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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Growing Tribal Kenyan Church

A look the composition of Kenya’s present church's leadership leaves one wondering whether the men (sorry no women so far) of the cloth have borrowed everything divisive from our politicians. Starting with the Catholic Church as the largest denomination you get all her dioceses headed by HOMEBOY clergy. Leaves you wondering must the archbishop share the same tongue as his congregation? Or better still can the flock be only effectively served in their mother tongue?

As a nation Kenya is so tribally programmed so much so that odd happenings are often taken as the norm. Ages are gone when a Mr. Mwita would be the head teacher for Mogotio primary school. Instead almost all rural primary schools are staffed by homeboys and ladies who operate from their ancestral homes. This must be the most cogent recipe against national integration. The young minds have been gifted with the most able hands to implant TRIBAL SUPREMACY. No wonder some secondary readily and shamelessly prescribe local tribal rites for their form ones.

Moi may have perfected the art of tribally aligning every region in Kenya. But only our low benchmark and failure to think outside the box justifies the sectarian defence of the present incompetence. What is more, Kenyans unequivocally united in breaking from this destructive streak in 2002. But again here we are more than six years later comparing between Lucifer and the devil who is more deadly.

A church worth its name and calling is a beckon of integrity and SELFLESSNESS. The principled, steady and vocal Kenyan clergy of the 1990s makes the present TRIBAL PRIESTS look like devils undergoing slow painful conversion. No clergy in the present Kenya is beyond reproach. They all supplicate to the whims of the tribal king ruling their regional roost. Leaves you wondering whether Rome and the Vatican is following suit or they are innocent enforcers of selfish local advice.


Anonymous said...

Im Catholic but I stopped going to church long ago thanks to the antics of John the CARDINAL TRIBALIST Njue. This idiot has been everywhere, from being antiDevolution of power to calling for the release of Mungiki leader. Remember he called for the release of Kivuitus cooked results? The catholic church can surely do better.

Anonymous said...

It’s sad but this is the ukweli of mambo our leader have put us in this tribal part. Those of us in inter tribal relations suffer most. Where do you start .I would never wish my children mix anymore, it’s not worth the price.
Every one for him self and God for us all

Anonymous said...

Though it is out of this topic since some people here had asked where the article about the boy having witnessed the Cessnar going down from a roof top had disappeared to: you can find it again in the today's Sunday Nation under 'Witness tells of close brush with death'.

Vikii said...

What makes Njue an idiot, anon 10.44? Is it because he opposed the devolution you so much cherish?
I thought he was entitled to his political opinions just as much as you are.
I have little time for not just Njue, but most of the clergy. BUT it is this intolerance that really stinks. I am a proud idiot as well if all those who oppose devolution (as you probably understand it)are idiots. How about those who call for dialogue with Mungiki (against both conventional wisdom and government policy)? I think they also satisfy your second requirement for idiocy.

I think the less talked about this 'national cohesion' thing the better. I do not understand the logic behind the President's creation of a national cohesion ministry. I am told our leaders are spearheading 'national cohesion efforts'. It sounds very much like teaching people how to grow up.

The one and only sure way of ensuring peaceful coexistence and subsequent 'cohesion' is through a ruthless maintenace of law and order by both the security forces and the courts. Posting Kamba teachers to Moyale, Kikuyu palm readers to Bondo or Luo pastors to officiate in Meru will not change anything. I am sure we have been there before.

Anonymous said...

You're tired and you're poor,
you long to be free,
but in this Godforsaken land
you find no home, no family
on the many roads that you've wandered
since the day of your birth.
You've become one of the last,
lonely and wretched

Your hair is matted,
your face and hands are dirty,
and the years that you've toiled
must number somewhere near thirty.
The deepening of a sadness
broke finally into madness.
You are truly one of the last,
lonely and wretched.

Your eyes are wild and frightening
at the same time they are blessed
and I wonder if God died,
turned his back or only just rested.
And you walked out on the seventh day
through tbe big gates and on your way
to become one of the last,
lonely and wretched.

For once you were a child.
Your cheeks were red,
you were well fed.
You laughed and played
till you got teary,
ran to your mother
when you were weary.

But somewhere you were forsaken
alone I'll not bear the blame
and somehow all was taken,
your mind, your body, your name.

Forgive us our unkindness,
our desertion and our blindness,
with you, all the last,
lonely and wretched.

(Joan Baez)

Anonymous said...


Again you are at it. The Vatican is not PNU. Why for heavens sake do you engage in tribal ODM talk on matters beyond you. All what Njue has done was to condemn majimbo, condemn rapists, condemn murderers etc. Does this mean the whole catholic are idiots. If it was led by Luos would it be an idiot church? Why have gone so low bro Taabu. Why do you hate this way?

Anonymous said...


Kindly and humbly - Give us the reasons why Cardinal Njue is an Idiot? For your information, the man has never called for the realese of Mungiki. My brother the issues of faith and personae are abit sensitive? Taabu i hope you are right, i fear you are wrong. This is beyond you. Catholicism transcends parties. Please leave teh church alone. I besiege you my Brother.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

I found another poem which may help to reduce a little bit the heat of this post' topic. It's by John Denver and called 'It's About Time' -

There's a full moon over India
And Gandhi lives again.
Who's to say you have to loose
For someone else to tin?
In the eyes of all the people
The look is much the same
For the first is just the last one
When you play a deadly game.

It's about time we realize it
We're all in this together.
It's about time we find out.
It's all of us or none.
It's about time, it's about changes
And it's about time.

There's a light in the Vatican window
For all the world to see
And a voice cries in the wilderness
Sometimes he speaks for me.
I suppose I love him most of all
When he kneels to kiss the land
With his lips upon our Mother's breast
He makes his strongest stand.

It's about time we start to see it
The earth is our only home.
It's about time we start to face it
We can't make it here all alone.
It's about time we start to listen
To the voices in the wind.
It's about time and it's about changes
And it's about time.

There's a man who is my brother.
I just don't know his name.
But I know his home and family
Because I know we feel the same.
And it hurts me when he's hungry
And when his children cry.
I too, I am a father,
That little one is mine.

It's about time we begin it
To turn the world around.
It's about time we start to make it
The dream we've always known.
It's about time we start to live it
The family of man.
It's about time, it's about changes,
And it's about time.
It's about peave and it's about pleny
And it's about time.
It's about you and me together
And it's about time.

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous said...
Again you are at it. The Vatican is not PNU. Why for heavens sake do you engage in tribal ODM talk on matters beyond you. All what Njue has done was to condemn majimbo, condemn rapists, condemn murderers etc. Does this mean the whole catholic are idiots. If it was led by Luos would it be an idiot church? Why have gone so low bro Taabu. Why do you hate this way?
1:34 AM

Anon, As you rightly said Vatican is not PNU, but Njue is not the Pope either.

Whereas Njue and the catholic secretariat urged faithful to vote "with their conscience" during the 2005 referendum, they were quick to criticize the manifesto of only ONE political party in 2007. In 2005, despite the church having been shunted aside froma people's driven reform process in Bomas, Kenyans voted a resounding NO to the Wako Draft, and in 2007 Kenyans gave the same ODM majority of votes and parliamentary/civi seats. Is this Kenyan catholic church on the side of GOD (who is with the people) or is it on the side of their ethnic brethren who are milking this country dry?

Show me a single link to where the mighty cardinal Njue has ever condemned the recent irregular Grand Regency sale and amnesty to Pattni Kamlesh or even condemned the massive Anglo Leasing scam. He says youth who demostrated against a stolen election should not be given amnesty, yet here we are looking the other side when a blanket amnesty is given to someone who stole upwards of US$ 1 billion from state coffers hence denying millions of Kenyan children right to food, health, education, etc.

Why has Njue not condemned negative ethnicity and nepotism in government? Why should one ethnic group domineer 42 others yet these are public positions? Why hasnt you cardinal condemned the Artur Brothers? Why hasnt your cardinal condemned the president for keeping a 2nd wife/mistress, and an illegitimate daughter on tax payer account? Incidentally the same daughter had NO qualms annoucing she was marrying one of those mamlukis!
Why hasn't your cardinal condemned the torching of children in Naivasha? Why hasn't he condemned the fact that Kenyan tax payers are paying a a hefty salary to the so called 1st lady as salary for doing ZERO work?

You guys ought to spare us this shameless hyprocrisy. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

What Njue hates is "kabila adui yetu" type of politics, and the majimbo of ethnic cleansing.

Anonymous said...

Why should the Pope get involved in the Grand Regency scam which started by the way long before the sale took place now. It started under Moi since it is connected to the Goldenberg Scam and even before that. It was owned before by Mohammed Aslam, the Chairman of Panafrican Bank, who was then killed 1 day before giving evidence in front of the Gicheru-Commission investigating the killing of Robert Ouko and the connection to grand corruption in which Aslam's bank was the key factor. After Aslam's death and after his family left for London, the Grand Regency went to Pattni. Although I wonder if he ever was the real owner or not covering up for the bigger shots. Also Dalmas Otieno, Prof. Saitoti, Nicholas Biwott and of course Daniel arap Moi were involved. Also your claim that Pattni has stolen 1 Billion to the Kenyan people is incorrect. Pattnis was a small fish in this, and again the same people as mentioned before adding also Cyrus Jirongo and Joshua Kulei, are the real ones to go after. I strongly believe that this secret sale of the Grand Regency has something to do with hiding the real owners from the public eye. Pattnis is a proxy, nothing else. There are some more people who have enriched themselves - both on PNU and ODM sides and I think you know who they are. It is easy to put the blame just on one group when the truth is that all these crooks worked together and participated together in the looting - and in a certain way still do since they still own the factories, properties and the land they 'acquired'. And again, it's ODM and PNU - they all share the cake called Kenya. But since this blog has become a 100 percent mouthpiece of ODM, only those attacking PNU will he heard. People who dare to say the truth, are shut down immediately by some hate comments. But believe me, Kenyans have learned to read between the lines and cannot be blinded and silenced anymore by cheap propaganda. At least that's one positive result of these last terrible months.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go and see Raila face Mt Kenya and bow before the entire GEMA in exchange of a meaningless position of Kikuyu Elder. But my main attraction will be to see how Njonjo will fit in with Mungiki thugs who, I understand, are being transported in tens of buses by Kuguru. I also understand that every known inducement is being used to lure the Kikuyu beloved musician/prophet, Joseph Kamaru, to go and bless the occasion with his music. If themanage to get him, Kamaru could be the only catch for Raila worthy talking about.

What is very sad is that Raila wants to be loved and accepted by the Kikuyu community but he does not know how to go about. So he associates with the wrong characters who cannot secure for him even the votes of their wives. But I guess desperate times call for desperate antics even if ni kujaribu kutengeneza supu na mkia!

HLumiti said...

When church leaders like Njue make it their duty to play politics full-time, they should expect to receive quite a bit of unpleasant flak for the pronouncements that they make. When Njue declares that majimboism is satanic he is obviously not espousing a catholic teaching but attempting to marshal a partisan agenda using his position. And seeing that not all of his flock subscribe to his politics, his persistent foray into the muck is... idiotic! Of course he is not the only church leader engaging in the tribal shenanigans but he pretty much symbolises all that has gone awry in our churches.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:12 whats important is to expose the entire corrupt lot, details of the corruption and the players all of them, it does not matter whether as proxy or architect. noone is corrupt because of party affiliation, they are just corrupt. period. but political parties need numerical strength, which implies strong grassroot support and they are therefore tempted to turn a blind eye to exploit the loopholes in legal and institutional frameworks (which incidentally they are meant to police), if a populist candidate is willing to join their party. and this is where institutions fail, if ECK had clear cut and enforceable rules e.g court case of certain nature automatically disqualify a candidate for competing until matter is resolved, and if the parties had similar and all these institutions can be trusted to adhere to these principles (taking into consideration any malicious intent to malign by rivals) then we would already by more than halfway up on the way to better and more responsible governance.

if you believe moderators in this blog have blocked such material post on another blog and let us know. i however do not think that to be the case but do let everyone know. we have to get rid of this cancer of corruption and tribalism ourselves. leaders including the church / clergy have failed and most are in fact the biggest silent partners or crusaders for ethnic bigotry and chauvinism, we may not like it but its true. if you reflect back a few years the likes of Njoya, Muge, Otunga, etc and you get a distinctly different picture of church leaders not so much as radical but as being outspoken against any form of injustice from any quarter.

the question of tribalism requires sober thinking and it would be nice to revisit this topic on its own thread.


Anonymous said...

anon 3:18

not sure why gema community is touchy about this issue. tuju did the same for kibaki in nyanza, kombo in western etc of course they all avoided or at least did not publicly announced the "tribal rituals" of elder etc, but the whole point is for someone to get inroads in an otherwise politically hostile territory. tuju is no more popular in nyanza than kuguru or njonjo in central.

storm in a teacup perhaps. or maybe some misplaced sense of bigotry feeling threatened or challenged.

in any case most of these traditional rituals are losing meaning or rather playing less and less significant roles in fact isn't that the distorted but basic genesis of mungiki. but hey am no expert on cultural practices, rather just musing loudly.


Anonymous said...

In Mombasa and in Kisumu, you can be elected as long as you are good. It doesnt mattter from which race or tribe or religion you come from.

In Nyeri, even a catholic priest or a catholic bishop or a catholic cardinal would kick your ass, if you dare to stand to be elected let's say as a mayor (even if you can deliver)when you are not from the community of a Gikuyu. If you are Otieno or Salim or Arap Kemboi or Patel you have no chance to be anything in Central Province. If you are not careful, the cardinal could personally order Mungiki to murder you.

Central Kenya is such a tribalist Province that even a man of God is ready to commit a sin to preserve the Supremacy.

This explains why Cardinal Njue can never never support a party not affliated to a Gikuyu, can never never support Majimbo (equated to loss of Supremacy over other provinces), can never never allow anyone apart from a Gikuyu to be president of Kenya.

All Gema people are like Njue and Kenyans can not do anything to convince these people. It is either a Gikuyu at the top or it is war. Even the Cardinal is ready to take up arms and fight physically.

It is not a surprise that Kimunyua has not budgeted for the Review which will include DEVOLUTION.

Anonymous said...

You can not blame the Vatican for not knowing what Njue is to the Kenyans. Many Europeans are ignorant, when it comes to African policies.

Yes, Njue is a tribal cardinal who can not march Otunga. Let him travel to Mutumu or Kitale or Kisumu, no catholic will attend his tribal mass.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

What's the big deal about Njue expressing his personal political opinions? Njue is not the Catholic church. You think he doesn't know that the Catholic church has Luo and ODM followers? How childish and shallow. If you are catholic but don't like Njue's utterances while he is the head of the Catholic church, and yet you happen to worship ODM more than you adore the Catholic God, you are free to move to another church, preferably one where ODM and its policies are more welcome.

For instance, one can always move to Legio Maria(make sure you have at all times your purple(!) gown, your personal wooden cross and personal wooden sword and personal animal skin drum for Sunday services!), OR you can move over to Power of Jesus Around the World Church whose Bishop(sorry, bisop!), one Washington(or is it wasington?) Ngede has previously expressed his admiration and love for ODM and its high priest, one RAO.

Anonymous said...

For once, against all my principles, I have to agree with Taabu. The church in Kenya is a total disappointment. The Anglican and Catholic Churches, against their better judgement took sides at a very critical moment of need. They asked to be forgiven.
I continue to struggle with whether to just dump my affiliation with the Anglican church and instead embrace Juadaism, which does not divide its own but rather encourages even demands meaningful contestation of its faithful.
In the end, I guess, church leaders are also human, and perhaps what matters most is the extent to which each individual lives and practices a fundamental teaching--"There is none other commandment greater than this:
Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."
Taabu (and others at KK), difficult, no? Hate is easier, eh?

Anonymous said...

Shout at the TOP of your voice Vikkiii But non of these Bishops, preists and whatever the ARCHs they are can ever come closer to one Maurice Otunga. Byeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...


reason PNU and ODM are forever at loggerheads is sweeping statements like that. criticism of a leader does not translate to the critic willingly leave or be banished/expelled from activity or membership.

why not simply evaluate whether the clergyman was speaking on his own behalf, his faithful nyeri congregation (before being elevated to national status) or that of the entire catholic community as its head and just maybe as God's mouthpiece

I think the mature contributors here are suggesting that clergy or religious leader of any sect be more sensitive and also be truthful with the congregation when speaking from the pulpit and according advise whether their message is personal (vested interest) or divine (what draws people to church), some are incapable of discerning and follow blindly ("for they have been called as sheep to follow the shepherd")

they owe it to them.

PNU vs ODM ongoing spat

bisop <=> mbichop
Legio Maria, Dini ya ?? etc <=> Mungiki, Tent of Living God, Akorino, etc

my point is, for every one side, there is another, and as long as we are trying to outshout each other then in the end we will still be standing exactly where we started from. those killer knockout punches are fun but in real life are very rare and only happen in a mismatched contest.

like i said before you are a reasonable person, help us all move forward.

As for Njue and other religious leaders whether against majimbo, cut, ear extension, belly button piercing, etc are these personal prejudices, congregation preference or entire kenyan specific religious sect views? or lord forbid, some prophetic message from above X 2 (not the usual above)

it would help to be clear.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

UrXlnc, very well articulated. I apologize for any offensive remarks. As a matter of fact, i withdraw them, if only to accommodate and give respect to your civility. You are the type of person i can converse with, as much as we may differ and have opposing political opinions. Thanks for your appropriate reprimand. I deserved it.

Taabu said...

Mzee wa Kijiji/Anon 1.34,
I understand it is a Sunday but please read before you hit the keyboard in response. You have both chosen to respond to the first response by Anon 10.44 which you conviniently and deceitfully attribute to be. Leaves me wondering why one wouold tag himself a lofty name bereft of commensurate WISDOM.

Vikii said...

I didn't know cardinal Njue was supposed to do what Otunga did.

Let us ignore the politics and examine the first principles here.When EVER did Njue or any other Catholic leader tell the people of Kenya who to vote for? This so called devolution is an issue which every Kenyan ought to have an opinion on and Njue is no exception. Next time you will be telling me if Njue went to the booth and voted for Kibaki, Kalonzo or whoever else, that was against the principle of impartiality that the church should uphold. If you really are true and serious about opposing the indulgence of religious leaders in partisan politics then you should direct your venom to the Islamic leaders who signed a secret 'lease agreement' for kenya with political leaders. Which is more aboniable here; A leader that gives his personal opinion on an issue of great importance to HIS country or one that signs a memorandum of understanding (allegedly on behalf of all muslims)with the political leadership apparently to seek 'parity' with other religions as if the constitution (our supreme law of the land) didn't expressly guarantee that by stating there will be no official religion in kenya and calling for the separation of "church" and state? I will leave it you peeps to explain to me how this circle can be squared.

It is wrong for anybody to imagine that 'devolution' or any other political concept out there must be embraced by all kenyans. Those castigating people for opposing 'devolution' seem to have such a misguided faith in the rightness of their opinions that they want to trash democracy. Subject it to a referendum and you will be suprised how many Kenyans will shoot it down (I believe the majority will).

Cadinal Njue is being lynched for one thing here and we all know what it is.

To the fellow telling us how Kikuyus will never vote for anyone else. Why MUST they? You cannot buy a people's political support by intimidation. It is perfectly within their rights to vote for whomever they choose. Talk of political liberalism and I will tell you that that's the exact reason why we talk of PNU having a paltry 45 seats in Parliament today. They refused to be marionettes. For heavens sake the votes that Raila Odinga got in Central Province were ten folds those Mwai Kibaki got in Luo Nyanza. Who is more enslaved here?

Phil, did you say Raila Odinga got the majority of votes in last year's elections? Or did you mean he got them in your head?

Anonymous said...


am totally with you. we may be on opposite sides of the political divide, but we all want good governance for a better kenya.

am also sure there are many others waiting for opportunity (cloud to settle) to also contribute and we can all help build a better kenya.

appreciate your understanding, and as always look forward to discussing what really ails our society and leadership, you have raised some great issues in previous threads and would like to take you up on some of those.

am humbled by your apology, great show of maturity and responsibility, likewise, i meant no disrespect.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for being the voice of reason on this post. You've outdone yourself. We need more of you

but i advise Taabu to leave alone matters religion. The post was also done in bad faith - today being a sunday.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

What will be Raila's new name when he becomes a Kikuyu Elder. Johnstone Kamau Ngengi alias Mzee Jomo Raila of Mukurwe-ini.

What a facre. From Arap Mibei to Kamau. In one year. They forgeot to make him a South African Elder when he went there last week. Tomorrow, he will be made an American elder with his sculpture on Mount Rushmore.

Kimi Raikkonen said...

UrXlnc, to complement your views, what do you think of the idea that young people should now form their own strictly issue based political party in readiness for 2012, deliberately limited to those between 18 and 50 years old who desire political office? Even an 18 year old can have leadership qualities.
Many of the current leaders(wazees) and their political parties were leaders in their late 20s many years ago, are now too tainted and untrustworthy and do not really understand the aspirations of younger Kenyans or even the modern world in the 21st century.
Lets not talk about how the proposed party would be financed for now, lets discuss the idea first. Can it fly, in your view?
Those Kenyans even in the diaspora who think they have what it takes to be leaders, especially President, should be allowed to emerge or step forward and present themselves, sell their policies without discrimination or fear, and may the best man/woman win. Campaigning on and/or appealing for tribal support IN THE SLIGHTEST, in any way, shape or form, automatically disqualifies an aspirant. Ultimately, you would be surprised at the quality of young leaders Kenya can finally have, right up to the President. This is the time for Kenya to have a younger President in that age group genuinely elected strictly from the grassroots.
I know there are those who will say, correctly, that Kenya is too tribally polarized but personally, I also believe young people are not really that beholden to tribal loyalties that they won't be averse to new and exciting ideas, especially an idea which they can directly control and own. I think this is a party that would shake Kenya to its very foundations and turn everything upside down. Those who are busy promoting the likes of GEMA or the Western Alliance would be shell shocked and would not know what hit them.
Why can't we take our inspiration from Barack Obama? After all, he is a son of Kenya and is the best icon to inspire the new party/movement.
Amongst the Kikuyu, a time comes when younger people take up leadership by forcefully(not by force, but forcefully) asserting their right to do so and going ahead and doing so, whether wazees like it or not. This is called "Itwika", and this is the time for "Itwika" on a national scale.
Taabu has said that people should think out of the box. Well, what could be more out of the box than this idea?

Anonymous said...


you've got my full attention with that post. believe even there was some initiative from a few kk faithful here to move in that direction, but . maybe taabu, chris or oscar can open a new thread/post with your article and we can brainstorm that idea - list all the positives, negatives, challenges and potential opportunities and viable or pragmatic alternatives including operating within existing political structures or opting for new ones. if not posted within a few days lets reconvene and will setup a kk side-site (like those moribund commissions of inquiry - but a serious one) where we can thrash that out with a few like minded.

Thats a great and refreshing idea.


Anonymous said...


on 2nd thoughts maybe its best to have a persistent but moderated chat on that topic and then condense some of those thoughts to a post here on kumekucha as the ideas take shape, if that is something you and a few other kk bloggers want to explore here is a preliminary chat room for this purpose

i typically use this chat board to discuss and maintain topics of interest with friends all over the world.

in order to moderate intellectually (there is a way to do this) anyone entering the chat room must provide a legit email address (which is however not exposed or published to anyone else) and a password "pnuodm"

if you want to try this out, log into that chat room otherwise we can also wait for kk to post the thread.


Anonymous said...


Am one Kenyan who will be in for immediate conversion. This could be the only way out as the current crops of leaders in both political divide are yet to rise above their tribal and community politics. This is an issue that few like minded people have put together and am glad Kimi has picked it up. This way we shall build a large Kenyan constituency devoid of hate but progressives united by their love for their motherland.

Kila la heri

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

I did not get a single point from this post but since I know you are a known kikuyu hater, I can guess where you are going.
Another kikuyu hater. Grand Regency has never been sold. It belongs to the Central Bank. Kamlesh has never been pardoned. If these two facts are not true, please quote reliable sources and provide links if you know how to.
Anon at 4.13,
You say no person from another tribe can be elected by in central. Wrong. The longest serving councillor in Muranga is Luo. There are also many Kamba councillors in Thika. Check your facts and stop drinking haterade.

Anonymous said...

Kweli Taabu ana Ujinga (read Odinga) sana. As for the anons who have stopped going to catholic/anglican churches - do you go to church to worship church leaders? Jameni..

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Jameni, kweli ya dunia (Kenya) ni mengi.

Do we ever wonder why some of our so called clergy/pastors/ministers/elders/missionaries (religious-tourists) are so addicted to evangelizing about the "virtues of a free democratic society" and "the need for ongoing political change", when in reality, their very own church communities and institutions are run like 'personal plantations' or 'ideological/tribal indoctrination camps'?

Do we ever ask ourselves, why a relic ("ROMAN" Catholic Church) from a bygone Kenya's colonial era, - one that is extremely undemocratic and out of touch with the real needs of the majority of Kenyans, and their ongoing need for democratic change,- is always meddling in affair's of ordinary Kenyan people, and with political/social/cultural issues it has never cared to really understand over the last hundred and twenty years?

Why is that after the so called "a hundred and twenty years (120 years) of Catholic evangelization in Kenya", European bishops are still being selected to manage several Kenyan dioceses (Garissa, Kitale, Lodwar, Malindi, Maralal, Ngong & Nyahururu), unlike their counterparts within the Catholic Church in Tanzania?

And then, why are thousands and thousands of European missionaries still flocking to Kenya to teach religion to the "natives" and civilize them at the same time?

How comes the present day missionaries are not flocking to Southern Sudan, Northern Uganda, Somalia and DRC, in the true missionary spirit of cultivating religious seeds in the missions?

Well, let's say that, if China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, America, Russia and what have you, poured much needed funds and at the same time, channelled the same to where they are needed most, would there still be a quasi-financial-need for the so called present day missionaries a.k.a "social workers" in Kenya of 2008?

By all means, let's forgive John Njue for the cardinal sins he continues to commit (through his religious verbiage) in the arena of politics, church enclaves as well as in some well known social circles.

Why? The poor man of the cloth (old wine skin) has yet to understand why religious leaders like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the late Archbishop Oscar Romero and many other outspoken religious leaders around the world have stood up against the mighty powers that be at a time when their prophetic voices were needed most.

And also forgive many of our Catholic priests who still strongly believe that the Creator of the Universe, and the Messiah, Jesus Christ are exclusively wazungu from the European continent.

Is one of the Kenyan Churches growing or already gone tribal, forty plus years after December 12, 1963?

Time will tell. The devil is always in the details, as the saying goes. So, let's wait and find out whether the selection of the next bishops for the dioceses of Murang'a, Nakuru, Kitui, Kakamega (soon to fall vacant after the retirement of the bishop incumbent) and maybe the long overdue creation diocese of Kiambu or Thika, will solely be based on tribe or on the right candidate with the best qualifications for the job.

Thanks be to the voices of reason and deep faith, the dioceses of Bungoma, Homabay, Isiolo, Kericho, Mombasa and Marsabit have not gone tribal. Let's pray and hope that other dioceses will emulate their examples and accept "outsiders", if and when qualified leaders are selected for all the right reasons.

After all, the Almighty does work in mysterious ways.

AMEN to non-tribal churches under the leadership of non-tribal leaders who are wise, inclusive, qualified and are not addicted to the deeply entrenched religious-cum-political hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Jubilations to the people (catholics) of Kitui diocese on getting a new bishop. Blessings be upon you all as you turn a new page in the life of your diocese.

One diocese has blessed with a new leader, five more awaits their new leaders to be appointed by "the powers that be in high places.

Who will be the appointed to lead the diocese of Murang'a, Embu, Nakuru, Kakamega (retire soon), Kisumu (retire soon) and Kiambu/Thika.

Congratulations to the people of Kitui Diocese, and to their new bishop.+

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