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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pattni: King of Industry, Master of Deception

The circus presently going on at Central Bank cannot be divorced from Kenya’s version of industry and hard work. CBK forms the nerve centre of all past and present mega scams and hence the need to sanitize it with the right officers in anticipation of unfavourable Majid Cockar’s verdict on Prof Joseph Ndungu. The stubborn and LAZY Mwatela must give way no matter the price for the RIGHT candidate at the helm of CBK.

That the Cockar commission is proving to be Goldernberg probe II with same cast of lawyers and clients but reversed loyalties is no surprise. You only ned to master Kenya’s unique script on how to work hard and remain industrious as other lazy bones cling to unbankable honesty clothed as principles.

Give it to one Kamlesh Pattni aka Paul. The smart Kenyan will go down in Kenyan history as the public face of grand corruption. And no amount of religious gymnastics appears to extricate Brother Paul from the intricate web of fraud spanning across decades. Pattni story epitomizes everything bad with Kenya. The more things change the more they remain the same or in our case degenerate to worse levels. Pattni made his hay when the sun was still up during the ruinous Moi ERROR when smart Biwott knew whom to use as fraud conduit.

You see more than five years since Moi vacated Kenya’s centre of power, Pattni is still fighting enmeshed in corruption with the new owners. Poor Kimunya must be cursing what hit him. While Amos is cooling his political heels in Siberia, Pattni is at his best spilling the beans on KACC and its director Aaron Ringera. The infamous dragon slayer couldn't have his name more besmirched. Justice Ringera is a living paradox. Otherwise how do you reconcile his penchant to waxes Shakespearian with everything to do with radical surgery while on the same breathe he fails to eradicate the heap of warts threatening to blind him.

Well, double standards can surely reign supreme especially if you are politically untouchable and and enjoying the right patronage. Ringera and his team of liars are so shameless they lie on camera and continue to shout from the rooftops about sins they have no intention to stop committing themselves.

Commercial conscience
We are ruled by scoundrels whose blurred vision can not illuminate anything outside their selfish spheres and schemes. All the complaints during Moi’s time must have been borne from jealousy with cries to inherit the reigns to power and the singular intention to perfect GRAND DECEPTION. No wonder they readily avoid challenges with a litany of commissions whose principal objective is to have crones feather their nests at our collective good while ridding on our short memory.

Granted, religion has been misused to whitewash unforgivable sins against humanity and Pattni has mastered the pulpit theatrics that preys into our emotions at the expense of our national good. The painful truth however is that behind every grand corrupt move driven by Pattni lurks the ruling class smiling all the way to the bank as they suck Kenya’s last drop of blood.

Leaves you wondering when Pattni goes as far as revealing April 9 as the date Ringera and Prof Ndungu granted him GLOBAL AMNESTY on surrendering Grand Regency whether the two gentlemen have any trace of conscience. But again within our borders conscience is not a commercial item worth investing in. You need lessons on industry to succeed and only few have compatible DNA.


Anonymous said...

Taaabu and his usual loud noise about what we all know. is Patni new to Kenyan corruption networks...hell no..
has Taabu (aka misery) told us in his long trash article filled with TRAUD AND DECEPTION anything new...hell no..
just the usual vomit that we are supposed to feed on every day and keep taabu and his kumekucha idle ilk boxing the wall week in week out.

wonder what happened to talking of current affairs well researched not copt paste articles from gutter magazines...

Taabu's Mistress

UrXlnc said...


appreciate your reminding us that this very sorry and thorny issue still exists and has never been resolved.

we need to find all these skeletons in the closet expose and bury them permanently by dealing with them conclusively.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

"....The stubborn and LAZY Mwatela must give way no matter the price for the RIGHT candidate at the helm of CBK....."

Your contention as above doesn't add up and is quite simply, simplistic. Mwatela was still deputy Governor when Mullei was replaced with Prof. Ndung'u and did not have to be removed in order to bring in Ndung'u. In any case, the likelihood of Ndung'u being removed is zilch. It has yet to be proved that he has done anything wrong and it is Orengo, Khalwale and Namwamba who should be investigated to find out their motives in telling lies about the GR saga as Orengo himself admitted last week.

Ajwang' said...

It was a sad day jana to see the Nation Media Group quote an unnamed high official saying Kibaki is annoyed with Mwatela. They can not sack the lady. That is the truth. Muthaura better knows that gone are the days he used to wield imense powers. They must also know that there are Kenyans who are clean and contented with their salaries.

Anonymous said...

sisi tumechoka na mambo ya pattni. wachana na hiyo maneno kabisa, FULLSTOP. who is not corrupt in this gnu?

Anonymous said...

Kimi said: "Mwatela was still deputy Governor when Mullei was replaced with Prof. Ndung'u and did not have to be removed in order to bring in Ndung'u"

Mullei's integrity was questioned and it may have been better for him to negotiate with the power brokers. No one has questioned the integrity of Mwatela so the above analogy does not wash.

Anonymous said...

Taabu's Mistress, 8.26 PM,

If you can't stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen!!!

And I really doubt if you're a woman... Perhaps a man in disguise, or is it vice versa?

Moreover, only dogs go back to (their) vomit. You aren't one, are you?

M-Pesa said...

What sort of a bastard kicks a woman when she's already down? step forward Francis Muthaura! This guy is surely a ruthless, schemeing and calculating S.O.B! If there was any justice in Kenya, Mwatela should have been the CBK governor while greedy Pattni should be rotting in Kamiti in solitary confinement.

The plan is simple, to kick brave Mwatela out so that cooking of books at CBK can hit crescendo thanks to a jumped up academic called Prof Ndung'u whose tenure has been riddled with scandals from right, left and centre.

Robert shaw who writes for the Daily Nation said on TV the other day that the Delarue and CBK tender scandal could rival Goldenberg. The joke is still on you and me while politicians trouser our hard earned cash thanks to proxies like Bro Paul and prof Ndung'u.

We may as well change our national anthem to that catchy P-square tune.."Do me..Do me!" coz we are being screwed from right, left and centre without a whimper while being forced to recite that "najivunia kuwa mkenya" nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Ajwang @ 12.21 AM,

It's good you've reminded us that Muthaura's immense powers are a shadow...

I just wanted to add (actually remind Muthaura) that Raila is his Boss and he should mark that. After all, he (Muthaura) is the one who introduced the one who introduced the Pecking Order issue.

72-year-old Muthaura should know that his antics will soon come to haunt him. Simply put, he will take a dose of his own medicine. That old GEMA stooge. Expired man.

Anonymous said...

1.41 AM,

"What sort of a bastard kicks a woman when she's already down? step forward Francis Muthaura! This guy is surely a ruthless, schemeing and calculating S.O.B! If there was any justice in Kenya, Mwatela should have been the CBK governor while greedy Pattni should be rotting in Kamiti in solitary confinement..."

A nice commentary, but coming from the one and only m-pesa, you'll agree with me, already dilutes the credibility of the reasoning. m-pesa, if only you blogged as anonymous, we'd have easily concurred with you.

After all you did it yesterday to make us think that someone else was in solidarity with you.

Anonymous said...

m-pesa, I hate you with a passion.

M-Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M-Pesa said...

"m-pesa, I hate you with a passion."

He he he..Boy! Looks like I touched some raw nerves somewhere.

But as Martin Luther's wife famously said....

“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”....

Lesson: Weka mzigo chini!

Anonymous said...

corruption is a rot to the kenyan GK bones only a complete amputation will cure

Anonymous said...

Taabu, what did you do to Kwale?

Kwale come back!!

JEFF said...


That Kenya's second name should be corruption is not debatable. And that we are stuck with this scourge for quite a while is also not in doubt. The corruption tentacles run deep, in such a way that detection in one area easily mutates and rears its head in another area. We thought that ODM is going to play it's rightful role of being the people's watchman but it seems they have been roped into the system and given smokescreens to chase in the form of the succession gravy train.

Anonymous said...

Taabu's Mistress

8:26 PM
The only gutter newspaper in Kenya in the Daily nation Kikuyu gutter press which Kibaki has share's in - and do we say??

the Daily nation gutter mpumbavu newspaper should be sold only in central province and to the niff niff diaspora kikuyu's who have no brains of their own and are lead by leash blindly by Kibaki and his rich cronies while struggling to send their relatives back in kenya money to survive..

and guess what the jobs this kibaki blind followers have abroad is mostly washing dishes, houses and cleaning old muzungu mavi.....poleni sana

Even Martha Karua has seen the light and is not following blindly anymore:):)

Anonymous said...

anon1:59 AM

You can't take the heat- get out- the crooks like you here on Kumekucha go down supporting your crooked brothers even Pattni is your brother in christ!!right...wewe shenzi sana. like it or not the true kenyans will weed out corrupt individuals like you and your kibaki coated with shiate cronies.

Anonymous said...

anon8:59 AM

called Jeff!!!

I totally disagree with you - if ODM was not in the coalition government today.. kenyans would not have heard about the

1.Grand Regency crooked under handed sale..
2. The Rift Valley Railways crooked corrupt saga
3. Anglo leasing return haunting the thieves
and many more crooked deals that are coming to light..
I guess you Jeff being the kikuyu that you are think other wise but it won't wash the crooks are shiating on themselves and the coalition government will only collapse if indeed the Mt.Kenya elite crooks are not brought to justice,.... watch and wait na mambo bado.....

Anonymous said...

Watch the most interesting Video of the weekend:) and they went to central province right in the middle and told them to forget 2012 Presidency.. what a day:):) and the central province kikuyu's said yes yes we have heard and the next President we support is Raila Odinga- this shouts come form the People of Mathira.... very smart of them to recognize and align themselves early..

UrXlnc said...

anon 9:47

i agree with you there are many scandals and you point out 1 to 3.

but if you read jeff's comment, he is agreeing with everyone that corruption is a problem and he is asking that ODM does not get sucked into the vortex. As others have pointed out, some ODM leaders are indeed tainted, that we cannot deny, our thrust at this point is not so much who is or is not tainted but that,
a) we cease engaging in the vice
b) support those trying to uphold integrity (such as Mwatela)
c) encourage those making efforts to stop the scourge i.e politicians exposing the corruption (whether themselves tainted or not) and other whistleblowers
d) press and demand that justice be served on all corruption cases (even if tried, prosecuted and executed by the severely tainted)
e) stop the executive and political warlords from interfering with and shielding criminals under the guise of perceived political or ethnic persecution

the idea is to bring the scourge under control, permanently, eventually all will be caught up with and justice served.

i would rather have a warlike politician or even the absolutely corrupt Ephraim Maina/Cyrus Jirongo pushing for reforms and enact policies that enhance or speed up prosecution of corruption in a year or two than continue for another 5 years for a total of 20+ years of an untainted but hopelessly inneffectual Amos Wako or hands off leadership of DE (duly elected).

we have to end this vicious cycle and web of corruption.

Anonymous said...

anon10:47 AM

I second you on all your points- I guess it is about time ordinary kenyans just like you and me stood up and demonstrated if need be to get the coalition to work..
Ask all members of parliament to report on since they coalition was formed?? what they have done for their constituencies and at large the people of kenyans who pay their salaries through taxes levied on them

So that the Ababu, Jirongo and Isaac Ruto's and the rest of the back benchers! can tell us how they can afford to keep flying all over kenya with the salaries we as kenyans pay them when in fact in their own constituencies people are starving and nobody is high lighting their plights let alone the same MP's whom they voted in.. and empty food plate is an empty plate if one can't feed their families and yet the watch their MP's flying all over the country issuing ultimatums ?? why not use that Money that they hire the helicopters with to buy some maize and beans for their constituencies?? and instead use the way of media or internet to get their points on the grand opposition out?? do they have to fly all over?? at a high price while their people are starving??

Vikii said...

Very interesting opinions these ones.

Anonymous said...

Ha!ha!! this is funny:) ati kila mutu ni mukubwa says Kiraitu Murungi

Anonymous said...

PNU recruitment drive fails:) ati what??

Anonymous said...

Agriculture Minister William Ruto rejects sugar gift from Nzoia sugar factory...Management
this is very good- a lesson to all MP's and Ministers who like free goodies from Companies and individual kenyans.

this is indeed hilarious:)

Rafiki said...

Taabu: Excellent, can we now put Pattni in a museum with your subtitle "King of Industry, Master of Deception". Or should it be "Industry of Kings, Deception of Masters"?

Anonymous said...

Anyone sees a pattern in this?

1. PNU inawenyewe and yet Wekesa seems to be fighting like this is his personal property.

2. Illiterate Livondo was recruited to 'keep Raila busy ( as if) in Lang'ata.

3. Jirongo and Ababu are busy fighting some people's wars.

Jameni, ni observation tu.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:40

yes that is quite a joke

according to this article

“They say PNU is President Kibaki’s party and there is no need of joining a party whose leader will not be contesting the elections,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Aborted tryst that forced a man to accept the ‘cut’

A man in Bureti District got the shock of his life recently when he visited his favourite bar at the district headquarters after receiving his monthly tea payment.

After enjoying a fair amount of a blend of the local brew and cheap liquor in the company of a well-known commercial worker in the town, the two retired to a room upstairs for more intimate business.

But after a short while, noises reached the bar from the room. The people in the bar and those occupying adjacent rooms rushed there to find out what was wrong.

They were stunned to find a half-naked woman standing at the door. She was shouting and hurling insults at a young man sitting on a bed. The man looked distressed and was tongue-tied.

The cause of fracas soon became clear. The woman declared that she could never sleep with a ‘ng’etai’ (uncircumcised boy).

"Siwezi nikalala na mtu ambaye hajatahiri (I cannot sleep with an uncircumcised person)

"Huyu ni kijana ambaye hajui lolote na anahitaji kutahiri kwanza ili aweze kuelewa vile mambo inafanywa. (This is an inexperienced boy who needs to be circumcised to understand how things are done)."

The man, who claimed to have paid the woman Sh2,000 for her services, demanded his money back.

"If you have decided to leave me then let me have my hard-earned money back," the distressed man shouted at her. But the woman refused, retorting in a stern voice:

"Siyo makosa yangu! Ni makosa yako. Labda nitarudisha pesa zako baada ya kutahiri. (It is not my fault but yours. I will probably give back your money after you get circumcised)."

The lady seemed to have been aware of recent findings on the HIV/Aids prevalence among uncircumcised men.

"Hawa watu wanaweza kupatia mtu ukimwi rahisi. Siwezi tena kulala na watu kama hao hata nini ifanyike," she declared. (Such men can infect you. I will never again sleep with them.)

After the incident there were speculation about how the woman had discovered that the man was uncircumcised.

"It is unbelievable," a curious woman declared. "How did she know that he was not circumcised?"

"This woman must be a real expert or how else would one discover such secrets?" another posited.

As the crowd of spectators swelled, neighbours from his village could not hide their joy. They said that at long last the village’s disgrace had finally met its match.

They revealed that the man had long rejected efforts by elders to persuade him to face the knife.

All their pleas had fallen in deaf ears. "This man has always avoided the cut and sought refuge in town when the time for boys to undergo the rite, usually in December, approached, even after threats of being treated as an outcast," a relative to the man said.

Many in his village now believe that his humiliating experience would finally force him to get circumcised.

Word went around quickly in his village about what had happened to the man in town. Villagers celebrated after receiving the news.

face the knife

True to predictions, the encounter did change the man. He has promised to unconditionally face the knife and has even requested to be circumcised. However, custom does not allow such an adjustment and he has to await December with the rest.

The man is currently nursing his damaged ego and has vowed never to visit the town until after he has been ‘promoted.’

Web Link:

Kimi Raikkonen said...

anon @ 1.25am. You just don't get it do you? When Mullei's integrity was questioned, Mwatela was still deputy Governor and she was not promoted. Mullei was removed in spite of Mwatela being around as the potential next Governor. What is different now that "she must give way" according to Taabu?
You really need to keenly follow step by step the true story of the GR saga. That is why i am telling you Ndung'u will be exonerated, and so will Kimunya. What will emerge is the obvious malice and spite in Orengo, Khalwale and Namwamba's role in persecuting both Ndungu and Orengo, which is not surprising in itself as it is part of the ODM DNA. Orengo has already admitted to telling lies during questioning at the Cockar commission under questioning by both Prof.Githu and lawyer Stephen Mwenesi. This is spectacularly in contrast to his self righteous posturing as an infallible member of the laughably incompetent and partisan Raila cabinet committee formed by Raila himself to ostensibly investigate the same. Never mind that natural justice dictates that an accuser cannot also be an investigator and prosecutor.
It then follows that one must ask what else Orengo lied about? Off the top of my head, he lied about the value of the GR when he claimed, without facts, that the hotel should have been sold for 7.5b, not 2.9b. When he made this claim, did he not think there would be serious long term consequences, such as how ODM has now lost credibility and is raising questions over every other claim they have made, such as that the General Election was rigged, but Kriegler thinks otherwise? Talk about crying wolf every other day, until nobody believes you anymore.

Anonymous said...

Kimi, how competent is and has been the Kibaki government?? I like the way all of you like calling Raila's name whenever there is a problem in Kenya. When will Mungikis learn that you are your worst enemies and not Raila?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha a good point. Can Mungikis ask themselves why all kenyans hate them??

Anonymous said...

It started with ODM seeking for "haki yetu", then Mungiki and School children followed thereafter, now we have church using stones to get haki yao. Jameni Kenya is a violent nation.

watch this youtube link, I couldn't help to laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...


MORE than 600,000 ILLEGAL immigrants are to be allowed to STAY in Britain, thanks to a secret UK government amnesty.

Anonymous said...


hold on there brother, did you say 'Talk about crying wolf every other day, until nobody believes you anymore'?

ODM morons are like sheep, they move in a herd and will believe everything you say as long as you have 'deity mollasses blessings'

the likes of phil, sam okello, urxlnc and Taabu here are just puppets of the ODM masters. don't you see the way they jump all over themselves defending the rot in ODM? reminds me of the 'kubafu, mafi ya kuku insults'
they befit them

Anonymous said...

Is Kumekucha dead?! Same old post for days and days. We used to have 2-3 post in a day but now we only have 2 posts in a week.

Is Chris still alive or he is dead?

Anonymous said...

3:39 AM
Darling Kumpavu mavi ya kuku is your Kibaki and PNU and the Mt. kenya elite and central province goons that follow blindly even when their own IDP's are homeless and going hungry??
Surely How foolish can central province lesotho people be?? supporting Kibaki, Uhuru and cronies who own big stolen chunks of land from the kenyan people through Kenyatta and crooked deals!
while most of their kikuyu IDP's are landless and homeless out there begging for crumbs and yet Kibaki and Uhuru feed their cows sheep and goats pure healthy maize, and potato's I hear even their farm dogs eat goat meat??

Hawa watu wa central (PNU-Goons) ni washenzi sana- let them keep following and licking their leaders asses mindlessly since they have no brains to think for themselves:):)

Anonymous said...

Mungiki5:47 AM

jinga wewe is that what you wish for?? mungiki punda wewe....

too bad you can't get rid of him like you did with the Naivasha and Nakuru innocent Kenyans and allowed Kibaki to birth your own tribesmen in Eldoret church with the Help of Moi.. just to stay in Statehouse.

nyinyi central province shenzi sana

Anonymous said...

About "Pattni: King of Industry, Master of Deception"

Most of the Mediocrity, Nonsense, Corruption etc In Kenya has been happening because the country has had and still has Pumbavu leadership from it's President. Read the following article by Koigi Wa Wamwere written in the Sunday standard of Sept 14th '08:

Kibaki’s five cardinal sins and how history will judge him harshly

By Koigi Wa Wamwere

When leaders hoist themselves to the highest perch of power – the Presidency – they expose themselves to public scrutiny and judgement. When Kenyans fail to acknowledge their leaders’ failures, they do so at their own peril and pay dearly for the services those leaders fail to deliver.

What then will history say about President Kibaki? It will not say he was a great leader. It will say he had five cardinal failures.

Kibaki’s supporters have always denied his cardinal sin of cowardice but posterity will judge him most harshly for his recent criminal failure to protect thousands of Kenyans who were killed and displaced in the worst ethnic fighting in our history.

Kibaki is guilty because Government intelligence services informed him of who was planning war, where and against who but did nothing to protect innocent Kenyans who ended up dead or displaced. For his omission, he is as guilty of war as its perpetrators.

Kibaki’s second cardinal sin is that throughout his life, he has never fought for the freedom he has never hesitated to enjoy. Indeed, posterity will remember him most for equating fighting dictatorship with the madness of felling a fig tree with a razor blade.

But fighting for freedom means sacrificing and Kibaki has never sacrificed for any cause, person or even self. Despite his lack of gratitude, others have always sacrificed for him.

Kibaki’s third cardinal sin is his failure to acknowledge, thank and compensate freedom fighters or even those who have fought and sacrificed for him. Like one who has never heard that when a cow suffers injury in the pastures, it drags itself home for assistance, when freedom fighters and their families turn to him for acknowledgement and support, he looks the other way.

Without being taken to court, Kibaki’s government has refused to acknowledge, thank, compensate and apologise to freedom fighters for all the pain and ruin they suffered with their families.

By failing to compensate freedom fighters, Kibaki’s fourth cardinal sin has been perpetuation of past injustices like corruption and ruin of freedom fighters. Mau Mau freedom fighters who lost land remain landless.

Fighters for second liberation who lost their jobs and incomes remain destitute, hungry and sick. The State will pay them neither compensation nor pensions. Even their children lack employment because their parents could not educate them from graves or prisons.

The fifth cardinal sin of Kibaki comes to mind when you read about Italy’s recent paying Libya $5 billion for colonialism or Germany’s earlier compensation to Jews for holocaust.

Unlike Gaddafi, Kibaki has failed to stand up to Britain for Kenya and demand both apology and compensation for colonialism, Mau Mau brutalities and wars of colonial conquest. Instead, like Kenyatta and Moi before him, Kibaki bows to Britain as if by colonising and robbing us, she did us a favour.

But many Kenyans share Kibaki’s guilt. We ("this "we" refers to all the panua supporters who blindly voted for kibaki") supported and voted for his presidency, despite our clear knowledge of his weaknesses. Kenya must never fail with another leader the way it failed with Kibaki and Moi.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.54

How dare you reply to my comment, was I addressing to you?

You sick pervert, you are the only sicko in this blog. Your notorious insults on other people are well documented.

You nothing but a sick bastard and if I get hold of you I would administer a forceful circumcision on you, stick a plunger up in your ass and flush you out.

Go to hell!!!

Anonymous said...

Mungiki shenzi sana7:31 AM

You fool domo bure sana! You think you can threaten other tribes?? go circumcise your kikuyu women who you commit incest with they are all rotten ati what!! you are a filthy tribe and should be banished from kenya mungiki shiate... incest filled mavi ya kuku nyinyi- if i found you I WOULD CUT OFF YOUR INCEST FILLED D---CK YOU SHAMELESS SKUNK...
keep off other tribes and your hate will not help your kikuyu incest tribe or kibaki in statehouse he has Alzheimer - mzee ame kwisha he can't even recall his own dick.. shenzi wewe.

Anonymous said...

Let mungikis clear their jigger infested feet and brown teeth before talking about circumcising others!

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