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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Superlative Impunity Galore

So Justice GBM Kariuki steps out of his official (tax payers) Mercedes Benz and engages his primitive instinct to stab Robert Karori in the stomach and still keeps his job as dispenser of justice? Some things can only happen in Kenya. But again IMPUNITY has become our middle name as a country.

It will come as no surprise to see people here predictably shouting presumed innocent till proven guilty. Being a High Court judge requires and demands purity and clarity of both character and thought. All the legal tribunal niceties only soothes egos at the expense of bloodying public opinion which is everything when it comes to matters judicial.

It takes superlative imagination to comtemplate an a robbed murderer convicting a petty thief in Kericho court tomorrow. Well, with the top leadership epitomizing impunity personified, Justice Kariuki is in safe company. The Chief Justice who is constitutionally mandated to write to Kibaki about Kariuki’s conduct and recommend a tribunal is himself a master of the same malice as evident in his midnight swearing in of the duly elected.

Wenye inchi
Civilized societies respect and remain sensitive to the court of public opinion. Thank God we have never even pretended to subscribe to membership of such a society. For industrious Kenyans that would be a needless pain that has no bankable rewards while you can auction a whole country as her citizen cheer you on.
Surely some animals are more equal than other but in Kenya these privileged animals OWN all the rest, mta do?

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UrXlnc said...

i'm just beginning to wonder about which of the three styles of management worked better

a) fly-whisk the jamaa to state-house and bakora the man for getting caught

b) while chewing on a maize-cob by a street somewhere relieve the man of his duties (announced in the 1 PM news)

c) run to statehouse and declare everything is working exceptionally well (head-in-sand or statehouse) until the next visa ban

papa plus said...

Definately (a) would work best.

Am beginning to think that the only language people understand is force. Physical force. Kenyatta phhysically caned his ministers when they did not understand his memos. A bakora to the head or back would usually get the message home. For the ones who had horns, a bullet on Moi avenue would suffice.

Moi prefered a more sinister method. Namely financial ruin. He would have your previledges revoked and your loans would be called in. He'd leave you in the cold by offering the cold shoulder treatment mimi sitaki ona yeye tena. For the hard headed ones, a concoction of fire fueled by gasoline and finally a bullet would suffice. Messy but it gets the job done. Others faced a fatal road accident.

Kibaki who knows.

Anonymous said...


Taabu is diverting KK leaders from the statements made by his hero...Ruto that the Waki report is not worth the paper its written on. Taabu, just look straight into the mirror and see how desperate and hopeless you are becoming...btw molasses is now on the cross road with his biggest supporter in terms of votes and the man behind the slaughter of Kikuyus inb rift valley.
this is what KK should be discussing not side shows posted here by on sicko by the name Taabu.

Read the story in Standard Today, KK gospel truth gutter newspaper

Anonymous said...

Coalition falling out over Waki Report

Updated 8 hr(s) 12 min(s) ago
By Standard Team

A falling out appeared imminent in the Grand Coalition Government over the implementation of the Waki Commission’s report.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga sharply differed with Agriculture Minister William Ruto when he said post-election violence suspects must face the Special Tribunal for Kenya, or answer for their alleged crimes at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Mr Ruto, on his part, dismissed the Waki Report on post-election violence as "shoddy" and "missing the point by a very big margin".
But speaking to the BBC, Chief Mediator Kofi Annan said forgiveness would entrench impunity.

"It is important that the Government acts on it. The victims demand justice too," he said.

Speaking in Narok, Raila declared: "The law should take its course on the perpetrators and organisers of post-election violence. This is the only way Kenyans will see justice done."

The PM said both the Waki and Kriegler (on last year’s discredited General Election) reports should be fully implemented to end the culture of impunity, intolerance and cycle of violence.

"The verdict is now out. The truth has been said and it is now time to face it by implementing the report," Raila said.

But Ruto’s take was different: "I think the Waki Commission has done a shoddy job… What we needed was a quick expedient way to resolve post-election violence because this was no violence of ordinary manner".

Saying the Commission should have asked for more time to do a thorough report if that was a problem, Ruto said recommending a tribunal which requires people named to be held as guilty until proven otherwise would require a change of the Constitution.

"Sadly, though we are not even sure whether those named in the envelope are guilty or not… is this not guess work by the Waki Commission?" wondered Ruto.

Finally, the Agriculture minister suggested that the Cabinet and Parliament convene to discuss the report and determine the way forward.

seems the murderors are already panicking and ruto and molasses are almost boarding the Hague express....

the reality is that if ruto leaves molasses, molasses will be left holding less than a millio luo votes. he will die his fathers death of fantasy with statehouse.

but i guess like father like son...the molasses are a cursed family never to spend a day in state house. state house iko na wenyewe...

there is what we want to read dimwit Taabu

bwa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ivy said...


None of the above.


Watch the space the fellow will go round the block and the next thing you hear...Out of court settlement. There are 2 kinds of justice systems in Kenya (Rich and Poor) for the Chlomondeley and for this samia girl. I am not holding my breathe for this one

Anonymous said...

have you not learnt the lesson? stick to the post will you, or i start on you again.

Anonymous said...

by the way why can the allow camera in court rooms in Kenya? How can a hooligan judge ever deliever far trial and justice.

Anonymous said...

The people of Kericho should reject to be serve by these crock excuse of a judge.

Anonymous said...


You think I am in a thick mud?, Ruto is a mark man. Did you see him dismiss Waki report? thats a sign of jitters. The best he can do now is run underground to avoid Hague or come and support my campaign and if i win, i will gurantee him a position in my gava to wipe out all our enemies in Iran.

John McCain

Ivy said...

Anon 2:28

Bring it on

Anonymous said...

isn't it funny that the deliverer of luo's..his excellency dr. mollasses sees no evil with murderous like ruto and ntimama in his fold as long as they deliver votes???
hata yeye haponei hata...his smelly foreskin nonwithstanding...when hague is done with him, he will go to his professional job of circumcision calls full tyme...

then we have his faithful breeed of dimwits in the name of phil, taabu, kalamali, sam okello (this one went underground when the cut maneno became compulsory)who will whin and jerk all day defending the condemned..and we have KK...their mouth piece...

bwa ha hah ah ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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M-Pesa said...

Justice GBM Kariuki, a Kikuyu.

Evans Gicheru, Chief Justice, a Kiuk.

Emilio Kibaki, President, a Kiuk.

All members of Muthaiga golf club.

No prizes for guessing where this grave matter will end. Please bear a second and remember in between this madness, an innocent man nearly lost his life and is still in bed critically injured! But then again, who cares? It's just another ordinary Joe the plumber. Most of us believe that if you are rich in Kenya, there's simply no way you can go to jail! So far, GBM Kariuki has already lined up a powerful battery of sharp lawyers led by Muturi Kigano and Francis Ngatia who charges Ksh 100,000 per hour for his services. This is indeed an open and shut case....COMMON SENSE. Forget vision 2030, when it comes to matters of justice we are still in stone age.

Taabu said...

Spot on. And we rush to label Tom Cholmedy as racist. Well, paint Tom balck and we have our own GBM. This ethnic cancer is chronic and whatever name you would wish to give it cannot wash. We are collectively stuck in a rut. Any bidders out there?

Anonymous said...

spot on! you wonder why Ruto has managed to escape justice for soooo long?

ajwang' said...

stupid conservative whites blame liberals in the US of worshipping Obama. stupid conservative Lesothians blame ODMers of worshipping RAO. Does anyone know a cure for cultural stupidity enhanced by oathing?

Back to the topic: I suport the GBM Kariuki. Those who have ever seen the way a typical 'driver' (usually from Lesotho) behaves on a Kenyan road will understand why 2 stabs are not enough.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If Kariuki was in a civilised country, he would not have waited for the tribunal to be appointed. Angeenda tu nyumbani na kupumzika. By the way in the 80's during Moi's impunity a Justice and Peace NGO I used to work for in Kenya paid GBM hundreds of thousands of shillings to take up cases of those wronged by the Rungu regime - including one involving Shikuku. I feel betrayed.

E-cop said...

Don't blame "My Lord" GBM for resorting to STREET SMARTS in the name of self-defence-no matter how many PhD's a man has you still need to know how to keep yourself safe when you're confronted with danger
This type of WISDOM is duly rewarded in Kenya-sample the following examples:-
1)ECK messed up general elections&still keep their jobs
2)Ringera fries fish smaller than Omena at KACC and still gets to keep his job
3)Arturs brandish weapons in KAA JIKA and still get to love the Presidents daughter and leave the country with first class tickets
4)General Mathenge is a fake farmer from Eriteria/Ethiopia and still gets 5-star hotel room even after full disclosure

taabu FYI nobody own kenyans, haven't you heard? we are a sovreign state who fund 95% of our budget, can you compare? we are the success story of Africa and we have PEACE to show for it, enjoy bro

papa plus said...

The economy of Egypt is likely to slow down to 6% this year with inflation between 14 - 16%....

We on the other hand after negative economic gains are likely to rebound to a positive 5% economic growth rate...

cicero said...

ODM refused to go to court to present evidence of election rigging because they did not believe in the integrity of the court system. This is an argument that has some measure of merit.

However, what are we supposed to make of Orengo's insistence that post election murders should be tried locally rather than face an International tribunal? Has the courts suddenly developed credibility or are we seeing politicians who only invoke courts when they serve their whims?

kalamari said...


Wacha kutuchekesha bwana. The justice is already facing the law so why are you complaining? The pictures in the paper show him behind a docket.

All the same, it must really suck to be Karori today. Picture this. The jamaa is driving home after the longest day at work where for the first time in 11 years, he almost got fired….he was found napping behind a mountain of unopened files. He notices his petrol gauge is flashing red i.e. bone-dry-empty. He therefore stops at the next filling station where he grudgingly spends about 500 Kshs on what he thinks is petrol…kumbe it’s mixed with kerosene. Angrily mumbling to himself, he screeches off the station at full speed. Unfortunately for him, Kiprotich and Kipchumba are waiting around the corner… ati his car has no brakes. For cordially reminding the policemen that his car indeed has brakes and that’s why it stopped for them per their instructions, he receives a few slaps and threats of dire consequences…. and parts with another 1000 Kshs. Pissed as hell, he cuts off a benz and attempts to speed home before the wife starts makelele yake ya kawaida. But he hits a red-light where motoring courtesy makes him stop…the jamaa lived in the US in the 90s you know. He puts down the window for a breather as other motorists wildly hoot at him for stopping at a red-light. He pauses for a second and makes the decision to jump the light. I mean, in Kenya, if you can’t drive like a mad man, you can’t drive. But before he steps on the gas, a more mad man in a white wig stabs him in the gut.

What a miserable day.

Anonymous said...


"...He puts down the window for a breather as other motorists wildly hoot at him for stopping at a red-light..."

Thats what exactly you did to me at koinange street. Sasa mimi nataka pesa! DO YOU HEAR ME? I want my money! You did not pay! Nani alikuabia ni bure! Nipatie pesa zangu !!!

kalamari said...

papa plus, don’t worry about the Kenyan economy. Kibaki will dream of a fantastic percentage growth rate a few days prior to the next budget day. I think it will be 9%.

e-cop, do you know that it was the taxpayer who purchased those first class tickets for Kibaki’s son in law to be. And now we are paying Kalonzo’s wife millions for washing the VP briefs and boxers.

m-pesa, do you know that Cholmedy/Chlomondeley/whatever is not in Gen Pop. If you are rich, you get your own self contained jail cell.

urxinc, cabinet reshuffles announce while chewing on a maize cop works for me.

Ivy, why are you wasting your time answering suspicious characters? Not all, but some of these anons, if they have any brains at all, are doing a great job hiding them.

kalamari said...

I’ve not been there but I know. In prison lingo, Gen Pop means general population.

Anonymous said...
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President Kibaki said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

this mzalendo/anon idiot must be really idle. WEEE! kwani unafanya kazi gani that makes you so idle?
Mara he picks on ivy, now it's kalamari - I'm glad everyone is ignoring the sicko.

Anonymous said...

kwisha kenya upuuzi tuu. hakuna haki , na serikali ya kibaki na raila ni upuuzi tuu. no justice , no peace.
How dom you explain the act of this judge. un civilized kikuyu.

Anonymous said...

Now the RV mps are supporting president Kibaki and dismising PM Odinga!

kweli, these ODM are not interested in people. How sad!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


There will be no Hague. Since ODM has a disproportionate number of the arsonists, rapists, and murderers being sought, the PentaGOONS will not allow Hague Express to leave the station. Instead, ODM will revive the dilapidated Truth and Justice Commission matatu and drive it around town pretending to be going somewhere until 2012. Junior Jomo says it is fine with him - he loves the motion without movement!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I asked a question and nobody answered it. I ask again

Can ODM afford to whisk their best and brightest RV warmongers to Hague?

Anonymous said...

Phil and Taabu:

Raila and Mudavadi think they can game the indomitable Ruto. They are wrong and they should consult their South African witch again; this time in their birthday suits.

Anonymous said...

Raila and Ruto will not face the 2012 elections in the same party. Neither trusts the other.

Anonymous said...

When I look at Ntimama who was appointed minister by Raila, it just makes me believe Raila is a true conman. Where is the change he promised us.

papa plus said...

I have to say one thing. Some of us are cherry picking and having their cake and eating it too. What I deduce from our kenyan political culture is this;

1)rules are meant to be broken

2)money rules

The argument of whether ODM can afford to see its heavy weights (Ruto) go to the Hague is in my mind irrelevant in the sense that everyone was an accomplice. I think that ODM can afford to let ruto face the Hague. Question is, can PNU afford to let Kibaki and Uhuru and the inner circle face the Hague?

But never fear. No one is going to the Hague. Unless for vacation paid by the tax payers. All those who testified anonymously before Waki will be forced to testify infront of the tribunal which will have the same authority as a court of law, ergo these fellows will be made public. Once that happens, watch how many Kenyans are going to be lining up to testify;

zero, nada

some will have the misfortune to die and many will invariably change their minds. So how is the hague going to prosecute without witnesses?

papa plus said...

About cherry picking. I don't get how anyone can have faith in the kenyan leadership to do the right thing. How is PNU and to a lesser extent ODM going to tell everyone that the truth needs to be told and punishment meted out.

The PNU GK was unable to protect citizens. In some cases the police killed citizens. Personal freedoms were infringed upon. The issue of mungiki meeting in state house compound is very serious.

I don't trust anyone to do the right thing. If they did not care for kenya enough to have votes counted properly and transparently to the majority of citizens, then it is clear they are all about themselves. Like bush said,

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me can't get fooled again...

You can fool some people some of the time but you can not fool everyone all the time.

b-carotene said...

@3:23 papa plus.
What stupid nonsense!
No wonder Kimi uses language as he does with you guys.
Someone very nicely put it: Molasses Raila FLAGGED (and I would add, SUSTAINED) off the HATE that fuelled all the murder and mayhem. So, while I understand the smallness and selectiveness of your brain, I am behoven to correct your nonsense. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Ruto's household.

papa plus said...


Ok, Raila flagged the violence. What did your duly elected GK do about it?

Anonymous said...

What i know is that a fly has never killed anyone

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