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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Introducing Our New Kumekucha Man In Nairobi

…plus what exactly is happening this July 5th?

After my rather hurried departure from our beloved motherland I have felt that it is important that we still have as many contributors as possible who are within the borders of Kenya. If for nothing else then for the simple reason that they should at least be able to get a better "feel" of the situation on the ground. I am more determined than ever that this blog remains right at the top as the most reliable source of accurate information on what is exactly going on in our beloved home country.

It is for this reason that today I introduce a new major contributor, Oscar. I believe that Oscar will together with our beloved and very reliable Phil, be able to keep us very much updated on developments right on the ground. Including breaking news as it happens.

Incidentally Oscar's maiden post is about the just concluded by-elections where he focuses on the controversial Embakasi constituency.

What Is Happening on July 5th?

Readers who have been regulars of Kumekucha for a long time will know that since inception we have always commemorated the assassination of Tom Mboya which happened one lazy Saturday afternoon July 5th 1969. I hold a very firm conviction that that single event did more to alter the course and direction of Kenya for the worse than any other. And what distresses me even more is the fact some of those involved in the murder of this great son of Kenya are still walking around scott free, and within the borders of Kenya. In fact some of them are very wealthy today mainly because their heinous crime went unpunished. But alas, that's Kenya for you.

This July 5th I have a very pleasant surprise for Kumekucha readers. You can call it my gift to you for the great support you have given to this site. Ironically this July 5th will be a Saturday (just like that fateful first Saturday).

Don't miss Kumekucha this July 5th.


Anonymous said...

Your present has to be a book on Tom Mboya, something you have spoken about many times in the past for having almost finished. Of course you will give us just a glimpse of it and if we want to read more, you will for sure ask us to contribute to your living costs in the States (and that of your family in Kenya) by sending you a certain amount to your new Paypal account and the book will be available worldwide via Sahel Publishers. If you really want to make us a present (something I believe you owe us because it was, your readers, who have made you famous in reaching 1 Million hits and more), then you should serialize the whole book here for free taking into the consideration that Paypal does not work in Kenya and that many people interested in the story cannot afford to pay even a small amount. So if you want to be gracious, look into your heart and don't just count the money.

Anonymous said...

Hope that Oscar will post "fair and balanced" posts! While Phil normally posts stuff that's detailed, it's usually one sided.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Oascar is a fictious figure just like a certain Bozo who according to Sam Okello has killed Robert Ouko (according to his book The Night Bob Died), tried to kill Raila Odinga (according to the book Her Excellency) and also tried to kill Marianne Briner (again only in Sam Okellos phantasy). Me I believe that Sam Okello has convinced Chris that only writing under his real name is not enough or better said, Kumekuchans could start smelling the rat. He therefore has invented Oscar and tomorrow Harry and then ........ I leave the rest to your imagination. Watch this space. Just like many of the former contributors have already realized and have given up to post here.

Anonymous said...

im suspecting that this Oscar is the Dr. Frederick Masinde or the Mimi Mzalendo of RCBowen. If not, who exactly are all these people. And where do they live and play?

Anonymous said...

im suspecting that this Oscar is the Dr. Frederick Masinde or the Mimi Mzalendo of RCBowen. If not, who exactly are all these people. And where do they live and play?

Anonymous said...

To be honest I am eagerly waited for the gift. I will not be as negative as some people but this is surely a thankless job. Dont worry Kumekucha, you still have a huge fan in me.

Anonymous said...

kumekucha wacha wenye domo like rucy used to call it but i'm sure she ment the people from central:0 who else pronounces mouth in kiswahili domo?? because if they try to pronounce it correctly they bite their tongues? kuiks of course.

any why Chris good luck and do take care and we appreciate your efforts for keeping kumekucha going strong

ps: the domo's who are always complaining about kumekucha and peoples posts here- my question is who exactly is forcing you to stop by to read?? there are millions of blogs on the internet- so move on!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:44 correction it is ndomo....Can't wait for July 5th.
Oscar karibu kumekucha and bring them on!!!


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54, i agree with you that this is indeed a thanksless job. And that KK has a fan in you, that makes the two of us. Why aren't the other main posters representing? I knew it would be hard, especially if your dream is trying to defend the proverbial "indefensible."

There is this quote that says "those who think they know really annoy those of us who know." I wonder what some people here mean when they ask for balanced reporting. As a journalist and communicator i can assure you that it does not mean that when you say a positive of one side then you have to force a positive on the other. Never.

Lets remember and celebrate "great" Kenyans, alive and gone. Looking forward to July 7th.


Anonymous said...

Oscar a political correspondent?? As a regular reader of your blog now, I think it would be useful to have all different kind of reporting here not just politics.
There are so many issues affecting Kenyans today, things like money matters, family, health, relationships and many others. I think it would be very useful not to ignore these things.
It would be particularly very nice if you can tackle issues affecting men in Kenya given Kenyan men are renowned as the worst lovers world over. Kenya men want some insight!


Anonymous said...

Is this Oscar Obonyo of the East African Standard, the man who forged an ID of Livondo and faxed it to Professor Anyang Nyongo.

I tell you what, this cunt has to be exposed. That Kwendo Opanga left the Standard after being used by ODM and Raila is no secret and now we have Oscar Obonyo, of the Standard doing the same.

Smoke the cunt out of I&M Building. Oscar Obonyo, what a pity.

Anyway, welcome to the world of vipers

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is Oscar Obony of the East African Standard. You guessed right. Standard, the ODM mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

Right, I think you are spot on. This is Oscar Obonyo. Bring the rumours on Oscar

Anonymous said...

I think Anon 3:13, 3:16 and 3:17 is one and the same person.
You guy you mean you ask a question and you answer yourself? Eh...Kenya kuna mambo?

Anonymous said...


Mboya (RIP) probably did more harm to Kenya than any other politician. Why do I say so?

History has it that there was a stalement during the Lancaster House Conference with KANU proposing a unitary government while KADU wanted a federal government. To end the stalemate the parties were asked to consult privately during which Mboya cunningly (ask Shikuku why he called him Sungura mjanja) advised KANU to accept KADU's demands but change the constitution as soon as they were in power. The first Kenyan constitution was a federal constitution but no sooner had Kenya become independent than Mboya (as Minister for Constitutional Affairs) changed it. He, with Kenyatta and the Kiambu mafia, then proceeded to bribe the likes of Moi, Ngala and the rest of KADU to cross over to KANU thereby making Kenya a de facto one party state.

Mboya was America's blue eyed boy in the Kenyatta government. From 1965, all poticians with socialist leaning were slowly dealt with, either politically or otherwise, but Mboya's star continued to shine of course propped up by the Time Magazine, Newsweek and other American media players.

Mboya was the brains behind the mutilation of the first constitution that had clear checks and balances including a senate and mutlipartism. He eventually, created the imperial presidency we still have. Come to think of it, all of Moi's amendments (from making Kenya a de jure one party state to removal of security of tenure of judges, electoral commission, Auditor General and AG) have since been repealed but Mboya's amendments have remained hence the imperial presidents we have had from Kenyatta to Kibaki.

To me the true heros of Kenya are yet to be celebrated. Mboya was simply an American hype that has stuck in many a Kenyan's mind. When released, if they ever will, secret government papers of the 1960s will one day expose of myth!

Anonymous said...

What realy happened to Dr. Fred Masinde? Did he die a natural death after an accident on Ngong road? Who took him to hospital? Does any living person know the true answers?

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