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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sotik and Bomet By-Elections: ODM in Landslide Victories

Dr. Joyce Laboso and Mrs. Beatrice Kones (pictured above) are the new MPs elect for Sotik and Bomet constituencies respectively.

Dr. Laboso garnered over 23,380 votes against her nearest competitor, UDM's Alexander Sitenei who garnered 13,843 votes, while Mrs. Kones garnered more than 30,210 votes against KANUs Nick Salat who garnered 15,015 votes .

The two ODM politicians emerged the winners in by-elections conducted yesterday occasioned by the deaths of Lorna Laboso and Kipkalya Kones in a fatal plane crash.

More information here

Additional post by Chris

The good news for me is that we have an extra woman in the august house. This should be good news to Kenyans too.

Meanwhile all hell is breaking loose in Nyanza: Hospitals swamped with men who want to be circumcized.

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Anonymous said...


Is political inheritance the CHANGE ODM promised to propagate? Tell us how will the lives of the Sotik and Bome people change now that ODM has won as opposed to KANU or UDM.

Nameless said...

This win should send a chill to William Ruto that the Kipsigis will not worship him and his new dalliance with UDM. We knew all along that those noisy people including land grabber Isac Ruto and Frankline were fronting for Ruto in UDM. The Kipsigis have elected two women to show that we are mature. Now Raila should make it simple and appoint Laboso minister for Roads, and Mrs Kones AM in Kalonzo's office.

Phil said...


You seem to be the only one who is unaware that, unlike ALL the other political parties participating in these by-elections, ODM is the only one that conducted nominations to choose its candidates.

How, then, does the question of political inheritance arise if the residents of Sotik and Bomet decide they want to be represented by these two lovely women?

Anonymous said...

Now that the Kipsigis have shown they are the engine that drives ODM, they deserve two full cabinet ministries from Raila. The Roads ministry should go to Frank Bet as our new leader of South Rift. The other ministry should go to Hon Keter. This is the most minimum we the Kipsigis will settle for if Raila wants peace and a second chance as a viable presidential candidate in the future.

Vikii said...

Congratulations to the winners. I am glad the losers did not deem it fit to go burning food stores and raping opponents. I hope "WE" shall learn something about what democracy should actually be about.

Anonymous said...

No need to gloat since no senier PNU'ist showed any serious interest in the two seats unlike in Embakasi where the ODM pentagon literally camped there campaigning for one 'supuu' and still lost.Sotik and Bomet became largely a Kalenjin affair with even UK not being bothered to go and campaign for Kanu's Nick salat leaving the task to the uncolourful Gideon Moi who couldnt even convince voters to elect him in a constituency his dad had held for almost 40 years.

Ivy said...

Anon 12:24...Do you stay in Kenya? Uhuru Kenyatta pitched camp in Peace Valley....unless my TV is already digital.

My condolence to one Isaac Ruto....After his insults. I have just come to realize that the people of Peace Valley are more brighter than what he thinks.....It is a sad day for him.

Just a piece of advise...I dare him to show himself a man....Let him quit ODM and he goes and seeks a fresh mandate in that his UDDY ...What? outfit can he now get the guts. Coz the sad part is that he will not be a minister soon, not even in this dispensation....Let him thank Moi for the previous, coz this time round hata armour bearer for the Assistant Minister he will not see....Let him continue yapping until the sun sets (it is therapeutic)and i guess some of us need to entertained.

Ivy said...

oh i forgot...Viva to the women. You have made me proud (euphoria or not...we have 2 more women in parliament

Ajwang' said...

I hate saying I told you so. But in this case, and despite my mother not being a witch, I spoke prophetically: "ODM will win Bomet and Sotik". Let Uhuru now go back to Central Lesotho politics.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.....haha...ha.Those who were dreaming that ODM will loose in Bomet and, do you want to take your ropes and be men enough and use them or do you want us to give you some?

M-Pesa said...

LANDSLIDE? That was the LOWEST voter turnout in recent memory! Voter apathy was the norm. Most of us are just fed up with greedy, lying and cheating politicians. I'm yet to hear your take on why Raila (ODM) shut up when wounded CBK Asst Governor Mrs Jacinta Mwatela was being kicked from right, left and centre by bully boy Francis Muthaura! The stench of hypocrisy coming from Chungwa Hse is just overpowering. Someone please pass me a sick bag.

Anonymous said...

11:56 p.m IT'S HURTING???
Meza wembe, we are in ODM COUNTRY, HEHE:):):)

Anonymous said...

12:04 am. We've heard those threats before, leta ingine!

Ivy said...


it is simple even if it was one vote it is still a win. Why behave like gooners who after loosing a match will tell people about the moves, and the dribbling. In football it doesn't count, it is the ball that goes in the net that makes a winner. So Relax man...It doesn't suit you

Anonymous said...

Panua Mongrels, eat your hearts out.
You were really wishing ODM loses the 2 seats. Too Bad. Poleni Sana.

Anon 11:56 PM This is not political inheritance, as Phil has said, ODM is the only party that conducted nominations to CHOOSE its candidates. No "selection" here and no inheritance. Trust a panua mongrel to always distort the truth.

When it comes to STEALING you panua mongrels stop at nothing - even the truth. I Know you are in mourning so I shall not bash you so much (with the truth).

Anonymous said...

" Vikii said...

Congratulations to the winners. I am glad the losers did not deem it fit to go burning food stores and raping opponents. I hope "WE" shall learn something about what democracy should actually be about 12:24 AM"


You seem to be a bit out of touch here. These were genuine wins by ODM and not STOLEN one's like Kibaki's and therefore the losers had no reason to get annoyed. I repeat again: there was no STEALING OF ELECTIONS and that is why peace prevailed. Chaos broke out after Kibaki's theft because people felt annoyed and cheated.

Anonymous said...

Haha Pnuers you never cease to amaze! So now the ODM landslide is nothing??? Sorry it is a big deal & a big win. Should it have gone any other way, the gloating on ODM & Raila loosing the R.V vote...
Let me stop there!!

Please, can someone get M-pesa that bag right away before he pukes on our brand new, orange shoes!!!
Kudos to Laboso & Kones.

P.s, where is Isaac Ruto????

JEFF said...


Congrats to the two ladies. Let's accept the voters' verdict. All the best.


I beg you to leave my team out of this.

Anonymous said...

Ok ODM has won big.Can we now go back to the business at hand....GET CIRCUMCISED!!

Anonymous said...

2:46 am
Last time I checked, pun intended, the Kalenjins circumcise!
6 out of 8 provinces voted ODM, whats your point, all are not circumcised?
Get over your obsession with the penis, its only a penis & not the brain, which "thief in chief clearly lacks"!

Anonymous said...


Am PNuer (not from Lesotho) and I will admit that I wished you would lose at least one of the seats. But I knew such a wish would not be backed by the actual votes cast and announced. There was very little attention paid to these byelections because an odm win was assumed to be certain. A lot of attention would have been shown if William Ruto had campained for a non odm candidate. Again given the attrocities committed by kaleos after the last elections, they believe they would expose themselves if they left odm. They need rao's protection and i think rao knows this and thats why he is not worried about Isaac & co's noise.

Anonymous said...

11:56 PM, Are you implying that KANU, LOL...& UDM, A KANU SPONSORED OUTFIT, IS CHANGE?

Anonymous said...

3:03 am
Bla, Bla, Bla, yaaaawn!
We are in ODM country, get over it!

Kwale said...

There is a difference between landslide victory and pity voting where the voters turn out is based on emotions lead by unavoidable circumstances or events and in this case, it was unexpected deaths. And ODM know how to get those pity voters by fielding relatives of the deceased.
It's exactly the same kind of pity voting that saw the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) win a landslide victory and the subsequent exist of President Musharf after PPP leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in December 07. If Mrs Bhutto was not killed believe me you no-body would have voted for a highly controversial figure like Asif Zardari.

You may go cock-a hoop that ODM won, but that was not democracy in action. First, why did they choose a sister to replace a sister? What do you expect?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

No net change on the national stage since these two seats belonged to ODM anyway, except for the addition of one more woman to parliament. Honestly to me, sex/gender does not matter more than performance. Congratulations are in order, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Kwale, you are clearly a depressed fellow. IT IS HURTING YOU KABISA. Pole sana, grieve now you will get over it.

Had ODM lost just one of these seats, this Kwale clown plus all the other panua mongrels would gloating all over here how Raila has lost the Kalenjin vote, and other panua garbage that they like to spew with wild abandon - Poleni sana, you will get over it.

Congratulations to the ORANGE LADY victors are in order.

Ivy said...


No hard feelings.....Trust the goonners to do that...Maybe you are a diffrerent breed i dont know. (but enyewe i love their dribbling and moves) why lie?


Nominations were carried out and Lorna's sister won so as Konese's wife? So do we stop a winner from contesting just because they share a mother or a matrimonial bed? It has happened in the past...It is not unique. Let us respect the verdict of people of Bomet/Sotik si they had a choice ama of over 20 aspirants...But? I didn't hear anyone was forced to cast their vote to these dear women

Kwale said...

All I am saying is the voting was based on raw emotions; just like the way McCain chose a woman to be the running mate so she can appeal to disgruntled Hilary Clinton supporters. And it's the same strategy ODM has used in-order to appeal to the mourning constituents. Whether is bad, that's another question by that's politics.

ajwang' said...


I hear you but there I don't think sympathy factor was big. Fact is, Kenya is still largely ODM country. It is better for PNU to live with tis fact and start planning to protect their interests inan ODM setting. Otherwise, they will steal elections again come 2012 and then it is all de ja vu all over!

Anonymous said...


regrettably or notably, present kenyan politics includes a healthy portion of raw emotions. this includes your (and many others) disdain of RAO, the ethnic euphoria, support, intransigence or whatever else it may be called.

the other portion of politics is massive deceit and hogwash to mask the raw emotion.

somewhere in between the electorate has to choose which politician despite all that ruckus will best move the country or in the very least our regions forward. for us ODM supporters its the party called ODM and its elected leaders.

IMO some of the criticism leveled against ODM has been constructive, but a great deal has been due to misconceptions.

kudos to the winners in Bomet and Sotik


Anonymous said...

R/V AND KALES ARE TOTAL FOR RAILA.24yrs of Nyayo is a donto mbaya,and kales are not ready for another M1, THEY WILL SUPPORT THEIR OWN IF ONLY THEY WoRK WITH RAILA OR UNDER HIM not above him.action speak and raila will still dominate the R/V vote for the at list the next 10 yrs or and till Nyayo and his era feds away from the kales memorys.

Kwale said...

I think I am not making myself clear here, and I apologise for that. In simple terms what I am saying is the two candidates' received what we call sympathy votes from the voters. And that's very understandable on the circumstances. If it was on any other by-election, the seats would have been more highly contested. For example, the recent by-election in Aianamoi, the margin between the losing candidate and the winner was much closer than these two. That's why I gave a classic example of sympathy voting in Pakistan. The PPP party there would have not won many parliamentary seats if Benazir Bhutto was not assassinated. I am not saying voting out of sympathy is bad, but in all cases, after few years down the line when emotions are sober the voters get to vote based on who they think is the best candidate.

Regrettably the raw emotions Kenyans display in politics is not healthy. It's demonic!!

Anonymous said...

Did i see gedion moi campaign again and lost, this fool will never learn his lessons

Anonymous said...

Some different story here.
Kenyan T-72 tanks seized by somali pirates.According to Russian and Ukrainian media,the 33 T-72 tanks,spares and RPGs taken by Somali pirates actually belong to Kenya,not South Sudan as widely believed. The tanks were manufactured by the UralVagonZavod(urals wagon factories)and were part of those left with Ukraine after the collapse of the soviet Union.They were part of 110 units ordered by kenya,of which a contract for 77 of them was entered into in 2005.$50m was paid for them last year.The 33 were supposedly the last shipment from a company called Ukrspetszexport(UkraineSpecialExport).the tanks are old but the type was last used in South Ossetia in the summer.
here is a link but in russian..


Anonymous said...

Breaking News,

Some riots are breaking in parts of Luo Nyanza due to lack of adequate circumcisers. Some malicious fellow has been spreading rumours that Kibaki govt has been hoarding circumcisers in Central Province in a bid to keep Luos uncircumcised. One desperate Luo man was heard to say, "I have waited for this moment all my life to become a man. Finally, Agwambo gave us permission and some Kikuyus are keeping the sugeons in Central Province in a bid to undermine the executive order from the PM. I am going to fight this time, nobody can continue to deny me my right to be a man."

Agwambo needs to drop whatever he is doing and jet into Kisumu and explain to them that there is no conspiracy involved in the shortage of circumcisers - that like any other aspect of Kenyan life, that shortage is a normal occurrence. If it is left un-explained, an enterprising politician could turn it into a historical injustice, namely, that there has been a centuries-old conspiracy by Kikuyus to keep the Luos uncircumcised!

As it is, Kenya has enough fake victims of historical injustices. We don't need to invent new ones!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:50, You must be so bored, get a life, utter nonsense.

Vikii said...

10.50, are you serious?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.05, I don't think Anon 10:50 is bored, that's the most hirilious things I have read in a long time.
Well done 10:50!!!

Anonymous said...



hirilious things??


Anonymous said...

Agwambo also need to tell them to start accepting themselves once they become men.
There is some much self-hate among our lake boys so much so they don't like the blackness in their skin. Do you know a jango man will do anything to get a light-skinned girl? That is self-hate!!!

Anonymous said...

finding new frontiers

whereas in central we are still recycling political dinosaurs

michuki, kibaki, muthaura, karume, githunguri, etc

Anonymous said...

this leaders were elected by the sotik pple not by odm party

Anonymous said...

Why Kalonzo is orbiting Central?

Because he is a sore loser.

Anonymous said...

Kenya's future is like it or you don't like it. Moi's son has failed again!!! what a pity and the Project ati Uhuru Kichietha tried to campaign for a looser!!!

Anonymous said...

Ati ODM is going places and have even launched their 'OWN' network called....,you guessed right-Orange!

Anonymous said...

To CHRIS and Kumekucha's so called INVESTIGATIVE Journalists aka Contributors.

Case in point:

The T-72 Tank contract is more scandalous than the sale of the Grand Regency.

How comes none of you so called Kumekucha's writers had no idea about the corrupt deals that are still going within the Ministry of Defence and the D.O.D?

How comes none of you has not yet had the gutts to tell it as it is?

Why has any of you not dared to say a word, write a line, or even raise a lame journalistic finger at the culprits at the Ministry of Defence and the D.O.D?

What are you guys afraid of in this day and age of freedom of expression and the search for accountability?

And why does the Kenya military need the 1971 Soviet era T-72 tanks in 2008? T-72 tanks that have performed so poorly in the last thirty years?

LOL! Thanks to the Somali pirates for looting 33 T-72 tanks from the high seas, otherwise, we would never have known that some well placed individuals within the Ministry of Defence and the D.O.D were busy importing 3RD HAND T-72TANKS into the country.

What a shame, and what a waste of money. It seems as though kickbacks rule the day and they are galore at the D.O.D.

My gosh! Very little has changed since the 1980s, when some senior military officers used to push contracts to eastern block countries so that they could "eat, eat, eat and chew commissions" and then "divide the spoils among the elite."

MY FOOT a T-72 tank in 2008? In these days when they could have asked for any used tanks and hardware from the United States via Iraq.

I hope the Somali pirates will keep or destroy the junk that was intended to be dumped on Kenyan soil for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

That's what the Ministry of Defense is good for; purchasing 3rd hand mitumba in form of military hardware for Kenya's armed forces.

In July 2008, it was reported that Kenya will spend 23 million $ to buy 15 ex Jordanian Air Force F-5 (plus training and spare parts). They will be added or eventually replace the current F-5 fleet.

The truth of the matter is that these old version of F-5 jets have been phased out, retired or junked in most countries.

In the meantime, Kenya is busy wasting its limited resources on procuring used F-5 from Jordan. Why f-5, and why Jordan? Why are we willing to use another person's old tooth-pick or broken tooth- brush for that matter?

The F-5 jets that were sold to Jordan as 2rd hand planes by the USA, are now being resold by Jordan as 3rd hand or worse 4th hand mitumba at a cost of 23 million dollars to the magendo infested goons at the Kenya's D.o.D and M.o.D.

Who is fooling who in this case? Jordan could have donated the planes to the Kenyan government for free (zero dollar) or dumped them in the Jordain desert, rather than allow some greedy Kenyans to fake a deal in the tune of 23 million dollars on 3rd/4th hand sales of junk F-5 jets.

One wonders why Kenya as a nation has perfected the art of procuring and accepting 3rd hand mitumba from 2rd hand dealers like Jordan, India, Ukraine, etc?

Who always benefits from such deals? And at what risk to the nation's security in the long run.

I hate to imagine what's been going on and continues to go in other government ministries in Kenya Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo.

My gosh. I hope the Ministry of Health is not following the sickening M.o.D's magendo example by importing sub-standard or cheap midications, and 2rd hand medical hardware and dumping it on the unsuspecting Kenyan public.

Anonymous said...

just how secure are we if the highest organ of security forces (army) cannot even take care of delivery of their most precious asset (i.e weapons)

what a joke, and this was hijacked not by some sophisticated planning but by opportunist pirates, in seas where there are patrols for terrorist outfits.

Anonymous said...


Because you are close to the Orange leadership, some ODMers would like you to deliver the following message:

There should not be too much time lapse between the circumcision of Oburu Odinga and that of Raila. Raila needs enough time to heal his circumcision wounds in readiness for 2012 election battle with "Adui Yetu" Kalonzo. There is a feeling in some ODM circles that unnecessary delay in these matters would give "Adui Yetu" Kalonzo unfair advantage. This strategic matter should be given urgent attention by the highest organs of the party.

The alternative is to let our Warrior Ruto spearhead the final assault acoss River Jordan and lead ODM to State House. ODM youth believe that Ruto is able and willing to deliver the final blow to PNU and its progeny.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:49,

If only you people thought with your brains and not p****, then we wouldn't be able to smell you from miles away.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:37

Some ODMers are circumcised and therefore do not carry a smelly foreskin which you can smell from miles away!!

Be careful, soon all ODM cardcarrying members will have to face the knife. When our Captain talks, you don't second-guess him.

So, take your place in one of those queues snaking for miles in Nyanza and become a man. There is no short cut.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:44,

Incidentally the cut ones I know are ...not men enough in my view - there's more to making of a real man than merely having the foreskin removed, feel me?. Even one day old babies have it done these days, does that initiate them into manhood?
BTW am not a man, and we don't subscribe to the primitive practice of female genital mutilation. Thankfully we don't have mungikis in our midst.

Anonymous said...

Some KK bloggers have argued in the past against human worship as practised in Luo Nyanza. But come to think of it, it can be put to good use. If the men did not worship Raila, he would not have been able to order them to drop their trousers and head for circumcision clinics.

Anonymous said...

I think in this circumcision debate too much attention has been focused on what the men stand to gain rather than what they are losing. As the elders have pointed out, these men are losing their culture. What is worse, they are taking up the culture of other communities like Kikuyus and Kalenjins who have dominated and humiliated the Luos in the past. That could have profound psychological scars on the community, and the eders may have a valid point.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, circumcision is a form of cosmetic surgery and the taxpayers should not have to foot the bill. Those Luos lining up in public clinics to undergo the surgery should be made to pay the standard price of Sh.2,000. The lest of Kenya should not have to pay for their indulgences.

Anonymous said...

@many anons. lets move on, circumcision is no longer an issue. It has been DYMYSTIFIED!!!


Anonymous said...

Enough about the foreskin, let us stick to our respective cultures and respect each other's cultural decisions.

Kumuekucha, there is so much to talk about on the homefront:

1) The issue of the weapons destined for Kenya, that Mutua errand boy has been ordered to talk about - yet he seems to know little about.

2) The failed PNU actvities and what this implies, especially after Kibaki had stuck out his neck to 'revive' the party. Why to the Wekesas and Nyamweyas accept to be used yet PNU central iko ma wenyewe?

3) What next for Isac Ruto's masters (Moi, MKM, Kalonzo et al)now that ODM'S popularity is not about to go away?

4) What is the future of the GCG, now that everyone seems to be camapigning for an election that is still four years away?

I could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:06

agree with you on all points

just wondering why the Commander in Chief has not issued a statement and left this to jack of all trades master of none. what is going on here.

where are the constitutional/institution reforms?

ECK is negotiating behind the scenes for honorable (cash paid) exit after being the center of thousands of deaths. pressure should be mounted for them to resign.

there are too many national issues for us to be sidetracked by sideshows

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06,

The problem with you and your kind is that you view everything through political lenses.
Those points you have raised may look large through those tainted lenses but are small potatoes compared to the overnight cultural transformation of the third largest community in Kenya.

Anthropologically, this is a huge change, that ordinarily takes no less than a century. When it happens suddenly it is triggered by a cataclysmic event. In the case of the Luos what event could have triggered this sudden change?

Some have suggested that they are responding to a command by Raila. While it is well documented that they follow him like a cult leader politically, would this extend to one of the most private decisions such as circumcision?

Others have argued that the Luos are using the excuse of AIDS to adopt an alien cultural trait in an attempt to gain acceptance by the other Kenyan communities who practice it. The question is, how do we know, first, whether it is true, and secondly, which of the two is the stronger catalyst - to avoid the lethal AIDS or to gain acceptance?

While we wait for some bright and ambitious UON Doctoral Students to formulate and research on this change, will any Kumekucha resident anthropologist try to explore for us the probable underpinning(s) of this transformation, please?

Anonymous said...


Have you taken a circumcision break or what? We need a new post right now!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:50 AM

Riots in central province last night on incest... father caught with daughter was nearly burned to death.... kikuyu's in central are calling for Raila's intervention yet again to help them address "incest" that is destroying their kikuyu society.. they claim the incest culture has to be stopped period!!:):)
what a laugh......

Anonymous said...

anon11:49 AM

concentrate on Incest between Kibaki and his daughter Judy kibaki has to stop!!
by the way PNU members are asking who is Judy Kibaki's daughters father? she has held it his name as a secret for a long time.... is it incest or....... PNU stogies on here should tell us....... time to stop kikuyu incest is now..... they birth rate in cental province of disabled infants has jumped to 70%.... incest is to blame,,

Anonymous said...

anon3:44 PM

better to cut off incest performing d...ks don't you agree or should i call them kikuyu filthy penis......

Anonymous said...


Conservative: Lee Richardson suggested in Calgary's weekly giveaway organ that recent immigrants may be responsible for gang activity.
"Particularly in big cities, we've got people that have grown up in a different culture," he said. "And they don't have the same background in terms of the stable communities we had 20, 30 years ago in our cities ... and don't have the same respect for authority or people's person or property."

He later added: "Talk to the police. Look at who's committing these crimes. They're not the kid that grew up next door."


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