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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Is Murder In The Air?

Murder it seems is in the air.

Some people seem to have gotten pretty upset with this blogger for reasons that are still unclear and this comes shortly after threats on his life. Then yesterday something horrible happened that we can not speculate about yet. Two high ranking government ministers were killed in an air crash. (see earlier posts).

Finally there is this murder enquiry nobody seems to be interested in (but mark my words is related to the reason why there seems to be murder in the air in Kenya.)

I hate to say I told you so about this murder, but Kenyans need to wake up pronto.

Investigations by the Kenya Police into the murder puzzle of photojournalist Trent Keegan seem to have hit a blank wall, sources close to the investigators revealed yesterday.

It emerged that investigations into the murder of the Irish national who was born in New Zealand, which are being carried out by Nairobi’s Central Division Criminal Investigations Department, have failed to unearth his killer(s) and the motive behind the killing.

Although detectives have questioned several people in trying to piece together Mr Keegan’s last moments, they appear to have no credible clues that could resolve the murder mystery.

Consequently, detectives have reverted to their original theory that the 33-year-old Keegan could have been knocked down by a hit and ran motorist, the sources said.

The photojournalist’s lifeless body was found dumped in a ditch in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi on the morning of May 27 and it had visible head and hand injuries. A wallet which contained some dollar bills and a driving licence bearing his photo were intact in his pocket. Police identified him using the documents and the photograph.

In keeping with their tradition, the Kenyan police quickly came up with a theory that the world-renowned photojournalist could have been killed by a hit and ran car. They came up with the theory even before they had carried out any investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death.

Many killers in Kenya often get away with the crimes they had committed because the Kenya Police are notorious for jumping into hasty conclusions even before they have carried out investigations into a crime or due to sloppy investigations.

The murder was given a lot of attention by the international media. Surprisingly, the mainstream media like Daily Nation, The Standard, The Kenya Times, People Daily, NTV, KTN, KBC, Citizen TV etc gave it a blackout. The Daily Nation could only afford a news brief after the body was discovered but there were no subsequent follow ups. Only the popular Kumekucha has kept the story alive.

But after it emerged that Mr Keegan was a renowned international journalist, the Kenyan police hurriedly changed their mind regarding the car accident theory and promised to pursue a murder angle.

“We are treating the case as murder,” police spokesman Eric Kiraithe was quoted saying then. “It does not appear to have been a robbery. If it was a robbery, the logical thing is that the robbers would have also taken his money. Let us not speculate.”

Police sources yesterday told Kumekucha that detectives appeared to have relaxed in their investigations when the murder failed to excite local journalists and their media houses and they had no one to pressurise them into action. Kenya Police are known for their laziness and shoddiness in carrying out investigations and the blackout the crime got from the local media was their blessing.

During the funeral service for the photojournalist, Mr Keegan's "little big sister" Nikki McKinnon, said they had received numerous offers of help to find out what happened to her brother and she was confident they would soon know the circumstances surrounding his death.

She said the New Zealand Consulate in Nairobi was liaising with the Nairobi police but as yet they had no new information.

As it is a common phenomenon with other homicides in Kenya, Mr Keegan’s killers might roam the streets for the rest of their lives as they continue committing other string of heinous crimes with impunity.

Even if Mr Keegan was killed by a car, why haven’t the police arrested the motorist and arraigned him in court? There is no doubt that police are either unwilling to pursue the murder theory to its logical conclusion or they are incapable of carrying out professional investigations like a modern police department.

Extra: Safaricom shares

It looks like today is my I-told-you-so day.

Safaricom shares started off at Kshs 8 and have now dropped to Kshs 6.70cts the last time I checked. My prayer is that the rest of my prediction does NOT come true. I will be delighted to be wrong on that one.


Anonymous said...

what I'm glad about is Scotland yard is back on the follow up of Julie's wards murder the father never gave up, the journalist was murdered for inside information he received at the drinking hole- or earlier with a person he met- could it be the plane crash plot that was uncovered?? think about it- eye witness at Wilson Airpot say they had strange acting individuals asking about flights to Narok previous day? eye witness at the crash notices a flash before the plane come down?? coincidence or a miracle?? prisoners from one tribe released from prisons at night with police escort?? add up the dots and you will find your answer pal- I cant tell you more- but there is a connection ask the right questions in all the above areas-
the coalition was never meant to work as for as some people in high places said- it was just a camouflage for some people to continue kazee endelea and it will unless Raila opens his eyes - I'm not sure whether he is pretending that he can't see beyond what is happening- he sends confusing signals- does he really know what is in stock?? this time it was kones -word was it was yet too hot to touch Raila or Ruto so the next best was Kones -laboso or any other ODM MP who was easy target-
go follow the dots and ask pointed questions- only Kenyans will save the madness that is yet to unfold.

Vikii said...

"...because .... are notorious for jumping into hasty conclusions even before ....."

I want to laugh out loud, but I suspect you are serious and that is disappointing.

Anonymous said...


easy to ridicule,

whats your take? was it an accident? can you rule out political mischief conclusively? and why?

Anonymous said...

many people laugh when death is not at their door- it is understandable Vikki maybe you are one of those who laughed when innocent Kenyans were being mowed down by bullets courtesy by the order given by kibaki to the police and you must have been hysterical with laughter when MP Were and Too were assassinated and now you have opened your champaign bottle with the deaths of Kones and laboso following up and i'm sure your you kept that bottle there are more for you to open as kibaki and his pnu cronies do the count down- but maybe this time it will be the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, Aunties,friends and relatives of those who passed who will be celebrating the new begining for kenya soon- you get my drift?? i hope so.....

Anonymous said...

it is for the murderers to know and for the Kenyans to protect themselves why conclude?? nothing new there is there?? when someone post a personal blog such us 9:41 it ain't a laughing matter- where there is smoke there is normally a fire that follows- keep laughing maybe it makes you feel better- for me i read between the lines and it it is worrying.

Vikii said...

I am not laughing guys. I am fighting laughter especially after I noticed how SERIOUS you guys are.

All said and done, we need some message discipline here.

Anonymous said...

In my books vikii is a prime suspect she knows something.. her sudden return to the blog may be cause she expected certain reactions and she is so giddy with excitement at the same time pretending to be as shocked as the rest......

Investigate this vikii.....

Her behaviour is consistent with other kuyo friends of mine who lately have been acting like the know something real important.

Perhaps the Obama win got thier primitive minds to thinking unles they do something now their arese are on fire.

We don't need Obama we will sort you out ourelves.

Sir Alex

Vikii said...

Sir Alex, first of all I am not a she. Second, I'm not kuyo. Third, this obsession with Kuyos is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

My point here, sir is; This highly controversial 'preemption doctrine' is plain laughable.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki says Raila is the Leader to actualise Vision 2030 and others should wait for their time to be leaders!

Kibaki says future of coalition is bright

Published on June 11, 2008, 12:00 am

By David Ohito And Abiya Ochola

President Kibaki paid glowing tribute to Prime Minister Raila Odinga, expressing confidence that the future of the Grand Coalition Government was bright.

In his keynote address, Kibaki who was launching Vision 2030 on the country’s development roadmap, praised the PM for championing reconciliation efforts and helping return Kenya to peace. "Let us thank Raila for leading us to this right direction. Let us thank him for making up his mind that we go a manageable way and I agreed," Kibaki said.

Kibaki, Raila, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka and Planning minister Mr Wycliffe Oparanya steered the function that set targets for national development.

The leaders read from the same script on unity, peace and reconciliation and fixed a growth rate target of 10 per cent to be achieved by 2030.

President Kibaki (second right) shakes hands with Sports minister, Prof Hellen Sambili, at the Vision 2030 launch, on Tuesday. Looking on are Prime Minister Raila Odinga (right), Planning and Development minister, Mr Wycliff Oparanya (centre) and Finance minister, Mr Amos Kimunya.

The Head of State, however, had harsh words for grumbling Opposition MPs who are campaigning for the formation of a grand Opposition.

"He (Raila) asked Kenyans to follow the leaders who are there without begrudging them and rooting for the Opposition. You too can be a leader," Kibaki said.

Kibaki unveiled the coalition Government agenda, which harmonised policies of PNU, ODM and ODM-Kenya manifestoes, coming up with a five-year Medium Term Plan to run until 2012. "The medium term development plan is a product of our collective commitment as party leaders," Kibaki said.

For the umpteenth time, he reiterated that those who committed murder during the political crisis occasioned by the disputed presidential election would face the full force of the law. "Let’s forgive each other as part of reconciliation. But those who committed heinous crimes will face the law," he said.

The President preached the need for collective responsibility of the coalition Cabinet and said it was time to pool efforts to provide all Kenyans with a better future.

His speech was full of humour and determination to succeed and laced with inspirational Swahili words. Tujenge nchi pamoja na tuendelee na tutafaulu (Let us build the country together and we will succeed).


Kibaki preached peace, unity and reconciliation and warned that the country should never be allowed to back pedal to the dark months of post-election violence.

"We tried the violence option and it never worked. All of us saw the devious way leading us astray. We made mistakes, lost lives and property and we must never return to the path of violence," Kibaki said.

"Kenya had made tremendous progress. President Kenyatta led us through a peaceful era, then we had another long period with (former) President Moi through a tranquil period… we should never have lost track," he said in reference to the scar left by post-election violen

"Kenyans are now enjoying the benefits of tranquility since we agreed to form a coalition Government of the leading parties on February 28," he said.

"I assure all Kenyans and friends of Kenya, the country will complete the healing process and move on to become a great prosperous nation for it has the potential," Kibaki said.

He asked Kenyans to ignore those who pretended they were "very clever" but failed to advise the country at the time of need.

"Beware of these individuals who pretend they are more clever. Everybody cannot be in the Cabinet…why make noise and you still can be made a minister tomorrow? There was no better way to recovery than the grand coalition," Kibaki said.

He asked Kenyans to help internally displaced people and children orphaned by post-election violence.

In leading the way, the presidential and PM’s orderlies who only a week ago fought themselves, sat side-by-side.

Kibaki’s remarks were focused on the future of the Government.

"For the first time in the history of our country we are launching a vision document containing our collective aspirations on the society we want to live in two decades from today," he said.

Raila said the vision was intended to help the nation emerge as a prosperous, democratic and equitable nation.

"Leaders must be agents of change. We must now work together for the transformation and change we all believe in," Raila said.

The PM quoted a proverb: "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far go together."

He challenged Cabinet ministers to demonstrate courageous leadership, best performance and uncompromising integrity.

"Ministers must be innovative, forward looking, diligent and accountable as they set about implementing the selected priorities in Vision 2030," the PM said.

"Kenyans must work as a team, irrespective of our ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds, status in the society, or political affiliation," Raila said.

Kenyans in Diaspora praised

He said the Vision 2030 must be translated into reality.

"I request Kenyans not to be sceptical. Too often we politicians have been rich in words, but poor in deed," Raila said.

He paid tribute to Kenyans living abroad whose remittances, he said, far outstripped foreign direct investment.

Kalonzo said Kenya had opened a new era where all citizens must dedicate themselves to address key political and social issues.

"Today Kenya begins a critical journey. Let us join hands to build our country as envisioned in Vision 2030," the VP said.

Said the VP: "The Grand Coalition Government faces the challenge of mid-wifing the process of implementation. Leaders must lead the way."

"Let us face the challenges of nationhood by embracing the spirit of venturing into the future and using diverse strengths as a society to achieve Kenya’s aspirations," Kalonzo said.

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex stop singing about having Kikuyu friends. You don't need Kikuyu friends to validate your outlandish arguments. Having Kikuyu friends is not a big deal unless you are like Raila who is dying to be made a Kikuyu elder.

Anonymous said...


You have hit the nail on the head. Some people here at Kumekucha are so obsessed with Kikuyus that if you remove the word "Kikuyu" from their vocabulary, they will turn into instant blockheads. Something is seriously wrong in the way these people are socialized.

Anonymous said...

You could be a martian for all I care.
YOUR SO OUT OF TUNE WITH the reality in kenya.

You sound like a suspect.

One kuyo,two kuyo three kuyo friends...I can sing all I want they are my friends and there is nothing you can do about it.

They are my friends not yours. And I tell them the very things I say here to their face.

Ya and for the record today they are rather pleased with themelves.

Sir Alex

Bull said...

Vikii/Sir Alex,
Please keep it civil folks. No amount of tongs wins any war. In my heart of hearts I know you borth mean well but you let emotions take precesence, why? Kenya is for all of us and we better stick to the issue at hand devoid of cheap SARCASM. I hope that is not demanding for too much, or is it?

Anonymous said...

Safaricom IPO...I am waiting with bated breath.
I know many folks who went and took loans to buy the shares of the century...Ole wao
How many shares did Kibaki and their cronies buy, i would really love to know how many shares they each got. I heard some people even bought shares with their dogs....Greedy kenyans who are but speculators and not investors. Some bought shares thinking that abracadabra the shares will be 10/= over night. Watangoja?

Kenyans put your money where your conscious is......

But one thing that keeps me amazed with we kenyans is that we love stealing until we steal from our own. Ati the PAC report shows that during the last census 1 HB pencil was being bought at 38/=...Where is that not even pencils that are made in Europe cost that......So imagine how much those goons of Home affairs bag?
Let us change our mindset and let us not settle for mediocrity kind of governace.

My belated heartfelt condolense to the families of Kipkalya and Laboso. Those who have rejoiced in their death. Know that life and death are in the hands of God!!!


Phil said...

SafariCON shares have been proven to be just that! Let the gamblers game begin.

Your know-it-all Finance Minister encourages the masses to buy as much shares as possible knowing there shall certainly be an over subscription, and caring less that these people will only buy shares through LOANS that attract interest!

The share allocation has had to be revised and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see the big players will certainly end up getting more allocations thus gaining more while the small-fry end up getting only a fraction of what they had been assured would be the minimum thus ending up poorer.

How, who and when the share price of Kshs. 5/- was reached nobody knows. The NSE cowboys, incidentally with very little respect for conflict of interest, are in it for short term gambling while the small-fry are in it for long term investment.

Chris, I am not so sure about murder being in the air but certainly a massive rip-off is underway at the NSE.

Anonymous said...


I wish you could be campaigning this aggressively for the hundreds who were raped before being murdered earlier this year in Rift Valley.

Sorry if you are suffering from inferiority complex.


Anonymous said...

Phil posing the question 'how many shares did Kibaki buy' and conveniently forgetting that it was the message of Raila which finally convinced Kenyans that the deal was safe and that they should not hesitate to buy. His word was the last blessing Kenyans needed to start flocking to buy and even make debts. But as said before: Raila and his part in this mess is erased from the memory of people like Phil and his cronies because their Captain cannot and will not make mistakes. How blind can one be? Raila is human and on top of that a politician whose teacher was one Daniel Toroitich arap Moi.

Anonymous said...

There is someone with a special interest in ODM MPS in RV and Nairobi.

The superiority of ODM has to be done away with. Were, Too, Kones and Lorna are in one basket. These deaths were planned by vote thieves who want to rule at all costs. Human life doesnt matter.

The Prime Minister and Western Kenyans are to be on the watch out. There will be more deaths of MPs aligned to ODM in the next months. Someone in this blog had warned about 2 deaths of ODM MPS in February.

West Kenya must force the equality of PM to President.

The PM must release West Kenya Youth in prisons. The PM must order for thorough investigations to the murders of Mbai, Were, Too, Kones, Lorna.

West Kenya is mighty and is a force which should not be played with.

KONES and LORNA are Political murder victims.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:19 AM - why only ODM MP's? This is the most stupid question I have read here since a long time. Death is not selective as you should very well know. But maybe your ODM-Domos thought to live forever because their Captain in the true sense of being their Messias is watching out for them. So why checking the plane or at least checking the weather conditions? In my opinion, they were just careless.

Anonymous said...

THIS is why I keep saying kenya is a mickymouse economy one IPO and the whole country goes crazy.

Now that kenyans have bought safaricom shares i hope they are not going to be abused to bully other players in the market who may bring better services.

You will soon hear that we must all support SAfcom when their competitors start giving them a run for their money, cause we are share holders.

Maybe the Safcom guys saw it coming and now need wanaanchi sympathy.
Innovate and you will be supported can't wait for Masiwa to start his econet. Mo ibrahim bring on some heat.

Now is the time to force kenyans who have invested stolen money abroad to return the money and invest it locally. You know yourselves.

kenyans have done well with small groups lending schemes. Now we need to tap all that money somalis are keeping in Eastliegh. These guys could be part of the mainstream economy but I guess they don't trust gava. Someone ought to reach out to them....sometimes i suspect that that economy is twice the size of our so called mainstream economy.

many kenyans in the disapora tired of foriegn countries would like to invest home but when an IPO is with ma swali like safcom where is hope?

What I see is an opportunty if anyone with a name and a good rep starts something in kenya today they will make it cause there is very little of that going around these days.
That is assume some gava officials do not do their usual....and screw up a good idea....ask parasaris....and before that the original owner of loop all got messed up by guys without ideas waiting to poach one as soon as it seems to work. the go and mess it so bad they can't make money out of it themselves.

The politicians who are supposed to grow the country keep thier money in swiss banks. So we are the idiots who are trying to invest here.

We need to get out of this mentality.
Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Its a sad day in the lives of right thinking kenyans but an Idea just crossed my mind.

Africa and its diaspora are running hungering for a place to go and make a life but VISAs, Workpermit and such crap is hindering them we need a skills audit and then decide to get some of these guys here to help us develop.
I mean not the silly conventional do you have a degree, how many yrs of exp.....and all that crap.type screening.

We need a flexible sytem that allows people with ideas to come irrespective of their academic qualifications.

Look around you a lot of people have made it without those fancy papers.

Equity can bank them if Standard and barclays will not.
The pool of African talent in the diaspora and within that is going to waste is a tragedy.

RAO are you listening kenya needs to open its borders. Get those refugees out of camps and allow them to be at least self employed.

Some of them have rich relas abroad who can send the money to invest but are currently only sending maintenace.

Lets change the rules lets make this country great before this murderous idiots finish it with hate.

This are the sort of Ideas I expected from kibz before he let me down and became the chief thug and his phantom 6%.

lots of land is idling we can give that to these Africans to develop.
We can even lend some dry portions of northern kenya can be used to settle palestinians at a fee to the US and Israel.

We can do so much if we don't concentrate on silly things like topping up exams and 2012 or even who is more powerfull between preso,PM and kalooser.

Sir Alex

Taabu said...

Please don't forget to share with me your REFUNDS from the I(mbecile)PO. You know I am yet to learn the ropes and laziness in my forte. What are pals there for if they can't bail out one of of their own?

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa, too right! Welcome back.

Chris, I have a well placed contact working for Agence France-Press (AFP) news agency and also working on Trent Keegan’s death, and so far they do not have any shred of evidence that he was murdered. I have promised in an earlier comment that I will post any development of this case but so far there is no conclusive evidence to suggest he was murdered.

I 100% agree with M-Pesa, It would very nice of you Chris if you were to campaign for those people who we all know were KILLED during post election violence.


Anonymous said...

Hurrrray I'm back. Wole wenu masters of deception on this blog.

I've had some nasty experiences in the mean streets of Nairobi over the last 2 wks. Summary: bought a car, gave it to a hire company, they leased it to a crook who disappeared and switched off his fone.... Later on car found with a shylock and some fake documents which looked so real! The Con had shaved the shyster bila maji couple of hundred grands! Been busy filling dozens of forms and understand the master of deception has been snared after being on the lose for some months. Who said our cops are pathetic?


Anonymous said...

Raila has sacrificed Laboso and Hon Kones for Isaac Ruto or Namwamba to be given ministerial roles to keep them off with the idea of forming grand Opposition and Esther Passaris to succeed Laboso if she wins.

How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in one's culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.

Anonymous said...


Do you really think that this lady had enough money to spare to buy shares.
I was waiting for RAO to tell me how many shares to buy. You know i being a fanatic of that man was waiting for him to specify but he just gave a blanket heed that buy shares. You see that is the problem of worshipping a fellow man. I now know too well i have really missed on a big opportunity to be rich overnight ....Ole wangu


Anonymous said...

I always doubted this "Safaricom IPO Success" thing. Safaricom's so-called success is based the ridiculous failure of Telkom Kenya to provide a reasonable, working and efficient telecommunications network. Factor in the "MoBiTelea" ghost who most likely corruptly facilitated Safaricom to set up shop in Kenya; factor in the corrupt business environment that prevails in Kenya.... I could go on and on. This SafariCON "success" will actually turn out to be a mirage - a lot of people, the common man and woman, will get their fingers burnt!

Anonymous said...

Kenya Police especially the CID had in the yester years reverence accross the continent in their excellent work. This is no longer the case. Blame it on poor governance: where the promotion and employment is purely on nepotism and favouritism.

Coupled with run-down facilities like houses and tools of trade then you expect low morale amongst its cadre! Dont even mention the remuneration.

Lastly, political patronage is another vice bedeveling the force. Police commissioner must look over his shoulders to see what his boss wants. Note, the boss is not necessarily the Pressy, but a political correct individual.

Do you lend credence to such an outfit that goes by the mantra 'utumishi kwa wote'?

Fave said...

Kwale@4:09 AM and all your minnions,

Chris along with everyone else on Kumekucha campaigned extensively for the victims of violence arising from the paramilitary coup. Kwale, For someone who prides himself as hardworking and resourceful. You are a disappointment. if you got of your buns (figuratively) approached your keyboard, worked your fingers, and read the Kumekucha archives you will realize what I mean. Yes, it is that simple. We all called for a campaign for peace and justice and we still do!
We have consistently pointed out the electoral malpractice was the first act in the vicious cascade of violence that followed.
We have pointed out that although body counts are morbid, the dictators' side was responsible for more deaths than anyone else.
But then again I waste my time pointing out obvious facts

Ivy/Taabu et al. As for Safaricom IPO, yours trully has been busy making too much DOMO to bother making any money. I welcome any donations from your refunds though. It has been pointed out that I am too lazy to make money. I feel it is genetic and I am waiting for advances in medicine so that I can get some gene therapy and maybe acquire some genes for hard work and make money.

Anonymous said...


My friend....Utangoja or better still be politer (is there a word like that)to Kwale you might just be given enough chums including hardworking chums...On that note adios i am out of here


Anonymous said...

vikii and others

my question to you is still unanswered

its easy to ridicule and poke fun at others,

but whats your take on the deaths of 4 ODM MPs and none of them due to natural causes? were they accidents? do you think its coincidence and can you positively rule out political mischief conclusively? and why?

i've read several posts above, but they specialise in theory of destruction. yes i agree that some of the theory and speculation provided by my fellow ODM supporters may not quite add up, but in the absence of credible institutions to carry credible investigations and arrive at the truth is everyday getting dimmer.

we all know that it takes a visionary investor, a professional architect, qualified structural engineer, competent construction workers, and a horde of other skilled and professional entities to build a divinely aesthetic and classic two story building over a period of several months. But you only need one glue sniffing dolt and a demolition truck to bring it all down in about an hour.

it does not require brains to trash a theory dudes, we need brains to piece together the pieces of the jig saw puzzle, that will eventually lift us as kenyans out of this mess, that we are in.


Anonymous said...


4:09 AM
if you are so sure that you know they were not murdered!while i know differently - I dare you to post your full information here plus address and you are a person of interest to be questioned- if not them move away from posting conclusions here- this is a very sensitive death and unless you are 100% through your own investigations that it was not a murder and you can share the proof with the people concerned then back off.

your full name and address please?

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...


4:46 AM

Go ask your kikuyu cousins about your car, don't bore us here with your personal life.. ain't important.

Anonymous said...

anon11:19 PM

isn't suspicious for kibaki suddenly to heap praises on Raila?? when he hasn't so a long time?? wan't it to cover what he had already in the pipe line(the murder of kones and laboso)

what does a murderer do before killing you or your family id you know them?? they sing your praises so loud in public and to anyone who can hear them- because if something happens to you people will remember only the praises and discount such a person to have ever planned to murder you or your family.

when I watched kibaki praising Raila on T.V must first thoughts were what does he want from Raila and second thought was what has he done to act in such a way out of line with his personality and indeed his way of doing things

kibaki does not praise anyone easily - the only other time looking back was when Raila said Kibaki Tosho

kenyans think again and go back look at that T.V shoot and look at how kibaki talks-
it is of a man who is trying too had to push something not genuine.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm being naive but supposing you are all right and the 4 ODMers were actuayy assasinated, what precisely does PNU, Kibaki and all Kikuyus gain?

All the electorate will do is replace the dead with 4 brand new ODMers. ZERO SUM GAME!!!

Now seeing how deviously crafty Kikuyus and Kibaki are (at least according to this blog and many of its comments why the hell would they do something something that is effectively quite pointless, doesn't get rid of any of the odious memenrs of ODM and of course casts more suspicion on PNU etc?

The Kiuyu bashing is getting old and smacks of envy. It would be much more productive to do more to advance your station in life without expecting that if you pull Kikuyus down then we are all equal rather than raising yourself to the elevated position you seem to think they hold in Kenyan society. Any majority group will always have more visible successes if the law of averages is to be beleived.

So please stop the insinuations and speculation in place of facts and realise that it is indeed possible for people to die in airline accidents, get killed by their love rivals, sometimes get assinated by their own political party and above all people get hit by cars all the time and NOBODY ever finds the driver. That's why they are called hit and run accidents. It's only news to you because you want to milk it for your conspiracy theories.

Not everything is a murder. You should be a bit mor responsible.

Anonymous said...

I think folks need to lay of the conspiracy theories. Looking at Trant Keegan's own website, I cannot imagine what he could have been working to get him killed.

He photographed some incredibly benign stuff- poverty in Kenya, garbage dumps, Greece, Mardi Gras, the aftermath of Katrina etc. Perhaps the poverty showcase is embarrasing to the local authorities but its been photographed so many times before I don't see why this would be any different.


Trent Keegan, the Irish-New award winning Zealand photojournalist could have been murdered because of the "Masai Land grab" story he was working on.

This story may have corrupt local and international dimension to it. There is ferocious LAND GRAB OF MASSAI LAND IN BOTH SERENGETI and masai MARA by greedy foreign criminals willing to bribe local officials. These are organized and lawless foreign small investors willing to burry people alive in order to get what they want!

African land is up for grabs!!!! Corrupt government officials are at the bottom of this land handout.

Africans elites are too stupid to understand that wars are fought over land and its values!!!

conspiracy said...

Trent Keegan, the Irish-New Zealand award winning photojournalist could have been murdered because of the "Masai Land grab" story he was working on.

This story may have corrupt local and international dimension to it. There is ferocious LAND GRAB OF MASSAI LAND IN BOTH SERENGETI and masai MARA by greedy foreign criminals willing to bribe local officials. These are organized and lawless foreign small investors willing to burry people alive in order to get what they want!

African land is up for grabs!!!! Corrupt government officials are at the bottom of this land handout.

Africans elites are too stupid to understand that wars are fought over land and its values!!!

3:49 PM

karuagirl said...

There is always a conspiracy theory doing the rounds in kenya..anonymous sounds like a bitter soul.. chill out boy its poison to your heart. now here is my theory(am kenyan) blood is paid by blood.. people were killed in the name of a stolen election and their blood will have to be paid by blood. i met an evangelical early this year and he told me six ODM mps will die this year but dismissed him as just another fanatic now four are down! u don have to believe me but i know an ODM mp can be struck by lightning and kibaki will be accused. all u need to know is its not yet OVER. their sins will come to bite them in the ass!
has anyone heard the two 'great leaders' were having an affair?

Anonymous said...

i reckon it has something to do with AFP Agence France-Presse, i smell a media conspiracy, how strange that the local papers didn't really report on it yet this one knew so much about it..

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