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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Sagana Factor

Sagana State Lodge. It's somewhere out there in Nyeri. A rich colonial history. I don't know who owns it, but it doesn't matter. What matters is what was said there by the ODM Leader and the President back in February, about a month after Kenya had undergone a wave of bloodletting unseen in Kenya since independence. As the two protagonists met in that secluded lodge, they'd left behind an anxious nation that was literally begging for a way out of the political impasse that had engulfed it for weeks. Both of them had haggled with their lieutenants for a softening of position, and both had been held hostage by the intransigence of their communities. Yet both realized that for Kenya to work together, some very serious negotiations had to be slapped on the table and difficult decisions made.

I revisit the meeting that took place at Sagana between Kibaki and Odinga because you won't understand the road-map to 2012 until you come to grips with what went on at the state lodge, an edifice given to Kenya by the Brits. Impeccable sources have confirmed that the meeting at the lodge was like the meeting Jomo Kenyatta held with Moi in Gatundu before the founding father of the nation left to meet his Maker. Historical accounts have it that it was in Gatundu that the late founding father promised to pass on the torch to Moi if Moi signed on to protecting Mama Ngina and the children, the wealth and the wider Agikuyu community. Moi, being the humble and cunning Vice President that he was, accepted the terms of the old man. And so Mzee Jomo Kenyatta beat back the Ngoroko and other nefarious Mt Kenya organizations that sought to deny Moi the throne.

Fast forward. After the unprecedented death and mayhem of December and January, it became obvious to the thought-leaders in Central Province that the community had veered too far off track and was marching away from the rest of Kenya. The wise men in the community therefore started seeking ways to make amends. To these wise men, there was no way to make amends without making the Prime Minister central to their schemes. It is in this light that President Kibaki and the ODM Leader sat at Sagana and drew the map right into 2012. What I can reveal is that the clamour to install the Prime Minister as an Agikuyu elder is a leaf out of the Sagana playbook. I can also reveal today that barring any unforeseen circumstances, the coalition President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga put together will ride on into 2012, or until those two gentlemen decide it's time to implement the Sagana Plan. And by the time the Sagana Plan comes to fruition, the son of Kenya's first Vice President will be the new President of Kenya. You can take that to the bank.

But it's now clear that a section of the ODM coalition, especially members of Parliament from the South Rift, are very unhappy with the incremental rapprochement between the Big Two and the general realignments taking place on the political landscape. What our friends from this corner of the Rift Valley may be failing to take into account is the fact that the Prime Minister has in mind a coalition that brings Kenya together. A national coalition. He's already a Luo elder. He's an Arap Mibei. And soon he'll be an Agikuyu elder. What you see emerging is the beginning of something that should have taken place right after independence...the birth of a nation. The fulfilment of The Mau Mau Prophecy. For forty five years we've been led by men who failed to create cohesion and understanding between us. Men who watched with glee, and even cashed in, as Kenyans fought Kenyans. That will change starting 2012, or sooner.

Given the significance of the Sagana Plan, it is now crucial for Kenyans to create a pathway to lasting peace. The fire and brimstone rhetoric that has characterised our discourse as a nation must now give way to development and honest healing. Of course there will be moments when we must shout like hell to correct a wrong, just like we did with Kimunya, but even such nuclear option moments must be conducted without attributing the sleaze of one man to an entire community.

Does that make sense? I think it does.

So as we look into the future, let's be optimistic and proud of where the nation is going. The foundation of a stable and prosperous nation was laid at Sagana. Yes, this is a classic case of something good springing out of a truly desperate situation. The future is now ours to shape. We will only fail if we allow the squabbles and the disappointments of the years gone by to cloud our thinking.

Let's all go to Sagana!

For Love of Country,

Guest post by Sam O. Okello

How clean is John Michuki? What is his favourite corruption racket since the 70s? Hint:Some people call it smart corruption.


Phil said...

This is exactly what I have been trying to tell some douting thomases and some geezers here at Kumekucha. When I first mentioned this issue, it was dismissed with contempt. Last week I revisited it, I was told it was a far fetched theory that cannot simply work and it is akin to mixing oil with water, ...yada yada yada....

I also told them that the GRAND OPPOSITION championed by Ababu Namwamba - who is so far the only MP who swore his allegiance to Raila Odinga as President - is actually a project of the Prime Minister. Can anyone dispute that NOW?

The fact is, I got wind of this deal between RAO/MK soon after both men attended the Kenya Open Golf back in early March, just a week after the signing of the peace accord. Raila and Kibaki's body language said it all. More recently, Kibaki took it upon himself to shower unprecedented praises on Raila at a state function. One does not need to be a NASA scientist to figure out that a political DEAL has been secretly sealed!

The problem stems from the fact most Kenyans, especially those in the diaspora, have taken it to believe what they read online at the Nation or Standard sites as gospel truth. They fail to see local media are ALL compromised, and that except KBC, the rest are privately owned commercial enterprises that also have deeply vested political interests represented in their respective shareholding and editorial boards. Journalists themselves are feeling the pinch of the rise in the cost of living and have families to feed. For a thousand or two, anyone can have a front page story twisted in their favour. right?

Those of us who go to the ground interacting with common man, and also brushing shoulders with people who matter in this country know exactly what is going on. The Raila/Kibaki accord, when it comes to fruition, should not come as a surprise to regular readers of this blog....what is going on now is that the powerful ODM pentagon will be expanded to include other parties, that is all!

Barring an assassination, 2012 will be a walkover for RAO kwa mwendo ya kuelekea katika JUMBA LA TAIFA.

au sio waseee?

Anonymous said...

Why does this idiot called Sam Okello keeping posting here. He cannot even post here directly; he has to go through Chris for grammar and spellings corrections and moderations. No-one trusts him here, you wait and see how many people will start demanding money he stole or conned people through this post. Others like me never like anything that comes from this man. All of his posts are insane just like he is.

Bado said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sagana is a river. The second or the third bigest river in Kenya that runs through Gikuyuland and later joins Athi river emptying in the Idian Ocean. It runs parallel with Tana River. Although it runs in Muranga district, it also separate the North (Muranga/Nyeri) and South (Kiambu) of Kikuyuland. It is has a major tributary called Mathioya River that runs just 2 km North of Muranga town.

Anonymous said...

If it is called a State Lodge, i thought it belongs to the state? Am not odm, but the substance of your post may have some merit (adding what phil has been saying). My question is if it is to work as in kenyatta/moi, shouldnt rao become vp to be better strategically placed? You are right if such a plan is there, the kaleos will not like it given that they supported rao because they believed he would finish kiuks.

Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. (Minus Opportunity) Nanga, MP. said...

The only thing that happened in Sagana was that ODM was seriously cheated and given the bones in this GCG. Once again, Raila lost concentration and let Kibaki get away with theft. Okay tell me, what good does it do to Raila that Kibaki endorsed him? I would run as fast as possible if I hear that Pattni is about to endorse me for the Westlands seat! So has Kibaki become the hero, endorsing Raila, singing praises on him, etc??

Chris, Phil and Okello, let's assume that the constitution will be changed by this GCG thing to create a parliamentary system of government as we have all clamoured. What benefit will Raila derive by being a president? Furthermore, being endorsed by Kibaki is a disadvantage itself. He's an excess baggage. Infact, this will open an avenue for "our" enemies to start discrediting Raila as seeing nothing except being called H.E. the President.

I am ODM Damu!

Bado said...

Bado said...
Sam, Your post couldn't be further from the truth. The sagana meeting was between two men anxious to share the loot. Of immediacy was how to eat, here and now. 2012 might have cropped up under AOB, but as you know, 5 years is a long time in politics. So much can change. Both Raila and Kibaki knew the plain truth about the December presidential elections: Kibaki had stolen it. Sagana was about how much could Raila could be paid to let Kibaki keep the presidency for 5 years. Once Raila's price was agreed upon, Kenya matched was on its way to peace.

I do, however, agree with you 100% that the grand coalition might last until 2012 unless something drastic happens. Kibaki paid Raila for a 5-year presidency. I see no reason why the coalition shouldn't exist until then, unless RAO wants to refund the billions.

What saddens me is your blind trust of Raila. I do understand the strong knot of tribal allegiance that strangles any attempt of allowing your mind the freedom of reason.You present the man as the messiah Kenyans should have crowned decades ago. Truth is RAO is as dirty as they come. Those in the know, know how much Moi paid him to wind up NDP and join Kanu to perpetuate Moi's looting of Kenya's economy. When the deal went sour, RAO was by Kibaki's side. RAO will back anybody so long as his price is fully paid. He has been very smart in keeping his shady deals completely secret - except of course, Kisumu Molasses - which was the rope Moi hang permanently round god Raila's neck.

Tell me about Ababu Namwamba or any young Kenyan politician not tainted or connected to the super rich criminals we call our leaders. Tell me about new ideas. Tell me about daring to hope again.Tell me about a change that will benefit all Kenyans. Raila does not represent anything valuable to modern Kenya. He needs to be swept aside with his colleagues Kibaki and Moi.All should propably be made to share a single cell at Kamiti.

Anonymous said...

Both Sagana and Mathioya rivers are very popular with tourists because they offer the best Kayaking and white water rafting.
For more information on Sagana Waterfalls Adventures please email Only if you are interested in Kayaking or water rafting sport!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

Your post is full of lies; I will point out just a few.

The deal between Kenyatta and Moi was not consumated at Gatundu but at Lake Nakuru - at the point where there used to be a flamingo presidential viewing stand. While at Nakuru State House earlier that morning, Kenyatta had sent for Moi to meet him at the lakeside and view the birds together. It was at that point that Kenyatta asked Moi to present him with a he-goat from his personal herd from Kabarak farm. Moi obliged. For now I will not go into further details but the events and agreements that followed that afternoon led to Moi's presidency.

At Sagana State Lodge, nothing close to what you are saying happened. Raila tried the intrigues you are relating to a couple of days later - remember the visit to the golf course by the two, but nothing came out of it cheafly because Raila is an impatient man and Kibaki is slow to state his mind.

The closest Kibaki and Raila ever come to a deal was in 2005 before the referendum. Remember Kibaki making the a trip to Luo Nyanza to announce development projects worth billions? During that trip Kibaki let the cat loose by saying that he considered Raila as his most important political ally notwithstandng the war LDP was daily waging against the govt. I hope you also remember how that revealation was taken by Charity Ngilu - for two weeks, she protested that Raila was a political apostate and it was wrong for the president to continue to regard him as an ally. Anyway that rapprochement had been brokered by Njenga Karume after the athuri had decided that Kiraitu and Murungaru should not be allowed to inherit power. Raila did not follow the opportunity keenly because he was distracted by a new relationship he had developed privately with Moi, where Moi was to fund the no referendum campaign in exchange for continued protection by Raila from Kibaki administration. That time Raila missed a real deal that had been sanctioned by the athuri with the aim of Raila eventually taking over from Kibaki as part of healing the Kikuyu-Luo breach that was started by the Kenyatta-Odinga rivalry. But it was never to be.

Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridge. There has not been any other attempt from the athuri side and I don't think there will be any. Frankly, the athuri were shocked beyond belief when Raila repeatedly labeled Kikuyu as an enemy tribe. They could not believe how reckless the man could be. Recently, a Kibaki confidant echoed that shock when he said that even in the height of Moi madness, Moi never labeled another community as an enemy.

The business-types have been eager to cut a deal to protect their wealth but it has been opposed by the political-types especially the younger lot. So, my understanding is that there will be no deal and if there is any, I can assure you it would be a Machiavellian type.

Knoppix!® said...

This post sounds as if it was written by Phil.
Thus far we can merely say this is speculation period.

However looking at yesterday's daily Nation cartoon by Gado one would make sense of this post and the other made by Phil earlier.

As for now it doesn't make sense to us wether Kibz endorses RAO or not as the choice will be ours to make unless some rape is upped on to us like last years.I think Kenyans are a tad wiser,for if we had to swallow endorsements Jomo Jnr as he is being refered to would have been president atleast for five years.Some of us have made up our minds in which way to vote endorsements,owners and wrong shoe size numbers notwithstanding.So all i can state is such posts only work to enrich our infertile imaginations into fertility.

Those posts can't change the kind of impunity that is stinking all over here but will work to change and perfect tribal re-alignment.Sometimes i feel like such posts are meant to pull a steadman on us readers to gauge what we think about the current temprature of politics if i scratch beyond the surface.

So simply put can we talk about the headlines for now,and if there are no striking headlines or once Kimunya,Kajwang and Cohorts are out of the picture and Grand Regency is back to Vikiis ownership we can talk about the weather!Have a wonderful lunch folks.

Only my thoughts!

Anonymous said...


Why were you quiet when your fellow Kalenjins were raping this country. Your sarcasm at Jomo Jnr just reminds those who know you how you and your family benefited from Moi's kleptocracy. Nonetheless, your conversion, whether real or not, is welcome. Come on, better late than never; if you never learnt how to demostrate in the streets for you rights we are ready to mentor you!!

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, being endorsed by Kibaki is a disadvantage itself. He's an excess baggage. .....

Chief I agree with you in TOTO .. ....To RAO Kibaki is and will be an excess baggage.
RAO will be forced to start fire fighting every scandal in this disgraced regime that Kibs created...Ei No way Sam Okello/Phil I want RAO to lead this country one day, but you telling me Kibs is to endorse him ...Hapana He WON without Kibaki's Vote in 2007 and He will win again without his vote....I equate Kibaki with the unnecessary baggage that the children of Israel carried (the bones of Joseph) when they left Egypt going to the promised land.


Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

Why do you like embarrassing yourself? You should at least check on Wikipedia what is Sagana Lodge.

Sagana Lodge was a royal residence in Kiganjo, in the foothills of Mount Kenya, Kenya. It was a leased wedding present in 1947 to the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (later HRH The Duke of Edinburgh & Queen Elizabeth II respectively) from the colony whilst they were in Kenya. It was built 1949-1950. In 1952 Queen Elizabeth II was staying at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya when she was told of her father King George VI's death and of her own succession to the throne — a unique circumstance for any such event. She was the first British monarch since the accession of George I to be outside the country at the moment of succession, and also the first in modern times not to know the exact time of her accession (because her father had died in his sleep at an unknown time).
The lease was given back to Kenya in 1963.
There were two bedrooms, a sitting room, and a dining room. A children's wing of sitting room and three bedrooms was added later.

PS: So you see, Mt Kenya area is a sacred place, where Kings and Queens are made. And maybe you are right.

Anonymous said...

I keep saying that for Molasses Raila to be president of Kenya, he will have to be endorsed by GEMA; otherwise he will die a frustrated man just like his father.

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys here see behind this whole post? It was writtten by Sam and published here by Chris with the only purpose to publicize Sam Okello's new fiction The Mau Mau Prophecy. Everything he says here, is taken out of this book. The facts and also all the lies and incorrect statements about who and where and what. He only changed some details which have come to his knowledge AFTER his book had already been published. This is all pure fiction and based on the imagination of Sam Okello who needs to find outlets to publicize his books. Why else do you think did he refer to the title of that book and some other details several times here?
Open your eyes, folks. You are confronted here witch a cheap public-relation and new marketing strategy. Instead of mentioning his company as he before did, he now mentions the titles of his books. That's the only difference I can see. Sam must be laughing his head off to read some comments here taking his post serious.

Anonymous said...

Raila cannot be trusted. Period. Look at how he is doing to Kipsigsi. First, he short-changes them in the ministerial appointments. And to rub it in, he is now throwing them out of the Mau forest just as Kimunya had done before him. Have the Kipsigsi eaten Raila's goat to deserve this?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:44 - CORRECT - I checked the web and found a summary of Sam Okello's new fictious essay The Mau Mau Prophecy containing exactly what he says here including mentioning the Sagana Lodge. Sam, you should feel ashamed to sneak this post into Kumekucha. Did you believe we are stupid and do not realize what your true intentions are, namely to get free publicity for your books?

Marianne Briner said...

Sam Okello, pay me my money.
You stole from a woman. You wrote a racist book. You are a racist, a tribalist,a male chauvinist and a demagogue.

Why should we believe you? You told me that you are a pastor. Are you a pastor really? What kind of pastor? Maybe pastor Deya type, isn't he your tribesman? (just wondering). You published a book with my daughter, a racist book. Shame on you.

And stop selling books here on this forum!

--Marianne Briner

Taabu said...

Did you say ....The GEMA learnt their lessons well after trusting Moi in 1978 and then bearing the brunt of his oppression for 24 years....

That betrays what you believe in bro. You often come out forcefully arguing your case but that gives you away big time. It is called curse of misplaced entitlement. The siege mentality you are moulding is pedestrian and wont wash. You can propagate it all the much you wish with all the commensurate pomposity but just like the stillborn Bantu baldash the kite won't fly.

But don't get distracted keep on trying you never know. Reasoning by displacement only helps is defeating your original objective. You package the KM for 2012 so nicely it would make your street sources award an Oscar. Nice try.

Ajwang' said...

Raila can win without GEMA blessings, he did that last year. But it is in Gema's interestto come back to Kenya and avoid a Lesotho situation. That is the truth - whether Raila or Ruto.

mariannebriner said...

the game has started again - the fake marianne briner aka hellen okello resurfaces.

I am posting here under my real name and official username. Ignore all the other comments. They are the work of some lunatic insane hellen okello trying to defend her socalled husband.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, Kimi Raikkonen has not posted a comment today. What are you on about? Have you been dreaming about our Kimi? You should be addressing the post and not what kimi wrote a century ago. Or R U getting jittery about GEMA and their choice for 2012?
Moi was in power for 24 years and all we had is these illiterate Kalenjins spitting all over our Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

Reasoning by displacement only helps is defeating your original objective. Reasoning by displacement?

Anonymous said...

agree with knoppix

its a symptom of psycophancy when two people meet in private, do not disclose the entire transaction and then we start making assumptions on what we think they talked about etc.

whether they did or not is fine for speculation but on the ground is the GCG which is still rife with corrupt deals and MPs.

supposing there was such a clean deal why was there so much tug of war in the formation and composition even after the sagana meeting? that almost implies a stage managed tussle which is quite possible politically but a little too far fetched.

gone are the days when people just endorsed the whims of a few selfish leaders. the ECK mix up will not be repeated as kenyans become more vigilant, kivuitu or his successor will not sneak to state house with gicheru to process and hand over a certificate, we now know that trick. granted there may be a few more, but we'll be a lot more vigilant.

Anonymous said...

and by the way, if kibaki reneged on this deal RAO cannot cry foul since everybody already knows kibaki does honor MoU etc, so it would be totally naive of RAO to trust kibaki on that. it just doesnt add up. too much reading into an event whose results we've seen are far from what we expected.

that sagana meeting IMO was to soften the hard landing for the partners by placing kenyans in the exact places their butts were going to land. the real solution lay somewhere else that neither of them wanted to go to.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, how can it be that" until those two gentlemen decide it's time to implement the Sagana Plan. And by the time the Sagana Plan comes to fruition, the son of Kenya's first Vice President will be the new President of Kenya. You can take that to the bank" yet you say this(the sagana plan)is our foundation of a stable and prosperous nation which was laid at Sagana?whether Kibaki and Raila endorse the same marionette kenyans rejected the first time around or whether Kibaki endorses Raila, i hope the response and reaction will be the same-null and void

Anonymous said...

Sam and Phil,

A few things don't add up. First of all, i doubt Raila would cut such a deal with Kibaki. Once bitten, twice shy. Secondly, my understanding is that by 2012, a new constitution will be in place. Why would Raila want to be a ceremonial president? Unless of course the deal is to derail the constitution making process so as to have the same constitution come 2012 - in which case, judging by Kenyan Voters mood, he may as well kiss the presidency goodbye...

Anonymous said...

I just found this on your last post!!!all of it makes sense - the bloggers have sentiments like mine


Please stop posting nonsense here- do Kenyans look like chicken going to be roasted?

are you based in kenya??? I doubt
if kenya removed all Mois sons- yes voted them out and most of the goons they didn't like in the last elections
Kenyans have already stamped out any political inheritance or family inheritance of statehouse- look around you even Former MP Kihara(Naivasha)seat did not go to his wife Jane Kihara or his Son John Kihara sympathy votes in 2007 or inheriting from parents

So Uhuru is nothing to Kenyans - Kenyatta is long dead and Uhuru has no right on any position if the people of Kiambu decide elsewhere- watch and wait.

As for the sagana bullshit you posted here- I guess you are in dreamland and you have not gauged the mood of the citizens of kenya and I suggest you do so- we do not need shallow political posts from dreamers or misinformed individuals like you

7:23 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...




7:26 AM

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.11 Raila is nothing to Kenya, his father is long time gone! And like his father he will die a frustrated man. He will NOT enter the state house.

Anonymous said...

Sam O. Okello is a very naive young man.

Anonymous said...

Raila is finished, he will be played by the Mt. Kenya Mafia a third time and kenyans will reject him. Even jaluo's will reject him. Keep in mind that Martha Karua is the only PNU MP to visit Luo Nyanza since the electiois. That speaks volumes.

Kalonzo is the PNU front man for 2012 !! :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.11 Raila is nothing to Kenya, his father is long time gone! And like his father he will die a frustrated man. He will NOT enter the state house.

You sound like an old white man in 1901. The word never or NOT do not apply in the modern world. I am certains some idoit like your self must have said obama will never be the democratic candidate just like the other black leaders....

Anonymous said...

There is somebody here who loves Raila and ODM more than anyone else.
Just watch this Utube video clip

trukenyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

interesting articles below, no surprises

kiraitu heaps blame on treasury,-Murungi-tells-Parliament.html

Anonymous said...


well said


trukenyan said...

The Sagana Factor is hostage to the "Constitution factor". My understanding of this argument long played out after the signing of the peace deal must worry those among us who crave for revamped constitution, Republicans. As a Kenya Republican, I believe the Constitution must water down the Presidency. Kenya has gone beyond repairing ethnic animosity and several generations will go by before any equity in this effort is achieved.

If the Bomas draft is adopted, An Executive Prime Minister will be the Head of Government and President will be a ceremonial Position that unites the Country. In other terms, the Executive will be vested in the PM. I'm sure most of you don't need a lesson on this.

I fail to see how Raila would do a turn around and slam the Bomas Draft after he led the Orange Movement. To adopt a Wako type draft would in effect vest the Executive authority in the Presidency and Kenyan's DON'T want that.

It is also dangerous to assume the Kenya will be subject to the current Constitution come 2012 because the electorate albeit its animosity towards one another during election time, have made it abundantly clear that a new Constitution is a must. And therefore the Sagana Factor is in my view irrelevant and so are other opinions that suggest that the Presidency will remain as-is up-to 2012 and beyond.

To covert this leadership while ignoring the undercurrent that remain without thorough redress will see Kenya finally implode, and they'll be no stopping shot of asserting our biases.

A New Constitution is the way out, and not any agreement nor talking points or assumptions that argue to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

Have you forgotten this one too;

I just couldn't help to laugh at Moi utterance;

Anonymous said...

anon 9:19 can you stay current

Anonymous said...

you can not trust robbers and killers. See how they are killing one another in Gatundu North.

Anonymous said...

my pet peeve, those ignoramuses fond of talking about kibera slums

"The minister attributed the growth of slums in Nairobi and other urban areas to the Government’s failure to construct decent houses in the 1960s."

finally a minister brave enough to state the obvious but unthinkable

and thats just only one aspect, then there is job creation,

and then lack of housing standard enforcement by the moribund, dysfunctional and hopelessly corrupt NCC

add rampant poverty

and voila create the perfect combination for mushrooming and thriving of slums

and then guys start talking of putting up toilets, band aid solution to a very large scale problem

Anonymous said...

"The President’s proposal to disband was supported by ministers George Saitoti (Internal Security) and Kiraitu Murungi (Energy) and nominated MP George Nyamweya."


of course those supporting this are people who cannot get any vote outside their village and prefer to jump on a bandwagon created by others,

dont want to work but inherit the sweat of others, kudos to Narc-K and martha karua, dont let those who hang on coattails suddenly want to take over running the show


Anonymous said...


you have very refreshing ideas. Young man, i think you ought to join Ababu and co. in the August house. we need brilliant minds like yours. Excellent write up!

jachoki said...

Let me digress a little. Readers please have a look at this link and leave your comments - very intriguing indeed!!!

jachoki said...

Let me digress a little. Readers please have a look at this link and leave your comments - very intriguing indeed!!!

Anonymous said...


sad, but do we really have solutions,

Anonymous said...

Jachoki, I think Africa needs to be recolonized, sad but true.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kibaki can be trusted to deliver the promises from Sagana Lodge.

Anonymous said...

I love my country. I want Raila to be the next president. If this position is ceremonial, Raila should pass. He should remain the PM.

Anonymous said...

Phil and Sam,

I think you two shared notes before making your two very similar posts. Or you two must be ODM moles. Can you deny this?

Anonymous said...

Sam, Sam , Sam

You always coin terms.
Now it's the Sagana Factor. what do you have cooking next. You've not revealed to us about the dossier that was left at your door. I hope you'll be telling us this soon.

N'how good post!

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello is a fiction writer, guys. Don't get excited.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Raila should be busy re-building his beloved Western Alliance, not hoping to benefit from GEMA votes. Those are already taken by Kalonzo Musyoka. Even Saitoti or Karua will not get any significant GEMA votes if that is what they are hoping.
Raila's biggest problem is the Kalenjin cat he has been trying to wash with cold water. Already, as i have predicted in an earlier post, they are now openly defying him, and soon they are going to give him such a deep scratch it will not heal in a hurry, as is so often the case with cats. He should forget about sending his starved mongrel Namwamba to bark at pedigree Dobermans like Uhuru and Kiraitu and concentrate on repairing the Sibuor complex. There is a big crack in the once imposing edifice.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article that one, on how Africa only gives HIV-AIDS. Of course that is debatable when you think of timber, coltan, diamond, gold, etc, etc, including the controversy surrounding the origins of HIV-AIDS, yet the disillusioned/unoptimistic author does provide a lot to chew upon.

citizen said...

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