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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pipe Dreams And Those Hungry Wolves Who Surround Presidents

Lee Njiru press secretary to former president Moi has issued a bizarre statement to the press which has been given great prominence in today’s Sunday Nation.

In what is the first statement Mr Njiru has issued for years without the blessings of his boss (former president Moi) or so he claims, Njiru who also served under Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta claims that Kenyatta died more out of neglect than anything else. Mr Njiru says that those who surrounded Kenya’s first president were so busy “eating” that they did not care less what happened to Mzee.

Quite a tale. You can read the Nation story on it HERE.

But Njiru’s statement raises too many questions. Why now? His story about the official secrets acts does not quite ring true. But my biggest problem with Mr Njiru’s explosive story that made for some interesting Sunday reading is simply this; where does Mama Ngina Kenyatta fit into all this? Is Mr Njiru saying that the then first lady took to “eating” with the rest and neglected her husband? That is something that I find a little difficult to swallow.

Methinks that the timing of this statement is such that the only conclusion I can come to is that it is part of some political chess being played out involving the likes of retired president Moi. But let time tell us the truth behind this rather fascinating incident.

For now I would like to focus one issue that clearly came out from what Njiri would like us to believe was him pouring out his heart fro the sake of the motherland and out of his love for the same. And that is the shadowy characters who position themselves around the most powerful man in the land and create so much chaos. It is not only President Kenyatta had them. President Moi had them and so does President Kibaki and indeed even the Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The reason why Kenyans should take heart is that these evil guys never seem to succeed in their grand schemes no matter how hard they try. For instance Minister of State Mbiyu Koinange was always at President Kenyatta’s side. So powerful was the stocky balding cabinet minister that at public meetings he would be the one to invite the president to address the public and not the then Vice president Moi. The plans of the Kiambu mafia were well laid and they knew that it was just a matter of time before Kenyatta would fail to wake up from one his constant comas. The whole plan was that Koinange would inform his colleagues and before anybody knew what was happening they would set their plan in motion.

Guess what? On the one day that Koinange was not with Mzee for decades, is the day that the old man passed on. Koinange was not in Mombasa. You do not even want to think what would have happened had Mbiyu Koinange been on President Kenyatta’s side when Kenya’s first president died. The fact that the powerful minister represnting the Kiambu mafia was not there that day saved the country. Vice president Daniel arap Moi took over and the Kiambu mafia assumed that they would deal with him shortly. The rest as you know is history. Moi consolidated his position and proved to be an even more powerful president than Kenyatta had ever been.

When Moi’s time came to exit the stage, he too had around him profiteers and schemers who had amassed vast wealth by just being around him. The first name that comes to mind is that of Nicholas Kipyator Biwott better known as “Total Man.” We are told that the plan was to refuse to hand over power on a technicality to the effect that the National Rainbow Coalition was not a political party but a coalition. Again they failed miserably and the baton of power was passed on to Emilio Stanley.

Now once again we have some powerful chaps surrounding the presidency who will stop at nothing to ensure that their current gravy train will continue forever. Of course they are telling themselves that they are much more intelligent than those who have gone before them. And that they will succeed where the Kiambu Mafia and the Kabarak mafia failed before them. To make matters even more complex they hope to succeed when the Kenyan voter has smartened up considerably to what is really going on. Some pipe dream, that, but they can dream on, I guess.

Read full statement from Lee Njiru to the press on Kenyatta's death


Taabu said...

Wewe wacha wivu. Whay are you spoiling the PARTY. Let the industrious and hard working Kenyans mint wealth. Soon they may knock at your door with UNREFUSABLE bid for KK. Cross your fingers.

That said the adage about history repeating itself is apt. And for good measure those who refuse to learn from it are BOUND to repeat it. The thieving wolves are out with fangs bared. Already they have partially implimented the scheme in 2007 na bado 2012. Look around you and what do you see with the intense political heat and postering around? We live in DECEPTIVE times.

Lee Njiru is not honest either. Like Kriegler he is packaging street wisdom as an original thesis. The news exposee is factual but the intention and objecive is as selfish as they come. Ole wetu poor Kenyans as we are rounded and auctioned collectively.

Anonymous said...

mama ngina was busy doing it with mbiyu koinange.

Anonymous said...

Arsenal top the premiership, Man U is two places away from relegation zones. Kweli mungu huko!..lets pray it will stay that way!!

Taabu said...

1977: Gradually, Mzee became incoherent, repetitive and forgetful.

Add 31 years and sounds familiar? Well, that is the course of being ruled by LIVING CORPSES.

Phil said...

The reason MOI thought about not handing over to Kibaki was because of Kibaki's alleged incapacitation due to ill health. If it was not for the intervention of Raila Odinga who insisted that Kibaki must be immediately sworn-in, we probably would be talking something different today. Please do not attempt to re-write history. Kibaki was (and still remains) a product of Raila Odinga.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge but it seems obvious to a lot of Kenyans that Moi was right. That was not a man to hand over the presidency to.

Back to your post, lets hope Lee Njiru will also tell us some of those secrets they shared within Moi's inner circle top among them ;- was it Moi who ordered the killing of Dr. Robert Ouko and was it Biwott who actually pulled the trigger, before handing Ouko's corpse to police who proceeded to load it on a chopper airdrop it at Got Alila and then have Anguka's boys set it ablaze to feign suicide???

Are you there Lee Njiru?

Taabu said...


Contrast our abyss with Mbeki

And where does that leave Bob Mugabe, a reincarnation of Jomo in later days?

Vikii said...

Phil, you are the one re-rwiting history. Revisionist historians is what I call your ilk!

Anonymous said...

History is indeed repeating itself. Four more years of the MKM pulling the strings as duckie snoozes away at SH is too much to bear.

On another note, I hope Thabo Mbeki's gesture will if anything, serve as funzo for those that cling onto power even when they have clearly outlived their usefulness - if they ever had any in the first place.
How dare DUCKIE stay on and even have the guts to appear at a world forum when his illlegitimacy has been confirmed? Shameless idiot.

Anonymous said...

I have just one question for Phil,what do you call the grey matter in your head that other people use for thinking coz yours cant be called a brain.Ati Kibaki is a product of Raila?What utter bullshit!Kibaki started his political career long before Raila could even know what politics is.As one wag put it recently who else in the world just sits there doing nothing and yet rises to become president.How comes for all his scheming and political shrewdness Raila still isnt the president?Like him or hate him,there's a method to everything that Kibaki does only that it isnt obvious to people who go through life with blinkers on like Phil!

Anonymous said...

I have just one question for Phil,what do you call the grey matter in your head that other people use for thinking coz yours cant be called a brain.Ati Kibaki is a product of Raila?What utter bullshit!Kibaki started his political career long before Raila could even know what politics is.As one wag put it recently who else in the world just sits there doing nothing and yet rises to become president.How comes for all his scheming and political shrewdness Raila still isnt the president?Like him or hate him,there's a method to everything that Kibaki does only that it isnt obvious to people who go through life with blinkers on like Phil!

Kwale said...

Phil, are you suggesting Kibaki owes Mr Odinga a favour?
Your fixation with RAO is unnatural. You seems to live in a land of "ifs", what if, if only - a place of deep regrets and a very sorry place. Do you understand the term one's destiny? If so, you should understand everyone life is predestined before they come to this world and with that, no-one owes anyone a favour. You can be used to facilitate one destiny, but you cannot claim to have brought that person there. No-one have ever reached anywhere without a hand from another person.

That's said, now back to the post. While some of you think Lee Njiru "revelations" as great and quite a tale worth a blockbuster novel or a film, haven't you ask yourself this question, why now, why did he not reveal it to the coroner at the inquest of Mzee's death?
We should treat these revelations with a lot of caution and sceptism, examine the credibility and the motives behind them. You have to know there are some characters out there looking to make a name for themselves. And they will say anything to achieve the fame. It was only last year a man came out to say Princess Diana did not die due to injures sustained through car accident, but it was due to neglect by the doctors. He claimed to have been there at the tunnel when the accident happened. Strange world we live in. Even some scholars have come up with all sorts of stories on how Jesus died, some suggesting he did not die but was eaten by wolves. But you have the right to believe whatever you like

Taabu said...

Kwale said:
.... you should understand everyone life is predestined before they come to this world..

That is DOGMA at its basest. You have the power to influence who you are and become unless you want to buy into the pedestrian theology of street preachers schooled in preying to others' insecurity.

Again point of correction Bw Kwale THERE WAS NO INQUEST into Jomo's death. Either you donn't know or making wrong inferences at best. BTW the coroner blip gives you away that you are from Mars. Get the drift? Please come back to earth of eternnaly sample the alien species in outer space.

That said you are damn right that Lee Njiru is upto something mischevious. But just like many here he is re-inventing the wheel of deception which is not even round.

Taabu said...

Mbeki out. REASON? He did a Kibaki on the troika of Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa. These influencial members of the ANC executive twisted the knife. Revenge is a meal sweet served COLD. Any lessons Kenyans?

E-cop said...

Mwalimu Taabu,
Mbeki is a fool-this is Africa who are you trying to impress by resigning?
mavi ya kuku, stay where you are and share power with PM Zuma-or are you more man than him?
there are no winnners or losers in democracy just bad voters
SA needs continued combined winning duo of Tabo/Jacob to host FA in 2010 this is development and all else is factless talk
Take notes S.A. in Kenya we don't take yes or no for an answer everything is relative. you think you're more developed than us?

papa plus said...

What Njiru has painted is simply the reality in your average banana republic. The only consolation is that others have learnt to fly to the develpoed world for medical attention.

One disappointing "fact" from this njiru story is he doesn't mention any role or concern from Kenyatta's 3 wives for him and his health and he also comes across as a kitchen nigger. Why would any one care about Kenyatta's health or well being? That is the primary focus of his family.

Lastly, leaders need to understand that the office is greater than the person. If you are too sick, get out of the way and let others who are capable govern instead of holding a whole country hostage.

Anonymous said...

Ok lets just agree with everything that Njiru alleges.Lets not even ask how mama Ngina could allow to let other people see his husband die but surely let us ask,wasnt the man supposed to die?I mean was he immortal or something?He was already old enough,he was sickly and I believe he had done his bit so what more was supposed to be gained by keeping an aged almost senile man alive.I think the Kiambu mafia would have gained much more from such a situation as the would have been the ones calling the shots.Arent we the same people who are getting so excited when some mps plan to introduce an upper age limit for presidential candidates.Thing is we're so full of inconsistencies.

Anonymous said...

Mama Ngina abandoned her husband! Uhuru was probably sloshed even though he was barely 12.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Since Njiru claims to have waited 30 years because the official secrets act prevented him from making the revelations public, does it not seem like an awfully long time to nurse such a secret? Did he inform his boss at the time of his concerns and what was the reaction? Did he inform Moi when he worked directly under him, and since they were both bound by the Official secrets act they could freely discuss sensitive information?
Methinks Njiru is just another of the many idiotic ignoramuses our press corps adores and who love to pull down Kenyans to wallow and splash about in their sewage and filthy mud pools, and some dumb Kenyans happily jump in.

Kwale said...

Taabu, believe it or not, everyone life was predestined before they came to this world. There is nothing in that statement that should make anyone feels insecure or inferior.
Like said the other day, we are all unique, no-one is like the other, we are all born with different talents, skills and abilities. What you can do I may not be able to do as well and vice versa. As much as I would like to be a journalist like you or Phil, I know I cannot be. First my English is terrible, my writing skills is horrendous I cannot even spell very well, but does that make me insecure or stop me from blogging here. Oh no! I come from a not soo nice place of Ukunda in Kwale district but do I feel insecure around people from posh places like Nairobi, Kisumu or Mogotio? Goodness no!

And it is the same thing; some of us were born to be politicians some like me cannot even stand them, others teachers, lawyers, doctors, matatu drivers, etc. and there is no job to small or too great. The most important thing is to find your niche. You could be a carpenter but you could also be the best carpenter in town. Your treasures and your fulfilment are attached to what you were made to be. Yes of course hard work comes in it and again if you are a good carpenter everyone would want to hire you.

Taabu said...

Kwale, I hear you LOUD and CLEAR bro. But sorry, you are preaching to a choir. So what is your niche? And why the low self-esteem or dinigradation of Ukunda not so nice place. Pride of purpose bro, seize it but stop it from flooding your head.

Anonymous said...


"..Now once again we have some powerful chaps surrounding the presidency who will stop at nothing to ensure that their current gravy train will continue forever."


Kwale said...

Taabu you asked, what is my niche? Waster.
Am I degrading Ukunda? Of course not! And never!

Come on now, gives us some news about our president trip to US. After all it was only last week, Kalamari was complaining our president don't make foreign trips.
Put him to shame!

Taabu said...

Sorry to disappoint you but there is no news about Emilio until maybe MAN BITES A DOG.

Anonymous said...


You said: "Come on now, gives us some news about our president trip to US"

I agree with Taabu: there is no news about Emilio until maybe MAN BITES A DOG.

Or Kibaki does what he excels in: splashing huge amounts of contempt on the people at the New york gathering. OR he, ...wait it's coming, CALLS THEM PUMBAVU!!

Ivy said...

Yes Taabu

I dare you bring news about Emilio.....Or if i may ask did Lucy go with him? If she did then we will definately have news....Yes Lucy slaps Laura

About Njiru...That is history it is not adding any ugali in my plate

Anonymous said...

Like it or not Kibaki is our president!

Anonymous said...

Correction Anon 5:44 AM. A FAKE president in a country that is living a political lie. He is a fraudulent occupant of that office.

Kriegler, that fellow that you PNU people like quoting, says that the electoral process was so messed up that he can not tell who won or lost.

HE HAS NEVER SAID THAT KIBAKI WON. It follows that since the electoral process was seriously FLAWED, then the "outcome" that was declared by the now discredited ECK was fraudulent.

I shall go back to my first paragraph: Correction Anon 5:44 AM. A FAKE president in a country that is living a political lie. He is a fraudulent occupant of that office.

Anonymous said...

With the benefit of hindsight, me thinks that this electoral process mess was pre-engineered, remember when Kibaki appointed the commissioners, PANUA LEANING ONES, without consulting other stakeholders just before the election? The hungry wolves around Kibaki got "down to work" to make sure Kibaki "won" by any pumbavu means necessary. They thought they would pull it off the way Moi used to STEAL ELECTIONS.

They tried to follow his "script" but blundered and bungled all along the way and that is why they behaved the ridiculous way they behaved on the 30th of Dec '07 - inculuding the very RUSHED and HURRIED fraudulent swearing in in a way that was clearly PRE-ARRANGED quickly followed by banning of live broadcasts on TV - everything points to FRAUD

Anonymous said...

Phil @11:02 AM, I agree with you.

"Kibaki was (and still remains) a product of Raila Odinga."

Raila gave Kibaki the Presidency on a silver platter in Dec 2002; Kibaki and the hungry wolves STOLE it from Raila in Dec 2007.

Taabu said...

You owe me a plenty after my juju worked on Deco jana. The outcome could have been disaster. Meanwhile kutangulia hatujui lakini kufika we do ahead of the rest-Blue or white. Just RED DEVILS.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:33, if Raila gave away his 1st presidency on a silver platter and then got the 2nd one stolen under his very nose,what does that say about his political strategies?Isnt he just then plain incompetent if in 15 years of trying he hasnt come up with an Obama style winning formula?Maybe the guy is highly overated after all.

E-cop said...

angry Kibaki bites Bush family terrier Barney as Lucy slaps Miss Beasley

Anonymous said...

Here is Emillio addresing at UN

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:44 correction,

Kibaki is the central and eastern president. Why do you think he hasn't bothered to go anywhere else? Him and his equally inept assistant will jostle for every town, village and shopping center in the two provinces for the next 4years.

Anonymous said...

Kweli kuna vituko kanisani ...not just in central province!

Pastor wipes off sweat with panties

Published on
By Robert Nyasato

A pastor caused a stir when he removed a woman’s panties from his pocket and used it to wipe sweat from his face in the middle of a sermon.

Apparently the man of the cloth thought he was wiping out a handkerchief to clear his forehead of sweat as he preached under a blazing sun.

The incident, which occurred during a lunch hour sermon at a popular open-air church in Kisii town, confounded worshippers who were later seen discussing their pastor in groups.

It later emerged that the pastor, who is married with one child, had spent the previous night with a member of his congregation after lying to his wife that he was attending nightlong prayers popularly known as kesha in the town and would, therefore, be away from home.

The woman is married and her husband works in Nairobi.

It is suspected that after spending the night in the woman’s house, the pastor was leaving hurriedly in the wee hours when he pocketed his lover’s underwear thinking it was his handkerchief.

But his adulterous adventures caught up with him while delivering the lunchtime sermon before a huge gathering when he wiped out the ‘handkerchief’ to the utter shock of believers.

"One of the faithful walked straight to the pulpit and alerted him about the mistake upon which he quickly returned the underwear into his pocket. But it was too late as his wife was in attendance and had seen everything," Mr Martin Okoyo, who attended the session, told Crazy Monday.

The pastor cut short his sermon and retreated into the church building with his wife in tow. It was not immediately established what transpired between the two.

One of the churchgoers, Gladys Monyangi, a hawker in town said they are still waiting for word from the pastor over the issue.

The incident has been the talk of the town with bar patrons having a field day castigating religious leaders who preach water and drink wine.

Anonymous said...

Where is your story? If you don't have the capacity to digest information, please keep off.I can't actually see your point...apart from your usual hatred of anybody or information from Mt. Kenya region. You are really a tribalist. May shame rest on your head.

Anonymous said...

Raila to be circumised!!

Vikii said...

1.36, Raila is a trickster. He props other people up to face the knife but he himself is not man enough to do it. Dr. Oburu Oginga and Prof Olweny promised to do it next week. Jimmy Orengo and the other guys recounted the stories of their date with the knife. Where does Mr. Raila, the architect of the whole debate stand? Why the defeaning silence? I think it is even more manly, more courageous for him to lie about it than to look the other direction when fellow men pick up the gauntlet. He continues to typify the kind of cowardice that is shameful. And you guys call him someone we should fellow? Go to hell on one way tickets guys!

papa plus said...

You were doing so well with civility on this blog. it's a shame that it took another man's penis -Raila's in this case - to bring out your prejudice against ODM and Lous in particular. Shame, man, shame.

Raila is your prime minister too. Kibaki is your president. De Nile is a river in Egypt.

I will never understand the facination with Raila dick by some of us on this blog.

In the interest of full disclosure, nilishaenda jandoni many decades ago!

Anonymous said...

What is this obsession with circumcision all about in this forum? Can we address the issue of this post-Judge Krigler? Would you rather loose the foreskin and have smelly jigger infested feet and brown teeth? Mungikis be serious.

Vikii said...

Papa plus, first of all I love you. You are a nice pal. I also respect you--immensely.

Now, I am not fascinated or obsessed with Mr. Raila's pennis. I got mine too, a big one.

I am not the author of this story. This story is certainly not mine. I don't work and would NEVER work for the tabloid called Standard. I read them so I can challenge them, not so I can learn from them. They are so laughably partisan and narrow. I am not the person who introduced the story in this blog either. If we are so hurt by this story, we need to talk or write to those fellows at I&M. If we can't reach them, we should talk to Anon 1.36. My understanding of the blogging game is that you can respond to the author of a post or fellow contributors. Why anybody would choose to take on someone who is just reacting is beyond my comprehension.

Was Anon 1.36 wrong in introducing the story? Hell NO! Unless we are insecure. Circumcision is a worthy debate if we are true and serious in our fight against primitivism and HIV AIDS. RAila Odinga is a national leader. We are not talking about Anyang Nyong'o, Massoud Mwahima or Otieno Kajwang. We are talking about someone who nurses ambitions of being Kenya's President. When Bill Clinton felt he should be believed in his anti HIV Aids crusade, he took a test in Ghana. When our son, Barack wanted to save his people's lives, he and Michelle took a test in Nairobi. If Raila Odinga is truly courageous person,he should have have taken the cut. Letting junior officers LIE to us is cowardice. That is not leadership.

But then again, we are allowed to be partisan. We can be what we want, remember?

Taabu said...

You cannot go any lower, or can you? You have deliberately chosen to let your guard loose and bang you joined the masses.

So you said....When our son, Barack wanted to save his people's lives, he and Michelle took a test in Nairobi.......

Just check again if all that is FACTUAL or your resolve got masked by the drive to score. As Papa+ aptly tells you degenerating to matters of pendulum hanging between the lower limbs is too low. Look at it this way RAO chose not do atlk about his cut so what makes you think for him? He didn't have to do what Orengo and Nuyongo did. Remove the mask bro, will you?

Kwale said...

This circumcision thing is making headline everywhere:

One international herald reads "Two Assistant ministers in Kenya are to be circumcised"

Why is circumcision such a big issue in Kenya? It should be a one free choice whether to face the knife or not.
This is a personal matter that should not be dragged in the public. What good does it serve a nation if a leader is circumcised or not? I am circumised, but if I have a choice now I wouldn't do it. You behave as if is the dick that dictates you. We should leave this debate of dicks to women and let them decide what is good or not good.

Vikii said...

All I am asking is for people to put their money where their mouth is. Leadership is not about issuing decrees, it is about setting examples. But of course Raila is entitled to his right not to man up. That is his choice.

Taabu said...

Kwale VERY true that the cut is a personal choice. I may have had mine with a hacksaw but what the heck does it matter? More than 70% of male population in the worldhave their foreskins but kwetu it is a must and if not you don't belong.

Now you CHEEKY Kwale when you say that ee should leave this debate of dicks to women and let them decide what is good or not good, what do you mena to tell GAYS, ama you damn all the lot? Just curious.

Kwale said...

Taabu, I am not implying anything, all I know is dicks are meant for women (sorry if you are gay) but please don't drag me into homosexuality debate, again that's a personal choice. But majority of men prefer women talking about their __than men ever talking about it.

papa plus said...

I love you too man and I respect you. You put forth an erudite argument on your second post. That is the level of discourse that I expected from you. I know you are capable of attacking ODM, Raila or whatever topic in an educated manner. I was disappointed in the other post and felt compelled to call you on it.

My opinion here is that many young Luo parents are opting for their boys to get cut early and in hospital. The situation is dire with many Kenyans from the lake region dying from HIV AIDs. To that end I have to applaud anyone especially the older Luo men who come out and call a spade a spade. It would be even better if Raila decided to join his brother and get cut but it is a personal opinion on his part.

Anonymous said...

loathe as i maybe to indulge in this trivia, the (il)logics of it has me spinning

question folks, sometimes we get carried away by our own convictions and forget other factors

if the cut is being advocated to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS

give me an explanation as to why national leaders well past 50 years of age, "happily and faithfully married" to faithful spouses need to get the cut?

what is the message? are they admitting to extra-marital affairs? are they indirectly telling us that either they or their spouses are sleeping around? or are they preparing themselves for promiscuity? what message exactly are they intending to pass to the public?

sorry guys but am afraid we are running around in circles using one reason to justify another agenda.


papa plus said...


I think in this particular case the leaders are leading by example. Meaning they do not subscribe to "do as I say and not as I do" theory. Just a few minutes ago I was discussing this issue with one prominent Kenyan leader and we joked about said leaders offering photographic/medical evidence to prove they have been cut. But in all seriousness, we all agreed that these leaders have taken a bold step by going against cultural norms and they should be lauded.

Basically it comes down to the bottom line; saving lives by reducing the number of fatalities due to HIV AIDs by whatever means necessary and then worry about promiscuity and so on secondary. I just read that thousands of Luo men go to hospital to get the cut. That is a step forward. In any case, Obama came to Kenya and took the HIV test. Surely it doesn't mean that he was in the process or contemplating cheating/sleeping around on his wife, no?

Anonymous said...

papa plus

i hear you.

will let that rest


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