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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kalonzo Musyoka, Acting Commander In Chief?

The crisis off the Somali coast where a Russian ship carrying arms destined for Kenya has been hijacked by pirates, has raised an interesting precedent. It has been reported in the media that Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka is currently the acting commander in chief and was in fact the one who ordered the Kenyan navy and military into action over the hijacked ship crisis.

The reason given for this is that the president is currently out of the country.

Now, now, one of the reasons why this development is so fascinating is that there was a time former Vice President Prof Josephat Karanja (now deceased) got into serious political problems with claims that he had called himself acting president when president Moi had traveled on a foreign trip. A terse statement from State house made it clear that the president remained commander in chief even when he was overseas. Indeed even in advanced democracies like the United States, the Vice President can only act as president when the president is seriously incapacitated and unable to govern. It happened some years back when a US president had to undergo a medical operation.

This is what makes the issue of Kalonzo Musyoka acting as commander in chief so fascinating.

Still, in my view Kalonzo is much more capable of handling the delicate crisis that is still unfolding over the Somali waters as both Russian and US war ships close in on the hijacked ship which is carrying tanks, arms and so much ammunition that shooting at it would cause a huge explosion and the destruction of cargo valued at over Kshs 2.4 billion. What complicates matters further and probably explains the interest of the Americans are the reports that the pirates were working with a Somali organization known as Al Shabaab which has been linked to Al Qaeda.

Regular readers will know that I am no Kalonzo fan, but I am trying to illustrate a point here.

The reason why Kalonzo is obviously a more qualified decision-maker than his boss in a crisis of this magnitude (at least in my view) illustrates an important point that Kenyan voters should take careful note of. And that is the fact that it is becoming increasingly clear that the country would be much better off with a new crop of younger more vibrant leaders who understand the new increasingly complex world much better than the old prejudiced crop who have desperately been hanging on to power for decades on end and having nothing new to offer to Kenyans.

P.S. It is rather fascinating that the government and the Department of defence seem to be reading from different scripts. DOD insists that the arms in the hijacked ship were NOT meant for the Kenya army while government spokesman Alfred Mutua says they are. So who is telling the truth?

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Vikii said...

Chris, there is nothing like Kalonzo being a better commander-in-Chief than President Kibaki. He ran against Kibaki in last year's polls and lost to him. Kibaki won the election and so it clearly should not be in your place to decide who becomes Commander-in-Chief. It is the people of Kenya who should do that and they did it--loud and clear.

Now is Kalonzo Acting Commander-in-Chief? I dont know and I cannot pretend to. If Dr. Karanja called himself Acting President that was not just insubordination, it was treasonable. It is only the President who can confer the powers of Commander-in-Chief to the Vice President in writing (unless of course if the President was incapacitated). I am sure Kalonzo Musyoka understands this very well and there is no way he can indulge in such Presidential business without being in constant consultation with the President. That should be clear to everyone.

You talked of a US Vice President being acting President as the Preseident underwent a medical operation; Will you please be specific and tell us which President that was? My understanding is that when President Ronald Reagan was shot, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and the Secretary of Defence persuaded Vice President George Bush to take up the role of President but Bush declined claiming that the President should be back to business shortly. This is what prompted Reagan, upon leaving hhospital, to hold a press conference to reassure the country that he was healthy and ready to go. I am not slamming you, I am only asking for a clarification.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Kalonzo, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to usurp the powers of the president. Here is one loser who desperately wants to be CIC knowing full well that he would only get approval in 2 out of 8. He must be praying that the Lord 'does something' so that he can go down in history as having been president for 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo defends ECK team ....

Unfortunately, there will be no more topping up and stealing at ECK. Bro Kalonzo will have to enjoy the ride on the GEMA backs that he has been offered... and of course he will end up nowhere.

Anonymous said...

i dont think there is a provision for acting commander in chief nor do i think there is acting president either. there is a prvision for handling miscellaneous other bizness on behalf of (receiving delegates, attending state functions etc).

the CIC has to personally issues the directives from where-ever he may be.

reason could be as simple as, what if an acting CIC orders the air-force to bar plane carrying the other fellow from entering the air-space, i think i would do that myself. in case you wonder why many dictators murder so many of their deputies.

anyway its sunday am just whiling time away

Taabu said...

What was your motive on Dr. Kalonzo? I hope I am reading honesty but fear I smell mischief. Youy beef with the VP gives you away.

So are you playing Mutua for Steve or where is the authority and certainty coming from? Just curious you know!

Anonymous said...


ofcourse the army was not aware of the deal and is still in the dark who ordered the tanks and guns..


IDP's are hungry and homeless yet kibaki and his goons use tax payers money to by tanks and guns and turn round and sell them back to the kenya army- how much more are kenyans going to allow this thieving thugs to get away with this stealing and looting from kenyans tax payers??

and why Is Raila asleep on his Job allowing Kilonzo Musyoka yet again to be used for cover up????
shenzi sana

Kwale said...

Chris, myself I am slamming you. Is it a Russian or Ukrainian ship? To my understanding it's a Ukrainian ship vessel with Russian (but not all )crew members that was seized by Somali pirates.

That's said, now that Kalonzo is acting as Commander-in-chief, and you went on to say… "Vice President can only act as president when the president is seriously incapacitated and unable to govern". If I can remember it's not so long ago on one of your exclusive, I believe it was weekend exclusive, you claimed Kibaki is very unwell. Could it be the reason Kalonzo is acting president?

FYI, there has never been anything wrong with Kibaki as president or his leadership style. His only mistake was failure to appoint Raila Odinga as powerful Prime Minister back in 2003 after a deal that never happened. Was that a betrayal? I don't know what happened between two of them but yes, it was a betrayal but that does not make Kibaki irrespective of his age an incapable president or anywhere near a dictator.
What happened after that, and up to run-up to 2007 (animosity, acrimony etc) was as a result of that betrayal. And that's why I don’t believe Raila represented any CHANGE, he wanted to prove a point. It was just like any marriage that end in acrimonious divorce, there is always a feel of betrayal, anger and resentment with one partner trying to prove to the other a point. The battle was between Raila and Kibaki, and we don't know what really happened between these two and why they had a fall-out.

Anonymous said...

3:41 PM

what?? I knew something was not smelling right!! when the kenya army denied knowledge of the shipment of tankers "Mutua" mouth piece claiming it was ordered by army??

can someone tell as from statehouse who ordered the shipment???

army says no!! not them then who?? did it??

Taabu said...

Kenyan scoundrels may have chewed more than they can swallow. Other reports indicate the ransom is a plot by some SMART Kenyan who tipped and are working with their Somali contacts to scheme off a tidy sum from their same own country.

Meanwhile Mutua is taking his theatrics and goofs too far. With five nations (US/UK/Russia/UKraine and Somalia his tough talk on pirates reminds one of his rants about ECK after 2007 flawed pools.

And the guided missile destroyer USS Howard is stationed off the Somali coast with the cargo is sight to make sure none of is offloaded.

Good points originating from incurable obsession albeit on the wrong post.

Anonymous said...

3:45 PM
Kwale since you seem to know more than anyone and Kalonzo being acting commander in cheif then tell us who ordered the tankers and gun shipments?

The army did not order this shipment - top sources in the army have confirmed privately and even openly to the press!! so who is behind this shipments??

Anonymous said...

3:53 PM
Chris BBC world report says the shipment was for the Kenya Army as per the information to them by government spokesman (I guess this must be Mutua) but the kenya army has denied this shipment..... so who exactly ordered it?? watch BBC they keep reporting on it every hour!!!

Sources claim this shipment was ordered between Jan-feb 2007

Kwale said...

Taabu, there is nothing under the sun that's incurable!

By the way, Kindly send my 'apologies' to our very own Kumekucha Kimi Raikkonen. It was a terrible day for Ferrari today in Singapore with both of their drivers failing to score a single point.
I think we should rename Kimi as "Kimi-crash-man". He has crashed out of race 5 times this season!
It feel like some sort of justice after what happened to Lewis. Ferraris sucks!!

Vikii said...

Taabu, whatever Mutua says may not be palatable to you but he is only doing his job which clearly does not include tickling your fancies.

Now did you ask me me if I am playing Mutua? Certainly, i am not. All I said was something that Constitutional Affairs minister Martha Karua (In consultation with the Attorney General or so I believe) made very clear in Parliament just last month. She clarified to everyone that it is only the Vice President who can be acting President but only with written authority from the President. Iff (If and only if) VP Kalonzo ordered anything on behalf of the President, then there is reason for me to believe he had instructions from the President to do just that. If he did it without orders from the President, then that is insubordination and he should be fired. There should be no grey matter on matters Presidential. It should be clear who the President is. The US is in whatever mess it is because of the all powerful Dick Cheney!

But then again, with our balloons of ego, we see everything in those lenses, those damn lenses!

papa plus said...

You know it is sometimes fascinating to read Kumekucha bloggers trying to make sense out of nonsense! So is the case tonight as I am very tired from a long drive after spending a weekend away, it rained all weekend long and my brain is on standby mode.

Here is what I know. Fact: kenya is a banana republic. Which means that the GK is run on a very informal basis along power brokers close to the presidency. One doesn't need to go far to search for proof than the last elections. So am laughing because many of you here are critically trying to figure out how under the law Kalonzo can be C in C.

What law I ask?

Kalonzo is only trying to make hay out of this situation in terms of political milage.

It is well known that we have pirates roaming up and down our coast. So what do we do? We proceed to order equipment worth millions with no insurance. We don't even have the sense to send out military escorts for this shipment in terms of air or even water.

So I ask you what exactly is Kalonzo going to do about it? Send out the navy? Is our navy going to infringe on Somalia's seas without permission and rescue this ship?

Guys, take it for what it's worth; nonsense that can only happen in Kenya!

b-carotene said...

Now, if you as much as had a brain in your thick skull, you'd realize that youthfulness is no guarantee for enlightened and effective leadership. You dont have to go too far on the one, remember for example molasses raila's role in organizing a failed military coup.

Also, someone here in Kumekucha dismissed this stupid myth of enlightened leadership by virtue of youthfulness. I have neither the time nor the inclination to look up the contribution but I believe they quoted all those young turks in ODM who not only have corruption charges awaiting them, but are even further implicated in the murder and mayhem earlier this year.

Having said that Hon Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is an enlightened and inspirational leader, likely to make a brilliant C-in-C once Emilio's term is over.

Do tread carefully on this one.

ps: are the queues easing up? anyone know?

Vikii said...

b-carotene, you gotta stop the cheekiness. They will stone you. Utagongwa mawe!

papa plus said...


Are you refering to my brain?

I don't begrudge Kalonzo his youthfulness. Am not sure that that alone is essential for quality leadership but am happy to concede the point; afterall, we've hard old guys make a mess of things so what do we have to loose by betting on a younger man/woman?

Am also not interested in the banal ODM vs PNU vs ODM-K vs Raila vs Kibaki endless nonsense that has been going on for months here. I've heard that song and I've moved on. I have other interests than campaigning 24/7 kenya style.

Be as it may, to each his own. What I was pointing to is the silliness of it all. You may not know or accept it but it is a fact. Talk to any leader in GK be they in ODM or PNU and you will be shocked at the mandane-ness and triviolity of whatever bones of contentions are on the menu for the week. It's a sad fact that these waheshimiwas will mingle freely in Kenyans in NY but will only wave at wananchi from their posh limos back home hence glorifying their statures. Unfortunately, many Kenyans buy into it.

But again, more power to kalonzo and his supporters and good luck to him!

b-carotene said...

Papa plus:
Am afraid I wasnt referring to you. I was referring to the originator of the original post, likely Chris. I could have made that clearer--may fault.
Your points are well taken, actually.
Be sure to rest in readiness for more rain and blessings tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

anon7:38 PM
Who the kalonzo mavi ya kuku that sided with kibaki and watched kenyans die helplessly by the order of his pimp Kibaki???

and b-carotene what military coup?? better standing up to Moi than Murdering innocent kenyans like the thieving murderous kibaki foolish senile goon did... I can see you are one of those who lick political ass even if they murder your sister or brother or the whole family you will still salute them kibaki, kalonzo and the PNU murderous goons- shame on you wewe mpumbavu sana- first loose a loved one at the hands of Kibaki the shiate head before posting here garbage- I bet you would have a different story to post on Kumekucha... shenzi wewe kenyans are still mourning and there is no way even if more of us have to die that we will ever let Kibak's stooge Kalonzo to lead kenyans... no way maybe when he joins the ones he cheered killed who are now 6ft under.. those are the souls he can go answer to why he helped Kibaki kill...them - Kalonzo is a coward and has kenyans innocent blood on his hands...should i say more.

UrXlnc said...

what i don't get is how a shipment with such large consignment of arms, is not only unescorted by sizeable military but also that crew on the ship they were not prepared or equipped in any way to protect the cargo. the pirates approached the ship in small boats that could easily have been deterred by armed escort.

amusing that kenyan military denies the shipment is intended for them. mutua may be a court jester of sorts but he does not deliberately put himself in line of fire so he must be telling the some truth, but hey maybe its time to cut some people loose.

Vikii said...

??????????????????????? HALLOOOOO! Who is the party prefect or whatever? the party must surely have someone to instill some sense in the dickheads.
well, maybe maybe not!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kwale, thanks a bunch for your support. Just curiously, what would F1 be without Ferrari? Muse on that one.
Anyway, my contract may be bought out and Alonso is coming over in 2009. Its for the love of Ferrari. I will remain a Ferrari adviser together with Schumi. However, everything is still under discussion so just be patient.
F1 is very likely going to be hyper explosive in 2009 with Alonso in a Ferrari and Lewis in the Merc. This has been a very dull year so it makes marketing sense for Alonso to come to Ferrari. He and Lewis already hate each others guts, which makes for an incendiary rivalry that is the ultimate ingredient that makes F1 what it is, and that is all to the good of the sport don't you think?

Meanwhile, as much as Kalonzo is getting on the job training, he cannot be acting without Kibaki's approval. It is simple common sense and should not be a matter for meaningless debate.
What is even more interesting was the open weekend endorsement of Kalonzo for 2012 by a section of youthful Central Kenya politicians. In a passionate appeal to Central Kenya people, it was revealed that a political pact between Uhuru and Kalonzo is in the works and my assessment is that the pact being unveiled so openly now means it has already been worked out and the next step is to sell it. ODM will now have a real fight on their hands in 2012, leave alone Karua, who is busy isolating herself in selling unattractive goods.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Has Oburu kept his date with the Knife, anyone? How come Raila did not indicate whether he was also going for some carving too, or is he waiting for his elder brother to first take the step, out of respect of course?

Anonymous said...

Our worry should about the security implications of the cargo falling in the wrong hands rather than any financial loss to Kenya.

Even if the hijacked military hardware is lost, Kenya doesn't stand to lose a single shilling because such goods are usually shiped FOB-Mombasa. That mens the risk of loss had not passed to the buyer (Kenya). When casualtto identified goods (the T-72 tanks) occurs before the risk of loss passes, the parties are discharged from further contractual obligations.

If on the other hand, the arrangement was to ship the goods FOB-Odesa or FAS-Odesa, I don't think Kenya would be so negligent as not to adequately insure the cargo especially knowing that the carrier would pass through the Gulf of Aden. As a matter of fact, insurance cover for carriers passsing through that Gulf has more that doubled in the last one year because of the somali piracy.

Anonymous said...

I think most of the bloggers here are gooners going by the vitriol they are spewing out.I guess they are still smarting from the saturday drubbing and they are unconsciously associating Hull with a ship hence the bitterness!

Vikii said...

kimi, wachana na haya maneno ya uchokozi kwa sababu hawa wajameni watakuita mtakafujo makatili. Yaani, watakakukumbusha wewe si Mkenya. Si kama vile ujuavyo wewe si mwenyeji wa ile mikoa "SITA" takatifu, ambayo imebarikiwa na mwenyeji wetu, Raila Odinga? Basi endelea vivo hivo, lakini usiliite jina langu wakati maji yazidivyo unga.

Kwa kukosa kinginecho cha kufanya, na kuambatana na kanuni za "stimu", naona ni vyema tuende zetu usingizini. Lakini kabla ya sisi sote kujilaza kitandani, ni lazima tuhame kabisa kabisa ulimwenguni wa ndoto. Na kwa hayo machache au mengi, natakia kila mmoja wenu usingizi mwema unaojawa na ndoto nzuri, timamu. Mungu awabariki. Nawapenda wowoo...!

Phil said...


There is nothing in fact such as 'acting commander in chief' either constitutionally or politically. It is a figment of imagination of some compromised journalists who thinks we have too small minds. Kalonzo has never and will never sit in the defence council, let alone chair it.

As a matter of fact, the defence council has been holding crisis meetings since thursday afternoon in light of the hijacked arms shipment. They have considered an armed commando raid but this has been rebuffed by the US and Russia who have now brought their supremacy wars right next to us on the indian ocean. In effect, the Kenya government - that the hijackers are so desperate to negotiate with - is now just but an observer in unfolding events. And I can tell you, you aint seen nothing yet!

Ati - Kalonzo acting C-in-C my a**!

Anonymous said...

Kimi, Vikii,

I wonder, with your cut dicks, do you satisfy your women or you leave them frustrated? or ni domo domo tu...boasting how men you are but you can't make a woman climax.
Have you ever made your woman scream between the sheet?
Shame on you, Shame on you!!!!!!!!!

M-Pesa said...


"""Taabu, whatever Mutua says may not be palatable to you but he is only doing his job which clearly does not include tickling your fancies..."""

He he he...It's evidently clear that someone has been FLOORED with a classic upper cut. Come on out from hiding, the coast is clear.....

Kwale said...

Kimi asked, "What would F1 be without Ferrari?" I guess it's like asking what would be English Football Premiership be like without Man U? And my answer is it would be great!
Just like Man U, Ferraris are red devils, cocky, rich and believe the championship belong to them and if anyone dare challenge them is considered as enemy.

Ati, Alonso is moving to Ferrari in 2009?? I thought they renewed your contract till 2010? Alonso is staying with Renault at least up to 2010, unless you are giving a world exclusive here in Kumekucha! Ha ha!!
No, no, I don't want to see you go, I like watching Kimi crash, (so long he doesn't get hurt!), I like those hairy moments that has now become Kimi's trademark.
Next is Japan, and if it's rain as predicted …I don't want to get over-excited, I should know the sport very well by now after what happened last year in Shanghai, China and we lost the title.

Taabu said...

Why are stroking fire and what pride do you drive from the ensuing thereof?

Stop flogging Kimi, it is just sports man and no life depends on it. And while at it would you please stop comparing oranges and bananas. MU is no Chelsea and the last time I checkes Man City claims to be the richest but no amount of oil money could stop minnows Brighton from doing the necessary b4 Wigan brought the house of pack down. Enjoy the sport and take nothing person. There is only ONE UNITED lest you forget.

Kwale said...

Anon 3.54
I don't know more than anyone else, but according to Kenyan government spokesman, Alfred Mutua, the military ordered the tanks and spare parts and said that Kenya had made such large order of tanks as part of two-year rearmament program.

It is also unclear where the shipment originated, though Ukrainian news agencies identified the ship operator as a company called Tomex Team, based in the Black Sea port of Odessa in Ukraine.

According to security analysts, they believe the pirates were unaware there was a tank aboard the ship and also believe the tanks will be difficult to sell to the third party. It's not like (stealing) a container full of machine guns, where all you need is a tin of bicycle oil.

ajwang' said...

We have to choose to believe either DoD or Mutua! Not sure if Dr Bro Steve updated him or Muthaura just told him what to say. Either way, we need to know who ordered second hand tanks for Kenya without DoD's blessings!! Where is Khalwale or Atwoli?

b-carotene said...

@8:15 pm. Do you know how many people lost their lives over Raila molasses attempted and failed coup? Does it not worry you that he was, AGAIN, a key player in the murders and extensive displacements that happened earlier this year? What kind of a person ARE you?!
Lastly, go off and scrub your dirty mouth with jik, am surprised the KK bosses would allow such scum to filter through. I thought they'd nailed it of recent but perhaps the dirtiest stains are hardest to remove.

Kwale said...

Taabu, If you don't understand that sport just shut up!
Who said the life depends on sport? And by the way there are a lot of people lives depend on that sport. From the drivers to mechanics, to the stewards, so get your facts right! I love Kimi, he is one of the best drivers and one of the nicest people in the F1 and whatever happens he will still finish 3rd which it's not bad given all his troubles this season.

b-carotene said...

Oh, Chris, just so you dont think am a sour, unhappy camper--I do like the news round up--innovative. But what's this video-on-the-doorstep???

Taabu said...

Why the COMPLEX? Please brother avoid assumptions and you will have your face clean of york. What makes you think that nobody understands whatever sport better than you? I can e-read your mistaken obsessio with elitism. FYI you are ploughing land that had been cultivated before.

BTW when I say its is just sports and nobody's life depends on it why would jump to any conclusion premised on LITERAL interpretation. Come on Kwale you can do better than linear discourse.

Anonymous said...

Has Kumekucha outlived its usefulness or who would be happy to run a blog which only degenerates into insults,name calling and tired ethnic stereotypes no matter which topic is initiated.

Anonymous said...

- Pirates who seized a Ukrainian vessel loaded with tanks and weapons off the African coast have lowered their ransom demand to $5 million.
In a file photo, Canadian Navy sailors escort an aid ship in waters off Somalia where pirates operate.

Russia has sent this frigate to the Somalia coast after the hijacking of a Ukrainian ship.

The pirates initially demanded $35 million and no military action, said Andrew Mwangura of the Kenya Seafarers Association. They decreased their demands for several reasons, Mwangura said.

Those reasons include that the crew is from eastern Europe and not the United States, the weapons the ship carries are secondhand, and there is no way to unload the tanks without coming onto land, he said.

The vessel Faina, flying a Belize flag, was headed to the Kenyan port of Mombasa after departing Nikolayev, Ukraine, according to Lt. Col. Konstantin Sadilov, spokesman for the Ukrainian defense ministry. He said it was seized by pirates Thursday not far from its destination.

According to the defense ministry, the ship was carrying 33 Soviet-made T-72 tanks, tank artillery shells, grenade launchers and small arms.

The weapons were sold to Kenya by the Ukraine, said Ukraine Defense Minister Yuri Yekhanurov, according to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency. He said that the entire shipment was contracted and carried out by Ukrspetzexport, Ukraine's state arms exports monopoly, and that it would know better exactly what was on board.

The ship deliberately took a route far from the coast of Somalia, where pirates are known to operate, in an attempt to avoid them, the minister said.

The Kiev-based source told Interfax on Saturday that radio contact was made with the ship's captain, who reported that the crew has come down with malaria. However, the source said the claim might have been an attempt to hasten negotiations.
Don't Miss

* U.S. ship fires shots toward boats off Somalia
* French hostages freed in gunbattle with pirates

Ukraine's anti-terrorist center in its capital, Kiev, is analyzing the situation and consulting with military and security experts, Sadilov told CNN. Ukrainian diplomats are also working in Kenya to resolve the situation, he said.

The Pentagon said U.S. naval ships in the area are "monitoring the situation."

"I think we're looking at the full range of options here," Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said, because the United States does not want the pirates to dock the ship in Somalia and offload the weapons.

The ship's crew consists of 17 Ukrainians, three Russians and a Latvian.

U.S. officials said the ship reported being surrounded by three small boats of pirates while sailing 250 miles off the coast of Somalia.

The Russian patrol ship Neustrashimy, which left Wednesday for the coast off Somalia, may help crack down on pirates, a source in the Russian Baltic Fleet headquarters told Interfax-AVN on Friday.

And the Russian Navy's commander, Adm. Vladimir Vysotsky, told Interfax that Russia plans to send combat ships to the Somali coast to fight piracy.

"We have such plans for the near future," he said. "However, Russian ships will not be involved in any international operations. They will do this job on their own."

U.S. officials, meanwhile, said they are urging all commercial shippers to carry security personnel on their decks when sailing near Somalia. Earlier this week, a U.S. Navy warship fired warning shots at a small boat that got too close to it, fearing a possible attack.

Meanwhile, Mwangura said an Egyptian ship seized by pirates has been released, and a Japanese ship was released after a $2 million ransom was paid.

In addition, a Greek ship was seized by pirates Friday, he said. The ship has a Romanian crew and was heading from Europe to the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Kenya can touch the Somali pirates its navy is pathetic i can confirm that i've served in it 92/02. Bila america we can even protect our own shipping lines.

Kwale said...

Ok, Taabu, maybe I misinterpreted your statement. No hard feelings and no bad blood between us, we are still mates!

JEFF said...


On a different issue....

Recently, Raila and Kalonzo found themselves together at a function in Central. Some reports are saying one of them was to be crowned a Kikuyu elder. When the other learnt about this, he gate-crashed. The excercise had to be cancelled......

Who has the finer details of this? Mind to share?

Anonymous said...

anon11:37 PM
Maybe when your ugly dick stops being used for incest-or if you are a lady then stop going at it with your fathers and brothers or do you need to be castrated too??? stop your incest rampage in central province.....

Anonymous said...


You are the filth of filth's- you incest filled shenzi goons from central.. KIBAKI ORDERED THE POLICE TO SHOOT INNOCENT KENYANS while he was entertaining mungiki's at statehouse, Kibaki is a thieving senile goon filled with Alzheimer who is a known killer world over worse than Idd Amin and I wonder why Chris allows a filthy skunk like you on this blog- mpumbavu wewe- go back to central and educated your peers to stop committing incest - kikuyu dirty secret.....

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 12:33am. Oburu announced to all and sundry that he was going to the hospital to get spliced and diced, i did not, so whats your beef? He is lucky it was not demanded he go to the river to prove his manhood. At least in hospital there is privacy and the instruments are sharper,ideal for his old leather.

I do not need to make my woman scream to know that she has experienced nirvana. I only have to make her moan and shudder, and ripple like water. Only whores scream in an effort to cheat you that you are a stud, and to earn their money. If you still fall for all the screaming and pretended gnashing of teeth from your lady, then you have a long way to go boy. Maybe she just doesn't like your bad breath.

Kwale, seriously, there has been an offer to buy out my contract(the one till 2009 NOT 2010) in order to bring over Alonso. Its still early days yet and i will keep you informed.
Still, Ferrari ARE the pedigree of F1, been there, done that, and have the blazers with the gold buttons to prove it.
McLaren are only now trying to upstage them and have been at it for the last ten years, but its easier said than done. Lewis has finished only one season and is already claiming to be the best driver on the circuit. Such cockiness is unbecoming and fame is going to his head. Hear he already changes superstar models like they change knickers. He had better watch out, he is still very young and the fame and the models may addle his brain. If Alonso gets into the Ferrari, we shall then know who is the best pound for pound driver in F1.
A question: If Lewis was in a Renault last night in Singapore, do you think he would have had the strategic and tactical sense to win, as Alonso showed, and not just raw talent? Remember, the Mercs are much faster than the Renualts.

Anonymous said...

how come no word from Min of Defense or CIC

perhaps this what Moi meant when he said these two guys are not fit to lead

Phil said...

Blogger JEFF said...
On a different issue....
Recently, Raila and Kalonzo found themselves together at a function in Central. Some reports are saying one of them was to be crowned a Kikuyu elder. When the other learnt about this, he gate-crashed. The excercise had to be cancelled......

Who has the finer details of this? Mind to share?

You and I know who has been in frame to be installed as an a gikuyu elder. So I guess you know who gate-crashed as usual.How pathetic. How desperate!

Kwale said...

It's like asking if you put Lewis in a Spyker (Force India) car if he would have won. No, of course not and don't forget Vettel won the previous race on a much slower car than Renault. If Alonso is as great as are trying to claim, why did he have to wait for a full year to win a Grand Prix?
I have been a McLaren Mercedes since the days of great Aryton Senna and Alain Prost even though after Senna was killed I lost interest in the sport, but forever I will remain a Merc fan. Do you know the pair won 15 out 16 races for McLaren? You talk about rivalry; there has never been any quite like the two.

I don't think Lewis has ever claimed to be the greatest, there has been so much talk about Lewis cockiness recently but he is just a confident young man. That is his nature, don't forget he was not born in privileged background like the other drivers and been the first black racing driver also comes with a lot of challenges. Yes, he likes women after all who can fault him for that, but he only had one girl-friend so far – a Pussycat Dolls and she is not a supermodel.

UrXlnc said...

its shameful that our armed forces respond with so much force against civilians and then go lame against external threat, not a peep from Saitoti, i hope of course am wrong on this

b-carotene said...

Whose owns the ship? Whose flag does the ship carry? Kenya?

It is precisely this reflexive stone-throwing culture that i have found to be a MAJOR set back to development in Kenya. No amount of 'cutting' will cure this, I tell you. Very sad.

kalamari said...

First of all, anyone badmouthing Raila’s efforts in overturning Moi’s rule in 1982 is not patriotic. Coups, however bloody, are important facets of democracy. Whether in the constitution or not, the right to bare arms against a despotic regime is the height of liberty. My fellow Kenyans, let us not be afraid to pay the price of freedom; I can already picture ‘b’ da’ carrot-top hiding under his bed.

Now, Kalonzo as acting CIC…well if anybody wants to see the spectacle of a general leading the troops to battle from very far behind, give Kalonzo a gun. The man will never leave the barracks.
That said, if indeed Kalonzo is usurping the powers of a president resting with his feet up in a NY bedroom, he should be encouraged. After all, Kalonzo understands the region and has even brokered peace in that neighborhood. In matters of national security, Kalonzo is the ultimate paradigm of Kenyan defense (see how crazy that sounds).

The bigger question is, where were the tanks heading? Southern Sudan? Can we trust Mutua? I think the answer is clear.

So if Mutua is pulling a fast one, it follows that Kibaki is also. In this lie, I support Kibaki. To hell with the UN embargo, our black brothers in the south of Sudan need the tanks.

Taabu said...

You can do better than playing to the hands of anons. You don't have to stoop that low in baring the nether anatomy. Just put your points across and we wil separate the chaff from the grain. I know you may be still smarting from Singapore trauma but chill bro, will you?

Anonymous said...

Kalamari says:
Coups, however bloody, are important facets of democracy.

I say:
The elevator surely must be stuck somewhere in the basement or below.

Kalamari says:
First of all, anyone badmouthing Raila’s efforts in overturning Moi’s rule in 1982 is not patriotic.

I say:
I am patriotic. The attempted military coup was unpatriotic. The bumpkin is the most unpatriotic of all.

I will be the first to hide under the bed, if it will guarantee the lives of innocent students (molasses raila's military coup led to the deaths of those), or helpless women and children (the ones that molasses raila called adui and sanctioned their slaughter).

Anonymous said...


its true the ship and goods are the responsibility of the vendor till delivered to buyer

but the bigger picture

first the question are these military goods intended for kenya? so far we have mutua trying his best to chime in but we need a straight up statement (press conference with all the necessary machismo) from either Hajji (Defence Minister) or Chief of General Staff or Commander in Chief to clarify the position

2nd whether destined for kenya or not, the fact that such artillery can fall in wrong hands near our borders and specifically in somalia where to date there is only rule of the jungle should send major warning signal to any country bordering somalia to put army on full alert and prepare any necessary intervention.

the danger posed by this artillery is real and falling into the wrong hands can lead to major catastrophe.

unless of course we prefer ( a little down the road) to be first invaded by thugs using these weapons then react.

3rd - it would be a sign of major weakness that an army cannot attempt to go after its cargo, it means in future to stop the kenya army from getting new gear, all you got to do is waylay the shipment, after all they will never come looking for it unless it docks.

what message is generated

Anonymous said...

in feb Kenya seized 50 tanks destined for south Sudan where are these tanks right now? we were distracted by the election violence and never followed up with this issue. i think the PNU Mt. Krnya mafia is arms dealing.

b-carotene said...

@12:17 pm
All very good points, admittedly.

No, what am suggesting is that whoever is responsible for securing the cargo should have priority action and if needed, then Kenya's army or navy or whatever can step in. After all, I understand the pirates were negotiating with someone? For as long as there's someone negotiating with the pirates, its unclear to me why Kenya should jump them. And even if Kenya were to jump them, am not sure what the value of announcing that to all and sundry would be.

Still, I remain very opposed to this reflexive stone-throwing culture.

For purposes of the future, one would need to look back and ask why the cargo went unescorted. Who doesnt know that East Africa's coast is pirate-infested? Did they expect the pirates to clap and cheer the cargo ship onward?

Anonymous said...

the SOMALI YOUTH COAST GUARD are doing a good job inspecting all ships along the Somali coast to prevent illegal activities. Good job Somalia keep it up, you have now uncovered a scandal in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

The stone throwers have turned into grave robbers in Kisumu. I mean, how low can people descend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo must be investigated regarding the T-72 tanks.

Anonymous said...

2:36 PM
Mpumbavu wewe incest is worse- go teach your relatives some manners ati sleeping with fathers, mothers,sisters and brothers you are a sick tribe!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


This arms deal and the now emerging 'salt imports'deal stinks to high heavens. This Mwangura fellow will be Mungikied, I fear for him.

...Mr Mwangura had also asked why the Kenyan government was silent about a vessel carrying 17,000 tonnes of salt to Mombasa that was also allegedly hijacked on the same day as the Ukranian vessel.

“The vessel was suspicious because Kenya does not import salt,” Mr Mwangura said.

Ivy said...


Just saw a photo of Kalonzo on Page 4 standard....The guy look shaken. ...Kwani was he told he was gonna be spanked for rocking the ship when he was "Acting Commander in Chief"...LoL

On second thought i think he can make a good president why lie...We have enjoyed some peaceful moments when the "president" was away..Kalonzo has been tested and proven...So SKM kazi iendelee


Dont you think that was a superb goal by Geovani?

Anonymous said...

A lot of endemic corruption still brews at the D.o.D and M.o.D. The well connected cartel in charge of the procurement of military supplies at the D.o.D and M.o.D have been procuring 3rd hand refurbished military hardware for the three branches of Kenya armed forces, in the course of the last thirty years.

The 3rd hand T-72 tanks were purchased with the full knowledge of the above mentioned cartel, and therefore, investigative journalists and patriotic whistle-blowers should be able to expose the scam as well as the delivery of the first 3rd hand T-72 tanks.

Someone should cross check the current inventory of all types of tanks and figure how many T-72s antique are in stock.

110 T-72 tanks from Ukraine in 2007 with more planned for delivery in 2008. 33 T-72's ordered from Ukraine were hijacked by Somalian pirates.


Why would anyone in this day and age use SPLA/M or Southern Sudan as lame scapegoat? If so, did the T-72 tank deal get the express blessings of the big brother in Khartuom, or did it take place under the radar?

What about the mitumba 3rd F-5 antique planes, call them jets if you will, that were ordered from another third world country, Jordan?

What a pity for most Kenyans who still believe that their country's armed forces have quality hardware, but truth be told, it's all 3rd hand mitumba purchased by some mzungu middle men for at a throw away price, which is then flipped over and resold to Kenya at a hefty price.

There will come a day when there will be a thorough judicial review of the current back door dealings in procurement of military supplies that have been going on for far too long. I guess, it will only happen when Kenya gets a responsible government and parliament that consists of courageous men and women who are willing to risk all in defence of their beloved country and the citizenry who elect them to power every so often.

What a shame! What a sham system at the M.o.D and D.o.D! Kenya baod ni nchi ya kitu kidogo.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo's rotten track record precedes him wherever he goes. He was office messenger and ran errands for Moi and as well as spied on other Kamba politicians.

Kalonzo is an opportunist who will prostitute himself and get into bed with any strange fellows in order to secure short term gains at any cost.

Keep an eye on 2012 elections, and he will try and prostitued himself to the highest bidder of political miracles.

Great leaders will arise from Ukambani and lead their people into the promised minus Kalonzo the opportunist.

LOL! "Commander-in-Chief of the kitchen staff at the State House."

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Kwale, Fernando Alonso is great because of his unequalled RACE CRAFT, i.e the ability to uncannily make correct decisions that can turn a race on its head, as he demonstrated recently by coming into the pits just before the safety car was deployed after the first crash, and not only refuelling, but changing into the correct tyres, a decision that enabled him to amass a great deal of time advantage on the other cars who had not pitted by the time the safety car was deployed. If he had come in when the safety car was on, he would have been docked ten seconds, far too many in F1. All the other drivers had to wait until the safety car had left to refuel and change tyres. What is admirable therefore is how he correctly made the decision that the race director would deploy the safety car given that it was a 50/50 situation. He has made similar split second decisions in the past, elevating him to his current status as the master of strategy, somewhat like Michael Schumacher. Alonso is also a former world champion, don't forget that. Everyone knows how shabbily he was treated at Mclaren by Ron Dennis. You forget that F1 racing is as much psychological as it is exceptional talent and skill, and the perception in Alonso's, and many others view, that he was not getting as much support from the team principal as he deserved obviously took its toll and affected his morale, his focus and his concentration. We all know what a thug Ron Dennis is, as it was proved when he stole Ferrari technical info and fined heavily last season. In fact, Mclaren came within a whisker of being expelled from F1. Remember that?

Also, McLaren were not using Mercedes engines during Senna's time and only started doing so in 1995, unsuccessfully. Success only came in 1997 with the West branded Silver Mercedes of Hakkinen winning a few races, if you recall.

Lewis should therefore learn how to behave with decorum and like a gentleman. He is the one who self proclaimed himself the best driver in F1, hardly the behavior of someone who has humility. Being black has nothing to do with it. There are standards to follow, to emulate and to achieve, even surpass. Hanging out with excessively bling bling clad "bronx niggers" is hardly the epitome of a thinking man who wants unparalleled success, in and out of F1. He DOES need to style up, not get laid.

Kwale said...


Who is a thug, Ron Dennis or Max Mosley? Max is the bad apple of F1, an idiot who like to be whipped by prostitutes and a son of Nazi! I hate that dickhead!!

As for McLaren, I am aware they have being powered by Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines since 1995, but before then McLaren were partly owned by Daimler-Benz AG which is a re-branding name of Mercedes–Benz.

McLaren have also experimented with Ford Engine back 1992 and then Lamborghini in 1993, but whatever engine they have used, they are the best and they will remain the most successful team in F1!

Have a look at this Senna/Prost rivalry, ignore the crazy commentary:

And kindly leave Lewis alone, if you can't stomach the fact he is good, then you are in for a shocker, he will be in F1 for a very long time to come!

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo is a tribal leader who even doesnt have control of Ukambani. Kalonzo is not a national leader because all his votes came only from Ukambani.

He should be made the mayor of machakos, that's what he is in real sense.

Mama Demokrasia

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