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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Government Threatens to Revoke Broadcast Rights for Popular Kass FM Radio

Station accused of inciting the Kalenjin against the Maasai following Kilgoris by-elections

Popular and controversial Kalenjin FM station – KASS – might be off air beginning today if the CCK decides to go ahead and close it down for broadcasting what government called inciting and inflammatory material.

In a letter circulated to media houses, reproduced below and signed by Information PS Bitame Ndemo, the government has asked the station’s management to ‘show cause’ why its broadcast licence should not be withdrawn for endangering peace and tranquility.


PS Bitange Ndemo's letter to KASS FM Management
Ministry of Information and Communications
Office of the Permanent Secretary

24th June 2008

Ref No. MIC/A.11/03 (93)

Mr C.K Joshua
Executive Chairman,
Kalee Ltd
P.O Box 2536-0063

Dear Joshua


It has come to the attention of the government that KASS FM has been involved in broadcasting material that is prejudicial to national security, national healing and the national peace, healing and reconciliation.

It is noted that on several broadcast aired by your station during the past few months ,and even including today, you failed, ignored or neglected to observe that the programmes do note incite the audiences, cause breach f peace ,defame or otherwise upset individuals groups, other corporate bodies and, or the state.

We also refer to numerous complaints filed by the government to the media council of Kenya concerning your broadcasting style and lack of standards, which you have ignored .in particular, on Saturday May 31, 2008, you contrary to the stipulations of your license of you licence, and in blatant breach of ethical practice, aired the following broadcast under the topic "lawlessness in Kenya," with a studio panellist, one Sammy Kemei saying:

"Ngamwa agobo bikchok chekipa barabara en ng'alekab bolatet.Bichotok ko mi jela rani.Icheget go maab kobay bik.Ichek go kigaba komach haki nenywa.kiip kobolya kityo eng ng'alegab bolatet.Go bichotk go kimagat kimut kotini haraka go kaginam.Lakini agot kimamagat kanam chito amun kenam chito go kitamoche kenai kabisa gel kiyai makosa ne u ni ag ni ak ni…ng'olyot amnesty inegei go ne gilen onyochi gaat chito,lkaini an anee abwotii ole kinyochi gaat chit ne kiyai makosa..Ang bikchok ii,kesomchini nyoetabgaat amu kiyai makosa nee.Ma magat kenyhochikat bichotok,magat kityakta amu kigirat en buch….moche kigoch pressure policesi karon mutai komarat chi buch."

The gist of the above broadcast is that the Kalenjin do not need amnesty as they committed no crime. The or caused to be broadcast material that was inciting caller said that those who killed were only fighting for their democratic right and those who stole the elections are also murderers.

Further on Monday June 16, 2008, you broadcast or cased to broadcast material that was inciting. Your panelist spoke at the beginning of the programme about the agitation for the release of the youth arrested following the post election violence. He said people must ascertain the presence of the youth in police custody instead of assuming that any missing person was arrested and is in custody. He said many families were sitting back in belief that all the missing persons in their families were arrested by police and were in custody, without verifying the true position of the situation. He said the missing persons 'could have long been killed'

In a separate broadcast, this time on the subject of the by-elections in Ainamoi and Kilgoris, a caller had the following to say, without moderation from the studio:

"…the by-election was so full of irregularities that many people were forced to vote for Konchella forcefully. I urge the community to gear up for a serious s confrontation with the Maasais…. I appeal to the Kalenjin people to get prepared for something serious….even if it means our children and women are moved out of Trans Mara.

Another studio presenter, Kipchumba arap Sergon, expressed unhappiness saying police spokesman Eric Kiraithe has said the 14 days provided for in the constitution are not to carry out investigations. He said Attorney General Amos Wako "is not doing his job well". He added: "we have heard and seen many scandals taking place in Kenya and the AG is not dealing with them sufficiently .that is why we feel there is unfair application of law in Kenya"

The consequences of this irresponsible and inflammatory broadcast are likely to inflame passions and cause tensions, including fear and despondency, among large groups of listeners ,especially among communities in the rift valley province .this coming hot on the heels of the tragic post election violence ,does not augur well or the peace building process and only helps to accentuate animosities ,again among large groups of people.

Your station's lackadaisical attitude in the face of the most dire warnings an cautionary notes from the government and objections from many concerned listeners of all walks of life in the rift valley and further afield,amounts to a presumption of impunity. This will no longer be tolerated by the government.

You will recall, on several occasions, we have held meetings with government officials where these issues were brought o your attention. Regrettably, despite your oral commitment to upholding journalistic ethics and promotion of peace and harmony, your station has continued to broadcast undesirable material.

Your attention is drawn to Clause 11, Section C of the second schedule of the Media Act, 2007 n the code of ethics and Conduct of Journalism, which sates: "News, reports or commentaries should not be written or broadcast in a manner likely to inflame the passions, aggravate the tensions or accentuate to the strained relations between the communities concerned.Equally, so articles or broadcasts with the potential to exacerbate communal trouble should be avoided".

We also refer to our letter which granted you a license to operate a radio station and remind you that the government reserves the right prescribe such conditions as are deemed necessary for the safeguarding of peace and national security.

While the government upholds freedom of expression, including an unfettered media sector and Kenya has long played host to the largest corps of foreign correspondents on this continent outside post-independence South Africa, including world-class broadcasters, it is expected that every broadcaster shall balance this freedom wit responsibility. By dint of your license the government expects you to observe the highest professional standards and avoid broadcasts that are likely to inflame tensions and, or encourage acts of violence or militate against good taste and civilized behaviour. We are very concerned indeed with the trend your station has taken.

In view of the forgoing therefore, you are required to show cause, within seventy two hours of the date hereof, why you broadcast license should not be withdrawn for endangering peace and tranquility. In the event hat no written response is received within the stipulated period, the government will proceed to institute appropriate action without further reference to you whatsoever.

In the meantime, you should desist forthwith from broadcasting inflammatory material.

Yours sincerely


Bitange Ndemo, PhD, CBS


Mrs. Peris Nkonge
Ag Director General
Commission Communications of Kenya

Mr.Wachira Waruru
Media Council of Kenya


The Media Council of Kenya has already reacted furiously to the threat to close down the station because, as an umbrella media regulatory body, it says it has the capacity to act as an arbiter between government and media houses. The council’s chairman Waruru Kanja also added that the last thing they ever want to see happening is to have broadcasting licences withdrawn and that the council was not happy the government wrote directly to Kass rather than the media council.

In a rejoinder letter to the PS late last evening, the management of KASS FM has denied the charges level against it by government. Meanwhile, the media council is investigating the allegations.

In 1995, the broadcast licence of Kass FM was suspended by the CCK for seven days over allegations of incitement to violence during the heated referendum campaigns for a new constitution. The station was only then allowed back on air after it gave the CCK copies of the next three months programming.

Kass FM is very popular among younger listeners in the larger Rift Valley area.

Update 13h00 Kenya time

The deadline to close down KASS FM expired one hour ago but KASS FM is still ON-AIR.

The Media Owners Association (MOA) spokesperson Hannington Gaya has come to the defense of KASS whom he revealed are crying of being victimised because of a former partner/employee who has strong links in government. The station has denied any wrong doing and complain about constant government harassment saying that other vernacular FM stations are broadcasting worse content yet they have not been warned by authorities.

The MOA have said they want to listen to the alleged programming before passing any judgement.

To all Kalenjin speakers in Kenya, you can tune to KASS on the following FM frequencies:

Nairobi: 89.0
Eldoret: 90.0
Kericho/Bomet/Kisii 91.0
Kisumu: 91.0
Nakuru: 92.5
Kakamega: 102.6

International listeners can catch Kass FM online on the website at the link provided at the top of this post.

Meanwhile, the issue has now taken a political angle when some members of parliament (mainly from ODM) called at press conference at bunge this morning and criticized the government move terming it an affront to press freedom.

Ababu Namwamba, who spoke on behalf of the MPs, criticised Bitame Ndemo's threat to pull KASS FM from the airwaves saying that what Kass was being accused of has been in the public domain for the last six months and has actually been repeatedly uttered by politicians and members of the public, including being published in newspapers and other media outlets and yet the government had not arrested anyone.

Ababu added that YES indeed the elections were stolen and it does not amount to inciting the public by 'merely expressing an opinion' on issues of public interest.

More later.


Anonymous said...

Why would they do that? Then let them ban all the vernacular radio station.
IS infringing on the rights of people applicable only when the other party doesn't agree with you?
Just coz the kales dont agreee with the govt policies, they become a threat to the society...What nonsense
I was told by a friend that during the election crisis Ramogi FM (luo vernacular station) was airing a program that was marshalling support and finances to be able to bring the IDPS back home...Was that wrong? It wasn't the govt had failed. To them IDPS were only in Eldoret and other parts they forgot that we had IDPs in Central Province. So if the kales listen to KASS FM let them it has been there ever since, and if they think it is the only channel that will make the masses stand up for their rights so be it, let them demand for the release of their brothers.
Come to think of it, On 26th December (K24) which was supposed to be a news only channel aired the Rise and Fall of IDi Amin....I have asked since then what was their motive, then the same day i got an sms asking me to vote wisely coz voting iN RAO i was voting in a worst dictator....But i thank God that we (4.3M kenyans) voted overwhelmingly for him inspite of their ujinga. Let us not apply double standards, KBC is even worse they should even shut it down kabisa.
I am not bad coz i dont agree with you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kass and indeed many other vernacular FM stations need to know that there is no absolute freedom. Freedom which is not counterbalanced with responsibility is anarchy. At least, the piece regarding the by-elections in Kilgoris should be enough to make Kass face severe sanctions. Just as ZANU-PF is beating and killing people in Zimbabwe for voting MDC, we saw people raping and killing neighbours for voting differently in the RV, Kenya. There is alot of impunity going on in our country, and as a nation we need to stop it before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

The airwaves belong to the state and if the allottees cannot use them for legitimate business or to advance public good, then the licenses should be revoke without much ado.

Anonymous said...

Let them close it.after all kales were oppressed by kanu for 24 yrs but they had the last laugh wen the three boys were beaten hands down on 27th dec. we will always communicate in our own known methods. Remember silence does not mean submission. We know who is the most aggrieved by this independence,after all he had succesfully subressed it for 24 yrs and has been crying loud of late. How else will he sneak his boys back to the limelight when Kass is keeping kales alert.


Anonymous said...

Its my take that if healing has got to take place - it would be important to ensure we preach peace and be actors in peace. We've come from abyss and it would be sad to go back there.

I have not time for local FM stations - most of the time they preach hate. Unfortunately most of the listeners are rural folks mostly with no alternative voice and take the assertions as gospel truth. The statations did it in Rwanda and am pretty sure over 50% of teh hate in the last general election was transmitted through them.

The Kilgoris goof is serious and very irresponsible. Responsibility should go with freedoms. As you fight for your rights, you also should respect the right of others. Its two way.

Am not sure i would advocate for the for withdrawal of license, but equally i would propose some other severe penalty. Am also not sure what the CCK laws entail.

IVY - Dont defend what is morally and ethically wrong. Lets remove PNU and ODM politics out of this. These guys are in business, yet to make to selfish profits - they thrive in hawking hate. I have always respected your opinion, but i beg to disagree with you on this assertion. Hope am wrong, i fear am right.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

This tribe is too primitive. Their stupid radio should be banned. Even RAO now knows what kind of people he is dealing with. Kaleos say where they are the "hosts", "outsiders" have no rights but where kaleos are the "outsiders" (eg in kilgoris) they are entitled to all the rights in the constitution. How can you reason with such people. Na mimi sio kiuk.

Anonymous said...

The GOVERNMENT is right. All media organisations have a clause within their goals to inspire cohesion and cultural development. The Kales should take their frustrations elsewhere. Whether they had a raw deal after the elections, whether they had a right to kill and maim and whether they have been out of government for long, it is not the duty of a mass media to play politics and incite violence. Kumekucha should be the next one for that matter for inciting all tribes in Kenya against Kikuyu and calling for Kikuyu deaths on this blog.

To Anon, @ 1.20, it is the moral duty of media houses support cohesion and a duty that stand above all, whether for tribal, commercial or otherwise reasons. Kalee, as the company is called is not a special case. Others more in Uganda have gone through the same and so have others in Congo and the magnitude of the problem need not be debated further if Rwanda can serve as a case study. VERNACULAR.

If the vernacular radio can be used to bring out the ANIMAL in Kalenjins, then BAN it/them.

Anonymous said...

Come on, the Media Council Chairman is Wachira Waruru, son of Waruru Kanja. His other brother at STV is Kanja Waruru, which one is the author of this post refering to. Get the facts right buddy.

Anonymous said...

“Your panelist spoke at the beginning of the programme about the agitation for the release of the youth arrested following the post election violence. He said people must ascertain the presence of the youth in police custody instead of assuming that any missing person was arrested and is in custody. He said many families were sitting back in belief that all the missing persons in their families were arrested by police and were in custody, without verifying the true position of the situation. He said the missing persons 'could have long been killed'”

a week ago the station had a program requesting its listeners to report the names and details of the 'missing youths' to their councillors and Mp .A good number of the callers in the program indicated that they are not able to trace the said youth.Gava got unhappy that this was a parallel structure being setup the report should have been through the provincial admin .We live in interesting times police are also looking for same

Mwarang'ethe said...

As Safaricom guy once said, we(Kenyans) have peculiar habits.

Hear, hear this:

(a)The Gema community(which I belong to) has flatly rejected any idea/suggestion that it is oppressing/looking down upon other tribes. Thus, any hatred against it, is nothing but malice.

(b) During the kilgoris by - election, PNU (which most Gema people support, but, I do not) told the Maasai's that Kipsigis are oppressing them.

Consequently, they advised/asked the Maasai's to reject an outsider (Kipsigis) as their MP. We even know that there was violence as a result of this advise. These utterances were from PNU high command guys like Saitoti.

(c) Kelenjins are now saying or have said even before that they are the true owners of some areas of the RV (just like PNU told Maasai's about kilgoris) and the rest are outsiders.

What do we hear from the side of govenment to which Saitoti's belong? The Kass is inciting Kales.

Woe unto us, a people bereft of any standard.

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa Kijiji...I don't undestand kale, but you see for the govt to rise up and tell me today they will close Mulembe Fm i need to know the reason why coz i mean, they majorly deal with cultural stuff, my parents never told me the hows, whys of my community...So if mulembe fm is willing to do that, then why not?
My main concern let us be told what they said and how it is a breach of peace then after that if their is a cause...Trust me i will be the first to append my signature

Again who decides on the content to be aired!!!
If a caller calls and say people were threatened before voting...Let us get facts...Is it true?


Anonymous said...


Congrats! Atleast you spoke your mind today instead of 'wait and see attitude' which you have adopted basically acting as Taabu's main cheerleader. When not cheering, you just moan about your handle being stolen instead of opening a blogger account which takes less than 2 min! To be honest, most of your posts act like sleeping pills and always send me to an early siesta. Health minister should prescribe them to those suffering from insomnia.

On Kass FM, these inciters should be hit where it really hurts- in their bank accounts, simple. We must never forget that Rwanda genocide was fanned by imbeciles similar to those in Kass Fm.


Nbi Kenya.

Kwale said...

They should ban all vernacular stations not just KASS. Even the former president Daniel Arap Moi suggested so.

Remember what happening in Rwanda in 1994? It all started with a radio broadcast message that Tutsi were cockroaches.
The role of the radio in inciting killing demonstrated the importance of controlling the media everywhere in Africa.

Kenya likes to pride itself as a beacon of hope to the troubled region. If however Kenya wants to be seen as truly a democratic state, they must emulate western media.
Take for example France or UK where they enjoy free press and diverse newspapers right across political, social and ethnic lines; the media is regulated by independent bodies that has a statutory duty to further the interests of citizens and consumers by promoting competition and protecting consumers from harmful or offensive material. When the complaints are made to these independent bodies, the body has the right to investigate the complaint and where necessary revoke the license.
In cases where the complaints made are of racial, religious, then the police would investigate and if found guilty the people concerned would face jail term followed by a hefty fine to the co-operation.

Internet based weblogs are also regulated by cyber protection agency. If Kumekucha was in those countries it would have been found guilty on many accounts of inciting and exacerbating ethnic hatred, and Chris would have been in jail by now. Just be glad you have the freedom to say what you want here, others don’t have.

Taabu said...

Mzee wa Kijiji,
Why are you so fast in poining a finger at Ivy? Her post is not defending the morality (or lack thereoff) of these stations. We are missing the forest while concentrating on chopping the trees.

The venacular stations besides commerce are only filling a vacuum. There is plenty of unfairness flying around and the stations are providing a formal outlet of opinions and rumours.

You and I know the root cause of all these DECEPTION. If only the law would be applied evenly then all of them including .......woul be out. And why at it why would Maina Kageni and his ilk be allowed to broadcast porno every morning? Double standards comes in all shades it seems.

Phil said...


Date Posted: 26/06/08

Our country has just gone through a painful period of violence and ethnic based animosity. Currently, as a nation we are focused on national reconciliation, healing and unity as we support the Grand Coalition Government.

Therefore, as Kenyans, we have to reject any forms of incitement and hatred. No media freedom surpasses the responsibility of NOT inciting people to hate each other on tribal lines or to engage in ethnic violence. Any media house which engages in ethnic incitement will not be tolerated. The Government will continue to promote freedom of expression while at the same time ensuring that some people do not use the guise of press freedom to destroy our country and the future of our children. The Government will consult and undertake all its decisions within the confines of existing laws, regulations and community value standards of our people.

The Government has informed the Media Council of cases of provocation by some media houses. The Media Council has responded and indicated that it is taking up the matter with both parties to find an amicable solution.

The Media Council exists to promote media self regulation but when individual media houses break away from the law, the Government cannot just wait until violence breaks out but will swiftly act within the law to withdraw the offending licence so as to protect the lives of the people of Kenya.

In the same lines, the Government has received complains of the use of pornography and dirty language by some radio and TV stations which contravene the CCK Act, our community values and the integrity of Kenyans. The Government urges media owners to monitor the contents of broadcast material to ensure they do not violate the innocence of our children and contravene existing laws.

As a country, we know the rewards of hatred, and we should all stand united to reject hatred and apply the relevant laws against any media house that wants to send Kenya to the dark ages of bloodletting and hatred.

It does not matter where you were born, or which tribe you come from, you are Kenyan and have a right to walk proudly as a Kenyan and to be treated with respect and dignity. This is the spirit of our nationhood and the pulse of our existence in this God given beautiful home we call Kenya.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, EBS

26th June, 2008

Published by:
Office of Government Spokesperson
KICC Building, 3rd Floor
8 Harambee Avenue
P.O.Box 45617-00100
Nairobi - Kenya
Tel: +254-020-240488
Fax: +254-020-240600
SMS (Celtel/Safaricom): 2888

Anonymous said...

Any news? All u got here is NON-SENSE!!!

Anonymous said...

KASS should go. i happen to speak kikuyu and kale and have realised that unlike the kyuk stations, KASS has no style,professionalism and decorum. they allow inflammatory remarks on air and the presenters do not even bother to warn these tribalists. i think kales have this warped attitude of entittlement but they should know freedom comes with rsponsibility and the other kenyas are tired of their wining and tribal hatred so yes the government should ban KASS totally!
i second the blogger above,the kales killed kyuks coz of not towing the political line in the north rift and for naming plcas after their central homeland but they expect to control kilgoris? warped sence of entittlement!!

Anonymous said...

They shouldnt be banned but shoul be regulated, maybe fine them 5 million shillings and if they do it again suspend them for a short period

Anonymous said...


i asked you once, and i am asking you again and this is the last time.....Does it make you sad that i am Taabu's cheerleader?

Then ....If my comments make you sleep...Who forced you to read...LOL

I complained once y'day about my handle and for your info one Taabu asked me not to waste time, it is not worth it...So i you won't hear me complain again..

Did i just do that...Waste my few minutes responding to you? Goodness i can't believe it!!!LOL


Anonymous said...

Most of the people here just dont see what is going on. First of all, it's a warning. Not a verbal on, NO. A written warning. Do not assume that someone hadnt told them verbally. Now it's a written warning. Next, it'll be a suspension or total revocation of the license depending on the magnitude of issue.

As I see it now, the media council will "talk" with the owners of KASS whereby the said "culprits" will be "suspended" (given some backroom job where they wont be heard for some time but still controlling things from behind the scenes). This is Kenya !

Anonymous said...

are kikuyus the ones to decide what is "professional journalism, ethics, decorum, etc" of a vernacualr radio station.

OMG- its just a damn media station. whats the big deal.

the radio informs, educates and mobilizes. it does not cause chaos. people do.

stop useless tribal actions- mr kibaki and your kikuyu mafia.

we can see through this smokescreen

Vikii said...

Freedom demands responsibility in its enjoyment. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Attitude of Kenyans perplexes me: Why lie; why reduce a whole health minister to writing prescriptions....Is that the main reason why we think the MP for langata should construct toilets in Kibera!!!


Anonymous said...

anon1:25 AM
such a foolish post- the airwaves belong to the people of kenya- not the government!! the people of kenya can remove the government at any time they choose to- remember we pay their salaries yet we did not vote PNU in!!! get my drift- don't domo kibaki thieve here!! as government with his pnu cronies!!

Anonymous said...

anon2:30 AM
and what brings the animal to the kikuyu and the mungiki who keep beheaded and slaughtering innocent kenyans for years?? Mt. Kenya mafia elites?? then they should be jailed or hanged too!!

Anonymous said...

I am a Kenyan of Indian of origin, and have learned something about the communities in Kenya. One of the most feared community in the country is Kalenjin. WHY?

The threat to close its station has a lot to say. Every aspiring person to lead the nation knows that without their support, they will not make it. One of them ruled for 24 years.

The biggest threat now is that they are now more united than before, they are getting more enlightened each day and knowing their rights.

Every tribe, national is in their land. They are self sufficient and their land is the bread basket of the nation. These people are polite and welcoming, BUT when they react it is a mess.

So leave them alone for the peace of the nation. Or you dont know what you are messing with.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how some bloggers vomiting tribal hatred. Everyone knows how the kyuks are the favoured children. They incite worse than KASS but are untouchables. It is true there are other people outside KASSfm whose interest is to close down the station. Recently we all heard someone seriously calling for banning all vernacular stations and knew which station was meant. During Lorna's funeral the booed leader privately pledged vengeance. On wonder what is happening! KASS is credited with the rise of truely credible leadership among the kale. Closing the station would propagate more hatred than reconciliation. The government should tread with caution.

Anonymous said...


I'm a kikuyu and all the kikuyu vernaculars stations should be closed down - they are worse than Kass- the same way they post on blogs all over the internet is the same message the radio stations spew out (sometimes in kikuyu parable's- so the government is being selective yet again-
how many kikuyu's n this blog want to pretend otherwise?? what are the coded messages?? be alert and beware that other tribes do not want you alive and to become prosperous- and if they if they get in their way then they should deal with them harshly- so kibaki and his kikuyu pnu should be very careful while accusing other radio stations!!

Anonymous said...

The Kales know they have a traitor within them. We are in the government, so we do not know which government will close the station.

Someone cannot stomach the unity of the kales, while his plans are not working. He has been complaining about vernacular stations, and now his intentions have become clear.

He wants to replace his cronies in the coming by elections, but sees no hope while Kass is still on. He wants his son to lead, but no way out.

Why are the people in his home eating roots while he was the MP for over 30 years. Go feed the people before getting worked about kass.

His plans will not get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31 well said

On the face of it, no matter how well camouflaged, this strangely enough appears to be a case of central backed PNU backlash against the RV chaps and using a non-GEMA front-end shrouded in govt rhetoric. I remember coming across such an article earlier this year in the PNU masterplan on how to mollify dissent so i guess the PNU masterplan is still in operation behind the scenes.

At this point in time whether the ban or threat is justified or not its just adding to an already bad situation, first we have the armed police response to demonstrations against flawed elections in Western part targeting (Nyanza, Western and RV) i.e selective use of excessive force

then followed by army response in Mt Elgon and associated reported atrocities while a similar militia (Mungiki) is left alone , more selective armed response

then the arrest of youth again in Western, RV and Nyanza and the subsequent calls for amnesty or no amnesty etc ( once again selective justice)

and now this media house yet again its a western part or RV thing.

doesn't matter how you look at it. this is a person or person in position of authority or very close to someone high up in the PNU side of govt on a very specific revenge mission. and who knows maybe it really has nothing to do with election 2007 and probably goes back to the moi era. but thats speculation. right now face value, someone central based is on a mission to muzzle and contain RV, Nyanza, Western and Coast through intimidation, selective application of justice and on the other hand through public service appointments and ridicule (pecking order or protocol gaffes)


Anonymous said...

_______________Every aspiring person to lead the nation knows that without their support, they will not make it____________________

huh? like they supported Kibaki in 2002 and that is why he won? they only make 11% of the population, same as Kambas behind Luos, Luhyas and Kyuks, but only extremely unresourceful. I just don't see where that statement came from.

Anonymous said...

Raila and Kalonzo have ensured that post-Kibaki, there will be NO LIKELIHOOD of a KIKUYU Presidency or Prime Minister for MANY years to come. As it stands now, they are cooked political meat and must wait in line. The experience from before shows that once it goes, whoever takes over will always use the Kikuyu ghosts to win elections. And that includes Kalonzo or Raila or Mudavadi.


Kumekucha - Take notes!

1) when kenya became a country governed by colonialists, we had the king-george mafia led by governors
2) when kenya became independent we had the kiambu-bondo mafia that rode over everybody
3) when KANU and KADU merged, we produced the Gema mafia
4) after kenyatta's death, we briefly saw the MOI-Pan-Tribal-Mafia
5) after 1982, it became the KAMATUA mafia
6) after 1991 multiparty elections, it became the Kalenjin mafia
7) after 1997 elections it became the Kalenjin-Arab-Luyia-Luo mafia
8) in 2001 it reverted back to Kalenjin-Kiambu mafia with Uhuru in tow
9) in 2003 we saw the brief emergence of the Kikuyu-Luyia-Luo mafia
10) in 2004 after wamalwa's death it became the Mt. Kenya mafia
11) 2005 it reverted back to the GEMA mafia to try and win referendum
12) 2007 it went back to the exclusive Mt. Kenya mafia with support from Moi mafia
13) 2008- the Mt. Kenya mafia is in a corner and was saved by the Kamba and Bukusu mafia
14) Speculation- if Kalonzo takes over, he has no choice but to be like MOI and start with a Pan-Tribal-Mafia
15) Speculation- to further consolidate power, Kalonzo would have to finish the MKM mafia. To do so he would bring on board W. Kenyanites

note- for the kamba mafia (excitedly waiting in the wings for future spoils) to make headway, they must finish off the mt. kenya mafia. and they will do it the moi way. [b] the enemy of your current friend (a former enemy) is your friend[/b] once the kamba mafia in power with kalonzo as president signs pact with Kale, Luyia and Luo mafia, MKM is over. Q- do you think Saitoti, Uhuru, Karua and Kimunya have time to give Kalonzo 10 years of un-interupted political power. The lesson from that seat is that once you give it away, you have almost no chance of getting it back again.

Either way- Kalonzo and Raila have ensured that post Kibaki, there will be no Kikuyu president opr prime minister for a long time to come. At the minimum, they must achieve that.

- Agreed. Stratergically you need kalonzo very close to the hearts of the cabal. Because he will definitely FIGHT them tooth and nail if they ever double-crossed him and that would be the very time when kenyans can claim their country back as Kaloi keeps them busy 'ma pound of flesh or nothing'.

- i would rather kalonzo is the VP than any other weakling and none-ambitiout people like kombo, awori, etc. kalonzo is the NDP of 2007-2012. he is in the belly and will do the deed.

- years to come, we will look back and see kalonzo's strategic role in finishing off the MKM cabal. aliye ndani ndiye atangusha hii mafia.

Anonymous said...

Tanzania Citizens declare vita on wezis from kikuyuland and lynch 3 of them summarily.

Anonymous said...

hey taabu/chris/oscar

dont let this one go unnoticed, its being overshadowed by the kriegler commission

after all the smokescreens, whoever first stated here on kumekucha that Kibaki had already cut a deal with libyans was right after all.


Anonymous said...

its probably too late

but to keep a better handle on gerrymandering, the funding of politicial parties has to be released only to parties not in coalitions or affiliations, if there are such associations then the coalition must name a principle party to which a substantially reduced amount is allocated for all the coalition partners. That should stop weak (tribal chiefs) parties from being registered for the sake of teaming up with others and force the larger parties to strive for national presence hence encourage wider participation based on principles and/or policies rather than family, clan and tribal gatherings we are now getting used to seeing. There are about 300 parties, more than half of these were started by guys from central province and nairobi.


Anonymous said...

The Kikuyu Motto- Dont dare steal if you are not kikuyu. But if a kikuyu steals, shut the fcuk up. Kikuyus are entitled to steal.

Grand Regency has just been illegally sold off to Libyan Investors by Kimunya, Ringera and Mutahura

do you notice the silence from the kikuyu operatives here. they will champion obama campaign on one hand but ignore the klimunya corruption on the other hand. just switch sides for a minute and imgaine it was moi or kombo or ndetei or or orengo who sold of the hotel to some dark-monied libyan speculators? the kikuyu operatives here would be swimming like sharks ready for the kill.

the motto is- dont dare steal if you are not kikuyu. but shut the fck up if any kikuyu steals.

Mcheku said...

Wow! It is unbelievable, the kind of things that happen in Kenya! If they close KASS FM, then they should close many of the vernacular radio stations as many of them are just about ethnic hatred, this selective application of justice will not work, all it will do is cause more rift between the communities and that is no good for anyone.

It seems obvious to me that the genesis of this closure is directly linked to the information we got the other day that some youth are missing in the rift valley. The Mutua government better tell us where the youth are instead of wasting time here with statements on radio stations!

I can just imagine them closing down the station and then having the Kalee rely on rumours to try and establish the whereabouts of their sons!....I remember when this goon Ndemo shut down stations from airing live broadcasts just after the elections were stolen, I have never been so scared in my life, the things I heard during the media blackout! Disaster! Ranging from the arrest of Raila and Ruto, to the shooting of Ruto, to the resignation of Ali and Kibwana! Heh! Rumours are a breeding ground for further incitement, this government does not just think and this is one disaster waiting to happen if they do it.

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