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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Demise of Stillborn Grand Opposition

The mooted Grand Opposition is staring its demise even before deliver thanks to tried and tested TRIBAL wars. The self acknowledged ambitious Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba is a marked man. The unanimity that claimed Kimunya’s head is no more and every MP has regrouped into their respective safe TRIBAL BLOCKS. Hitherto active supporters of are finding new bearing in their fellow tribesmen. Ababu must have overestimated his resolve and enthusiasm to be consistently vigilant. He has been told that Uhuru is untouchable and he must never make the mistake of assuming that Jomo Jr. is political feather weight Kimunya.

Only in Kenya do whistle blowers promptly acquire tribal tags that relegate them from the hunter to the hunted. The zeal exhibited by MPs Jamleck, Mbau and company betrays their timidity (or was it steadfastness?) during Kimunya’s censor motion in parliament. The law being an ass must be applied to the letter. ECK has proved Uhuru broke the law and only latent support of impunity can make you look the other way and back the DPM. You cannot break the same law you swore to uphold.

Security in number is a lame and laughable defence when caught pants down. More over two wrongs never made a right. Let Kajwang carry his won cross -no need to organize rally in Mbita or having Nyanza Mps cover his back. And if he is proven culpable he must grace the same shame, RESIGN. Reducing Ababu’s resolve to show consistency in seeking good governance and accountability to shoe size only goes to what length our petty politics has degenerated by readily trivializing weight national issues.

Rotten fish syndrome
Impunity is a cancer that gnaws at the heart of good governance and must be fought with every tool available. Uhuru’s nomination of 13 PNU councillors instead of the legal 7 while truncating ODM’s 12 to 11 is the height of political arrogance that can only be supported by incurably disingenuous apologists. an abomination in reflection to good governance. Exceeding the number stipulated in law is not discretion as UK want us to believe by declaring that he did nothing wrong. As discredited as it is, the same ECK that declared Uhuru winner of Gatundu South seat must be respected. You don’t respect the law by trashing it and becoming an authority unto yourself to nominate cronies outside the ECK list.

Reminding Ababu that Uhuru is no Kimunya is to suffer the curse of unlawful monarchy. The truth be told Uhuru was only the bidding of his boss. What do you expect from a desperate prince waiting for coronation when his duly-elected king breaks the laws of the land by openly stealing an election? The fish rots from the head and no attempt at trying to deep fry the body will salvage the stench. Meanwhile it will be a waste of valuable time to seek a vote of no confidence in Uhuru. The best way forward is a shame impunity by degazzeting the excess councillors. Ababu must soldier on in showing new leadership that is chronically missing among the dinosaurs. He may be unpopular right now but he must know he is speaking for the silent majority out here.


Anonymous said...


kalamari said...

Taabu, If slowly cutting UK’s legs will reduce the power of the ragtag PNU army, then I agree with you. In the same breath, if ousting Kajwang will remind ODM why people overwhelmingly voted for Raila, I say let’s hang him by his toes….one by one until they all snap off.
Sometimes we need hecklers in parliament to expedite interpretations of the constitution. Kimunya is a good example.

As far as political regroupings. That’s a good thing. Let them stay alert and keep each other in check. It would be a great pain to the people if ODM allows itself to be co-opted into Kibaki’s way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

uhuru broke the law as per ECK communication,

its of course possible for kivuitu when questioned to state that he really doesn't know whether the law was broken or not

but the best lesson for kenya is right before us. if UK is left alone, then that act certainly implies we will condone law breaking among a certain class this time out in the open and hence lay ground for future impunity. what will be the yardstick is it if you "mbuyu" was a president then its ok to break the law kidogo? A precedence will have been set, and so if lets say a few weeks down the road Gideon Moi breaks a little law like shoot some fellow called john oloo ole njoroge (politically correct to mean tribeless fellow), then rather than be too severe on Gideon considering his mbuyu was also president then he too must be handled with the same kid gloves

lets face it people, everytime we have to deal with a tough decision we take off in all sorts of direction and leave the few brave ones to stand and when its over depending on the outcome we give a severe tongue lashing to the loser in the battle irrespective of who was right in the first place.

parliament must make a stand, it may not be popular, it may not amount to anything since PNU has decided to back uhuru regardless, but the stance must be made. otherwise in the future when any impunity arises we should not pretend to be surprised. actually the best deal here is for Uhuru to do the honorable thing and spare parliament and the constituents the anguish, but hey this is kenya.

on side note

the last line of that article implies that government is borrowing 3.2b from equity bank, have never heard of such a thing and what its implications are. that is the most fishy deal ever, considering only last year equity bank's position was very unstable



Anonymous said...

TAABU, u still here? U r as irrelevant as u r irreverent!.

papa plus said...

Absolutely right my dear fellow. Although I don't know why you bother to spell out the obvious to those that are oblivious!

Truth: Kajuang is not going anywhere. He did nothing wrong. he is the most disarming and charmingly simpleton in GK!

Uhuru of course was being his usual spoilt self. Laws? What laws? Heck, my dad never needed a title deed to claim anything! Kenya? Kenyatta is Kenya, shyte!

The reality here folks, is that Kibaki reverted to his primal instincts. Namely, he chose his confidants, his bank rollers as his closest assets. he never quite got what the hell Moi had to do to sustain 24 years of governance. Hence, Michuki aka Dick Cheney runs everything.

So PNu is grabbing at straws with kajuang. Let it be known that ODMers are not averse to corruption. If Kajuang, Raila or whomever was caught in grand corruption, we in ODM expenct nothing less than his head on a sahani!

Anonymous said...

If there is a weak link in ODM then it Must be Musalia. This dude shares the same trait of indecision with Kibaki. For Gods' sake when is this man ever going to get the guts to do the RIGHT thing and Degazette Uhurus cronies?

Anonymous said...

Musalia was born with a metal spoon up his a$$ just like Uhuru so they have similar triats...

Anonymous said...

The son of Jomo should be left to carry his own cross. There is no one right now who can doubt that he acted with too much impunity while at the local govt ministry. At the same time we should not take our eyes away from the ball because when he was doing this PNU had just finished rigging themselves in and had their "duly elected" prezzo sworn in. My take is that the son of Jomo had his master and there is no way he plotted this act of impunity by himself. It is important to note that there is happening by chance when it comes to PNUists. Everything political move is well planned in a kitchen cabinet and individuals ministers are identified to take up those assignments. Unfortunately, they are not as smart as some of us may have thought.

Since it is not easy to get rid of the duly elected president right now, the best way to deal with him is to cut to size his foot soldiers who may have forgotten that their is grand coalition government whose members have diverging agenda for the country.Let them not be cheated that justice ever expires.It doesn't matter how long it takes the law will catch up with them.

Anonymous said...

of course on the other hand, kibaki can be proactive and dissolve cabinet and reconstitute it minus a few (three) faces and all is forgiven and we move on

Anonymous said...

Demise of still born? If it is stillborn, how can it die again?

Anonymous said...

After listening to one Otieno Gerald Kajwang yesterday on KISS FM......That man is going no where;; and i thought luos are supposed to be crying babies....Goodness where are the luo Mps to rally behind "mtu wa nyumba...Kajwang witu or is it marwa!!!"
Kenyatta spared the rod and spoilt the child and as a citizen of this country it is not one of my duties or responsibilities to pamper a badly brought up child....Hell no!!! Thank God there are some who still live in reverence to the founding father...( I wonder what he found) the likes of Kinyanjui, Gaichuhie (You mean there are no kambas, ogiek, illchamus or even somali MPs) who think Uhuru is innocent?
You know people expect Ababu to maliza flooding in Budalangi and they forget that their is a perennial problem of jiggers around, how come they have never stopped that....At least flooding is among those things that are called the "Acts of God" and who it is that can fight God?
Ababu fight on...Though i don't know your feet size ...Soldier on at least there is someone apart from me who doesn't give a damn that Uhuru is the son of the Jomo...So? Ni do?


Knoppix!® said...


Good , we dont really expect the grand opposition to have numbers to sway votes in the house per-se,we expect them to set the agenda in parliament.We expect them to bring such motions like Kimunya's censure motion.

I doubt Ababu is the easily intimidatable chap if his recent antics are anything to go by.When ethics are reduced to the size of shoes either literally or otherwise then we know which side of the bread is buttered and by whom and for whom and for whose intrest.Uhuru is the kind of chap who is known to grease palms to have his way,but he is unkown to have any known or percieved respect for format or order.He basically bulldozes his way into issues.Personally methinks Uhuru is a baggage in the PNU corridors.

Those that are canvassing for his soul,are merely whistling for greasing.The tenth parliament is blessed with twats and twerps in the same line as its blessed with fairly bright fellows in the same benches.Of course Nothing good can be said of Jirongo,but long as he reads the riot act to the likes of UK and or Kajwang,he serves my intrests.I cant travel from where i am to Nairobi to join Ann Njogu or Okoiti to protest over impunity but can only expect Ababu or Jirongo to shout for me on State TV, surely is that too much to ask..........

Go Ababu go.....Good day folks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent use of english taabu!
Ababu and the grand opposition did some good work in getting Kimunya out,and sending a message to other ministers intending to loot!
They should not fear anyone in parliament, most of these MPs who are opposed to development are still being spoon fed on cerelac and powder milk. again Africa.....He who is being carried will never realize how far the town is!

Anonymous said...

The english bana...The fish rots from the head and no attempt at trying to deep fry the body will salvage the stench.

Ababu must be careful though...What the old men see sitting, a young man can not see standing!!! said...

Anon @ 1031... You are sharp man... you beat me to it! It should have been demise of premature born grand opposition.

Knoppix!® said...


Are you trying to glorify Karume&Cohorts Inc® ????

The worst case scenario is one side of the impotent GCG pulling a Melitus Were Or a JM Kariuki on Ababu.But when one offers himself for public office or parliamentary service,such threats are things he must be prepared to befall him or her depending which side of the drift he is sailing on!

Ababu has chosen to sail in yours,Taabu's Ivy's,Shiko's and of course mine.We dont care what they hatch but so far he will die a matyr and a political one at that,whatever his shoe size.

So dont glorify those geezers my friend,Wednesday can be better.

Anonymous said...

The unanimity that claimed Kimunya’s head is no more and every MP has regrouped into their respective safe TRIBAL BLOCKS.

Every MP has regrouped?

Anonymous said...

The fish rots from the head and no attempt at trying to deep fry the body will salvage the stench.

Usually, you wouldn't want to salvage the stench

LOST said...


Anonymous said...

Mudavadi procrastinating is not good. He should have degazetted the extra councilors like yesterday and published the new list pronto. That should be enough to teach UK a lesson without Ababu putting his life in the line of fire.

Anonymous said...

Musalia and Amollo are all princes and totally entitled. Each is son of a king (Kikuyus, Luos and Abaluhyas) The princes might fight as a sport but not for you, but for power and respect amongst themselves.

Ababu is a cupbearer who wants to be made a knight. We have had many such, KM is one of them.

Musalia will eventually claim credit for the work others did while he sat of the fence. It is likely that nothing will happen to UK because he is perceived as the crown prince of the Kikuyus and RAO would rather have him in that position than the angry princess Martha.

In the deep politics of Kenya, MK, KM, RAO, MM, UK, WR GS are all one class while Ababu, Martha, Muite, Balala etc are their foot soildiers. The foot soldiers can disappear from stage and never to be heard again. Remember Shikuku, James Njiru, Kipruto Kirwa, Okemo, Nyaga (mapengo)... these people come and go.

I think the opposition is alive and Kicking. Ababu is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...


It is wonderful to see that your new heroes are the ECK and the Jirongos of this beautiful republic. It is good that you show your human side; that side that gives every dog a chance to be your hero. For once, you are practicing equity.

Now do a story on Kajwang' and you can't find enough material to work with, can we revisit the little affair of Kisumu Molasses? Equity please!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.54AM,

Very right. Dont know why others here cant see this. And phil yeasterday mentioned rao faces an election petition as proof that rao can be "touched". Does phil really believe there is a judge in kenya who can overturn rao's election as langata mp?1

Anonymous said...

Please stop posting nonsense here- do Kenyans look like chicken going to be roasted?

are you based in kenya??? I doubt
if kenya removed all Mois sons- yes voted them out and most of the goons they didn't like in the last elections
Kenyans have already stamped out any political inheritance or family inheritance of statehouse- look around you even Former MP Kihara(Naivasha)seat did not go to his wife Jane Kihara or his Son John Kihara sympathy votes in 2007 or inheriting from parents

So Uhuru is nothing to Kenyans - Kenyatta is long dead and Uhuru has no right on any position if the people of Kiambu decide elsewhere- watch and wait.

As for the sagana bullshit you posted here- I guess you are in dreamland and you have not gauged the mood of the citizens of kenya and I suggest you do so- we do not need shallow political posts from dreamers or misinformed individuals like you

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Anon@11:19 and 11:48, what is this about rotten fish, and comaparing unbearable odor with fish? I don't think any smell beats that of rotten eggs.

Reminds me of Kimunya 'the nse is not a fish market' remark.

Or, is the use of fish ....deliberate?

Anonymous said...

The silver spoon boy should be no exception when it comes to the law , he should be investigated and if his conduct is wanting then the principlas should go ahead and ask him to step aside or just fire his spolit ass.

Anonymous said...

They say and everyone knows - it was when the FISH OPENED HIS MOUTH THAT HE GOT CAUGHT and found himself being sold at the fish market.
Lies have short legs.
As for the stench i dont know which won the fish or the eggs?

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