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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Change ...

Those that embrace change and sincerely desire for it have many things going on for them.

They have a definite goal that they aim to achieve. They have in their mind every single detail of what they want to have at the end of it all. They can clearly see the picture in detail and how it will be at the end of it all. Unlike many who have a vague idea of what they want ... who will absent minded tell you they want new leadership, a save Kenya, a good economy, etc without really understanding what they talking about. However the real people for change will tell you in detail what they have in mind ... and if for some reasons they don't have the necessary details they will look for people who will help or provide them with the details.

Folks have made millions from the Obama name... how unfair

Another of these things is they have an accurate mind. To think accurately one must separate the facts from mere information. There is much information available all over that is not based on facts. And once you have the facts that you need it’s for your progress to separate important and unimportant facts ... relevant and irrelevant facts. Facts that you will need to achieve or attain your desired goals are facts that are important and relevant. Every other fact that you don't need falls under un-important and irrelevant.
To have an accurate mind requires a person of the staunchest and most unshakable character. And in that line when searching for facts it is of big importance that you gather info through the sole source of knowledge and experiences of others. You then need to examine carefully information given and from whom the information its coming from ... because many are there to provide information that protect their interests. It’s both a privilege and a duty to avail oneself to facts even if it means going out of your way to get them FACTS.

Another thing going on for them is that they are on guard against the "they say" chorus. The "they say" chorus comes in many dimensions. They will say you wasting your time and energy by doing this or that. They will say that you are not qualified or experienced or your been naive or you are not yet 'ripe' for this or that or that it’s not yet the time ... etc . They will say things to keep you from doing what you want to do but a real change seeker has his/her mind set and is guarded against such rhetoric. Another dimension of the "they say" chorus is where funny rumors start circulating. The slanderers begin to circulate 'rumors' and subtle whisperings reflecting upon your character. You can't escape the notice of misguided people who delight in destroying instead of building.

The people for change never assume or underestimate the virtues of their enemies or competitors.

They know that persistence is the KEY. A persistence that knows no defeat. They feel very deeply about their desire for change such that it pushes them on to achievement ... each in their own way. They make intelligent use of all their powers ... create ideas and transform them into their most profitable constructive form. Deep down they know that they are there to serve the people. Their respect and love for humanity and GOD will keep them from falling into evil behaviors and schemes.

Those are just but a few of the things.Do you possess any of these? Are you one of genuine people for real change?

Kindly have an honest look at yourself and answer one hard question: - of what value are you to Kenya?

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Vikii said...

What the hell are you talking about?

Phil said...

Well said Sayra. Sounds familiar.

This is a message we have heard preached in this country, and as you rightly point out, we can't escape the notice of misguided people who delight in destroying instead of building.

Its generally appreciated that it is going to take a huge effort, better planning and concerted pressure to bring change to this country. Events over the last few months have exposed fake politicians, fake bloggers, fake technocrats and even fake voters! We even have fraudulent leadership that is acknowledged as having been obtained under false pretenses.

Your post rightly describes the Kenyan scenario and we can only hope that those who purport to be change agents will themselves eventually change so as to put us all back on the track to CHANGE!

Joe said...

Well said Sayra.

What is it that you do not understand?

Vikii said...

What do you mean by fake voters? Are you talking about those that have studiously refused to endorse your warped political philosophy? A politcal philosophy hinged on thuggery, backwardness and terror? I am a fake voter if that is what it means.

Look here Phil; everything you know is wrong. What these guys have taught you to call change is in actual deed a very misleading posture whose sole goal is their ascent to power, which power they have no clue what to do with. If you have been expecting Otieno Kajwang, Dalmas and William Ntimama to bring you change (and I am assuming the kind you anticipate is positive), then something is fundamentally wrong with you. Your support for corrupt and dreadfully heartless and dangerousy clueless individuals batrays your strenuous efforts to appear committed to good governance. One person you cannot lie to, Phil, is YOURSELF. Your life has always been about propagating the prospects of a crook to get into State House and those efforts will prove painfully disppointing. Hell will freeze before that ever happens.

"We even have fraudulent leadership that is acknowledged as having been obtained under false pretenses".
Acknowledged by who? I am assuming you are talking about those election losers so uncouth that they cant respect the will of the people and would rather burn children in churches just to be ushered into government. One thing life will teach both you and them is that that back door to power was closed ages ago. What appears to be an opening now is a hallway that guides them straight to some very hellish disappointment.

Joe, I do NOT understand what you are asking. And what this change nonsense is all about.

Anonymous said...


Waambiye tell them!!!
They killed to get into govt and now the prices keep on rising something they promised their Chang'aa frothing youths that their govt will address now even Kibera residents are up in arms throwing stones in protest at a govt suprevised by the messiah maajabu haya Phil, Sir Alex, Ivy, Taabu, Urxlnc leta ingine

Anonymous said...


Even Phil doesn't believe in the change he pretends to propagate. He is paid according to how much he sings his master's delusional song. Whatever he says here is supposed to earn him enough to eat matumbo at Nairobi West.

b-carotene said...

"Nothing can come of nothing: speak again."

Phil said...


I will not get drawn into an argument that has no basis.

What are your comments, if any, about the main post?

It is strange you claim not to have understood the main post but are very fast to critique my comments relating to the main post.

We are on the WWW, and I guess anyone reading this post around the world and the comments in it can judge for themselves who is who and who stands for what!

In the meantime, what happened to the main post you promised sometime in MAY 2008?

Phil said...

And to you cheerleaders at 12.12 and 12.33, at least Vikii has had guts to resist change and also expose his ignorance, nyinyi je?

Are you the "they say" chorus Sayra refers to in her post?

Anonymous said...

It is a well script for real,but here in Kenya,they first appear as the God-sent Messiah to liberate the people unfortunately ending up like this:
Local tribunal route suspicious

Published on 10/11/2008

By Stephen Ndegwa

Slobodan Milosevic’s "liberation wars" saw him massacre thousands when Yugoslavia fell apart and after many years of denial and self-preservation, he ended up at The Hague for trial of crimes against humanity and genocide.

He was ‘honoured’ as "the Butcher of the Balkans." He died there miserably. After he was overthrown and subsequently arrested, his county now enjoys relative peace.

Charles Taylor of Liberia engaged in war and sponsored murder in neighboring Sierra Leon where his army chopped off people’s arms and limbs. He was later lured into Nigeria, and The Hague was his final destination. After his arrest, Liberia is now not only calm, but has a female president at the helm.

Most recently, Jean Pierre Bemba of the Democratic Republic of Congo waged "freedom" war against Kinshasa where his army killed and raped thousands of women. He later contested in national polls and lost but joined government as vice-president. He couldn’t settle and engaged government forces in fierce battles in Kinshasa.

While on exile in Belgium, he was arrested and is now cooling his heels in The Hague. Since his arrest, Kinshasa has enjoyed a moment of peace. Before we could close the curtain, here comes Gen Laurent Nkunda claiming to be fighting to liberate his ethnic Tutsi community. The UN is already accusing him of genocide against the Hutu of eastern DRC. Any guess where he might end up?

Since the creation of the International Criminal Court, the world seems to have come up with a solemn agreement; arrest, prosecute and possibly hang all perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity. With ICC you will fly but never perch anywhere and eventually land in the dock.

Why is it so hard for Kenyan politicians to see and accept the new reality? Why waste valuable time venting fears and maligning the Waki Report while its implementation timetable is clear and beyond local politics?

Peaceful and stable Kenya

Shouldn’t those who suspect or fear to be among The Gang of 10, be busy hiring lawyers?

Have they ever come across the word amnesty in ICC terms of reference? What of the hogwash that prosecuting our "leading politicians" will lead to more ethnic divisions?

After the prosecution of violators of human rights I listed in the beginning, those countries emerged more peaceful and stable. Kenya will not be an exception. Remember Saitoti’s 2002 powerful statement: "There come a time when the INTERESTS of a nation are more important than an individual." It surely came to pass!

It will not be music to our ears or for Kenya’s publicity for its leaders to face trial at The Hague. A local solution was best. But there lies the escape route. After sobering up some politicians now want a local tribunal and others are calling for Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission. The hasty retreat to me is questionable. Those keen on self-preservation realise The Hague, which ODM initially courted but now detests, will most likely be the most effective. Watch out for a grand sabotage of justice with those mentioned let off the hook through mere excuses, which our justice system is well known for. Again we have an all-smiling Attorney General. The Waki team was aware of this threat when they wrote: "The Commission has in possession the names of powerful individuals in politics, government, business, the police and elsewhere whose capacity for interference with its evidence can neither be assumed nor dismissed."
na tutawasahau tu!

Ivy said...

What did we take to parliament this time round? Sir Alex bring them forth i agree let us lynch them. 12th December is too far...I want my white ribbon now. I said once we will have food riots in kenya, they have started......Slow but sure.

Anon 12:12, relax it is not only the changaa frothing guys who are affected......The price of Unga knows no tribe unless you dont eat ugali.....Have an ugali free day.

Anonymous said...

Their fates are sealed. Very good. They hire lawyers, who advise them to shut up. Even better.
Let's get on with other things, which are not few: constitution, eck, police reform, land reform etc. In the immediate--food crisis.
WHY are Kenyans so poor at synthesis???!!

Anonymous said...

You see what they are doing?
1.They buy maize with the money they have refused to tax.

2.They sell it at the highest price. The Agric Minister is working hand-in-hand with them.

3.They increase school fees.

4.They dilute education by installing universities in rural market centers while they take their children to the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany and switzerland for superior education.

5. They travel aimlessly abroad and spend your tax money carelessly.
6. They refuse to lower prices of oil which is now below 50$ as compared to 145$ a barell some months ago. The Energy minister has his special interest.

7. They increase their allowances and refuse to tax it.

What type of devils are leading Kenya?

A parliamentarian should earn 10-times the wages of a P1 (allowances included). It would only attract people who want to develop Kenya.
A president's power should be limited drastically and should be ceremonial.
Provincial leadership should be elevated to become the second house (The senate comprising 8 provincial senators). They have to be elected. No law without the senators' signatures.

We are ready to register a National youth party to implement all these. We are tired of tribal leaders who are out to (over-)fill their pockets.

Support the idea now, if you want Kenya to exist.

e-change said...

actually love is what we need-as they say "love makes the world go round"
On that note i would like to say i love Kumekucha

If politicians loved us they would put this country first before their own selfish interests and not pass us walking by foot on pot-holed roads as they drive by in 4x4s that fly over

If we loves ourselves we would not have voted for village pilferes to be MPs

if we loved our neighbour we would not have matcheted them 11 months ago

If we love change we would not talk about it but do it

then again money, denial and music ALSO make the world go round so lets continue to live in denial as we make money and listen to music in our ears

Singa said...

Guys now there is real change now that ODM is in govt
There is real change in the prices of commodities notably unga and that can be felt even in the heartland of ODM, Kibera

Joe said...


Your support for corrupt and dreadfully heartless and dangerousy clueless individuals batrays your strenuous efforts to appear committed to good governance

This describes just about any of the current Kenyan politicians. Not limited to ODM or PNU.

Lets just agree they are all rotten and we move on.

Ken said...


We can see the change we were promised. Ruto is now incharge of agriculture but he is busy buying maize en selling it back at triple the price to get money for lawyers when he goes to the hague.

It pains me to hear Phil and company shouting and trying to convince us that change is in Raila. Look at who he appointed to the cabinet, the likes of Ntimama.. REAL CHANGE IN DEED.

The only change we have seen and have believed in since ODM joined with their other thugs PNU is escalating prices of everything and renewed corruption.

Phil, your god's are ready to hack en burn children and women in a church to get into power. For the PNU fanatics, Kibaki's see no evil hear no evil led to the near demise of our beloved country.

CHANGE... From Raila Or Kibaki??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kwale said...

Change will not happen in Kenya so long as the only hope is Dr Raila Amollo Odinga!

ODM and Raila Odinga will not take you to the promise land but to insanity. Yes, insanity of burning children alive in a church. (We'll never forget you little ones RIP)

ODM is not a political party but a collection of the bad and the very ugly in our society. And like the Pandora's Box, they contain all manners of evils in mankind – killers, rapists, arsonists, crooks and the list is endless. A society messed up big time!

Ooh people, who will wake you from your slumber!!

Wololo mayeeeee!!!!! said...

Real Change indeed!!!

Is it true that Ababu Namwamba that has letters from Ministry of Agriculture to buy maize from NCPB and sell it to millers at exorbitant prices?

Is it true that Ruto was told Farmers from his backyard RV not to sell maize now but to wait until the prices go higher to about 2500/=?

Wololo mayeeeee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello for President!!
He's 'godly' and patriotic. Wake up to change with Okello!!

Ivy said...

Now you guys agree that RAO is the supervisor.....Did i hear some one say that he is incharge?

The same people said he was a PM without clout....A lame duck, just give him the flag and he will be singing Kibaki......When the nation is at crossroads..he is incharge...What hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

What is man like RAO to do? When he had NDP he had mostly luo mps who where hoping that the Odinga legacy may make it easy for them to be re-elected if the identfied with his other words opportunist.
On the other hand other kenyans not wanting a kehii to rule them shunned his he did the clever thing joined KANU..did a few tricks and emerged with had the likes of saitoti and kalonzo perenial M01 goons who were just bitter that they were not annointed....we choose to look the other way for as long as the got rid of project uhuru....
So my dear kenyans why do you know look a gift horse in the mouth? The leaders like Ntimama represent a larg contituncey of kenyans and was legitimately voted in by kenyans.....I since some simpl minded, dictatorial tendancies in some voices on KK.....politics is not that clean ...we cheer saitoti and now chastise RAO for appointing Ntimama who we elected.....serious people with such limited understanding are causing us too much heart ache...kenya has very serious problems simply minded haters are a luxury we just cannot afford.
Politicains are not meant to be siants they are there to serve out current needs.....wasting time trying to paint RAO black is just stupid.....the guy brought down the project, instituted a sytem that was on its way to create a better kenya....and this is a kenya that for the past 40yrs was basically rotting where does he get the right people , people with clout and character? Its a balancing game, its about getting the best out of a bad situation.........
Sikply minded people are a pain and a burden.

Sir Alex

Ken said...

@ Sir Alex,

You are so blinded by your loyalty to RAO you fail to see even the very basic of things.

Firstly, no one said Saitoti is good. He was behind goldenberg and we all know.

If RAO was the "change" you claim he is, he would have been the first to volunteer to pay tax. Do you know what would happen if RAO volunteered to pay tax? Many ass licking MP's would follow suit and our public coffers would increase in size.

Baba Jimmy has failed this country time and time again and we are not trying to justify him.

Until people stop the blind loyalty I have seen in kumekucha for some "messiah", then we shall forever be crying foul in Kenya.

As for Ntimama, he is now good because RAO appointed him yet we all know the number of lives that have been lost in the past due to his actions and utterances. I am sure the only reason Ntimama is "good" to you Sir Alex is because RAO was the one who appointed him and he supports RAO.

This is pathetic. Kama mbaya mbaya... Lets unmask the rot on our government without bias.

Anonymous said...

Raila Amollo Odinga will never Rule Kenya!!

Yeah! You heard it here first.

Msema Kweli said...

Anonymous 12:12 AM, you said this:

"Vikii Waambiye tell them!!!
They killed to get into govt and now the prices keep on rising something they promised their Chang'aa frothing youths that their govt will address now even Kibera residents are up in arms throwing stones in protest at a govt suprevised by the messiah maajabu haya Phil, Sir Alex, Ivy, Taabu, Urxlnc leta ingine"

You fraudulently and deceptively avoid mentioning the real cause of the problems that Kenya is faced with and who played a major role in creating them. I shall refresh your memory - this is also for the rest of the clowns who think like you.

Kibaki was elected with a resounding landslide in the elections of December 2002 - genuinely. He did not STEAL the elections then, he won fair and square. His primary duty and responsibility as the newly and genuinely elected president of Kenya was to tackle the three major problems that had messed up the country since the 1960's, first during the Kenyatta administration and later accelerated during the Moi administration. These are:

1) Endemic corruption. Which even he, during his swearing in speech, said had sadly become a way of life in Kenya and that he would do all in his power to reverse this ugly situation.

2) Poor governance. All our institutions had collapsed and had failed to fulfill their role.

3) The cancer of Tribalism.

These problems arose and were fed by the culture of IMPUNITY. Unfortunately, on all three counts, Kibaki's performance has been disastrous. He has failed spectacularly. In fact things have gotten worse. Tribalism, Corruption and Poor Governance have worsened. All these have been driven by the culture of IMPUNITY. This was epitomized in his (Kibaki's) blatant STEALING of the elections of December 2007 in broad daylight and his subsequent HURRIED and SECRET swearing in - only someone who has stolen the election can behave this way; the post election violence was a direct consequence of this blatant THEFT.

Had Kibaki provided proper LEADERSHIP since taking over at the beginning of 2003 all of these nonsensical and tragic events would have never occured.

Read what Judge Waki in his report says about him:

The Waki Commission report accuses Kibaki of failing to exercise the required LEADERSHIP that would have convinced the public and the international community that the 2007 General Election would have been free and fair. (This later came to pass: Kibaki STOLE the elections; consequently triggering the violence)

Kibaki's inability to provide leadership includes the failure to lead the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) from the front when he took over power in 2003 after winning the December 2002 elections.The post election-violence is, in part, a consequence of the failure of Kibaki and his first Government to exert political control (i.e LEADERSHIP) over the country or to maintain sufficient legitimacy as would have allowed a civilized contest with him at the polls possible.

The report also blames Kibaki's decision to renege on the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Kibaki’s National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAK) and Mr Odinga’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) before the 2002 elections as one of the major contributory factors that created the environment that made occurrence of post election almost a certainty. It eventually came to pass.

Even though the 2005 referendum was peaceful and results were accepted rather than contested, the parameters were nevertheless drawn. Worse was the decision by Kibaki to dissolve the entire Cabinet after LOSING the referendum and excluding Mr Odinga and his allies from the Government a month later when he reconstituted his administration.

The net effect, was further political polarisation. Kibaki's turning away from Raila and removing from government the group of ministers associated with Odinga had the effect of increasing the polarisation of politics along ethnic lines.

By so doing, the Waki report points an accusing finger at Kibaki saying that he failed to take actions (i.e LEADERSHIP) that would have bridged the escalating ethnic and political divide, which fueled the political violence. It was wrong, the report argues, for Kibaki to fail to heed the advice of leaders from other communities.

Kibaki’s regime failed to unite the country, and allowed feelings of marginalisation to fester into what became the post-election violence. He and his then Government were complacent in the support they considered they would receive in any election from the majority Kikuyu community and failed to heed the views of the legitimate leaders of other communities.

Under the agreement that Kibaki's NAK signed with Raila's LDP the post of PM was to be introduced after 2002 General Election and the Constitution reviewed to recognize the new position. Failure to honor the MoU by Kibaki broke the trust that had been built between Kibaki and Mr Odinga, in the process splitting Narc.

This (reneging on the MoU) was criticised by the public as an attempt by the so-called ‘Mount Kenya Mafia’ to keep power to itself rather than share it.

The Waki report also blames Kibaki for the way he handled the search for a new Constitution and the 2005 referendum and its aftermath. His administration is accused of diluting some of the provisions of the Bomas Draft into what was later called the Wako Draft. It is the latter that was put up for the referendum pitting Kibaki on the side of the “Yes” or Banana campaign and Mr Odinga in the “NO” or Orange crusade.

The Orange movement that defeated the government by rejecting the Wako draft was later to be transformed into a political party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Former President Moi, who is now Kibaki's strongest supporter and defender, stands accused for allowing the culture of IMPUNITY to take root following the election violence of 1992 and 1997. As events have unfolded since early 2003, it clearly shows that Kibaki has faithfully followed the footsteps of Moi, no wonder they are on the same side now - birds of the same feathers flock together. What a big let down from someone from whom so much civilized and progressive leadership was expected...

Bottom line: Kibaki stands for the pumbavu status quo of massive corruption, mediocre leadership, tribalism and is completely averse to change.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Ken said...

We can see the change we were promised. Ruto is now incharge of agriculture but he is busy buying maize en selling it back at triple the price to get money for lawyers when he goes to the hague.

Our Comment:

We seek not, and we repeat, we seek not to defend anyone.

According to Ken, Ruto is in charge of Ministry of Agriculture, and as a result of his failure, he tells us, perhaps with a smile on his face, see the change we were promised.

A good thinker should engage both sides of the brain. It would have made sense if Ken had the courage to say as well, is this what it means let the work continue?

He forgets or choses to forget that Kibaki of the Kazi iendelee slogan, is still the president of the nation. Thus, how Ken can see Ruto's failure of change and at the same time fail to see the failure let the work continue, is beyond our imagination.

Pathfinder said...

My fellow country men and women, if you seriously think about bringing change to Kenya, then let us join the demonstration organized by Religious and Civil society leaders on December 12 and demand not only the taxation of MP allowances but the cutting of their salaries and allowances to a half.

BTW this is the best way and time to unite Kenyans and inform them the major difference between them is not tribal but poverty brought about by greedy leaders and poor leadership. Kenyans should know without unity they will not achieve any change and their future is doomed.

If we succeed and bring our MP to their knees then we have made change and taken the first step to a better Kenya.

If we can’t participate in the demonstrations then we can’t do anything to be proud of. We should expect no change to take place. May be the best we can do is Domo domo and crying over spilt milk as usual .

“You must constantly ask yourself these questions: Who am I around? What are they doing to me? What have they got me reading? What have they got me saying? Where do they have me going? What do they have me thinking? And most important, what do they have me becoming? Then ask yourself the big question: Is that okay? Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn quotes

Anonymous said...

Phil, did you hear what anon 5.49 said?

"Raila Amollo Odinga will never Rule Kenya!!
Yeah! You heard it here first."

Anonymous said...

Well Ken point taken we are actually on the same page.......If we were to fire 'bad' politicians then there would be no one left standing, all I'm saying is that RAO is the better of the lot, its not blind faith and its not a blank cheque, its about the hand that we have dealt ourself, its about the best permutation and combination with the current deck of cards......
Bad mouthing the likes of RAO and trying to group him with Kibs a board certfied thug is not helping. If we were to take your method of elimination maybe even KK may have to close down because we all stole some sugar to lick when we were kids.
Lets try and be practical and Honest, so far within the existing constraints its fair to say that RAO has been outstanding. What we cannot do is begin to pretend that we can somehow have a parliament full of saints or a cabinet for that matter.....RAO himself recognised this when he chose baba jim inspite of his dismal past record, but that was the only way to remove project Uhuru whom we all agree was going to be a disaster.
Pls remember we are coming frm 40yrs of looting. This country is in such bad shape that if the wanaanchi would get the correct picture the likes of saitoti would my lynched by a mob like yesterday...the challeng is how do we realistically begin to mend this? My argument is that while RAo may not be a saint he is clearly not the devil incarnate and he can be on our side, he can as you say influence a sizable 'constituency' one way or the other....anyone who knows about dealing with the public will tell you that it is always in your interst to rope in a popular individual if you seek to influence public opinion....sitting in a corner somewhere and calling names is not going to help, people can demonstrate and seek to influnce policy......RAO has shown that he listens, he is not all knowing and nobody is but he listens, he is not that beligerent,sloth at SH that does his own things trying to give us a constitution that he cooked with Amos....
Kura kwa RAO but he must also be advised and in formed because he has shown that he listens...that is the most impotant quality of a leader to listen to the people and take them where they want to go.....not to pretend like emelio that he knows and its us who don't.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

.....the anointed one.....messiah!

Anonymous said...

the messiah....who divides (the so-called 'sizable' constituency)
...what....CRAP. Even the kale's are walking out....hehehe!

Anonymous said...

anon 6.44,

Please please be gentle with Phil. He had been on suicidal watch since Raila Odinga lost at the polls. Currently he receiving attention and good care. Kindly I ask you to be a little bit symapthetic towards him.

Phil's Mistress

papa plus said...

Change in Kenya will have to begin with individual cultural change and responsiblity.

The people of Kenya are not interested in change but rather they are intersted in change through their choosen son/daughter ergo Ruto has RV, Kibaki has Central and Raila has Nyanza and Western and some parts of the Coast.

Try as one would, it is practically impossible to break the conditioning that kenyans have become accustomed to. Even when it is clear that their son/daughter has fallen short, we will gladly sweep that fact under the rug.

The only way I think one can affect change in Kenya is by starting at their own back yard. Go back to your village and start there. become a leader there and implement your vision of change. It has to start from the bottom up.

Anonymous said...

The kaleos thought they could threaten to walk out and were surprised that agwambo the steady rock is unmoved - ever wondered why their ringleaders starting with the ruto clowns all seem to be crawling back to their senses?

Haters, you had better read Sir Alex's post. Raila is the best out of this sorry lot.

As for those like vikii that are thinking kalonzo - better ask yourselves why the coward never has a msimamo on anything, preferring instead to watch where the gema(okuyu) wind is blowing - what an empty suit.

By the way vikii, i hope you were not seriuos when you said you have great respect and admiration for uhuru.

Are these the change agents that you haters have in mind by anay chance?

papa plus said...

One thing that hampers any laeder in Kenya is partly the constitution.

The president is hog tied to choosing ministers from characters elected by the people. He doesn't know half these chaps, some have never had such responsibilities, some are even uneducated and goat herders. That is a recipe for disaster.

The fact that we have ministers earning millions of kshs for basically being posters boys/girls is rediculous. We need to get rid of this minister post as it used as a carrot and stick. Let the PS run things.

Sayra said...

Looks like we have a long hard road ahead.

Most of you guys are so off that you have literally sold your souls to ODM and PNU. So much that you have forgotten that Kenya belongs to you. This is not about ODM or PNU, its about us.
Well, I won't assume or underestimate most of you ... clearly the gate keepers and their fans have to do their work.

But am glad and very happy there are those that ready to work. Will keep you updated.


Need to discuss something with you, kindly get my mail address from Chris (

Anonymous said...


Ha!!ha!ha!hee He!!hee!!

Kibaki the Senile fool is not ruling Kenya .. he is the fake President of Central Lesotho... Ogwambo is already ruling kenya... stop sleeping my friend...
Keep changing Kibaki's diaper's:)

Anonymous said...

anon6:44 AM
yes all we had you repeating is that
for ordering the police to shoot and kill innocent kenyans in cold blood...

did you forget the MOU Kibaki signed with the Mungiki at Statehouse to go slaughter and behead other tribes??

here Read it:

Anonymous said...


excellent thoughts on change.


Anonymous said...

The following is inscribed on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop in Westminster Abby (1100 A.D.) …

When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change, so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country.

But it, too, seemed immovable.

As I grew into my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt, I settled for changing only my family, those closest to me, but alas, they would have none of it.

And now, as I lie on my deathbed, I suddenly realize: If I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family.

From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country, and who knows, I may have even changed the world.

Joe said...


Request send to Chris... Hope he is aware.

Sayra said...

Thanks Joe ... he is aware.

Anonymous said...

kk why not shed some light on the female NMP who's divorced her husband after her boyfriend in ODM pentagon secured her the post in the 10th parliament.

Anonymous said...

Only stupid fools cannot add one $ one and see a connection btwn the eviction of peasant farmers in the rift valley in january violence and the current food shortages we are having now. Now the kibera pple have to think twice next time be4 they riot..or at least riot against far i havent heard of ant food shortages in " lesotho" ....but in kibera ..oh yeah ...and this is just the begining ...see wat happened in Zimbabwe after cjasing white farmers..same is happenning in Rvalley coz these Kaleos cannot farm .. if only KTN cud do a bit of journalistic reseach and connect their fanning of propaganda and now wat is happening. The IDPs are resettling elsewhere..hard workin tax paying kenyans and they lift themselves up the 92 violence saw the eviction of molo peasant and the subsequences rise of the convinient entreprenural Molo line shuttle services ..u knaw it isn't all abot farming at times. No wonder Masaais were not in a hurry to evict the peasant because a little memory had taught them better u rattle the peasant u STARVE.. So siasa mbaya maisha mbaya b4 u politic knaw ur interest and think hard ennuff ala moi ukipanda ovyo utavuna the farmers left in Rvalley wamepanda ovyo wanavuna ovyo kaw hiyo njaa kibera en the rest o

Anonymous said...

Some anonimous dude just said kaleo can't farm! Who told u Kikuyus had farms in the rift [north rift], They don't, they only had plots u know know a quatrer of an acre, an eith etc....for doing the similar thing as they do in Cenrtal plant vegies n stuff! The real farmers in the North rift are pure kaleos, a few Luhyas, Whites , and Goans. I come from Eldie near chepkoilel campus. I know know that for a fact Kalenjins are the large scale farmers my guy! Not kikuyus

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