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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Chap, The Typical Kenyan

There is something that multinational corporations do a lot these days and it is pretty instructive about the times we live in. Every couple of years they completely rejuvenate their marketing department with young fresh blood. Not only to keep with the times but to get rid of the inevitable human tendency to stick with the old tried and tested.

Actually conservatism can be pretty expensive in this rather fluid world we live in these unpredictable times where things are changing way too fast for any accurate analysis to be written and still be completely up-to-date by the time the book is published. Let me give you just one example.

Every right thinking Kenyan knows that education is critical and so many parents have sacrificed everything, even selling their land and property while rubbing their hands in glee and looking forward to the day their son or daughter will finish their PhD knowing very well that the cash will surely pour in with a vengeance then. Many of them have ended up very disappointed with well educated people they spent a fortune on still jobless at home. Yes education is still important but so is exposure. A friend of mine put it very well early today when they said that people have gone all out of education and ignored common sense with disastrous results.

Well this chap the typical Kenyan is pretty conservative. A few more examples;

• A vast majority of Kenyans in the 2007 general elections wanted change badly and yet most Kenyans thought that an old man called Raila Odinga was the most suitable candidate to deliver that change. Our brothers in Central were even more hilarious and were firm in their belief that the current member of parliament representing Othaya (in close collaboration with the likes of Njenga Karume were the most suitable candidates to deliver the radical change we need.

• I am greatly relieved that after 3 years of constant campaigning here and numerous emotive posts, more and more Kenyans have finally arrived at the rather obvious conclusion that to get genuine change we need brand new faces in politics. But those same Kenyans believe that to sit in State House you MUST have volumes of experience. Now the problem with that is that because Daniel arap Moi, Mwai kibaki, Njenga Karume, John Michuki etc. have never believed in voluntary early retirement (only the forced kind very late in the day) how the hell would any other younger person have gotten the opportunity to gain that State House experience? And besides how experienced was Jomo Kenyatta (even with his advanced age) when he took over the reigns of power in 1963? Please do youb research and tell us.

• The government in its’ efforts to re-settle IDPs is pretty nervous about any initiative that will lead to the examination of historical injustices. Conservative folks avoid like the plague the discussion of anything sensitive and maybe “improper.” So instead they came up with the “brilliant” idea of establishing more police stations in the worst-hit areas of Rift valley in their failed effort to re-settle the suffering IDPs. The idea seems to have been to have one police post for every IDP. Wow!! That one is straight from the old colonial rule book and my oh my, did it work pretty well in the Rift Valley or what?

• Retired President Daniel arap Moi is the best example to prove that old conservative ideas don’t work any more. Every single political scheme he has tried since he left office has fallen flat on its’ face. The latest one is going to be even more spectacular in its’ failure, just wait and see. The idea is to revive the old Kanu with Nicholas Biwott as party chairman. Biwott has already received backing from Gideon Moi who has been going round dishing out lots of cash (pesa yetu iloyoibiwa) in the Rift Valley. The game plan is to have the Kalenjin community sheepishly trooping back to Kanu in droves when the inevitable fall out in ODM happens. Some people think the professor of politics has got it right this time… I am not one of those people.

• The reason why Narc Kenya still exists and is such a strong political party is because some people close to the president are busy doing “a Kanu” within PNU. They all know that Kibaki has to leave office after his current term so chances are that we will be treated to another “professer Kimya” drama soon when some wannabe loyalist finds at the last minute that their name is NOT on the ballot paper for party chairman to succeed Kibaki.
• Many, many, Kenyans desire change. However they want somebody else to make the sacrifices. Somebody else to do all the work. Somebody else to risk getting arrested or killed. So everybody is currently waiting for somebody else to do something. (More on this subject and what I propose to do, in later posts).

• Finally just watch the comments to this post to see many more examples of the nature of this chap, the typical old school Kenyan.

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Anonymous said...

Ati Narc Kenya is a such a strong political party? Is it because they were able to gather 2000 delegates in Nairobi to pick karua as the boss, or is it because the same boss happens to be the one already campaigning for 2012 and galivating from place to place making the most noise?

Taabu said...

Did you say NEW FACES? Well, am not sure but the adage of new wine in old winskins may be apt. Looking at the box-hair cut Ababus and their theatrics that contradict their hitherto hollier-than-thou I am lost for patience.

Methink Kenyans are collectively held hostage to SATANIC forces of the underworld. How else would you honestly explain some of the bland statements from the schooled that are often spewed in utmost FOUL language. Shule tumenda lakini it looks likes it was singularly meant to pass exams, period. Ole wetu na village bargage.

Anonymous said...

Narc-K?? the same Karua Lady who was clapping on international BBC media when Innocent Kenyans were being slaughtered by her Mungiki (statehouse meeting- she attended) and she then turned round and called it ethnic cleansing!!
do you sincerely believe Kenyans will ever forget Martha Karua's face on T.V spewing Venom at anyone who tried to say Mungiki were slaughtering people in Kibera even before elections were final or Nakuru and Naivasha was under siege by beheaders known as Munigiki??

Narc-K will never represent Other parts of Kenya with Martha Karua as Chairman- you might call her tough my friend.. but that is the PNU face that Kenyans woke up to when their families were being slaughtered in broad daylight and shoot down by police..

Karua represents "Emilio Kibaki" whether she would like to distant herself in order to get into statehouse..

Who can trust a person that helps swears in a fake President in the dark night against the majority wish of the people ???
How dare she thinks we have forgotten her hand in having Kibaki in office?? that means Karua will rig elections and swear herself in too if given the chance....NO SUCH LUCK.

Sayra said...

In the spirit of waiting for somebody else to do the work and provide the change that we desire we in return loose soo many opportunities that am afraid 100yrs from now when they will be reading history they will wonder just how dump were we.

Many times what we see happening is just a repeat. Problem is we never learn and we don't wanna learn. We have chosen to fill our ears with wool and put on glasses that have magical effects where all looks pretty good. And many other times we have chosen to play stupid by comparing our progress with that of the devil.

There are many reasons and excuses we can give. Top in my mind we have neglected our Creator and two our level of education.

We are a nation that boast to have good intellectuals that we even export. That is a good thing but the bad thing is that quite a number of these people have let formal education get in their way of learning. That is why they will shamelessly indulge in very cheap and shameful behaviors and activities such as greed, lies, shameless stealing, murder, etc.

They forget that one of their duties as Kenyans is to serve the people be they in private or public sector. That their time should be well spend in constructive ventures. That they should talk in actions and spend time WISELY. They should not look for reasons why they should not act instead look for reasons of why they should act. It all boils down to the individual and what they choose to do ... and what they choose to ignore ... and more important- who they really are.

Taabu said...

What a marvelous SERMON. I am only worried if the pews are empty. Or are you in with the choir? Other than that you are SPOT ON.

e-CHANGE said...

in the previous post "Ritcho" told us that Kenyans "have integrity, work hard, have sharp communication skills and are aggressive" "Chriso" this is the "TRUE" typical Kenyan Chap and unlike "Samo" Sam Okelo don't mistake us for the WESTERN MEDIA IMAGE STEREOTYPES eti we're starving yet corrupt, begging donors yet shouting neo-colonialists at the same time. We are more human than others who are not "there" yet

"Chriso" your problem is you assume every Kenyan is "right-thinking"
IF we are right thinking what went wrong in Dec 2007?

IF we are right thinking how come we get excited over personalities and people instead of policies and strategies?

IF we are right thinking what type of laws do we expect politicians with such low calibre as the 10th parliament to bring to the national assembly?

IF we are right thinking how come we are expecting tribal trivial village pilferers to unite Kenya wananchi and create wealth?

Anyway, we are on our way to Caananlan and VISION 2030 plus "Samo" Sam Okello's projections puts us on the path of change and development anywhere between 2030 and the return of the Messiah(not Rao stupid ama amenda wapi sasa?)

Anonymous said...

Sure we need to sweep aside likes of molasses 'Tinga' Amolo of the circumcision call and other politicians in the 60's. these are the guys who will sleep with killers, rapists and economic crime experts just to get political milleage. they have a history of entering in shoddy relationships of convenience..remember NDP? molasses plant?...then a minister who flew a military jet to his poverty stricken ethinic morons to celebrate his 1st flag...te he he eee.
these is the kind of garbage that Taabu says we should take out.

ni seme ingine? si mzee amesema?

Taabu's mistress

Anonymous said...

chris...lots of rhetoric. When ou tell us ati change is replacing old thieves like Karume with young thieves like Ruto...we know you are not serious.

enda ukadanganye mbuzi.

kumekucha said...

Anon @ 8:32,

Please read properly. I said "new faces" and not "young faces".

Is Ruto a new face in Kenyan politics?

New faces as in a Obama for Kenya.

Admittedly this new faces should be younger than Njenga Karume and John Michuki.... much younger.


Anonymous said...

I say Sam Okello for president. He is a new Obama. Tough jamaa!

Anonymous said...

ANON @ II:13



Anonymous said...

This o'l chap called a typical kenyan is a normal human being and all normal people are resistant to change.........that said age has nothing to do with it. Success that is. The most critical factor is Ethics, and moral values....thats the core, the 'new' army of young turks employed by the said companies pretty much go out to sell the same stuff, repackaged. Coke for example has done so much in many different way over many yrs just to sell, well Coke.
Before we strecth all this too far youth has nothing to do with it the problem with ROA is not that he is an old man you just hate him for being the other tribe kibs on the other hand is a board certified, card carrying member of the mt kenya give us a break.
Put on your thinking cap and try again hapo ume noa.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

The best way to find a solution to the kenyan political madness is to describe the individual, the qualities needed and so on. This name calling which to me is just a pathetic attempt at attacking RAO simply because is seems that currently we do not have credible CP figure that can galvanise the vote the way RAO can in nyanza....its one of those because we are 'weak' lets weaken the opposition..moves.

The bottom line is to define the characteristics and support your argument, fresh face, new face are rather pointless and un informative...I think the fear here is that if we were to give an indepedent assesment we would find that RAO will still come up pretty much at the we have this guys prefering to go with , new face, fresh face.....I would like to see an analysis of the kenya socioeconomical satus, and political reality with proper references as to where we are and how we got there, where we need to go, and then therefore the kind of person/leadership that we require.
All this fresh face stuff...hapana you must flesh it out.....what fresh? How new? as in new baby? How new will this new be? everyone has a history so again how new?

Sir Alex

b-carotene said...

Is there an alternative to the "blundering hobo-gait bumpkin" (these are not my words, hence the quotes) in Luo Nyanza?

Another very stupid post. Is there no end to this?! Kenyans are suffering, uncertain whether or not they will have food on their tables this holiday season and the best you can do is talk about new faces this, karua this, rao that....Comon! Degenerates.

Reminds me of m-pesa's yesterday post:(.

Ivy said...

out of topic but let me think aloud.....I thought Amos Kimunya would have been the first MP to propose his salary and allowance to be taxed......Ala?

Kwale said...

Change will not happen in Kenya unless people understand and uphold moral values above their privileges.
In other words politics like society in general, is governed by objective laws that have roots in human nature. In order to improve society it is first necessary to understand the laws by which society lives.

I have heard this term so often used here "ODM damu". Do these people really mean they want to pass ODM blood of stone throwing, hooliganisms and other depravity to their children and all the generations to come? somebody help me!

Taabu said...

Progress and change is not faking sophistication till you cannot buy an umbrella in downtown NRO becasue you choose to ask for BROLLY. That deprived sense of sophistry only cheats you into believing that you have arrived because your template and bar is too low albeit you don't know.

Sermons full of self-imporatnce are better left to preachers for they have a ready flock with insecurities to prey on. We are are not that gullible and can see through all lies and innuendoes.

The SOLOMONIC gimmick of lets destroy the edifice and go down with everybody else is a cheap on that cannot gain any wings. Leta ingine.

Joe said...


I have heard this term so often used here "ODM damu". Do these people really mean they want to pass ODM blood of stone throwing, hooliganisms and other depravity to their children and all the generations to come? somebody help me!

Isn't this stereotyping? I perceive it to be so. Now, roll back to 1990-1992. We were all throwing stones. Why? Because we had a common enemy called Moi. The liberators of that era are our current oppressors. Kwale, maybe you don't feel oppressed but there are KENYANS who feel so. The fact that we have a different fella at the helm does not dilute these folks grievances or their rights to protest as Kenyans. Neither does it make them second class citizens.

Personally, i wouldn't worry about folks throwing stones. I have thrown stones before for a good cause. It is the imbeciles who kill Kenyans that worry me. There can never be any justification for that.

Kwale said...


Oppression is an act of feeling marginalized, silenced or subordinated by another group or by leadership. And it is rightly so to feel oppressed, but what do you get out of throwing stones?

You said, "Personally, i wouldn't worry about folks throwing stones. I have thrown stones before for a good cause. It is the imbeciles who kill Kenyans that worry me...."
Do you know that stone you threw could've hit somebody in the head and that could've been end of that person? There is no good cause in thrown stones! Instead of throwing stones, why don't you form a social justice movement, a nonviolent one like that of Dr Martin Luther King? Freedom does not come cheap and neither does it come from throwing stones or the feel of umbrage.

Very true, I don't feel oppressed and never.
I have learnt one thing in this life; some virtues are only seen in affliction and there is no oppression that is so heavy or lasting as that which is inflicted by the perversion and exorbitance of legal authority.

"If you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius", My Sociology teacher taught us.

Anonymous said...

It is because of the typical, tribal, fraudulent, deceptive and stealing Kenyan that we have an epitome of mediocrity at State house:

Kibaki has consistently failed to exercise the required political control (i.e LEADERSHIP) that would have convinced the Kenyan public and the international community that the 2007 General Election would have been free and fair. (This later came to pass: Kibaki STOLE the elections; consequently triggering the violence. All along he was being cheered and supported by the typical, tribal, fraudulent, deceptive and stealing Kenyan)

Kibaki's inability to provide leadership includes his failure to lead the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) from the front when he took over power in 2003 after winning the December 2002 elections (These are elections that he genuinely won. He did not STEAL). The post election-violence is, in part, a consequence of the failure of Kibaki and his first Government to exert political control (i.e LEADERSHIP) over the country or to maintain sufficient legitimacy as would have allowed a civilized contest with him at the polls possible.

Kibaki's fraudulent decision to renege on the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Kibaki’s National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAK) and Mr Odinga’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) before the 2002 elections as one of the major contributory factors that created the environment that made occurrence of post election almost a certainty. It eventually came to pass.

Even though the 2005 referendum was peaceful and results were accepted rather than contested, the parameters were nevertheless drawn. Worse was the decision by Kibaki to dissolve the entire Cabinet after LOSING the referendum and excluding Mr Odinga and his allies from the Government a month later when he reconstituted his administration.

The net effect, was further political polarisation. Kibaki's turning away from Raila and removing from government the group of ministers associated with Odinga had the effect of increasing the polarisation of politics along ethnic lines.

The Waki report points an accusing finger at Kibaki saying that he failed to take actions (i.e LEADERSHIP) that would have bridged the escalating ethnic and political divide, which fueled the political violence. It was wrong, the report argues, for Kibaki to fail to heed the advice of leaders from other communities.

Kibaki’s regime failed to unite the country, and allowed feelings of marginalisation to fester into what became the post-election violence. He and his then Government were complacent in the support they considered they would receive in any election from the majority Kikuyu community and failed to heed the views of the legitimate leaders of other communities.

Under the agreement that Kibaki's NAK signed with Raila's LDP the post of PM was to be introduced after 2002 General Election and the Constitution reviewed to recognise the new position. Failure to honour the MoU by Kibaki broke the trust that had been built between Kibaki and Mr Odinga, in the process splitting Narc.

This (reneging on the MoU) was criticised by the public as an attempt by the so-called ‘Mount Kenya Mafia’ to keep power to itself rather than share it.

The Waki report also blames Kibaki for the way he handled the search for a new Constitution and the 2005 referendum and its aftermath. His administration is accused of diluting some of the provisions of the Bomas Draft into what was later called the Wako Draft. It is the latter that was put up for the referendum pitting Kibaki on the side of the “Yes” or Banana campaign and Mr Odinga in the “NO” or Orange crusade.

The Orange movement that defeated the government by rejecting the Wako draft was later to be transformed into a political party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Former President Moi, who is now Kibaki's strongest supporter and defender, stands accused for allowing the culture of IMPUNITY to take root following the election violence of 1992 and 1997. As events have unfolded since early 2003, it clearly shows that Kibaki has followed the footsteps of Moi, no wonder they are on the same side now. What a big let down from someone from whom so much civilized leadership was expected... He is after all a typical, tribal, fraudulent, deceptive and stealing Kenyan

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe said...


Very well,

However, the notion that "stone throwing can be inherited" does not augur well for the inclusiveness we need to foster for a better Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kwale you never fail to amuse:

Listen to yourself:

"There is no good cause in thrown stones! Instead of throwing stones, why don't you form a social justice movement, a nonviolent one like that of Dr Martin Luther King? Freedom does not come cheap and neither does it come from throwing stones or the feel of umbrage."

This is absolute nonesense. I would like to ask you a question:


Stop farting shit here. Take your lies elsewhere like mashada... It is the likes of you who are the typical, tribal, fraudulent, deceptive and stealing Kenyan. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

6:45 PM
Taabu's Mistress

My friend the only person who gave orders to the police to Murder kenyans!!rape them!! behead them and burn them alive -is yours truly
the fake President EMILIO MWAI KIBAKI........

go figure instead of digging your kikuyu head in the sand.

the senile fool will be frog marched to HAGUE.

Anonymous said...

anon12:43 AM

Martha Karua the ugly witch with innocent Kenyans blood all over her hands??
you must be joking^ over my dead body- that woman needs to be in Hague today, let us see which law language she will use to get her self out.. the kibaki bitch

Kwale said...

You said, "…the notion that "stone throwing can be inherited" does not augur well for the inclusiveness we need to foster for a better Kenya".

Very true. Children do what they see adults do, and by so, stone throwing can be inherited, just the same way we "inherit anger and other habits from our parents". And unless we as a society recognized no matter how we may feel oppressed, any form of violence has no place in a civilized society the whole scenario will be repeated again in future. I prefer to follow a peaceful route no matter how long that will take me!
Remember wherever there is peace there is justice. Peace is a godly virtue, violence is a manifestation of perversion and wickedness.

"There is no way to peace; peace is the way." Mahatma Gandhi envisioned nonviolence as a way to make a political statement.

Taabu said...

Your textbook solutions are VERY SOUND. But Kenya is no Thailand where the mass (PAD) block the airport for 2 days with GSU breaking skulls and police shooting to kill. We are collectively held hostage by institutions and laws premised on RAW power exercised by one office. Try anything civil and guaranteed we will come to mourn you.

Taabu said...

Kenya has GATE KEEPERS who will kill you at the slightest impresion that you want to try something different. And they have their conies cheering behind them.

b-carotene said...

"There is no good cause in thrown stones! Instead of throwing stones, why don't you form a social justice movement, a nonviolent one like that of Dr Martin Luther King? Freedom does not come cheap and neither does it come from throwing stones or the feel of umbrage."

--How so true! Such vision and foresight. Thanks Kwale. I'm starting my own Kwale wisdom-quotes collection :). We have our very own Obama staring us in the face, and here we are at KK, blind to him, indeed, vilifying him, because we understand him not. We (ODMers) of a violent, stone-throwing culture.

Taabu said...

But first we must convince him to RENOUNCE his present citizenship because as it is now Kenya doesn't allow dual citizenship.

And we need RESOURCES so that B-Carotene can teach him swahili so as to connect with average Kenyans (outside the web). And Kimi will do the necessary to have Kwale appreciate the NOSE-PICKING and SWEATY Kenyans as his subjects.

All KK readers MUST volunteer and contribute towards this worthy casue to save our motherland. This is a once-in-a-lifetime candidacy and we must seize it before France/US snatches our own Obama. Any takers out there wwith me on this please?

Sayra said...

Couldn't agree more ... ma-gate keepers na mafans wao wako kwa wingi and in all shapes and colours.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello for PRESIDENT!

Sayra said...

Taabu @ 7.55am,

Taabu are you ok? you sounding sickish ... uko poa?

Anonymous said...

Taabu @7:55AM,

Yes, GATE KEEPERS washidwe!! And HUMAN WORSHIPPERS washidwe kabisa, kabisa!!! With these types of Kenyans (especially the latter) the nation will never reach the promised land.

Anonymous said...

What do most Kenyan stone throwers, arsonists, rapists, and murderers have in common? They congregate in one political party and worship a delusional political "messiah." Their anthem is "Historical Injustices" and their bond is negative ethnicity. But, like all other cults, their kingdom shall never come; for goodness shall ultimately triump over all else.

Anonymous said...

This notion of stereotyping a certain community with stone throwing is nauseating because we all know our country's history that stone throwing is something that began long time ago and has always been synonymous with oppressive regimes. Somewhat I agree with Sir Alex that if we are intelligent as we perceive ourselves to be, why can't we try to put our arguments in historical perspective. Most of the commentators here are guised as intellectuals but are just true tribal hegemonics who only believe that other Kenyans do not have a place in our society.

Anonymous said...

Why does Taabu feel threatened by Kwale's good ideas and advice? He should not worry that Kwale is about to whip Molasses' political bottom. Come 2012 and Kalonzo will do that job without much assistance. The majority has decided.

UrXlnc said...


chris/phil/taabu or anyone with the information

as i read this article on political parties act and that the parties are not yet compliant. could someone publish or point a link to the act and maybe some understanding why these large/leading parties are finding it difficult to comply? its rather strange that 220+ people across 30 or so parties can quickly move in to agree not to tax themselves and yet within their home parties are not able to comply with an act that is supposed to bind them together within the party

Anonymous said...

Kenya has it's owners!!

Really, the old stupid sub-standard educated brains in Kenya believe that Kenya belongs to them.

They are ready ti kill and are not shy to sponsor thugs to murder you right away.

These thugs own everything in Kenya and are not ready for a change. An Obama would have had no chance at all in Kenya.

The youth should shun these rotten heads and accept new faces. The Kales showed us how to do it. Kick Moi, kick Biwott, kick rubbish out of your compound and you will be free.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:03 PM
You said:
"The youth should shun these rotten heads and accept new faces. The Kales showed us how to do it. Kick Moi, kick Biwott, kick rubbish out of your compound and you will be free." I guess you meant get free to rape and murder neighbors for voting differently. If these Kalenjin youth are your heroes, then your neighbours are in great are in imminent danger of being rape and murdered.

Phil said...

Blogger UrXlnc said...

btw chris/phil/taabu or anyone with the information

as i read this article on political parties act and that the parties are not yet compliant. could someone publish or point a link to the act and maybe some understanding why these large/leading parties are finding it difficult to comply?

Understandably, ODM is bidding its time because there has been massive infiltration into its ranks by KANU (aiming to reinvigorate itself especially in Rift Valley) and PNU (aiming to sabotage parliamentary majority in parliament with an eye on 2012). Hundreds of million of shillings have been spent on purchasing ODM membership cards and bribing its grassroot delegates and Members of Parliament because they are aiming at planting their moles in strategic positions within the ODM NEC.

ODM was originally a MASS MOVEMENT which comprised all manner of politicians among its ranks. It also happens to be a young party, with a well articulated manifesto, that surprised the ruling party and the oldest party by emerging the clear winner in 2007. No one wants a repeat of is therefore only prudent to delay the grassroot elections and the National Delegates Congress so as to weed out these characters.

Keep your eyes open. Voters of today cannot be taken for a ride. Not even those in Rift Valley.

Anonymous said...

what a morally bankrupt lot our MP's are how else will they refuse to pay taxes even in these hard time surely Kenya is domed with these lot to deliver us the MDG& Vision 2030.

Anonymous said...


thanks for the update.

drop me a email sometime


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48
The Kales did the best thing to vote out thugs. If you mean they are rapists because they refused to vote Moi sons, then you are totally wrong.

Let me tell you that all Kenyans are rapists.

The Kikuyus raped Luos and Luhyas in Mathare, the Luos raped Kikuyus in Kibera. Kales raped Kikuyus and Kisiis in Eldoret. Kikuyus raped Luos, Luhyas in Naivasha and Nakuru. Luhyas raped Kikuyus in Kakamega. Coast people raped Wabara in Mombasa.

All in all Kibaki, Michuki, Uhuru, et al raped all Kenyans mostly Luos and Luhyas in Kisumu, Naivasha and Nakuru.

Whom did you rape? If you are not ready to elect a clean politician, then you are a potential rapist.

Anonymous said...

The media reported that High Court Judge Lady "Justice" Mary Angawa
awarded a Briton 65 million award. The award was because Mrs Wendy Martin was attacked by ana elephant at Lewa Conservancy where she was a tourist.
This is all OK. However, I have some questions:

1: How many Kenyans have been awarded half this kind of money when elephants destroy their crops or kill them?

2: Is there a favourable law for foreigners and another bad one for Kenyans?

3: Didn't this tourist know that wild animals in Africa don't respect mzungus? What business did she have to go jogging in a wildlife area?

4: When are our wig wearing judges in Kenyancourts going to give Kenyans justice?

Anonymous said...

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