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Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Open Letter to President Jakaya Kikwete, Chairman of the AU

Kikwete most useless President Tanzania has ever had and why Nyerere saw it 15 years ago

I hope this finds you well, Sir. I must say, you have taken up a responsibility that is overly daunting and heavy. Having all African countries under your arm and constant watch is no mean feat.

As you, and I, know only too well, Africa is a continent that is dogged and bedeviled by all manner of ills that you can and could mention:

Bloodshed (and blood letting); wars and rumours of wars; extensive “rape” of human rights; the world’s top-class dictators; lack of democracy; elaborate election rigging schemes (otherwise known as “stealing of elections” and “doctoring of election results”); disregard for human lives even by the bodies that have been charged with the mandate to protect them (e.g. the police).

These, I wish to believe, are but some of the stories that you have to contend with everyday (the running of your country, Tanzania, notwithstanding).

Sir, let me direct your attention to one present problem that is sticking out like a sore thumb. This is none other than the Zimbabwe (and Mugabe) issue.

Zimbabwe is a country that is going through harrowing problems. Its people are suffering and dying. People are banned even from speaking out their minds and freedom of expression has been curtailed.

These are people who cannot, in normal circumstances, share what they are going through in their country with the rest of the world. Only the very courageous (who put their lives on the line) usually do so.

These people are going without the basic necessities of life: food, shelter and clothing. Unemployment is very high in Zimbabwe. The spiralling inflation has driven the prices of commodities to sheer “mad” levels.

In this background, how can the common person in Zimbabwe, (someone without a job), be expected to meet their bills? Most jobs, too, just pay a pittance. So the situation is plain impossible for virtually everyone. Mr. Kikwete, this is just too much for these people.

Thousands, nay, millions of Zimbabweans have fled their country to seek for ‘economic release and relief’ elsewhere, especially farther down in South Africa. But recent developments in South Africa, which many people have called xenophobic attacks, have forced these ‘economic refugees’ to go back to the fire they thought they had bidden farewell to: Zimbabwe, the home of their tyrannical leader, Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe is a man who is ready to do anything just to remain in power. His pronouncements two days ago just revolted me. He said something to the effect that Zimbabwe is a country that was liberated by the gun and it won’t just slip through the fingers of ‘Zimbabweans' by the result of a mere ballot. He says he is ready to engage in war to remain in power.

Some weeks ago, his wife told the Movement for Democratic Change leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, that he should not dream of taking over as president while Mugabe was still alive. She reiterated that that would only happen when Mugabe dies and not in any other circumstance.

Mr. Jakaya Kikwete, these are things that should not be allowed to happen. In fact these are some of the things that the AU, and African leaders as a whole, should stand up against. This state of affairs should not be allowed to continue.


But why is there no African leader (except for few) telling Mugabe to his face that what he is doing is WRONG?

Why is the AU not baring its fangs at such dire times for the people of Zimbabwe to be saved from their almost imminent, tumultuous demise?


Are African presidents silent because they see a part of themselves in Robert Mugabe? (And that talking up against him, and what he is doing, would be a case of cutting the nose to spite the face?).

Mr. Kikwete, Zimbabweans go to the polls later this month for a run-off of the presidential elections. And Mr. Mugabe is not ready to leave office if he loses these elections. And Morgan Tsvangirai is being given a hard time, holding a campaign rally for him has been made increasingly difficult.

There have also emerged claims that Mugabe is using the army to forge his cause: winning the elections even if it involves breaking a few bones.

Against this background, Mr. Kikwete, I present my plea to you: Zimbabweans are looking up to you, other African leaders and the international community to come to their rescue and save them from the rush decisions and mad actions of their no-white-nonsense leader: Robert Mugabe.

Though this is a tall order, it is the right course to take. Mind you, Zimbabwe is greater than their tyrant of a leader, Mugabe. It is time for change. The people’s voices should be heeded and respected.

With that, I rest my case.

Yours truly,



Anonymous said...

This Robert Mugabe guy is really mean and selfish. All he can think about now is saving his THICK, DARK skin but not the lives of his people who are suffering.

Anonymous said...

Bad leadership in Africa is the cause of poverty and sufferings in Africa.

Go anywhere in the world and mention the word AFRICA. It is a laughing matter. Nobody takes Africa serious since Africa is synonymous of AIDS, CRIME, HUNGER, STUPIDITY, CORRUPTION, CRUELTY, ROBBERY,FRAUD, etc. No wonder people who come to Africa want only to exploit, to rob, child sex, kill, etc.

Mugabe, Kibaki, Mbeki, Museveni, etc are just examples of bad leadership in Africa.

Africa has been repeatedly insulted by Sakorsy and Putin. African students are being killed regularly in Russia, East Germany, Poland, China, North England.

Have you heard of any protest from any African Embassy or have heard any Foreign Mininster or President summoning an Ambassador of these countries to explain why Africans students are being killed? No, you will never hear. It's always silence.

Bad leadership causes death. It is upon you Africans to make a change.

Vote correctly or resolve to other means to kick this rubbish into the bin. That's where they belong.

kenyaone said...

The AU and Kikwete face the litmus test. For them to allow the 'run off' to take place is to declare the AU and its chairman completely and utterly useless and o finally admit that Africa is democratically and intellectually deficient. How can there be a run off without any results having been released? Isnt a run off occasioned by the results. African leaders are truly mad.

Taabu said...

Timely plea but Ifear you are shouting to the DEAF. Afriacn leaders suffer from collective SHAME and dare not rebuke one another. Mugabe is only voicing LOUD what our local mandarins did las Dec except they had no warning. It is the belief of ENTITLTMENT. Kikwete's hands are firmly tied behind his back. If Mbeki flopped with his quiet diplomacy what do you expect of TZ?

Africa is suffocating from DINOSAUR SYNDROME where fossiles moult in power with the outer stench engulfing their citizens in shame.

Vikii said...

Why the other African leaders are quiet about this, nobody knows.

On a larger scale where does the mandate of the UN reach as far these matters are concerned? Why should they not vote to invade Zimbabwe, a country with untold levels of human rights abuse? As in why do we keep contributing money to an organization that has abdicated all its duties and that whose decrees are always disregarded by the US?

And speaking of the US, why is the douchebag they have as President uninterested in Zimababwe. They pride themselves as the custodians of democracy in the world but in my opinion they are a radical departure from it.

Anonymous said...

this zimbabwe issue is a pitiful demonstration of the lack of imagination for all these world bodies (UN, NATO, AU etc) or more legally correct to say that these bodies are unable to physically get involved in the internal affairs of a sovereign state unless first a humanitarian crisis of untold proportions breaks out typically resulting in thousands of deaths. so all a leader has to do is keep the death count low (deflate figures or attribute the deaths to some other factor) and in the meantime surpress all manner of dissent. if the population is unwilling, too weak, fractured, or too uncoordinated to sustain dissent then trully none of these bodies can do anything. the best they can do is agitate for sacntions and throw diplo-barbs, but as taabu states, if the despot is also deaf, then it has absolutely no effect. the sancstions as demonstrated in zim hurt the very population they are meant to liberate.

new guidelines need to be formulated that proactively handle despots and dictators and not reactive to human catastrophe. but the underlying problem is that of deep mistrust, i.e can any one country be trusted to solely want to liberate another purely on humanitarian grounds? Nato - yugoslav, US - iraq, afghan, eritrea - somalia etc all these cases leave a bad aftertaste when news of ulterior motive is uncovered.

hard as it may be, if the population does not domo, then everyone else can only watch from a distance

very very sad state of affairs indeed



All African leaders are exactly like Mugambe.

-They do not have any knowledge of what is going on in their countries

-They have no clues about the vast natural resources they have in their teritories

-They expect foreigners to tell them where these resources are located

-They only know how to brutalize their own citizens when the are commanded to do so by foreign powers controlling them.

-All tourist sports from Ethiopia to South Africa are in the hands of foreign criminal syndicates who sell African vacation spots abroad. Africans do not get anything out of these foreign sales

-HIV/AIDS drugs(fake,generic or stolen) are now being dispensed to poor Africans trying to hang on to dear life by "black-market" street vendors who are not qualified to distribute any drugs. African leaders cannot build dispensaries leave alone hospitals despite billions dollars HIV/AIDS foreign "assistance".

-The exploitation of Sub SAHARAN AFRICA natural resources is now attached to HIV/AIDS foreign aids because it is assumed that everyone in that part of Africa has AIDS or is HIV positive. African leaders are included in the lot.

There is no cure for HIV/AIDS. So prolonging an African life merely advance the spread of the disease. That means Sub Saharan Africans will eventual be extinct so that the natural resources can be totally in the hands of those proving HIV/AIDS drugs. The disease is spreading expontially in Africa.
This is what the outside world think of Africa while African leadres are laughing with them while killing their own. How can anyone hope to benefit from a relatioship in which you are considered an idiot?? READ THE PEACE BELOW.
Pro-White Forum

South Africa 2002: Hell on Earth

by John Paul Jones

South Africa 2002 is a chilling demonstration of what happens when Blacks take over a modern society. Before the 1994 Communist takeover, South Africa was a prosperous First World country in which the whole population was living in peace and safety. It is a little known fact that the Dutch reached the south coast of Africa in the 1600s about the same time that Black tribes were migrating south from the central African jungles. The Dutch settlers ran into Black tribes as they moved north from the Cape. This is a significant point because it means that the White residents of South Africa have a stronger claim to their homeland than White people have to America and an infinitely better claim than the Jews have to occupied Palestine. Despite the White origins of South Africa, the United Nations demanded that the entire nation be turned over to Black rule. A gigantic liberal experiment would gamble the lives of five million Whites and twenty million Blacks on a proposition (Black rule) that had failed in every single country in Africa, which gave it a try.

The nations of Europe left their African colonies in the 1960s except for Portugal, which hung on until 1972. Portugal had established colonies for hundreds of years, and they no doubt realized that their removal would be a disaster for the Africans as well as an economic loss for Portugal. Both of the Portuguese colonies, Mozambique and Angola quickly became Black Communist dictatorships, and life for ordinary Blacks has been a disaster for the last 30 years. British settlers in Rhodesia felt that they were permanent residents of that area. Many British cut farms out of the jungle. The idea that they stole land from anyone makes no sense to them since the Blacks lived in villages, not the jungle. The prime minister of Rhodesia, the spineless moderate Ian Smith, sold out Rhodesia surrendering it to Black Communist rule. Today that nation sinks further and further into chaos as the Black chief blames all of "Zimbabwe's" problems on the remaining White farmers, who are keeping the Blacks from starving. Numerous White farmers have been attacked. Some have been killed thanks to scapegoating campaigns by the Communists.

Starvation and tribal warfare have been the hallmarks of Black-run nations in Africa. A recent study of racial IQs and civilization suggests that the African Blacks, who have an average IQ of only 70 points, are incapable of even maintaining a civilization left behind by White colonial powers. (Ref. 1) In the Caribbean similar chaos and corruption has prevailed. Several uprisings have massacred the White administrations in places like Haiti. The resulting Black-run governments have been so corrupt and oppressive that even Bill Clinton felt obliged to invade Haiti to "restore order," which assumes that it is possible to bring an all-Black Haiti to a state of order.

Most Americans have absolutely no realistic idea of what Africa is like. The recent conflict in Rwanda produced one million murdered Africans. Curiously the "highly compassionate" Bill Clinton didn't raise a finger to stop this homicidal rampage. Perhaps Monica, Whitewater or Paula Jones wasn't in the news at the time so he didn't need a distraction. Yellow Fever and malaria were eradicated from Panama one hundred years ago by the U.S., but these diseases are widespread throughout central Africa. The nations are too poor, incompetent or corrupt to eradicate these deadly diseases.

The small White population of South Africa held out courageously for decades against a Communist movement that tried to fight the White government through the use of terrorism. The "sainted" Nelson Mandela spent many long years in jail for his part in a bomb plot that killed one old White lady and a considerable number of his fellow Blacks. This little biographical tidbit is always left out of Mandela's resume when liberals tell empty-headed college students how "wonderful" he is.

The Blacks were an easy target for the perverted ideals of Marxism. The much touted "bloodless coup" of 1994 actually cost 100,00 lives, just a "small matter" to such accomplished murderers as the Communists. South Africa symbolized everything that the Communists hate: White prosperity, White security, White unity and White separatism. It just had to be brought down! The danger it represented as a shining example of Aryan achievement could not be tolerated.

The disgusting sell-out began with the UK, based on the same model of insurgency and isolationism used on Rhodesia. Once the UK had "endorsed" the sell out of another White country, with whom it had close ties, the stage was set for all the other nations to follow suit.

Every country contributed to its downfall. The USSR played a prominent role providing arms and training for Black Communists. The CIA and MI6 tipped off South Africa's enemies of troop movements and covert plans. The notorious Council on Foreign Affairs, the Bilderbergs, the World Trade Organization and especially the Rockefeller-managed Chase Manhattan Bank of New York all made lethal contributions in an organized effort to destroy a prosperous White nation, that kept millions of Blacks well fed --unlike the Black-run nations.

One method of quelling opposition used by the African National Congress (ANC) was called "necklacing." The victims, who were most often Black, had their hands tied behind their backs. The cartilage behind their ankles and knees was cut by Pangas (machetes) so that the victim had no escape. A tire was then placed around their necks, filled with gas and set on fire, melting around the neck and shoulders of the victim engulfing them in flames --truly a monstrous crime against humanity. Nelson Mandela's wife, Winnie Mandela, ran the ANC in his absence. One article (Ref. 2) states "In 1986 she made a speech in which she talked about achieving liberation from apartheid by using "necklaces" - a reference to the brutal murder of suspected collaborators" and "A 14-year-old activist, Stompei Seipei Moketsi, was kidnapped by her guards and later found murdered."

It could hardly have been a surprise to the backers of Black rule that these practices would be used wholesale upon the acquisition of power and that the Black population would revert to an orgy of murder and rape after assuming power.

So where is South Africa today? It is a crime-filled, ill-educated poverty trap. The same reporting tactics used in the US are used here too. White crime against Blacks, as rare as it is, is front page news even if it is twenty years old. Black crimes against Whites, however, are swept under the rug even though they form the vast majority of interracial violence.

Between 1990-1995 rape has increased by 81 percent, serious assault by 38 percent, vehicle theft 38 percent and murder 26 percent. (Of course the liberals tell us it is "unfair" and "racist" to look at actual crime statistics to judge whether South Africa is better off under Black rule.) Commercial crime has risen by 20 percent. As bad as this is, it is only the tip of the iceberg. For every 1000 crimes committed, it is estimated that only 450 are reported, only 100 prosecuted, 77 convicted and 36 convicted criminals imprisoned. Only 8 convicted criminals are imprisoned for 2 years or more. The United States discovered in the 1970s how crime grew out of control when Blacks were given light sentences for serious crimes. Only recent tough-on-crime laws have regained some control in the U.S.

The level of crime directed towards Whites is overwhelming. Black rapes of White women were relatively rare when South Africa was run by Whites. Today this sort of crime has greatly increased. Black murders of Whites are also much higher. (Ref. 3)

Sexual abuse of children is routine, with pupils and teachers alike joining in on assaults on both boys and girls. One teacher remarked that sexual abuse of pupils was a fringe benefit because they are not paid enough. (Ref. 4) It goes without saying that South Africa has one of the highest AIDS/HIV rates. One estimate places the women between 20 and 29 at 25 percent infected. (Ref. 5) Some South African Blacks have taken to raping students (Ref. 6) and raping babies. (Ref. 7) Some superstitious Blacks think "having sex with a virgin cures AIDS."

This is where South Africa --once one of the richest and enlightened nations in the world-- is today. A disgusting haven of depravity, disease and poverty. When White rule is abolished, civilization is abolished. We can see the same effects every day in the USA, the UK and all the other countries that have been forced to import Blacks into their nations. As bad as it may be for us today, South Africa gives us a chilling glimpse into a hellish future if we do not act now.

Godfrey said...

Before we put too much blame on African leaders, the Zimbabwe problem is not just an issue of democracy and human rights. There are other issues of imperialism and neo-colonialism. Mugabe refuses to leave because he is convinced that Tsvangirai will bring back the whites. All over Africa, opposition parties are usually supported by a foreign power eager to influence events in that country. Therefore, if you were an African leader faced with the Zimbabwe crisis, you can see why its difficult to act.

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