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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keep the US Visa to Yourself, Paradise is Here

Martha Karua at the height of January’s political heat couldn’t have put it more poignantly-NO NEED TO SECURE VISA, PARADISE IS HERE. So Uncle Sam Kivuitu should take heart and call the US bluff in denying him visa. If anything his deputy Kihara Mutuu had eaten from the same plate of denial. So where does that leave us Kenyans and our mentality of MOVE ON while the fundamentals of all our institutions are left to go the dogs?

It appears we are condemned to the big brother curse. With no trace or element of shame we have to wait to be pushed off the chair and start crying wolf in mother tongue for sympathy even when the sins we commit are bloody red. Please do not insult the ears with the deceptive mantra of innocent till proved guilty since conscience need no trial.

Mbeki’s resignation as SA president may have been a classic political revenge from his hitherto comrades whom he betrayed. But just like Mandela before him, he has proved that he is cut from a different political fabric compared to other African despots masquerading as custodians of their countries’ interests with every scheme plotted to auction everything within their borders.

Guillotine is here
We may conveniently choose to run from the truth and reality with the selfish MOVE ON sermon but we can hide from the hole we dug ourselves into. Thank God for small mercies doled in big brother. True there is no free lunch. The international community will not sit pretty as our so-called leaders impunity to a different level exclusively for their interests. Well, the predictable rants about neo-colonialism will definitely flood our shores but that won’t let the powers that be blink.

Kumekucha may have asked in jest the price of stealing elections. Well, the truth is that the zeroes to the right will make Zimbabwe’s inflation rate look like numerical decorations before the decimal points. The cost is huge and the perpetrators are hellbent on recouping their investments in the shortest time possible. Thanks to mother nature which works in mysterious. Now pirates have blown the cover of our own arm dealers.

The political scoundrels ran with the hounds and must now suffer the wrath of fleas. They may run but will never hide forever. It is a small world and payback time is nigh. The axe will not spare any guilty scalp and like the guillotine ECK is having its head on the chopping block. Who is next?


Anonymous said...

ECK officials deserve to be hanged like saddam Hussien - the accepted bribes to steal elections for kibaki..there is proof that Kiviutu was paid some $millions for what he did and the rest of the officials were paid sh 5 million each to change the results... look how many innocent Kenyans died because of the ECK officers greed?? they deserve to be all 6ft under like all the Kenyans that died .....period
Ati Kiviutu wants to fly out to check on his money??? shenzi yeye- I hope all his off shore accounts have been frozen-

papa plus said...


I agree with you in theory. Am also a proponent of MOVING ON from the last elections. I think we are talking about the same thing. I don't mean move on from the horrible evils bedeviling us; but rather moving on from the fighting about who won or who stole on to what are we going to do about it. Ranting and raving about it will not suffice.

Let's talk about what actions we can take to rectify these issues. Yes, hanging Kivuitu and ECK is a good idea but how do we go about it?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Stone them!!! How much did Kivuitu get from PNU to declare that Kibaki won the elections??? and then change his mind that he is not sure who won the elections? ECK officials should be lined up... say at Nyayo stadium and stonned. Greed greed and greed!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Martha Karua's paradise is with Father Dominic Wamugunda in Kenya!! ha ha ha!! Aspiring President of the Republic of Kenya!! What a shame!

Anonymous said...

A curse is a curse, and Kiviutu is part and parcel of the curse. Many innocent lives were wasted because of his actions and those of other ECK officers with blood stained minds. May adenocarcinoma, lymphoma, colon cancer, rectal cancer and cerebral aneurysm be Kiviutu and ECK officers' constant companions until the day they all die. A curse is a curse, and its on them 24/7. Let Kiviutu MOVE ON from our midst and retire into a hellish existence. May Ezekia Oyugi's fate befall Kiviutu and ECK goons.

Anonymous said...


I think you have misinterpreted the call of MOVE ON.

As I understand it, people are asking that some ODMers abandon and move on from the mentality of raping and murdering neighbours because they voted differently. You may not know, by looking at the people who hang around you, that there is an overwhelming desire among Kenyans that the post-elections arsonists, rapists, and murderers move on away from this barbarism. Is this asking too much?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Gilbert Deya after his fundraising efforts for ODM.I mean its so long since we last heard about him and his 'ingenious' money making schemes.Anybody know how he is faring?Just curious!!

Anonymous said...

Phil, in July did you say the reason kibaki was unable to go to London with Raila was because he was blacklisted on visa ban? Was he then not blacklisted to US. He was there just last week and he met official from the govt. Are you ashamed by your child-like journalism? it is this kind of journalism that has made Kumekucha a stupid blog where stupid people come to waste their time. who can take KK seriously?

E-Cop said...

Kenya is no paradise,and if Mbeki thought he was making heaven on earth in Africa he was dead wrong-foolish continent leaders are wondering why he did not just share power with Zuma or better yet change the constitution ala Yoweri and Obasanjo's attempt
You can only be lifted by somebody who is higer than you-the truth is the international community are on a different level thats why they are called donors not partners- we need them not vice versa
the hypocrisy lies in the fact that when things go sour for our dishonourables they chose exile not in Nyeri or Karachuony but in the very same countries they jibe with their paradise is here nonsense
where is Kwale to extol for us all the wonders of diaspora virtue?

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous said...
Phil, in July did you say the reason kibaki was unable to go to London with Raila was because he was blacklisted on visa ban? Was he then not blacklisted to US. He was there just last week and he met official from the govt. Are you ashamed by your child-like journalism? it is this kind of journalism that has made Kumekucha a stupid blog where stupid people come to waste their time. who can take KK seriously?

I am surely glad you have a memory to remember that your dury erected has sanctions and visa ban on his head. However, before your spewing your juvenile ignorance here, please be advised of the following facts:

Kibaki and his delegation were in New York for a United Nations function. Heads of State who are UN Members do not need VISAs to travel to UN conferences.

Secondly, Kibaki only met Secretary of State at his hotel suite. Like the Zimbabwean and Iranian presidents, the Kenyan president and much of his delegation were banned from travelling beyond 25 kilometers radius of the United nations HQS, which means he was unable to go to Washington, USA's political capital.

On the other hand, Raila was an invited state guest of the State Department in Washington during his visit there a few months ago. He was hosted there for several days.

Similarly, although Kibaki transitted through Europe during his travel to New York, he did not have the benefit of going anywhere beyond the transit lounges of the European airports. WHY? Lack of VISA. If you have travelled from Kenya to North America via Europe (Amsterdam, London, etc) transit time could well run into 12 hours. How does it feel for you as a Kenyan that someone you elected as president, a whole head of state to be sitting on those uncomfortable transit lounges for more than twelve hours (no bathroom facilities) etc etc.????

In contrast Raila was a guest of a the British government and addressed prestigious and exclusive conferences while in London and also was hosted by the British PM and No.10 Downing Street. Sadly, Kibaki can only tell us how many cans of sodas he had at Heathrow Airport.

In other words, going for a UN conference in New York does not necessarily mean one is holding a VISA on his/her passport. Neither does it mean that his election in legitimized.

Keep reading the blog and keep asking questions about those issues you wish clarified.

Anonymous said...

The devil altered election documents NOT ECK, so will you leave Kivuitu alone!

Anonymous said...

Phil, have you had your cut yet?

Don't leave it too late, it will hurt you more! We will allow you to take leave and have your thing sorted out. Aren't you lucky you can do it in hospital these days with pain relief. So go and do it now!!

Anonymous said...

Phil @2:46 AM, thanks for the clarification you have given these panua mongrels. They like mouthing a lot of lies and untruths to "justify" their "panua positions"

But knowing their FRAUDULENT nature, they sure will not stop their nonsense of FRAUD, DECEPTION, THEFT and their "MOVE ON" garbage.

This is for Anon 3:23 AM: Stop this obsession with other guys pricks. Mind your "own" which is this: Stop your STEALING, PROSTITUTING, CARJACKING, BANK ROBBING, CONNING and other FRAUDULENT WAYS OF LIFE.

Anonymous said...

Misery (Taabu) said..

'African despots masquerading as custodians of their countries’ interests with every scheme plotted to auction everything within their borders'

that reminds me of molasses raila financing killings, looting and rape just to get some pseudo 'executive'powers..ha haha ..the frog look alike dude can only order likes of Phil and Okello to get a CUT. and the morons just bite the bullet..bwa ha ha ha aha ah
mafi ya kuku kabisa

Anonymous said...

Going through the comments section of KK is like taking a walk in a mental asylum and listening to looneys trying to justify who's far more insane than the other only difference though is that in the asylum the looneys are on treatment unlike at KK where it only gets worse

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:53 AM, the truth has really HURT you, no wonder you have resorted to distorting the truth and hurling insults.

To you the truth will always hurt. Sorry, you will be hearing more of it in future. And by the way do read the comment by Anon 3:45 AM. It describes your ilk so accurately...
The real mavi ya kuku is you and your ilk... bwa ha ha ha aha ah...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:23 AM, why this obsession with other guys dicks? Kwani you are really yearning for him to "work on you" up you A** H***. You have a serious problem - a BIG one! There are other better places to direct the attention of your mind. Get your mind out of other guys pricks!

b-carotene said...

Given the bankruptcy of ideas and action re what next after Kriegler's ominous report, here's something to take us away, momentarily, from our painful pre-occupation with our local problems and our annoying inability to do anything but whine about them:

"US Africom has 'no hidden agenda'"


"US Africa command battles sceptics"

Kwale said...

Phil, who is Gordon Brown? Do you know he is the most unpopular British Prime Minister in history, worse than Jim Callaghan, who was forced to resign after "Winter of Discontent", a very turbulent period in British politics?
So you can imagine how bad Gordon Brown is. If the elections were to be held today in UK, Gordon Brown and the Labour Party would be wiped out completely, and here you are boasting your demi-god Raila Molasses met Gordon Brown. Two losers, maybe that what you are trying to imply?!
Unlike you and your ilk who worship politicians, British people loathe politicians with all their hearts. Politicians are regarded as geeks who no woman would like to date.

And by the way have you ever been to Heathrow Airport? FYI, there is a VIP Lounge, a first class comfort and luxury before your flight.

Anonymous said...

Kwale please leave your stupidity well, let me not be too harsh, "your persisitent laziness on matters intellectual" at the door...
You have baselessly argued your point on one man, Gordon Brown.
The problem with pnuer mongrels is the focus on an individual & not the institution.

Kwale, Phil refers to Gordon Brown as he is Britains' PRIME MINISTER. The most powerful political office in Britain. Pleeeease, understand that phil is not basing his argument on an individual, but the office (institution).
Erase & rewind, try again!!!

Kwale said...

Phil, do you like to know what else VIP lounge offers beside 1st class comfort and luxury?
They also provide a stress-free wait for the aircraft, and luxury services such as full massages by beautiful girls, gyms, spas and full buffet. So you can imagine the kind of service your duly elected president received.

Phil said...


Vipi mzee, ume amka?

I am referring in this case to the institution and not the individual. I do not care which individual is sitting at No.10 but I sure know he/she is leader of government sits at UN security council, a country which has nuclear weapons, a G7/G8 economy, a leading democratic state, an influential member of the UN, EU and community of nations.

Its paints a sad picture that because of poor politics, Kenya and its supposedly head of state ends up being embarrassed in issues as mundane as a VISA to visit EU or US.

He is no different from any of illegal immigrants or terrorist or those individuals who are denied entry and held in airport quarantine zones as a return deportation flight is awaited!

How sad. Trully sad.

papa plus said...

The Kenyan delegation had visas. Some of them went out of the 25 mile/kilometer radius of the UN. Hell, I was with them so I should know

Anonymous said...

papa +

the question is whether kibaki had a visa to go beyond his hotel room

the rest of the delegation does not matter.

according to kwale

kibaki was massaged in his luxury hotel room as well as at heathrow but could he travel to other places

Anonymous said...

in the meantime

cock-up commission mandate has been extended (yet again and again) for another thirty days

mutliple choice question

a) will kimunya, kinyua, kibaki and any other adversely mentioned be exonerated


b) will any other , kinyua, kimunya, kibaki be found totally innocent


c) will kibaki, kinyua, kimunya and any other be found to have acted in interest of kenyans


d) all of the above

only serious responses will be considered

Kwale said...


FYI, I am not a Mzee, I am very fit, charming, full of wit and dashingly good-looking young man. And before you start to get excited, am strictly straight, a ladies man.

That's said. To my understanding Kibaki was invited with Raila to London which he gladly turned down and decided to send his deputy Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, as he had other important things to attend to at home. One thing you have to note, Kibaki is not a show man unlike Raila, he doesn't like limelight or any kind of publicity. You wonder why he like going to China, because in China you don't get that much publicity.

Anonymous said...

anon12:09 AM
Yup with Kibaki's mungiki soldiers gang raping and beheading innocent kenyans in Nakuru, Naivasha and burning their own tribes folks in Eldoret church so that to confuse the nation and remove the spotlight on kibaki's rigging and hurried swearing in as the illegitimate senile president.. then yes these kibaki hooligans and murderers should move back to central kikuyu lesotho.

Anonymous said...

anon1:56 AM
The USA was not romancing kibaki on this trip... sources confirm he was being grilled on his supporting arms shipment for South Sudan....


stop beating your chest the USA ain't happy with Kibaki.....(senile kibaki is in big shiate)

Anonymous said...

anon mungiki d---k3:53 AM

It is good that you have clarified what you exactly did to innocent kenyans- and using other people to hide behind facts.. we know you as mungiki murderous - were paid by Kibaki and his cronies to shoot, behead, burn innocent kenyans and when the case appear in Hague one can have a pick from anyone around the world to be a witness since some of your mungiki killings were done live on national and international media. mpumbavu wewe...shenzi type.

Anonymous said...

anon6:32 AM

I have never heard of any President waiting in any Country in VIP lounges for 12 hours??

are you have real or you have a very thick skull or you are just naive and can't stand facts???POLE SANA

Anonymous said...

Please confirm what you were wearing?? if indeed you were in our delegation. I was one of the delegation members and we went nowhere?? why the lies on here??

Anonymous said...

anon6:58 AM
Stop lying kibaki was not invited to London.. go to the Website of house of commons and or Britain foreign affairs- at the time they only mentioned an invitation to Raila..

So yet again you peddle the usual propaganda and lies on here?? why am I not surprised?? lies for kibaki followers is like a second skin... thieving and lying is what you all survive on.. jinga sana

Kwale said...

Anon 7:38,7:41,7:49,7:52,7:53,7:57,
I don't have time for Schizophrenic like you. You don't contribute anything to this blog despite your many many comments. All you know is to insult people. I hate to imagine how you look like. Obviously you are a very disturbed human being, and a complete waste of space in this world. Gunia ya takataka wewe!!
go to hell!!

E-Cop said...

Tell them Kwale-your opinions in this blog are not to be trashed they offer all and sundry a wity outlook on life from Britain; yours is truly a breath of fresh air like a beautiful girl in a massage parlour at Heathrow
Be that as it may who said in China you don't get publicity?i hope you're not referring to their Govt controlled media, something which our own Govt. tried to pull on us twice recently with Arturs and Election results
please get it right bro-if nothing is heard from Kibaki when he goes to China they probably killed him and buried his body minus head-china is the largest prison for journalists

Anonymous said...

anon8:17 AM

ha!!ha!! some bloggers have caught you in you lies! and now you come out abusing them??? so who is the gunia ?? hey stop licking kibaki ass blindly and grow up! I hate to think you are a Kenyan but yet again you are a central province thieving goon... so I guess kibaki used to call you guys Mpumbavu mavi ya kuku:)

Anonymous said...

See what I meant earlier.....baying at the moon.....!!!?

Anonymous said...


I HOPE THIS KIBAKI CONTROLLED POLICE FORCE GET HOLD OF SOME OF YOUR RELATIVES AND DO AWAY WITH THEM..... you think your family is indispensable?? just because you boot lick kibaki?? think again....

Kenyan Police Behind Extra-Judicial Killings

KHRC ACCUSES : Kenyan police behind hundreds of extra-judicial killings and disappearances

Some of the key findings drawn from the KNCHR´s investigations and the whistle blower´s account are:

a) That the evidence gathered by the KNCHR establishes patterns of conduct by the Kenya Police that may constitute crimes against humanity.

b) That extra-judicial executions and other brutal acts of extreme cruelty have been perpetrated by the Police against so-called Mungiki adherents and that these acts may have been committed pursuant to official policy sanctioned by the political leadership, the Police Commissioner and top police commanders.

c) That whereas initially the police mainly used firearms to execute the suspects, they subsequently changed their modus operandi and have since been using such methods as strangulation, drowning, mutilation and bludgeoning. The change of strategy was to make members of the public believe that rival Mungiki gangs are responsible for the killings. As such, the cause of death for majority of the latest victims has been blunt trauma, strangulation, drowning or mutilation using sharp objects as illustrated by post-mortem reports attached hereinafter (Refer to Annex 3). Several witnesses told the KNCHR that the killer squads carry machetes, iron bars, ropes and other crude weapons in their vehicles.

d) That the police spokesperson Mr. Eric Kiraithe has severally attributed the wave of killings to rival Mungiki gangs. He claims that there is a schism within the Mungiki movement pitting Maina Njenga and Ndura Waruinge. Could this be a ploy to divert public attention and conceal the grotesque illegal conduct of the police?

e) That the disappearances and extra-judicial killings heightened following public statements made by top government officials suggesting an official policy to ruthlessly deal with suspected Mungiki members and other criminals. During Madaraka day celebrations on 1/6/07, President Mwai Kibaki warned that Mungiki sect members should expect no mercy. Two days later, on 3/6/07, about three hundred suspected Mungiki members were arrested and at least twenty killed when they were reportedly caught administering oaths to recruits.

After this incident, Michuki publicly remarked that 'Tutawanyorosha na tutawamaliza. Hata wenye wameshikwa kwa kuhusiana na mauaji ya hivi majuzi, siwezi nikakwambia wako wapi leo. Nyinyi tu mtakuwa mkisikia mazishi ya fulani ni ya kesho.' (We will pulverize and finish them off. Even those arrested over the recent killings, I cannot tell you where they are today. What you will certainly hear is that so and so's burial is tomorrow).

f) That on 20/9/07, the then Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon Raphael Tuju, during the 'Loius Otieno on the Road' program on Citizen TV, said that ´For the past few months, up to 400 people were killed because they were Mungiki´. The KNCHR has the TV clip of Minister Tuju making the admission, which was transmitted live.

g) That these acts were ordered, directed or coordinated by the top leadership of the Kenya Police acting jointly with a common purpose.

h) That by the time of compiling this report, the KNCHR has compiled at least three hundred names of persons who have either been killed or disappeared. Additionally, there are at least two hundred other persons whose identity the KNCHR was unable to establish since they were merely booked in mortuaries as unknown. Many of these bodies were subsequently disposed by the respective mortuary authorities after they remained unclaimed by their relatives for long.

i) That the KNCHR continues to receive complaints from families of persons who have disappeared including allegations of people arrested by police and who have not been heard of since the date of arrest. Even more worrying is the anecdotal evidence KNCHR continues to gather where persons arrested by police have later turned up dead in mortuaries.

j) That the Kenya Police appears responsible for the abduction and killing of Kimani Ruo who was arrested outside Nairobi Law Courts in June 2007 moments after he was acquitted by the court for charges of being a member of Mungiki. They are further culpable in the killing of the wife and driver to the jailed Mungiki leader, Maina Njenga and two key Mungiki leaders, Ndungu'u Wagacha (Acting Chairman) and Naftali Irungu (National Treasurer).

k) That the police officers responsible for these executions were either rewarded by the Police Commissioner with cash hand outs, promotions and vehicles appropriated from executed Mungiki suspects.

l) That several police officers have also been executed so as not to expose the criminal activities of the specialized police units.

m) That the police may be involved in an extortion racket where they take ATM cards from suspects and force them to disclose their PIN numbers and then withdraw money from the suspects' bank accounts after killing them.

n) That the specialized police squads responsible for executions reportedly use vehicles from Romeo Tours and Safaris company believed to be owned or associated to a senior police officer. The vehicles are reportedly fitted with fake registration plates apparently to conceal their identity.

*Based on the KNCHR report itself, this article has been edited and prepared for publication here by HRHF / Niels Jacob Harbitz.

Kwale said...

Anon 8:42,
You see what I mean, the same sorry ass! You belong to hell you tard of shit!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kibaki attended a State dinner in his honour at the invitation of George Bush, so enough of the crap talk that he only attended a UN function. Kibaki is officially back in the International arena "na amekalia kiti sawasawa na matako mbili".

ODMers should explain what Raila was doing showing off a picture of himself with Barack obama last year at the JKIA VIP lounge while dressed in some outrageous, green pajama like threads(if not shreds!). What was that all about? Did he think that nobody would believe that he had met Obama? What was with the dumb clothes? Was he moonlighting as a clown in the some US town? How do you wear checkered, dark green clothes when you are as black as night? This is the kind of "Ushamba" many of us who distrust him dislike.

Anonymous said...


I bet in real life you are much thicker than your writing portrays.

Anonymous said...

kwale says

kibaki is not a show man


he has nothing to show and is dismally aware so. its his supporters that try to make a showman out of him and fall flat on their faces.

so he goes to china so that he cannot be seen. who is he hiding from or is it that he wants to do things (mega corrupt deals) in hiding.

if he cannot do things in public why did he stand for presidency which behoves the person to be highly visible. why didnt he just continue doing his business quietly (minding his shamba) in nyeri. how do you step up to an actors position then claim you dont act?

kweli maajabu tu

kalamari said...

Kimi, in matters of international fashion, your inability to identify a good suit permanently hangs you in Lucy Kibaki’s closet…….yes gal, the one filled with dull colored faded jump suits, scandalous horse hair wigs and outrageously hideous lamp shade hats. You see, a green checkered suit worn by a man of dark complexion is indeed considered debonair along the streets of high fashion in Paris, Milan and NY. What you see as shreds is really intentionally aged expensive fabric. It is this type of suit that a house fly cannot land on.

Anonymous said...



and hence the expression "looking so fly"

Mr T said...

MAN, You guys are still here talkin of sijui stolen elections, sijui PNU ODM, Kivuitu?
Apart from KWALE, the rest of you are all clowns!! I mean, it's freakin 10 months later, the country has moved on, Raila has moved on, he got his, have u ?
Phil just strikes me as a loner in life, he was prolly a geek in high school, shy and unattractive and not able to lay game, he needs to get laid to release his frustrations.
People are trying to move on and educate their kids, take care and provide for their families, Ruto is streamlining the agricukture sector, Raila is handling his duties of PM exceptionally well,The roads are being built, we have 2 new Telecom operators , Fiber optic is coming soon, Michuki doing a good job at treasury and u bafoons are still here talkin bout sijui PNU. ODM Kibaki not havinga VISA?
lol..y'all make me laugh, clowns kabisa,....Kibaki don't give F**! about it, neither does Raila
move on wi ur lives you lazy wanna be journalists

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 9.57am. Would you like a job as a comedian? Don't try so hard.
Kalamari, the only guys who wear green suits in Milan are blue black Sudanese refugees, NEVER Italians and others who have their brains switched on. Please don't insult the likes of Natazzi, Galante, Carreli, Canali, Tiglio, Rossetti, Manzoni etc who will NEVER EVER make green cotton(!) suits, only super 120 to super 150 100% wool, silky soft and supple suits, in grey, blue, black, brown, charcoal grey suits etc. Green suits are only worn by ignorant niggers in New York and Detroit. Now why ain't i surprised that you share the same ghastly tastes?

Anonymous said...

THESE Thugs in the name of ECK officials dont deserve any visa to anywhere. The US should deny them and all their relatives entry visa.

Together with Mwizi Kafaki, they are in charge of many innocent deaths of their country men and women.

The money given to them as a bribe by the vote thieves is enough. EU should not spend any cent on these white-collar rapists. The EU must know that they are negotiating with dangerous terrorists who dont care about the welfare of Kenyans. The next generation of ECK thugs will organize themselves, if EU pay Kiviuti and his devil team.

E-Cop said...

Kalamari stop being an ignorant nigger and wear Kaunda suit-clothes maketh a man thats why standing orders have been revised to allow for african attire in the 10th parliament. if all MPs dressed as Nyerere did Kenya would not be in this mess-its never too late though, peace studies are now underway in 8-4-4 and the language is love "give me a hug dude"

meanwhile houseflies are reportedly landing on SOUP amid protest from SUITS

Anonymous said...

12:12 p.m aka mr. t
The Gospel of "Move on" was preached (in vain) in the previous post.

C'mon your just "enjoying false peace" If only human beings didn't settle for so little, sigh...where would we be, where would Kenya be?
But Kenyans can't answer that question because the opportunity was stolen from them. You totally missed it dude, it's about THE KENYANS not Ruto, Raila, Kibaki or a far-fetched Kwale, lol
Until Kenyans get what they rightfully deserve, we the Kenyans ARE NOT MOVING ON!!!

papa plus said...

Kwale, Kwale, Kwale...calm down man. Here is a recipe for anyone who has neither the sense nor the guts to create a monikar by which others may identify him/her but would settle for anon x:x am/pm while baiting and hauling insults:

ignore them!

Some anonymous imbecile is questioning what I was wearing as he too was part of the delegation and I guess it was his duty to know the whereabouts of all the delegation members in NY. I will indulge this one;

I was wearing a Cameroun national jersey and DKNY blue jeans with Nike Shox. Underneath I had on black Haines boxer briefs and white nike ankle socks. I also had a blue Levi collectors jacket.

Mr T said...

ANNON @ 2:51 PM

I only have a few words for you, courteousy of Ludacris, If you're not moving on and opt to stay put,
the what comes to my mind is his song "MOVE BITCH, get out the way, get out the way bitch get out the way!

while still whining and complaining we'll be working and getting ours,

Anonymous said...

You mean atfer all they did they are still asking to be paid an equivalent of their salaries for the remainder of their term? This is outrageous! Even kidnappers ask for ransom before they kill, but these goons? You cannot ask for ransom after killing the victim.

And for Judas Iscariot, the man is living in denial. How can he say KENYANS are demonizing individuals, yet he concurs that the systems are weak? Aren't the same individuals (sitting pretty @ ECK) the ones who weakened the systems? Aren't they the same people who drew hefty perks to travel overseas in stead of acquiring technology that would have helped to catch the ugly son-of-a-bitch stealing our votes?

Kenyans cannot afford to pay killers anymore. And now that Visa bans have been imposed on them, other countries should follow suit. Even Kenya should ban the 22 from living within Kenyan borders. Perhaps they should try Uganda.

Anonymous said...

Mr t i agree wit ya. Bt let the dreamers hold unto their illusions. Sweet dreams fellas. 2012 is beconing n ya b caught unawares. Ya can scream n post in bold nobody cares bt the fact remain ubako is prezzo n nobody can tunya him.

Kwale said...

Papa plus,

I am not worried about these wankers here, but they need to be put in their rightful place.

If you haven't noticed, it is the same schizophrenic that asked you what you were wearing at the delegation. I have been here for 7 months now and I know the writing style of this nutter. He, (I believe is a he) says always "I was there" in all occasions, but I doubt if even knows where the toilet is. If you look at the next post, it is the same idiot all the way through the comments, using anon. It's only Kenya that can produce such a waster in life.

Anonymous said...

Kenya is a banana republic i rest my case!

ajwang said...


It is out of order to insult blak people. Most of us are pitch black and proud of it. You need prayers to overcome self-hate and inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

Mr. t,
Are you serious? LUDACRIS!!
Anon @2:51 p.m has offered quite a reasonable argument why moving on isn't a viable option in Kenya. You may not agree with it, but its REASONABLE. And you came up with a line from ludacris???
our insults only show that you cannot argue INTELLIGENTLY. If you cannot bring something valuable to the table, if you cannot take the heat, maybe you should leave the kitchen: )

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Ajwang', who has insulted black people? The one who suffers from an inferiority complex is you and your ODM ilk because you LOATH being corrected, AS MUCH AS YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE ALL THAT. Everyday you are learning that you actually know nothing.
I was merely pointing out that if you are black and you know how to dress, and to bring out your brightest side, you wear bright colours, eg Azure blue, bright cream, white etc. You DO NOT EVER colour clash. That means that if your complexion is pitch black, you do not wear dull colours like green or purple, as Alek Wek will tell you. Men should also wear just one or two colours max especially if you want to appear official. Unfortunately, you and Raila do not know that. You therefore see Raila in public wearing a yellow suit, green shirt, brown tie and red shoes, of all colours! Huu ni ushamba gani? What is the difference between him and a buffoon like Kuria Kanyingi or Maina Kamanda, people he considers beneath him? Yellow is worn by women NOT men because it is a feminine colour, capische?

MR T said...

anon @ 4:36

Don't blame me, That is the perfect song that comes to mind when hearing these clowns complain saa yote. I mean, Life will never be fair, we'll never have the perfect political situation in kenya.
whether you were in ODM or PNU, Your leaders already got theirs and have moved on.
I'm sick n tired of pathetic individuals always whining about things.
and as for intelligence...ha ha you got jokes, when was the "I" word ever displayed in this blog?

Anonymous said...

Kimi, don't come here to lecture us here about colours because you know nothing about colours, anyway.

You may not like Raila's wardrobe, but the truth is that his attire is exactly and exclusively designer. Or you want to tell me these world celebrated designers can go wrong, much less while doing Raila's wardrobe? Come on, give us a break!

You and you PNU callibre of fools should know that everything Raila wears is always sought after. Can you ask yourself why GM has run out of stock of Hummers? Or why very rarely can you find a fashion shop selling pink shirts and pink neck-ties? It is because Raila is a benchmark that cannot be ignored!

Get this into your thick skull.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 7.06 AM. There is exclusive Kibera which is Raila's attire by the Ojwang' house of fasion(fashion) with its riot of green, yellow and red suits for the dull and boring, and THEN there is exclusive Milan with suits by Gianni Manzoni and shoes by Versace for the 21st century man who is switched on at 1 million watts. Can you spot the difference?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4.44
You are brainwashed to stupidity. You call yourself Kimmi, you adore the italian fashion, you look down upon the people of Kibera.

What type of a goat are you? A civilized man loves his people whether poor or rich.

Are you the type of person who would tie his sick mother in the bush and takes her food only if she responds to the movement of the rope?

You have revealed your origin. Keep on adoring the white culture. They are already laughing at you.

Mkenya kamili

Mr T said...


I Can't believe some of you like Raila coz of his wardrobe? that you are actually engaging someone in an argument over Raila's wardrobe? as if it has something to do with his performance as a PM?

I was right, you are a BAFFOON, Awild one for that case, u still livin in the jungle and are not used to civility, kaa huko jangwani daddi, we don't need you here, an embarrassment to the wonderful people who call themselves kenyans!

benson said...

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