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Friday, July 18, 2008

Gichangi defends NSIS at Waki Commission

Listening to the much anticipated NSIS testimony in the Waki commission by the commissioner general Brig. Michael Gichnagi, I could not help getting the impression that I was listening to a man who felt he was under siege.

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I could not believe my ears when a lot of his testimony came out as a desperate defense of the organization he runs which at the moment Kenyans have very little confidence in. I really wished that I had had an opportunity to cross examine the man, because based on what I know, there were so many holes that could be blown in his testimony.

Most of the testimony from the NSIS was delivered by one of Gichangi’s juniors, actually a very carefully chosen individual for the task. But that is anither story for another day.

The NSIS claims that they had predicted that chaos would break out whoever whether Kibaki or Raila won the elections. It was then further said that one of the scenarios that was considered was ODM going to court to dispute election results (confirming my raw notes story on among other things the advice that Gichangi gave the president that led to 31st December being declared a public holiday, mainly to frustrate the court move. This clearly illustrates how the unit completely mis-read ODM and their intentions.)

Reading between the lines of the testimony, it is clear that the local intelligence community were expecting trouble only from “those Luos”. Indeed this explains the heavy-handedness used in Kisumu (live bullets). I am also reliably informed that some of the protestors in Kenya’s third largest city were drowned in Lake Victoria to keep body count figures “under control.” That is why official figures that claim that only about 1,000 died from post-election skirmishes hurts many Kenyans who lost loved ones.

In sharp contrast in the Rift Valley, where clearly the NSIS did not expect serious problems, security forces were taken totally unawares. Anybody can see that the heavily armed security personnel (Kisumu residents and Hon James Orengo insist that they were Ugnadan soldiers) would have been more justified in the Rift Valley. Fascinatingly, as late as during the Kofi Anan talks, people were still talking about “these Luos” causing trouble. Even when reports indicated that Kalenjin warriors were arming themselves for a major second assault if the talks failed.

Most of all it is quite likely that the so-called NSIS analysts did not have some key information that would have been critical in making quality decisions about the Kalenjin which in my view would have saved hundreds or even thousands of precious Kenyan lives. This ignorance is supported by the odd incident given the go-ahead by PNU top brass handling President Kibaki’s campaign, where hate leaflets were distributed in the Rift Valley warning of a Kalenjin persecution if Raila won the presidency. See a copy of the controversial hate leaflet HERE.

In retrospect that leaflet was laughable and a waste of the considerable government resources that were used to get them printed and distributed. Interestingly some sources have linked government spokesman, Alfred Mutua to the silly idea. Anybody who understands the Nandi and the Kalenjin in general as well as you will after reading My weekend special tomorrow would have known that printing the said leaflets would in fact have the very opposite effect—which is exactly what happened.

Another interesting aspect of the NSIS report to the Waki commission worth noting is their indication that tribal troubles in Kenya were heightened after the 2005 referendum. If this is true then blame falls squarely on the laps of one Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki who was told by dozens of desperate delegations to postpone the referendum and let tribal tensions cool first. He stubbornly ignored the calls. It is quite likely that former President Moi in all his thieving ways would have sensed danger and called off the referendum. Kibaki showed the same deadly error of judgment in the games he played in the 2007 general elections thinking that the worst that would happen would be ODM bringing up a court injunction to stop him from being sworn in for a second terms hence the terribly hurried bedroom swearing in.

P.S. Have you noticed that certain commentators have disappeared from this blog since my articles on the NSIS earlier this week? Just wondering if anybody else has noticed it and what it may mean.

P.S. 2: What is in this week’s raw notes (aiii, wacha tu)!! In fact I cannot dare mention it in this public forum. That’s how HOT it is. No kidding!! However you can get a FREE sneak preview of this red hot saga from my weekly Kumekucha Confidential. Email Me right away for it. It’s FREE kabisa.


Daniel Waweru said...

In sharp contrast in the Rift Valley, where clearly the NSIS did not expect serious problems, security forces were taken totally unawares.

Sometimes it's hard to believe you were watching the same broadcast I was. He clearly said that they anticipated trouble there.

kenyanzuri said...

Chris. I lie your posts and articles. I think the Kenyan security and the Mt Kenya mafia was caught napping by the unexpected Kalenjin reaction. Had the Kenyans not risen up against tyranny, dictatorship, madharau, vote rigging, stealing and intimidation - Raila and most of the pentagon would be in exile or prison or would have dissapeared from records.
The Mt Kenya mafia learnt the hard way that Kenyans will never take rigging lightly and I bet this is the last time they will ever dream of ruling Kenya by force and crafty means.
The future is ODM and most likely some kind of federalism.


chris said...

I forgot to say in the post that the Security forces are already contradicting themselves at the Waki commission. Didn't the police tell us the other day that they were taken completely by surprise?


Anonymous said...

kenyanzuri has said it..'Chris. I LIE your posts and articles'

these stories will not bring to life all those who died.

Tell us about ntimama who is still threatening to kill some more and post his live statements from nation interview in the presence of your god Raila...


Anonymous said...

Ah Jameni, is that Ivy I heard calling raila someone's god. And did anyone hear the army boss saying they were taking instructions from the commissioner of police? Army taking instructions from Commissioner of police? Oh my, Kenya, kumekarangwa na wasio jua ku linda. This is all because people who do not have a straight path of doing things rule ... haphazardly...


Anonymous said...

When people talk about ODM and change, I look at Kajwang' and Ntimama and I know the people of Kenya have been conned by Molasses Raila.

The question is, can the people of Kenya continue to accept being conned by their leaders year after year?!!!

Knoppix!® said...

Ivy, right.Much as we may support ODM and Raila in the face of it,we can't afford the "lie" of kenyanzuri and ignore the rot amongst us.

Why cant we address emerging challenges hitherto.Aren't there issues that warrant Chris' attention more?The NSIS as we all agreed before is a failure.Why not bring on the table more teething and intricate matters like the Mau forest one.I agree such posts dont amount to much.

I wonder if we can give someone Kumekucha link to read the stuff that we are reading.After all we know the WAKI thing is duplicity of sorts aimed at distracting the masses in the face of among others Grand Regency.I call it duplicity because if there was need to Probe Post Election violence the mandate of the lame Kriegler team should have been expanded a tad higher to accomodate issues regarding PEV.So those are two teams probing almost one and the same thing but with the mandates of both teams lettered diffrently.

Finally what is this Kumekuchai.blogspot???? Is another business minded and sexually oriented blog in the offing?Or like Chris said some NSIS guy is cloning the real Kumekucha?I hate to be directed to something and i get a story that my mother could have easily written!

Lets face the headlines for now!Shall we?

Phil said...


Gichangi's testimony confirmed what some bloggers have been saying here. The role of the NSIS was and continues to be MERELY ADVISORY and that it does not have EXECUTIVE POWERS.

I fail to understand why we heap blame on Gichangi yet, going by testimonies at the Waki Commission and what the constitution say, it is obvious the entire post election fiasco should be blamed on the EXECUTIVE. (read Kibaki, Michuki, Ali, et al)

The stage was set in 2003. After failing to dislodge KANU on two occassions, the then Rainbow Alliance made sacrifices and helped Kibaki into power on a gentlemen agreement. LDP signed on behalf of millions of Kenyans. Kibaki went ahead and dishonoured the MOU, which bred the NO vote. (I have always called it FRAUD). The referendum vote was a clear manifestation of how divided the country was. The president failed to dissolve parliament and failed to call the ODM into negotiations for a new constitution. Instead, formed a monster called GNU, inviting NARC opponents like Karume and Nyanchae into government, at the expense of our votes. He then opted to go ahead with the PNU pipe-dream and a dishonest nomination of ECK commissioners; and then eventually a STOLEN ELECTION right infront of local and internal media.

I think the violence has only been suspended because the GCG appears to be working. If and when it collapses, then you can be sure we shall have more deaths and more displacements especially because of an arrogant/heartless police commissioner like Maj. Gen. ALI whose favourite pastime.

There will come a time when warrants of arrests will be issued by the ICC. I can read the names of Kibaki, Michuki, Ali on the warrants. I have said it before and repeat it here; those lives that were cut short by police bullets will not go invain. That is a promise.

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwale said...

I am calling for all civilised Kenyans to stand up against killing of innocent civilians in the name of politics. We have seen it all too often during elections. It has become a norm which has been going on for far too long, since 1992 to be precise but it must STOP now!
I have said it here before, politics are dirty and politicians are liars but human lives are immortal. We must act and behave like civilized people and stop this crude ways of living. We live in a modern world and if you have any grievances you must take them before the court of law. Killing other people because of politics is the most revolting thing one can ever do. Totally brainwashed into a doomsday cult of Kenya politics!

Kumekucha should take the lead in educating people about the impact of negative ethnic stereotyping. We are all Kenyans (good, bad and the ugly) and we have the right to live and dwell in Kenya without fear of victimization or violence irrespective of our political party affiliations. That’s democracy!

We like the blame game but this is a stupid way of seeing things. A renewed mind always seeks on how to remedy the situation and does not point a finger at any given situation.
I think that leads to another question, how do you renew your mind? Well, we will leave that for another day.

Daniel Waweru said...

I have said it before and repeat it here; those lives that were cut short by police bullets will not go invain. That is a promise.

You really do have serious trouble with basic assignments of moral responsibility don't you? About 60% of PEV deaths were caused by civilian hands - the vast majority of those in the RVP. Not a single case of sexual violence came at the hands of the police either. In short: most of the killings came at the hands of ODMers, as Ntimama is only too happy to admit, in public, no less. Have these deaths somehow escaped your notice?

Kumekucha should take the lead in educating people about the impact of negative ethnic stereotyping.

Since ODM planned and paid for most of the violence, that's quite the forlorn hope.

Anonymous said...

Supu, Knoppix and Kenyanzuri...There is something called consistency and i am CONSISTENT...Leave the other Ivy alone, i thought you guys could read through and know the truth....Is Ivy at 3:15 making sense at all!!!

Now back to the post....I have read an interesting article with Tanui in today's standard...Is it true that their was a meeting held at 11:00 pm and Mutua told the people that "Kibaki will win the elections" and that the media were supposed to play ball. Huh now that confirms our fears this election was stolen...PERIOD and i hope the police and NSIS better go read their scripts again...their fumbling is not helping anyone at all.

Chris you have made me scared....Where is Taabu?


Anonymous said...

Ivy, taabu is blogging here anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Well said Kenyanzuri. Had there not been an uprising, Raila and the ODM Pentagon members and others would most certainly have ended behind bars on trumped up charges. Thanks to Kenyans standing up for the truth and their rights, this was not to be. The whole world knew that Kibs & Co. STOLE the elections even Bush and Condi had the statistics but they let the thief stay on to save face. Poor fellow, he is not welcome anywhere in the country except in central lesotho.

Kwale said...

Anon 4.29

He is welcomed in my hometown of Kwale District and on my neighbouring Tana River District.

I have always argued, if you feel Raila won the election and you want him to lead you, why don’t we split the country?

I have a plan for you here;

Nyanza, Western and the North Rift should all come together as a country with capital in Kisumu and Raila as president. Central and all the allied communities should keep Nairobi as their capital with Kibaki as the president. All this with a condition you give us the Kurias and Kisiis and in exchange we will give you Balala and his followers. Any 'ODM Damu ' in Nairobi should all go to Kisumu and in turn we will help develop Kisumu into a thriving capital. And all our problems will be sorted.
It happened in Ivory Coast and the ethnic war stopped.

Anonymous said...

Taabu you demigod may be dead. You can send him a coffin by emailing TAABU@HOTMAIL.CO.UK.

Phil said...

You really do have serious trouble with basic assignments of moral responsibility don't you? About 60% of PEV deaths were caused by civilian hands - the vast majority of those in the RVP. Not a single case of sexual violence came at the hands of the police either. In short: most of the killings came at the hands of ODMers, as Ntimama is only too happy to admit, in public, no less. Have these deaths somehow escaped your notice?

There you go again Daniel Waweru. Right now, we can go on and on about how much innocent civilians from one particular ethnic community were killed, raped and driven from their homes by another community in RVP.....fair enough, hundreds of youth have been arrested and will be answerable to court process, right?

The big question is; Who will deliver JUSTICE (haki) for the hundreds who were killed by police bullets in Kisumu, Eldoret, Kibera, Mathare and elsewhere soon after the elections, and some whose bodies were never recovered? Or perhaps in your view those were animals and not human beings? Did you see my post photo essay of the graphic images of those victims right here on Kumekucha or you want them republished??

Please note, police killings DID NOT just start after the elections. Actually prior to the elections, some time last year and in 2006, there was mayhem all over central province, wherein thousands of youth have been murdered (executed in cold blood by police) and their bodies dumped in morgues around the country. Who will speak for these victims of police executions? BTW, these killings are going on to date especially in Nairobi Eastlands area (Kayole) as we speak....

How about those ODM supporters who were killed in the 2005 referendum campaigns in Kisumu and Mombasa - including innocent students felled by 'stray' police gunfire?

Its really pointless to highlight the issue victims whose attackers are already in police custody and conveniently ignore those who are mowed down by police ammunition merely because 'our people are in power controlling state resources and no one can touch us'. Infact its a waste of time to engage in that and I get the feeling that the terrible disease called tribalism is clouding your senses.

General Ali and his bosses will be answerable one day...very soon. malipo ni hapa hapa duniani.

Anonymous said...

and Kwale i suppose your mind is the only one renewed here in Kumekucha?

Anonymous said...

what you are saying is already happening. We have two governments operating in Nairobi. The Kibaki/Uhuru/Kalonzo one with Martha as the leader of official opoosition and the Raila/Ruto/Mudavadi with Ababu as the leader of the official opposition.

The Kibs government has allies in Uganda, China, Malaysia and Libya while Raila has the US Bush govt, UK's enbattled PM Brown, TZ and the Arab League.

The two have agreed to fatten Kenya before the ultimate slaughter/showdown.

Fow Kenya to have peace, MK, RAO and Ruto have to somehow disappear. As long as those three are on stage, expect anything! We used to have a joke of Kenya having three presidents (MOI, Somamia's and Presso), now we have two and it is not funny.

Anonymous said...

The Human Rights watch report on the post election violence stated that ODM planned and financed the killings. Is Kumekucha forgetting that?

Those shot in Kisumu were looting shops right, left and centre. How exactly was it decided that they were innocent?

They were not innocent but shotting them with live bullets was absolutely wrong.

Anonymous said...

side show

isn't transcentury directly or somehow linked to kibaki/kimunya or guys like that, wonder who the other players in this mess are? anyone with the finer details out there?

Anonymous said...

"The Human Rights watch report on the post election violence stated that ODM planned and financed the killings. Is Kumekucha forgetting that?"

Could you re-read the report..that is not what it states, wacha top-up!!

NSIS said...

The role of the NSIS is advisory. NSIS makes sure the president is updated with regular intelligence /security briefs. The president will on ocassions request info on the likely public reaction of planned events or policy directions or leaks from his family's financial dealings.

NSIS gives the info to him, and if necessary, the relevant arms of government. If the NSIS is convinced that the president's personal financial deals might threaten national security, we selectively leak scaled down distorted info so that the resultant public outcry results in the president's change of strategy.

There is no way NSIS can be blamed for anything that happened. NSIS does not quell riots. NSIS can offer info on who the perpetrators are, the geographical info, financial transactions, etc. It is upon the relevant arms of government to use the intelligence briefs provided. There is no way NSIS can be blamed for any shortcomings in the implementation of NSIS 'Worst Case Scenario Strategy.'

I will always repeat that we are damn good at what we do.

Kwale said...

Phil, I have said it here before, if ODM thugs did not start the mayhem and anarchy, the police would not have acted. The police only acted in the interest of state security.

I have also asked you before, did you really expected the police to sit there and watch as the country was going up in flames and as innocent people were brutally butchered just because of ‘stolen election’? Where are your morals?

If you remember in US during hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the police were given the right to shoot all those caught looting. Can you imagine, the world only Super Power gave the orders to shoot people because of looting notwithstanding most of the looters were the same people who lost everything during the hurricane and did not receive any help from the federal government.
“Conservative” commentators stated that proper response to looters is to “shoot them on sight.” I am not saying this is the way to deal with looters, off course not.

But, I would have no sympathy if the police shot someone while caught hacking another fellow citizen to death with a machete. That would have been totally justified. This is what you need to find out, what were these people doing when they were shot by police? And please don’t give me George?Onyango who was shot in Kisumu in front of KTN camera. The person responsible of his death I believe has been brought to justice.
I want to you to tell me about those who were shot dead while firing bows and arrows in North Rift and those who were caught hacking others to death and raping women in Nairobi Slums.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to Human Rights Watch article,

Some quotes:

Human Rights Watch interviewed members of several pro-ODM Kalenjin communities who described the ways in which local leaders and ODM party agents actively fomented violence against Kikuyu communities. A Kalenjin preacher in a village in Eldoret North constituency told Human Rights Watch that on the morning of December 29, 2007, a local ODM party mobilizer “called a meeting and said that war had broken in Eldoret town, so the elders organized the youth into groups of not less than 15, and they went to loot [Kikuyu] homes and burn them down.”

And another:

Human Rights Watch spoke to numerous members of Kalenjin commmunities around Eldoret who provided similar accounts. In many communities, local leaders and ODM mobilizers arranged frequent meetings following the election to organize, direct and facilitate the violence unleashed by gangs of local youth. In one case, an ODM councillor candidate is said to have provided a lorry to ferry youth to burn the homes of Kikuyu families in a neighboring community.

Many Kalenjin community leaders told Human Rights Watch that if the area’s ODM leadership or the local Kalenjin radio station KASS FM told people unequivically to stop attacks on Kikuyu homes, then they believe the violence would stop. “If the leaders say stop, it will stop immediately,” said one Kalenjin elder.

Sasa you are saying that am making it up? If Ruto was against the violence, it would not have taken place.

Anonymous said...

And who said, that looters should be shot dead? And if so then why are the Mwirarias, Kimunyas, Kiraitu, Pattni and kajwang walking scot free?

Kwale did you think that Kibaki will steal elections and people watch and tell him congrats...pls spare me your emotional rants in advance...Tafadhali


Kwale said...

Ivy, you acted and the police acted too! And still you did not get the 'stolen election' back.

Anonymous said...

Kwale; Now that you persist to bother us with your perceptions of...
"I have also asked you before, did you really expected the police to sit there and watch as the country was going up in flames and as innocent people were brutally butchered just because of ‘stolen election’? Where are your morals?"

My question to you is, we're you thinking Kenyans were expected to sit & watch as they were being stolen from? Do you sit back & watch a thief break into your house & steal your furniture... Do you go ahead & sit on the floor to make sure they leave nothing behind. If you do, WHERE ARE YOUR MORALS??

SOMETHING SPARKED THE VIOLENCE, KWALE. IT'S CALLED A STOLEN ELECTION. YOU CAN NEVER & WILL NEVER SEPARATE THE VIOLENCE FROM THAT FACT, you can close your eyes & mind to this, hoping to wish it away, but it will always be there, staring at you!!!

Anonymous said...

You are aware Kibaki did not manage to get away with the STOLEN election. If in doubt, we have a GCG Government, far from what they ever thought would happen. And it can only be naivety to think he will serve "his full second term" the "duly elected" is very soon going back to Othaya. I really hope you will still hang around Kumekucha when this happens;)
Are we going to get back our stolen property? OF COURSE. PLEASE STAY TUNED:)

NSIS said...

i don't know whether this helps - but yes - Kibaki did lose the elections. He did steal the elections for the sake of national security. What is unforgivable is that Luo and Kalenjin gangs started killing Kikuyus and Kisiis. This had nothing to do with elections. If they really were interested in the electoral fraud, they could as well have demonstrated and made the country ungovernable - without the resultant bloodshed. Plus majority of the Kisiis in the R.V. voted for ODM. Yet they got killed 'for voting for PNU'.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki did not steal the elections. If he did, where is the evidence, who is the judge? Shouting on the roof-top doesn't make a lie true. We all know that the whole mess is straight from Dick Morris's play book.

That is why the pentagon goons did not want to go to court, yet today they are not doing anything to correct whatever was wrong with those courts, afterall they are the government.

ODM made many promises, not we here nothing of it. What happened to utaguzi/majimbo? What about change? Ntimama, Kosgey and half of Moi's cabinet is change?

The HRW report is clear. ODM started the violence and stopped it when they got what they wanted.

Kwale said...

Anon 7.00

I have also said, if the thief breaks into your house and steal your furniture’s and your valuable belongings, what do you do? Would you go panga and burn your neighbours out, raping them just because someone stole your belongings? No, not unless you’re a complete nutter. You would either go after the thief yourself if you are brave enough or you would compile a report and report the incident to the police if you are wise.
And by so doing you might recover your stolen goods. Simple commonsense. And that’s what you should have done!

Anonymous said...

Don't people realize that It is the Police who started the violence?
The police were dispatched to the "hot zones" I.e Luo Nyanza & Kibera. Even before the results were officially out to SHOOT & KILL or is it "teach these luos a lesson" incase they protested the stolen vote(which is very legal by the way)
But the idea was to "SHOOT & KILL." Regardless of how peaceful the protest would have been.

Anonymous said...

Ati Kibaki is not going to finish the 5 years term. Ha ha ngonja wewe, he will finish and Kalonzo Musyoka will take over.

Anonymous said...

Was Kibaki the first one to steal elections? How about the mlolongo 88 elections? and the sabasaba? 1992, 1997 were all free and fair? So suddenly when R and R saw power close to their noses, they decided Kenyans can be sacrificed.

Anonymous said...

Kwale, the thief stole the election without a doubt.
The Killings & violence was as a result of innocent kenyans being killed by the police for protesting the stolen election. And not as a direct result of the theft. Do not politicize death.

Your analogy of, do you go out with a panga to get the thief does not arise in this case. If the thief later sends an army of thugs to finish you off after stealing from you, you get out what you have to protect yourself & family.
Violence begets violence.

Anonymous said...

Kwale and co,
Spare us the tired lines and stick to the post please. Wait for another thread but for know what are your take on

"Gichangi defends NSIS at Waki Commission"

Anonymous said...

7:15 A.M WAKE UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenyans know the truth. One day, the real thieves and murderers will be brough to Justice. Just Watch what is happening in countries in South America and you will understand. The likes of Kibaki, Saitoti, Ali, Michuki, Moi, Biwott etc. will one day be brought to justice. Its just a matter of time.

Kwale said...

This lot here is brainwashed by Raila doomsday cult so much so they cannot reason for themselves. Honestly, you all need a higher power to exorcise demons in your heads so can start to think straight.

I am off now until next week. I really need it.

Anonymous said...

the kibaki and his kikuyu thugs stole the elections.

their plan to steal and then seal off kakamega and kisumu and mombasa for 7 days and coax everyoine into submission using bullets failed.


when the rift valley axis opened up, nairobi became too hot (wasted thousands to guard uhuru park) and NEP was preparing to declare secession.

thats when kibaki and his kikuyu thugs realized he could not handle all these fronts and tampered down.

when Balala mentioned that LEsotho is an option, few understood what he meant.

kibaki and his kikuyu thugs lost control of nyanza, western, most of rift valley, NEP and coast and parts of nairobi.

it was a matter of time and they were going to lose control of the whole of nairobi and parts of eastern.

in effect, when Balala said Lesotho, it had come from somewhere.

the powers that be (including foreign powers) were ready to demarcate 2 separate countries.

one of them was called Lesotho.

since Balala made thos estatements, did you notice a change of tact on kibaki and his kikuyu thugs.

now he knows time is not on his side, power will not last in kikuyu hands forever and when the time comes again, the kalenjins will not stop.

actually i sense more from kikuyu thugs wanting to make amends.

just imagine, today if kibaki dies abruptly. what would happen.

kibaki and his kikuyu thugs have placed kikuys in their most vulnerable position to date.

and the rest of kenya is loving it. nobody gives a damn about roaches.

Anonymous said...


if we are brainwahsed, what are you?

have a good holiday. lets recap.

the thief stole elections. caught red handed. earlier plan to extinct luyis and luos failed. kales did major damage to his base.

thief went back to drawing board. lost control of country. lost respect and support of international forces. forced to share some powers.

thief is now a lame duck. his own base is dis integrating as we speak. some cant stand him. others cant undertsnad why he did it so carelessly.

moi has distanced himself from the thief. moi is lauhging. the thief if now OFFICIALLY the WORST PRESIDENt KENYA HAS EVER HAD.

the thief has no international recongintion beyond african, arabic and asian despots.

the thief is your tribal hero. his heorism ends in mt. kenya. beyond that he is a number being run down by the forthcoming election clock.

mta do? siku zenu ziliisha. ghasia.

Anonymous said...


Big ups Kwale...You didn;t payuka for once. Nice weekend adios i bet that you need the sleep coz by your cooments i mean...were you sleep walking, having nightmares. enyewe usiku mwema. By chance you have more nightmares return the blanket to the owner


Anonymous said...

Why do guys even bother with this Kwale and Vikii characters? They are the kind of fellas that you can try and convince all year long that the sky is blue evidently but they will come up with some twisted logic as to oppose that which is self evident.

Please let's move on to bigger and better discussins at hand.

Anonymous said...

"Oh Kibaki stole the elections, let's go out and kill his supporters!"

"Balala said Lesotho and Kibaki backed down"


ODM never cease to amaze. Whatever, if "Kenyans" want Lesotho, Kikuyus will be fine, Moi isolated them and they were fine, Britain tried to extaminate them and they survived that too. Go ahead people and declare a New Kenya!

Anonymous said...

QUNU, South Africa - Nelson Mandela celebrated his 90th birthday Friday by urging the wealthy to share their prosperity with the less fortunate and by saying he wished he had been able to spend more time with his family during the anti-apartheid struggle.

In an interview at his home in rural southeastern South Africa, the anti-apartheid icon was asked if he had a message for the world.

"There are many people in South Africa who are rich and who can share those riches with those not so fortunate who have not been able to conquer poverty," Mandela said.

Accompanied by his wife, Graca Machel, a smiling Mandela walked into his private lounge in the large home he built in Qunu, before sitting in his favorite yellow armchair and addressing a small gathering of reporters from The Associated Press and other outlets for about 15 minutes. It was his first such exchange with journalists in years.

Mandela, sounding and looking vigorous, said he was fortunate to have reached 90, but in the countryside and in the towns "poverty has gripped our people.

"If you are poor, you are not likely to live long," he said. He credited his "behavior" for his own longevity.

At one point, a granddaughter brought in a bowl of flowers and gave Mandela a birthday kiss. He was asked if he wished he had had more time with his family during a life spent fighting apartheid and then leading South Africa as its first black president.

"I am sure for many people that is their wish," he said. "I also have that wish that I spent more time (with my family). But I don't regret it."

Mandela was imprisoned for nearly three decades for his fight against apartheid.

He was released in 1990 to lead negotiations that ended decades of racist white rule. He was elected president in South Africa's first democratic elections in 1994. After serving one five-year term, he devoted himself to campaigning against poverty, illiteracy and AIDS in Africa. But he has been slowed by age in recent years, cutting back on public appearances and spending more time with his family. He often spends holidays and his birthdays in Qunu.

Wearing one of his signature patterned shirts, this one in shades of green, gold and black, he glanced pensively out a window at the start of the interview.

"This is my property. When I am here, I feel I own something," he said of the rural area 600 miles south of Johannesburg where he spent his youth. In his autobiography, he describes herding cattle in the hills around Qunu as a boy.

Soon after the interview, a group of seven or eight grandchildren crowded around Mandela's chair, sang "Happy Birthday" and kissed him. His legs were propped up on a large stool and covered with a pale yellow blanket. A pile of newspapers sat next to his chair.

The room was full of birthday presents from all over the world — a portrait, a bust, a collection of photography books — all featuring him — from well-known artists.

While Mandela was celebrating quietly in Qunu, events were taking place across the country in his honor.

Two runners holding South African flags circled Robben Island, where Mandela spent most of his 27 years in jail. At nearby Drakenstein prison, known as Victor Verster when Mandela was held their briefly at the end of his term, a prisoners' choir and a band performed for a live broadcast on state television, and prisoners who had created portraits of Mandela handed them over to Correctional Services Minister Ngconde Balfour, who was to pass them on to Mandela.

"We are saying Mr. Mandela is 90 today; he gave a lot back to the country; he united us," said a prisons' spokesman, Mark Solomons.

In Johannesburg, children celebrated with birthday cake at the offices of the foundation Mandela founded after stepping down as president in 1999, and his African National Congress unfurled giant banners featuring his image at its downtown headquarters.

Qunu, meanwhile, had spruced up for the day.

On Thursday, gardeners mowed the lawn leading up to the museum honoring Mandela, a crew added a new layer of tarmac to the road outside his house, and a school choir rehearsed a song it created especially for him.

Mandela helped raise funds so the school could build new classrooms and move out of a dilapidated mud structure.

"He has done a lot for us, specially for the school," said its principal, Mpondomise Ndzambo. "He suffered a lot trying to get this South Africa to be free and fair. I think he is a great man."

Anonymous said...

With the advent of the GCG and the tempering of conflict and resgunece of conflict, a lot of info on plans have come to the fore:

- The plans that Kibaki had made on Kakamega are serious
- The plans that Michuki had made on Kisumu are serious
- The standby plans that Karume had made on Eldoret and Kericho are serious
- The plans that Murage has conjured for Mombasa were a serious matter
- The plans that MKM mafia was plotting for parts of none-kikuyu NBO is serious.
- The plans that the Kamba elites (Kivuitu, Kalonzo, Kianga, Mutua, Kilonzo) had to help in this is shocking.

One day when the official records and informal records are released and discused, some fo you will weep. If you happen to have relatives in intelligence of security services, some of you might be aware of what was planned and about to be executed.

The Shock and Awe that was to be done on Kakamega, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kericho, Mombasa and parts of NBo under the guise of police activity is schoking. its a scandal. the gear, armour and elaborate plans to extinct some radicals and the rapid plans to build mass graves to hide the evidence is telling.

When you see some section of the Kikuyu mafia have stopped down and want to talk and normalize peace, its becuase their plans were foiled, altered and failed. They also have realized that with a GCG, this information has filtered to all people. Now, everybody is on the watch.

The Kales, Luyias, Luos and Coastarian now know who their reale enemies are. They cant believe Kikuyus had plotted this stuff.

Anonymous said...

You gotta luv the good old kenya. Now here is me, very quiet and bemused drinking my Jack Daniels (stopped drinking kenyan beer, they are completely 'harmless') this week on monday at a relatively posh kisumu hotel. A GEMA chap's phone rings and he speaks loudly in his mother tongue. The whole hotel goes eerily quiet as heads turn towards the man speaking the 'offensive' language. He sneaks out- never to be seen again- probably to his room.

This is no story it happened this week.
That is kenya as it is for you now.

Well nobody outside the political cycle belives the coalition will last.
I watched Kimunya's and Uhuru's rally in Kipipiri which was aired live on citizen TV. Uhuru and Kumunya and a couple of central politicians made complete fools of themselves trying to paint the Kimunya scandal as a fight against the kikuyu. Then Uhuru kept on speaking in his native language to cement the message of 'tunamalizwa na tutamalizwa' .

The foolishness of Uhuru, Kimunya and Kibaki's mates is that they still think that it is the Luos who are out to get them. They are completely oblivious to the fact that other kenyan tribes hates their guts far much more than the Luos and can't wait for them to break the coalition so that they can be done with once and for all.
But like or not, Kenya's vision of the future is comparable to Dante's vision of hell- TOTAL AGONY AND INFERNO. If the coalition breaks up today, I bet there will be celebrations in 6 provinces and a couple of heads will be cut off just as an appetizer before the real thing begins- that is campaigns and raw violence. Uhuru and Kalonzo now rank as the most hated politicians pipping Michuki to the post.
Kenyans DO NOT WANT KIBAKI and that is a fact. Kibaki can go and launch the Kuikuyu bible in Nyeri but one thing is certain, he is not welcomed in Nyanza, Rift valley, western or even coast.
The greed at which Kibaki and his henchmen are 'selling' and then gobbling properties and public companies in kenya is unprecedented. They even loan themselves public funds via Central bank to purchase the very government properties which they are mandated to protect. This means that they KNOW that they will never be in power again and probably DO NOT CARE what happens to their kinsmen in future as long as they can keep their stolen wealth.
Exciting times ahead methink!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 8.53
That's taabu by the way @ 8.43

Anonymous said...

A stupid presidency means an ignorant intelligence

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!

Protests have been planned in London ahead of next week Kenya delegation meeting.

These will be peaceful protests against killing and burning of innocent people by ODM followers, London Metropolitan police have confirmed.

Anonymous said...

The Kalenjins saved kenya. If the Kalenjins didnt rise up the entire pentagon would have been jailed or exiled.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...


the plans kikuyu mafias had on extermination of luyias and luos was deadly.

kalenjin actions saved the luyias and luos from being rolled over in a 7 day orgy of bullets by kibaki and micuki aided by kalonzo and uhuru with karua giving legal cover.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately the protests in London are organised by a Christian group and Amnesty International together with Kenyans living in UK.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.24

You think others countries are primitives as you are? In the western world any petition handed to the government CANNOT be rubbished. They listen to every voice and every concern.

Let me inform you, the whole world was shock by the level of brutality they witnessed during last year Kenya disputed elections. Kenya image has been tainted forever.

You were looking for Bush and Brown for support but Iam sorry they CANNOT support thugs.

Anonymous said...

Any western Govt cannot Listen To and Respond to a TRIBAL PETITION.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus are so so easy to read.

Some kikuyu chap working in amensty, a few kikuyu churches (the ones that on the side swidnle benefits from Gov and engage in illegal money wires and investment schemes) and the many undergdoung kikuyus living in london.

and then kikuyu label it as amensty, church and kenyans.


tuliwasoma kabisa.

Anonymous said...

why are kikuyus spending their 24-7 time here constantly defending their tribal mafia heroes.

if they know they are right and have the might, why do they care.

siku za kikuyu kujibaga na kunyanyasa wngine zimekwisha.

Anonymous said...

Its really a pity that we are going to sing "Kibaki stole the election" untill 2012. We should all emulate Raila and get on with our lives. Imagine the situation Kenya would be if Raila was still chanting "Kibaki stole the election" Long life to Kibaki, Raila, Ruto, Uhuru, Michuki, Ntimama and all those thugs who own Kenya.

Anonymous said...


Are you trying to say that there would have been greater chaos had the people's president been declared the winner? - please take that to the birds.

As usual the nsis dot it all wrong, problem is kibaki insists on keeping kikuyus as heads in departments that they obviously have no clue how to handle. Hence the dabling in business ya GR and God knows what else.

Kibaki and his crooks were psychologically prepared after losing the referendum. Infact many Kikuyus I know had resigned themselves to the fact that he had lost and life would have to continue, as soon as the election results started tricking in - showing agwambo's unasailable lead.

Infact had he gone to othaya, he would be enjoying his retirement in peace instead of the shame of being branded a thief by the whole world - but your community.

Anonymous said...

An excerpt of GICHANGI'S statement from the commission - capital news..

“My lords we advised on the likelihood of the Opposition forming a parallel government,” he said.

And in case Odinga was declared winner, he said, ‘we saw the possibility of a civil strike and the likelihood of a decline in power hand-over’.

“There was a likelihood of Kibaki die-hards declining to a power hand-over,” he said.


Anonymous said...

a) Coast province has already elected several MP's whose ancestral history is not from Coast Province or even Kenya e.g. Criticos

b) Nairobi province used to elect a Mzungu (Leakey), a Muhindi (Amin Walji) and others despite the fact that these were not "african kenyans".

c) Nyanza has a new MP for Kisumu whose name i Shakeel Shabeer who is of Indian background.

d) Rift Valley has seen quite a number of MP's elected who are not from Kalenjin, Maasai, Turkana or Samburu parentage (the natives).

e) Western province used to see a mix of MP's elcted who used to either have Kalenjin or Luo blood in them. Especially in Busia and Kakamega.

f) Eastern Province section of Embus and Mbeeres has seen them elect for the first time a Kamba as an MP (Dr. Mutava Musyimi).

f) I do not have the figures for NEP on how many MP's who are not natives from those areas have been elected.

But there is one Province in Kenya which remains unsaid. This province has never elected a person as MP who may have ancestral roots from other parts of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

hehehe 11:13

i wonder what that province is? is it perhaps a province that refuses to integrate then claims its victimised? or perhaps a community that will do everything possible under the sun to hand on to the key leadership positions then claims all others are against? or is one that try's to top up failures in order to keep up? now i wonder which community that could be?

Anonymous said...

The night might be long, dark, dreary BUT the sun will rise.

These Kikuyus just never learn, 5 years is a short time.

Anonymous said...

let's the members of that community spew hatred on Kumekucha?

Are they found in ALL corners of the world - places that one would least expect? and yet they won't let one settle/prosper in their midst?

Does the rate of crime go up wherever they settle?

If the answer to any two of these is yes, then I know which community it is.

tnk said...

this should not be treated lightly

Anonymous said...


looks like this gichangi/nsis fella puts his finger into every pot and it immediately rots

what was his business with ECK telling them how to announce results? that sounds totally illogical, if a result comes in then it should be announced as is. whether people like it or not is not for ECK to decide, theirs was to tally and announce as they came in. clearly mischief was afoot long before. that is a clear sign indicating stage management of results (can we rule out manipulation?). kweli iko mambo

Anonymous said...

Haya, all that have been shouting for evidence....'snitching' imeanza and very soon someone will name the main thief.

Anonymous said...

...Was a lot easier to deal with hao 'wajaruo', rather than disappoint the special Kibaki die-hards, who could not be subjected to the embarassment of handing over power to a mjaruo/kihii.

Kwale, kimi and all the haters what is your view on Gichangi's confession?

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