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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kibaki: Forgive My Criminal Negligence and Move On

Either Kibaki must have been religiously reading Kumekucha or thinking on the same wavelength as his apologists here. This may be the only way to reconcile his attempts to give national wings to the MOVE ON mantra. He started it over the weekend in Nakuru telling the IDPs to forgive and promptly made it the central plank of his Kenyatta day speech.

Ours is a country raped of any future and crying for direction from scoundrels with no BALLS to take challenges head on. Instead they perfect DECEPTIVE maneuvers to bandage national wounds that will surely consign us collectively to septic trauma. But you cannot blame nor envy Kibaki given the fact that Waki and Kriegler report both point fingers at two institutions at the heart of his fraudulent presidency. Before you shout stuck record please tell that Waki who has also chosen to address the cause and not cherry pick symptoms.

The heads of ECK and the police force are human and would not go down with a fight. The cupboard is full of skunks whose order is guaranteed to intoxicate all and sundry. The stinking details are too scary to imagine and faint hearts would better do with amnesty which they have been all hitherto opposing before the mask was removed from close buddies who schemed and financed murder of fellow Kenyans within the hallowed precincts of State House.

Kriegler may have been too cautious only sticking his neck on ECK. But not Waki who went the whole hog and looked the horse in the mouth and called it bluff in three apt words, IMPUNITY, IMPUNITY and more IMPUNITY. Expecting the same person who personifies impunity extraordinaire is not only naive at best but akin to recommending self-amputation of your very limbs at worst.

Unbreakable Hague noose
Poor Kenyans, we are stuck in a rut as we remain collectively hostage to poor, deceptive and fraudulent leadership whose singular agenda is to auction every facet of our country to the highest bidder. The supporting acts of Libyans have had their paycheck and so do Ugandans. Meanwhile Kibaki only remains comfortable with tried and tested fear of the unknown by selfishly cautioning that implementing Waki and Kriegler recommendations will plunge Kenyan into further into acrimony. For Pete’s sake we are at the bottom of the pit and we cannot fal any deeper.

Even Kofi Annan concurs that our problems are all rolled up in IMPUNITY and preaching forgiveness will only succeed in entrenching the same beast. We cannot afford the luxury of Moi-like hollow slogans of peace, love and unity. But thank God for small mercies. Waki must have foreseen the dithering and playing dice with Kenyans’ lives.

Waki's Hague option is not only LETHAL but a masterstroke and timeless too. Kibaki is better advised to act now when he can use incumbency to manipulate things in his favour. Gerrymandering will only see him plucked from Othaya to the Hague Charles Taylor style. Time is priceless and Emilio cannot buy in this case.

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UrXlnc said...
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UrXlnc said...


was just reading this article and other reports and am completely surprised. why the turn around? all the way from february till the madaraka day celebrations kibaki has been talking no amnesty. so why now talk of forgiveness when the rather comprehensive waki report is out, with all potential suspects headed for the "soon to be constituted and impartial tribunal" (at least we hope) or else they go to the ICC

that is rather unfortunate and raises much suspicion when none is required.

we should maintain that all those (foot soldiers, financiers, masterminds and others) who committed these heinous crimes against humanity must all face the law and justice served.

"forgiveness" should come in the form of deducting a certain %age from the years imprisonment for those found guilty e.g 20 year terms reduced to 15 years. otherwise how do you compensate traumatized survivors who lost limbs,had their bodies savaged or watched as their loved ones lost their lives due to criminals masquerading as security forces, political activists, avengers or protectors, in whichever order.

kenyans must not allow impunity or selective justice to take root. justice for all must prevail.

Taabu said...

Ours is a house in flames while the custodians of the bucket play golf. It amounts to unrivaled and shameless expediency-amnesty when touched and never when safe. Remainds me of ERRATIC McSame.

UrXlnc said...


quite right

and then reading this article

was even more exasperated by this comment

Mr Kihoro, a former Nyeri MP, said the President’s proposal was premature.

"The President has powers to set free prisoners. He should have waited for those suspects to be tried and convicted to invoke Section 35 of the Constitution to extend clemency to those imprisoned," said Kihoro.

with that kind of a mindset i would sincerely hope thats one of the reason he is a former MP

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans:

We've lost it! Impunity will rule till death do us part! What kind of leadership does Kenya have? Kibaki and Raila - You are a dissapointment. From now on - i will never, ever recognise you as my president and PM - I SHALL BE MY OWN PRESIDENT AND PM.
You kill in church in Kiambaa, Forgive! You burn a whole family in Naivasha, Forgive! You kill a hamless priest/man of God, Forgive! 1992 clashes, forgive! 97clashes, forgive! 2007, forgive! mboya, forgive! JM, forgive! Ouko, forgive! goldenberg, forgive! anglo leasing, forgive! forgive! = impunity.

2012, forgive!! 2017, forgive!!


Only a revolution will save Kenya. If they dont implement Waki report, then a citizen arrest for Kibaki and Raila should be done. Let them go and provide leadership to their families in the Hague, not in Kenya. We lost dear parents, bro and sisters. We shall never see them again. Again will do the same in 2012 etc etc


To the rest of Kenyans, this is the last straw that broke the camels back. It will never be the same again. What Kibaki and Raila will not do - Kenyans will do it for them.

Am ashamed to have voted!!!


Let the culprits profess their sins - and then you can forgive, but not before we know the truth. Truth is bitter, but its the only escape route for Kenya - otherwise 2007 post election violence will just look like a rehearsal/childs play in 2012 - Kenyans are bitter!

I rest my case!!

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

now that the whip is cracking closer to home, kibaki and cronies think amnesty might be a good option. shall never forget the 'no amnesty anthem' that was played at all functions in gemaland a few weeks back.
Hague express inakaribia nairobi - all murderers waanze kufunga virago.

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa Kijiji

4:56 PM

On this my brother i AGREE TOTALLY WITH YOU.... what?? Kibaki now talking amnesty? and Raila now that he is government and PM is towing the the same line?? Moi Style fata Nyayo!!
I withdraw my vote right now.... no more support for coalition government... they should all go and answer charges in HAGUE period

These two leaders are so shameless getting fat in office while our loved ones are buried 6ft under..?? no no no no!! they must answer for all the dead and must bring all their cronies in courts of law to be answerable for all the murders... and if they don't they themselves should be held responsible....


Anonymous said...


As of today I do not recognize the president or the prime minister they should be ashamed of themselves and they need to step aside for the waki report to be implemented since they are the hindrance to Kenya law and order... they have messed by seeking Amnesty for murderers of innocent kenyans.

Anonymous said...

this is where is the chorus from central province to sing the no amnesty song...mko wapi sasa? ati forgive? ok lets be diplomatic...pliz kibaki,tell us who to forgive...and what did they do that we have to forgive them....what about the victims of the destruction and the dead and their relatives,what about justice,right now am thinking very bad thoughts....

chola said...

kenyatta said forgive mbeberu nduzangni, kuma za mama zenyu, moi said piece love and unity forgive and move on, kibaki says eti we forgive and move on mavi yakuku, mpubavu. Up to when will our so call politician be fingering Kenyan, we can as well get a tree top bottle fill it with hot water and jerk it up the kunyi

Anonymous said...

Why does it appear that am the only one who is seeing that the three guys who led Kenya to the brink - Kibaki, Kalonzo and Raila, need to step aside and let other people take over.

These greedy people have perfected prying on the weaknesses of the people and they will milk until Kenya drops dead.

Can we rally around an alternative leader just like most right thinking Americans have rallied around Obama?

The diaspora community needs to rise to the occasion and I.D a person they can elevate to that position. That my fellow Kumekuchans will be they only way.

You see, the diaspora community has a lot of influence back in Kenya, lets exploit this.

A coup would have been another option but this is also very hard and may not be in the best interests of Kenya.


Anonymous said...

anon6:54 PM

ha!!!ha!!ha!!ha!!hee hee hee hee
you have made my day.... yes yes Please post chola amesema the truth hurts!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a simple to execute idea, pressurize those guys to change the constitution and have dual citizenship incorporated.

I.D a person who we will rally behind, 100%, and use our influence to try get him liked across Kenya, he also needs to go back in Kenya and be involved. Of course his security must be planned very well.

I have to say the hardest part will to identify that person who will be up to the task.

I think its do-able, albeit this plan needs refining.

Can I hear from anyone?


Anonymous said...

I cant believe Raila , he of reforms has become so complacent with this kikuyus he now doesnt see the need to fight impunity from the top.I guess jaluo ni jaluo just give him a big title and a big car and a couple of security aides and he will be more than satisfied , kenya has no hope here is the man we expected to liberate us but he is now enjoying the loot with the very thugs we sent him to capture.pleas ababu keep up with the call for opposition this monster called GNU really needs to be checked, no wonder they are so scared.In the opposition lies our own obama let raila and his pals retire in 2012 if they dont we will retire them through the ballot.

Anonymous said...

anon7:21 PM

Wacha wewe this blog is to show both leaders are wrong and now you abuse one of them?? grow up and be reaL stop abusing a tribe now.. shenzi wewe.. if we look at the issues objectively both leaders are wrong on their call for amnesty for criminals... lets not abuse tribes here or else we can start a competition like kikuyu thieving thug called Kibaki mungiki Lord now wants to forgive his foot soldiers.... MOST KIKUYU'S WERE BORN THUGS.. DROP A COIN NEAR A NEW BORN KIKUYU BABY AND THE HEAD WILL LIFT UP FROM THE BED READY TO JUMP:):)

do you like me abusing your tribe calling them thieving thugs?? I doubt- so lets be civil on here and debt on the issues before us... not abuse and label people...

papa plus said...


Well my broda, what did you expect Kibaki to say?

I for one have no faith in Kibaki to have any integrity for the office and constitution of kenya. For someone who clearly did not win outright, to cowardly organise his swearing in and then proceed to have the GSU and police slay desenting citizens; I find it laughable that he would advocate for forgiveness and love and peace. If he really cares about peace, he should have asked for clear elections to allow whoever is president the mandate to govern.

Prepare for the long wait of inaction on the waki report. And please stop this Hague nonsense. We have to take our destiny in our own hands. The Hague may seem like a threat but I tell you kenyans are very cleaver and no one is going to go to the hague.

Anonymous said...

anon8:54 PM

Hague will come for them... i want to see how cleaver this Kenyans are even Noriega was caught...

the normal mwanaichi would definitely like to see this criminals if not charged in Kenya face HAGUE... lazima put out a vote and you will have 90% kenyans voting Waki list must be implemented or else face Hague...

Anonymous said...

papa plus

am puzzled by his sudden about face, could this mean that some really close allies (no speculation on whom here) are about to be unmasked or is it really about reconciliation? but even more important is what about his legacy, he cannot possibly imagine kenyans will forgive the atrocities committed if perpetrators are left to go free.

i think the real problem here is ominous ICC reality check and the Waki rider (time constrained) i.e no more useless commission upon commission with extended timelines (take note the cock-up commission which was to be done in a month sometime in june july is currently approaching 6 months, i've even forgotten what they were supposed to find out)

so if a tribunal does not either appear to mete out justice or appears to dilly dally then proceedings will move to ICC and this appears inevitable now that the report is with Annan or AU. The sensible thing to do is take control and set up the tribunal which he has control over and then "carrot and stick" it all the way. waiting to see how this pans out. equally interesting but welcome is the PMs stance that all to face the law, but the newspaper articles represent this stance differently am going by the EAS version of the story.

interesting times ahead.


Anonymous said...

molasses and maadui chorus is wetting his 3 inch foreskin.the hague express has been fueled and molasses and his crew of hexagon have their names imprinted on the front seats. kibaki's clooneys are also passangers in this express bus.taabui here and the likes of molasses worshipper phil are about to change tune and become jobless. maybe molasses should have stuck to his circumcisers calls and leave governance to men.
have you seen the way riftvalley mps are wetting their saggy pants in public? ntimama already ailing plank of body has started to rot from the head. ruto is busy putting up plastic smiles but the die has been cast and his is even a stiffer penalty.
taabu continue licking ua mucus fromn the comfort of the keyboard but all your heroes are condemned. maybe u should shift your attention to obama like all pumpkin flat heads.

Taabu's Mistress

Ivy said...

Seriously what did you people want Kibaki to say? This is a man who swore to uphold the constitution and protect the lives of every kenyan. He is the same man who harboured criminals and gave them the boardroom in a house that is not his (statehouse) though he is the custodian who planned to go and massacre part of the people he had promised to protect....So you want him to shoot himself on the head?

Can someone really tell me why Uhuru was so angry when the Kikuyu MPs from Peace Valley want to breakaway from the central counterparts and want to change their voting patterns?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

This is soooo funny! Even when it is obvious that Kibaki and Raila are reading from the same playbook, Taabu and Urxlnc want to believe otherwise.
"There come a time..." folks, when reality has to be faced squarely. The fact is that Raila and Kibaki are too busy feeding and getting fat and don't want to upset the apple cart. Either live with it, get over the shock, vuta pumzi and take my proposal seriously and help look for a Kenyan Obama. Kibaki, Raila and the entire political class, across the board, are now used and expired brands.
Leave Kibaki and Raila to the Hague process because believe it or not, that process is already in motion and cannot be stopped. If you don't believe that, ask yourself what Annan is required to do with the sealed material in his possession under the UN statutes that set up the Waki commission. There is a continuous process in place and it will be followed to conclusion, no matter what Kibaki or Raila says or does.
Kibaki and Raila may be the big dogs in Kenya, but out there, they have no real clout, just puny third world leaders. Just look at Milosevic, he too thought he was all that, he had a bigger Army than Kenya's and more vicious militia, but he still ended up a pitiful beaten figure before the Hague, and so will Kibaki, Raila and their cronies.

b-carotene said...

Brethren and fellow country(wo)men:
I lament with you. But then...what four-letter word did we call them? Politicians, no? We might as well have swine leading us. Not good. Not good at all.

ajwang said...

Now that Kibaki realises that the noose is tightening around his neck, he suddenly sees the importance of amnesty!

Uhuru has resorted to abusing fellow Kiuks telling him facts: that they do not want to belong to his Lesotho!

Anonymous said...


45 years ago, Kibaki and Michuki were in Cabinet and Kennedy was running for President. Obama was 1 year old. 45 years later, Kibaki and Michuki are still in cabinet, and Obama is a candidate for the same seat Kennedy was running. In 45 years, Obamas father is dead, we have had Johnson, Carter, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Clinton, Bush 1 and Bush 2 in USA in between as presidents but in Kenya the same guys in their 70's and 80's are still trying to tell Kenyans they can make development models that work?' Makes u think??

Something is seriously wrong with Africa!!!!! Something is wrong with you too!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dream on, Hague Express cheerleaders!! Unless Kibaki and Raila are the first to board, then the Express will not leave the station. Ruto didn't do what he did without Raila's knowledge and help, and Uhuru did not do what he did without Kibaki's. Take Ruto and Uhuru to Hague and they will finger the principals.

And Annan and his Mzungu patrons are not men enough to load the principals on the Express.

That means either you take the matters on your own hands (and a potential future in Hague), or you move on (a better option).

Anonymous said...

Can the country afford to have half of the RV politicians swallowed up by Hague?

Anonymous said...

A compromise is one of the most expensive things one can ever get involved in.....we are just reaping the whirl wind after sowing in the wind...

RAO had to agree with kibs that he will look the other way and not hound his foot soldiers who were eating during his tenure but at the same time he made no promise to protect them.....what is happening is that the system is now unearthing the culprits and kibs is running to the rescue.

RAO in his position cannot do much except facilitate the unearthing process......he cannot come out guns blazing but he can use his influence to quietly get the guys politically he my loose as not being seen as the dragon slayer but on the ground he is the guy behind the fire lighting in some peoples arses and kibaki knows that, thats why there is so much dislike for kibs frm central only that they is not much they can do unless they kill him so that kaloosr can take over.

RAO is slowly tightening the noose while pretending to be enjoying the motocade as some retards here have observed.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

what a bogus analysis. they'er all in it together.and the collusion came to pass. bury your stupid head in the sand if you wish.

Anonymous said...

molasses and his 'maadui chorus' is wetting his 3 inch foreskin.the hague express has been fueled and molasses and his crew of hexagon have their names imprinted on the front seats. kibaki's clooneys are also passangers in this express bus.taabu here and the likes of molasses worshipper phil, sir alex and other morons are about to change tune and become jobless. maybe molasses should have stuck to his circumcisers calls and leave governance to men. then his fat lady will not be inherited!!
have you seen the way riftvalley mps are wetting their saggy pants in public? ntimama already ailing plank of body has started to rot from the head. ruto is busy putting up plastic smiles but the die has been cast and his is even a stiffer penalty...his ass is already numb in anticipation.

taabu continue licking ua leaking mucus from the comfort of the keyboard but all your heroes are condemned. maybe u should shift your attention to obama holla baloo like all pumpkin flat heads and push for an international airport in Kisumu...sic...

Taabu's Mistress

Joe said...


I see this as the chance to get these politicians off our back! For the first time in Kumekucha, i see folks talking in one Voice. All we need is a non-polarizing figure to disagree with these two. Anyone?

Phil said...

It is a real acid test. Two names are at the top of the list WSR and UMK. But the latter is the most critical because he has a surname that is seemingly above the law and belongs to a family that is virtually untouchable.

Another culprit is a lady going by the name MW wa M. She was deeply involved in planning revenge attacks in Nakuru and Naivasha and financed the entire operation together with the former area MPs and two former Nairobi MPs one of the a full cabinet minister. There are witnesses ready to prove her involvement, including support to the gang that burnt a family of nine inside their Naivasha residence.

She is a definite candidate for the gas chamber. Just like the Arturs saga this has greatly embarrassed the first family and is the basic reason the president - who normally does not care for others - is now calling for amnesty. It is also the reason why RAO called its implementation a REAL challenge. Of course there are others like Nyachae, but the reality is hauling these people to a tribunal will open a nasty can of worms dating back to the Kenyatta era. Ethnic cleansing started way back in the 60s. Political assassinations also started back then.

Keep your eyes and ears open for this because ANNAN is taking this very seriously even if it harms the GCG that he laboured to create. We are counting the days...Waki's report has a deadline!

Anonymous said...

And in Kofi Annans' own words, during an interview with BBC hours before Kibaki spoke at Nyayo Stadium;

Wow Taabu, it seems even Kofi Annan has been reading Kumekucha, Lol.
The gospel of "MOVE ON" has fallen flat on "their" faces this time round. Now lets sit comfy & wait for the Hague. By the way does Kibaki know that the hague can make a follow up case, way after his left office...This fella is NOT the brightest of the bunch!!!

Joe said...


Thanks for the info. If WM is there, it might never see the light of day!

Anonymous said...

List the crimes and lets see if there is a punishment that will fit the cases.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kimi Raikkonen said...

Phil, stop picking and choosing names that suit your political preferences. Other names mentioned in the report are those like Otieno Kajwang, Najib Balala, the late Kipkalia Kones and Zachayo Cheruiyot. They did not act alone and had support mechanisms from some powerful principals.
Once the Hague process starts, it will go right into Statehouse and the PMs office, don't cheat yourself or dream otherwise.

Phil said...

Kimi or whatever it is you call yourself, please read my comments again.

Who do those initials belong to, and according to you, what is MY political preference?

You can go ahead and make guesswork of the names you think are on the list. Personally I did not play pata potea to come up with those initials. Are you aware that Waki commission sought to interview the current and former president and they both declined? Is it in order that Waki interviewed RAO as ODM party leader, but Mwai Kibaki as PNU leader swiftly evaded any such appointment. Is it not a case of hiding behind state impunity that has been so roundly condemned?

And that intense lobbying was put in place to make sure the tribunal does not see light of day, only for Annan to insist that it must go ahead even if it is to the ICC in Hague.

While you were still wasting time following grand prix races all over the place, we were fulfilling our civic mandate of voting out a corrupt government. As a matter of fact, the possibility of Kibaki and gang landing in ICC chambers is something we predicted on this blog way back in January.

So kindly spare us the myopic PNU party politics as the Waki report is way above such nonsense. Way above the Kenyan judiciary currently headed by the same geezer who surprised Kivuitu when he was found in dead of night in full official regalia ready to conduct an illegal swearing-in ceremony, and conveniently forgetting to play the national anthem.

I tell you Waki has trashed the Kenyan judiciary in the same way ODM did in January.

As for those initials I have given you, you can take it to the bank.

E-cop said...

Kenyans, what is the bottom line?
1) we had an election last year December which no one won or lost-(Kriegler)
2)people died in vain for futile elections with no outcome
4)politicians & ECK will not be blamed for the sham election and loss of lives despite Waki's best efforts
3)all 3 candidates from last year are in Govt earning hefty salary and perks while we walk on foot like beggars
4)we are still here in Kumekucha e-defending our politicians as if we're getting paid
5)Kenyans are bad voters, blame us for what happened in last year
6)Back-door majimboism is taking root through IDPs moving back to their native provinces
7)Ethnicity is no longer the elephant in the corner of the room but in the centre of the house

b-carotene said...

Thanks e-cop for your thoughtful synthesis.
The bottomline is renewed pressure for 4 things:
1. constituency boundary review
2. constitutional review
3. eck reforms per kriegler
4. even more pressure against this dogdy 'forgiveness'--at least not on its own.
The strategy for pressure? Certainly not violence.

Anonymous said...

To play the political game in kenya is realy to gamble .....there is the principal who is party leader or president who needs to be elected or re-elected and that invloves a lot of cash so that money has to be gotten one way or a nother.If you gamble right you steal and get away wit it if yo make the wrong move you get caught and are let go ask kimunya he ceratinly did not mumunya alone....

so depending on your bravery and creativity you become a presidents ally....and since the wishes of wanaanchi are not paramount sometimes you need the likes of livondo, men willing to do anything for money and some of those foot soldeirs overstepp legal boundaries in pursuit of money for themselves that is ostensibly gotten for the campaign....Now the principal has to find a way to protect them.....after the fact,

so kibs is discovering that his foot soldiers went in too deep nad screwed up soo bad that there is no clever way to protect them anymore,

if justice was to be done
it would be nothing short of declaring kibs tenure nothing but a looting and killing spree....., that hands off just allowed some very hands on guys to realy get hands on to a nauseating level that no right thinking kenyan of any tribe will find funny.....

The waki thing is just a tip of the iceberg.....The fear is that it will open up a pandoras box..
Whatever happens the truth will out and we shall have to ask the kibs chourus singers to tell as what we benefitted by having him lead us....

Sir Alex

Taabu said...

Ivy said:

.....Kibaki is the same man who harboured criminals and gave them the boardroom in a house that is not his (statehouse).....

And you still count yourself SAFE? I fear for you but again the truth never mutates and it hurts hard.

You see Hull may be smelling the moon at position 3 in the EPL but a pie in Mars remains uneaten until you board a rocket.

Kimi Obama phenomenon is SURELY going to change the world forever, take that to Equity. But this gimmick of sidestepping the crux of the matter dovetails perfectly well into our national realm of deception. Come to think of it would you vote for Obama if he wre to vie in Kenya? No answers please and kep it to yourself.

Waki addresed the CAUSE and only one person had the powers to stop the chaos. All the chorus to expand blame amounts to security SECURITY in NUMBERS syndrome. Ocampo is rubbing his hand in glee and Hague is becknoning.

Waki hit hard where it hurts most. And BTW Waki consulted widely and the Hague option came from ICC+Annan. no more island of boundless impunity.Mta do? Yess ICC will do them badly soon, and very soon.

ajwang said...


1. Kenyans went to the elections and voted Raila
2. Kibaki stole the elections - causing chaos all over the country
3. Raila decided not to play opposition again - arguing half a loaf is better than none 9the guy has bills to pay!)
4. Kalooser used the opportunity to support the Thief.
5. Kalooser and the Grand Thief have refused to have ECK removed.
6. Waki has told us the truth on how it was all planned - only curiously leaving Kivuitu and the plotters out of his envelope.
7. Kibaki now says we need 'forgiveness'
8. Meantine Kalooser and Uhuru and busy traversing Kikuyu Country looking for 2012 votes with no attemt at reconcilitaion.
9. By 2012, nothing will have changed...they will have blocked the constiyution again and Lesotho and their cousins will vote to a man against the rest of Kenya
10 Deja vu!

Kwale said...

Kibaki's topsy-turvy hint on amnesty is a sign of feeling hot under the collar and should be treated with contempt it deserve.
Don't let anyone deceive you, the perpetrators of Kenya post election violence will be prosecuted. Their destinies and fates are sealed in that envelope handed to Kofi Annan. There is nothing anyone can do now to stop the legal process. The day I believed and I still believe will come to pass!
I also believe that envelope signified the end of impunity in Kenya and justice to the wronged.

No need to set the cat among pigeons here in Kumekucha by arguing and yodelling whose name is on the list. If you're worried your idol could be on the list, then this is the best time to start looking for a good lawyer.

A point you should wish to note, the legal wrangling at Hague can sometime take too long to actually bring the war criminals to justice. So we could be talking about 2-5 years before they appear before the International tribunal. Also there is a very interesting thread of suicide/unexpected death at the custody of UN war crimes tribunal detention centers.
So justice could still be a long way, but it's a good start!

Kwale said...

Where is Sam Okello? He preached two sermons on forgiveness here in KK. What's your take on Kibaki's call for forgivenss uncle Sammy?

E-cop said...

Ajwang and B-Carotene,
1)who is fooling who here?reform is a price tag our govt is not willing to pay its too costly in both concrete and abstract terms-why do we keep expecting the leopard to change its spots?
2)Out out of the 3 candidates from last year who was the knight in shining armour? wasn't our choice always to vote for the lesser of 3 devils but nevertheless a devil?
3)why do we keep voting for the same bad apples?are there no "Obamas" in Kenya?
4)By granting blanket amnesty Raila and Kibaki have made the Hague option null and void

Taabu said...

What a thankless JOB you inherited. But all the same you must be preaching to the POPE and the choir together, good luck.

Ivy said...

I thought sometimes back Kibs was the "duly excecutive president of Kenya"? What changed? And he had the executive powers. I dont know why you people should include the ceremonial PM he has no clout..It is this same forum that people payukad on how RAO has been played . So i am wondering from where does this power come from today.

Let us stop kidding ourselves...Kibaki is the president and he has all the powers let him deal with the waki report the way he deems fit.

E-cop said...

mine is truly a matter of changing hearts and winning minds, take a smoke but don't choke
hello daughter of Samaia!
duly elected has spoken-Waki report ita kaa hapo papo

Ivy said...


Doing well though annoyed that some jamaas think that the waki report should now be collective responsibility. And on that note adios kesho pia ni siku

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Phil, so typical, so arrogant.
Please do not purport to self righteously interpret the Waki report for me, i know what i have read, and if you like i will direct you to the relevant pages. The problem with you is that you see everything through the hackneyed ODM tunnel vision and it never occurs to you that you are part and parcel of the problem in persistently promoting used and discarded merchandise. Pretending to be holier than thou is just a waste of time and that attitude will sooner or later come to back to bite you in your nether regions.
Take time out and come into the sun and the fresh air, you will be surprised, it is where everyone else is.

Taabu, you are now starting to sound like a Congolese LP.

kalamari said...

You cannot quote a sentence from a phrase in a book without distorting the entire book. But I will. And I will distort.

Perfectly symmetrical violence…. breeds no peace. A battle that ends with no victor is what we see in our coalition government today. Fellas, it’s going to be give and take until 2012. This is what I say; the whole point of going to the polls is to elect a winner, however, since this cannot happen in Kenya (and now the rest of Africa), we must prepare ourselves for an era of ‘coalition negotiation politics’. The Kriegler, Waki etc Commissions are in effect nothing but bargaining chips for Kibaki and Raila.

If Kibaki is backing amnesty, it should not surprise anybody. For one, he has no mandate to pacify. His is a purely personal political survival maneuver. It’s a measure to save face while setting sights on a peaceful retirement. Moi did it. Secondly, he has no choice. To effect Waki is to get on a non-stop flight to the Hague. Not happening.

So here we are today, watching people taking advantage of ‘the Jesus message of peace and forgiveness’. Mandela did it and now he has a statue in London. Kenyatta did it and now he is sitting at KICC. By engaging into a coalition, Raila has done it. Na sasa Kibaki is following suit.

Tolstoy was no fool. For peace, the end of war must be decisive with the victor taking all the spoils. That’s why Japan and the US are hearty friends.

Phil said...


I regret my arrogance but please answer me - Where in my initial comments did I mention ODM or PNU? I used initials to reveal to you whose names are on that list. I have asked to tell me whose initials they are and how they connect to ODM but as to be expected you evade that. Very soon people will start saying Annan and Waki were all ODM projects!

As it is the initials I printed above belong to both ODM and PNU senior members. At no time have I in my comments "seen everything through the hackneyed ODM tunnel vision" as you claim.

I sense your disappointment and great embarrassment that someone at the level of a first lady could have been involved in financing and organizing mungiki raids against fellow citizens. It is a tragedy that they went as far as mounting road-blocks on the Nairobi-Kisumu road flushing out passengers who belong to the Luo/Luhya and Kalenjin tribes and murdering them in cold blood! It did not occur to them that they preferred candidate had lost an election and proceeded to swear himself in surrounded by a group of night runners.

Now the time for reckoning has come, it is as if AMNESTY is a new word in the dictionary. FYI, ODM has always insisted they are not asking for amnesty of the jailed youth but RELEASE. Mass action is not a crime. Murder, rape and arson are serious crimes.

Kimi, we do not fear elections but I want to emphasize elections must be won fairly and in transparency.

Waki report has nothing to do with ODM or PNU. I just had the pleasure to talk to some people privy to the contents of the secret envelope. Sadly; the names of senior personalities in ODM and PNU are in the envelope. There's nothing I can do to change that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kimi Raikkonen said...

Fair enough Phil. If Mary Wambui was one of the perps, then she has to carry her own cross, and so does Uhuru. For your info,Mary Wambui doen not live in State house. Please state facts.
My beef with you is that you only see PNU leaning politicians as criminals while in fact killers infect and affect the ODM house from top to bottom, so says the Waki report. The names of Kajwang', Balala, Cheruiyot and Kones ARE mentioned in the report. I am only asking you to be fair for once.
You mention the Naivasha/Nakuru violence which was retaliatory in nature as if the people who committed this violence just woke up one day and decided to massacre Luos, Luhyas and Kalenjins, yet you do not see the initial violence in the Kalenjin heartland and which Waki has categorically said was pre-planned and was NEVER spontaneous as initially claimed by the ODM high command, and also the eviction and killing of Kikuyus in Kisumu, which provoked the Naivasha/Nakuru retaliation. Kikuyus in those places NEVER lifted pangas first. Indeed, calls to evict Kikuyus by force from the RV were made by Kalenjin MPs and Balala at an ODM meeting in Eldama Ravine in November 2007 in the presence of Raila, yet he never asked the speakers to shut up. All this is mentioned in the Waki report.
I am therefore asking you to be sincere and stop seeing only one side as harboring criminals. This is the reason we shall never agree in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

anon2:57 AM

Kimi wishful thinking let us begin sources part of the committee gave this names! and more-( Kibaki will be called too hague after his term is over as president)

1. Kibaki
2. Saitoti
3. Martha Karua
5. Uhuru
6 Kabondo wa Kabondo
7. John Michael Njenga Mututho
8. Njenga Karume
9.Ndura Waruinge
10. Kalonzo Musyoka -- who attended the las mungiki meeting at statehouse- to order the death of innocent kenyans

Anonymous said...

Taabu's Mistress

1:17 AM


oops!! you are a filthy incest born skunk with no brains but filthy from your incest parents...

Anonymous said...

anon8:51 AM


You can spin all the propaganda you want dear but it will not wash.. get it straight

KIBAKI AND CRONIES HELD MEETINGS WITH THE MUNGIKI MURDEROUS BEFORE ELECTIONS(that was to murderer innocent kenyans in Nairobi, kibera and others slums plus the planning and assassination MP WERE AND MP TOO..


Kimi this time you can spin all you want it will not work.... even Kibaki knows he can't spin anymore... he either implements the Waki Report in full or face the wrath of Kenyans...

and by the way KIBAKI will end up in HAGUE - for him this is not negotiable(but the report says they will let him finish his term then face the music like all other leader from all over the world who slaughtered their own people....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kimi I disagree in part. You say that at the heartland of R.V the violence was pre-planned. CORRECTION, The report states that violence in R.V was initially spontaneous & only became organized as the violence progressed.
Kimi the question that begs an ans is why there was a meeting at state house pre-planning violence even before the election? This is in the report & it is certainly, highly disturbing. Did this meeting set the ball rolling for violence around the country? It is worth noting that "sources" claim the violence was created so as to disrupt the election, blame the then opposition thus justifying the brutal actions on its supporters if they dared question the validity of the election results.
You see, according to the report the only meeting that occured prior to the election that mentions pre-planning of violence again before the election, was at state house & by then government officials. That is a fact. What was the reason for this?
All other violence, pre-planned or otherwise, was a "domino effect" of that initial act in state house. That is the heart of the problem & that is where ALL the blame should lie!!!

Anonymous said...

It is very hard to argue with PHIL. One time he is a nationalist; there other time he is a ODM hack and a human worshipper. Even in an envelope with names of probable criminals, he combs looking for which names to selectively expose and which to ignore. Since ODM mandarin, WSR, showed independence from Raila, his name is now selectively leaked by PHIL with those of "kabila adui yetu."

Phil, if you want this country to move forward, borrow a leaf from OBAMA and play unifying politics, and reserve worship to God Almighty.

Anonymous said...


It is apparently clear that you are still crouching at the Armageddon corner sucking your tribal thumb. Are you still "horseless" and worried that a Kikuyu might one day become a councillor in Mogotio. You need some mental glasses to correct your myopia.

Anonymous said...

anon9:35 AM

Ha!!ha!! Anon Kibaki now you hold the unifying card and when in June kenyans were asking for amnesty for the youths picked for holding demonstration regarding Kibaki's rigged elections...

The whole of central Province screamed no!!no!! No Amnesty ...
ha!!ha!! and now after the Waki Report!! Kibaki is begging for Amnesty?? and the rest of Central Province now want Unity??
No way on my ass Brother/sister it will not happen.... Waki report must be implemented in full and Hague will be waiting for those who think like Kibaki being a president removes him from being prosecuted!! No such Luck Kibaki will face the Law just like his cronies for giving orders to the police and paying the Mungiki gang to Murder and beheading innocent kenyans...

Anonymous said...

9:35 AM what is the difference between kimi dropping names on who is on the list & phil doing the same? According to Kimi, "The names of Kajwang', Balala, Cheruiyot and Kones ARE mentioned in the report."
Phil listed INITIALS of names supposedly on the report. Whose worse? Dont apply double standards & quit your games.
The same way you accuse Phil of, "looking for which names to selectively expose and which to ignore" is the same way you should accuuse Kimi. Because both are guilty of the same crime.
By the way, your blaming phil for, the so called human worship, should also be extended to Kimi & those of similar mind. Phil is pro Raila, Kimi, pro kibaki.

Mzalendo said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The international court is weak and cannot prosecute anyone, infact the IC does not have jurisdiction over kenya

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