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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Transition to a Common Market should be a gradual process, Tanzania Maintains

In my last article, Tanzania should be “Sent packing”, I suggested that Tanzania should be left out of the common market implementation for it seems not to be ready for it. A commentator here at Kumekucha said that it would not be fair to come to such a conclusion without knowing the reasons for this dilly dallying by Tanzania.

Well, I agree it is important for us to know why Tanzania is behaving this way. There are three key issues that are driving Tanzania “crazy”. These are: Land ownership, Free movement of people and Permanent residence.

Kenya and Uganda want free for all land policy under which East Africans could be allowed to acquire land in other countries in the region. This is hotly contested by Mwalimu Nyerere’s country “for public interest”.

Tanzania fears that there will be an influx of people from the neighbouring countries to take pieces of land in Tanzania which has bigger arable land. Only 15 percent of 946,000 square kilometers is under cultivation in Tanzania. Kenya is more densely populated and there is scarcity of land to cultivate hence the fear of free movement of people and permanent residence.

Another thing, Tanzanians do not want the use of identity cards for travel within the region because these could easily be forged. Instead they want the use of passports which are internationally recognized. [Tanzanians do not have national identity cards. They are currently doing an evaluation on what is needed to afford a national identity card to each and every eligible Tanzanian].

The other bone in Tanzanians’ collective soup is the issue of free movement of labour. They feel that free movement of labour within the region would lead to a loss of jobs in the formal sector to Kenyans. (Yes, you heard me right…loss of jobs to Kenyans! ). They feel that the advantages that Kenyans have in the job market are integrity, hard work, sharp communication skills and aggressiveness. They feel that Kenyans would snatch jobs from right under their noses – a nightmare to them to say the very least.

These are the reasons (or rather, some of the reasons) that have been making Tanzanians go round and round in circles.


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Anonymous said...

At least the tanzanians are talking as a united kenya some goons will make that decision without consultation......
Do not also under estimate the influence of SADC read south Africa they are enjoying a nmonopoly in Tz and would not like to see kenyans spoil the party...
We must work with them though we need Tz....our image is the problem its jomo and hs cronies who screwed up east african we have to bend backwards.....Oh the burdens we have inherited.
Sir Alex

Taabu said...

Ritch said:

.....Tanzanians feel that the advantages that Kenyans have in the job market are integrity, hard work, sharp communication skills and aggressiveness...........

On the last score I agree TOTALLY but for the first two, well, I am not sure. Make no mistake, that is not to underestimate Kenyans' capability. But Tz is woried we may be EXPORTING some of our undesirable traits.

In the long run it is give and take and if they admire Kenyans' aggressive approach/capitalism then they must be ready to entertain the ordour for the same skunk.

Once bitten twice shy. Jomo did Nyerere in and we are still paying for the fallout into the new millennium. So are Tanzanians LAZY?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ritch,

I always see your posts here in Kumekucha but never a comment. How comes you don't like to comment, even in your own post??

Anonymous said...

Kenya has so many problems that are both urgent and pressing that require a concerted and concentrated effort to get us on track let alone to move along....we need a massive injection of cash and expertise. We have the hard working people what we need is the money but our bungling poliidiots are scheming on how to steal from us the little that we have...some say tax them, I say lynch the bastards.. we do not have the luxury to wait and see. we have more that 40yrs of wasted opportunity its not time to be civil and diplomatic just get rid of the buggers. Execute the lot we just cannot have that kind of theft going on.

Sir Alex

DM said...

"They feel that the advantages that Kenyans have in the job market are integrity, hard work, sharp communication skills and aggressiveness."


Please. Don't make me laugh!

Ivy said...


Please don't laugh. But i just did!!

If some one refuses to play ball with you, then what is the beef about? Wa TZ can't just bring themselves to trust Kenyans, so let everyone take a walk. You see i am a business partner with you because of what i can get from you. Kikwete and his people are not seeing anything that they can benefit from wakenya wazalendo and they have prefered the zulus....Don't we also have a choice?

Ivy said...


Ama we want to start saying that the wazalendo's are envious of our achievements......hardwork, integrity...LOL sharp communication skills...Let us not confuse (loud with the gentleness of the tanzanians) and aggressiveness (yes kenyans can be aggressive i agree...In all areas)

Anonymous said...

Am sure Tanzanians cannot forget in a hurry stories of Kenyan/ kikuyu millionaires whose business by day is to sell razor blades and what they do at night is anyones guess.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, a US-based Kenyan author was arrested last week by federal authorities in Chicago. According to a reliable source, Okello, who also worked in nursing homes around Indiana, is facing Immigration and criminal charges.

We have not been able to independently confirm what he has been charged with so we will withold the information we have until we are able to confirm it. We will update this story as the details emerge.

Okello is married with two sons and has authored several non-fiction books based on his experiences here in the US.

Taabu said...

I can smell the foul mood. Kwani AW has refused to PLAY BALL nini? We told them so kutangulia sio kufika na bado.

UrXlnc said...


great follow up. the three core reasons you list above are consistent with my observations. and yes generally speaking Tz leadership believes that any integration at this point in time would be disadvantageous to its populace and they would generally lag behind or in fact be run over by the neighbours for a variety of reasons some of which you have enumerated above.

are the TZ fears justified, maybe. interestingly enough, even as they "fear" jobs being taken over by the east african neighbours, you will also observe that a number of Tzians are currently in kenya and ug taking up some menial jobs that kenyans shun. of course there are also very many Tzians in high profile jobs the world over, such as the director of UNCHS Habitat.

its very sad that we in africa continue to subscribe to the divisionary tactics used by colonialists to seperate us such that we are unable to trust or forge relationships that empower socially and economically and are forever suspicious and clouded in mistrust (whether real or jus paranoia)

lakini bwana Ritch, integrity? i dont think so. in any case no one in their right mind would refuse to embrace integrity in a business relationship, wouldnt that be a paradox of sorts, dont you think.

great post bro.

Anonymous said...

keep to the topic, will you.
the post reads "Transition to a Common Market should be a gradual process, Tanzania Maintains"

Taabu said...

INTEGRITY and its absence is at the heart of Tz's ambivalence. and the truth be said Tz only fears Kenya and we must stop ropping in other East Africans into the crowd. A hard look into the whole game will reveal local dynamics being played as regional level. Just look hard enough and honestly at it. We may have all the wealth but does the end justify the means? Tz may want a HONEST foundation and not building their economy on quicksand/DECEPTION. Better slow than sorry for a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Uganda's Museveni and Rwanda's Kagame are war criminals and should not be tolerated. Why should kenya unite with them. Museveni and Kagame need to be taken to the International Criminal Court for they are responsible for the deaths of millions of people in Northern Uganda and Eastern Congo. Uganda and Rwanda are the root causes of violence and instability in the great lakes region.

Anonymous said...

He who wants to be the next president - yet is a coward just like the illegitimate sloth currently at SH.

.....Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, who is also the leader of government business had indicated on Tuesday that MPs would be persuaded to change their stand on the matter during Tuesday’s Kamukunji. Kalonzo however failed to attend the meeting but later said he would push for consensus on the matter.

“It is not very difficult for you to imagine what my position on this matter will be because I believe in transparency. But as a leader of government business I need to carry everybody along. If I were to polarise members it would be very unfortunate,” he said.

e-change said...

we were told here the other day by "Samo" Sam Okello that development in our country will take 50 years.

This means in life some people are more human than others

Let the Tz transition gradually to a common market;they are not yet "there" like us i mean...

"integrity, hard work, sharp communication skills, aggresiveness" who else but Kenyans can combine this unique collection of sharp skills and still walk on 2 legs?

PS:- even in our own country this special skill set is apportioned in DESCENDING order starting with President then VP, PM, MPs then you and i

Anonymous said...

Why in a hurry to integrate?
TZ have the right to decline any marriage with the Kenyan thiefs, Ugandas murderers and Rwanda's killers. All these pple have one thing in common. They will invade into TZ and grab everything, and soon or later will claim they ownership of TZ and will run for presidency. They will cause clashes and will regard the indegenous as lazy, and what next? impunity and rampant stealing/robberies. Have you ever known that in every speech Kibaki reads it shall never miss the words; "everyone has the right to own property and live anywhere"??? This is what this men of impunity want in TZ. TZ keep it up. When the deal is too good think twice.

b-carotene said...

Yeah, better to let the racist, apartheid south africans, the resource-starved chinese, the arabs etcetera to invade Tanzania--better than stinking africans (sic!).

There is a shocking study on racism (imported from apartheid types that couldnt survive minus the apartheid subsidies) in Tanzania that was conducted in the early years of this millenium.
That's what Tanzania needs, you faggot.

Taabu said...

And are we also NOT RACISTS albeit in disguise looking at how we treat each other/tribe locally? The difference may end at terminology and spelling but the ingredients same to a T, ama?

b-carotene said...

Speak for yourself.
No safety in numbers here.

Joe said...

I see nothing wrong with Tanzania being cautious. However, those that want to move on should be allowed to do so.

In the European Union, Britain and France behave the same way.. That is how come Britain still uses the pound instead of the Euro.

The treaty should be amended to allow those that feel it is in their best interests to integrate to go on and do so. Then Tanzania will see the benefits and probably join the rest. As we speak, some in Tanzania are regretting leaving COMESA.

b-carotene said...

Actually, Tanzania is not the only stumbling block. Museveni with his lofty ideas of a single president of the federation sends chills down the spines of many.

Ultimately, if he does not give that idea up, at least for the short and medium term, we are unlikely to see this initiative move forward.

I see no problem with starting modestly with basic things like working on a commun currency and a common customs system, prehaps identification, and moving on to other even more complicated/contentious issues in a stepwise fashion.

We should not give the bumbling Kikwete and his bunch of hoots (as did the so-called Mwalimu) a second chance at splitting up such an innovation in sub-regional governance.

Anonymous said...

Museveni is to east africa what gadafi is to africa , this over inflated ego of a man is my main contention when it comes to this EAC thing , for as long as museveni continues to abuse power and hang to it then i dont see any reason why a blossoming democracy like kenya should partner with such a man.

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