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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shocking Kalenjin Secrets!!

PLUS: New Expanded Kumekucha Launches Tomorrow

I love Fridays as I am sure most of you guys do. But now we both have one additional thing to look forward to this Friday. Tomorrow I launch bold new additional brand new content in your favorite daily political blog, Kumekucha. Look out for exciting articles on love, marriage and relationships as well as fascinating new features covering the struggles of Kenyan small businesses as well as hot innovative tips to help you launch your own small business or to inspire you to dramatically improve your existing one. Don’t miss it.

Also this weekend we continue with our very popular Kumekucha Weekend special series which started last weekend with the police stories. This weekend don’t dare miss; Kalenjin Secrets.

Read what NSIS chief Brig. Michael Gichangi did not know about the Kalenjin last December as he advised Mwai Kibaki to go ahead with the evil plan of cheating Kenyans at the ballot box. Kumekucha unearths shocking details and evidence never published before that proves the Rift Valley is still a ticking time bomb for much more violence. And why this “time bomb” is bound to explode sooner rather than later.

Kalenjin Secrets comes to you starting Saturday morning (Kenyan time).

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Shaddy said...

Kumekucha leads, others follow!

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

Who wants to read about "love, marriage and relationships". Are you guys serious. We need raw politics and insider information about the new coalition.

Anonymous said...

does anyone on the ground have the true current position of IDPs? its probably varying depending on the location but can we have solid facts hopefully with pictorial evidence.

this story indicates the exercise is proceeding smoothly yet we hear otherwise. do we have anyone who can report with factual evidence no politics just plan facts.


Vikii said...

Shaddy (Okello), what is it that Kumekucha leads in? And who are these "others" who follow so enthusiastically?

tnk said...

on a side note off topic

to those MPs from Rift opposed to the Mau resettlement

UNEP and other environmental bodies should furnish these guys with a complete and comprehensive scientific evidence. But this exercise should not stop with Mau, there are also other systems and forest reserves that have been similarly destroyed through human settlement adversely affecting the fragile ecosystem.

i agree that the communities living in these areas need to be involved in the resettlement discussion, but it needs to be done now rather than later. govt should provide different resettlement options possible so as to move a significant portion of the population. it however should be clear that the population needs to move.

IMO what those MPs should be providing or suggesting if they are genuinely interested in the welfare of the people, is the different (viable) options or alternatives and not just create stumbling blocks for poltical expediency. those options can be evaluated/discussed in parliament and the cabinet and incorporated or modified until a mutually agreed set of alternatives is presented. Also there can not be any one widely accepted solution that fits all,

therefore as alternatives are presented that some find acceptable, they should be allowed or let to move on and not be hindered or delayed just because others have not yet found suitable alternatives. October however is too soon and December/January is more realistic but certainly the exercise should commence immediately.

this overview from a UNEP publication below highlights the pertinent issues and i think those Rift MPs need to look beyond myopic interests and start behaving like responsible leaders

on the other hand i request that the PM deviates from the autocratic decrees associated with kenyatta, moi and kibaki regimes and instead adopt an attitude of increased community education and participation in restoring these resources.

an educated people will assist the process and produce far much more useful long term results than a disenchanted community who feel victimised.

we need more education to enforce policy and less use of brute force to achieve goals.

Anonymous said...


Now that you have come back to Kumekucha after prostituting yourself in blogs such as Kenya Entrepreneur, Kenya Imagine and other assorted shallow Mashada titles of 0 to 2 comments per article seriously proves that Kumekucha indeed leads.

You, Vikii, continue to be the follower.

Shaddy said...

Here is where Kumekucha leads:

1. Breaking News. If it's gonna make news next month, it's in Kumekucha today!

2. Well Thought out articles. Now, you may not always agree with the writers, but you'll at least agree that the writers are well intentioned and do their homework.

3. Insider Stuff. The kind of inside info you get at Kumekucha for free would cost hundreds of dollars elsewhere. Chris is a man with a big heart.

4. Fire Fights. Once in a while you even see people impersonate others here and say some fascinating stuff. Now, where else do you find that kind of entertainment?

So, Vikii, Kumekucha leads, others follow. And now I invite you to spread the good news about the arrival of this authoritative blog on the Kenyan politicla stage. Kenya will never be the same again!

Sam Okello

Vikii said...

I surely will

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner, are you the one Chris refers to as a psycho on the disclaimer?

Anonymous said...

I think you need to go to Spain bull competition. I hope those bulls can get you good. We, the people of Kenya are sick and tired of your drama. Your comment has nothing to do with the post...Shocking Kalenjin Secrets.

Anonymous said...


Can you write about genetically modifies seeds and how that related to the global food crisis?

Thank you,

Loyal Reader

Dr. Okinda said...

I think, and this is my own opinion as a certified psychologist. Marianne Briner is INSANE.

Anonymous said...

And Ms. Briner, why should we be interested in Chris's private life? Why should we care about the Okello's and who cares what other Kenyan blogs tell you about Kumekucha? THey are jealous of Kumekucha taking the lead as the go to blog for Kenyans at home and the diaspora.

Kumekucha is larger than you Briner. It's growing and will only do better. EVIL DON'T win in real life! You are an evil woman.

mariannebriner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Okinda said...


I was given a certain set of facts to work with. I was given a profile of person X to consider. After careful anylsis of person X's character, my opinion as certified pychologist is that person X is certifiably insane. The fact that person X turns out to be you, Marianne Briner is mere coincidence.

mariannebriner said...

I was married to a famous psychogolist - and I know that he would never have based his judgements on some 'unknown and doubtful facts - but would have come to his professional and valid conclusions after having considered both sides.

Obviously you have been employed and maybe even paid by somebody who is interested that you represent his part of the 'game'.

Let me tell you, I am not surprised. You are only following the scheme of other players of Kenyan Politics ..... so there is nothing new here.

I am disgusted - as I have been in the past.

But let me assure you. I am fighting back. I will not give up to disclose the crooky and corruptive ways of Kenyan politics........

Marianne Briner

Anonymous said...


Where do you people get so mch time to post and reply to your on posts?

Please take a break and get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Opps!! Chris?? what a bore and I was hoping for Mungiki= kikuyu secrets?



Anonymous said...


get lost we do not entertain Malaya's and if you want translation it means prostitutes here on kumekucha- move on...

Anonymous said...

There is nothing secret about what Ruto and the ODM thugs did. Ntimama even said it in his usual stupidity while threatening Kalenjins with his militias.

One of thiese fine days, I hope those murderers will be brought to justice.

But ofcourse this blog being what it is, you will not hear a squeak while there would be an uproar in any country where a cabinet minister admits on tv that he nmurdererd 600 people.

Such a useless race we are. No wonder jungus think we are a bunch of clowns

Anonymous said...

this story pretty much sums up where we are,0,6152582,full.story

back to square 1

Anonymous said...

in case you cant get the link

here it is

Anonymous said...

@9:09. Very accurate story. Kenyans are in hot soup. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Someone here mentioned starting a movement to replace all current leadership with fresh faces, come 2012. I couldnt agree more! It is an experiment and we should not shy off it, until we get it right and/or feel we can live with it.

Anonymous said...

Are people obsessed with 2012?we still have 5years, the MEDIA HAS ran out of stories and has come up with the 2012 issue to make more sales??now its gone TRIBAL AGAIN!id like to see what the shocking kalenjin secrets are...just to remind us kalenjins have Kenyan ID's and when they win gold medals in China in a few weeks the KENYA NATIONAL ANTHEM WILL BE PLAYED!not a Kikuyu or a Luo anthem neither will Kikuyu or Luo flags be raised.
Folks Kenya has some 42 tribes whats ALL THIS useless CHEST THUMPING!!
Chris Every tribe has secrets most have NO IDEA cuz they have never stepped IN A VILLAGE especially these AM A LUO AND KIKUYU NOISEMAKERS!
AFRICA...If you saw what the river carried, you would never drink the water.

Knoppix!® said...

Any other new post that attracts less quotient comments please!This one is way too elicitist if there is such a word!

Anonymous said...


We are waiting for the "Nilotic Secrets" that might explain the barbarism we witnessed in the Eldoret church where women and children were burnt alive. Previously, few Kenyans outside the RV would have thought that there were such genocidal characters within the borders of Kenya.

Later, don't forget to write about why the residents of Kisumu were so intent on burning down the city they call home. I would have thought that since they were annoyed with Kibaki, they would go to Nyeri and burn down Othaya. To me it didn't make sense that they were burning down their homes and places of work as a form of protest.

There seems to be some cultures that breed more heckling and violence than others. Don't you think so, Chris?

Anonymous said...

Kamwizi Kajwang' kamekula mali ya uma. Sasa nilazima kakamatwe.

Kajwang' ni kamwizi kabaya sana.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:46Am, You are really IGNORANT. You need to be one of the beneficiaries of your "dury-erected's" free primary and secondary eductaion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.08, The next time around, God forbid it will be ten times worse.

Anonymous said...

I will say this to odm, you only throw a sucker punch once. After that its a fair fight.

Ngojeni tu. Hamtajua mukiondoka Nairobi. Tuone round 2 nani atakua IDP

Anonymous said...

2008 Jan taught us the sort of animals we have been living with and calling ati compatriots

Anonymous said...


sucker punch is what kibz and co-thugs pulled, fair fight is currently in place and plenty coming ahead

Anonymous said...


In your dreams, Kibz didn't even care the last time around. Don't we still have your ilk in camps and the "dury-erected" sitting pretty in Statehouse?

What happened when he went to ELdi and guys are burning houses 200 meters away?

At least Moi had balls, Kibz was busy hiding under Karua's skirt, what a pity for a Prezo.

Anonymous said...

Kibs is not a kyuk leader. but he is neccecary to protect us from the savages from the west until we can bolster our defences.

My guess is that our country will en up like palestine and Israel. two nations that bitterly hate each other and periodically engage in rounds of blood shed

Anonymous said...

your series on kalenjin secrets are grossly innaccurate ,misinformed and lacks is not objective and distorts the historical and cultural facts about kalenjins.if you have to write anything about kalenjins make sure you have done enough research,have undisputable facts and historical facts consistent with the truth.
it is unfortunate that you take the pains to produce this inacurrate documentary that distorts facts on the is prudent that you refrain from doing this in future if you do not have sufficient and accurate historical and cultural facts about purprt to have an understanding about this particular group of kenyans,but i make known to you that you deserve to visit the library....and use the google to fine tune the facts.
kiptoo arap sirorei

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