Friday, September 12, 2008

Is it Time for President Samuel Poghisio?

Minister for Information & Communication, ODM-Kenya Chairman and MP for Kacheliba Samuel Poghisio, gestures during an interview with Reuters in Nairobi February 6, 2008.

When it comes to alternative leadership, many Kenyans are quick to mention names like Maina Kiai, Mutava Musyimi, Wangari Maathai, John Githongo and so forth.

Has anyone looked at parliament in search for alternative leadership or does Kenya truly have a Barack Obama within our midst?

Me thinks there is!

Information and Communication minister, who is also the ODM-K MP for Kacheliba , Samuel Losurwon Poghisio is one such person. He also happens to be the latest Kenyan to declare his interest to run for presidency in 2012, presumably on ODM-K ticket.

In an elaborate series of thanksgiving and homecoming ceremonies in West Pokot district last week, Sam Poghisio not only announced his intention to run for president in 2012 but was also seemingly ‘endorsed’ by ODM-K party leader and V-P Kalonzo Musyoka, himself an interested party to the presidential ticket.

Sources reveal that before making this announcement, Poghisio has since late last year held deep consultations with Pokot elders, local MPs and political personalities who matter in the Upper Rift Valley region who have all showered him with praise, paid glowing tribute to his lengthy public service record and unequivocally supported his noble intentions to go for the presidency. Some of them have been quoted asking why ex-President Moi did not see the potential in Poghisio early enough.

Former Daystar University lecturer ‘Pogs’ (as he was popularly known by Daystar students) turns 50 this year and will be 54 by the next general elections in 2012. One of the longest serving MPs, Pogs was was first elected to parliament in 1988 at the age of 30 and has been consequently relected in 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007.

The 2007 general elections were most remarkable for Pogs, considering ODM swept most of the parliamentary seats in Kalenjin land. One of those that were spared was Kacheliba which elected an ODM-K MP, reputed to be the only one in the entire expansive Rift Valley province. Perhaps his strongest selling point is that, unlike most of the leading Rift Valley politicians, Poghisio is among the few moderate former KANU MPs who did not inherit their political mantles and remain largely untainted by corruption or ethnic cleansing allegations normally associated with bigwigs of the former ruling party. Interestingly, these KANU moderates, which featured the likes of the late Bonaya Godana and Robert Ouko, were generally acceptable to opposition supporters before and after the struggle of multi-party politics during those dark Moi days.

Most of his colleagues in parliament cutting across political parties rate Poghisio very highly and civil servants who have had the pleasure to serve under his ministry describe him as a strict but amenable boss.

Political analysts and a few Western diplomats believe a Poghisio presidency could help heal and unite the country. It could also offer the best chance for facilitation of fair, representative and acceptable constitutional reforms because, unlike ALL potential candidates from the so-called major tribes, Poghisio does not have any significant personality scores to settle with anybody in Kenya, and neither does he nor the Pokot people have any historical grievances that might cause a split in this country right down the middle. In other words, he carries no political burden that would work against him in the eyes of all Kenyan people.

What are his REAL chances of being elected president of Kenya?

To begin with, while still in ODM-K, Pogs has to contend with going beyond V-P Kalonzo Musyoka, who by virtue of being a sitting Vice President and the party’s former presidential candidate, has a huge headstart over Pogs. Even more challenging, the party is still in the hands of Daniel Maanzo who remains more of a Kalonzo ally than a Poghisio ally.

Beyond Kalonzo lie national challenges. Mwai Kibaki, Daniel Arap Moi and Jomo Kenyatta were all elected and supposedly ‘re-elected’ to the presidency under varying circumstances. But if the truth be told, they had to use incumbency to manipulate things in their favour so as to win. Pogs faces an uphill task and unfortunately Western diplomats or leaders who have so far endorsed him do not provide the millions of votes required to win a presidential contest.

One of the shortest ways to the the top of the political ladder is for Pogs to effectively market himself. And here, effective could mean staging a bloodless coup in ODK-K where he is already Chairman but his aim should be to take over and declare himself party leader. He has willing partners in the Kilonzos and Kubebea. Thereafter, he should immediately embark on establishing alliances with parties that can be sold countrywide as opposed to briefcase parties.

As a former high school teacher and university lecturer, Pogs is a man of modest means and even then, hails from one of those tribes that most Kenyans have very little knowledge of except perhaps cattle rustling and other backward behaviour. The Pokots are sometimes considered to be non-Kenyans and are frequently derogated to join their Karamoja kinsmen in Uganda. One important aspect of any presidential campaign in Kenya is the ability of the respective candidates to marshall funds that can adequately finance a formidable campaign effort. A conservative budget for both party and candidate can be placed at Kshs. 5 billion. Is Pogs ready to raise and part with this mind-boggling amount considering it is a risk that carries no guarantee of winning?

Controversy sells. As a politician who is on the threshold of his third decade in parliament, I bet he knows this very well. As a Pokot MP, he has courted many controversies, just like his mentor Francis Lotodo. But West Pokot District is not the same a platform as national politics. Poghiso will need to adopt radical positions (similar to what Raila Odinga, Martha Karua and William Ruto have done) so as to capture the national psyche. With the constitutional referendum coming up, it is a perfect opportunity for Pogs associate himself with the push for anything that identifies with the masses in West Pokot and the country at large (eg. devolution or parliamentary system) and then openly and radically push for its enactment in the final draft.

Poghisio belongs to the Nilotic Pokot sub-tribe of the Kalenjin who occupy the West Pokot and Baringo Districts of Rift Valley, Kenya and also in Eastern Karamoja on the Ugandan side of the border. There are less than 150,000 registered voters in the entire West Pokot district comprising three constituencies of Kacheliba, Kapenguria and Sigor. He is already popular enough in West Pokot, he needs to extend this popularity in to neighbouring districts and eventually to the larger Rift Valley so as to be at par with, if not greater than, the William Rutos of this world.

In 2002, Mwai Kibaki’s election not only brought an end to KANU’s 40 years grip on power but it also successfully united the country as never seen since the formation of FORD in 1992. If any of the two leading political parties (ODM and PNU) could put ethnicity aside in 2012, then form an alliance with ODM-K (assuming the party nominates Pogs) and all rally behind Poghisio’s run for presidency (like they did Kibaki’s), then Kenyans can begin to boast to belong to the same league of 'tribeless' societies like Tanzania.

ODM- Kenya soon goes to its own retreat to discuss how it will comply with the provisions of the political parties act. Other than this challenge, the party will also have to discuss and resolve its future relationship with PNU and by extension the thorny issue of internal rebellion, as well as the recent declaration by its Chairman Samuel Popghisio that he is gunning for the presidency in 2012.

Please ODM-K, do not let brother ‘Pogs’ be another Julia Ojiambo running mate circus!


Anonymous said...

Omne ignotum pro magnifico est.

Who says it's time for the usual opportunists like Pogy-Pogie-Posho Poghisio to become president?

Whose time do you have in mind? Or what time is Pogy's time to wrestle the mantle from other opportunists in waiting?

What does he have to offer the nation that is any different from what other ethnic chiefs and tribal warlords have done in the last forty-five years?

Stultior stulto fuisti, qui tabellis crederes

Who needs another damn, dazed and confused former 'profesero' to continue messing with the future of the republic and its people?

The republic does not need another Saitoti who still believes that he's entitled to be Kenya's next president.

Stultior stulto fuisti qui tabelles crederes

Can't belive it, I have just wasted my five minutes of my precious time answering to this .... .... post.

Good night to all of you and have a normal weekend wherever you are. OOH - Over and Out of Here.

Shaddy said...


Taabu said...

Phil said:
........If any of the two leading political parties (ODM and PNU) could put ethnicity aside in 2012, then form an alliance with ODM-K ..

You cheeky man what are you insinuting about ODM-K? You clever scheme to shortchange Dr. Steve will be exposed soon. Pogs is no Julia and leave Stevo alone, will you?

You post underscores lack of leadership in the present political setup and call for redemption. You mention Obama in the same light but what has Pogs done to merit that? Are we out to reward in advance? Pogs is safer with as minister and imagining crowding his BOSS is insurbodination.
Kenyan politics is tribal and ODM-K has its base which Pogs doesn't control. Trying to eclipse Bill in RV is no mean feat and almost impossible.

But he has a route. Unlce Dan can rebrand Kanu and have Pogs at the helm now that Jomo Jnr is playing Russian roullete with Kanu. All else if fantasy.

Phil said...

Sam, are you trying to insinuate that Poghisio has NO right to run for presidency or you are merely expressing your NO vote incase he were to run?

Taabu, rebranding KANU with another Kalenjin wont sanitize the tainted party. Moi wants the GEMA vote and thats why they must provide its leader. Without state powers, Moi himself is just a normal shoe-shiner.

Can you imagine the NO vote buoyed by smaller tribes winning the coming referendum and immediately launching its well branded campaigns united on that momentum with a single candidate?

Anonymous said...

Why not?!! he is better than molasses!

Anonymous said...

Of course pogs (just like you) has a right to stand. I think many people would prefer him to rao.

As for obama, I think you know he is not going to win. For a non white to be elected, he has to be 100% clean. And obama is very dirty. Sorry did i hear you say he is to be the first luo prezo?

Anonymous said...

If Kenyans were horses every Poghisio would ride to State House; but they are not and that is why Pogie will remain where he is - a minister. He has reached beyond his dreams.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so he is former teacher and lecturer but went into parliament at 30. Great! Anyone with information on how old he was when he started lecturing students and what qualifications he had and from where. Am thrilled that he started so young and that's great.

Anonymous said...

Pog's for President? Wacha hiyo! Bring on another more realistic prosect. We saw how he behaved during and after the STEALING OF THE ELECTIONS OF DEC '07. He does not deserve to be President. Funny enough, It is Kalonzo (Kalooser) who will scuttle his ambitions. Kalonzo will do to him what he did to poor Julia Ojiambo. Fisi (Kalonzo) ni Fisi! Hakuna siku itakua Paka, the best he can be ni PANYA

Anonymous said...

Maybe some daystar students may tell us more about pogs sounds to me like the paris hilton of kenyan politics. . . . . .

We should investigate why some kenyans are so afraid of RAO presidency that they would rather have a Pogs instead....

RAO has made guys shit in their pants with hate,....He is a kenya just like u and me, Pogs is also a kenyan.....RAO has a track record of fighting for the good of others...what is pos story? Achambuliwe....

Sir Alex

Vikii said...

I have an enormous admiration for Poghisio and that has nothing to do with his being my party "chairman". He is not only spotlessly clean as a public servant, but also a very intelligent man. To me, he remains one of the very few Kenyan politicians who are what they are not through family or 'dirty money' patronage and that is key.

The truth of the matter is that within the ODMK, he may not enjoy as much support as Kalonzo Musyoka, but he sure enjoys as much respect if not more. If Poghisio is really interested in running for President then he will be the torch bearer. If Kalonzo or anybody else for that matter decide that they also want to be candidates, then the party should carry out transparent and democratic elections to nominate the Presidential candidate. Those talking about Maanzo, it is not Maanzo that guides the party, it is the party constitution. If Poghisio were to win the nominations, he would be the automatic candidate with or without Maanzo's blessings.

Now, do I think Poghisio has any realistic chance of being President? No. I have always said (and that is something that has led some to question my patriotism) that Kenya continues to be a very primitive society where we judge people not by the content of their character but by the depth of their pockets. Unless Poghisio summons enough dishonesty to steal money from state coffers, unless he collects phone numbers of the drug barons and unless he were willing to be corruptly funded by western governments (of course by promising to auction kenya to them), then I am afraid his is the longest shot there is. That is society Kenya for you.

Poghisio's expression of intent is welcome. It is a breath of fresh air. But as much as he makes a lot of sense to some of us, has anyone seen the hand of Phil/Raila Odinga in this? They may not have a direct role in his candidacy, but they are all smiles because that fits perfectly in their grand schemes to assault William Ruto as hard as they can. With a diminished support base, the assumption is that Ruto will be malleable enough to sing from their tune book. But that's double edged. Such kind of arrangements have a way of backfiring 90% of the time. Time will tell though.

M-Pesa said...

A bloody (can't recall his first name) Poghinsio (sp) presidency is light years away. We have Uhuru on the wings and he believes the presidency is his by birth right.

Odinga believes it's been too long and Luos should be the ones 'eating'. Iron Lady Karua thinks it's the women, stupid. Kalonzo is deluded he has what it takes including a fake doctorate.

Musalia firmly knows he's clean enough compared to bullies like Ruto, never mind Goldenberg fiasco. Bifoli wakoli claims he's handsome enough to have his face forever engraved on our coins. Wheeler dealer Jirongo keeps saying he's youthful enough and like Kenyatta he's also a 'mutongoria njamba'.

Oh dear never mind they shall never agree on anything except hiking their salaries and inflating their egos. The joke, unfortunately is still on Kenyans. By the way, why has Chris gone AWOL again? Hope he's fine.

M-Pesa said...

Unfortuantely, our political game is tribal and uses stinking ethnicity as its fuel. Poghisio would win hands down except for one tiny aspect...he belongs to the wrong TRIBE and his pockets are not deep enough, period. Not exactly rocket science, is it? Still proud to be Kenyan? Someone please pass me a sickbag.

Have a weekend of your choice.

Anonymous said...

M-pesa, Chris had a row with Okellos and he had to move out of their home. since then our chris has suffered a blow to his confidence. there have been rumours that he returned back to kenya.

Anonymous said...

ofcourse the guy has all the right to be president if he so deemed,but let wait and see if he has the will and what it for the writer,i can smell your intention of down playing Kalonzo to bring knew players who will be weak against ODM candidate!anyway you have all the right and the pay on top of it

Anonymous said...

Please not in our lifetime, loosely translated as never.

Anonymous said...

The only reason phogs is an mp is because he is the only one with a degree from his entire constituency , this is a guy who went to high school with bare bottoms he has so much to make up for and state house is the last place we need him to be , he has dictatorial tendancies just observe how he has been trying had to control the media.

Anonymous said...

If that Phogs fella can make president, so must Mr. T….even with his haircut.

Anonymous said...

Trust Vikii to see Raila's shadow everywhere. Now, why would Raila concern himself with a tribal party? are you forgetting that Kalonzo got less than 20% of RAOs votes, so how do you begin to even imagine that Raila would involve himself in the odm-k mess?

Pogs as president - that is a dream buddy.
The man is content beinmg a minister. I will never forget the excitement and zeal with which he took up his ministerial job when the country was literally burning. He even had the audacity to thank God for fulfilling his dream. To make matters worse, he even went as far as joining Mutua at every press conference to warn kenyans who were 'breaking the law' that they would be 'dealt with.'
Holly molly, the guy became more PNU than the thieves themselves.
By the way what has he done at the ministry other than maintining the status quo?

Anonymous said...

Ouch! m-Pesa has returned? KK, why did you allow this bastard to return here? Let me hope that somebody else is using his ID, otherwise I'm getting pissed off.

m-Pesa, we don't need your services here, you're bad news!!!!!!!! Please go!!!!!!!!

Phil said...

@Vikii – Yes, ODM-K needs free, fair and transparent polls so as to graduate to the higher leagues that ODM is playing.

Why are you so suspicious of RAO? Incase you have forgotten, Ruto is a creature that was created by RAO during the time Moi’s word was law. I guess this applies to all those ex-KANU hawks like Kalonzo too, huh?

Pogs has the capability to raise the campaign money through Christian networks he established following his long association with them from the time he was in Uganda, back to Kenya and to the USA. They have sponsored a lot of community projects in West Pokot including Pogs' college education and that of hundreds of other Pokot youngsters.

Phil said...

BTW - for those of you who are questioning Poghisio's record as Information & Communication minister, it is not bad compared to that of his predecessors.

Picture this.

Kenya is about to witness two additional GSM providers due this month. That is ECONET and ORANGE. Its expected call charges will drop drastically (estimated 50 - 70%) following their entry to the market. It will be the first time we are having new players since the Moi days that saw Safaricom and Celtel start provision of GSM services in Kenya. Note ECONET was licenced years ago, but were not able to roll out services due to under performing and corrupt minister/PS!!!

He is on course to being the minister in-charge when the Freedom of Information Bill is enacted into law.

He has attempted to muzzle the press through introduction of annual subscriptions to be paid by individual journalists and media companies. He also attempted to shut down KASS FM the other day. But these are normal things that happen when one is in government. Infact, he has RESISTED calls to shut down vernacular FM stations which is quite commendable considering what happened in this country after the elections!

Poghisio has seen introduction of additional TV stations, and daily tabloid and business newspapers. This is good given that tabloids like Metro and Nairobi Star always end up rubbing the powers that be the wrong way... You cant have imagined these publications during the Moi/Kalonzo days.

Incidentally will also see him be the Minister in-charge when the country switches to DIGITAL TV in a few months time.

Imagine this is all happening in a country which has been independent for over 40 years and has had countless information & communication ministers.

On top of all this Poghisio is Minister incharge in overseeing the introduction and implementation of the FIBRE OPTIC CABLE into Kenya. Not only has ICT made great strides in the last few months, Kenya has clearly emerged as one of the global leaders in the field of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and therefore created employment and abundant business opporunities.

These are ideas that have been incorporated into the the Vision 2030 following the harmonisation of the ODM manifesto with that of PNU and to a lesser extent ODM-K.

So really, one cannot say his record as minister (of only eight months) is BAD!

Ivy said...

Anon 12:51

I agree.....Not in my life time.

Can't you guys see the irony...Kalonzo still wants to vie for the presidency in 2012, that is if Wairimu's prophecy of alipitia katikati yao shall not come to pass. Then this same Kalonzo is the one endorsing Poghisio for presidency. When did Kalonzo become a democrat? Maanzo and Ojiambo's story is still fresh in our minds....You can't just wish it away.

Eeh you guy...Give Molasses Raila a break....macho ya chura haimzui ng'ombe kunywa maji

b-carotene said...

The problem with us Kenyans is that we're so easily distracted from what we have identified as our priorities. I dont mean to pour cold water on the rat race for the presidency, indeed its a legitimate debate though somewhat premature.

But for as long as we dont demand and keep demanding the fundamentals i.e meaningful devolution of power/authority to lower levels (not crude majimboism), a review of constituency boundaries, reform of land laws, reform of the ECK, I’m afraid changing presidents (at least for the majority who live below the poverty line) will amount to changing nothing other than the name of the master. So lets just keep our eyes on the ball.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52

Do you own Kumekucha? M-pesa is here to stay!!! if you don't like it go hang!

Anonymous said...


Do you know any juicy story or love child of Barack Obama? American enquirer is looking for anyone with any information of Barack Obama's alledged love child with a reward of a cool $1 million.

Ivy said...

Reporting from Anfield.

Man U 1::::Liverpool 0

Sorry folks just had to do that

Tom said...

I know you hate kikuyus but please....not another kalenjin presidency any time soon. These people have tried to ruin our country twice - during Moi's 24 rule and recently during the post election violence. The kalenjin will be the scourge of this country for a long time. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...


agree with you

i get a little confused at times, are we still leaning towards an imperial all powerful president under the current constitution or are we thinking of a new political structure with devolved power center? if indeed the push for consitutional changes based on Bomas draft are effected then the thrust of leadership will be spread to parliament and a PM and therefore whover becomes president is more or less immaterial. if not, then we are a pathetic lot, reduced to making noise over reforms but not serious or otherwise unable to press on for the same.

i agree we need to use this time with the GCG to press for more reforms that increase public service/admin efficiency and accountability and press for devolution of power centers that increase democratic freedoms and permanently do away with an all powerful presidency that meddles in all affairs


Anonymous said...

this standard article

is interesting.


Anonymous said...

First ask the Daily nation newspaper when it will stop being a kibaki government gutter press??

we all know kibaki owns shares in th Daily nation gutter press the PNU mouth piece - it is a joke now it see it now blasting Martha Karua and when Kibaki rigged the 27th dec 2008 elections with Martha Karua holding his hand.....

Martha Karua face and footnotes where the darling of the Daily nation newspaper- she was their iron lady protecting KIbaki....

This shiate newspaper called the daily nation should be dropped out of circulations
Kenyans stop making Kibaki richer..... when he rigged election down with Daily nation gutter press with immediate effect...

it is only good for wrapping nyama at Decoreti corner...

Anonymous said...

First ask the Daily nation newspaper when it will stop being a kibaki government gutter press??

we all know kibaki owns shares in th Daily nation gutter press the PNU mouth piece - it is a joke now it see it now blasting Martha Karua and when Kibaki rigged the 27th dec 2008 elections with Martha Karua holding his hand.....

Martha Karua face and footnotes where the darling of the Daily nation newspaper- she was their iron lady protecting KIbaki....

This shiate newspaper called the daily nation should be dropped out of circulations
Kenyans stop making Kibaki richer..... when he rigged election down with Daily nation gutter press with immediate effect...

it is only good for wrapping nyama at Decoreti corner...

Anonymous said...

Sources now confirm on ground that Ababu and Jirongo were paid big time by Martha Karua
and guess what they made double $ they went and sold the same story of disrupting ODM to Kalonzo Musyoka and sources say Kalonzo was so excited and paid them more money:):)

I guess in Politics one can get to be a millionaire just by shouting and making noise in the press and back stubbing their own party!!!

Ababu and Isaac Ruto and Jirongo watch out.. sad that we know how, when and where you received the money, what you used it for(i.e the bills you paid and what you bought and actually where you are hiding the rest:)
to say the least private investigators in Kenya don't have to search or look far:) it is all right there in our faces....

Anonymous said...

4:16 AM
you having crawled from a shiate hole your mother should have aborted you since you do not deserve to be called a human being.
if you are indeed a kenyan then i suggest you remain in America and keep watching Jerry springlier shows
since your morals depend on slim and money I suggest you f....k your kikuyu ass for that money.

Anonymous said...

I would rather vote for Poghiso than another Mungiki

Anonymous said...


Man useless 1: mighty liverpool 2.

go hang!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poghisho is a very humble and honest person. I know him personally. BUT - and this is a strong BUT. If he continues to associate with traitor Kalonzo then his chances are Zilch, Zero, nada, nothing, mami ng'ala, onge, hakuna, ibula, otire, sifuri.

Shaddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

the picture of the "faithful" ferrying missiles was just too funny

why not carry bibles

Anonymous said...

well well

so is PNU perhaps disintegrating, or was it never a serious party anyway

Anonymous said...

anaon 5:38,

HEEEHEHEHEHE...where else in kenya do you see people fighting in church? At first I thought the lady was carrying a bucket of 'odowa' to sell to, or feed the other members .

weaverbird said...

Perhaps I read your blog in a disinterested way and so would not usually join the fray on issues. This time, though, you got me with your subject: "a good-for-president" judgment. It is not the Poghisio dimension of your idea. Rather, it is the fact of the legitimation of pedetrianism that has fed a culture of low thresholds in our qualification and performance bars. And, it is not your fault. Rather, you are a victim of this culture and the low life politics that charlatans (passing as leaders) have been allowed to inject into our body politic. I am disheartened that, politically, Kenyans are hostage to "big-manism". See, all that yesterday's charlatan has to do is gain access to power, some form of it, no matter how, and voila! he becomes the monopolist of ideas, your boss and benefactor and a natural attraction to media microphones for oportunities to offer views about everything from rape to ruin!
If it is possible to become a leader by not doing anything challenging and exemplary, any position cannot appear to its occupant as worthy of integrity and good performance. In short, your article could have said that an illiterate coxswain from a dug out canoe in Lamu is ready for president simply because, from the time a scribe has known him, he has had a charming smile plastered all over his face. Conclusion: good man, ready for president.
The reason, I think, our country does not perform well politically is because there are low expectations with regard to suitability, ability, the "what-it-takes"-ness that meets minimum presidential or leadership standards. And the electorate is to blame although they are often bamboozled by the theatrics that pass as our political leadership. For instance, we are hardly out of woods yet from a searing political crisis, and we, including politicians and bloggers, are already talking about the next president. You know, somehow I think Kenyans have learned to not expect much except electoral drama.
Yes, Poghisio might be suitable for president and I am sure Kenyans will not ask what side of legislation has he typically voted on, does his voting record make him conservative or liberal, does this location on the spectrum make him a suitable match for our aspirations, does he subscribe to ethnic political pandering or is he above myopia. And, what about his credentials, is he a certificate qualified individual, or a beneficary of years of appointed position experience, or, and this counts a lot, is he a man shaped by motivation to be productive evidenced by adversities he has surmounted, and demonstrated achivements (certainly not the number of houses applied for in Nairobi alongside the poor and marginalized, and which smell of abuse of office or conflict of interest) etc.
When you next write about a possible president, I would suggest you develop an achievement/deficiency/qualification score sheet that can offer an objective and impartial "at-a-glance" picture about your favorite nominee. Then, perhaps, we can have an informed and well advised conversation about the future political standing of the country we love and the candidates for its 21st century presidency.

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