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Friday, November 14, 2008

Kumekucha Gets Waki List

It is the oldest trick in the book, although I can already see all my lawyer friends violently resisting my use of the word "trick."

The way it works is that as all eyes are focused on a particular part of the legal contract like the amount of cash that you will get paid, a killer clause is sneaked in somewhere in the middle. At a place where you are bound to scheme through without really “seeing” it. You hurriedly sign, little knowing that you have just signed your own death warrant. That is the reason why we are always told repeatedly; “read the small print.”

Well earlier this year, the political class, some of the smartest, most evil guys in the land hurriedly signed the so-called Anan document without reading it properly. Well, they did read it very carefully, but only that part that talked about who would be in State House and who would wield what power. The assumption was that it was business as usual and that whoever occupied State House would as always do what they wanted to do.

Actually I am reliably informed that the fate of Kenya’s political class was sealed the minute we invited the African Union into Kenya to help sort out the post-election violence mess. The minute those guys came into the picture the whole matter moved into the jurisdiction of International courts and that now dreaded place where long suffering Kenyans may just begin to see justice—the Hague.

But nobody should bring out the Champaign yet, let alone the glasses. The political class as always have a game plan to ride out this crisis. The idea seems to pretend to accept all the recommendations of the Waki report, get a local tribunal in place and then do everything to influence that tribunal. This is Kenya where files disappear and evidence and witnesses vanish into thin air. Due process of course demands that you prove a person guilty and that can be a very tricky thing indeed, even when a person’s guilt is so obvious. Just ask the legal experts who were trying to get at the infamous Chicago crime lord, Al Capone.

The saddest bit in all this is that people died. Mostly innocent Kenyans. But who cares?

Kumekucha has obtained the full list of names in the secret envelope handed over to Kofi Anan. The list is published in Kumekucha Confidential our weekly email newsletter. If you are not a subscriber yet, subscribe now by sending an email to:-

Bodies of post-election violence victims piled up at a Mortuary: Their blood is crying out from the ground. Will they ever get justice?

A tribute to Miriam Makeba- The departed songbird Africa will never forget

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Phil said...


Its is even a bigger tragedy that although the PM has shown leadership by calling for the implementation of the Waki Report, the president continues to dilly dally because he is being held at ransom by PNU power brokers.

It matters little to Kibaki that lives and property worth billions were lost because he defrauded Kenyans through an open electoral theft and that after ODM conceded and fixed the problem Kibaki created; he is still not doing what is required of his office!

What's worse, fence sitter Kibaki does not see any need to reconstruct the ECK as recommended by the Kriegler commission.

In other words, we are waiting for a bigger time bomb to go off once the next elections are called. Like Kriegler's chilling warning, 2007 violence would be seen as a christmas party.

I have personally made a tours of the PEV flash points in Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru and Naivasha and also spoken to some of the survivng victims. If I were to publish a photo-essay and some of the testimonies here, I do not think some of your know-it-all (and I repeat voteless) diaspora readers would open their loud mouths to challenge what you have posted here today!

I am reliable informed that ODM is seriously contemplating walking out of the Grand Coalition because NONE of the promises made have been fulfilled. Be it portfolio balance, public appointments, constitutional reforms, implementation or Waki and Kriegler recommendations; it looks as if the MKM are firmly in-charge. Luckily, Mr. Ocampo will take care of the sponsors of the violence. But will that really bring reforms to our country? Will it be an end to corruption?

The clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...


The PM asked for the full implementation of the report then what happened next? Why did he allow himself to be held hostage by RVM aka Ruto et al? Let the report be implemented in full even if it costs our beloved PM the presidency he has killed to get

Anonymous said...


Nothing sticks like serial lies below is what was reported in the Standard today in sharp contrast to what you had posted earlier
"One of his friends was President Kibaki. One day when I was walking with him in Nairobi, Kibaki, then the Minister for Finance stopped his car next to us and offered him a lift," says Tolo.

He adds: "The President rode with him to his office and I am told that was the day he got a job in the Treasury as an economist."

Stuart said...

The issue of trial by the ICC is not a coup on our sovereignty, or distrust of our courts. Charges of genocide and crimes against humanity are best handled by international tribunals that do not favour either side. The ICC has a complementary jurisdction to our Courts, and Kenya ratified the Rome statute establishing ICC out of own violation. We submitted to the Courts jusisdiction, unlike the United States that refused to ratify.

About the envelope, it will be a great surprise if the names are made public. The persons you console yourself to be outside the envelope may be right inside there for I even do not trust the author when he says that so and so is not there. A big surprise is in store.

However, there are technical shortcomings with Kofi Annan forwarding the envelope. If not handed over by the Kenyan Government, the application can only survive a technical blow if the Security Council passes a resolution enabling the ICC to be seized of the matter. The ICC statute does not recognise Annan.

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous @ 11/15/08 2:29AM said...


The PM asked for the full implementation of the report then what happened next? Why did he allow himself to be held hostage by RVM aka Ruto et al? Let the report be implemented in full even if it costs our beloved PM the presidency he has killed to get

Get real, are you trying to say ODM is solely the barrier to implementing the Waki and Kriegler reports? Do you know who has constitutional powers to create tribunals which is obviously the next step in implementation of kriegler and Waki reports?

But then again, on the side of ODM, you obviously do not understand that in a democracy - majority wins, in this case ODM MPs outvoted the stand by the party leader and some members. That was an ODM parliamentary group meeting that made the decision. The ODM PG is not even recognized by the party constitution. In any case ODM has held a National EC meeting and I can assure you, its position on the matter will not be the same as that of MPs like ababu, ruto, sirma and others.

In the meantime, watch very carefully the outcome of ODM grassroot polls (which were postponed because KANU and PNU agents have infiltrated the process) and thereafter the resolutions of the supreme organ - dreaded National Delegates Congress - which is promising a christmas gift to genuine party members like yours trully!

Lastly, can we have YOUR views on the main post by Chris? Why should you focus on what I say and ignore the message on the main post???

Chris said...

Why did those innocent children in the morgue photograph above die? Why did that innocent poor pregnant woman in the second photo lose her life?

Was it so that somebody may be able to sit in State House and be called mtukufu Rais for a miserable 5 short years?

Let the Hague come quickly. And let nobody be spared. Lets start with those who triggered off the whole thing and then move to those who retaliated. Let's prosecute the whole lot. I don't care who they are or who hero-worships them.

When a people's conscience can die to the extent where they start mentioning the word "amnesty" when widows and orphans are still grieving and the cement has not even dried on the grave tops... I want nothing to do with it.


Sayra said...

Some of these evil political games can only be played for so long. Thoughtout history those that consider themselves more human than others have a way of missing on some very small things that ends up finishing them.

The power brokers can plan whatever they want. In their foolishness they seem to forget that innocent blood is never just wasted ... NEVER.

They can run but they can't hide.

In the mean time lets get ready for the new that is coming. The dogs don't need Kenya.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

The real story is that ODM is in a very serious political crisis whatever you may say; between a rock and hard place, between the devil and the deep blue sea. The million dollar question is how ODM are going to handle the imminent ending of Ruto's political career. How will the Kalenjin handle it because it is going to happen? How will ODM look like if the Kalenjin walk out and go back to KANU? Raila may resign from the coalition Govt as he threatened to do but his clout will have been seriously diminished. What were those 19 Kalenjin MPs recently discussing secretly in State House with Kibaki?
Ati a manipulable local tribunal? Do you guys read properly? Read the fine print of how the special tribunal is geared to be set up. There is no room for interference and if any is perceived, even the slightest whiff of it, the Waki case automatically goes to the Hague. THAT is the catch, and it is what Mutula Kilonzo has been trying to get into the thick skulls of our politicians.
So if neither ODM or PNU can control the tribunal OR the process, what to do? For the first time in Kenya's history, the politicians have NO clue about what to do NOR control over their fates, and that is as it should be. Let the chips fall where they may so we can all go in a new

Phil said...

Kimi said.....Raila may resign from the coalition Govt as he threatened to do but his clout will have been seriously diminished.

YOU WISH! The league RAO is playing is way beyond that any of the so-called Hague suspects are playing.

When MPs stay away from certain ideologies, it does not mean that these ideologies DIE. If you have followed the political history of Raila Odinga you will appreciate a lot of things that the current ODM MPs are not appreciating.

MPs come and go, but political movements do not. Even if ODM splits because of disagreements over the Waki or Kriegler reports, you can be sure that the ODM ideology will remain intact. Infact, my take is that as a mass movement of 2007, ODM carried with it a lot of unnecessary garbage. Hopefully, the forthcoming party elections will clean the party of joy riders and KANU/PNU moles. This is will be a big plus to social democrats who will now have their hands free to fight for real reforms and put this country on the path to true democracy and tangible all round development. Watch this space.

b-carotene said...

ODM "ideology!"
This is arguably the most laughable thing I've heard on Kumekucha.

On the other hand, if an insatiable lust for power, regardless of consequences, coupled with insurmountable hate, coupled with a a good dose of unbridled violence (rewind to the botched coup for instance and work your way forwards, backwards, as you wish), can be equated with an "ideology," then the notion that the ODM (i.e. the bondo bumpkin and his grand troupe of enduring sychophants) has a longstanding, unwavering, very well-informed ideology, can hardly be refuted. Guess you're right on the mark on this one.

"There are only three parties in Africa--ANC, CCM,.....ODM!" Hehehe.
As usual. Hot air. Ad infinitum.

Stuart said...

If there is one thing that will have the greatest impact on the sucession game plan and will in no doubt define the men and women to take charge of our country's destiny in 2012, it is the Waki Report. Those wishing it away as water under the bridge will be taught political lessons that will be case studies of future political scientists

Anonymous said...

chris, Why are you behaving like a sick b@stard by reposting those chilling pics? shame on you!

e-change said...

The president implementing Waki report is akin to him throwing down the gauntlet and challenging all so called political careers(sic) including his to walk the plank hands untied and see whether their politcal fates are sealed and set to sink or whether they can pull a houdini in one last great attempt to escape the noose of JUSTICE ENDING IMPUNITY slowly tightening around their necks the more they struggle

ODM or PNU-its sink or swim time YOTE YAWEZEKANA BILA....shutup stupid

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Phil, are you talking about Raila playing in the Nyanza league, by any chance? Because that is where Raila will be playing if he walks out of the Coalition Govt.
The fact is that some other tribal warlord will simply take his place, either Mudavadi or some such Luhya witchdoctor, or a Kalenjin replacement of Ruto.
What is the Raila political ideology that gives rise to a "movement", if any? Do you know how funny you sound when you talk about a Raila "movement"? What is the definition of this movement you speak of? What is instantly recognizable about it that you can say, Ah! that is Raila speaking, even figuratively?
You go on to say that "..Infact, my take is that as a mass movement of 2007, ODM carried with it a lot of unnecessary garbage..." Question is: What was so compelling that you were willing to welcome this garbage to congregate in your house? Was the pungent smell they brought with them so tolerable you had to have them in mutual congress? What is it that bound them to you(with all their nauseating pong) apart from a common antipathy to the perceived GEMA hegemony?
If you want to sell an ideology like social democracy, then the most obvious strategy is to make sure you include EVERYONE regardless of ethnic background in your plans.
Mobilizing people on tribal basis makes it certain that you will fail in whatever your endeavors, and that is and has always been Raila's biggest mistake. You start wrong, you end wrong.

Kwale said...

I am horrified that you choose to add those grotesque images to your post without warning the readers. At least you could have added "the images you are about to see below...some people may find them disturbing". Your lack of sensitivity shows no matter how you people claim to be educated you lack the most basic moral principles in life.

In any modern culture no-one would show dead people's bodies and especially young children without warning them first. This just confirm Kenya have a long way to go especially in terms of decency and what is morally acceptable.

In fact I am not gonna comment on your post because I am disgusted!

Vikii said...

All the sensible kenyans detest violence especially the kind that is unleashed on you for voting for a candidate of your choice. All those who organized/sponsored violence together with their accomplices belong to jail. They make me want to embrace the Dick Cheney doctrine which proclaims the Guantanamo Bays of this world as the place to be for such people.

What is disturbing, however, and with all due respect to Mr. Waki, is that the list he came up with does not tell the whole story.

For one, the perpetrators of the violence, the ODM gang (yes, they have an ideology, pooh!), claim that the violence was about "stolen elections by Mwai Kibaki". Since they raped innocent women in the false belief that these women were Kibaki's wives and that was a way of getting back at him, it is only fair that Hon. Kibaki is in that list. In other words, since there are people who actually believe any elections were stolen and that the ensuing violence was somehow tied to that, then let Kibaki appear before the tribunal to lay the facts bare. That is the only way to reassure the other suspects that fairness will be the guiding principle in their trials. Mr. Kibaki should of course be tried alongside the ECK.

Two, any list that does not include Raila Odinga belongs to the waste paper basket. This is not advanced mathematics; Raila Odinga called for "mass action" which resulted in about half of the deaths. On top of that he defended the Kiambaa church arsonists saying they were defending democracy. Later, embarassed by his own shamefully weird suggestion, he changed the story to claim that the arsonists were retaliating against people who had attacked them and gone to seek refuge in the church. None of these two outbursts really makes sense and they both constitute a clear endorsement of his doomed followers' actions. It is fair that he too be tried and made to answer for this monstrousness.

The reason I am reluctant to support a prosecution that is limited to the Waki ten is that it not only puts some people above the law even when it is obvious their level of involvement goes way deeper than some of the suspects we are hearing, it is being used as a silver bullet to destroy perceived political competitors of people seeking higher offices.

I am not suggesting that William Ruto is innocent, no, even his dumb followers know he isn't. But there clearly is a hidden hand in this saga whose motives are not about a principled search for justice but an opportunity to trim Ruto's rising influence. If the 'Hague' is the new buzz word, then let us send both Raila and Ruto there to prove to the world that the crucification of Ruto is not a cheap shot by a cowardly political opponent! Let us try both these crooks alongside UK to eliminate the suspicion that this whole thing is not about future elections.

Anything short of all the players being tried is a false start. It will be frustrated and it MUST be frustrated. If we really are true and serious about ending impunity in Kenya, then let us frog-march all those we know had a role in the violence to court. Clothing a clear intent to selectively try a few people inorder to achieve some narrow political ends is certainly not the way to go.

I am not saying Waki has been compromised by politicians, but he definitely could have done better.

Anonymous said...


Those pictured died for the crimes of a few. Those who stole the peoples' voice. Simply because their greed for raw power & shameless gluttony got out of control.

Prior to Wakis' "revelations", all we ever heard & read on the PEV, were on the Eldoret church burning, as if the lives of these dearly departed pictured here did not matter. In fact it did not. That is why stories & images of the massacre in Kibera, Kisumu, Naivasha etc never received the attention it deserved. Instead they got a news blackout!

P.s, Kimi Raikonnen & his ilk even had the audacity to claim those who died under police gunfire deserved it.
Look at the faces of those children, the pregnant woman & ask yourself, Where did all this begin?

Kwale you should be ashamed, all along you supported an election theft that led to the deaths of thousands around the country, including those in that photo...& not just Kiambaa in Eldoret. These pictures simply bring out the bitter, painful truth that you & many others tried to bury with baseless "kibaki/pnu philosophies".
Your discomfort is, sheer guilt, plain & simple!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, PNU/Kibaki apologists burying their heads in the sand.
The fence-sitting, clueless illegitimate sloth snoozing at SH is wholly responsible for all the mess we find ourselves in as well as the violence after elections.
Raila has not been linked to any of the violence or its planning as most of you have been hoping. On the other hand, I wonder why the SH host of the mungiki has gone all quiet. He stole the presidency yet does not seem able to make the kind of hard decisions that go with that office. People, tell your 'king' that this is not all about getting one's name on history books. As it is, he will only be remembered for stealing elections, perpetrating tribalism and indecisiveness.

Anonymous said...


Wacha ujinga at the door please. Mass Action is your constitutional right, and that is the norm anywhere in the world.

Mass Action, did not spark off the with all your denial know only too well, that a certain thief in chief is the main cause. Why have a league of ninja mutant turtles aka G.S.U & police transported in key ODM zones ARMED if the win was legitimate? That was not pre-empting violence, that was pre-planned violence. It was the state machinery that incited the violence. If you think I'm wrong, ask yourself how the children in that picture played a role in the violence. The Police & their ilk, went on a shooting spree in ODM strongholds starting with Nyanza. How does the killing of innocent citizens ( yes they were innocent, take a look at that picture again) not spark a domino effect of violence around the country?

Imagine your child in that morgue, a mother or sister? Need I say more?
And all that state machinery when the tension was at it's worst?

This is the truth, someone wanted plenty of blood shed in certain areas (ODM areas) but it did not occur to them that their old dictatorial, thiefing ways were a thing of the past. They did not think the rest of the country would arise to avenge their senseless killings! And to know that this was planned prior to the election...
Ushetani hio, Ashindwe!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris asked:

______Why did those innocent children in the morgue photograph above die? Why did that innocent poor pregnant woman in the second photo lose her life?_________

Because their fathers woke up one morning and decided NO RAILA, NO PEACE.

I can't believe that we are now being told that Raila has taken a principled stand on Waki yet he has flipped flopped and flipped back again...I am getting dizzy even.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm so somebody thinks that "No Raila, No peace" started the violence?
All along I've always thought, sorry known, that extreme stupidity should never be brazenly displayed, I've just been proved wrong.

Kibaki will pay. Someday, Oneday!

Vikii said...

Anon 7.38, you did not suprise me with your little attempt to teach me about constitutional rights of pertakers of mass action. And you even feel inclined to tell me how "it is the norm the world over". Well, thanks.

Mass action does not mean violence. If you guys want to spend all your time in mass actions, you need to get the facts right about your limits. Look at the deaths in Kisumu, for example. People broke into grocery stores and made away with goods. They set on fire government machinery for public works. Is that your understanding of mass action as a democratic right? If anybody died out of this stupidity, then the person who called for (actually instructed them) should be TRIED alongside whoever they were rioting against. That should not be too hard to understand, Mr. Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Actually Vikii, an example of mass action, was that peaceful match to Uhuru Park by Odm to uhuru park that was thwarted by those green rurtles. They included individuals like Ngilu, Orenga, activists like Anne Njogu etc...Then guess what? trigger happy, tear-gas wielding G.S.U happened. Perhaps the cops should FOR ONCE ALLOW A MASS ACTION!
Were you in Kisumu when the initial violence broke out, were you in Kibera? Obviously not. Because you would have known there was no room to even walk out the door, those killer machines were already armed & ready for death. And they struck with terror even before the looting begun (even the waki report states this).
LEST YOU FORGET, IT WAS THE POLICE WHO KILLED 1ST. It's a viscious cycle Vikii, place the blame where it rightfully belongs. Who shoots & kills looters anyway? Is that the right environment for mass action, a constitutional right?

I hope your better informed now!

Anonymous said...

Vikii is now back in his true colors. One Grace Kahindi is on record as saying that she received orders to shoot and kill in kisumu - we all know this was to show the wajaruo that kibaki was here to stay.
How does one justify shooting unarmed looters ? What is the use of rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons?
A ten year old boy just like many innocent kenyans was shot while standing outside his parents house - what danger would a ten year old possibly pose to a mungiki soldier armed to the teeth?
You guys are pathetic!

Joe said...


Shame on you.
Whose grocery store do you think those kids were raiding?

You say mass action started the riots? I put to you that a stolen election started the chaos.

Be it as it may, there was no justification for shooting people. Kenyan tax payers have bought rubber bullets and water canons for the police.

There is no justification whatsoever for ordering the police to kill fellow citizens.

Vikii said...

Well, this back-and-forth is not my area. You guys have fun. I am headed to the fridge now. But you need to thank heavens I am not the police commissioner coz the story would be way different now.

Kwale said...

Anon 7:22,

I am way above your league to argue those nonsense's that "my discomfort is sheer guilt plain & simple"

I see dead people dead; I don't see them PNU or ODM, black or white poor or rich. Everyone have a right to live, stolen election or not and its people like you who opt to be ashamed cos you think everyone is backward like yourself. I've said it here before, I did not lose anyone at that post election violence, and I've no desire to live in a backward country like Kenya at anytime in my life. Not now and neither will be my children!

Anonymous said...


with your kind of thinking, thank God you are a nobody.
Kindly avoid opening old wounds - hey some free advice : do what you do best-being a Kalonzo errand boy and apologist.
Good riddance!

UrXlnc said...


high emotions should not cloud sound judgement. the pictures revoke very painful memories and remind us that justice must be served.

but if you step outside that box for a minute, those pictures were displayed here early this year and elicited exact same reaction/comments. as far as this present post is concerned, chris states he has the waki list, but its not published. if it were a less sensitive post i would have dismissed it as baiting since it talks about materials that are not presented and instead emotions are stirred up.

and typical reaction in the mob mentality, it is fractured into an ODM this PNU that which then inadvertently provides a support base for the masterminds, sponsors and perpetrators of these crimes.

let those criminals account for themselves its not about political parties and none of them will be tried under any political party but as individuals.

E-CHANGE said...

sometimes i think the Waki list is but a gateway to overduley addressing the numerous injustices commited in the past that brought about gross inequality in a society that is multi-ethnically diverse and ethnically expolited every 5 years during electon periods by politicians who from the shadows fan into flame the spark that ignites over half the poor population living under $1a day and pushes them over the edge in believing that defeat at the polls is yet another nail in the coffin that marks the miserableness of their existence in the 45 years this country has claimed to be a so called sovereign republic sworn to uphold the constitution and protect the welfare of all her citizens not just those within her boders but also those without in foreign lands

the real reason why the call for MASS ACTION was instead taken as a rallying cry for violent protests, murder,rape and destruction is this nation has a colourful history of incessantly trampling on the constitutional rights of the masses repeatedly and with IMPUNITY therefore no one believes any longer in the rule of law working for their good unless you are wealthy of course and can buy your way out of civil disobedience

its not rocked science that MASS ACTION turned to MASS VIOLENCE because it was borne out of emotion and the desire to ensure COMMON voices would be heard and the guaranteed rights that are taken for granted would not be trampled this time

That is why to an extent i agree with Vikii that any Waki list not including the names of President Kibaki and PM Raila is a waste of our time....NOT because either of them directly influenced the fanning of PEV mayhem but this whole mess is attributable to their stake in the outcome of last years general elections and indirectly they stood by and did absolutely NOTHING in their power to altogether quell the escalation of rumour and suspicion and emotion that eventually tipped the whole nation over past its boiling point

Please Kenyans let us not be fools-we were taken for a ride and taken good and hard while the cowboys sat pretty at StateHouse and OrangeHouse AWARE of the IMPLICITY in the whole saga. Simply put someone stole the elections and another fought to steal them back in the process we died as Chris pictures have shown

Mama said...

The thing politicians forget when they call for amnesty is that people died! Thank you Chris for reminding us even though I agree with someone here that you should have given us a warning before splashing them to prepare us.

These rogue politicians need to start hiring lawyers in preparation for the Hague because for sure one way or another, they are going there. And I hope the election thief will be joining them in 2012. Whether they want to or not, they will go.

Never again shall the Kenyan people slaughter each other for the sake of politics. Never again!

Anonymous said...

________Hmmm so somebody thinks that "No Raila, No peace" started the violence?_____

All I am saying is some people said "if Raila does not become president, then there will be no peace." I do know that "no peace" could mean having bodies piled up as in those grotesque photos. Who should we lay the blame on then? This is sad,innocent lives were pawned for the sake of Raila the god.

"No Raila, No Peace" was becoming quite a catchy phrase until "no peace" started happening in places other than Kikuyu settlements in Rift Valley.

UrXlnc said...

thank you mama, e-change,

e-change i agree completely with your first three para's above.

not quite clear about your last two para's though.

one thing we should not forget is that there are also some other deaths that were not digitally captured which included decapitating victims and others.

all in all these atrocities have no place in kenyan society and its important that a clear message is there for all that no-one has a right to do this no matter what the reason.

Anonymous said...

The election was stolen even before the first ballot was cast--by friggin ODM leaders and their equally dense followers. Some well-worshipped figure told us the election would be rigged. How did he know? The witches from SA and Nigeria?!

Save for the Naivasha retaliation (and an overwhelmed police force), there was NOTHING spontaneous in ANY of the violence we experienced from Dec07-Jan08. That will be proven in due course.

And no, the molasses bumpkin is the one to take a harder look at--the merchant of darkness and violence (instead of heaping blame on a virtually blameless man).

Anonymous said...

Did anyone need west african juju to know what would follow after the sloth single-handedly picked eck commissioners?
anyone with IT spray? please get rid of anon 9:31 and any other inzis left.

Anonymous said...


Did anyone see Serena, Wllliams the US tennis star in Makueni yesterday? Did she not look hot in those tights pants or not?

Take another look and you wonder why those men are following her from 'behind':)

Anonymous said...

And who demanded Kivuitu's appointment, predictably with threats (not different from the threat to walk out of GCG??)
No, IT wont do, not on you. Possibly brodifacoum-- rodenticide.

Anonymous said...

9:15 Anon, just like your equally deluded 9:31 pal. You are beyond recovery.
Are you even remotely aware of the events pre & post election violence?

Kwale, Vikii, the above anons etc don't need doom. They need a one way ticket to hell!!!

e-change said...

"Kumekucha gets Waki list"....
"Kumekucha views Serena hot pants"
heal thyself

Anonymous said...

Brodifacoum, like most anticoagulant poisons, has the advantage that one of its first effects is dehydration, forcing the rodent to move away from human habitation in search of water. As a result there is less chance that homeowners will encounter a dead rat inside their property. In any case, dehydrated bodies also dry out more readily, possibly leaving an odorless, mummified carcass.

Anonymous said...

9.58, you my enemy, you need a ticket to HELL!

Violence in kenya was triggered by molasses Odinga. The whole world knows Raila is a manipulative evil being.

Even the US tried to smear Obama link with this evil dictator.

Just watch this video.

No world leader will ever take Raila seriously. You worship a evil spirit called Raila Odinga!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

why the bullshit?? ati you have the list of the 10 names handed to Koffi Annan?? how law can you go to sale your blog??/ stop being an embarrassment to your bloggers on kumekucha and please stop spreading rumors. Soon your blog will be known as a rumor lying propaganda blog and nobody will take it serious. even when bloggers have serious issues to post on here..

For heavens sake stop stooping so low and be a respectable blog.!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

January 31st 2008, Uhuru Kenyatta makes an impassioned plea to angry Kikuyu youths to "follow the law" and "stop attacking innocent people on the street"

At around the same time, Ruto was calling for the uproot of "sangari" and Raila Odinga was telling Luos not to kill Kisiis because they were not the real adui.

Anonymous said...

6:34 AM
Kwale from California.. join the real worlds not the fake kibaki world. those dead bodies were by the hand of the order Kibaki gave to the police to shoot innocent kenyans.

shame on you .. now you are ashamed to look at what your senile kibaki and cronies did??


Anonymous said...


The truth hurts!!doesn't it?? so as usual you want to sweep everything under the carpet?? no such chance... Chris I applaud you for posting the dead innocent kenyans(God rest their souls in peace) because it seems Kibaki, Uhuru, Michuki and cronies have forgotten how they ordered the police, army and the mungiki gang to shoot and behead innocent kenyans...

look at all those babies?? what the hell are kenyans still doing allowing murderers in statehouse and other arms of government??
Hague is the only option.. no homegrown solution required they must all face HAGUE. period!!

the kibaki and PNU blind supporter on here are now saying that kenyans should not see all this images as a reminder what really happened?? shame on you - shenzi sana.. facts are facts and thanks toi Chris kenyans must act as one to make sure all the murderers involved face Hague.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:15 AM

only a shenzi central province ignorant fool can coin such a phrase and expect kenyans to believe such bull-shiate. The fact is KIBABI rigged the elections... and when the ODM supporters went out to protest Kibaki used the government machinery namely the police and the army to shoot and kill INNOCENT ODM SUPPORTERS.. look at those pictures closely!! this are what will hang kibaki in Hague. no need to look for more proof...

yes no Raila No peace was shouted from all parts of Kenya except for central because the true winner of the 27th December 2007 presidential elections was Raila Odinga.. not the senile thug Kibaki and he ordered ODM demonstrators shoot down all over the country not caring killing children, women and youth...
look at these imagines of the dead Chris has posted here closely these are the innocent kenyans the policed shoot dead... Kibaki must be frog marched to Hague being in statehouse now will not protect him.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Uhuru did very well here.

Anonymous said...

anon10:07 AM

You the kibaki shiate head here... Kibaki killed slaughterer innocent kenyans in broad day light ... your abusing Raila here will not help you:):)

the whole world know kibaki is a killer period and it was broadcasted allover the world. police shooting innocent kenyans dead by the order of kibaki...

Kibaki is going to Hague whether kikuyu's like you like it or not you are fighting a losing battle:)

Raila did not order the police to shoot and kill thousands of kenyans in broad daylight..
KIBAKI DID And he must pay for all the dead innocent kenyan..

Anonymous said...

anon12:47 PM

Watch closely on Hard -talk interview when Uhuru comes out openly in support of Mungiki murderous gangs that he funded and unleashed on innocent kenyans in Nakuru and Naivasha!!! Uhuru will be frog marched to HAGUE.. mupende musipende... poleni sana

Anonymous said...

Dr. Murinho! Paging Dr. Murinho.
ODM people have a way with language. Disproportionately liking to use crude language, including very crude insults. Is that a sign? Of a psychological ailment, I mean? Might it link up to their violent nature briefly exposed earlier this year?

Anonymous said...

watch Alfred Mutua kibaki mouth peace denying mungiki meeting at statehouse before and after the 27th December 2007 but now the waki report confirms this meetings took place.. and mungiki sources have confirmed the same....

Hague is waiting for this murderers!!

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:25 PM

Ha!!ha!! you think you can hand out abuses as PNU "Kibaki the murderers" handy mouth on here and expect ODM supporters to keep quiet?? you abuse Raila on here yet the whole world watched kibaki order the police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans??

ebu go back to Mashada where you belong... this is a serious blog where bloggers post facts not propaganda... and being Kibaki mouth piece will not help you..move own.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru? Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

anon1:25 PM




Anonymous said...

As for those capital letters. Surely, even just basic good behavior....eeeeiii yawaaa!

Anonymous said...

Uhuru kibaki warlord mungiki army

kenya army torture civilians(kibaki must answer)hague calls

Check even Mengistu former president of Ethiopia sentence to death!! Ethiopians very happy..
Kenyans are looking for same!! Kibaki must face Hague..

Anonymous said...

Madaraka day!!kibaki rules out Amnesty which now he is calling for!! now Waki report is out!! kibaki who committed murder by ordering police to shoot kenyans must face the Hague!! now let as see where he is going to hide...

Anonymous said...

Shifting gears a little:


Anonymous said...

Kikuyu church leaders call for release of the murderous mungiki leader Maina:):) Uhuru the warlord of the mungiki army is busy cheering!! now Hague waits Uhuru kenyatta.. there are more powerful and richer head of states than Uhuru who have faced Hague... the Kenyatta name will not protect this hooligan called Uhuru!! murder is murder.

Anonymous said...

anon2:16 PM

Ruto can scream all he wants and walk out of ODM.. but the only place waiting for him is Hague... any kenyan who had a hand in the slaughter of innocent kenyans be it be from PNU or ODM must face prosecution!! walking out of ODM is no big deal.. Raila will step out of the coalition.. an interim government will be formed by the speaker of the house... both Raila and Kibaki will step aside and kenyans will wait for the next elections:):)

So what will Ruto have accomplished?? someone is really miss advising him... he will not be a minister then and does he really think Rift valley alone can win the elections??NOPE..
One Rift Valley MP's who refused to be named accused Ruto for trying to isolate the region and stated if elections were to be called they would not be in Ruto camp.... and many feel the same... Ruto is going down!! mark my words.. he is power angry just like WK during Moi's time.. Ruto's days are numbered ... frog march to Hague... if he did nothing then why is he scared???? if one believes they are innocent then they should face Hague.. not threaten a walk out...

Ruto go to hell take a walk.. and let us see where you will end.. when push came to shove.. let us see how many MP's who know they are innocent from the Rift Valley back you Ruto... :):)

Anonymous said...

Raila should tell Ruto to walk out?? then the coalition fails(kenyans would prefer that) ask any kenya?? the MP's are being paid big Salaries for no work done..

Speaker of the house should provide and interim government I totally see this working to peeve way for a transition for the next elections.

The coalition government is not working and thanks to Ruto it might dissolve earlier!! Hoooreee!

Anonymous said...

And then:


Anonymous said...


Updated 2 hr(s) 59 min(s) ago

By Gakuu Mathenge

The Party of National Unity is headed for the rocks if simmering tension over a Memorandum of Understanding binding affiliates is not resolved.

PNU insiders fear they are headed the way of the infamous falling out between National Alliance (Party) of Kenya (NAK) and the Liberal Development Party (LDP) in 2003. Then, President Kibaki and his court trashed a pre-election power-sharing agreement.

At the heart of the dispute is a MoU between PNU and ODM-Kenya that Narc-Kenya wants deposited with the Registrar of Political Parties, then made public.

But Metropolitan Development Minister and ODM-Kenya Secretary-General Mutula Kilonzo is accused of sitting on the MoU and being evasive on demands to share it with other affiliates.

The MoU, formally known as Instruments of the PNU Coalition, defines the working relationship between PNU and affiliates.

On August 18, Narc-Kenya Secretary-General Danson Mungatana wrote to the Registrar of Political Parties reminding her that PNU, as an alliance of several parties, should deposit the instruments of the coalition with her office for purposes of arbitrating disputes.

"If this provision of the Political Parties Act has not been adhered to, you should demand the same as part of the compliance with the said Act," Mungatana wrote.

Up to Friday, last week, the MoU had not been shared, nor deposited with the registrar.

But the registrar wrote back to Mungatana on September 3, saying parties registered under the Societies Act are not corporate bodies.

"It is doubtful whether any party, before it is registered under the Political Parties Act can legally be said to be a corporate member of another party," the registrar, Mrs Lucy Ndung’u wrote. She implied the MoU might not hold much water before parties involved become legal entities.

Appointments and sackings

Narc-Kenya of Justice Minister Martha Karua and DP, under Assistant Minister Wilfred Machage, led a group of affiliates to put President Kibaki on notice that they consider their support for PNU should push come shove.

Insiders say Narc-Kenya wants to scrutinise the MoU to see what it says about many aspects, including power sharing between PNU and ODM-Kenya.

"At the heart of it is frustration about policy and decisions being made without consultation. A few technocrats and a clique of PNU and ODM-Kenya individuals make appointments and sackings. For instance, a new list of diplomatic and other appointments has been made, but Narc-Kenya reads it in the papers like everyone else. If the President does not address this quickly, things will escalate," a source said.

Concerned affiliates also fear Mutula could file a defective or skewed MoU, that could be trap other affiliates.

Last week, Narc-Kenya and DP leaders warned PNU they could withdraw their support if "they do not show requisite respect to affiliates ".

Karua warned: "Watch our steps", as if to stress, hers were not idle threats.

A source privy to the MoU says it defines the PNU council members, the highest decision making organ, and Karua is not among them.

The source further intimates the council comprises two Cabinet ministers from PNU where Kibaki is party leader, ODM-Kenya, Kanu and a cluster of 32 small parties that are treated as a group.

"The MoU says PNU has eight members. They are DP, Ford-Kenya, Kanu, Narc-Kenya, New Ford-Kenya, Shirikisho, Ford-People and 32 affiliates defined as ‘others’.

Kibaki is the leader of this group and decides who the other PNU representative is.

ODM-Kenya is comprised of ODM-Kenya and Labour Party of Kenya, and Kalonzo is the leader, and decides who the other representative is. Uhuru Kenyatta decides who accompanies him to the council from Kanu.

Errant members

It was not clear how the cluster of the 32 PNU affiliates pick their two representatives.

The sources familiar with it also say the MoU outlines penalties for errant members, including expulsion from the coalition. Narc-Kenya and other affiliates fear members might be ambushed.

Assistant Minister and Grand National Union (GNU) leader Mwangi Kiunjuri says PNU affiliates have a strong case and President Kibaki is duty-bound to listen.

"I do not support Karua’s confrontational approach, but she is right. PNU is bullying us and arm-twisting our MPs into supporting it. They are hiding the MoU from us, but as far as I am aware, it had nothing on power-sharing between ODM-Kenya and PNU," he said, in an interview.

Kiunjuri added: "I am warning PNU and ODM-Kenya to rethink their tactics. PNU will fall without affiliate parties and ODM-Kenya will not go far without its MPs. PNU should not forget we lost the election for the Speaker of the National Assembly by two votes, and that every MP counts."

GNU boast the support of Kiunjuri, Kiharu MP Muturi Mwangi, Mathioya MP Clement Wambugu, Tharaka MP Alex Muthengi and Tigania West MP Kilemi Mwiria, but whom Kiunjuri claims are being intimidated to stick with PNU.

"It is unfortunate MPs are not being accorded dignity of choice. Even if they chose to join PNU, it should not be under duress. Ministers and assistant ministers are being threatened with sacking, while those waiting to benefit from the sackings are anxious for appointments. I cannot believe anyone can contemplate sacking people in a coalition," said Kiunjuri.

Although the affiliates may not stop the PNU grassroots elections, they are capable of making it a farce.

This is what happened to the original Narc, when affiliates made too much noise to stop their NAK counterparts — Karua included — from conducting elections in 2004, even after recruitment cards had been printed and recruitment launched by the late minister Karisa Maitha.

Anonymous said...


hA!!Ha!! backing the wrong Kibaki tree... one MP's mentioned that they asked Kibaki to protect them on the waki report:):) they never released the envelope was not in Kibaki's control! ha! they are back to square one.. they have released even Kibaki can not protect them:):) so Hague is waiting for both Kibaki and them Ruto:)

nice try :):)

Hague they all will be frog marched.. only the innocent can talk.. the coalition is dead.. interim government will be named by the speaker of the house... Kibaki will cease to be the rigged in president of kenyan and at last kenyans can now prepare for the next elections in peace... Ruto will not have a ministerial position to hold odm hostage and PNU will not hold Karua hostage... na mambo bado...

at last the end of the fake Coalition is in sight.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki MOU with mungiki gang is already with Hague... Ruto Uhuru's is obvious... if he signed one with his militants must be also in Hague already... so the three scared goons must face Hague.

Anonymous said...


so what changed??he went ahead and hired the same mungiki murderous gang before, during and after elections to behead and slaughter innocent kenyans....

read this June 4TH NEWSPAPER REPORT!!direct quotation from Michuki press conference...
this will be used at Hague against him and Kibaki....

Security minister tells of bizarre Mungiki sect rituals
The Standard, Kenya
June 4, 2007

Boniface Gikandi, Cyrus Ombati and Elizabeth Mwai
this topic: Mungiki

Security minister John Michuki has personally attested to the bizarre rituals administered on Mungiki adherents, to bind them and ensure they executed the outlawed sect’s reign of terror.

“It is evident that after they kill, they drink human blood as an element of oathing,” the Internal Security minister told a shocked congregation yesterday.

Speaking at Kiamara Catholic Church in his Kangema Constituency, the minister recounted how sect members drank the blood of beheaded victims ostensibly to bond them.

Mungiki is an outlawed, quasi-political/religious cult in Kenya.

It is a criminal gang that has attacked women for wearing pants or mini-skirts, imposed female circumcision by force, murdered defectors, and raided police stations.

Mungiki attack matatu (public commuter vehicles) drivers by extorting money or taking over lucrative routes.

Research resources on Mungiki

Michuki’s startling revelation came the same day our sister paper, The Sunday Standard, exclusively published details of the sect’s seven-step oath that has all the hallmarks of a secret society.

The fourth allows one to hold the gun and kill — and all end with the words: “May I die if I desert or reveal our secret.”

“Parents should also be more inquisitive and stop defending their children each time the police arrest these youths,” Michuki — who spoke in Kikuyu — urged, reinforcing the belief that Mungiki (Agikuyu word for a crowd) was not only a murderous outfit but also a sect whose members were deeply entrenched in ritualistic activities.

Anonymous said...

anon2:35 PM

And then:


***********Ofcourse murderers band together Ruto and his team know that they are in the same boat like Kibaki, he used Mungiki they used their militants!!!

Show me or give me proof where Raila told any kenyans to go out and kill??

Raila should let Ruto carry his own Cross join the line with Kibaki and Uhuru^^^^^^^
yes let them Rift Valley MP's following Ruto blindly carry their own cross just like Martha Karua has told Kibaki and Uhuru to carry their own cross point blank(Karua sure knows what she is talking about,,

Raila wake up.. let the Coalition dissolve and let this thickheaded mindless people answer in Hague. do not protect them.what is a coalition government when it is not working for or listening to Kenyans??? Time up- Ruto yes go ahead walk out-you will cease being a minister and Hague will be waiting.. wewe shenzi sana and you dare throw out threats,,, you are not indispensable just like Kibaki or Uhuru are not**** you must all face Hague!

Anonymous said...


Raila should walk away from the fake coalition filled with all this thugs, thieves and murderers!! Ruto you must face the Hague.. you can run and hide behind rift valley MP's but it will not help you. even kibaki can't protect you.. he is in the same boat.. Ruto pay kibaki back his money you slimy goon,

Ruto in secret visit to state house
Friday, July 6, 2007
This story from the newly launched Nairobi Star.

Ruto in secret Narc-K talks

Kanu bigwig William Ruto could be on his way to ditching the Orange coalition and joining the Kibaki camp.

He has held top secret talks with the President’s key allies on at least three separate occasions – once in State House itself.

Although the Eldoret North MP has not met Mr Kibaki face to face, the President is privy to the delicate negotiations and has asked to be kept fully briefed.

Mr Ruto’s meetings with the President’s men – among them Defence minister Njenga Karume, Sports Minister Maina Kamanda and the presidents’s strategy adviser Stanley Murage – are said already to have yielded fruit, with the MP’s insurance firm Amarco winning a Sh 500 million tender to insure military vehicles.

The contract was given to Mr Ruto’s company last month and factored into this year’s Budget. The Eldoret MP is also reported to have raised the possibility of several outstanding court cases involving alleged corruption being withdrawn.

In return it ahs been suggested Mr Ruto would cross over from the Orange movement to Narc-Kenya, taking with him the influential North Rift vote which would vastly increase Mr Kibaki’s chances of re-election.

Backing the switch of allegiance on Mr Ruto’s side and seen as the man who brokered the talks is MR Joshua Kulei, the private secretary of former President Moi.

One senior Kanu MP revealed: “I am privy to one of the meetings which was at State House and held on June 9 after Ruto came from a public rally in Kapkapet in Kericho district.”

Mr Ruto was flown to State House directly from the function, after being promised he would be meeting Mr Kibaki. Instead he was greeted by Defence Minister, Mr Karume.

The meeting was held two days before the Kanu National Delegates’ conference at Kasarani.

“Two other meetings took place in the home of influential Nairobi businessman Mr Jimmy Wanjigi in upmarket Muthaiga – a stone’s throw from the President’s own private residence – according to an istant minister from Central province. He said Mr Ruto’s contact people in the president’s team were Mr Kamanda and Education Minister Gorge Saitoti.

Last night, Mr, Ruto was not available for comment.

Nairobi Star

Cozby said...

January 31st 2008, Uhuru Kenyatta makes an impassioned plea to angry Kikuyu youths to "follow the law" and "stop attacking innocent people on the street"

At around the same time, Ruto was calling for the uproot of "sangari" and Raila Odinga was telling Luos not to kill Kisiis because they were not the real adui.

..............very nice. Kumbe evidence is coming out on who did what, and who played what role. ICC is coming, and now we can tell those who will escape and those who shall not.

Anonymous said...

It's getting HOT out there.
I really hope ODM-Raila (as there might soon be ODM-Ruto) is not bluffing about walking out of GCG. But first things first, let's hope ODM-Raila MPs have saved enough money from their salaries (and not just wasted on good times--wine & women & food--per reputation)to fund their upcoming elections. Alternatively, dear kassin can come to the rescue....
Do let's get maverick-eee!!!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"..We can walk out on you, Ruto tells Raila. a stern warning to Raila, Eldoret North MP William Ruto said the region will walk out of the party anytime they felt their wishes were not being respected..."

Told you so. Without the Kalenjin MPs in parliament, even Raila's position as PM is threatened. Ruto would not be speaking publicly about this unless some sort of political move is in the offing, especially with a follow up meeting with Kibaki in the works. Like i said, ODM will eventually become a Nyanza party, and Raila can demonstrate his political prowess there. Even Coastal ODM MPs are now talking of having their own regional party.
Raila is going to learn soon that he is not the only one capable of betrayal or the politics of use and dump.

Anonymous said...

10:07 Anon! My "one way to ticket to hell" really hurt you eh? Kwanza where it mattered most:):) Ati "my enemy" hahaha good one, I dont associate, even in enemity, with trash.

"Your duly sick", "thief in chief", "shoot to kill boy" has a grand date with the hague. ICC can make follow up cases even after he's left the presidency. That day is coming. Digest that!

I'm Glad you felt the pain...
Leta Ingine: )

Anonymous said...

Ruto should not be afraid. Kibaki will be in prison before the courts invite him (Ruto).

The real culprit is in the State House

Anonymous said...

This is how you miss the boat....Ruto thinks he is walking out on RAO.. but is actually giving a foot hold to theiving Mt kanya mafia to continue ruinning the country......
Some clowns here think that the break up of ODM will help save thier theiving kith and kin from the long arm of the law...again they are wrong...this shit will catch up with you sooner or later...
The truth ODM or no ODM...kenyans know what they want and its NOT another reign of theving mt kenya mafia, either directly or thru its proxy kalooser..that WILL NOT HAPPEN....!!!!
You shout yourselves hoarse....truth is lets open up all the issues and see who will be left standing like RAO says..LET the games begin......

Sir Alex

turncoat said...

Asante kwa hizo picha. Zina shinda zile az our well cladded politicians whispering nothings to one another.

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