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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Titus Naikuni, Kenya Needs You, Will You Ignore Her?

There is no doubt that history will judge many prominent Kenyans very harshly indeed. It will be said of them that they stood and watched as the motherland went to the dogs… and they did absolutely nothing.

Is it the selfish streak so many of them seem to have of minding their own business and making money and staying away from the very murky waters that are politics in Kenya?


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It is instructive that in recent times many of them have discovered that if you stick to business and ignore the politics, the politics will not always ignore your business and sooner or later it will end up affecting your business. A perfect example of this happening was the beginning of this year when post election violence brought the entire country to a halt and nobody could transact any business.

I assume that I am talking to some of the most intelligent members of our society and it does not take a rocket scientist to tell that Kenya is not far from shut down the way our politics is going at the moment. So those who are determined not to have any involvement in Kenyan politics should make sure that they make all the money they can as quickly as possible over the next few months because the end is nigh.

Some very clever Kenyans in the run up to the 2007 elections had started floating the name of Titus Naikuni as a possible presidential candidate. Mr Naikuni who is the CEO of the national carrier, Kenya Airways dismissed the rumours and said that he had no interest in politics. He failed to get the hint or totally ignored it, I have no idea which.

If truth be told, Mr Naikuni is a great Kenyan who has done the country proud. Anybody who understands the airline industry will know that it is easier for a River Tana crocodile to ignore easy prey when it is hungry than for any airline in the world to make a profit. Indeed many have shut down and gone into bankruptcy in the recent past. However under very difficult circumstances the national carrier has consistently made profits under the guidance of Mr Naikuni.

Not only that, Mr Naikuni’s leadership skills have been tested time and again. Who will forget the KQ Doula (Cameroon) air disaster of last year and how Mr Naikuni offered leadership at a very difficult time for the airline?

It is clear that the leadership skills the KQ CEO has already displayed can be put to great use charting a new course for the ship called Kenya.

One of the great fears younger Kenyans have of getting into politics is that they always fear the extremely “dirty” nature of Kenyan politics. And with good reason. You see the rules were made by the current dinosaurs and were clearly designed to keep those more gifted and talented than themselves from making any headway in the Kenyan political arena. But as US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has proved, it is possible to change the rules. So effective was Obama during the democratic primaries that at the end of the contest Hilary Clinton’s dirty tactics boomeranged back on her and proved completely ineffective.

What Kenya needs is a revolution and young Kenyans running multi million shilling corporations need to get involved pronto in mapping out a new direction for the country.

And don’t forget folks, we are already in injury time.

Over to you Mr Naikuni.

More information on Titus Naikuni

P.S. If they still have cold feet in this time of great crisis, prominent Kenyan CEOs can still play a key role by helping to identify appropriate candidates and then using their skills and resources to support them. They must realize that the entire crop of people calling themselves political leaders in Kenya today need to go home and pave way for a new generation, preferably born after independence in 1963. My two cents.


Anonymous said...

the guys salo is a percentage of the profit that KQ makes,thats what keeps him focussed.

but he is a real gem.

Anonymous said...

Recent HIV statistics in Kenya by province;

The survey indicates HIV prevalence in Nyanza at 15.3, Nairobi 9.0, Coast 7.9 per cent, Rift Valley 7.0, Western 5.1, Eastern 4.7 per cent, Central 3.8 per cent and North Eastern 1.0 per cent.

hope molasses Raila does something about his brothers in Nyanza...the thing abt omena for sex is not working well...

hope the likes of Taabu won't call this a PNU ua standard for more

Ivy said...

So who will it be? John Githongo or Titus Naikuni your take.

I bet tomorrow it will be Martin Luke Oduor....

Chris si kwa ubaya but let me ask now...What are you getting at?

Papa Plus has taught us something today that political leadership should never be confused with just leadership. How many CEOs have made it into politics? And how many have lived to show us their prowess.

Pls i might not be a thief, a liar or a serial killer...But that does make me a pastor or a cardinal for that matter? Your take

Anonymous said...




Why Libya will not release hotel

Published on 30/07/2008

By David Ohito

Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi has sent a stern message to the Kenya Government that the Grand Regency Hotel belongs to his country, despite efforts to repossess it.

Gaddafi fought back on a week when investigations that would determine the fate of the sale started taking shape.

The Libyan leader sent a top government delegation with his verbatim message that was read to both President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

"The hotel is sold, gone and file closed!" were Gaddafi’s words to Kenya delivered by his right-hand man, Mr Bashir Saleh Bashir, the Libyan Head of Public Service.

Libyan Ambassador Hisham Ali Shariff (left), head of public service and chairman of Libya Africa investment portfolio (LAP) Bashir Saleh Bashir (Centre) and Libyan Arab Africa Investment Trade Company chairman Mohamed Ajil after a press conference at the Grand Regency Hotel, Nairobi, on Tuesday. PHOTO: STAFFORD ONDEGO
Mr Bashir later in a press conference at the Grand Regency Hotel’s Shaba Room, repeated the stern message he had given to Kibaki and Raila.

The Libyans spoke on a day that the Parliamentary Finance Committee chairman, Mr Chris Okemo, said his team was headed for a retreat this weekend to compile a report for Parliament that could recommend repossession.

But Gaddafi left no doubt as his special envoy met Kenya’s two principals, that his government would put up a fight to keep the five-star gem.

"You can carry on with investigations, but we assure Kenyans we followed all the procedures as established by law," Bashir told journalists.

No response from Principals

Neither State House nor the Prime Minister’s office had issued a statement by last night after the principals met the Libyans.

Okemo said the report would be ready by Thursday next week and would be tabled in Parliament.

"The report will detail how top Government officials transacted the sale of the hotel illegally," he said at Parliament buildings.

Justice (Rtd) Majid Cockar’s Commission of inquiry into the sale deal started sittings on Monday.

The Libyan team, which had jetted into the country in the morning, was accorded high profile diplomatic treatment as they were given audience at State House with President Kibaki and later with Raila at Treasury.

Escorted by Diplomatic Police cars, the Libyan envoy’s sleek grey Mercedes Benz with a fluttering Libyan flag snaked its way across the city centre as he kept the two rendezvous.

Bashir, who doubles up as chairman of Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAP), was accompanied by Libyan ambassador to Kenya, Hisham Ali Sharrif, Ali Shamak — the President of Oil Libya and Mr Mohammed Ajil, the chairman of Libya Arab Africa Investment Company.

The press conference was arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and personally facilitated by the Permanent Secretary, Mr Thuita Mwangi, and Mr Eliphas Barine from the Public Affairs and Communication office.

"There is no political motive behind the purchase of this hotel. I can assure you no diplomatic interests can be breached between Nairobi and Tripoli," Bashir said.

He added: "The money we have invested here will not go back to Libya. It will remain here to develop your country."

Buying price

An aerial view of the Grand Regency Hotel. PHOTO: tom maruko
He said the Libyan Government paid about Sh2.9 billion to the Central Bank of Kenya in May.

Sources said the Libyan government had raised concern over the uproar surrounding the hotel sale that Gaddafi said was a bilateral agreement between the Libyan Government and her Kenyan counterpart.

"We bought the hotel on a purely business interest and all legal procedures followed in a very clean transaction," Bashir said.

Bashir also explained how Libya had great interest of investing across the continent and had a portfolio worth US$ 8 billion (Sh520 billion) all over Africa — including Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Morocco.

Inviting Kenyans to welcome their business interests, Bashir said LAP was looking forward to partnerships in Kenya.

"There is no limit for our investments in Kenya," the official from the oil-rich desert country said.

He explained how the barely three-year-old Libyan investment company had aggressively invested in Togo, Guinea and was looking at putting in more monies on the African soil.

"Our strategy is to invest in African countries, with corporations, Governments and private sector initiatives. LAP is just three years old and we are one of the single biggest investors in Africa," he said.

He said the company was financing the construction of Kenya-Uganda pipeline too and was working out its shareholding.

The hotel has been sucked into controversy and propelled the resignation of Finance minister Amos Kimunya following Parliament’s verdict of a no confidence against him.

Already two parallel investigations are being carried out — one through Parliamentary Finance, Planning and Trade committee chaired by Okemo.

Another is through a judicial Commission of Inquiry appointed by President Kibaki and chaired by retired Chief Magistrate Abdul Majid Cockar.

A Cabinet Committee initially appointed after the controversy broke out recommended that the Government repossess the hotel and the transaction cancelled.

The Cockar Commission is expected to recommend legal and administrative measures on completion of its work in a month’s time.

The Cockar team will investigate circumstances leading to the sale of the hotel and the role played by the persons mentioned in the transaction process.

Lands Minister James Orengo blew the whistle on the secret sale of the hotel and demanded an explanation.

Orengo later instructed his Lands officers to enter a Caveat on the property, meaning the land on which it stands cannot be used as collateral in the bank nor be transferred to new buyer.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.40 and the rest of the fellows who are posting here in capital letters,

i have observed this amusing tread which does not only tell your level of ignorance but your temperament. mature people allow their well articulated ideas to convince the audience not capital letters.

the fact that you shout at people to get their attention does not imply that 'shouting' using caps will give you any attention. just grow up or go hit a wall.


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

guys, lets stop pasting long stories here, just paste the link. this is becoming abnoxious. just because a story excites you does not mean all of us share the same sentiments. quite frankly no one reads and its such a bother scrolling all the way down...

thank you

Anonymous said...

anon11:45 PM
if it bothers you? why not move on? kibaki does not own this blog.




now i have said it- move on if you can't read my clear message in capital letters- you are the ignorant fool sucker- you are a thief so i do not expect you to shout or use capital letters- being sworn in hiding in the dark stealthy after rigging elections was very quietly done- yes we understand your type of thieves.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.45,

where is the proof of your wild allegations?

Your imaginations, just quote the source hata kama ni gutter press.

seems Luo's are irritated by the truth that they lead with 15%. kwaani u guys are how ignorant, stop inheriting wifes, get circumcised and use condoms...

then ua level of infection will drop like for the kikuyus you fear and admire.

Anonymous said...

anon11:48 PM
you skunk-go post your HIV rubbish else where - i guess that is what you want people to read- while at it post the Langata cemetery figures
too many wanjiru's ,muthoni's kamau's hidden and buried in the dark.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:54

u scared of facing the knife?

Anonymous said...

anon11:52 PM
kikuyu =Langata cemetery in fact it is full now.
what proof? go check the Langata cemetery registry- most names kikuyu died of HIV/Aids

deceased with no relative- shame on you kikuyu's even in death they are rejected.
go to central province and ask - where people are- the story is usually oh they are in the STATO!! the best one is Atlanta or Washington and yet they are 6ft under in the Langata Cemetery

kikuyu's are shameless go figure!

Anonymous said...

anon11:59 PM

the knife you use to behead innocent kenyans?? funded by kibaki and his cronies??
Nope not scared- you beheaded in Nakuru and Naivasha- then you come escorted by police to burnt forest- then ?? ask Martha Karua and Kibaki what happened to all those Mungiki's you send over??

I guess kibaki didn't care after all he executed more than 500 mungiki like flies:):)
Maybe you fear the knife my friend coz you kikuyu's have no balls....
stealing is what you survive on - never hard work!

Like kenyans are saying on the ground- Kibaki stole grand Regency and sold it to Libya to pay his debt( you see, no balls)

Anonymous said...


where are the kenyan MP'S and how can they allow Libya to shoot this sh....t in our country-why are we kenyans paying hefty salaries???
if they can control Libya and get back the Grand Regency then they must stop down- we need MP's Who are not corrupt.. we hear Ababu and Jirongo have been paid money by the Libyans to shut up in parliament- we are watching this two MP's Closely. ati nini??

Ajwang' said...


There are many young Kenyans who are willing to lead and who have abandoned their professional careers to enter politics. I can give you examples ofd a few I know very well such as Hon Mbadi of Gwassi, Ahmednassir's former law partner who is now the assistant minister for special affairs, Eng Gumbo of Rarieda, Hon Namwamba, Otuoma and many many more in both ODM and PNU. Most of the so called Kenyan star CEOs are just media-hyped, and they pay for it. The reality is that a number of them are worse tribalists than Kibaki,Moi or Kenyatta.

Musili said...

Do we need a CEO really to run the country? Do we need to have a corporation in place of a nation? What will the president do when faced with famine crisis? Right sizing the population? Leave priests do their job, teachers in class, politicians rock their thing, but back to Titus am not convinced the guy is the 'gem'.

To the HIV report released on Tuesday by the rt PM RAO it is like a double edged sword and i wish those of us here who are coming here show their ignorance by not trying to understand the real meaning of the figures.

Does it really matter which province has lesser prevalence?

Yes it does.

For any govt intervention in terms of allocation of resources has to be made with regard to the severity of the problem, so if there are politics in the results provided we may witness unprecedented deaths that related to HIV in regions that has been cleansed by the error of reduction!

For those of us who understands ethical implication of playing around with numbers will not advise such a move especially when the laws of nature would certainly validate the numbers.

Am personally puzzled, in Kenya there is only when region that has been reported to be so unhygienic to an extend of getting jiggers. My friends lets wake up and demand that the nation should be fed with the correct information.

Anonymous said...

anon12:13 AM

Thank you, and i thought Chris by now should know anyone can pay NTV or daily nation and KTN/standard to have their name mentioned at every given time as an outstanding CEO- even thugs get mention while they keep looting and bleeding the country dry.

what we need to see are self-made wanaichi who have nothing to do with government jobs or contracts or used government tenders to enrich themselves- look around the world there are indeed self-made millionaires and CEO's of their own corporations- who have worked day and night to make their money and have never stolen from their governments or peers-
I would rule out in the next elections anybody who has made it riding on the back of government contracts/tender and looters.

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 11:40 surely anyone who has internet can read the same story you have posted,why not give us your take on the Naikuni story.

Ivy me thinks Martin Otieno Oduor is better than all the names put beforefollowed by perhaps Githongo.I highly doubt the Kenyan kind of politics unlike that of the US and UK ,where articulateness is what matters than how monied and deceptive one is,is what matters can accomodate this names being touted.

Yes they could be good leaders but are our folks ready for them?I doubt.One question that they keep and will always ask is, Na Huyu Naikuni or Githongo ni Nani?Only folks from the respective tribes will be supportive of them.So before one goes gagagah such factors should be put into play.

Edward said...


Following is an exert from The Kroll Report.


It is understood that Philip has an estimated wealth of approximately $770 million and controls more hidden cash than Gideon, even though significant attention has been directed at the latter.

Whether by design or otherwise, the media more commonly associates Philip with motor vehicle tax fraud and other low-down economic vices. Therefore, unlike Gideon who would mainly wait for government-funded projects to broker deals, Philip's money machine was continuously churning out liquid cash on daily basis.

At a local level there is no single company in which Philip holds shares directly. He use proxies who range from low key Asians and houseboys who know little about the wealth in their names.

Business Links



Source material indicates the following ownership:

Gateway Properties

1992 documentary evidence

Paradise Holdings

Sheraton Holdings

Hahuru Investors

General Commodity Dealers

Kiharu Investors

Concord Holdings

Connected to Goldenburg

Panafcon Engeneering

Tiger farm Ltd

Ecta Kenya Ltd

Source Enquiries indicate the Gideon owns the following:

Property Ownership

Owned in Italy and Sultanate of Brunei

Cut Tobacco

Bank Accounts

Sultanate of Brunei

Sandhurst Matrix Inc.


Managed by Mr Sevak

Garian Investments

Director - Clemente

Prelimirary results of global searches conducted under Garian Investments and Sandhurst Matrix Inc have rot revealed any findings. Further searches are required.


United Kingdom

HSBC and Standard Chartered Plc

Sources[1] reveal that Philip operates accounts in London's branch of HSBC and Standard Chartered Plc. During the last quarter of 2003, it is understood that he issued cheques against accounts held in these banks for the purchase of equipment for manufacturing cooking fat.

"The HSBC account was also used sometime back when he personally went to London to buy equipment for his cigarette company Cut Tobacco Ltd.

Barclays Bank

We have uncovered documentary evidence of two Barclays Bank cheques for the sum of £500 000 written out and signed by Philip Moi for and behalf of Gateway Properties Inc, on 18 September 1993 and 1 October 1993, respectively. The cheques were received by ANZ Grindlays Bank on 3 November 1993.

The details of Phiiip's account are as follows:

Name of Bank: Barclays Bank Plc

Address: Barclays Business Centre, Hampstead Kgh Street Branch, 28 Hampstead H Street, London NM 1QB

Sort Code: 20 36 16

Account Number: 90391158

As this information dates back ten years ago, it is possibly connected to Goldenberg.


Credit Suisse. Zurich

Rosanna Moi indicated that in October 2002, Philip lost US$15 million to an Italian family on a deal that failed to deliver. This money was paid to his family through Philip's Sandhurst Matrix Inc account held at Credit Suisse, Zurich.

Sultanate of Brunei

Philip is a close friend of Prince Hamid of Brunei[2]. Moi's family has invested heavily through Prince Hamid. The precise details of Philip's investments through these investments are not known. Philip's wife was planning to spend the vacation of Christmas 2003 in Brunei with their children.

Business Associates

Zara/Rosanna Moi

During the beginning of December 2003[3], Philip made his move through Zara. She left the country for Italy, from where she visited Leichtenstein and Lugano located inside the Swiss canton of Ticino. It is believed that Ticino, though a remote area, consists of over 100 banks. Zara/Rosanna Moi, Philips Italian wife, estimates Philip's worth to be US$750 million[4].

Philip real'ses that his wife is relatively unknown and more so her Italian connection, and thus instead of him travelling, possibly leaving a wide trail, he prefers to use his wife. Zara claimed, following her trip in December 2003, that most of Philip's money is invested overseas.

Source enquiries indicate that major international drug barons mostly favour the Lugano destination and therefore it is not surprising that Philip's wife should visit the place soon after the change of government in Kenya. It has been reported that Philip is expected to mount massive fronts to cover for his wealth.

It alleged that Zara laments that government could be monitoring her husband's movements and as such Philip has kept them at the minimum. Mostly he prefers to hold his meetings at night often meeting his Asian intermediaries in their homes at night.

It has been reported that whilst Zara has been running errands overseas for Philip concerning their foreign accounts, it is apparent that she is not in control of Philip's overseas accounts in her name.

According to source enquiries, Zara is fully aware of where Philip's money is hidden and indeed confirmed having made several trips overseas on his behalf, delivering confidential information to his intermediaries.

Dr Clemente

Philip totally refuses to visit Italy and instead he has been using an Italian doctor named Dr Clemente to recover his money. Clemente is a listed director of Garian Investments, a company owned by Philip through his proxies. However, it would appear that Clemente may have reached some understanding with that family, because he left Nairobi late 2002, abandoning his practice, along with Rangers Restaurant, which he was running with Philip's wife. Therefore, part of the reason Mrs Moi was visiting Italy was to meet Dr Clemente to discuss this money.

Akasha Family

According to source enquiries, where narcotics are concerned it is understood that Philip dealt in Hashish, Madrax tablets, and Shang grown mainly around Mt. Kenya with the Akasha family. On hard drugs, Philip dealt mainly in Cocaine, providing cover to some Italian families dealing with drugs in Malindi and through his wife's family connections in Italy, they would receive bigger cuts once drugs are exported. The drug carte' in Malfndi was able to at times offload twenty-foot containers without docking facilities in Malindi. Hollowed furniture was also stuffed with drugs and exported. The Italian drug cartel operate the busiest Casino in Malindi where bets were quoted in Italian Lira and predominantly frequented by Italians[5].


Muzahim, who has been known to be a car dealer, a drug baron and involved in dealing with counterfeit money, has for the last fifteen years operated as Philip's partner in all the above vice. Philip provided the cover and Muzahim managed the operations[6].

Jointly, they made counterfeit dollars for Somalia, Zaire, Sudan and, Liberia. Muzahim has full documentation of all his dealings with Philip, including bank accounts used. He also has documentary evidence reflecting deals done by Philip on his own, which he used to obtain from Philip's employees whom he used to pay handsomely.

When Muzahim and Philip fell out, Philip paid an assassin to eliminate Muzahim but unfortunately the would-be assassin confessed to Muzahim and got paid off[7]. Muzahim would like to cut a deal to provide information on Goldenberg.

It has been learned through source enquries that Muzahim has indicated his willingness to sell information along with documentary evidence based on Philip[8].

Business Associates and Front Men


Personal Details

UK Companies House records reveal that Mukesh Gohil, a British national, was born on 2 October 1956.

His address is given as PO Box 56947, Nairobi, Kenya.


United Kingdom

Address locator research within the United Kingdom has uncovered eight distinct addresses pertaining to a Mukesh Gohil: one of which relates to a Mukesh P Gohil and another to a Mukesh S Gohil.

The address details are given as follows:



Mukesh Gohil

7 Wilkins Close, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 4LL

Mukesh Gohil

41 Oswald Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 1HN

Mukesh Gohil

7 Shaftesbury Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 8AL

Mukesh Gohil

128 Yorkshire Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 6PJ

Mukesh Gohil

60 Sandringham Crescent, Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 9BT

Mukesh Gohil

16 Paxford Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HAO 3RQ

Mukesh Gohil

12 Pasture Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HAO 3JD

Mukesh Gohil

87 Milton Avenue, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 2EY

Property ownership database searches have been conducted on the above addresses with a view to establish the registered owners. However, without specific identifiers for the subject of this enquiry, in the form of a middle name or initial of the middle name, it has not been possible to distinguish the identity of the individual. As such, the results of all properties owned by a Mukesh Gohii in the United Kingdom have been listed below.

7 Wilkins Close, Hayes. Middlesex. UB3 4LL

According to Lard Registry records, Mukesh Gohil and Pratixa Gohil have beer the owners of the above property since 19 June 1996.

As at 2 November 2001, the Land Registry received an application to register a mortgage charge dated 31 October 2001, in favour of Nationwide Building Society of Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon, SN38 1 NW. The mortgage is for an undisclosed amount.

41 Oswald Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 1HN

According to Land Registry records, Premkunwar Gohil and Harji Laxman Gohil, both of 162 Hambrough Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 1JE and Nalin Gohil and Hansa Gohil, both of 164 Hambrough Road, Southall, Middlesex have been the owners of the above property since 15 August 1996.

Details of the registered mortgage charge remain undisclosed.

7 Shaftesbury Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 8AL

According to Land Registry records, Sahida Begum has been the owner of the above property since 8 November 2001.

As at 8 November 2001, the Land Registry received an application to register a mortgage charge dated 5 October 2001, in favour of Alliance and Leicester Plc of Mortgage Customer Services, Customer Services Centre, Narborough, Leicester LE9 5XX. The mortgage is for an undisclosed amount.

The price stated to have been paid on 5 October 2001 was £58, 000.

28 Yorkshire Road, Leicester, Leicestershire. LE4 6PJ

According to Land Registry records, Mohanlal Lalji Gohil and Kamlaben Mohanlal Gohil have been the owners of the above property since 27 September 1974.

Details of the registered mortgage charge remain undisclosed.

60 Sandringham Crescent. Harrow, Middlesex. HA2 9BT

According to Land Registry records, Narendra Shamji Gohil and Mukesh Shamji Gohil have been the owners of the above property since 25 September 1990.

As at 13 November 1991, the Land Registry received an application to register a mortgage charge dated 31 October 1991, in favour of Nationwide Building Society of Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon SN38 1NW. The mortgage is for an undisclosed amount.

16 Paxford Road, Wembley, Middlesex. HAO 3RQ

According to Land Registry records, Mukesh Gohil has been the owner of the property since 14 October 1994.

As at 2 October 1992, the Land Registry received an application to register a mortgage charge dated 2 July 1992, in favour of Cheltenham Gloucester Plc of Barnett Way, Gloucester GL4 3RL. The mortgage is for an undisclosed amount.

12 Pasture Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HAO 3JD

According to Land Registry records, Mukesh Keshavlal Gohil and Kundan Gohil have been the owners of the property since 7 July 1989.

As at 3 March 2003, the Land Registry received an application to register a mortgage charge dated 27 February 2003, in favour of Cheltenham Gloucester Pic of Barnett Way, Gloucester GL4 3RL.The mortgage is for an undisclosed amount.

87 Milton Avenue. Barnet, Hertfordshire. EN5 2EY

According to Land Registry records, Mukesh Gohil and Maithri Gohil both of 32 Cardrew Close, Finchley, London N12, have been the owners of the property since 13 September 1988.

As at that date, the Land Registry received an app cation to register a mortgage charge dated 8 July 1988, in favour of Nationwide Building Society of Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon, SN38 1 NW. The mortgage is for an undisclosed amount.


Global directorship searches conducted under Mukesh Gohil have revealed the following companies:

United Kingdom

Within the United Kingdom, Gohil is listed as a director of three companies, the details of which are provided below.

Armada Services Ltd

Incorporated on 8 January 2001, Armada Services Ltd is a private limited company. Although listed as currently active, the company has a proposal to strike off the companies house register. According to corporate records, the nature of business is described as "Business and Management Consultancy".

Details are listed in the Appendix.

Technology 4 All Ltd

Incorporated on 10 April 2001, Technology 4 All Ltd is a small private limited company. The company is listed as currently active and according to corporate records, the nature of business is described as "Software Consultancy and Supply".

Details are 'fisted in the Appendix.

Aandatta Ltd

Incorporated on 21 May 1979, Aandatta Ltd is a small private limited compary. The company is listed as currently active and according to corporate records, the nature of business is described as "Other Wholesale".

Details are listed in the Appendix.


Within Australia, Gohil is listed as the director of Shantilal Brother (Australia) Pty Ltd and South Austral Pty Ltd. Company details are not available on global directorship searches.

[1] Laundryman

[2] Laundryman

[3] Laundryman

[4] Laundryman

[5] Laundryman

[6] Laundryman

[7] Laundryman

[8] Laundryman"]
Gideon Moi and the Looting of Kenya
Posted: September 1, 2007, 1:46 am by Kenyanomics

Following is an exert from The Kroll Report.


Modus Operandi

In November 2003, Gideon travelled from Kenya through a circuitous route that took him to South Africa, Namibia, the United Kingdom and eventually Luxembourg[1].

Gideon spent a night in Namibia. Ex-President Moi enjoys a private and very cordi relationship with President Nujoma. During his visit, Gideon was meant to meet Nujon privately under intervention of his father. It is not known whether the meeting actually to place.

Ex-President Moi has invested heavily in Namibia and Nujoma personally protects investments. It is understood that Gideon is not comfortable with South Africa and all his actions are aimed at transferring his assets from there. There are indications that such a transfer is most likely to be Namibia.

Gideon has been known to frequently visit the Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac in the past travelling via Miami, USA.

Business Links

Gideon's business links are detailed below. The table illustrates ownership of businesses where:

1. Gideon's ownership has been alleged by sources

2. Gideon's ownership has been refuted by sources

3. Client material indicates Gideon's ownership

4. Client material indicates a business previously owned by Gideon



Ownership of the following Gideon’s interests has been alleged by Msamaha:

Kent Ship Maritime

Sielei Properties Ltd

Giant Holdings Ltd

Revak Ltd

Sudbury Ltd

Sudbury Investments

Giant Forex Bureau

Westfield International Ltd

Chesco Ltd

Hampstead Enterprises

Metipso Services Ltd

Maternity Shop

Eagle Airlines

Chemusian Company

Fresh Produce Ltd

Siginon Freight

Cartrack Kenya Ltd

First American Bank

Owned by Gideon, James Kanyotu & Naushad Merali, Biwott

Equatorial Bank

Owned by Gideon, Kanyotu & Merali

The Sasine Group of Farms

Owned by Gideon, Kanyotu & Merali

Cable & Wireless

Owned by Gideon, Kanyotu & Merali

The Duty Free Company

Owned by Gideon, Kanyotu & Merali

Everready Comapany (H. Young)[2]

Owned by Gideon, Kanyotu & Merali

Tobacco Farm in Malawi

Gideon 100%

Chester House

Gideon 100%

Safaricom Kenya

Biwott, Charles Field Marsham and Gideon 40%, the Post Office 60%.

Msamaha alleges that the follwing companies are owned bybthose detailed and NOT Gideon:

Sian Roses

Kulei 40%, Moi 60%

Mugoya Construction

Equity Stockbrokers

First Force Security Services

Regent Management

Client material indicates the following ownership:

Giro Bank

Held under Asian nominee businessman

Taurino Enterprises

Gideon and Cyrus Jirongo

Client material indicates the following previously owned:

Safariland Club

Was owned by Gideon, Mukesh Gohil and Pattni. Since taken over by Merinda Investments

Gideon’s possible interest?

Trans-National Bank

Gideon’s interest unknown


United Kingdom

It has been reported that Gideon has two properties in London held under a trust set up by Mukesh Gohil[3]. The name of the trust and the addresses of the properties are not known.

It has been reported that Gohil is the keeper of Gideon's funds in the UK.

South Africa

It has been reported that Gideon owns a number of properties in South Africa. His front man, Harbinder Singh Sethi, has 74 properties listed under 'closed corporations', ail of which ale registered in his name.

It has been reported that during_October_2003, Dr Kiplagat organised the sale of a Durban-based residential property belonging to Gideon for an amount of US$650 000.


United Kingdom

Mukesh revealed that by the year 2002, Gideon's cash in various banks overseas amounted to £550 million[4]. Mukesh indicated that this amount is for the deals in which Gideon has involved him. Mukesh further indicated that all Gideon's cash left the country through Citibank. Mukesh maintains that Gideon has colossal amounts of money in London although he has not revealed the identity of the banks.

Grand Cayman

It has been alleged that according to one of Gideon's aides, Ken Boit, during one of their visits to the Grand Cayman, he learnt from the former about a law in that jurisdiction known as " confidential relationships preservation law", similar to codes in Switzerland which made it a criminal act for anyone to reveal information about someone's banking or financial associations[5]. During their visit, Gideon would leave, alone, to attend to his business for hours, usually assisted by an intermediary who resides in Georgetown, the capital of Grand Cayman.


Kulei used banks in Luxembourg for ex-President Moi’s confidential banking[6]. During ex-President Moi’s last term in office, he visited Luxembourg with Gideon in the company of only one state house aide, who was Chief of Protocol at the time. The purpose of this trip was to introduce Gideon to his bankers. The aide believes that ex-President Moi actually transferred all dealings in his accounts to Gideon during this visit. What is not clear is whether Gideon was able to move these accounts elsewhere or shield their direct connection to them. During this trip to Luxembourg, four banks were visited by both ex-President Moi and Gideon, who would be picked from their hotel by a "simple" car which appeared to have been arranged for in advance. They would leave the aide waiting in some room while meetings were held behind closed doors in yet another room. The aide only recalls their visit to CitiCorp (probably CitiBank) and Union Bancaire Privêe. He does not remember the other two banks visited.


Allen & Overy

A law firm in Dubai named Allen & Overy holds all of Gideon's accounts[7]. Allen & Overy is a highly reputable international law firm with operations in 25 major cities worldwide.

The chairman of the law firm who runs all of Gideon's businesses is called Saimon Roadrodearek, a Greek national who is a lawyer by profession.

The address is PO Box 3251, 1603 API World Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The contact telephone numbers are: + 971 50 6524166 and + 971 4 3323190.

South Africa

It has been reported that Gideon has accounts held in South Africa and possibly Malawi[8]. Gideon's front man who operates from South Africa is Harbinder Singh Sethi.


Within the local scene, the following are the main banks that have been used extensively by Gideon for all kinds of transactions over the years[9].


Eurobank is currently under liquidation. It is alleged that Gideon has used Eurobank for payoffs related to parastatal deposits, from both NHIF and NSSF. He has also used it for small land transactions, mainly to channel through his share of the proceeds once allocated, land has been sold to a parastatal[10]. Usually, a company is floated for each and every, transaction with nominees representing his interest.

Giro Bank

It is alleged that Gideon under a front of Asian nominees owns Giro Bank[11]. Most of the cheques to Commissioner of Lands for land allocated to his companies were obtained from Giro Bank. A good example was 158 acres of military land in Embakasi allocated to a company named Torino Enterprises Ltd controlled by him and Cyrus Jirongo.

Trust Bank

Trust Bank is under liquidation. It is alleged that Gideon was heavily involved with Ajay Shah the key person behind this bank. Some of the most outrageous deals involving the duo are believed to have led to the collapse of this bank. However, when information started leaking out about his involvement, the governor of Central Bank was prevailed upon to close it promptly, thus making it easy for them to recover and destroy all compromising information[12].

Ketan Somata fnanced Trust Bank[13]. Separately, Ajay Shah controlled a finance company in which Ajay and Ketan became partners. Ajay was Ketan's operator. While Ketan did the dealing with the politicians, Ajay handled the money. At some point, Ajay and Ketan split up. Ajay took over Trust Bank and Ketan bought Delphis Bank (former BCCI).


It is alleged that Citibank has been the prime exit point for Gideon's cash to his off-shore accounts. Money generated from his numerous deals would be converted and transferred to overseas. During the last five years of Moi's rule, Gideon would often boast that any deal below a million US dollars is not worth his while[14].


It is alleged that Gideon used ABN-AMRO in a similar fashion to Citibank, to move illegally obtained cash emanating from corrupt deals to safe havens in off shore destinations. The funds were easily accessed through their wide branch network and correspondent banks in all key destinations[15].

Fjrst American Bank

Client material suggests that Naushad Merali and ex-President Moi control First American Bank in the background. The bank purchased the local operations of ABN -AMRO. In one masterstroke, tracing the trail of Gideon's money prior to, the acquisition of ABN-AMRO may at best prove to be futile if not strenuous.


All of Gideon’s monies invested in Kenya are held by a trust named SAMUT[16]. Registered in Kenya, SAMUT is the only trust to which Kulei transferred monies and shares held by him on behalf of the Moi family during 2001 and 2002. Msamaha indicated that around 80 percent of all of Kulei's holdings for the Moi family have now gone into SAMUT. Kulei still holds the remaining 20 percent, mostly the flower business and Trans-National Bank.

Business Associates

Mukesh Gohil

It has been alleged that sometime between December 2003 and January 2004, Mukesh Gohil had dinner at an Asian restaurant in Ukay Centre in the company of a relative of Krishan Behal and another individual who over the years has been dealing in properties on their behalf.

Mukesh boasted that without him Gideon is a lost man and as such is not able to keep track of his own money. Mukesh revealed that Gideon has been known to call him in Dubai to ask trivial questions about money already in his accounts.

Without divulging the specific reason for Gideon's need for him, Mukesh revealed that Gideon needs to have him around. Gideon has fallen out with several of his very close aides, many of whom were instrumental in his deals and most surprising, all are Kalenjins. Examples are Ken Boit, Donald Kipkorir, Ken Kiplagat, Sirma and Kogo. Gideon feels betrayed that his own people are deserting him while those of Asian origin are standing by his side.

A source claims that Gideon may be assessing the extent of damage that could be occasioned by the above individuals if he fails to honour their demands. Each individual is demanding serious amounts of money from Gideon for services rendered or a share of the deal money brokered by them.

It is very possible that Gideon needs Mukesh to help piece together the level of involvement and damage thereof.

Habinder Singh Sethi

It is believed that Sethi holds many of Gideon's assets in Southern Africa under his name Sethi[17]. Together they own a ranch.

Prior to elections, ex-President Moi and Gideon flew to Eritrea and then on to Malawi where they met with Habinder Singh Sethi. It is understood that Sethi flew the Moi's to South Africa carrying cases of dollars. The amount contained in the cases has not been disclosed.

Joshua Orwa Ojode

The current. Assistant Minister of Lands and Settlement, Joshua Orwa Ojode, is very close to Gideon[18],. Ojode is working alongside Gideon to undermine the current government.

Jared Kamgwana

Jared Kamgwana holds the office building Chester House in Nairobi in which Gideon Moi holds a 50 percent interest[19].

Dr Kiplagat

According to sources, Dr Kiplagat has shown a clear indication of his intentions to make revelations surrounding Gideon Moi.

Source enquiries indicate that the widely reported December 2003 altercation between Gideon and Kiplagat is over a financial rather than politically related matter as alleged[20] and, it appears to have been instigated by the sale of the Durban-based residential property.

It has been reported that after selling a property in Durban worth US$650 000 Gideon made arrangements for the proceeds to be remitted through the account of Kiplagat's law firm. This was done through a branch of Stanbic Bank in Durban. When Kiplagat received this money, he prepared a fee note of US$1.5 million for services rendered to Gideon on various matters and instead of remitting the US$650 000 to Gideon, he gave him a credit note for the same amount against the fee note.

Kiplagat then demanded the payment of the balance, which, it is believed, incensed Gideon to the extreme. Since the meeting of December 2003 held at Kabarak, Gideon has been trying to meet Kiplagat to no avail. In the meantime, Gideon has been sending Chepkonga to pressure Kiplagat to pay him.

As such, when Chepkonga found Kiplagat's vehicle at Fairview Hotel, he called Gideon. When the argument ensued with Gideon making threats, it is understood that Kiplagat cited "your father is no longer the President of this country and the days you used to order people around are long gone". He then ordered Gideon to move to another table causing the fight to break out.

Donald Kipkorir

Similarly, Dr Kipkorir has shown a clear indication of his intentions to make revelations surrounding Gideon.

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[2] Everready Company in Nakuru operates under the name of H. Young belonging to Schwartman.

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Biwott and the Looting of Kenya
Posted: September 1, 2007, 1:42 am by Kenyanomics
Following is an exert from The Kroll Report.


Modus Operandi

Biwott has been described as a skilfull businessman. Over the years, he has accumulated as much power and has established an enviable business empire, touching on almost every sector of the Kenyan economy, whilst he has remained in active politics.

The sectors among which Biwott has huge interests include energy, tourism, mining, real estate, telecommunications, air transport, construction and agriculture. He imports fuel and sells it to local distributors of petroleum products.

It is understood that Target 3 incorporates a different company for every new piece of property he acquires, be it land, residential or commercial property.

Biwott and his influential business partners have invested heavily outside Kenya with commercial interests in Israel and Australia.

Business Links

Biwott's business links are detailed below. The table illustrates ownership of businesses where:

1. Biwott's ownership interests have been confirmed by Msamaha

2. Client material indicates Biwott's ownership

3. Open source research indicates ownership

4. Open source research indicates law firms that represent Biwott's interests



Ownership of the following companies has been confirmed by Msamaha:

Kobil Petrol

Biwott 100%

Barshrim Investment

Biwott 100%

Kipsinde Farm

Biwott 100%

Rono Ltd

Biwott 100%

HZ Construction and Engineering

Biwott 100%

LZ Engineering

Biwott 100%

LZ Engineering

Biwott 100%

Yaya Centre (worth KSh 3.5 billion)

Biwott 100%

Premier Group of Companies

Biwott 100%

Air Kenya Aviation Ltd

Biwott 100%

Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd

Biwott 100%

Ziba Management & Services

Biwott 100%

HZ Group of Companies, Israel

Biwott 100%

Lima Kenya

Biwott 50%, Moi 50%

Air Kenya

Biwott 50%, Moi 50%

National Milling Company

Seven Shareholders including Moi and Kulei

Safaricom Kenya

Biwott, Charles Field Marsham and Gideon 40%, the Post Office 60%

Client material indicates ownership of following companies:

Uhuru Highway Development Real Estate Company


A 10,000 hectare ranch in Australia

Trinity Enterprises

Biwott, Moi. Corporate documentation indicates witness to signatures as M. H. da Gama Rose

Banque Belgalise

Biwott is reputed to own 40%. Akbar Esmail his nominee. Used in Trans National Bank laundering system

Team Simoco

Client Source indicates ownership of the following:


National chain of petrol stations. Biwott controlled 17% of private oil industry in Kenya.

Petrol Stations in Uganda)

Operated through Kenol-Kobil (Worth KSh 17billion)


An independent power producer company owned by Biwott and Harbinder Sethi Singh

Grand Dian Reef Hotel

Once placed under the receivership when hotel defaulted on KSh500 million loan acquired from Kenya Commercial Bank

Regional Air

Newly formed company managed by Biwott’s son-in-law Charles Field-Mahsam. Has a code-sharing arrangement with British Airways

H Young and Company

Steel manufacturers—one of largest in East Africa

S. R Telecommunications Co. Ltd

Receives contracts from government-owned telecommunications monopoly company, Telkom Kenya

Lima Ltd

One of the best-established agricultural machinery firms in Kenya. Owned jointly with powerful politicians and their families

First American Bank

Merali, Biwott, James Kanyotu, Gideon

Pan African Bank

Biwott, Moi. Apparently a wholly owned subsidiary of Banque Belgouse.

Trans-National Bank

Moi, Biwott, Nyachae, Kengwana

Government of Kenya

Moi, Biwott, Saitoti, Sally Kosgei, Chrysantus Okemo, Mark Bor, JK Musyimi, Mr Deche

Open Source indicates law firms representing his interests:

Shappley & Berret Advocates

Esmail & Esmail

Da Gama Rose Advocates

Law firm established by daughter Rita Biwott



According to Source A, Biwott bought a house in Riverside Drive from the Irish embassy that was paid for offshore. The date of the transaction remains undisclosed. Source A arranged the introduction in order to avoid his home being taken. Biwott was said to have paid about KSh19 million shillings for the house.

Separately, it is believed that Biwott has commercial and residential properties in various parts of the country. He also has interests in a number of tourist hotels.



Middle East Bank

Biwott purchased the Middle East Bank using Akber Esmail as a nominee[1]. It has been reported that at the time Kassam attempted to buy the bank. As such, he called at Saitoti's office in which he found Biwott whilst Esmail was told to wait outside. Kassam was instructed to abort negotiations in order to facilitate the purchase of the bank by Biwott and Esmail. Shortly afterwards Esmail was appointed chairman.

Behind the control of Middle East Bank, Biwott and ex-President Moi initially used the bank to launder funds siphoned from the Turkwell Gorge Hydro-Electric Dam Project ("Turkwell Gorge")[2]. During this time money was simply converted and foreign currency would then be allocated by Central Bank of Kenya owing to the exchange control regulations existing at the time.

Trade Bank

Having used Middle East Bank to launder funds, Biwott transferred his operations to Trade Bank, then owned by Alnoor Kassam.

Kassam assumed the operations of Trade Bank from Gad Zeevi and Biwott[3]. Ex-President Moi and Biwott owned Lima Limited and Lima Finance, the latter which was sold by them to Zeevi and the Kassam brothers. Zeevi and lqbal Kassam effectively bought off all assets of Lima Finance in order to form Trade Bank Ltd. The only way one could obtain a bank license in Kenya was to have Moi or Biwott as a partner.

Akber Esmail was on the Board of Director of Trade Bank representing Biwott and Zeevi.

Source A has denied that Trade Bank was involved with Goldenberg.

Export Financing Fraud

It is alleged that Trade Bank was involved in export financing fraud to a quantum of about KSh700 million.

The process was such that Trade Bank would produce fraudulent documents that were submitted to and accepted by officials at the Central Bank.

The named officials that were involved in the fraud within the Central Bank of Kenya were Eric Katut, the governor of the bank; Royunga, the deputy governor; Mumelo, the head of foreign exchange. They are believed to have been aware that the documents were fraudulent.

The documents were very basic, consisting of the bank's letter headed paper with a straightforward description that detailed, for example, that the individual/s was exporting 20 tons of fish. Central Bank officials would receive cash payments by officers of Trade Bank for approving the documents.

The officers of Trade Bank involved in payments were Ian Rayner, the managing director of the bank; Suleiman Muranga, the head of foreign exchange; and Gideon Ndambuki, the general manager of the bank. It is alleged that the governor did not receive any payments.

During the time, Rayner and Muranga revealed that Royunga and Mumelo received kickbacks. Significant amounts were involved, believed to be in the region of hundreds of thousands of shillings. Rayner was at the center of the payments, he kept the paper trails and knew exactly who was receiving what amount.

It is understood that all the parastatal money that was deposited into Trade Bank came through bribing the officials. Rayner was privy to all accounts receivables and knew about the bribery involved. He paid bribes to Saitoti and Moi, amounting to about KSh 1 million. Rayner assisted government officials in various ways: he managed a block of buildings owned by Saitoti; and he helped Moi buy a farm in Karoi. It is believed that Rayner is currently resident in the United Kingdom.

Kassam played a significant role in the fraud. He was involved in buying treasury bills with the excess cash. Trade Bank benefited by acquiring liquidity. Kassam squared the bills at the end of the day and as such, there appeared to be no theft by officials at the bank.

Trade Bank's Overdraft

Trade Bank had an overdraft with the Central Bank for which it began to incur serious penalties. When the auditors raised this concern, Kassam felt compelled to bring it to Biwott's attention. Biwott subsequently summoned Kitut, informing him that Trade Bank was facing problems due to Gad Zeevi's bad practice of leaving his companies in debt. Biwott requested that Kitut help the bank.

The situation was resolved over a three year period during which various sums were credited to the bank on an annual basis: in the frst year, KSh80 million; in the second year KSh180 million; in the third year KSh280 million.

It is understood that Trade Bank debts occurred as a direct result of Biwott and Zeevi having borrowed numerous sums of money from the bank, unknown to the minority shareholders.

Yaya Center

JVhen Trade Bank took over the Yaya Center from Kassam, Biwott insisted that KSh150 million was written off his debt. As such, Trade Bank suffered the loss, falling into bankruptcy, imposing a heavy impact on the depositors.

Consequently, Kassam had no choice but to write off the debt. The only other alternative would have been to liquidate the bank.

There was a certain level of bribery involved in the transaction for the Yaya Center. Some money had to be paid in order for Trade Bank to acquire the loan. It has been alleged by Geoffrey Kenoi that Saitoti approached Kassam directly and asked for KSh4 million.

Solomon Muthamia

Solomon Muthamia, the then forex dealer at Trade Bank, entrusted with laundering the proceeds of Turkwell Gorge on behalf of Biwott and Moi, skimmed off close to KSh100 million at a tender age of 27 years. Biwott's funds were channelled to bank accounts located in Germany and the UK. Muthamia simultaneously opened personal accounts with the same banks, facilitating the transfer of funds for his own use. With the safety of dollars in Europe, Muthamia was able to issue foreign cheques to local Asians during the foreign exchange crunch during which process he made hefty profits. Eventually, Muthamia's dealings were discovered by the Central Bank forcing him to flee from Trade Bank. Muthamia, through his connections with Kilonzo, the former police commissioner, was able to prevent any investigation from going ahead. The precise details of how this occurred are not known although it is believed that Muthamia's cousin is married to Kilonzo.

Muthamia began the operations of Eurobank using the proceeds made from his clandestine dealings.

Pan African Bank

Kobil banked with the Pan African Bank ("PAB")[4]. The then chief executive of the bank, Mohammed Assam, was the "bag boy" for Biwott and Zeevi. Assam often visited Biwott at his top floor offices in the Yaya House, Nairobi. A lot of money disappeared into the Pan African Bank and Aslam kept accounts on the side for Biwott. The money was recycled through unidentified Swiss and German banks.

The bank account of the Kenya Pipeline was held at PAB. A lot of Biwott's money from proceeds of oil deals was hidden at PAB.


Credit Suisse and Citibank

According to Source A, Zeevi and Biwott used Credit Suisse in Geneva and Citibank in Zurich. Zeevi apparently secured a $12 million line of credit from Credit Suisse which gave a guarantee Citibank Nairobi, the principal lender to HZ, Kenoil and Kobil. The general manager of Citibank Nairobi was Terry Davidson who continues to work in the same position at an unidentified bank in Nairobi. Source A opines that Davidson should be approached and interviewed.

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

Client material revealed that significant amounts of money are being moved from Banque Cantonale Vaudoise on behalf of Biwott.

Corporate records indicate that the head office location of the bank is the following:

Place St. Francois 14, CH-1003, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland.

The bank was established in 1845. In December 1993, the bank bought out Banque Vaudoise de Credit and two years later it merged with Credit Foncier Vaudois.

The ownership structure indicates that 67.89 percent is owned by the State of Vaud, where private shareholders maintain a 32.11 percent holding.

The chairman of the bank is Olivier Steimer and the chief executive officer is Alexandre Zeller.


Banque Belqolaise

It has been reported that Biwott and ex-President Moi are joint owners of Bangue Belgolaise, in Belgium, 40 percent of which is owned by Biwott[5]. On the contrary, Msamaha alleges that the bank is owned solely by Biwott. Akber Esmail is on the board of directors of the bank, believed to be associated to Kenya's Middle East Bank based in Nairobi[6].


Address searches are continuing.

Business Associates

Gad Zeevi

According to Source A, Gad Zeevi, the business partner of ex-President Moi and Biwott, was expelled from Uganda in 1972 along with other Israeli nationals in the wake of the Entebbe raid. He moved to Kenya where he entered into the construction industry.

According to Source A, HZ Construction and Engineering ("HZ") was created by Zeevi, Biwott and ex-President Moi. The company made a fortune out of the Turkwell Gorge project. Biwott arranged for Zeevi to get the contract. The original cost of the contract was between $70-80 million although it reached about $270 million. The money was mostly recycled through the Pan African Bank, although some of it went through Alnoor Kassam's Trade Bank.

According to Source A, the profit from the Turkwell Gorge project was used to purchase Kenoil. As Minister of Energy, Biwott also controlled the Kenya Pipeline, a government corporation. When Mobil ceased to operate in Kenya, ex-President Moi and Biwott acquired the assets and created Kobil.

Biwott never openly accepted bribes, he did not have to as he was making money out of the oil prices[7]. Moi on the other hand needed the money.

Zeevi fell out with ex-President Moi and Biwott over Zeevi's investment in oil refineries in Puerto Rico. Moi and Biwott felt that they should have had a share in the investment because he had made his money in Kenya.

Zeevi now lives in Israel and is under investigation for his corrupt dealings with Chernoy, an infamous money launderer from Russia.

Akber Esmail

Akber Esmail is the personal lawyer of Biwott and Moi. Although Esmail began working as Zeevi's lawyer, he sided with Biwott against Zeevi when the partnership broke up in 1989. Akber and his mother, Shrin Esmail, controlled business shares as nominees for Biwott and Moi[8].

It has been reported that over 90 percent of assets owned by Biwott, ex-President Moi and Kulei are held under Esmail and Merali who operate as the front men for Moi. That said, between 1980 and 1990 the main beneficiaries were Kulei, Biwott, Esmaii and Merali, However, the larger part of the theft of funds occurred after 1990. Source B believes that not only is this period far more relevant but that it will probably be easier to uncover the loss of funds[9].

Naushad Merali

Naushad Merali is one of the richest Asian businessmen in Kenya who owns substantial holdings in numerous businesses. As a significant player, he is linked to people such as Biwott, the Mois, the Kenyattas.

Merali was initially an accountant at Ryce Motors in Kenya. After a visit to Japan (date unknown) he secured a contract to supply Daihatsu 4x4s to government parastatals, cuts of which were rumoured to go to ex-President Moi. He quickly rose to become one of the three richest Asians in Kenya and operated as a front man for ex-President Moi. Merali is very close to ex-President Moi.

Merali has been involved in deals with the following:

· Daniel Arap Moi

· James Kanyotu -Moi ally and former head of Special Branch

· Muhoho Kenyatta - Holds shares in Commercial Bank of Africa

· Uhuru Kenyatta - Holds shares in Commercial Bank of Africa

· Nicholas Biwott

· Horatius Da Gama Rose

· Mike Eldon

· Stuart Armitage

· The Ndegwa family - (former Central Bank of Kenya governors)

· Rashid Sajjad - Connected to the controversial Mombasa tycoon Mohammed Bawazir

Horatius Da Gama Rose

A Kenyan national, Horatius da Gama Rose is one of the lawyers who represents Biwott's interests. Corporate records indicate that his Kenyan address is PO Box 76317, Yaya Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

Da Gama Rose owns the Da Gama Rose group of companies. His other interests include Maisha Plc, Maisha International Ltd and Symphony Global Technologies Plc.

Da Gama Rose has been involved in questionable links with Merali, Moody Awori, and Michael Somen. He was linked to Kanyotu in unscrupulous gold businesses in Congo.

His company Symphony Global Technologies, of which the managing director is Eldon, has apparently been given a questionable contract worth KSh1.9 billion to computerise the treasury.

Mohammed Bawazir

Mohammed Bawazir was very close to Biwott and ex-President Moi and was one of the former president's most important bagmen in the multiparty elections in the early 1990s. Bawazir was one of the largest importers of commodities into Kenya[10].

Based in Mombasa, Bawazir is an old coastal tycoon who owned a sugar company. According to Source A, the general manager of the sugar company was Rashid Saiiad who then broke off from the company. Bawazir and Sajjad funded the ethnic clashes of 1992. Sajjad was a very significant individual for KANU at the coast. Sajjad was the owner of Kenya Ports Authority from the mid 1990s to 2001/2. He was a very powerful individual right up to the elections.

Mohammed Aslam

As'am had knowledge of a lot of overseas operations of Biwott. During the time that the Cuko enquiry was taking place, Aslam indicated that he was going to give evidence against ex-President Moi and Biwott. However, he died two days before he was due to appear at the enquiry. His widow believes that he was poisoned by Biwott.

Alnoor Kassam

It has been reported that Alnoor Kassam befriended Biwott in the mid-eighties during the time that the former operated his own banking institution Diners Finance (1985-86). Biwott, Kassam and Kulei were partners in a company called Data Center. It is believed Biwott and Kulei wrote cheques for their equity and appointed Mica Chasren (governor of the Central Bank after Kitut) their representative in Data Center to look after their interests. Chasren was chief financial officer for Unilever while he was at Data Center.

It is alleged that Kassam, with a 25 percent holding, approached Biwott expressing his interest in buying the remaining 75 percent of Trade Bank. Biwott agreed to the offer although Zeevi initially declined it but later met with lqbal Kassam, Alnoor's brother in New York where an agreement of sale was drafted.

According to source enquiries, Zeevi told lqbal that he owed Trade Bank KSh400 million. lqbal had not been aware and it then became apparent that the bank was operating two sets of books. Zeevi then informed lqbal that if they were to take over the bank, it would have to be a long-term loan for five years. The deal was agreed between both parties, subject adequate security.

With the full knowledge about the financial situation of the bank, Kassam nevertheless pressed on with the deal because he needed a bank licence. Although he operated Dine Finance, he could not get a bank licence.

It has been alleged that Kassam put together a plan. He took "early payment” offering a discount oninterest. Diners Finance was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and paid slightly higher interest than other the banks. A lot of deposits were made. Kassam then approached the Central Bank illustrating that he had cash. Holding the financial licence, Aqbar Esmail asked for KSh2 million to distribute. He used this money to pay off Saitoti, the then Minister of Finance. Kassam obtained his licence but continued to feel the need for a bank.

Source reports indicate that the levels of debt at Trade Bank were irregular. According to banking regulations, more than 10 percent of the bank's assets cannot be lent to one company. As such, the KSh400 million that was owed by Zeevi and Biwott was held through four to six companies, amounting to about 20 percent of the bank's assets.

lqbal Kassam and Akber Esmail were horrified resulting in friction between Esmail and Zeevi.

According to source enquiries, two years later Zeevi and Biwott stopped paying interest. As part of the deal when the Kassam brothers bought the bank, they were supposed to give security but Zeevi would not give security. Kassam threatened to foreclose. At that point, Diners Finance was very successful. It was earning US$40 million per annum — an average spread of KSh600 million per year.

In June 1989, Kassam threatened to foreclose on the bank and HZ Construction. This was a great risk to Kassam as Biwott was my partner in Data Center.

It has been alleged that Kassam approached Biwott who was sitting in his office with Zeevi. He was instructed to remove the receivers, to which Kassam demanded that the debt be paid. There was a verbal threatening confrontation between Kassam and Zeevi which forced Biwott to ask Zeevi to leave the room. Biwott then told Kassam to remove the receivers or face losing the bank. Storming out of the office, Biwott summoned him back and demanded that Zeevi pay KSh100 million. The sum was paid although Biwott warned Kassam that if he were to ever do that again, the former would not be responsible for what happened to him.

According to a source, Biwott and Zeevi parted ways about 12 months thereafter. Biwott accused Zeevi of being responsible for the debts. Biwott cited that Zeevi had lied to him and left the companies in a bad state. Over the next two years, Kassam pressed Biwott to pay.

It has been alleged that Kassam received instructions from ex-President Moi not to foreclose on Biwott.

Kassam paid bribes to the former president on about seven to eight times, on each occasion he paid cash of between KSh2 to 4 million.

Charles Field-Marsham

A Canadian national, Charles Field-Marsham is the son-in-law of Biwott. According to Source A, Field-Marsham used to manage the Yaya Center and is now in Canada. He has a lot of Biwott's money[11].

Corporate record searches indicate that Field Marsham is listed as the executive of the following Biwott companies: Lima Ltd, Safaricom Kenya, Pete Aviation & Electronics Ltd and it is believed that he owns a percentage in HZ Group of Companies

Rublic record searches reveal that Field Marsham founded a company named Kestrel Capital in 1995. He has been involved in financial advisory and corporate restructuring work in Kenya since 1993. He worked previously in the Corporate Finance Department of Credit Suisse First Boston, an international investment bank, in New York and London. He holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from McGill University.

Joseph Schwartzman

Joseph Schwartzman is the chairman of a company named H.Young. Schwartman connected to Naushad Merali.

Ben Sassoon

Ben Sassoon is a representative of The Risk Athisory Group (TRAG). Sassoon works for Biwott and has been used in various Biwott scams. It has been reported that Sassoon was implicated for diamond smuggling.

Danny Vardi

An Israeli national, Danny Vardi is a former Israeli Defense Force commander who is related to Zeevi through marriage but apparently dislikes him intensely. It has been reported that Vardi was used to assassinate witnesses in the Ouko case and was involved in instigating ethnic clashes in 1992[12].

Vardi is an advisor to the Israeli government of natural gas projects.

Corporate record searches indicate that Vardi is an executive of Biwott's company, Ziba Management Services Ltd.

David Bartknowski

An Israeli national, David Bartknowski is Gad Zeevi's former CFO.

[1] Source A

[2] Source Enquiries by the Laundryman

[3] Source A

[4] Source A

[5] Source B

[6] Source B

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[11] Msamaha

[12] Source A"]
How Joshua Kulei Helped Loot Kenya
Posted: September 1, 2007, 1:22 am by Kenyanomics
Following is an exert from The Kroll Report.


Modus Operandi

It has been reported that over the years, Kulei has represented ex-President Moi in over 50 companies operating in Kenya, across all sectors of the economy.

The local companies in which Kulei has presided as director could not have generated enough dividends to account for liquid cash and assets that he is believed to control. Going by the dividend payout and based on the profits declared for tax purpose, his actual wealth does not relate in anyway to his source of income.

Kulei is a very wealthy person in his own right. About three years ago, Kulei encountered serious problems with the Moi's when Gideon kept convincing his father that Kulei may have more money than him as a result of using ex-President Moi's name. It is understood that this was during the time that Kulei contemplated leaving Kenya to live in London.

Kulei was warned after December 2003 by the DPP that the Moi brothers had a contract out have him killed[1]. According to client information, he was nearly arrested in relation to the Kenya Pipeline fraud.

Kulei has now relinquished all of the assets held under his name on behalf of the Moi family, with the exception of ex-President Moi's flower business, the Trans-National Bank and NAS.

Business Links

Kulei's business links are detailed below. The table illustrates ownership of businesses where:

1. Kulei's ownership has been confirmed by sources

2. Kulei's ownership has been refuted by sources

3. Client material indicates Kulei has a shareholding interest

4. Client material indicates Kulei is a nominee director



Ownership of the following companies has been confirmed by Msamaha:

Trade World Kenya

Kulei 100%

CFC Kenya

Kulei 12.5%

CMC Holdings

Kulei 15 — 20% & client material indicates

Hotel Intercontinental Nairobi[2]

Kulei 19%

Sian Roses[3]

Kulei 40%, Moi 60%

Ngata Flower Farm

Kulei 50%, Moi 50%

Equator Flowers, Eldoret

Kulei 50%

Bamburi Cement

Kulei 14% & client material indicates Kulei also nominee director

KTN (owned by Standard Newspapers)

Moi, Gideon, Kulei

National Milling Company

Kulei, Biwott and six others

Kenya Aerotech Ltd

Moi, Kulei nominee director and ten others

Regent Management

Not Known

Siginon Freight

Gideon 12.5%, Kulei 12.5%, 75% Kabarak High School & client material indicates Kulei nominee director

National Milling Corporation

Seven shareholders including Moi and Kulei

Msamaha alleges that the following companies are owned by those detailed and NOT Kulei:

Stoney Athi River

George Saitoti

Heritage All Insurance Company[4]

CFC Bank

NIC Bank

owned by the Ndegwa Family

Trans-National Bank[5]

Moi, Biwott, Nyachae, Kangwana, Gideon and five others

A Laikipia Ranch

100% Moi

An Eldoret Farm

100% Moi

A Rift Valley Dairy farm

100% Moi

The Kabarak Farm

Given by Moi to University of Kabarak

The Mau Farm

Given to the AIC (Church) by Moi

The Cherangani Farm

Now owned by the government

The Kilgoris Farm

Leased by Moi

American Life Insuaracne Company[6]

Trans-National Bank, Moi, Biwott, Kulei

Kobil and Kenol Petroleum[7]

Moi 50%, Biwott 50%

Nairobi Airport Services

Owned by Moi, Mungai and Ndegwa

Rai Plywood of Eldoret

Moi 6%, 94% Rai family

Safaricom Kenya

Biwott, Charles Field Marsham and Gideon 40%, the Post Office 60%

Africa Cargo Handling

Since sold to Kenya Airways

Kenchic Limited[8]

Moi, Charles Njonjo, P. K. Kani, J Kiereini

Morris and Company

Kulei used to be a director but left in 1992

Capital Project Transport

Boinett 50%, Phillip Murgor 50%

MDI Consultancy

Miles Donnelly

Anhalt Road Apartment

Miles Donnelly

A Dairy farm in the UK

Msamaha refutes ownership

Hotels in the UK

Msamaha refutes ownership

Firestone Africa

No Comment[9]

Kenya Commercial Bank

No Comment

Kamsons Limited

No Comment[10]

DT Dobie Car Distributors

No Comment[11]

The Paper House Ltd

Kulei became director at AGM

Rift Valley Agencies

Gambit Holdings Ltd

Great Rift Transporters

Client Material indicates Sovereign Group owned by Sovereign Holdings Ltd.

Sovereign Group (owned by Sovereign Holdings Ltd, UK)[12]

Kulei, William Smb, N. R. Pavitt, Secretary Grace J. Kipyator

Member Associations

Client material indicates that Kulei sits on the board of governors for the following schools and universities:

· Member, Board of Governors:Sacho High School

· Moi High School Kabarak

· Sunshine Secondary School

· Moi Educational Centre

· Kabarak University Council

· Client material indicates that Kulei is a trustee of the following:

· Sunshine Educational Trust

· Client material indicates that Kulei is member of the management board of the following:

· The Moi Africa Institute, Kabarnet Gardens, Nairobi


United Kingdom

It has been reported that Kulei holds serious investments in London, including a palatial residence in up market London, where his children have always attended school[13]. Further sources confirm that Kulei has two properties in Surrey, the larger of which is owned by ex-President Moi, one of which is the Cobhams property below detailed in the report dated 1 December 2003[14].

19 Eaton Park, Cobham. Surrey KT11 2JF[15]

Kulei took out a loan from HSBC in October 1997 for the amount of £1.63 million. The funds were used for the purchase of the property located in Cobham, Surrey, under the name of Broadlands Overseas S.A ("Broadlands").

In December 2002, Broadlands took out a loan of £1.1 million to refinance the Cobham property. During the same month, Broadlands took out a loan to refinance the property located at Lowdnes Square. The full address is Flat 11, No 49 Lowdnes Square.

Source enquiries have estimated that the total mortgage on the Cobham property is about £1.4 million. According to Msamaha the property is valued at around £4.5 million.

Flat 11, No 49 Lowdnes Square, London

Source enquiries have estimated that the total mortgage on the Lowndes Square property is about £1.4 million. According to Msamaha the property is valued at £2 million.


Courtyard Property Investment Ltd[16]

It has been reported that Kulei took out a loan in January 2001 for the amount of £650 000 from Hoares Bank to purchase property in Nairobi under the company name of Courtyard Property Investment Ltd.

Regent Management[17]

It has been reported that Kulei had huge real estate holdings believed to be about 200 houses in all.

Lavington House

Client material indicates that Kulei owns the property Lavington House. Further enquiries to establish the address are required.

Karen Residence

Client material indicates that Kulei owns a residence in Karen. Further enquiries to establish the address are required.

Nakuru Residence

Client material indicates that Kulei owns a residence in Nakuru, Further enquiries to establish the address are required.


Source enquiries reveal that Kulei owns several unidentified properties in the USA[18].

South Africa

Source enquiries reveal that Kulei has property interests in South Africa[19].


UBP, Geneva & Trans-National Bank, Kenya

Gabriel Moussa Katri, one of the biggest money launderers in Geneva, masterminded the flow of an estimated USS200 million through Trans-National Bank in Kenya to off shore accounts in various jurisdictions on behalf of ex-President Sani Abacha, and it is estimated that at least twice as much on behalf of the Mois.

Katri devised an elaborate system. Rather than send corrupt money straight to banks overseas, he would use local banks in Kenya, such as Trans-National Bank, owned by the Mois, Biwott and Kulei, to send vast sums through Nostro accounts – the bank's forex accounts overseas – and then several months/years later would send the money on and split it between several banks such as UBP.

At Trans-National Bank, Katri worked with Ashok Gohil, Kulei's right hand, who was in charge of forex operations, and who apparently died in 2001. They set up companies in Kenya, such as Ashar Ltd and Chen, with Moi's lawyer, Matula Kilonzo, as the company director. Further enquiries are continuing.

When these vast sums arrived at UBP into the accounts of companies created by Katri, such as Allied Network Ltd, they would go unquestioned. According to banking laws, Nostro accounts belonging to legitimate banks do not require due diligence, unless there are questions raised by the bank in the originating country. Katri himself was never a signatory to these accounts as the companies were in the names of small-scale lawyers and businessmen.

One lawyer, in particular called Phillip Meyer, who was debarred and then reinstated seems to have been used by Katri. Swiss lawyers believe it would be impossible to freeze Katri's assets.

It is thought that Katri might have used wealthy business associates to hide corrupt money, by sending large sums to their bank accounts, only to recycle it back from a different account belonging to the same associate, and dispersing it to several other accounts belonging to Katri companies. This way it became difficult to follow the paper trail, and gave an air of legitimacy to the money.

It is alleged that one of the reasons why Katri used UBP is that he was a shareholder until 2000, when the looted millions belonging to Abacha hit the press. At this time Edgar Pinccotto, the head of UBP, who has been known to engage in questionable business practices, fell out with Katri and forced him to resign. Katri's name was becoming too dangerous for the reputation of the bank. It became clear that Katri introduced 90 percent of the corrupt Nigerian money to UBP, as a shareholder of the bank and a string-puller from within.

Katri would use his position to go direct to portfolio managers to push questionable money through. When necessary either Edgar Pinccotto or his son Guy would intervene and prevent due diligence investigations. Katri presided over multiple accounts at UBP and other Swiss banks for the Abacha's, and it is thought for the Moi's too. Katri then lost his Financial Intermediary License in 2001, when an investigation, conducted by the Federal Authorities of Switzerland, looked into his connection to money laundered through Kenya by Kulei. Katri's finance companies, GK Finance et Commerce and Societe Genevoise d'Investissements Forreiers are still active but their operations have been closed down and the documents have been cleared.

Katri has gone underground since 2001, when a Swiss investigation was launched into his dealings in Kenya. It is understood that he lives in Monte Carlo. Katri has also been connected to the Halliburton scandal in Nigeria through Jeffrey Tessler who he helped to set up an account at UBP five years ago. Tessler, an unscrupulous lawyer from North London, was getting commissions somehow connected to the brides paid out by Halliburton, and new evidence implies he is still receiving commissions.

Although Katri is no longer dealing directly with UBP there is a strong possibility that he continues to maintain contacts within the bank given that his clients still hold accounts therein. It is unlikely they would use another financial advisor on such sensitive matters.

Katri's favourite other banks are the following: Banque Patrimoines Prives, Bahamas; Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild; Discount Bank & Trust Company "The Recanti Bane.

Loan Balances in Kenya

Kulei has the following loans balances in Kenya[20]:

Name of Bank

Account Number

Loan Amount

Msamaha alleges that Kulei has the following loan balances:

Middle East Bank


KSh 25 849 496

Middle East Bank


KSh 19 899 262

Middle East Bank


KSh 29 999 826

Middle East Bank


KSh 29 757 775

Middle East Bank


KSh 19 999 210

I & m Bank


KSh 150 Million

Trans-National Bank


Ksh 27 million


Middle East Bank

Savings and Loans

Ksh 45 million

Middle East Bank

Local House Morgage

Ksh 1 Million

Business Associates

Terer Kulei

It is understood that in New York, Kulei's younger brother Terer - the only brother – manages several properties which Kulei owns in the USA. Within New York, Kulei is believed to maintain very healthy bank accounts, fashioned in the names of himself, for wife and that of his younger brother[21].

In London and New York, Kulei retains the services of top-notch stockbrokers who trade in stocks on his behalf. Terer lives with his family in the USA for the most part of the year, occasionally returning to Nairobi where he is mostly seen in Kulei's Trans-National House offices.

Pankaj Somaia

According to Source A, Kulei's bagman was Pankaj Somaia. Somaia was poised to buy the Avis dealership in Nairobi. Similarly, before the deal went through Somaia received a call informing him that Mrs DT Dobie and Moi wanted to buy the share.

Ketan Somaia

According to Source A, Equatorial Bank was controlled by Ketan Somaia, the cousin of Pankaj Somaia. A lot of the former president's money was deposited in this bank. Ezekiel Oyugi, the permanent secretary in the office of the president and Biwott, also used it. Somaia was Oyugi's bagman. Source A believes that when Oyugi died Somaia held on to his money at the Equatorial Bank.

Oyugi was in charge of procurements, including weapons systems for the Kenyan military. Ketan Somaia was the middleman who enriched himself through arms sales. According to Source A the register of Crown Agents in the UK should be examined to prove this connection.

Josiah Kiplagat

According to Source A, Josiah Kiplagat and separately Kulei arranged about seven or eight private meetings between ex-President Moi and Alnoor Kassam. During each occasion Kassam was advised to bring a briefcase stuffed with KSh2 to 4 million and to leave it behind after the meeting. This was considered payment for access to the president.

Alnoor Kassam

Alnoor Kassam was posed to buy a 25 percent holding of Nairobi's Intercontinental Hotel, held by Kulei. Kassam agreed the deal with Alec Furrer, a Lebanese businessman who was area manager for Intercontinental Hotels. Shortly before the deal was go to through, Kassam received a call to say that Kulei had called on behalf of the then president to inform them that Moi wanted the share. Moi and Kulei paid US$12 million for their share.

Mr Turn

Mr Turn, connected to Kenya Seed Company, is an associate of Kulei, and believed to be close to ex-President Moi.

[1] Msamaha

[2] Source A recalls Kulei owning 25% of the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi

[3] According to Source B floricultural enterprises serve as moneylaundering conduit.

[4] Client material suggests Kulei was nominee director on behalf of Moi

[5] Sourcce Enquiries and client material suggest Kulei has a shareholding interest

[6] Cliente material suggest Kulei nominee director and shareholding in association with Moi

[7] Contradicting Msamaha’s later claiming that Biwott has a 100% ownership of Kobil

[8] Client material suggests Kulei was nominee director on behalf of Moi

[9] Although it is alleged that it belongs to Merali

[10] Although it is alleged that it belongs to Deepak KAmani

[11] See Appendix for further detail relating to Sovereign Group

[12] Laundryman

[13] Laundryman

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[17] Source enquiries conducted with Source A

[18] Source enquiries conducted with the Laundryman

[19] Source enquiries conducted with Source B

[20] Msamaha

[21] Laundryman"

Truth said...

Although I do not want to doubt his capabilities, before endorsing him as a future Leader, you should have checked on the ownership and partners of those companies he is a Board Member or Executive of (32 companies in total). Most of them are owned or partly owned by the Kenyattas, some also by Moi and his cronies. That's why this man will never enter politics - he would loose all his financial means and the life he is used to right now. Besides, he has always confirmed his staunch support for the Narc-coalition. He even started to play Golf (just a joke). So, would he be perfect to become Kenya's future Leader? The answer is simple: NEVER. But he could become a very important Advisor in the President's Office - just like he had been a valued Member of Richard Leakey's Dream Team before.

Knoppix!® said...


Kindly save us the agony to our ears.It disturbs the eyes of my dog Phoebe!Ouch

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Grand Corruption in Kenya

"Corruption will now cease to be a way of life in Kenya and I call upon all those members of my government and public officers accustomed to corrupt practice to know and clearly understand that there will be no sacred cows under my government." Mwai Kibaki 30 Dec 2002.
Anglo Leasing
The mystery of the missing irrevocable Promisory Notes given to Anglo Leasing and Finance Limited by The Government of Kenya

The story of the Anglo Leasing Scandal cannot as yet be conclusively told. Too much information still remains hidden by the Government of Kenya from the people of Kenya. This is obviously not acceptable. The time has come, for the people of Kenya to call the Government of Kenya to account, and demand an end to the ceaseless investigations of Anglo Leasing that go nowhere.

In its entirety the Anglo Leasing grand corruption scandal is made up of 18 security related scandals, of which most were either with fictitious companies, or involved committing the government to pay for goods and services that were non-existent or overpriced. [Full Report]

Anglo Leasing type contracts worth 39 million US$. The story of VSAT at Postal Corporation of Kenya

Did someone use the name of Spacenet Inc., a global player in the VSAT industry, to obtain contracts by deception from the Government of Kenya?

In this affair, the Ministry of Transport & Communications wanted to use 980 Post Offices to roll out Internet services for the Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK), via a scheme called ‘Posta Surf’. On 19th June 2002, then Minister for Transport & Communications Musalia Mudavadi wrote a project justification letter to the Minister for Finance, Chris Obure. In the letter he sought exemption for the PCK from the Audit & Exchequer Public Procurement Regulations 2001 and permission for the PCK to engage in a direct procurement. [Full Report]

Asking The Tough Questions About The GG Kariuki Report On The Kenya Navy Ship Contract

On July 15th 2003, the Government of Kenya (represented by the Treasury and Ministry of Defence) entered into a contract with Euromarine Industries by which Euromarine would deliver an oceanographic survey vessel to the Kenya Navy for close to Ksh 4.6 billion. The contract features as one of the 18 contentious security related contracts colloquially described as Anglo Leasing type. On the same day, two financing contracts were also entered into with two Spanish firms. At some point, Euromarine sub-contracted the ship’s construction to another Spanish firm known as Astilleros Gondan. [Full Report]

Kenya commits to pay us$12.8 million (ksh 840 m) to overhaul Anglo Leasing helicopters!

Something is brewing at the Kenya Police Airwing and it ’s not smelling too good. Documents have come to light regarding the award of a US$12.8 million (Ksh 840 million) contract to overhaul 4 Russian built helicopters operated by the Kenya Police Airwing.
It would appear that 9 years after they were bought in 1998, these 4 helicopters have consumed close to US$ 15 million each and Kenyans are now being asked to spend an additional US$ 12.8 million to overhaul them. This calls for an immediate explanation from the Government of Kenya as to why we are throwing good money after bad, servicing these second hand helicopters which have done nothing to improve either our debt or security situation. [Full Report]
Why the Time has Come to Pull the Trigger on Grand Corruption in Kenya

This is a reprise of a post I did on my site in January. It occurs to me that we have to keep reminding Kenyans and the government that Anglo Leasing won’t go away, because it has made itself a part of our collective future regardless of whether we care about it or not. The figures to be essentially post-paid are mind-boggling. The economists should tell us what they’d do with 56 billion shillings. The fact remains that Anglo Leasing has also destroyed any anti-corruption credentials President Kibaki ever possessed.
Read Full Post »
Mr. Kimunya, What Is Irrevocable Cannot Be Revoked!

Could we be on the verge of cracking the Anglo Leasing case? Over the last two weeks, Members of Parliament have twice discussed the irrevocable promissory notes issued to the fictitious credit providers associated with the 18 or so Anglo Leasing type contracts. And now the Daily Nation reports that the Ministry of […]
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Treasury To Blame For Debt

During a meeting at the Treasury called by the Permanent Secretary for Finance, Joseph Kinyua last week to discuss public concern about the Anglo Leasing, invited representatives of civil society requested to see the Anglo Leasing irrevocable promissory notes that Finance Minister Amos Kimunya recently brandished at a press conference. They could not have […]
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Corruption: Preventative Measures

Abuse thrives where systemic and ethical controls are weak. Anglo Leasing is merely the latest in a long series of abuses made possible by loopholes in the system. We are unfortunately, sure to hear of more, particularly given that this is an election year. At such times, as Kenyans know through painful experience, the hunt […]
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The Legalities of Promissory Notes

A Promissory Note is an unconditional promise made in writing by one person or entity to another promising to pay either on demand or at a fixed or determinable time in the future a certain sum of money either to the bearer of the note or to a specified person. In essence a Promissory Note […]
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Caveat Emptor on Promissory Notes - Daily Nation December 21 2007

Another 36 Irrevocable Promissory Notes Tabled In Parliament

In a new development, on Wednesday 9th May 2007, Maoka Maore, MP for Ntonyiri, tabled 36 irrevocable promissory notes issued by the Finance Ministry in early 2003 ostensibly to guarantee repayments for a loan by Midland Finance & Securities Limited of Euro 49,650,000 to pay for a digital multi-channel security systems telecommunications network for the […]
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Exposing The Deceptions Of The Minister For Finance Mr. Amos Kimunya On The 18 Anglo Leasing Type Contracts Worth Sh. 56.33 Billion

This morning, Wednesday May 9th 2007, Mr. Amos Kimunya refused to table any documentation related to the 18 Anglo Leasing type contracts, which have exposed 34 million Kenyans to an unconscionable debt of Ksh 56.33 billion. The Minister has failed the accountability and transparency test in Parliament and demonstrated that he does not care […]
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27 CSOs Demand Immediate Action on Promissory Notes

The Government of Kenya issued IRREVOCABLE PROMISSORY NOTES valued at more than 56.33 BILLION shillings to GHOSTS. As Kenya’s Controller & Auditor General told Parliament in April 2006, these Promissory Notes were given to various parties - including Anglo Leasing and Finance Limited, for goods and services that did not exist, or if they did, […]
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Kenya’s 56.33 Billion blank cheque to the Anglo-Leasing ghosts – and you and I are already paying for it


The Government of Kenya issued IRREVOCABLE PROMISSORY NOTES valued at more than 56.33 BILLION shillings to GHOSTS. As Kenya’s Controller & Auditor General told Parliament in April […]
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Anglo Leasing Brothers Refused A Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

In brief we offer an alternative view of the Judgement of the
Constitutional Court in Re Deepak Kamani & Rashmi Kamani (Petition No. 199 & 200 of 2007) dated June 22nd 2007 by Justice Nyamu, Wendo and Emukule.
In this constitutional proceedings, Deepak Chamanlal Kamani and his brother Rashmi Chamanlal Kamani had gone to court to […]
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Kenya commits to pay us$12.8 million (ksh 840 m) to overhaul Anglo Leasing helicopters!

Something is brewing at the Kenya Police Airwing and it’s not smelling too good. Documents have come to light regarding the award of a US$12.8 million (Ksh 840 million) contract to overhaul 4 Russian built helicopters operated by the Kenya Police Airwing.
It would appear that 9 years after they were bought in […]
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No More Payments Should Be Made On The Kenya Navy Ship Contract

The Navy Ship Scandal & What Parliament Missed
On July 15th 2003, the Government of Kenya (represented by the Treasury and Ministry of Defence) entered into a contract with Euromarine Industries by which Euromarine would deliver an oceanographic survey vessel to the Kenya Navy for close to Ksh 4.6 billion. The contract features as one of […]
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Musalia Mudavadi’s Letter Was A Means To An Illegal And Predetermined End

A replying affidavit filed in the Kenyan courts could prove deeply embarrassing to the presidential ambitions of Musalia Mudavadi. In June 2002, Mr. Mudavadi was Minister for Transport & Communications when he wrote a project justification letter to the Minister for Finance, Chris Obure. In the letter he sought exemption for the Postal Corporation of […]

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The Kenyan Commercial Debt Problem

Kenyans may soon know how much we owe to commercial creditors.
It is now settled that Kenya ’s public debt portfolio of US$10 billion is a matter of concern. That a substantial portion of it – over US$1 billion – relates to uncertain commercial creditors is a matter of urgent national importance. That […]
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Undated Memorandum by Dr Chris Murungaru

An undated statement by Dr Chris Murungaru in response to allegations made against him by John Githongo and the UK Government, among others. [Full Report]

Undated Press Release by Kiraitu Murungi

An undated Press release by Kiraitu Murungi following his resignation from the Cabinet. [Full Report]
Anglo Leasing Cabinet Minute Number 91 of 2001
The minutes of the Cabinet meeting in which the approval of memorandum CAB (01) 62, which sought approval for specified financing arrangements for priority security projects for the police force, was given. [Full Report]
Government Changes Tempo On Its Fight Against Corruption

A Government press statement within which it states that it will move expeditiously to fast-track all cases of perceived corruption including pending audit queries by the Public Accounts and Public Investment Committees, all the culpable actions reported in the report of the Ndung’u Commission, release and action on the report of the Goldenberg Commission, Anglo Leasing; and that any other cases of perceived corruption will be dealt with expeditiously. [Full Report]
KACC John Githongo Press Statement, 18 September 2006

A press statement by former PS John Githongo responding to Hon. Martha Karua’s assertions that he refused to cooperate with the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission in its investigations into the Anglo-leasing affair and that he refused to authenticate his previous statements to KACC in London on the same. [Full Report]

President Kibaki's Statement On Saitoti & Murungi Resignations

A press statement announcing the President’s acceptance of resignation requests from Hons. Saitoti and Murungi to step aside from their ministerial responsibilities to pave way for investigations into issues raised by the Goldenberg Commission and investigations into the Anglo-Leasing Affair respectively. [Full Report]

Vice President Moody Awori's Statement On Anglo Leasing

A press statement by Hon. Awori absolving himself of any personal responsibility for his ministerial statement of April 2004 on the Passport Contract issue.[Full Report]

PAC Report, March 2006

A report by the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament on the Procurement of Passport Issuing Equipment by the Department of Immigration, Office of the Vice-President and Ministry of Home Affairs. [Full Report]
Republic of Kenya v Nedermar, 10 August 2006

A digest of the proceedings at the District Court in The Hague as it considered whether to lift several attachments made on the embassy buildings of Kenya as well as on the official bank account of the embassy. [Full Report]
Ringera Report

The report of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Committee of the Judiciary of September 2003 that discussed the causes, nature, impact and forms of corruption within the Judiciary, as well as identification of corrupt members of the judiciary and the recommendation of disciplinary action against them. [Full Report]

Security Related Procurement - 18 Cases

A list of contentious security contracts with details of contract date, government officials involved, contracting entities and financiers. [Full Report]

Special Audits of Security Projects

The Controller & Auditor General’s report on the financing, procurement and implementation of 18 security related projects. [Full Report]

Christopher Murungaru v UK Home Secretary and 2 Others

UK high court of Justice (Queen's Bench) Division upholding the UK travel ban against the former minister for Internal security pending disclosure of the material basis for the decision by the Home Secretary.
Read More

AG Of Kenya v Prof Nyongo 06 Feb 07.

In this ruling the East African Court of Justice castigated the Government of Kenya for the attempts to intimidate the president of the EACJ.
Read More

Christopher Ndarathi Murungaru v Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission

The Constitutional Court confirmed the constitutionality of the KACC Director's powers to issue compulsion notices to disclose the provenance of property under the Kenya Anti-Coruption and Economic crimes Act, 2003.
Read More

Republic of Kenya vs Nedermar Technologies BV - District Court of the Hague 25 July 2006

Here the President of the District Court in The Hague considered whether to lift several attachments, obtained ex parte, on the Kenya Embassy and official bank accounts. Finding that Nedermar Technologies BVI has a prima facie case against GOK, under a contract for project Nexus a secret communications establishment of the department of Defence in Kenya.
Read More

Anglo Leasing and Deepak Kamani

Deepak Chamanlal Kamani and his brother Rashmi Chamanlal Kamani had gone to court to obtain various orders and declarations which if they had been granted would have had grave ramifications on the prospect of ever resolving the Anglo Leasing corruption scandal, in which they both stand implicated and indeed wanted by the Kenya Police and the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission.
Read More

Githongo - Mwiraria Audio Clip

On Friday, June 11, 2004, then Finance Minister, David Mwiraria asked Governance and Ethics PS, John Githongo to drop the Anglo Leasing investigation because it could bring down President Mwai Kibaki's government. He made the request in the presence of then Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Kiraitu Murungi.
In the recording, Githongo is heard briefing the two ministers about why the KACC had ordered Ojiambo's arrest Read More

Anglo Leasing "Stop The Theatrics; Where Is The Evidence?"

Statement by Civil Society Organizations on Government Accountability for Anglo Leasing
Read More

Promissory Notes: Sunday Nation Editorial

Articles and editorial from the Sunday Nation of 27th May 2007 on the conduct of the Treasury regarding the promissory notes corruptly issued to suspect security contractors.
Read More

Promissory Notes: Kimunya Raps Activists

Reports on the pressure piling up on Amos Kimunya, the Finance Minister to explain the irrevocable promissory notes.
Read More

Public Forum on Promissory Notes

Multimedia Footage of a Public Forum on Promissory Notes Held in Nairobi by Civil Society on 16th May 2007
Read More

Promissory Notes - Recent Press

Article by Xan Rice in the Guardian discussing the fact that Kenya may be legally bound to repay tens of millions of pounds of debt incurred when security-related contracts were signed with non-existient companies in the so called Anglo-Leasing deals
Read More

Mwalimu Mati On Promissory Notes

Footage of Mars Group CEO Mwalimu Mati on Citizen Television discussing the Anglo Leasing Promissory Notes Public Forums with Louis Otieno.
Read More

The Anti-Corruption Collapse

Article in the Africa Confidential of October 2006 on the failure of Aaron Ringera’s investigations, reinforcing the growing criminalisation of the state.
Read More

Civil Society Puts HSBC Bank on Notice

Statement from civil society asking Kenyans to join them in bringing government to account for the irrevocable promissory notes for overvalued and non performed contracts.
Read More

HSBC Caveat Emptor: The People of Kenya Will Not Pay These

Copies of the promissory notes tabled in Parliament by Hon. Maoka Maore on Wednesday, 9th May, 2007:
Read More

Kenyans Speak Out on Promissory Notes

Audio footage of the Easy FM Ciku radio show where Kenyan’s calling in vented their fury over the irrevocable promissory notes.
Read More

GoK-PWC Kenya Contract For Anglo Leasing Probe

The contract and terms of reference between the Government of Kenya and auditors Price Waterhouse Coopers to do a forensic investigation into the security contracts.
Read More

Hansard - Irrevocable Promissory Notes Discussed

An extract of the parliamentary mention and debate of the Anglo-Leasing irrevocable promissory notes by Hon. Joseph Nyagah and Hon. Paul Muite including links to previous Hansard’s of 2006 and 2007.
Read More

Did the President Know ? Why has he remained silent ?

John Githongo the former Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President in Charge of Governance and Ethics is living in exile in the United Kingdom after fleeing for his life over death threats as a result of his investigations into corruption in the Kibaki Administration. The President has remained silent on the allegations of corruption in his administration by his former PS. The controller and Auditor Generals report together with the Parliamentary Accounts Committee report have conclusively demonstrated the allegations by Githongo to be true. Today the man who tried to tell Kenyans the truth remains in exile and Kibaki in Statehouse.
Read More

It's time to send the Honourable Members of Parliament home

Ntonyiri MP Maoka Maore (Kanu) broke the Anglo Leasing Scandal to parliament on April 20, 2004. Three years later in 2007 this scandal remains unresolved. Controller and Auditor General's report of 2006, and the PAC report of 2006 have been tabled in parliament.
The findings of both reports remains unchalleged. Both reports find the Government of Kenya caused the taxpayers billions of Kenya shillings by paying for goods and services that were non-existent or over-priced. Payment was by way of irrevocable promissory notes.
Read More

Who Has The Promissory Notes ?

Statement from civil society asking Kenyans to join them in bringing government to account for the irrevocable promissory notes for overvalued and non performed contracts.
Read More

Anonymous said...


A conspiracy by Government, Mobitelea Ventures, Vodafone Plc and Telkom board to defraud the public of its shares in Safaricom?

10% of Telkom (K) Ltd shares in Safaricom were irregularly transferred to Mobitelea Ventures without the consent of Treasury and that of the parent ministry according to the Fifteenth Report of the Public Investments Committee on the accounts of State Corporations 2007. The explosive Parliamentary Committee Report on Public Investments wants the Director of KACC to immediately institute investigations on the circumstances and manner in which the shares were transferred to Mobitelea with a view to taking appropriate action against any persons found culpable. The PIC also wants the Director of KACC, to include a progress report on the investigation in the Commissions quarterly report to the House for the next immediate period.

In its report the PIC recommends that

* Parliament invites the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United Nations, Transparency International and the Serious Fraud Office of London to also undertake investigations on the apparent grand corruption conceived and orchestrated by Vodafone PLC in Kenya.

* That the Chief Executive, Communications Commission of Kenya, Eng. John Waweru be asked to step aside until the investigations are completed “due to his roles on the Board of the defunct KP&TC and Telkom at the time of changes in Safaricom shareholding and the Communications Commission of Kenya as exemplified by the evidence adduced and papers laid” before the Committee.

* Mr. W.N. Ayah, A.K. Cheserem, M.P. Manji and K.K. Cherogony, D.A Oyatsi and G. Mitine and who discussed the Board Paper No. 56/99 and abetted the outright theft of public shares in Safaricom be barred from holding public office conferred by the Republic of Kenya.

* The value of the 10% shares irregularly ceded to Mobitelea Ventures be determined, and Mobitelea Ventures and/ or Vodafone PLC be made to redeem the determined value by June 30, 2008.

* The “awaited and Initial Public Offer of Safaricom Ltd be suspended until such time when the above mentioned investigations are done.

* The 10% which was irregularly transferred to Vodafone PLC should immediately revert to Telkom (K) Ltd to hold in trust for the Kenyan public and factored in the event of any privatisation of Safaricom Ltd.

The Parliamentary Investment Committee has in its fifteenth report on the Accounts of State Corporations 2007 dealt a blow on the awaited Safaricom IPO which the PIC wants suspended until such time when investigations into the circumstances and manner in which 10% of Telkom shares were transferred to Mobitelea Ventures irregularly are completed. Mobitelea Ventures was registered in Guernsey on 18th June 1999. The real owners are hidden behind 2 nominee firms Mercator Nominees Ltd and Mercator Trustees Ltd also registered in Guernsey. The directors are named as Anson Ltd and Cabot Ltd based in Anguilla and Antigua. The Chief Executive of Safaricom Ltd, Mr. Michael Joseph told the PIC that he was unable to disclose to the Committee who the direct and indirect shareholders of Safaricom were.

The PIC in its report noted with concern that:

* There were grievous discrepancies on the date provided by the various persons on the time of reduction of TKL shareholding at Safaricom from 70% to 60%.

* None of the witnesses before the Committee could ascertain whether Vodafone PLC actually wrote to TKL asking for increase in their shareholding in Safaricom.

* The Management of TKL was unable to justify the need to reduce TKL shareholding from 70% to 60%.

* The Management of TKL could not confirm whether TKL was paid anything in return for the 10% shareholding irregularly ceded to Vodafone PLC.

* The Shareholder Agreement was first signed between Vodafone PLC and KP&TC on January 25, 1999 when policy on investments required Kenyan ownership be not less than 70%. The policy was later amended to accommodate M/S Mobitelea Ventures.

* The information provided by Mr. Gavin Darby that “M/s Mobitelea Ventures was identified as a local partner of Vodafone Group for the advisory role it played on local business practices and protocol challenge associated with investigating in Kenya” was misrepresentation of the truth since Mobitelea Ventures is ostensibly not based nor does it operate in Kenya.

* The Shareholder Agreement was signed on January 25th 1999 long before Vodafone PLC came by Mobitelea Ventures Ltd.

* No one else was able to ascertain the existence of the “competitive” process through which Vodafone PLC bought back 5% of Safaricom shares from Mobitelea Ventures as alluded by Darby (Vodafone PLC) through his letter to the PIC.

* Vodafone PLC failed to appear before the Committee despite several requests to Messers Rhys Philip and Gavin Darby.

* Mr. Michael Joseph, Chief Executive of Safaricom Ltd, tabled a letter dated 26th May 2000 before the Committee, ostensibly from VKL forwarding a bankers draft of US$ 22 million. The letter was found to be fictitious as it purported that the postal address of VKL was P.O. Box 40034-00100 Nairobi. In the year 2000 Kenya had not effected the postal coding 00100.

* The 7th final Board of Directors meeting held on 27th September 1999 abetted the outright theft of public shares in Safaricom.

* The meeting of Board of directors of Safaricom on 5th October 1999 was not properly constituted, as only the Chief Executive and the Company Secretary of KP&TC were present.

* Safaricom Ltd is a Capital Investment by TKL. Any divestiture ought to be sanctioned by the parent Ministry and the Treasury. There was neither such request sought nor approval given.

* Agreements entered between Vodafone (K) Ltd and Telkom (K) Ltd on Safaricom and those between the latter and the two shareholders were not authenticated by way of company seals. Some amendments made on the agreements were actually handwritten and may not have force of law.

* TKL failed to invoke clause 12.3 (a) (Right of the first refusal) of the original cooperation and shareholders agreement. TKL and Safaricom management alluded not to know the nature of transactions between Vodafone PLC and Mobitelea Ventures.

* It is appalling that Vodafone PLC a UK company involved itself in underhand activities of corrupt nature aimed at depriving Kenyan citizens of billions of shillings through M/S Mobitelea Ventures despite the fact that UK has been in the forefront of campaigning against corruption in developing countries.

The Parliamentary Investments Committee in its report held that “there appears to have been a conspiracy by some officers of Government, Mobitelea Ventures, Vodafone Plc and Telkom board to defraud the public of its shares in Safaricom. Neither the Management of Safaricom nor that of Telkom could produce the written request by Vodafone asking for increase in Vodafone’s’ shares from 30% to 40%. This supposition is further affirmed by the inexplicable disappearance of the records of Vodafone (K) from the Registry of Companies”.

Anonymous said...

I can see Kibaki and Moi are not any different- they are both thieves and thugs
why lie

kenyans must wake up and stop kibaki selling our country to Libya

kibaki and Raila should step down/step aside if indeed they can't control Libya - and they must get back the Grand Regency hotel for the Kenyans public- it was not there's to sale.

Anonymous said...

very very interesting read......

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


THEN KIBAKI EXECUTED MORE THAN 500 OF THE SAME MUNGIKI YOUTH( i hope the mungiki have seen the light now)

Anonymous said...

Seems the Kikuyu haters have crawled back from the woodwork, is it due to the HIV statistics making Nyanza number 1? I suspect so.

Guys, just stop wife inheritance, get circumcised and learn to use a condom every time you screw a whore. I understand there are so many of those akinyi sluts with wadudu in Kisumu town.

na hii nyef nyef molasses Raila igo na mdudu? enda VCT

Anonymous said...

Very childish comments today

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 2:01

How basic can you get?How many ethnic groups subscribe from Nyanza and or call Nyanza home? Yes you seem to know beyond doubt about statiscts and interpreting them,where in the statistics have they written or said HIV chooses tribe?

You can do better!

Anonymous said...

who are these useless goons who copy and paste long essays that bore and waste time? must be NSIS to discourage live conversations taking place in real time please go away, waste your time elsewhere with your inability to summarize in your own words articulately what you have read elsewhere-your contributions to Kumekucha are null because you never engage in the topic at hand. you must be like your President Kibaki
Naikuni for President/political leader-NO.but he is welcome to try

Anonymous said...


What are you talking about?! Pastors and cardinals are not liars and serial killers? You are quite shallow, arent you?

Ivy said...

Anon 4:42

I dont have kind words for you, i might be everything and even shallow according to you but i am not an english teacher. Kindly read again and understand before commenting coz you will save us both time and energy of typing.

Knoppix!® said...

Ivy you sound sleepy!Anything to do with diet or the fumes of the current post maybe?

Amka kazi iendelee!lol

Anonymous said...

Is Naikuni a maasai?

Then, I have been proven right even by chris.
I have always said I prefer a maasai president to a luo president.
Na mimi ni Mkamba.

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 5:27,

That is spoken of only by pedestrians,when at it!

Ivy said...


Acha, hiyo enyewe why lie i think i overate can't wait to log off for the day.

But again some comments are proving to be lullabies. so they are not making it easier for me....For example Anon 5:27 what has this post got to do with tribes, HIV statistics and some Kroll reports. I give up

Anonymous said...

Ivy, you are a witch, if it is Kikuyu bashing you don't think its tribal, but when it is Luo you think its tribal. wewe mama jinga kabisa! Malaya!!

Anonymous said...

Raila went to Germany after UK visit ended to for eye check-up and yet he denied it.

Raila Liar!

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to imply Titus Naikuni is a her?

"Titus Naikuni, Kenya Needs You, Will You Ignore Her?"

Ivy said...

Anon 5:49, Do i really have time for you? I have concluded one thing...You were badly brought up. Usamehewe

Anon 6:06 Chris meant (KENYA IS HER) Not Titus Naikuni...

What are people on? Surelly someone screaming M****** from the roof top. How do you even start typing that?

Anonymous said...

Ivy 11:36

hehehe you mean what if we have JG as ODM captain, Martin as ODM-K captain and Naikuni as Narc-K and the three names or even more of "such calibre" are all on the ballot paper, then what? will it be back to square one, which tribe are they from or will it be who made the most cash for the investors (ahem cough cough or for themselves), or will it be who run the best organisation even if the monetary benefit may not have been as evident, etc

Like someone said up there in one of the comments if you are able to scroll past the textbooks, running a country is not like running a corporation, you can't hire and fire citizens, and even when they are wrong if they get a majority consensus you have to play politics to appease them.

But i see chris is trying to see or reach out if there are other leaders out there and i say, we kenyans can be strange, the solution sits there slapping us in the face, but we prefer to go out there and dig up "the real solution"

i maintain let whoever wants to try to step forward and compete against martha karua (she's the only one so far who has declared her intention)


Anonymous said...

Have you all noticed that anytime one of the big Kikuyu thieves is in a fix like Kibaki with this recent GR drama, the haters come pouring here with useless posts?
Wajinga, how much of the loot did all those mega thieves give you? Right now if I were you, I would be looking for the nearest hole to hide my sorry behind.
Jameni wakenya, we have indeed been sold to the Libyans. If we are indeed a sovereign state, how can some foreigners somea us in our own home? To make matters worse, they are proceeding with plans to give their new 'hideout' an arab look. Soon they will be all over town bossing us around - kina artur kando.


Anonymous said...

Blame chris for allowing the M****** instead of moderating.
Chris.. you can do better than this and please bloggers comment on the topic


Ivy said...


What i meant is that Chris has not made up his mind on whom he wants to lead this country, y'day it was JG as you put it, today it is TN so tomorrow i bet it will be MO and maybe on Friday he might suggest UR. That is my concern he is not sure. He wants to bet his money but he doesn't seem to know where to put his money

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:36

Totally agree with you.

For all of Moi's ineptness, Arturs and Libyans rubbishing Kenyans on Kenyan soil would never have happened.

nyagine said...


We have a bunch of young turks who have proven their worth as company CEOs but lack the experience to run a government, where they will have to contend with some of the illiterate leaders we elect as councillors and mps. A leader will only be as successful as the people who work under him.

Politics is an entirely new game and this success may not be replicated, especially if the interest is lacking.

As UrXlnc noted, Martha Karua is the only one to have expressed interest. I suppose the rest are waiting to be toshwad.

Anonymous said...


What i meant is that Chris has not made up his mind on whom he wants to lead this country,

Actually i got you very clearly, what i did was take it a step further, so what happens if all his prefered candidates step forward? i use chris here figuratively, thats what kenyans faced in 2007 and its back to square one isn't it. deja vu all over again. we all had our "prefered candidates" creme de la creme if you will to choose from in 2007 and what happened? what was the criteria used by voters, was it about the country's future, excellence in leadership or tribal affiliation and/or acrimony/fear/angst that decided or carried the day. lets leave the ECK bungling out of the mix for now

my point is somewhere along the line we expect only heavy hitters (knockout punch) but when faced with subtle differences, our minds fog, eyes glaze over and faint at the thought of making a decision. then resort to tribe (if we hadn't done that yet) or close our eyes and do that divine choosing (where your finger lands is where the cross will be). the vast majority lack ability or rather need further education in order to make informed choices for the good of the country at large when faced with minor differences. Especially when what we supposed as humongous differences as portrayed through mischievous propaganda are ultimately exposed to be shallow, myopic and/or deceitful

in this regard however, i must say kumekucha and other blogs are doing a great deal in providing forum for debate on national issues and leadership.


Anonymous said...

Tenders for bypasses due
in 6 weeks - kazi imeanza

BTW, has the duly elected woken up yet or still hiding his sorry behind?

Anonymous said...

and one final comment, part of the reason i've observed why decision making for us (ok for me, just feels more important to have company) kenyans is right from the early stages we are totally unprepared for failure. stage 1primary school: guardians and parents goading their children if you fail exam, kaput, you'll never see secondary or make it in life. (result is primary kids worked to the bone)

stage 2: ditto - fail secondary school, you'll never see college and no future (result strikes so as to avoid exams)
stage x: job interview - chance in a lifetime blow it and ..


so somehow, we all want to be on the winning side, see the comments regularly here on kumekucha, every so often a guy brings up a knockout argument, criticism whether constructive or spiteful is considered admiting failure (a cursed possibility) thats why anytime RAO or Kibaki and their brigades are criticised we cant see clearly.

how hard is it to recognize success and failure are part of the same growth chain?

but hey we all know this.


Anonymous said...

Kenya is so rotten.
If Naikuni was up to the task he would have been on the ground.......Kinaki was pulled out of teaching the guy had no personal interest see where we are....We need people who on their own have decided to get into the action then we support them an that person can be YOU! of me lets aske ourselves what we can do rather than looking to others to sort our issues.

Sir Alex

Vikii said...

"Most intelligent members of our society"?----Sisemi kitu!

Anonymous said...


2:01 AM
which kikuyu haters?? kikuyu themselves hate each other , ask yourself why kibaki can go on a killing spree and execute more than 500 mungiki youths?? his own tribesmen??
and you say kikuyu haters??

wrong kikuyu =kibaki=thieve=thugs= murderous= beheading of innocent kenyans funded by yours truly kibaki and cronies


Anonymous said...
















Anonymous said...




Museveni aide ‘bought chemical, bio weapons’

Monitor correspondent

A Danish national appeared before a London court on Monday on charges of transferring chemical and biological weapons to Mr Ananias Tumukunde, an aide to President Museveni who has been in the custody of British authorities for several weeks on charges of money laundering.

Mr Niels Jørgen Tobiasen, 55, who appeared before the Southwark Crown Court for a pre-trial hearing, is a director in a Copenhagen-based firm that supplies sophisticated software and hardware to armed forces in the United States, Great Britain, Nato, and to more than 20 other countries.

He is suspected of having dealings with Mr Tumukunde, a Ugandan diplomatic passport holder, who was arrested in the UK on April 3, charged with five money laundering-related offences, and remanded at Hamondsworth Prison. Mr Tobiasen was arrested on July 17 in London after a two-month investigation, and three months after Mr Tumukunde first appeared in court.

Mr Tumukunde was not in court on Monday when Mr Tobiasen appeared before Southwark Crown Court but prosecutor David Levy asked Justice Martin Beddoe to have the two suspects appear in court together when trial starts on August 22.

According to the indictment seen by Daily Monitor, it is alleged that between April 1, 2007 and April 4, 2008, Mr Tobiasen “conspired together with Ananias Tumukunde and Lt. Col. Rusoke Tagaswire to transfer, acquire, use or have possession of criminal property” in contravention of Britain’s Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Prosecution says Mr Tobiasen “on the 15th day of January 2008 transferred criminal property, namely Chemical and Biological weapons”.

Lt. Col. Tagaswire, a Uganda People’s Defence Force officer, is still at large. A bio-chemist with a degree in toxicology, Lt. Col. Tagaswire was part of the team appointed by President Museveni last year to investigate the suspicious death of Brig. Noble Mayombo who died after a sudden and intense illness that aroused suspicion of poisoning. The report of their findings has not been made public.

During Mr Tumukunde’s last appearance at Southwark Crown Court, the prosecutor, Mr David Whitaker, alleged that Uganda’s diplomatic mission in London was not cooperating in the case against President Museveni’s adviser. Uganda’s High Commissioner to London Joan Rwabyomere denied the claim in an interview with Daily Monitor.

“Yes, we received the questionnaire from [the Crown Prosecution Service]. I forwarded the questionnaire to the Attorney General in Kampala but we haven’t received the response,” Ms Rwabyomere said.

Deputy Attorney General Freddie Ruhindi claimed the office had not received the questionnaire and referred inquiries about the two Ugandan officials back to the high commission in London. The High Commissioner and her deputy, Ms Mumtaz Kassam, were not available for comment.

The army and the government yesterday denied any wrongdoing but pledged to cooperate with the investigators. The Presidential Guard Brigade Spokesman, Capt. Edson Kwesiga, said; “It’s true Lt. Tagaswire is one of us but it’s not right to say he has connections with Mr Tumukunde. We are more than willing to help the investigators in this case with any information they may require.”

The Minister of Information, Mr Kirunda Kivejinja, said yesterday: “We want to identify the actual mission he (Tumukunde) had gone for, but as government we don’t do clandestine work. We will assist in giving any information they (investigators) want….”

Ms Kassam and President Museveni’s legal aide Fox Odoi have been seen outside the London courthouse where Mr Tumukunde is being tried.
Lawyers working for the Kampala government have separately asked court to either drop the charges against Mr Tumukunde or have him released on bail but on both occasions, the judges have concurred with prosecutors; Mr David Levy and Mr David Whitaker that Mr Tumukunde should remain in custody as investigations continue. Each count against Mr Tumukunde carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail.

Chemical and biological weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction. The release of nerve agent sarin in a Tokyo subway in 1995 was a rare terrorist chemical attack while the mailing of anthrax bacteria to government and news media offices in the United States in 2001 is one of the most recent examples.

Uganda is a signatory to both the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention and the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention which prohibit the use of these types of weapons due, in part, to the indiscriminate nature of their lethal effects.

kalamari said...

Titus Naikuni is a busy man. He's more of a very good worker as opposed to owner. I'm not saying he doesn't own substantial estates. He does…but not enough to force him (i.e. personally) into the murky waters of Kenyan politics.

To understand this man, one has to be a paying member of Nairobi Club or MCC. Such are the places where you will meet political financiers like Naikuni. Folks, life for the moneyed is very much sweeter and easier for themselves and their families when all they have to do is buy political favor and protection here and there. All you have to do is throw a few thousand dollars to the mongrels in parliament and you will be guaranteed peace and immunity from shake down artists like the NSIS.

The only time such folks personally and publicly get into politics is when their investments grow too big…..yaani to the point they can no longer hold CEO jobs.

UrXlnc said...

looks like top-up is well entrenched and part of our staple diet

Anonymous said...

Kenyan Govt To Build New City In Turkana

Strategically located in an area with huge potential for fishing, ranching and tourism, the government has resolved to build a new city dubbed "Turkana".

The "Turkana" master plan is set to be the biggest and most advanced commercial, residential and tourism center in Africa. The total project cost will be US$ 7.8 billion and will be financed by shares sold to the public and numerous international and local investors who want to be part of the project.

To get the project going, the government will link Lodwar to Kitale, Eldoret, Nakuru and Nairobi via dual carriage roads and a modern railway network. The Kenya government is to build a new international airport costing $280 million at a site some 25 kilometers south of Lodwar, the new facility would cover an area of 30 square kilometers.

The scale of the project is mind boggling, with phase one alone including 300 boreholes, 2 million trees, 15 water and sewer processing plants, 2 garbage waste recycling plants, 80 commercial plots, 19 three-star hotels, 2 five-star hotels, 1250 single family resident houses, 35 apartments complexes, 5 district hospitals, 10 primary and secondary schools, one university, and a military base.

Phase two of the project will involve large-scale ranching, fishing, and agro-forestry projects that will be done in partnership with the local communities.

The goal is to incorporate the highest international standards to create a diversified economy that will sustain employment and create a high standard of living for all Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Naikuni may be ready to leap into politics, but are we ready for his policies?
Are we ready for a candidate who won't campaign without dishing out money?
Are we ready for a candidate who won't claim, "it's my community's turn to eat?"
Are we ready for a candidate who will ask fellow mps to justify any pay increases?

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