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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Cry Of Concern From A Kumekucha Reader Who Wanted To Help

Dear Kumekucha readers,

I am mad at the Kenyan leadership. They have failed us and we as a nation should look up to new untainted leaders.

I was in Kenya and voted, however, as everybody now knows it was the most polarized election in our short life as a nation.

Following the post election violence my friends here in Japan contributed money and clothes and food for the IDPs. We sent a container of goods to Kenya at the end of April and to date it has not been cleared to be delivered to our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

If the government cannot let her citizens participate in helping bridge the great divide that visited our land and also to help soothe and heal the wounds then they have no business asking for forgiveness for the said perpetrators of the evil our nation went through.

Who will listen to our brothers and sisters' cries.

Concerned George.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who needed hard evidence of who was behind Kenya post election violence here is the evidence,

The whole world knows who the person is.

Vikii said...

You have not told us anything. You have not told us why the container has not been cleared. Is it because the government hates people helping the IDP's? Is it because that help was coming from Japan? Is it because of the old red-tape officialism? Have you done a follow-up to establish what is required of you or who is not doing their job?

I am not being saucy or something. I just wish we can be more explicit in our criticism.

About the need for untainted leadership, that need has always been there. Our parents' generation was talking about it since they started voting and we have been talking about it since we attained voting age. But do we really put our money where our mouths are? The answer is NO. If you doubt, just ask yourself the people you voted for last year right from the councillor to the President. Don't tell me who you voted for, but you just need to have that debate with yourself about the uprightness of all three. Change starts with the self and you will be surprised how easier it becomes for everybody else to embrace such convictions.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, you don't need to ask to many questions. How long have you been blogging in Kumekucha? This is another one of those Chris pretense. There is no one like "concerned" George from Japan.
Chris like to pretend he cares but sadly some of us here know this man inside out, only those like Sam Okello believe this man.

e-change said...

Yet another clear case of unnecessary Government bureaucracy in such a simple process of shipment clearing and cargo forwarding even a donkey could do this job
this type of red-tape hindrance is quite common in our port unfortunately and it is an unnecessary hindrance not to mention a costly venture because of the many dry palms that require "greasing"(bribe) in order to oil the wheels of service delivery so that people like poor citizen George can "participate in in helping bridge the great divide that visited our land"....and what a great divide it was/is George-indeed!

George, although the PM Odinga has been busy putting out bush fires lit in his ODM backyard by his very own party members he has somehow managed to find the time to ensure that the port is no longer managed incompetently. in this the PM has done well and i hope his efforts will pay off resulting in cases such as citizen George's being resolved effective immediately
Meantime George don't lose heart-

Taabu said...

Our slavery to bureaucracy is the genesis of RENT SEEKING and hence corruption cancer and the attendant rot. But you have to be smart to smell rent seeking opportunituies and Geaorge must stop being LAZY.

Anonymous said...

dr murinho said...

Anon 8.31, I couldn't agree with you more.

This post has a hidden agenda attached to it.

You got to read the statement "I am mad at the Kenyan leadership" to be able to analyze the motives behind this charade. Like you, I don't believe this "George" exist.

This is an act of convincing others to believe information that is not true, or not the whole truth as in certain types of half-truths.
In other words this could just be propaganda, a deliberate and systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the author of this post - who is CHRIS.

Dr Murinho
Consultant psychologist

Taabu said...

There are psychologists and DECEPTIVE FAITH HEALERS. Watch out for the later invading KK under grandiose prefix.

Phil said...

George's story is NOT new, neither is it strange, but typical of Kenya. George must count himself very lucky that at least his container got to Mombasa and is currently accumulating port storage charges....

I have personally been involved in a similar project of attempting to import two 40foot container-loads of humanitarian donations for PEV victims in Kibera since February this year, but so far have been unable to get a sponsor to take over the cost of clearing and transporting the container to Kibera from Mombasa. As it is, the cost of clearing and transporting this container from Mombasa to Nairobi is 140% more than the cost of shipping it from New York to Mombasa, but that is not all. Additional local charges are adding up to more than the cost of the donations themselves, Local costs consist of port handling, import duty VAT, possibly storage because bureaucracy delays, plus clearing agents fee and transport.

We are further required to apply and obtain import duty and VAT exemption from the Minister of Finance in advance of the container arriving in Kenya otherwise we shall be liable to pay these charges despite the fact the the goods are for humanitarian purposes! This application was put in to the minister in February but we have not even be honoured by an acknowledgment. We ahve copied our letter to the Special Projects Minister but even they have been unable to help - which does not surprise us given the complete flop of Operation Rudi Nyumbani and corruption allegations surrounding the resettlement fund.

For doubters like vikii, here's a reprint of the freight manifest from the American church that I am importing!

Water purification Systems 4 Gallon, Plastic buckets, Hi-Energy
Food, dry or canned, Camping Gear such as tents, cook stoves; Kitchen Curtlery/Utensils such as spoons, forks, knifes, serving items, Dishes, cups, glasses
Clothes, used summer Blankets, both new and used and bed linens
Tarpulins, long 40'x14' for make shift tents and compound areas
Mattress, Medical devices for patient like wheel chair, crutches, walkers, potty chair, etc. Medical patient use items such as first aid, bandages, etc Charcoal, 40' Container used to ship goods to remain for use as warehouse/store until PEV victims are resettled, Tools, garden such as shovels, rakes, etc. Office Computer/Copier/equipment/,
Medical supplies, over the counter non-prescription type items, first aid items. Clothing for children and women.

The delays and the unreasonable costs of local handling have obviously infuriated the donors and they have just sent e-mails that say they are praying for this country and that they trust god will bless those hapless PEV victims.

So George of Japan, welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...

Phil said,

"PEV victims in Kibera"

r u calling people of Kibera Perverts?
People of Kibera are HUMAN BEINGS not perverts. You are the pervert!

Phil said...

Some people are just born to be idiots!

PEV = Post Election Violence

b-carotene said...

I agree with Vikki. This is a most unhelpful post. If the so-called George was really concerned here's one thing he would have done.

He would have mapped out every stage in the clearance process for his goods, indicating who in what office is responsible for what, and what the obligations are for the owner of the goods as for the bureaucracts.

Having done that he would identify where the bottleneck is, for what reason and what can be done to smooth it out.

As it stands, even someone who wishes to help has nothing to work with and the allegations of bribery/corruption sound somewhat baseless especially if we consider that at some point this year the authorities were faced with a major backlog.

I wish Kenyans, especially those who lay claim to some level of education, would adopt a more responsible, problem-solving attitude as against to crying wolf at every little twist and turn. Improving service delivery and accountability is as much the service seeker's responsibility as it is the provider's.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki MOU with mungiki gang is already with Hague... Ruto Uhuru's is obvious... if he signed one with his militants must be also in Hague already... so the three scared goons must face Hague.

Vikii said...

Now Phil, why am I supposed to be a doubter? Are your fears connected to the irony of an ODM faithful caring a hoot about real problems affecting real people? The same people you helped displace?

Look, I really don't know why you are so suspicious of me. It is either because I asked for more information from Concerned George about exactly what it is he finds so frustrating with the government (I asked whether it has stuff to do with beauracratic headaches) OR because you think I consider you a good-for-nothing human being.

Phil, we can differ on politics and we will ALWAYS differ, happily so for me, but I appreciate the existence of common humanity. Should I now also volunteer unsolicited information that over the last seven months my friends and I have shipped three containers of food and clothes (one from Denver and two from Salt Lake city) to Haiti for AIDS orphans there?

We may not go over the roof about things we do coz I personally get put off by people who always rush to talk about their own grandiosity BUT that should not be misconstrued to mean I am not a human being. Wait, could you be thinking I am a robot or something like that?

UrXlnc said...


hi there am a little lost, in the first comment you asked for specifics, which i agree with. its not enough to post such an allegations without some basic insight.

Phil has provided a sample experience but now you attack the man for grandiose, and then deflect the argument to showcase your own contribution to haiti

am a little lost, what am i not reading right here?

e-change said...

In 1993 famous songstress and multi-award winning American singer Mariah Carey sang a popular song called "hero"

an excerpt from that song is relates to the message behind this post"its a long road and you face the world alone, no one reaches out a hand for you to hold..and then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on and you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive"

no one here knows the road citizen George has had to walk and he has shared but a tidbit of the problems he has faced in this world alone-EXCUSE HIM for not delving into great specific details as to pander to the likes of regular Kumekucha boffins who smell suspicion at every post by bloggers even genuine ones like citizen George's.

This blog through one of its bloggers Chris is the concerned hero like Mariah Carey, who came to George's rescue with a helping hand in the form of generating awareness about George's plight so that he could get empathy and help. As usual the mad scientists of Kumekucha are helping to build an atom bomb instead of diffusing the situation by providing tangible help

anon 8:31, Vikii,b-carotene, FAITH-HEALER murinho et al be the hero if you have nothing to say go say it on another post

Vikii said...

urxlnc, you are not 'a little' lost, you are totally lost--you have always been and I am here to help;

I did not accuse Phil of grandiosity. Phil said something like this; "For doubters like Vikii,..., here is what I was importing..."
So all I am questioning is why he would consider me a doubter. If you choose to ignore that unprovoked accusation, then you have no business purporting to be having an objective interest in the exchange.

My use of the word grandiosity was an attempt to dissuade Phil from pre-judging me based on my past run-ins with those who would rather we spend all the time trumpeting their "achievements" and "exposure" in this blog.

You can read whatever you like there, infact you are encouraged to do so,but I would rather read what you have to say about whatever Concerned George's complaints are than what you think of my response to Phil.

e-change, I will ignore your rants.

Anonymous said...

Most kenyans thoughts

Kenyans want the pledges and promises made on the campaign stumps last December fulfilled. They want the pledges and promises made by President Kibaki and the PM in their power-sharing pact honoured.

IT HASN'T HAPPENED... THE COALITION SHOULD BE interim government in place to deliver the Constitution and then call for the elections... period..

Anonymous said...

what?? kenyan asians are not the cause of current problems???

my family spent 60 years working 10 hrs a day to develop a thriving bussines in Kenya providing 20 full time employement and taxes only to be continually harrased by govt parastatal managers asking for 10% kickbacks, insistance on having an african partner, and continually having to listen to how asians are milking the country....

given the success of the Indian economy, Indian democracy, and Indian human rights record perhaps it is time to Asianize/Europenize
(by alloting 10% positions to indigeonous Indians, British Kenyans etc)in ECK, cabinet, police force, army, civil servants etc - you may revert to a peaceful economically vibrant 1970's Kenya and even better !!!

self exiled kenyan asian

Anonymous said...

this give us hope:

b-carotene said...

Somewhere in all that Dr. Muronho's psycho-babble is lodged some truth. There is a hidden agenda to this post and its nicely unfolding.
Anyone remember the proposal to relocate suicidal Indian farmers to Kenya a couple of years back?

Anonymous said...

I hear that this video clip is in the hands of the ICC prosecutor, the one Luis Moreno-Ocampo

Anonymous said...

what a waste of time and typical fakeness. is it "a cry of concern" or a shout of "look at me, look at me"? keep crying until 2028 until your rivers of tears irigates the semi-arid parts of our crying brains that are full of hot-air

Anonymous said...

Medical Waste heading out to poor African nations. Marked as 'DONATIONS'

Joe said...

Am i the only one sick and tired of this mine is bigger than yours nonsense in KK? We are in a hole, and no one is concerned about how we are going to get out.

It's not because we lack the brains to do so... Judging from some of the comments we get here, we have enough brains. But the most eloquent are busy helping us dig deeper! Everything is seen from that tribe perspective!

When are we going to stop seeing little Kikuyus or little Luos at every corner out to torment us? When are we going to start seeing a Kenyan in every Luo or Kikuyu?

Look, the rest of us have also been VICTIMIZED, and we also have a sense of ENTITLEMENT.

Anonymous said...

Ababu is a jerk!The guy says that they{ODM] would rather stay together than for the PEV victims get justice!

Anonymous said...

Ruto says that if the RVP mpas walk ot of ODM then raila will not have legitimacy , but remember that if narc Kenya pulls out of PNU then Raila party will still have majority Mps and hence he will continue to be the unbwogable PM.

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