HOT by white and black alike; last but not least we are a WARM FRIENDLY people known for smiling ALL THE TIME as TOURISTS come to bask in our sun-kissed sandy beached shores

Hongera Wahu!
Kenyans like you show us we don't need to try and immoraly covet a special place in the new American Prezzo's heart by claiming FALSE OWNERSHIP so we get first priority whenever America's purse strings are loosened for spending on African development!!

Sayra said...

Congrats to Wahu.

Chema cha ji-uza.

papa plus said...

Hongera to Wahu.

However I have to agree with Anon 3:36. MTV settled for Africanized hip hop artists. I have to say that if I want rappers, I can listen to JayZ. I wish there was an award for purely African artistry. But nothing wrong with Wahu and other african hip hopers!

b-carotene said...

So that's what counts as music these days.....Fair enough.
Well done, Wahu.

papa plus said...

what pray tell became of Kora Awards?

Vikii said...

Congratulations Wahu.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking time off from the Armageddon chorus to point to something positive about a Kenyan. You have done Kumekucha proud.

Congrats to Wahu and her supporters!

rhyymemaster said...

If we tried hard enough we could build our own awards just like this one, and we can see a stream of musicians from all corners of Africa converge in nairobi for something like, "the bomba awards".

If we tried hard enough we could build our very own film studios and have our own locally produced soaps, Rambo movies, and not just be cheering when the latest 007 "Quantum of solace" is out. BTW this movie raked in $72 million in its first weekend box office. That for a sequel that has really outlived its hype. We could have our very own Kenwood, not cheering on nollywood (nigeria), hollywood (you know where) and bollywood (india).

Damn we could even have our very own local celebrities that are homegrown and don't ape J-zee or 50 cent.

M-Pesa said...

Ok so the Nigerians rigged the votes and scooped 6 out of 10 top awards, but please let's MOVE ON in this period of healing and reconcilliation. We know money has been poured by our enemies to "finish" our Kenyan musicians but please, no mass action this time. Don't uproot the railways or burn houses in rage for the historical injustices coming from Nigerians. Aggrieved parties should go to court while a commission of inquiry looks into the matter. It will be headed by motor-mouth rookie MP Ababu Namwamba, he of the box haircut fame. It will report back to parliament and emminent persons in a short time of 3 years. No stones will be left untouched and there will be no sacred cows, impunity must end! Meanwhile let's launch a campaign to have our Jua Cali "share" the top male award with the Nigerian. CMB Prezzo atapitia kati kati yao for the most meaningless lyrics ever.

Congrats Wahu!

Anonymous said...

Ati Wahu? being a kenyan i'm proud. What worries me is what the heck does she sing? Like someone here said you can't do hip hop better that JZ lets have more authentic musicians like Makeba and her pata pata, or malaika......real roots stuff. that kind of music should be recognised....wahu and clan should invest in that direction.....or risk getting only sympathy votes for being kenyan but nobody actually buys or listens to their music.

Sir Alex

Shiko-Msa said...

Congrats Wahu. I don't quite know what she sings but I'll make a point of listening to her music some more.

Intensitee said...

Got the metro 2day and they had Wahu on the front page but only mentioned her in a hurry...thanx 4 this 1.She's done us proud :-)

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