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Monday, June 23, 2008

The New African Leader

Guest post by Sam Okello

This past week has been like no other in the recent past. For the first time since the wave of nationalism that swept African leaders to power across the continent, the world witnessed the emergence of a new, super intelligent, deeply pragmatic and sincerely hopeful leadership in Africa. By visiting Washington D.C. and displaying the best of African pride and wisdom, Prime Minister Raila Odinga told the global community that the continent was turning a page. Africa is moving forward with dignity and hope. The era of begging for handouts is over. The era of hard work, partnerships and reciprocal trade agreements is in.

Those of us who support Prime Minister Raila Odinga have been accused of doing so blindly. Worse still, we've been labeled tribalists who seek to see a Luo presidency in our lifetime in Kenya. Bull. It's easy for those who are loath to the visionary leadership of the Prime Minister to twist what we say and spin it into something more parochial and foolish. But how do such people argue with the charisma of a man who came to Washington and declared that what we need today is not give-outs, but investment? How do they argue with the diplomacy of a man who respected President Kibaki even as he reminded the world that the truly elected President of Kenya had not yet been inaugurated? And how do they argue with the sense he left in official Washington...that the new African leader was emerging?

But while the Hon Odinga was projecting the new face of Africa to the world, in Zimbabwe we were witnessing the brutality of discredited and myopic leadership. Robert Mugabe was going around the nation unleashing terror on his own people, maiming women and children, killing fathers and brothers, literally raping the economy. Isn't there just one bullet someone can lock in his head to end this misery for our people in Zim? How long will his madness be allowed to go on? And then there is Thabo Mbeki. The man has gone from a respected world leader to an idiot. Remember his position on AIDS? And did you know that he is the reason Mugabe feels he can get away with impunity? Is it any wonder the South Africans went with Jacob Zuma as his replacement? Hhmm!

While all that was going on, Kalonzo Musyoka was back in Ukambani asking Kenyans to stop debating amnesty. You see, to people like Kalonzo, this is a debate. To him this is a matter of who wins an argument. What this traitor needs to be told is that we are not debating. We are calling on the government to release the freedom fighters locked up in our jailhouses. The boys who fought the police and Kibaki's thuggish forces fought for the nation. They are not criminals. They are freedom fighters. It's because of them that we have a government of national unity. To continually keep them in jail is unethical. So, once again, for the sake of putting the final block on the reconciliation house we've been building, let the boys go. Let the sons and daughters of Nyanza, the Rift Valley, Western, Central, Coast, Eastern, Nairobi and the NEP go. Let our people go. The alternative, as you'll soon find out, will be a deal-breaker.

Be reminded, once again, that the chief culprits in the election debacle are: Mwai Kibaki, Samuel Kivuitu, John Michuki, Gen Ali and others. Their crimes are listed in my earlier posts.

That said, let's thank God that Kenya is blessed to have one of the new breed of African leaders in our own country. With leaders like William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi, Najib Balala, Joe Nyagah and the indomitable Madam Charity Ngilu, Kenya is marching to a better place.

The golden age in Kenya is at hand!

For Love of Country,

Sam O. Okello


M-Pesa said...

FREEDOM FIGHTERS? Even those who raped and murdered innocent women and children are heroes? Even those who tossed fleeing kids back into the fire in that Eldoret church? Get me out of here!

What sort of ignorance do you want to display to the world via the world wide web? On your demigod Raila, the facts speak for themselves and no amount of super gloss or white wash will do.

He has done absolutely nothing for Kibera, Africa's biggest slum, in over one decade. His rural home is one of the poorest in the world. He ought to talk less and do more by inspiring his constituents and executing quality leadership that emancipates them from yoke of poverty. Maybe he should borrow a leaf from Raphael Tuju who transformed Rarieda in just 5 years!

Hell, he could even spare a small amount of his huge fortune and inject a few billions for some toilets in Kibera. Sorry to rain on your parade son but the facts are there, as bright as a day.

Anonymous said...

What a shame this post is. I do not want to go into the subject or you glorifying Raila. We are used to that in the meantime. But calling Ruto and these others heroes whereas we all know that their past is very dark and their hands are full of the blood of innocent women and children. They robbed and looted the country for years and still continue doing this. If these people are your heroes and represent the future leaders of Africa, then Africa and especially Kenya is entering a very dark period. Darker than you will ever be able to imagine. Not even in your socalled fictious phantasy novels.

Anonymous said...

This guy Sam O. Okello aka Chris aka Kumekucha glorifies and worships Raila more than he can even worship himself, his wife or his father.

What so special Raila going to the US? You people – Luos – suffer from inferiority complexes when it comes to wazungu. Or is it coz you are black like charcoal and they are whites? How many other Kenyan and African leaders visit the US and other foreign nations and they don’t sing about it?

Whatever agreements that were signed by ministers in Raila’s entourage to the US were in the pipe-line long before Kenyans went to the polls and subsequently Raila forced his way into “executive” power (I really don’t know if he enjoys any). Discussions between Kenya and the US to open US skies have been going on for years. It was not Raila’s initiative. Ignorance is no defence. Go to a library and read old newspapers.

If Raila was what you and your fellow Luos glorify him to be, why hasn’t he rescued his Kibera constituents and his Luo Nyanza from the yokes of deep-rooted poverty? Or you’ll blame Kibaki and Kikuyus as usual.

You lazy Luos, go to your farms, business premises and offices and work for your family. Your deep obsession in Raila has taken you nowhere. Raila lives and eats like a king with his family while you wallow in abject poverty. You can’t work for yourselves.

Like flies that follow one to and from the toilet, you spend your precious hours dreaming and imagining Raila. What has he done to uplift your poverty? There is a Kiswahili proverb which says “mtegemea cha nduguye hufa maskini” Raila is not even your own brother and you keep your noses wide open 24hours nosing around where he is and what he is doing.

If Raila is a god like you glorify him, ask him to perform an overnight miracle to bring wealth in Kibera and Luo Nyanza. Raila ended with a shell of a PM and that’s why he finds himself so idle in office. He has to tour Mau forests and hold consultations with villagers from Mt Elgon to kill boredom.

Just like his fellow ODM ministers, Raila has been singing the song of amnesty at every public forum. If he has executive powers or has powers like Kibaki, why cant he order the police commissioner to release Kalenjin killers behind bars? Raila has no powers to sack even his own office tea girl. He imagines he is equal to Kibaki yet he doesn’t get secret information about the very same Govt he is serving. Raila is just hungry for power and he was contained after he was given police guards and a convoy of cars. That’s what a Luo needs. And that’s why Luos see the US trip in a big way. Shame on you. Be proud of your country or move to the US. Kenya would be better without you.

Anonymous said...

If you want your economy to succeed, who do you consult?
a country whose economy is in recess or a country whose economy is on a super highway?
Raila choose the former, US while his excellency, an economist always faces east,the latter economy. Thats what separates these two leaders. One is a politician (read noise), the other a screwd economist.

mine said...

I would not want to in any way dispute that RAO is a worth African leader. He inspires, has vision and is a front line leader. Most importantly, the guy is so in tune with most of the population. When I see the guy, I see a new leadership of the country Kenya. I really hope from the bottom of my heart that one day and i hope that day will come soon, he will be the executive authority of this country!

On the issue amnesty aka freedom fighters, I feel that we are missing the point somewhere. There is no pride in burning people and raping women and children. Fighting for freedom is an issue of pride and elevating the events of Naivasha and Eldoret where people were burnt, raped and maimed to a fight for freedom is truly unimaginable. We as a people, regardless of where we come from should be able to condemn barbarism and hooliganism for what it is. Similarly the argument that the big shots who organised these criminals are free will not wash. If someone sends you to kill and you are caught, its you who is tried. if you want your principal apprehended, you may surrender that information to the authorities. However, the fact that you are an agent does not and cannot absolve you from blame in a criminal proceeding.

I have a disclaimer though, i am sure that MAJORITY of the youth in custody did not participate in serious crime. What we as a people should be agitating for is a speedy resolution of these cases. where there is evidence, these youths should be produced in court like yesterday, tried and convicted. Where there is no evidence, the youths should be set free go back and continue with their lives. That to me is Justice and it should not be delayed more that it has already been!

Bobie Bristol said...

'...super intelligent, deeply pragmatic and sincerely hopeful leadership in Africa..'! he heeee Ma!

Sam you epitomise clowning coz the stuff you come up with is mind boggling. If only you could pliz take some time to re-read your writings before posting. For the greater good if at least

M-Pesa said...

The days of sitting on your hands and blaming the government are long gone! There's plenty of CDF and other funds like LATF available. Grand father Raila Amolo Odinga stands accused of FAILED LEADERSHIP IN 15 YEARS.

Confrontational leadership and politics are his staple diet and middle names! He has exploited and preyed on the poor and hopeless by constantly deceiving them that they would prosper if they voted him in power.

He cruises the slums in a shiny multi-million Hummer automobile and lies in a straight face through his teeth that "kibila adui" is standing in way of progress. What a scheming, preying and preposterous pretender to the throne!

Well, Moi was king for quarter century and what did he do?-- No prizes for guessing-- Absolutley nothing! People in Baringo are still feasting on dead rats as was shown the other day on KTN.

And the territories of his 'enemies' he tried to destroy economically and politically prospered as 'enemies' shrewdly diversified their economic outputs. Precisely, that's what a savvy investor does!

Keep your butts on the floor waiting for your time to eat and other handouts, you'll drop dead before it's time and rightly so!


Anonymous said...

If Raila did something impressive that could change the lives of the people of Nyanza (or even Lesotho itself), I kid you not, they would still find some sort of stupid excuse to lay on him.

The last time he had a homecoming in Kisumu and Bondo, they claimed he was an MP for Lang'ata (read Kibera) and not Nyanza, so what makes you think they will stop complaining when he brings in loads of investment and economic empowerment for (Luo) Nyanza? Moreover, there can only be a few reasons why Nyanza is in this state: because the previous governments (including the illegitimate one, you know it) were too egocentric and partial to listen to the plight of Nyanza, and because Raila's admirable statesmanship only allows him to focus on the whole of Kenya and not his tribe.

In my opinion it is all about jealousy of the international attention being focused on my ONLY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA – HON. RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA.

Tell me how many African leaders have dared to even mention the name 'Mugabe,' save for Kagame? This clearly shows that all these African leaders live in glass houses and don't have the audacity to cast the first stone. It's pretty clear that Raila's house is not glass and 'Lesotho' should get this into their narrow mindsets!

So m-pesa or whoever you want to call yourself, you deserve to be told off! And by the way, didn't I hear you say you stopped blogging in Kumekucha?

Phil said...

Easy M-PESA.

Frankly, this is now too much! I am fed up with the antics of so called Rift Valley MPs. It is not too difficult to see that ODM Kalenjin MPs in are blackmailing the ODM captain and by extension holding the entire nation to ransom just because a few criminals are in police custody. They are doing this because ODM failed to name them cabinet ministers! They are assuming that this GCG cabinet is one and the same as that of their corrupt and murderous god father D.T. Arap Moi.

Fact is that youths were arrested countrywide and NOT JUST in Rift Valley as Keter, Ruto and the rest would like us to believe. In Kibera where I live, tens of youth - from different ethnicities - are missing in action since January this year. We do not want RAO to resolve this problem through funeral speeches or via the media. Let him and his partner in the coalition sit and agree on this matter, then they come out and talk to us in one voice, because none is greater than the other.

On the other hand, I think it is high time RAO took this matter by the horns and told off these Kalenjin MPs who just months ago were ready to slaughter one another for the ODM nomination ticket but have now got the guts to say they are chatting their own political destiny.

I do not really care much for a criminal who is behind bars for torching another citizen's house or raping their wives, daughters and grandmothers. It is misplaced justice to arrest an individual and charge him with murder just because they took part in a public protest!

If cleaning ODM means ridding ourselves of these shameless Kalenjin parasites who ruthlessly led Kenyans with impunity for 24 years Moi was president, SO BE IT!

How come Kalenjins are assuming that only their tribe was targetted by police after the elections? Kisumu was worse and yet we have not had MPs from that area issuing politically charged statements publicly. Leaders must learn to lead by example.

William Ruto is a complete nobody without the protection of Raila Odinga. These akina Ruto, Bett, Keter think that a TJRC will only highlight what Kibaki has done or has not done. Let me remind them, their files are still in the cabinet and shall soon be fished out.

Mwarang'ethe said...

m - pesa said this:

He has done absolutely nothing for Kibera, Africa's biggest slum, in over one decade. His rural home is one of the poorest in the world. He ought to talk less and do more by inspiring his constituents and executing quality leadership that emancipates them from yoke of poverty. Maybe he should borrow a leaf from Raphael Tuju who transformed Rarieda in just 5 years!

Our comments:

Good morning Sir. Now, would you please clarify to us:

(a) Your understanding of the role of an MP.
(b) Whether the issue of slums any where in Africa or around the world is a question of an MP, or a reflection of failure of Governmental policies.
(c) When the youth from Rarienda leave sch. where do they go to look for jobs?

If you clarify these points, we will now enter a proper debate with you. We have read they comments for long without commenting. We will now, but, you must clarify the above first, so that we start from same level of appreciation of what is at stake.

Anonymous said...

Mpesa and the rest of PNU...Does an MP fund developments of his/her area? Do you understand the work of an MP? Its to represent the people. Abit of education here MPESA-Its the central Government that does prioritise development in all parts of the country. Why do you think Raila should develop Kibera by himself? Has he got a seperate government taking taxes from Kibera residents only? Obslutely not. Its people like you who encourage corruption as you make your leaders grab all they could for their people. MPs Have nothing of their own to give to the people. The make recommendation and presentation to central government. And for Raila he is a new breed of African leaders. Send Kibaki to washington....No one will want to meet him. He is an example of failed Africa dictators. I think Kaguta is next so brothers from there rise up and say no to this kind of dictators.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the way MPESA gets so worked up everytime Raila's name is mentioned, you would think posts such as this one are written to deliberately annoy him just so that we can all enjoy watching him let off some steam-cool down brother

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'If you want your economy to succeed, who do you consult?
a country whose economy is in recess or a country whose economy is on a super highway?
Raila choose the former, US while his excellency, an economist always faces east,the latter economy. Thats what separates these two leaders. One is a politician (read noise), the other a screwd economist.'

this is one comment that is so real thats its scaring. Moi was always engaging the west and awarding them expensive contracts compounding our debt. Kibaki choose East and we got cheaper and better services. China has been building roads for a tenth of what the west would have tendered. now Raila, wants to take us back there? maybe he should leave economy to economists. by the way, when Raila talks about Zimbabwe while in the US, who was he pleasing? Zimbabwe is in Africa and he should have harped while in Kenya or even travel there to meet Mugabe. But trust politicians...and of course there will be the usual crowd who always believe they are being fought. they will be on the defensive forever. i wish they had eyes...

M-Pesa said...


I've pretty more or less answered your questions in the 2nd post but let me add: Raila's homecoming bash was in Nyanza which is hundreds of miles away from Lang'ata.

That quite sums up the contempt he holds for Kibera which gave him the power he enjoys today.In his many trips and jaunts abroad, Tuju raised plenty of funds and invited developers to Rarieda in a private capacity. On the other hand, RAO broadly just seeks sympathy for his own mess or his own political cash while abroad.

Now we are being told by the likes of Phil that in this amnesty debate, RAO is really (please don't laugh!) A VICTIM... since Kalenjin politicians are holding him hostage. You can almost see apologists brandishing the "victim" card miles away.

If the Messaih was so shrewd as some claim, why not deal with rebels in his party accordingly? Why not deal with this amnesty debate once and for all soberly and maturely instead of waiting for the next funeral opportunity?

If he can't deal with this issue in his own party then we go back to poor leadership I talked earlier.

Anonymous said...

now let me quote you chris

'Minister Raila Odinga told the global community that the continent was turning a page. Africa is moving forward with dignity and hope.'

then how does forcing himself to be a Kikuyu elder fit into this new page? where does having the likes of Ntimama, Ruto, Kajwang and other criminals as his trusted soldiers fit into all this?

am not hating, just mesmerized

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:25 AM-RAO did not go to Washington to mention Mugabe. He did it in a bigger platform in South Africa a week ago. IS SA PART OF THE USA SIKU HIZI AMA? Wacha porojo wewe

Taabu said...

Relax and take a deep breath. You really get hot under the collar and the reason-you are driven by singular disdain. Well, you have the right to wet all your attires but for good measure here is ABJECT POVERTY you often draw pleasure in singing

And for a change why not rework your sentences instead of cut-and-paste day in day out? Or are you bored till the upper faculties are on recess?

Anonymous said...

I hope kiuks do everything in their power to ensure no luo becomes president. we can put up with kiuku arrogance and superiority nonsennse but we dont want to worship an individual. Some of us dont even worship any gods. Sijui rao a hero in SA and US and is behind recent success of Harambee stars. See, he is capable of everything; so he can fix kibera!

I wonder why he dint meet bush,obama or mcain. Is it true obama is ashamed of ever having been photoed with him, given rao's panga democracy?

Anonymous said...


I will not comment on what Raila can do or will not do. History will judge him. But deep within him, the man has a responsibility and a duty to give it to his country of birth and more as prime minister.

Having said this. Okello you should either come home and face the poverty we face on a daily basis rather than comment on issues that you mainly pick from the press.

One - The issue of amnesty is bigger than you. How for heavens sake can you call RAPISTS, MURDERERS, ARSONISTS etc FREEDOM FIGHTERS? If they burnt your mothers house for no apparent reason rather than voting your man - Raila, would you claim those people were freedom fighters?

Why drag Kalonzo in all this - Why is he a sellout? The fact that your hero mishnadled the man during the ODMK days, and the fact Kalonzo made what he thought was the right decision to work with kibaki - he becomes a sellout. He is not a sellout if he had worked with Raila. This is deceptive logic and mediocre kind of analysis.

Come home and read from the front,. rather than abuse kenyans with your thoughts.

Mzee wa kijiji

Mwarang'ethe said...

Tp m - pesa.

Well, lets engage in reasoned debate. You are touching here, then, there and you are educating no one. I am using your aim is to educate us, and convince us that you are right. I am right?

Now, I enquired, what is your understanding of role of an MP? I am yet to get an answer from thee on this. Could you please stick to the issue so that we can debate like educated people.

Anonymous said...


After reading your comments...i can only afford to LOL. Wamalwa was right railamania and railaphobia.

It is allowed in kumekucha to rant and rave..It is therapeutic you know. But one thing that amazes me is that Rarieda who are my neighbours is developed...LOL

Then Anon 3:58; Dude ati Raila is enforcing himself to be made a kiuk elder..Ei yawa, jameni


Taabu said...

You must be one lucky girl to neighbour Rarieda. By osmosis you should be DEVELOPED and show us the way. Otherwise I fear you will soon run of breath/gas in attempting to educate chaps suffocating from straight jacket thinking.

In the meantime can you please ask Tuju to vie in Muranga and replicate the same development. Not that MPs are meant to do that and when they fail you appoint them elsewhere to thumb noses. Linear logic can be so boring and complex to comprehend you know. Maendeleo amounts to having wealthy MP regardless of his source sof wealth. You cannot fail to smell the urge for primitive wealth accumilation.

Ivy tena,
CR has graduated to a spoilt brat and as the folklore says a king forgets he used to soil his mum's laps. Manu is bigger than CR, he isnot a legend yet and people like EC, DB, BC make him fade in comparison. Or has CR been infected by Kenyan bug of riches at whatever cost?

Anonymous said...


Remember the former US president Bill Clinton wish? His only wish was to meet president Mwai Kibaki and his wish was granted when he visited Kenya in summer of 2005 and finally met Kibaki on 2nd July.

Anonymous said...


I am appalled when s'one can say infront of people that Rarieda is developed...goodness i am shocked if he had said Gem i would have understood...Coz it is far better or even my home turf funyula. But just having a mobile clinic and a road that is stretching from Point A to B and then invite some chinese you call that development...I mean our standards are too low.
if iam too replicate that in langata constitueny bring a few wazungu here and there, built toilets and have a medical camp. that is development....By the way what is this obsession with toilets anyway?

Leave CR alone, kwanza i hear he misbehaves alot....Speaking of MANU is there some juju involved coz once you leave old trafford you become past tense...dribbling magic just disappears...We dont have to go far look at the likes of Ruud boy (van) beckham has become more of a model than a football player.....Trust me MANUs are so comfy that come next season...we will just play ball we have nothing to loose ama?


Phil said...

M-PESA said
Now we are being told by the likes of Phil that in this amnesty debate, RAO is really (please don't laugh!) A VICTIM... since Kalenjin politicians are holding him hostage. You can almost see apologists brandishing the "victim" card miles away.

I normally do not respond to wild allegations like one posted by this M-PESA fellow.

My first comments were aimed at Kalenjin MPs. I am aware RAO is addressing this issue with Kibaki who is Karua's boss. Both men are politicians and will need to look into political, legal and social ways of resolving the sensitive issue of IDPs and arrested youth, while at the same time governing the scarred nation. The last thing this country needs is juvenile and amateurish sideshows from Rift Valley MPs, or your pecking-order fallacies or your all powerful chest-thumping Justice Minister. Remember, not so long ago, an arrogant Kiraitu Murungi was in the same ministry before Martha but at the end of the day, he left the ministry in disgrace after failing to pass the bomas katiba draft and dipping his dirty hands into anglo-leasing scam. This arrogance is what costed this country a new constitution. Arrogant Kiraitu also presided over a very selective reform of the judiciary! Its the same selective justice that will cause us nightmares in future because Martha is playing cheap politics with highly emotive social subjects.

RAO himself has said it on several occassions: unconditional release of youth arrested countrywide is a precondition for peace and reconciliation. Please note, M-PESA, there is a big difference between AMNESTY and UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE. One cannot ask for amnesty if one has not committed any crime. By mixing the two, Martha Karua obviously wants to score cheap political points in Central Province so as to have a head-start in the ill fated Kibaki succession in Gema areas.

It is also obvious M-PESA has deep dislike RAO as a person and hates anything to do with ODM. But I want to categorically inform you ODM is a mass movement that enjoys the support of millions and there is nothing that M-PESA can do about it. FYI, I was born in Kibera and Ive lived there for decades. There's a lot RAO has done for residents there and this is why they keep voting him back to parliament (as if, GOD FORBID, you expected us to vote in one Stanley Livondo!)

There's this imaginary thing you PNU supporters have with Tuju. If I were to publish an independent audit of Tuju's constituency development record (including that much hyped mobile clinic that was launched at State House but is now a pathetic failure packed at Tuju's residence) you guys would then just understand how much the residents Nyanza province have for a long long time been marginalized 2nd class citizens. I do not even want to talk about the white elephant that is Rarieda water project.

As Mwarang'ethe is trying to tell you M-PESA, engage in sober, knowledgeable and objective debate rather than aimless criticism that is driven by your hateful and misplaced superiority complex.

Anonymous said...

M-pesa have beef with Raila that is why he/she cannot reason logically. It is interesting that M-pesa cannot contribute meaningfully in other topics - but will rant, rave and even ignorantly display his lack of knowledge on whose mandate it is as an executive. He will not see sense no matter how much you hammer to him.

It is worth noting that he really does not represent PNU but expresses a personal disappointment coz some PNU'ers do reason, at least to a broader margin of understanding development levels.

One can choose to take one issue (good or bad) and magnify in an effort to quench the desert of resentment like M-pesa always does. Responding to his shallow reasonings will not add value as such kinds only have sadistic unquenchable and insatiable cravings against their targeted enemies - in M-pesa's case, RAO.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:31, You talk about INFERIORITY complex, can you read and re-read what you have written. What does a whole LUO community have to do with RAO. Let's follow you train of thought for a minute. I will explain like I would to a 5 year old (pun intended).

Your communal KIKUYU wealth is not yours, it is individual, or it is communal. Then we can extrapolate that since Kikuyus are millionares that makes all of the millionaires. Just like there is abject poverty in Luo Nyanza the same applies for parts of Central, no CENTRAL is the exception.

Does it mean that since most PROSTITUTES come from CENTRAL all CENTRAL women are prostitutes. I guess then this holds true from your nonane argument.

Did I just waste two minutes of my precious life responding to this imbecile?

Kibera, Mathare, Mukuru are initiatives that need to be undertaken by your DURY ERECETED if in your argument Raila holds no EXECUTIVE power even to fire the tea girl. Do you even see your doublespeak or lack of rationale in your argument?

OXY-MORORN....have a good day won't you.

Anonymous said...

To M-Pesa

I come from Rarieda and know it like the back of my hand. I grew up there and lived there till my transfer to NBO 2 years ago.

Tell me exactly what has been tranformed in Rarieda? Tell what this "transformed stuff" that I'm yet to see in Rarieda.

If Tuju is so much that, why do you want to FORCE him on our throats. Go ELECT him in Central.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

you mean Bill clinton's ONLY SINGLE DREAMWORLD wish was to meet kibaki.

come on now. come on now. LOL!!!!!

come on gikuyu. some twisted matters and lies just sound so HOGWASH.

Oh! i forgot you are kikuyu. its second nature.

Kwale said...

You know what really astonishes me is that Raila is a visionary leader. The fact is and will always remain Raila has been in politics before many of us were born. So why was he not a visionary leader in 70s, 80s and 90s and why now? ‘Old dog learning new trick’?

One of Mr Odinga manifestos is equitable wealth distribution. But how? For anyone who understands Public Finance, Economics or Investment Banking, they would find this laughable and ask the same question.

First, how do you define wealth? Wealth is defined as simple as Assets-Liabilities.
And how do you redistribute wealth? For any attempt to redistribute wealth, it has to be made through property redistribution, taxation or regulation in order to redistribute capital and diminish extreme inequalities of wealth.

The economic/political system of communism/socialism in which Mr Odinga holds normally serves the interests of the low class which is to confiscate the wealth of the rich and then distribute benefits to the poor.
What Mr Odinga did not do to silence his critics is how he is going to distribute the wealth evenly.
One of the methods for transferring wealth is voluntary transfers from those who have it to those who do not. Mr Odinga method was and is to involve forcibly removing the wealth from those who have it and redistributing it to those who do not. And this alone is the defining factors of ethnic hatred that arose before and after December election, where many ODM followers believed wholeheartedly that Raila was indeed their saviour.
The basic premise of the redistribution of income is that money should be distributed to benefit the poorer members of society, and that the rich should be obliged to assist the poor without victimisation or by force. But what Raila has done is to demonise one particular community (even though not everyone is wealthy) and made his followers believe one tribe loss is a gain for the other.

I think it very important for people to understand things for themselves and not allow politicians to brainwash them for their own political gain.

Anonymous said...

Let's stick to the debate: RAPISTS, MURDERERS AND ARSONISTS are freedom fighters? We all know in constitutional context an MP's main duty is to make laws of the land. Try telling that to the ordinary fellas living under a dollar a day in Funyula, Karatina or Msambweni.

There's no point of bringing elitism in this debate but let's look it soberly from the eyes of the ordinary Wanjiku. The problem with Kenyans abroad being exploited by Wazungus is that they are so ignorant to the facts on the ground and completely out of touch. Get down the high horse or saddle out of town!

On Hating RAO, I'm lost for words. I've never met, seen or spoken to the chap. To put the record straight... Maybe I just don't like his guts.


Nbi Kenya.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of poverty in Nyanza, m-pesa, please take a walk on the streets of Nairobi and take a look at some of those (with all due respect to them) hapless beggars on the streets, trying to make a living.

Then watch the Prime Business News on TV. Are you sure you won't find the same chaps sitting pretty in Annual General Meetings of very successful Financial Institutions and Manufacturing Powerhouses as shareholders? What an irony! But all the same, this is Kenya, you call it 'Taking Calculated Risks'. This is not what you can find in (Luo) Nyanza, at least they do not stoop that low!

I leave it to you to guess if those faces do or do not come from 'Lesotho.'

Cheers m-pesa, have a nice evening.

Vikii said...

If the new African leadership that is being glorified here has people like Raila Odinga and william Ruto (goodness), then Africa is cursed.

The good thing is that this leadership exists on a few people's minds. It is all delusion in its purest form. No such leadership exists.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rather informative article. However, it's disheartening reading some of the comments - obviously a pointer to the level of intelligence of the haters who hate that Raila seems to be outshining the thief-in-chief. Is it possible to get rid of these hatred filled comments that dilute the smooth flow of discussion?. M-pesa and your ilk, please go to mashada!!I think you will realize the truth behind the saying - birds of a feather...(jijazie if you have ever been to school)!!

Anonymous said...

This is the usual preaching by Sam Okello reaching us now every Monday here on Kumekucha. Nothing new though. On Sunday Sam is praying to the real Messias and coming home to starts with his new worldly one. The content is always the same, only the words are a bit different. But it is always the same old story: Believe in Raila and you will go to Heaven. If you are a Kikuyu, you will anyway go to Hell. Oh, I forgot, Raila is becoming a Kikuyu now. To which group does he then belong? To the ones going to Heaven or to the ones going to Hell? Sam, please, enlighten us on this subject with your next Sunday-Monday-preaching. We are desperately waiting for your reply. Since you know it all, I am sure, you will also find the answer to this dilemma Raila brought on all of us. I almost forgot to ask you one other small favour: Since Raila gave his homecoming party as a Luo Leader after the Elections in Nyanza, maybe you cal convince him to give another homecoming party as a Kikuyu Leader in Kibera. I know there are many Kikuyus living in Kibera. It would therefore be a nice gesture for Raila to present himself also as their Leader after having been made an Elder of their tribe. What do you think, Sam? Maybe you pick up the phone and tell your 'God' back home to follow this suggestion? And please, don't forget to keep us informed so we can tell our sisters and brothers in Kibera to be prepared for the big event.

Shaddy said...

Very interesting as usual. This is why I love Kumekucha and announce wherever I go that it is the most authoritative blog in Kenya. Back to the issue at hand, what I've been saying all along is...crimes were committed by Kibaki, Kivuitu, Michuki, Ali, Grace Kahindi and other powerful figures. Are we going to prosecute these people or we're going to lay the whole election debacle on the backs of the youths?

I know it feels tasteless, maybe bitter is a better word, to call these boys freedom fighters, but what I believe is that we have things on the right track today because they were on the streets. If you think Kibaki and his troops were going to usher in the Hon Odinga to the State House while singing Kumbayah, think again.

Those boys saved Kenya.

Let the boys go!

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

Sam u have a good way of stroking the ego's of "Railaphobians". (No wonder each time you post something, u can bet the site get's plenty of hits and responses) I see the psychology and marketing classes were not in vain! FYI. I watched and listened to RAO when he was in Washington so I know where he stands on some issues. We can cut the BS and put it like this,

He wants Truth and Reconcialation which will make us face the past injustices and land reforms(He even went ahead and explained how large tracts of land were being divided. To him, the different communities should have set up a residential area where they all co-existed with proper infrastructure (more like a huge estate e.g Buru that is multi ethnic) and when they all go to work, they should have worked on the large tracts of land without sub dividing it. More like communial farming and living.

If the TRJC is set up, he expects those involved to be sincere. Perpetrators and victims to be sincere. Kama uliua watu, he expects u to confess and for the victims, he expects (complete) forgiveness so that we can move on. Ask Kagame how Rwanda is doing. The thing with us in Kenya is we are too impatient and always expect miracles with the snap of our fingers. That's the reason so many problems keep arising. Hey look at the recent resettlement of IDP's. It was so hurried and sugarcoated that the resentment of both perpertrators and victims is causing high tensions. Anything can happen. Haraka haraka haina baraka.

Just to divert a little bit. Phil @ 2:08 am. I conquer with what you posted. RAO is being held captive by some RVP MP's. Please remember that as politicians, they shout in public so that the masses can hear them and think they're doing their job but when the doors are closed, they wine and dine on other things.

I once had a principal (Chris u know who am talking about) that always told us: For every great objective, there must be a great sacrifice. Is RAO ready to sacrifice that healthy ODM voting bloc in South Rift to get to where he needs? Only time will tell. Alliances will be formed and re-aligned numerous times before the next elections.

Anonymous said...


the boys cannot be let go. they have been massacred and bodies dumped in central province forest.

When this story hits the public, expect a political earthquake.

Shaddy said...

Anon 9:52,

I hope that's not true. God forbid!


Kwale said...

Sam Okello,

If you are not aware of it, I have been saying this here repeatedly, if you have any evidence that Kibaki stole the election then please kindly present it before the court of law so the whole world can know how he stole the election. For your continuance protests in your hide-out in USA it will never make any difference. I urge you to do so or forever hold your peace.

You know if someone breaks into your property and nick (steal) your valuable belongings, what would you do? Would you go and burn your neighbours out and panga them because some have stolen your things? Only a seriously mental person would do so! You would either go after the burglar if you’re brave enough, or if you are wise you would compile the incident and report it to the police and let the law take it cause. And by doing so you might recover your stolen belongings.
And it’s the same logic here, if the elections was stolen, then go after Kibaki or take him to court and you never know the December 07 election might be annulled.

It happened before in Ukraine during Orange Revolution Movement in 2004 which saw the losing candidate declared as official winner and subsequently inaugurated in January 2005. It's not too late.
Would you not like to see RAO officially vindicated and inagurated as the president of Republic of Kenya?

Anonymous said...

FYI, Murang'a south includes some part of west Ukambani.

Did you watch CNN inside Africa last week, some Kale have never worn shoes in the lifetime. And that was just outside the prosperous Eldoret.

Anonymous said...

The uprising of our young Kenyan people against the black colonialists from Central Kenya should be supported.

Kenyans should fight against the Goldenberg, Anglo-leasing thugs. Zero tolerance on high-level robbers of tax payers.

Someone who hides a 2nd wife and uses tax payers to finance her should be told point blanc. This is corruption.

Africa needs clean politicians. No vote thieves a la Kibakis, no constitution ammenders like Museveni, no brutal stupid Mugabes, no silent Mbekis.

Africa deserves to be respected. Only true leaders like RAO will save our beautiful continent.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:31

In as much as u want to air ur 'pain' here as evidenced,please do it without having to resort to verbal diarrhoea.Please read what u posted and u will know what i mean coz thats uncalled for dude.Makes me wonder if u got any cordination of ur brains and hands!!U castigate the Luos just because u hate Raila???Now tell me what do they have to do with his visit here to the US??Some dont even know and sincerely maybe they dont care...wanna know why?Its coz they are busy looking for ways of surviving the harsh times in Kenya just like u probably are.I am at odds to understand why u choose to write that kind of puke here at the same time trying to maintain ur regard as a 'hardworking' 'Rich' and 'elite' is really paradoxical.U cant bend too low that way to be dirty mouthed and still expect the other side to look at u in that position.It doesnt work that way.And for ur info,kibera is not only luos but even ur own kiuks are there.These are people who are there not by choosing but due to the political enviroment that has prevailed in the current and passed govts.Use ur head,u talking like Raila is supposed to go everywhere doing things for people??Hes a prime minister of the REPUBLIC OF KENYA whether it hurts u or not.This country has gone thro' a lot and we all know the truth behind it.From murders of JM,Tom Mboya,Dr R Ouko,Mbai to the economic crimes,Gberg ,Anglo-whatever its all in public domain.Kenyans we are very intelligent people and trust me even the most ordinary of citizens know what happens...but people like you who choose to blame it on others u love to hate instead of talking the truth are the ones keeping this vicious cycle on.The only thing that will take us a step mbele is when we come to reality of our ailment and not thinking imagining it is what we think.If this was about Zimbabwe i would understand coz apparently majority there actualy think their problems are due to Bush and Blair.Well of course but i know they dont tell armed security services to torture and evn kill Zimbabweans.Then they wanna point fingers at the wrong kdirection.Hope my point is made on that.Stop this crap of luo this luo that and kiuk this and that.Tell the truth it shall set you free.Am writing this coz i am from Malindi and my girlfriend happens to be from Nyanza,it pains me to see her react to this kind of image people like u wanna paint.Why dont u start by ur own backyards???We know every other corner in kenya their communities have their good and bad points.No one is an exception.When i pass kericho the tea farms look amazing,just like the coffee bushes in nyeri.Then u come here and say kales are lazy and so forth..u know what??get a life or suck a lollipop my friend.Am out of here and honestly i wish this discussion could be in person...would be nice dont you.?


Anonymous said...,-says-Karua.html

as usual the custodian of the constitution shall continue to play pata potea until 2012 then suddenly there will be a rush to include some fine print in the constitution, but while we have time its always the same delaying tactics

M-pesa above is funny and interesting. first its all intellectual stuff about development agenda (similar to Kwale's a few posts back), then when challenged, adopts a pedestrian attitude. the typical off the cuff crap of ill-informed arm-chair analysts. i would add to Mwarang'ethes question the following and before you answer please think it through real slow, why do you call kibera africa's biggest slum. hint no 1, define slum (if you think mud walls and structures covered in nylon or carton boxes are the full and only description of a slum think again)
hint no 2 - Nairobi population is about 3 million but really going on to 3.5 million, do the math, about 1m is claimed to be in kibera, compute the population of other areas lavington, spring valley, kyuna and other "posh" areas see if you get to 300,000 then take the balance and apportion them to the popular estates, then read hint no 1 again.

that is typical Nairobi-speak, we are so used to being muddy that we do not realise we have mud on us, but immediately take delight when a new face appears on the scene with fresh mud and we start the ridicule.

Fact is over 50% of Nairobi dwellings are slums of varying degree of degenerate dwellings and structures ranging from mildly acceptable or tolerable to pathetically hopeless.

this would be part of the preamble before we start getting to who is responsible and how or what happened. generally the who, what, where, when, why, how, etc

you dont understand slums, lets keep it at that

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...

"Thanks for the rather informative article. However, it's disheartening reading some of the comments - obviously a pointer to the level of intelligence of the haters who hate that Raila seems to be outshining the thief-in-chief. Is it possible to get rid of these hatred filled comments that dilute the smooth flow of discussion?. M-pesa and your ilk, please go to mashada!!I think you will realize the truth behind the saying - birds of a feather...(jijazie if you have ever been to school)!!"

Anon.7.44 am, please don't be too harsh on our one and only m-pesa. He may have been ejected from Mashada, probably because of the venom he spits and the passionate hatred of serious (Luo) performers.

But Kumekucha is to diplomatic to throw him out!

Remember I said here earlier that he had said he was quitting Kumekucha? Only to show up again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:16 am.

Lol. You made me laugh my head off.


Ngunyi Ngunjiri said...

Hehehehe!! Sam Okello, you are a QUACK!!

I believe that this kind of blind sycophancy is what has empowered our politicians to get away with just about anything. How can Ruto be a hero? Really, just because you belong to the same party?? That idea is just laughable.

To imagine that murderers, arsonists and rapists are being called freedom fighters is disgusting to say the least....

Justice has to be done, one way or another.

Anonymous said...


I like your commentary. You are my hero on your well worded economic reasoning.

Mzee wa kijiji

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