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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hands Dripping With Innocent Blood

Guest post by Sam Okello

After the sudden and very depressing deaths of the Hon. Kipkalya Kones and the Hon. Lorna Loboso, I've found myself reflecting on the trail of death that has stalked Kenya since independence. The sad thing about these deaths is that they are never resolved, which only encourages the men who plot the murder of others to think they can always get away with the next murder. Is it any wonder they are now talking about bringing the curtain down on these murders? Does that mean killers will go free?

Just so we are clear, Kenyans are not dumb. Whenever a high profile murder is committed, we always know who's done it. With fairly accurate fingers, we can point at the man responsible for the murder of another. So for the sake of history, let's point those fingers.

J.M. Kariuki
This was one of the most flamboyant politicians the House of Mumbi ever gave us. He was known to have had an independent mind. He spoke as a Kenyan and shunned the politics of tribe. Indeed, it's because of his independent streak, and his ability to see all Kenyans as one people, that the administration of President Kenyatta had a problem with him. So in the mid-seventies, he was killed by men in that government. Since Kenyatta is dead, and Kanyotu just died, there is only one man who can tell us with certainty who killed JM. The man is Dr. Njoroge Mungai. Can he tell us the truth, or does he plan to die with it like Kenyatta and Kanyotu?

Tom Mboya
Mboya was a brilliant young man. The history books and the historians I've consulted say that he became a key rival of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, and allowed himself to be played against Jaramogi by the Mt Kenya elite. It was because of him that Kenya Peoples Union came into existence...after he came up with the regional vice presidency scheme. The rest is history, as they say. What I want to point out is that once the Mt. Kenya elite accomplished their mission to silence Oginga Odinga, they killed Tom. The man who pulled the trigger gave us the name of the man who sent him. The sender was Jomo Kenyatta. So who killed Tom? Again, if the nation wants the truth behind this murder, ask Dr. Njoroge Mungai.

Dr. Robert Ouko
Because this death took place when people my age were relatively grown up, it marked the first time we witnessed the messy nature of politics. It opened our eyes to the fact that there were greedy and dangerous men in our midst, people who could kill any of us with impunity. But what became even more shocking than the murder was that the people who killed Bob are still walking free. If you buy the bull that it has not been proven Nicholas Biwott and Daniel Arap Moi did it, dream on. What I know is that many people lost their lives because they knew or witnessed an aspect of Bob's murder. But there are three people still alive who were principals in the sordid scheme. These were characters who were directly responsible for eliminating Bob. I've given you the names of Moi and Biwott. The third name is Marianne Briner. This woman has always presented herself as one who was a victim of the evils of the Moi administration. What I know today, this very moment, is that had Marianne Briner not passed on to Biwott and Moi the private conversations she had with the man, and had she not overly hyped them, Bob would be alive today.

Horace Ongili Owiti
Horace Ongili is said to have been a rising politician in Kenya. By the time he was brutally murdered and his body discarded in a maize plantation, it was rumored that he was set to be named vice president. At that time, the seat was occupied by an Othaya MP called Mwai Kibaki. In swaths of Luo land, it was believed that Mwai Kibaki used the late Ambala to kill Horace. Since the Othaya MP is still alive, why can't one courageous journalist ask him about his role in this death? And while at it, can he also tell us what he knows about the murder of Dr. Crispin Odhiambo Mbai? Can you, Mr. President?

Bishop Alexander Kipsang Arap Muge
This man of God was one of the most influential church people in Kenya. I had the privilege of meeting him in Eldoret just weeks before his murder. I was struck by how soft-spoken he was. It was difficult for me to see in the painfully soft-voice prelate the fearsome character the press had turned him out to be. In any case, because of his pronouncements, he was killed. There are those who thought Peter Habenga Hokondo was the killer. That's absurd. The killer was a man I've called in my novels Nick Boit.

Ladies and gentlemen, those were the big five. But others have died too. Here are their names:

Pio Gama Pinto
He was a rising politician of Indian descent. Does anybody know who killed Pio?

CMG Argwings Kodhek
Those who were born a number of years after independence know very little about Argwings. What I know for sure is that he was killed. I challenge whoever knows the story behind this murder to lay it out for us. Look, there's some crap they've written about Argwings in Google and Wikipedia, what we need here today is the inside story. Who killed Agwenge?

Masinde Muliro, Hezekiah Oyugi, Dorothy Randiek, A Nakuru Nurse... These people were killed by the same men who killed Dr. Robert Ouko.

Melitus Were and Kimutai Too
If you want to know who killed these young men, ask Police Chief, General Ali.

Finally, we have Kones and Lorna. Were they killed? Like the rest of the above murders, these ones will not be solved. We have one of the best police forces in the world and yet when it comes to these political murders, they behave like a bunch idiots. Giggling sissies.

Will there come a time when they can follow the trail of the murders and tell the nation this:

'Fellow Kenyans, you gave us the task to find out who killed_______. After a thorough investigation, we can now report that though Mr. so and so pulled the trigger, he acted on behalf of the Hon______.'

Will that day ever come? Because when it does, the murders may finally end.

For Love of Country.

Sam Okello


Anonymous said...

How about the thousands of kenyans who have perished? from the Kisumu shootings in '69 through the Wagalla Massacre and on to the 1500 kenyans who were butchered early this year? do they matter less than a handful of useless parasitic politicicans?

Give me a break.

Try and think beyond the bums of your political leaders. Typical ODM disease

Anonymous said...

This article by Sam Okello is a mixture of half-truths and his own imagination. You seem to be good in writing fiction rather than well-researched articles. Your cheap conspiracy theories end up exposing your shallow way of thinking. This blog is better off without fictions writers like you.

Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Loboso died in the plane crash. An investigations is underway to determine what caused the crash. If you are convinced the two were killed, then tell us who did it and spare the investigators time and money. What’s so special about Kones death? Is he the first one to die in our skies and beyond? Many others have died before him and many more will die. Or must you invent conspiracy theories because Kones was a Kalenjin? I shed no tears for Kones. His role in the 1992 slaughter of non-Kalenjins in the Rift Valley is well known. He even died a better death.

What have the deaths of Horace Ongili Owiti and Odhiambo Mbai got to do with Kibaki? What threat did Mbai pose on Kibaki? Your chicken brains expose your mediocrity. Even if Kibaki was to eliminate anyone, whom between Raila and Mbai posed serious threat to his presidency. Even if you hate Kibaki, which you are entitled just like your fellow Luos, your arguments must sound convincing. I’m not a defender of Kibaki neither am I from his tribe, but the truth must be told as it is. The good thing with history is that you can’t distort it to suit your selfish interests.

Who doesn’t know how MP Kimutai Too met his death? If you too behave like Too, snatching other people’s wives and girlfriend and spending nights with them in lodgings, you deserve no mercy either. Or do you also want to link Kibaki to the killing? Does Kibaki go round monitoring who steals other people’s wives?

There is no doubt that Kenyatta was directly involved with the murders of J.M. Kariuki, Tom Mboya and Pio Gama Pinto while Moi plotted Robert Ouko’s murder. As for Hezekiah Oyugi, why should Kenyans care how he died if he was used by Moi to plot Ouko’s death? How comes Raila has been silent in regard to unmasking Ouko’s killers? Just like Kibaki and Kalonzo, Raila did not make Ouko’s murder a campaign issue last year compared to previous years. Or was he part of the murder cover up? Wasn’t Raila in the ninth Parliament when Gor Sunguh’s report on Ouko’s murder was shot down by selfish MPs. Now that the god of the Luos, Raila, occupies “a very powerful post of PM”, let him revive Ouko’s murder investigations.

As I have stated again in this blog, Luos spend their lives mourning and whining over imaginary enemies instead of working hard like other Kenyans to uplift their standards of living. If that will bring any food on your tables, carry on. Go on and feed on your laziness and primitive politics. You complain day and night about imaginary enemies and imaginary injustices and this has never stopped the sun from rising and setting or making the tribe you hate with a passion from going about their daily business. Macho ya chura hayazuii ng’ombe kunywa maji.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow ,wow...Sam Okello. I'm reading your article and I'm trembling...from head to toe. Man, do we have MPs? Why can't they ask these questions?

Sam, your bravery is what Kenya needs. Keep fighting for the little man!

Anonymous said...

anon@9:10, you make me cry for my country. It's people like you, bootlickers that we are better off not engaging with in discussions in this forum.

why call luos names? why shame Kones in death? watch your steps...

Sam Okello's article embraces Kenya. You need to wake up from your tribal slumber and start thinking of Kenya as one people one nation.

We need to know who's responsible for eliminating Kenyans...Kibaki is responsible 100%. You cannot exonerate this thief and killer in-chief. He just slaughter thousands of Kenyans not too long ago.

So Mr. anon @9:10, wake up from your slumber.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Prime Minister, do you support the idea of a curtain being brought down on these murders?

If you want my vote in 2010, you better answer NO!

Anonymous said...

Hey since you know it all Sam who killed JFK ? Oh wise sage please let us know I think he might have been killed because of his family's closeness to one Kenyan named Tom Mboya, please please shed some light the truth must come out

Anonymous said...

When you call Sam Okello chicken brains, I challenge you to show us what your not so chicken brain has produced. Writers are not chicken brains. They are the most intellectual creatures God gave us on this planet.

I hope Kibaki can tell us who killed Mellitus Were and Too...

Anonymous said...

Who killed Princess Diana I am sure you know Sam it is probably the same people who were behind the deaths of these people you mention and you can not let them get away with it they killed all these leading lights of kenya and the peoples princess the truth must be told Sam please let the truth be told

Anonymous said...

anon 9:34 and 9:38, aka Marianne Briner...are you responsible for Ouko's death? Don't elude the discussion. Sam did not mention JFK or Dianne in his article. Stop beating about the bush. Are your responsible for Dr. Ouko's death?

Vikii said...

Sam has assembled together the truth and blatant lies. My friend Sam, just like most of those who share his political ideology (if they have one)is so inured in the culture of partisan distortions and spin that he will say anything on this planet to get sympathy, tons of it for his beloved political heroes. It is just interesting.

1.JM Kariuki;
You are right, he was killed by Jomo Kenyatta for standing up for what is right. I was told this by my five year old nephew. He represented the forces of good while Kenyatta represented those of evil.

2. Tom Mboya
There are two theories. The first is that he was killed by Jomo Kenyatta. The second has it that he was killed by Oginga Odinga.

My personal opinion is that he was killed by Jomo kenyatta, not because he stood for anything different from kenyatta himself, but because Kenyatta saw him as a threat to his reign. He considered him a protege of the US and he decided to get him out of the way. This, in my opinion was a classical case of comrades in crime turning against each other.

3. Robert ouko
We all know. He was killed by Daniel Moi and Nicholas Biwott, once again not because he didn't believe in what Moi believed in or because he believed in anything Moi didn't. I will pass on the Marianne Briner claim.

4. Horace Ongili Owiti
One of the big four? Give me a break! How about the likes of Kungu Karumba?
I don't know much about him and I will not speculate. I will only ask why Kibaki never went ahead and killed Njonjo and Jeremiah Nyaga who, from what I read and hear, were more potent threats to his position as VP than anyone else?

5.Alexander Kipsang Muge
He was killed by Daniel Moi and his labour minister Peter okondo (Yes). Like JM, it was a case of evil vs good. His position on the need for political pluralism may also have accelerated plans for the "car accident".

6. Pio Gama pinto
Jomo Kenyatta did it. Once again, evil vs good

7. Argwings Kodhek
I thought it was a normal accident until now. Obviously, there are so many things I don't know.

8. Masinde Muliro/ Hezekiah Oyugi
As for Muliro, ask Moi. I think the motive was to sow discontent between Oginga Odinga and Ken Matiba
As for Oyugi, it's called bulshitting the bulshitter. This is the type of death we need not worry about. You may wanna holla at Biwott if you need answers.

9. Crispin Odhiambo Mbai
I don't know. The theory that sounds sensible to me has it that he was killed by Norman Nyaga for messing up with his girl. If it's true, it just reinforces the need for people to respect other people's wives

10. Melitus were and Kimuttai Too
I have no idea who killed Were.Several versions abound. The first one has it that he was killed by Waititu or any of the other losers in last year's poll. The second one has it that it was a deal gone sour with some mungiki friends of his. The other version has it that he was about to take up a ministerial appointment in the Kibaki administration. This , the theory goes, was a betrayal to the ODM party and so they killed him. The other one which Sam and Phil believe implies that he was killed by core people in the Kibaki govt if not by Kibaki himself apparently to deny ODM a parliamentary majority. I do not know wich of the first three I should believe.
As for Too, it was a crime of passion yaani mchezo wa tundu!

11. Kipkalya kones and Lorna Labosso
This was an accident, a plane crash similar to the ones that killed minister Khalif and the upper Eastern MPs led by Godana (May God rest his soul in peace). If we trully want to classify Kones' and Lorna's as murders we may as well include these other MPs. Otherwise, I do not see the importance of these two over the others.

As for the deaths of Mboya, Ouko and probably Were, we may want to read "Blood sport" by James Stewart. He talks about Vince Foster's "suicide" in the Clinton Whitehouse.

That's my response to you, Sam

Anonymous said...

First of all - I am NO Anon 9.34 and 9:38 - this is my first and only comment on this rubbish.

Regarding Tom Mboya and your 'assumption' that Dr. Njoroge Mungai knows it all:

If this was in any way true, how does it come that Dr. Mungai was invited by the family of the late Tom Mboya as guest of honour and made a speech regarding the Airlift subject on September 24, 2004, during a Function organized by the International Commission for Human Rights at the Kenyatta-Conference-Center?

The answer to this is clear: Involving Dr. Mungai in the killing is pure imagination of a desperate man (Sam Okello). Before spreading cheap lies here, ask Lucas Mboya with whom I am in contact since quite some time.

Regarding my involvement in the killing of Dr. Ouko:

You have threatened me already in the past that if I did not keep quiet about your illegal publishing and selling of my book The Shining Star, you would tell the 'world' that I killed Dr. Ouko.

I had told Chris about this at that time and he was just laughing and told me that you knew very well that you would make a fool out of yourself if you would do this.

A fool you are and this you have proven to the world not only now.

But one question remains: why then do you still keep on selling my book and more important, why do you still live on my money?

You know very well that it was meant to go to the Aids Orphans Village Nyumbani and these children would need this support desperately. Especially now after the riots since Nyumbani under their project Lea Toto takes also care of about 3.000 families and their children in Kibera.

I do not care what you say about me. But I do care about these children whose money you have stolen.

I hope you and your family can sleep at night and do not ever have to starve like those children in Kibera.


P.S. This will be my only comment to the filth you are trying to distribute here. Don't therefore think that each comment not agreeing with your sick mind is coming from me. There are many more people who have realized who you are: a crazy and desperate man cracing for the attention of people (and as Chris once wrote to me: 'Sam's wife Hellen must be a very crazy woman. You do not believe how many of her dirty comments I had to erase already...').

And just in case that he denies this now that he is living under your 'protection': I kept his emails and can prove every word.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Ok...Who else must die before we unravel all the mysteries.....My heart goes us to these gr8 men and woman Dorothy Randiek.
Just a thought...(off the post) Do you think if these men were alive, Kenya would have been different?


Vikii said...

And by the way, on Ouko's death Chris wrote here early last year that he HAD INFORMATION that showed that Raila Odinga got into a deal with Daniel Moi to go slow on the Ouko murder in exchange of being aided in the mollases fraud.

That's for you anons 9.10 and 9.28

Anonymous said...

With the comments above, iam just wondering if anyone of us are called to authenticate: Will we be able to...Maybe i am too naive and in some matters i choose to take the 5th ammendment coz if i am called to substantiate my claims i will not be able to: coz some stuff i have read above are things i can treat as rumours: remember the story of Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky? I rest my case knowing that one day even if not in this life time...every man will give an account....(Yes Taabu....I know my bible so usianze)


Anonymous said...

Could the pilot of the ill fated plane have been drugged? Here in I believe, lies the mystery. Who did it and why?

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading and exciting book that I think as least every Africa should read.'My life' by Fidel Castro....It will rock your world.

According to Fidel the kennedy assasination could not have been done by one gun man that is if he was using a conventional rifle, as an accomplished rifle man himself he claims one could not shoot reload ,aim and shoot three times in quick seccession and hit accurately, it was humanly impossible......and there will be many tales about that but kennedy remains dead and political assinations will continue Fidel himself survived more than 600 such attempts.

Now they say that Cuba is the only 'perfect' revolution most others like the African ones are mere jokes.....yet from reading that book I learned that even in perfect Cuba not every citizen or rebel shared the ideals of Castro he had to deal with tin gods and rivalry amongst the verious groups and individuals that helped in the revolotion.

It took them many yrs to come together.

My point, there are times that in order to get some general good one will have to enlist the support of thugs, crooks and other undesirable and not turn around kill them as soon as you have crossed the bridge.

Many of the political deaths in this country were commited by people who have the ability to marshal their tribes around them and create more deaths in the process of trying to get them to book.

Our best hope is to be more vigilant we now know the trend who are the most likey guys to be hit are. lets improve our intelligence on this matters to ensure the saftey of our heros then go out and continue with our developemnt agenda and fight the very same cuases this people stood for.

The assasinations are meant to be a message that we should give up doing right. They try to make it expensive and if we waste out time and energy on them we only play into their territory, for as long as we do not let the ideas and objectives of our fallen matyers
die we are on the right track.

Like the Americans like to say about their dead...Thats what they would have wanted us to do keep fighting for what the died fighting for.....

Lets use the death of these people to inspire us to keep up the good fight and send a strong message that killing will not stop a good cause and that those ideals were not just isolated in Tom, of Jmk but they represent us.

If we can remeber them now its a sign that were we to die today fighting, somebody will remember us and continue the fight. After all nobody is getting out of this earth alive.

So lets go back to finding solutions to economically empower our poorest the guys who vote, the guys who go out and protest and seriously the guys who we owe the goodside of kenya. Lets work with the living.

Sir Alex

Knoppix!® said...


I will agree with you in most of your accounts if not almost all but some will treat as just that rumours.

Ivy,too much fence sitting these days.Dada lazima msimamo kwa hiki ama kile.For Mbai one day i will ask my brother when we talk up close and candid as they always conversed every now and then and obviously he must be in a hint hint situation.

For anyone who has been to the SCR at the UoN you can tell where the clock is ticking to either in siasa or social matters.

But lets focus our efforts to make a better nest than the one we have in the name of Kenya.

Good day folks

Anonymous said...

kenyans we NEED to move on KKs let's just do one ka project one ka tiny little project like a bus stop in a rural part of kenya to help some poor kenyan souls get shelter from the african sun, And paint a KK logo on it.

Lets prove we can do something, then post the photo on this website. We need a symbol something tangible that proves this blogg is relevant. At least we can do this. Lets find out the procedure the cost the hardles the options lets get people invovled I know some copy cat bloggs may also get into it but it will give this blog some serious PR.

Lets test the commitment of kenyans to make a change.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Who killed Bob? Ask Kinuthia Muthengi aka Saitoti, George the lawyer, self-exiled Anguka, widow christobel

Anonymous said...

Human being sometimes does things that they regret shortly. It is my take that only those who would never die should kill. If Kenyatta killed Mboya, Pinto, JM, etc, I wonder how his death was on that 22nd august 1978, between himself and his maker. He killed and he died......

I am wondering what confessions Moi and Nick 'Boit' are going through. It is really rough time for their consiounce.....I wonder how they are coping... more so everytime these deaths that they are heinously purpoted to have carried out, are pointed out!

These guys are also going to die... so what was the use of killing....unless you cannot die, please do not kill!

Those who believe in life after this and may have killed will be in for a shock! unless of course they do believe that killing can be justified in some circumstances....phew killers you are in trouble after this life.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:31 AM - you forgot to mention one other name, John Troon. According to the Sunguh Report, John Troon also pointed out that according to his findings besides Daniel arap Moi, Nicholas Biwott, Jonah Anguka also Dalmas Otieno should be investigated for his involvement in the killing and/or the corruption surrounding this case. The inclusion of Dalmas Otieno was exactly one of the reasons why this Report was shelved because Otieno had become in the meantime an important figure in ODM. Shocking? There is much more about this in the Sunguh Report. Troon also mentions that there was an orchestrated effort from the Top to discredit Marianne Briner and everything she had told him when she met him in London in 1990 shortly after Dr. Ouko's death. But he was convinced that everything she had told him was true and had helped him in his further investigations. Mrs. Ouko on her part called Mrs. Briner in her evidence 'a close friend like a member of the family'.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to comment on Sam Okello’s post.
Perhaps he belongs to a different generation and so I remain noncommittal to all his posts.

Anonymous said...

Marrianne, is Lucas Mboya your next victim of malice on this blog? After he sleeps with you a few times, you will post all that scum here as you have done with Njoroge Mungai, Chris, Jeff Koinange and the rest. Lucas, kiama ya ngoja.

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner killed Dr.Ouko? She also Raped Dr.Koinange and raped Sam Okello.

Anonymous said...

Though we agree on many occassions totally disagree with this Bwana Okello.

The articles is all but your own imagination with far fetched imaginations. Give me a break.


Anonymous said...


All you've done is recycle what Sam has said. Let's agree that political deaths should never happen.

Anonymous said...


Watch out. Marianne is coming!

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned that Marianne Briner is not categorically denying that she had a hand in the killing of Dr. Ouko. Marianne, this leads me to believe you participated in the planning and eventual death of Dr. Ouko.

Marianne Briner, you owe Christobel Ouko apologies.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I believe Raila is innocent. Raila has never planned a killing of any MP or innocent Mwananchi. Kibaki on the other hand is a proven Killer. He slaughtered Kenyans in their thousands. Shame on you Mr. President.

Anonymous said...

I second Sir Alex on doing something, collectively as KK, to help others. Marianne Briner has provided a brilliant lead---supporting the AIDS orphans at Nyumbani.

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner has never cared for any Kenyan child. What she's always cared for was how to get between sheets with successful Kenyan men.

You will also notice that she has not denied the accusation leveled against her by Sam Okello, that she played a role in the murder of Dr. Robert Ouko.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ouko is about the only Kenyan who has made sense in recent years. Accusing anyone of "playing a role" in his murder is pretty heavy. Please expound.
In the meantime, I see absolutely no problem with supporting AIDs orphans; that is a reasonable idea, whether or not M. Brinner cares about children.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. If you're accussed of something of this magnitude, you've got to come out swinging in defending yourself. Marianne Briner has not defended herself. I'm waiting for her to come out and tell Kumekucha bloggers what role she played.

Marianne is known for outing secrets.Did she out Dr. Ouko to Nicholas and Moi?

Marianne can you answer this?

In other words, did she betray Dr. Robert Ouko?

Anonymous said...


you are right. MB has a case to answer. the end of her lies is now. did she betray Dr. Ouko?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for educating us on the murderer of Pio. Do you know why Kenyatta may have held a grudge?

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha readers, I've come across an article in the Standard written by Gitau Wa Njenga in London.

Troon: Moi was aware of Ouko Murder. Moi ordered Ouko to travel to Koru at night and that security at his rural home was withdrawn. But before he left Nairobi, he took with him two briefcases from his office which contained confidential files on BAK matters and highly secret papers from his Washington trip which detailed corruption in Kenya. These implicated senoir Government Ministers and officials in the Moi government and these briefcases were removed from Ouko's Koru home by Special branch officers during search.

Marianne Briner was the President and CEO of BAK. Does this prove that Marianne was sending Robert Ouko sensitive government information so as to trap the innocent Kenyan son?

Marianne can you answer this?

I hope Phil will not come here to defend Marianne Brinner.

Anonymous said...

My apologies. THis article is dated 05/05/2005...THE STANDARD...Troon: Moi was aware of Ouko murder plot

Marianne Briner was the CEO of BAK...

So Marianne, did you pass the sensitive files to Dr. Ouko?

Answer Yes or No.

Anonymous said...

Hezekiah Oyugi was killed because he was an accomplice in the Ouko murder. As they say, what goes around comes around. So Marianne Briner, your day will also come.

Anonymous said...

Another article I've come across, although this one is classified, states that Dr. Ouko was murdered and the cause of his death lies in the circumstances of the Washington visit and the allegations surrounding the BAK company involvement.

Again, Marianne Briner was the CEO and President of BAK.

Anonymous said...

Marianne Briner, could you defend your involvement with Dr. Robert Ouko murder?

Woman, I fear your hands are dripping with innocent blood.

I notice this article from Sam Okello is also a major headline on

Marianne clear your name on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned that somebody would try to scold the soul of Kones in death.
Vikii, let this man rest in peace.

On the other hand, Kibaki needs to call a press conference and answer the Kenyan people why many people are being murdered on his watch and what he's doing about these heinous acts.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, Ambala and Kibaki had nothing to do with Horace Ongili Owiti's death. You need to look closer to home to find out who killed him and why they did so. You disgrace yourself by continuing to post figments of your imagination as verbatim truth.

Anonymous said...

anon @1:54, do you work for Kibaki? Why are you then so sure Kibaki didn't organize the killing of Horace Ongili and Ambala?

Tell us what you know.

Anonymous said...

Tobua siri. Ndiyo hiyo mjamaa.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen,

The whole point of my artcle is that we should never allow anybody to get away with murder. Only the Creator has the power to take away the life He Himself created. We should come to a point where we say...Never Again!

Sam Okello

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sam. Only our Creator has the power to take away life. Not Moi, Not Biwott, Not Kibaki, Not any other politician. And Not Marianne Brinner Josephine Mattern.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, I find it fascinating that you could appear just to rehearsh Sam's points. Don't you have a brain to think beyond the box.
And how come you don't want to touch on Marianne Briner? Are you afraid she might be coming after you next? I hope you've not shared anything private with this animal called Marianne Briner. A plotter to kill innocent Kenyans is what she is. I hope her soul goes straight to hell when she dies.

Anonymous said...

As a Kenyan citizen, I strongly believe that we should hold our politicians accountable for the votes they cast in the august house.

If they vote to bring down the curtain on all the politically motivated killings, we should vote them all out of office come 2010.

The killer from Othaya don't have to worry.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news:

Kibaki killed JFK and princess Diana, SOURCES CONFIRM TODAY. Kiaki was the shooter on the grassy knoll in Dallas

He may have also caused Hurricane Katrina according to the same sources. It is also believed that Raila witll stop Global Warming and may save penguins from extinction

hahahha ODingaMorons wonder why they languish in eternal poverty

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