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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Was Kibaki Paid A Kickback By Southern Sudan?

In as much as the UN is the reigning international authority on world peace, I do not agree with its arms embargo on Southern Sudan. Having been murdered and enslaved by the Khartoum government, the black brothers of the south must defend themselves somehow. It is for this reason that I support Kibaki’s clandestine support for the South.

Dr. Alfred Mutua is telling us that the tanks were destined for Kenya. Our own DOD, US and other investigative agencies are telling us that the arms were enroute to Southern Sudan. Whom do you believe? ….that’s a rhetorical question.

That said, we have also been told that these shipments of tanks and guns have been going on prior to the elections…..meaning ODM was in the dark.

Given the ingrained culture of obtuse corruption in the pre-election Kibaki administration, is it plausible to suggest that the Southern Sudanese paid Kibaki some kickback cash to allow the transit of weapons?

Could this be the reason why Kibaki insisted on holding on to power no matter what? You see, subverting a UN arms embargo is a case for The Hague….. which could result in lengthy jail terms. Was he afraid that without the power of the presidency, he could be exposed as an arms dealer of some sought?


b-carotene said...

Calm now, you squid. Stop hyperventilating. Emilio's the wrongest place to start your soaking and poking. Perhaps waaaay earlier, the days of mama na baba? Remember them?

papa plus said...

Suppositions, suppositions but they aren't too far fetched. A lot of people make a lot of money during embargos. Just ask Saddam Hussein and Iran who had a sweet deal to use Iranian ships to ferry out Iraqi oil and sell it for as low as $4 a barrel during the sanctions.

papa plus said...

During those sanctions in Iraq, Saddam managed to build 60 new palaces with Italian marble and gold faucets all over Iraq. he took the food they gave him and turned to sell it to Iraqis. Those that didn't act right, he simply starved. Countries all over the worl were only too happy to help Saddam off load his cheap oil on the black market. Even the UN officials made a killing including Koffi and his son.

Anonymous said...

yes yes !! sources say Kibaki and cronies received a huge kick back and what has happened some of the cronies were not paid(crime brothers) in Kibaki's former government so they have been shouting on top of their voices about the deal:):)

Our south Sudan brothers should have been warned on the type of the kikuyu thieving thugs they were dealing with I sincerely feel sorry for them south Sudan brothers..

Kibaki must be brought to Hague for crimes against humanity and now arms trade or should i say kick back trading:)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

intriguing kalamari

highly intriguing

could it be? certainly not impossible.

even if its not kibaki, maybe one of his powerful cronies or puppet masters.

or maybe just a tip of the iceberg possibly this and many others put together

Grand Regency to libyans, Weapons to sudan, mineral and oil mining, ?? what else?

so where are our investigative journalists?

Anonymous said...


"I will leave soon, says Kivuitu"


Anonymous said...

the mt, kenya mafia is involved in a secret arms trade and they are reaping huge, profits.

Anonymous said...

wrong. its the rift valley/western kenya mafia.

Anonymous said...

anon7:14 PM

Does that surprise you with the Kibaki lead Mt. kenya Mafia??

look at the list
Anglo leasing
Transcentury(Rift valley railways)
Grand Regency
Soth sudan army Tanks(big kick backs were paid to Kibaki and cronies)
and Please don't forget to add the huge bribes that Kiviutu and his ECK officials were paid to rig the elections and now Kiviutu is crying he can't get out of the country to go and look at his nest egg money paid to him and his officials by Kibaki, Kalonzo and cronies.... paid on innocent Kenyans blood!! what this Kibaki's tribesmen and Kalonzo's people need is to be herded right back to central province- this tribe don't belong with the rest of kenya- they have thieving and murderous gene's which need to be controlled mpumbavu hawa

Anonymous said...

this is a very serious issue folks this could be one of the biggest scandals in Kenya. we need investigative journalists to research this issue. how can we even be sure is there are tanks in kenya that are not under the control of our Armed Forces?

We need answers from the Mt Kenya Mafia.

Anonymous said...

mashadites it seems like most of you cant post any intelligent reply ! the issue about the arms is very straightforward the arms are being shipped to south sudan ,sanctions or no sanctions the us govt has always supplied arms to SPLA ,the reason the kenyan govt is being dodgy about is because of diplomatic issues with khartoum govt ,remember the kenya wants to buy cheap oil from sudan .talking of un arms embargo in june 2002 khartoum bought 20 mig 29s fighter jets btw these are the latest jets from russia,our airforce still has F5s which went out of production in 1970s ,our army is so grossly overated i doubt they can even sustain a war with somalia.going back to the topic with this infor do you now understand why kenya is shouting from the roof top lying that the arms are ours ?

Anonymous said...

sorry the MIGS were bought in june 2008 and not 2002

Anonymous said...

mashadites it seems like most of you cant post any intelligent reply ! the issue about the arms is very straightforward the arms are being shipped to south sudan ,sanctions or no sanctions the us govt has always supplied arms to SPLA ,the reason the kenyan govt is being dodgy about is because of diplomatic issues with khartoum govt ,remember the kenya wants to buy cheap oil from sudan .talking of un arms embargo in june 2008 khartoum bought 20 mig 29s fighter jets btw these are the latest jets from russia,our airforce still has F5s which went out of production in 1970s ,our army is so grossly overated i doubt they can even sustain a war with somalia.going back to the topic with this infor do you now understand why kenya is shouting from the roof top lying that the arms are ours ?

Anonymous said...

Mt kenya has been arming itself since the election they hope wih the aid of china and hopefully oil at the coast the can run kenya........I have said it just watch this space......those tanks may have been heading for south sudan but the question is how many of those tanks actually reach sudan? some may still be in this country.....and its not just tanks......The drama that is kenya is far from over....

Anonymous said...

This is pure gun running.Its only by luck that the ship was hijacked and we got to know what is going on. Some two shipments had made late last year and early this yera.Its is very sad and ironical that the people who 'helped' broker peace in SS are now the ones arming them. This goverment is helping to distablize the region yet just in feb we were begging the whole world to help us sort out our own shit.Its is amazing how we really reason. If we are not hiding fugitives; Kabuga, Fazul,may be even Osama himself, we are helping them acquire arms. Do you guys remember during Mo1 days when planes,full of guns would leave Eldoret airport for DRC.Look at what has happened to DRC, a perpetual war that might not end in the near future. Rwanda shit came and went, where did machetes, came from? some kenya, some china.there is even a container full of pangas still at Nairobi Railways yard. This guys were happy that they got the diamonds but they didnt care about the consequences. When you see your neighbors house burning you do not aid it to burn, but you help fight it coz for sure yours will be the next in line. Here guys must be taken to account for these arms coz as the common men, we are the ones who will get burnt, january was just but a notice.Guys must be sent to the Hague.Charles Taylor, Jean Piere Pemba and a couple of guys from DRC are already there. Kibaki, the Hague is beckoning you, so get ready. for f**cking sake you are the C in C, the title you so much sought after to retain last year even to the extend that you were ready to sacrifice some kenyan lives for it. To the pirates, thank you so much for hijacking this ship. you have exposed some asses. Kibaki your ass is so much exposed, and men its full of shit. Arresting Mwangura would not wipe it out!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the atur brothers had something to do with this arms dealing in kenya......RAO where is your intelligence on this? You can't sleep in this country anymore you never know what nxt to expect its become like M01 days and worse......

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Our Somali brother have done us all a favour by exposing the mother off all scandals(arm trading by the collusion gov). why is DOD silencing officer who want t speak to the press? why has the defence minister commented? will Raila no speak publicly about his complicity in all these because of blind support to south sudan autonomy?

Anonymous said...

You all hateful tribal f@cks go burn in hell. May a thousand flees from Arabian camels descend on your. Maybe you and ilks be cursed forever you useless shits. Kenyans does not need any of you. Having witnesses what happened in January you continue to peddle your useless hate speeches and propaganda for whatever benefit you think you will derive. F@CK YOU shit heads!!!!

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen or heard from Sam Okello lately?

Kwale said...

Kalamari, have you had the saying "The lights are on, but no one is home"? That one implies to you perfectly! And just incase you don't know what the saying mean; it is a humorous way of referring someone who is lacking intellect and sanity.

You said…"Could this be the reason why Kibaki insisted on holding on to power no matter what? You see, subverting a UN arms embargo is a case for The Hague….. which could result in lengthy jail terms. Was he afraid that without the power of the presidency, he could be exposed as an arms dealer of some sought?"

Before jumping to any conclusion, why don't you wait for the story to develop further and this will avoid embarrassments to you and your ilk. This story was broadcasted last night by UK channel 4 news, a very comprehensive and in-depth news programme which also happens to be anti-Kenyan government but there was no mention of Kenya government involvement.

You have been trying hard to hang Kibaki out to dry for an awful long time and in all occasions its amount to nothing! This blog have even claimed he is very ill and close to death and many other disdainfully awfully naffy commentaries.
No amount of spiel and glib will harm kibaki or his 2nd and final term as the president of Republic of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.35, Sam Okello had a fall-out with Chris aka Kumekucha, while he was leaving at their home in US. Chris has since moved-out of Okellos in no-speaking terms.

So, ni kwaheri Sam Okello!!

Taabu said...

Kwale said:
....Kalamari, you have been trying hard to hang Kibaki out to dry for an awful long time and in all occasions its amount to nothing...

Just take the corrolary and ask yourself whether you are gulty of the same albeit on the reverse. It cuts both ways you know. And while at it EMBASSMENT can visit your ego if all comes to pass.

BTW C4 is no authority. Please use the remove effectively and sample news from elsewhere. You obsessio with C4 amounts to shameless monotony.

kalamari said...

Kwale, I will not abuse your beaming intelligence. In fact I will approach your comments with respect.

These are serious issues jamaa. Under the watchful eye of your saint, Mr. Kibaki, Kenya is facing accusations of aiding and abating an arms smuggling ring....and subverting a UN arms embargo. I respect your ‘wait and see attitude’ but listen here, as you were watching channel 4 in the UK, I was watching Dr. Mutua displaying some ‘maybe fake’ shipping documents proving and insisting that Kenya was involved. No Kenyan government involvement you say?

Why is it that you suffer such terrible personal pains when Kibaki is caught with his pants down? You accuse me of lynching this man by claiming he’s some sought of arms smuggler. Now let’s be honest, has Kibaki consorted with fugitive international arms dealers in the past? Weren’t those criminal from the neighborhood of Ukraine? Was he not about to become father-in-law to one Artur brother who brandished high powered firearms at our international airport? See, you judge people by the friends they keep. Kwale, aren’t those facts? If so, how then is the post ‘spiel and glib’?

Kwale, in your mind, holding a pin-less grenade and waiting to see if it explodes is not a bad proposition. I respect that. But you must agree that given the activities of Kibaki’s pre-election cabinet, there’s no way on earth Southern Sudan would pass weapons through Mombassa without relinquishing some good money.

In this one, I think Kibaki has hanged himself.

kalamari said...

Anon @ 3.17, you should cannel your anger at one Mwai Kibaki. Evidence points at this man assisting to arm an army in Southern Sudan (which I support). If you think January was chaotic hell because of the pangas and spears distributed around Kenya in government vehicles, just wait and see the mayhem that a T-72 tank can deliver in Sudan.

There’s nothing tribal here.

Anonymous said...

Kwale, the fact that you suffer such terrible personal pains when Kibaki is caught with his pants down exposes you for what you really are.... a dim witted dick head.

E-Cop said...

Bwana Kalamari are we now blaming Kibaki for everything under the sun?
in this life it plausible to suggest anything-what we need is evidence. even Kriegler couldn't find any evidence in his commission-are you more man than him?

Kwale said...

Taabu, is there anything I write here that doesn't look like an obsession to you? And who told you I care what you think about me?! Like I said before, I consider myself as a drop of fresh water in this weed-choked well of Kumekucha (if at all is a well!). I don't need your opinions and I hope that's pellucid prose to you! And by the way, who told you I get all my news from C4? Unlike BBC which is a corporation and thus cannot report exclusively or intensively on any international news, Channel 4 is an independent broadcasting channel, which cover news comprehensively and has in-depth news reporting more than any other channel. The channel has won many international awards on reporting from trouble-spot across the world and has the best foreign affair journalists in the industry. Besides that, I watch another news channel called EuroNews which is another reliable news channel on every half hour.

How exactly have you caught Kibaki with pants down? Can you please detail it down exactly what has Kibaki done in this saga and then we will have a proper argument. At the moment I don't even know your argument.

I believe you are in US; do know how much USA spends on arsenal, the latest warships (black night hawks, etc), missiles, tanks, you name them? I believe is trillion of dollars and yet it's a country that cannot afford to bail-out a bank in financial crisis! Still, if you visit some parts of America, e.g, Brooklyn, New York, Compton in LA, some parts of Chicago and many parts of southern states you wonder what happened to 'American Dream' (material wealth).

kalamari said...

e-cop, Do you have any idea how many criminals get away with murder due to lack of evidence? Sometimes the law is an ass bwana. Just because Martha Karua’s entourage destroyed all forms of evidence implicating the ECK/PNU/ODM-K in the KICC vote tally shenanigan does not mean there’s ‘no evidence’. I think it’s naïve to think that Kibaki would sit pretty at state house while leaving intact all the evidence that could destroy him…under police guard. THIS IS KENYA.

e-cop, please be serious. Do you realize that the Anglo Leasing architects are free and in the cabinet due to lack of evidence? Like I told you before, Kibaki will steal your wallet then help you look for it. Do you think you’ll find your wallet with his help? Believe me, there will be NO EVIDENCE!!! Such is Kibaki’s legacy.

….and you can quote me on this; Kimunya will be absolved from all wrong doing in the GR case. He will read the budget speech in parliament next year. Mta do?

kalamari said...

Kwale, being detained in his NY hotel bedroom to be scolded and grilled about arms shipments to Sudan by Condoleezza Rice amounts to being ‘caught with his pants down’.

That said Kwale, I’m not in the US and do not wish to go there. Just because Karanja, who is taller and bigger than you, joins Mungiki, it does not mean you should follow suit. Your comparison of the US activities to Kenya’s betrays your acceptance of Kibaki’s complicity.

I have no idea why you are baffling about Compton and Brooklyn. In fact, it’s amusing that you bring up the bailing out of banks is a financial crisis. And what noise about the American dream? Essentially, ‘at the moment I don’t even know what your argument is’. I think I just caught you with your pant down.

Kwale said...

Kalamari, you are a cock! … And I don't waste time on plonkers!

I want to ask you one final thing, how can I comment here in fairness or in a way that doesn't prompt the inevitable knee-jerk reaction of 'caught with pants down'.
If it's a discussion, why can't we have facts and lets argue on those facts, I like to comments on facts and not rumors. I want facts of what Condi said to Kibaki in that NY hotel room. I don't talk or write cack!
If you cannot chillax and see how this story is going to turn-out, I am afraid I am not in it with you; I have better things to worry about than Kibaki. Actually I am off now!

kalamari said...

Kwale, again, I will not abuse your beaming intelligence because you have none.

Anonymous said...

some of the so called new weapons were actually made in 1954.
according to ITAR-TASS


Anonymous said...


Why do you feel intellectually stimulated by rumours??

kalamari said...

I’m not overreacting on normal mama mboga rumors. These are serious rumors of war. We might soon find ourselves on the verge of real war….and of course you know we cannot match the Khartoum army. Not with the current CIC.

In addition, Kibaki’s devious dishonesty has been exposed. How can Kenya, as represented by Kalonzo, pretend to host successful peace talks then turn around and assist one side (that I support) amass weapons? Classic Kibaki treachery.

-That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

John Maina said...

Kalamari and Taabu, you can do better by not responding to this dimwit guy called Kwale, he is one of those that proclaim to be in U.K, hear, sees no evil about his tribal mates and nothing can be done to change that, just like you cannot teach a 2 year old to drive a car, its the same with Kwale nothing to can say or not say will make any difference to him.

Anonymous said...


Mwangura locked up for 5
days ....

am worried for this fellow. Usually it's charges for banghi or chang'aa possession, jail, then mysterious illness and death in jail.

b-carotene said...

A man lost his house keys on the way home late at night. Passers-by found him on all fours, searching under the lone street light.

After helping him look for some time, someone said "Are you sure you lost them here?"
"Oh no," said the man, "I lost them over there. But it's not worth looking there. There's not enough light."

That's precisely those accusing Kibaki of this, at this time, are doing. Soaking, poking, malevolently hoping, clueless.

They will find nothing as they did not with the Kriegler report.

When will they stop this self-flagellation? Or is that all they know? How to lose disgracefully?Bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

this scandal could be bigger than any other scandal in Kenya because of the shear amount of arms involved. this is the 4th shipment of arms to Kenya and the dollar value of the weapons is hundreds of millions of dollars. Kenyan tax payers need answers because Mutua said he tax payers money was used to purchase the weapons.

Anonymous said...


watch this space.

Andy Capp

Anonymous said...

andy capp

deja vu

(remember JG) same story only this time no waiting for 1.5 years to do away with whistle-blowers.

now i wonder where those vocal coast MPs went to?

Anonymous said...

does kenya;s armed forces have any russian made tanks?

Anonymous said...

the russians appear to be on their way to handle the situation as there are russian crew members

cbc says the pirates want $20 million

the pirates say they will not back down

Anonymous said...

is the ship on the coral reef? hope the russians take care of the coral reef.

Anonymous said...


Only faggots who get shafted behind like you can think this way...continue enjoying dicks!!!

Top gun

Anonymous said...

Is there a railway line connecting Southern Sudan and Mombasa?????

Kwale said...

John Maina,

I think i told you before never respond to my comments. Didn't I?
And where in this Kumekucha have I ever proclaimed to be in UK? Is it only in UK you can watch statalite televison. Shame on you!! I am not a wanker like you, you went in UK in 1900 and you are stuck in ghettos of East London washing old wazungus bums. Is there no other place you can live? You the self-proclaimed UK prefect. To hell with you!!

Even in your photo you look like a complete loser. A fat ugly poof!!

Kwale said...

John maina I am still not finish with you yet? Why is it you like to announce yourself you are in UK? If somebody comes out here with a knowledge of that country you jump out of your hole to attack that person. Does that not say something about you? Everyone here or whereever is entitled to their opinion without your approval. This stupidty macho you potray here is childish and you should be ashamed of yourself. You can't even comment here, you don't have ideas to says, all you know is to attack those take who their time to comment.

PS: For those who don't know John Maina face had been seen several times in Soho, a part of London that is notorious with Homosexuals prostitutes.

Ivy said...

John maina i hope you have heard...Lest we hear some e-shooting.

Concentrate on what you know best ati what....washing old wazungus bums...I didn't say that

I have tried following this whole thing...and why lie i have been beaten hands down...Just waiting for Alfie to show us the way...Don't you folks think that this would be running squad...Oh cobra squad season 3....Can't wait...Mutua bring it on

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how there is a lot of ranting about a leaner ECK.....what has that do do with bungling an election? If anything we need more eyes and seriously its not about numbers its about how the whole thing is structured....
I think that the 'leaner' ECK push from the likes of kalooser is so that there are fewer people to bribe and control,.... an ECK of 20 members becomes difficult to control without dissenting voices......this is a clear indication that rigging is still in the plans of PNures and Kalooser.....There is no better time to rig than when people think your not stupid enoug to try again. ....Ole wetu wakenya.
As for the arms deal its clear that there is something really fishy about it....there are real pertinnt questions in the standard's main story......this shit stinks to high heavens

Sir Alex

Kwale said...

I apologise to everyone here for using such a strong language and imperfect English (grammatical and spellings errors) while attacking this dunderhead called John Maina. When I woke up and saw my name under John Maina, I just went ballistic.

I have no mercies for anyone who cannot make any comment here but yet he can afford to hit-out on anyone who does. How many times have you seen John Maina comment on issues posted here? But anytime he hears someone have knowledge or live in United Kingdom there he comes out, proclaiming "I live in UK", like UK is heaven or he owns the Island.

E-cop said...

Kumbe Kwale you're not in the UK?i thought you worked in Heathrow Airport for channel 4 taping heads of state with beautiful massage girls

Kalamari what court of law do you practise your kangaroo brand of justice? you think shouting loud is how you settle a dispute?
you can't just go by gut feelings about that Kibaki did this or Kibaki did that-i am not saying there is no DECEPTION surrounding Baba Mwizi what i'm saying is you need to do better than to just point fingers-the onus always rests on the accuser to prove the accussed is guilty-justice is blind and the law is ALWAYS an ass
by the way criminals get away with murder even when there's evidence does that mean we should stop prosecuting them?no, prosecution needs better evidence

naïve to think that Kibaki would sit pretty at state house while leaving the evidence that could destroy him…under police guard?depends on who the police are-this is not a case of the dog guarding the meat, THIS IS KENYA-everything has a price with a LAICO tag on it

Anglo Leasing architects will continue to walk free not due to lack of evidence but the prosecution is in the architects pockets

Let Kimunya be absolved from all wrong doing in the GR case-its not the evidence fault and i for one welcome him back if he is found not guilty-why does it only apply for Musalia ala Goldenberg and not Kimunya and Laico?

please let us stop bar reasoning and pedestrian politics

Taabu said...

Pole for the butchered EGO. I hold no brief for JM but for the records you cannot deny your own obsession with everything UK. Just scroll up and see your C4 reference which has of late become your exclusive source of news.

Only fools don't change their minds and so it is nice to see you apologize for using UNCIVILIZED languange. But how and when do we know you are not because the difference is often non-existent, if you know what I mean.

Just look hard enough bro and shan generalities and asumptions and you will be spot on. Why go person and preface every post with I (ladies man etc-no envy) and all the e-CV hawking? Simple, make your point and read the response and make it tight by being relevant. Can you see for example this post is about suspected arm dealing and you take at obtuse tangent?

In short you cannot not avoid the filth from flies patronizing your favourite road. Pole tena for being smoked though you will predictably and e-violently deny it.

Kwale said...

Taabu said… "Can you see for example this post is about suspected arm dealing and you take at obtuse tangent?"

And what did I comment on? I was the only person to give the opinion on this post, most of you have no clue what you are talking about, you have been fed with rumours and you have come to believe them.

"Ati Pole for the butchered EGO?" I don't have an ego like you and I don't need one! Its only losers in life like you who need ego. You can't even tell the difference between C4 and Sky Television! What a wally! You are the one obsessed with me, every comment I make you have the gut to reply them. If you don't like my comments, just skip them and go to the next one. I have said here millions of times I don't hawk anything here, I am here to comment on issues posted here to the best of my ability and I will continue to use C4 reference and if you don't like the style of my commentary to hell with you!

Anonymous said...

i honestly thought Kwale lived in U.K. he talks about it so much!

Taabu said...

I hear you bro, loud and clear. Now take a deep breathe, IN OUT. You can only start so many fires, ama? Egos are fragile, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

You remember Artur bros? You remember who fell in love with them? Whose daughter was that?

The people came to make a deal with Kenya on how to trade in drugs and weapons.

The highjacking of the ship is known to the BIG Men in Kenya. This is something obvious, which should not be substanciated.

Sif Jun.

Anonymous said...

3:32 AM
Kwale go to Mashada blog you belong there- you shiate skunk you have no knowledge or brains to comment on any kenya politic's except for what the fool mutua at state house feeds you... shame on you

Anonymous said...



Real Owner of the Faina said...

Real owner of the "Faina" ship an Israeli citizen Vadim Alperin.
Russian warship may free Somali pirates' hostages by force
19:55 | 01/ 10/ 2008

MOSCOW, October 1 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian warship Neustrashimy may use force against pirates who seized a Ukrainian ship off the Somali coast last week, a senior Navy official said Wednesday.

Earlier Wednesday, Somali Ambassador to Russia Mohamed Handule said his country's President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed had authorized Russia's military to fight pirates off Somalia's coast and on land.

"This permission allows the warship to use the whole range of the weapons on board," the Navy official said. "We are not excluding a takeover of the vessel by force to free the crew, which includes Russian citizens."

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry earlier cited the Faina's owner, Tomax Team Inc., as saying there were three Russians, 17 Ukrainians and one Latvian on board the ship when it was seized.

However, Nyna Karpachyova, the Ukrainian parliament's human rights ombudsman, said that the real owner of the ship, which was carrying 33 T-72 tanks and other military equipment, was an Israeli citizen, Vadim Alperin.

Karpachyova also said that relatives of the hostages on board the ship would ask the Ukrainian government to prevent the liberation of the Faina by force.

The pirates said earlier that they would kill a hostage if an attempt was made to free the hostages by force. The ship's captain, Russian Vladimir Kolobkov, earlier died of a heart attack.

Russia's Navy sent the Neustrashimy missile frigate to waters off the Somali coast to fight piracy and protect Russian vessels in the region on September 24.

The ship's armament includes SS-N-25 Switchblade anti-ship missiles, SA-N-9 Gauntlet SAM, a 100-mm gun, torpedoes and depth charges. The frigate also carries a Ka-27 ASW helicopter.

Pirates are increasingly active in the waters off Somalia, which has no effective government and no navy to police its coastline. The International Maritime Bureau said more than 30 incidents of piracy were registered in the region in 2007. More than 30 attacks have been committed so far this year off the coast of the East African nation.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody write about poor andrew mwangura and ask why he is arrested? The poor guy is languishing in jail and we need to know why. Days of jail without trial are over. He should be charged in court or released and compensated.

Abass said...

BBC reveals the destination of the arms.

Anonymous said...

Stultior stulto fuisti, qui tabellis crederes

Why is the blogger still beating a donkey that died several weeks ago?

If the blogger is concerned about kickbacks, why doesn't s/he talk about the 3rd hand jet fighters deal that was entered into with another 3rd world nation - Jordan.

Who got the kickback? Who stands to benefit from the dead mitumba jet fighters?

How can a senile Kibaki know anything about kickbacks when he has no recollection of who got the kickback in the Grand Regency Hotel deal.

Kibaki wa Kickback? That's an old one for the old mule.

Facts don not need your approval on such matters. Too little too late on the tanks for Southern Sudan.

Anonymous said...

Had we done away with him in 2007, we cldn't be hearing of such embrassing situations. Grand Regency, Tanks and many more to come till we Kenyans will realize what we are dealing with or who is seated at the leadership of our Beutifull country

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