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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

By Elections: Preliminary Results Update

These are the preliminary results, top two candidates, of the by-elections conducted in five constituencies on Wednesday 11th June 2008.

PNU wins
Gideon Konchella: PNU 33,440
Johanna Kipyegon N’geno: ODM 26,088

ODM wins
Mohammed Hussein Gabow: ODM 5,759
Abdulahhi Ali: KANU 4,729

ODM Wins
Benjamin Langat: ODM 17,242
Paul Chepkwony: UDM 15,454

ODM Wins
Dr. Gilbert Otichillo: ODM 10,947
Sikalo Ochiel KADDU: 8,488

PNU Wins
Ferdinand Waititu: PNU 36,536
Esther Muthoni Passaris: ODM 27,339

Updated 11h00 local time


---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- said...

I am not happy that Waititu won, I am happy that Passaris lost.

Just because she was running for an election we get to know her other name, Muthoni! Shame on her for trying to monopolize street lighting in this day of free economy. She was just there to advance her personal interests. Though she is the most level headed of all of them. Probably someone who would have given eastlands a face, and a soft side.

Well, Waititu, not any better either. I see him as a common eastlands thug something like that kijamaa who did the song manyakee. As in, no class, no agenda, just another MP out to make a kill of his own.

Kalembe, probably the best choice (in terms of having the people at heart) that the eastlanders had but not any different from the two. Just another selfish interest. I dont see him ever making it back to Parliament. He should have been loyal to the people of Kibwezi. A miserable looser.

Anonymous said...

Passaris lost you I think ODM has lost its mojo.

They need to get their house in order. I'm happy that the people of Wajir north ignored kalooser's silly brand of cheap politicking.

All oDM supporters your work is cut out for you how do you loose a seat to PNU at this time when you a had a fairly good candidate in Passaris something seriously went wrong here. I hope its not Kivuitu's circus back in town.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

It is too sad for the people of Embakasi to choose Waititu over Passaris. I was so sure that she could have made a difference in Embakasi. She is capable. Something must have gone terribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

ODM got sympathy votes in AINAMOI as a result of Raila politicizing the deaths of Laboso and Kones. The voters responded to Raila's plea that they vote in sympathy to the deaths, otherwise UDM would have won easily as all indications had shown in the final days that it is the favorite party among Kipsigis. Kipsigis still demand to be give two full cabinet posts and two assistant minister posts. One of the full cabinet posts must go to Frank Bett. If that doesn't happen there will be a parmanent rapture between Raila and Kipsigis. He cannot continue treating us as if we are juniors to Nandis and Luos.

Anonymous said...

The people of Embakasi finally put the overrated Passaris in her place. She made it in Street Lighting business by kissing the right mandarins and getting a monopoly. She is not called "Kalembo" in the inner circles of ODM for nothing - you know what I mean? Notwithstanding her shortcuts and escapades, she is capable of succeeding in a lot of different fields.

The fact that ODM got more seats in the last elections in th city should not make them forget that Nairobi inawenyewe. If PNU affiliates had not fielded multiple candidates in each constituency, the only seat ODM would have won is that of Lang'ata.

Anonymous said...

ODM lost Embakasi despite Raila going to bed with Mungiki for votes. On 20th July Raila is going to wear some raw animal skins in Nyeri to be made a "Kikuyu elder" by the likes of Kuguru. I don't know when it will ever sink in his head that the tricks which he has used so successfully with other tribes will never work with the House of Mumbi. I keep saying that if he really wants votes from that homestead, let him come through the main gate in the company of its beloved sons and daughters, but not in the company of thugs (Mungiki), political rejects (Kuguru), and prodigal sons (Njonjo & Gachoka). In addition, he must condemn use of violence as a tool of political advancement. I don't think that is asking too much from a man aspiring to be a president of a country in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

3 out of 5 is a win for ODM. Why do we choose to overlook THE HOTSPOTS such as Ainamoi which was threatened by UDM? All other aspirants, R.V leaders-some very "powerful" in the region who were not for ODM rallied behind the UDM candidate. Their agenda; to show that ODM has lost the Rift Valley voters, in particular the Kipsigis.
UDMs' agenda through the "grand opposition opportunists" was to undermine ODM through the kipsigis politics, well guess who triumphed amidst the wails of this disillusioned Mps, ODM, ODM, ODM!!Clearly that attempt fell flat on their faces, there are better ways to adress the communities grievances, not divisive tribal politics
...The same applies to Emuhaya constituency, KADUs' Jirongo had the same agenda, lakini wapi!!
Open your eyes to that reality, ODMs threat was greater in the R.V & WESTERN, where there is "fanatic following" should ODM have lost these constituencies, the argument that ODM is loosing base would have been credible.


P.S, for all those who claim our leaders are the source of all our problems, which I have always refuted, Embakasi is a classic example. KENYANS are the problem, THEY vote in these "leaders"
Between the two candidates in Passaris & Waititu, it is no secret that one holds no candle to the other, yet they have voted in a common thug with no vision for Embakasi (waititu). A COMMON RECYCLED THIEF, VERSUS NEW, YOUNG, REFRESHING CHANGE FOR EMBAKASI...tafadhali wasitulilie baadaye that they have sewage running in their taps, improper infrastructure, inadequate or lack of basic facilities. THEY HAVE MADE THEIR CHOICE, A LOOSER. GET READY FOR THE FLEAS.

By the way, supreme whateva..passaris won tenders fair n square she did not monopolize street lighting. Passaris would not partake in city council corrupt activities. That is why the city council & then Local Govt minister, Uhuru Kenyatta "propagandized" her as monopolizing street lighting, because she would not allow them to eat from the public & her hard earned work. She took them to court, case is still pending & when she decided to run for public office to stop this very same rot, she resigned from her Adopt a Light comp, not wanting any conflict of interst... And that is a lady of integrity, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Well, the people of Eastlands know impositors when they see them. Passaris kept on saying that she will light up Embakasi, and the people kept on asking her how she is going to accomplish what her party boss has not been able to do for Lang'ata. In her they saw a confidence trickster playing games with them. She could not even cast a vote for herself because she comes from elsewhere in the city. So when Uhuru adviced the people to accord her the respect due to a political tourist they listened, took the money she dished out and waved her good-bye till next time.

Anonymous said...

One thing that comes out is that ODM is still a force to reckon with. 3 out of 5.
The seat for Kilgoris they have themselves to blame...They played their cards badly choosing a kipsigis in a maasai turf..I wish they had just listened to Nkaiserry.
This morning i am a disappointed lady...The people of Embakasi choosing a common known thief (thug)One who was hounded by police less than 3 weeks ago.
He has grabbed enough land and he wants to grab more...Na bado he will steal more this 3 years i am yet to see what devt agenda he has.
But embakasians have a problem, they had Mwenje for how many years and yet there is nothing he did that could count.
The biggest joke that PNU think is that ODM is loosing its hold in parliament...How? PNU has only 47 MPs unless something changed, the others we know are ODM-K, KANU (baba na mama), Chama cha maua na kadhalika...So Panuers wake up and smell the coffee....As far as we are concerned unless they all defect and move to PNU then we can talk.
Ati a whole lady like Beth Mugo ( A US garduate goes and tells her tribesmen/women that if Waititu looses Kibaki looses his power. What crap? And those are the kind of leaders we have in Kenya


Anonymous said...


First, How do you explain the Maasai in Kilgoris trooping out of ODM to vote PNU despite Ntimama begging them not to do so?

Second, how do you explain that where ODM won it won by narrow margins and where it lost (Kilgoris & Embakasi) the margins of their losses are enormous?

Anonymous said...

12:50 AM & all other like minded goons.
hahahaha...Raila does not need you or your community, he won without you & he'll do it again without you come 2010.
Is it a case of too soft a brain that you & your ilk cannot grasp this, thus the need for the constant repitition?????
We, as sane Kenyans are waiting to hear from Raila HIMSELF if the 20th July ceremony, which you & the greater part of your community are obviously fearing, is going to take place. ODM secretariat said they are yet to even get an invite to this function, till then meza wembe, we have 3 outa 5 seats!
Anyway, why are you people so scared of this ceremony? Insight please
Now, dont you recall, His Excellency the legitimate president of Kenya, Raila Amolo Odinga, now Prime Minister walked in through the "front door" whateva that 2002 when he said, kibaki tosha, jinga hii.
Sorry try another lie, we are more intelligent than that.

Anonymous said...

Overall it was a loss for ODM. Although it won in three out of the five by-elections its net gain was one seat (Wajirs) and PNU has a net gain of two seats (Embakasi and Kilgoris).

Anonymous said...

1:08 AM
Great refernce to WAITITU by the way, you could not have said it any better.
Langata costituencies development, just like other constituency depends on EFFEICIENCY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT, so what did Musikari Kombo, Uhuru Kenyatta do for Langata. That should be your question. But most importantly where have you been? that is so last years topic..who is in charge of constituencies develpoments?? AGAIN, LOCAL GOVERNMENT!!
I felt the need to educate you, it is never to late to acquire even the most basic of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

1:24 am, Basic Mathematics states; 3 IS GREATER THAN 2. Have an enlightened day, wont you.

Anonymous said...

1:19 AM; you may not have adressed that question to me but I have the ans I believe...
Yes I have quoted our very own the "lost" zones, the above were the CAMPAIGNING ISSUES for the panuer party.
So if Waititu looses which I believe he did, enter fraud, & Kibaki looses??
...d'uh KIBAKI ALREADY LOST. HE STOLE THE 2007 ELECTION. What a laugh!!!
Anyway you get my drift, PNU thrives in the above which was most evident in Embakasi & Kilgoris.

Anonymous said...

Just a by the way the people of Embakasi shoud start demanding that Embakasi be split....Njiru, Dandora, Mukuru kwa Njenga, kayole can remain as one so they can choose the likes of Waititu forever.
Then guys of Savannah, Fedha, Jacaranda, Greenfields, Nyayo,Tena, Donholm Utawala can also have their own constituency...
The only reason the people voted out Passaris was coz she was fronted by ODM.....Tribalists shame on them....How come the jangos, lunjes etc found it easier to vote in Muthoni? I think people should start assimilating ....The way the kales in Molo were saying when you stay with people behave like them and we will not have this clashes ..
Anon 12:57, umenena let us not hear them complaining about infrastructure, sewer in water...Wakae hivyo hivyo...Waititu is one man who doesn't have standards i guess the only thing we will see the pot belly increase in size

Raila won hands down without gema votes...So i am wondering what other gate he should enter in through....Did anyone ever hear RAO asking or begging to be installed a GEMA Elder as a matter of fact i think the luos lost one of their elders and they need another one ASAP.


Anonymous said...

In Kilgoris, the Maasai have finally said no to Kalenjin domination regardless of what ODM wanted. Perhaps what is more important and less noticed event is the change of guard in Maasai leadership that has just occurred before our eyes.

Ntimama dropped the baton by rooting for Ng'eno and ODM against the wishes of the Maasai. He listened to Raila instead of his own people and for the first time they rejected his entreaties. As the dust settles we will know whether the baton was picked by Nkaiserry or by Konchella. One of the most dominant tribal bulls has just been castrated by the people!!! What a day!!!

Anonymous said...

Point of correction Anon 1:24....If it was Ottichilo who won and the PANUA fronted Olembo was number 2...Then it would have been something else.Ochiel was number 2 he was fronted by KADDU and i dont think it is in PANUA
In Ainamoi it was ODM, and who was the PANUA person...Is UDM the party that sponsored Sambili?

Anonymous said...

The people of Embakasi are not infatuated by pretty faces; they have enough beautiful faces amongst them without someone importing Passaris from somewhere else in the city. Instead, they prefer local leadership to someone who is escoted into and imposed on the constituency by some party kingpin or warlord.

Anonymous said...

By the Narok guy - though PNU but will be closer to ODM. His votes will go with ODM - remember Mwau. Let PNU forget Konchellah

Anonymous said...

Anon, just to make a rare comment, the Kilgoris Polictics will remain so for a long time. This will squarely be blamed on one Daniel Arap Moi. I think he made it clear from the beginning during the Kanu days that 'it is a Maasai region, let the have their own man there.' For Embakasi, it was surely going to be PNU, I think the General Elcetions figures gave a clear picture of the political trend there.

Anonymous said...

Ati Raila broke a coventant to publicly campaign for Muthoni Passaris. I pity the woman and her money. By the way, she was once featured here as the best candidate.

Raila's tribal card. Trying to impose a Kikuyu on the dominant Kikuyu electorate. Pole Raila. Wait for the coronation next week. Tribalist

Anonymous said...

i think embakassi is a good indicator that more people are begining to get their senses together. considering that their is an overwhelming gema base, but psssaris garnered over 40% considering she's a first timer is commendable. clearly its pnu that has lost its grip hear otherwise it would have been a landslide win for watitu

kilgoris, the tribal math is unbeatable. i dont think the maasai were against ODM but rather against kipsigis domination (hello gema are you listening - kenya domination)

all round the candidates were equally matched and the party of choice did not really come into play as the voters choose someone who would best serve their interests (embakasi being the exception where its not clear what waititu can really do for this area).

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:21 Instead, they prefer local leadership to someone who is escoted into and imposed on the constituency by some party kingpin or warlord.

"What do you mean by local leadership? In your own words how do you define a local leader?
By the way Passaris was not imposed their were primary nominations and she won...Recall she defeated Were's brother, Dick Waweru, Asembo......Who did Waititu defeat? He was imposed to the people by the only man in PNU (Martha Karua and if it is a warload, you have just hit the nail on the head...Who else but Uhuru Kenyatta...His looks betray him


Anonymous said...

Anon 1.24
The net gain for ODM was zero, 3 of the 5 seats belonged to ODM. they gained Wajir but lost in Embakasi. PNU net gain was 2 so ODM should better stop celebrating

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:57
Thanks for acknowledging Muthoni's hard earned work. Kumbe some of "them" work hard to own what "they" have.

Anonymous said...

i think ODM has done well considering that its basically ODM (a signle party) against a combined PNU + ODM-K and a gazillion other small parties. UDM with only one MP is trying hard to get another in for comfort and leveraging.

amazing that some gemaists only see pasaris as a tribal card forgeting that she won the nominations fair and square, no PNU type manipulation


Anonymous said...

ODM have had it rough. What did they do wrong? Since election time, calamity after calamaity after calamity has been witnessed by this bunch.

Omingo Magara lost his dad, Joe Nyaga lost his dad, Dalmas Otieno lost his son, Melitus were killed, Isaac Ruto killed, now Kones and Laboso dead and many more, and others to come. at the same time, tens are held up in prisons and they never ascended to the prersidency. Coincidence of fate. Whe you walk with people with blood in their hands, this is what you get. Mambo Bado

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder what we stand for as Ken yans. For many years i disliked Ntimama for his tribalistic chauvinist tendencies. I was very happy to see him sticking with a non-Maa candidate in a Maa territory this week. So am happy with and for him because i think he has evolved somewhat even if he losses "supremacy" because of that.

I believe i know which one between supremacy and unity is useful for this country and i appreciate all those who risk (you know what) to advocate the latter in as difficult as circumstances as Ntimama did. That is the positive for me in the recent by-elections.

However, what worries me is the fact that some people here are celebrating the fact that Maa have taught Kipsigis a lesson when they were the same ones who were crying that some tribes did not want strangers to out do them in the former's territory in the very recent past. The doulble standards definately betrays them.

To the people of Embakasi good luck because obviously you will need it. Just dont turn around and expect miracles. I wish ODM or PNU could import Passaris to my constituency (which is upcountry) and she wins. we could do with her hard work as evidenced in the adopt-a-light undertakings. By the way not all beautiful are able to get things done. In today's world it takes more than a pretty face to succeed so we should give credit where it is due.


Anonymous said...

What is so special about Adopt a light. Is that the oly reason why someone should be elected to parliament. That simply shows how our politics are downgraded to irrelevant misconceptions. So, Kenneth Matiba should be elected because he runs hotels, Naushad Merali should be MP for Westlands becasue he owns a chain of businesses and Uhuru Kenyatta shoul ne MP because his chain of businsses struddle the whole country.

Then why dont we elect Peter Kuguru, Tony Gachoka and the rest of Kikuyus who have multimillion businesses.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:04 What is special about Adopt-a-Light is that they did one thing which the GoK could not do. Lighting up the whole of Nairobi an its environs. And this idea came with none other than Passaris...She has been tested and proved that given the chance and space she can DELIVER!!!
What has Waititu done for the people of Embakasi/ Apart from grabbing their plots...Kenyans we magnify thieves more than people who can really work for us. I insist Embakasi must be split...I am even ashamed of saying that Waititu is my MP.
What has Uhuru delivered? He was the minister for local govt...What did he do with it?

Anonymous said...

Just a while back we were trying to find a way forward for this country and now we a back to dealing with retards.

Waititu's win is good cause he is PNU thats all some people need to know. PNU beat ODM. Its a very short leap from that to the president is from my tribe it does not matter wether he got there fraudulantly or wether he/she can deliver.

Its even a shortet leap to he/she is not from my tribe why should he/she benefit from 'our' gava and 'our' president.

The president is from our tribe so we can have our KCSE marks topped up. This is kenya for you our beloved country.

Like somebody said here we the people of kenya are the problem. we have no ambition besides primitive them and us type of thinking wether its tribe or party.

Martha karua has given the kikuyu the impression that they are dead without a kikuyu president. This are the people moving this country forward....

We need to get the LESOTHO thing in high gear its too expensive to have this retards amongst us.
Let them have their waititus in their central lesotho so we can have Were alive.

Kenyans HOW long? how many more lives this? is getting to costly.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Its really quite pathetic how everything boils down to the lowest common denominator, tribe and the imaginary fear of 'domination.' For as long as literate and educated citizens like those at KK continue to workship at the same altar, Kenya will remain a haven for our slimy, UNDERPERFORMING, overpaid politicians.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

The races were still very close, reminiscent of the presidential one. And the Maasai still voted for 'one of their own', I wonder if anyone is onna mess with them?

Anonymous said...

I found q uite interesting article about Esther Passaris. Here some extracts:
When the average Kenyan thinks of an amount of money they would hope to win in a domestic settlement suit, figures like Sh. 300,000, half a million or even - and this will involve some crossing of fingers and praying that it will work - one million shillings come to mind. Not so for Esther Passaris. She has filed a suit against a man whom she claims back-tracked on a promise to marry her and fathered her two children. For breaking a promise to settle down with her, she wants a settlement worth Sh 60 million. Her son and daughter have also taken him to court, demanding a payment of Sh 200,000 in maintenance every month. It is this amount of money being bandied about in the case that have captured the mimagination of newspaer readers. Reading the facilities Esther regards as her right and the breakdown of money she claims to have spent as a sacual routine during the disputed relationship with Pius, you get a fascinating glimpse into how the other half lives - a level of luxury and comfort, which to many readers is straight out of a glossy lifestyle magazine.

And how does she arrive at this staggering figure of 60 Million?

School fees for both children who attended exclusive schools in Nairobi, for example amount to Sh 238,700 per term.

Other household expenses include water, for which Esther says she pays Sh 10,000 a month, an electric fense that costs Sh 3,000 per month and the maintence of the house and car, about Sh 30,000 monthly.

Her entertainment expenses come to about Sh 20,000 a month, and she has taken out a BUPA medical insurance scheme for herself and her children. BUP Insurance Limited is a British company that offers medical care and evacuation no matter where in the world you are. This costs Esther Sh 200,000. All these are on top of the Sh 300,000 she spends on her children's birthdays, and Sh 100,000 on toys. In total, Esther says spends abt. Sh 417,500 per month. Besides the fact that Pius (Ngugi) had bought her a house in Spring Valley and gave her a Volvo for family travel. When their relationship was falling apart she wanted him to buy her a house as big as the one in Spring Valley and open a business for her (do you see now when and where the Adopt a Light Business comes in?)

Ever worried about the children's educational future, Esther took out an education insurance cover with a Scottish firm worth 250,000 Punds (Sh. 31,5 million) to which she paid 1,000 Pounds (Sh 126,000) every month. She would use the rent from her guesthouses (?) to cover this.

Esther got Sh 14 Million o invest in her business (Adopt a Light) and agreed that she would use some of this money to sustain her house. However, she asked that Pius continues to care for the children until the full settlement has been made. If, after a year, the settlement was still not final, he would take over the children's expenses while she used her money to save for their future.

The children are now asking for Pius to provide them with money to cover their edcuation until they are 25. The money wqill accumulate at the rate of 10 percent every year. If Pius were to say yes, he would pay Sh 507,000 for the first year of this scheme. By 2011 he would pay Sh 1,1 million, and by 2021, when the girl was 25, he would be paying Sh 2,2 million. For the second child who is younger, Pius would start off by paying Sh 207,000. By the time the child was 11, this annual sum would have hit the one million mark. In 2025, when the child ws 25, this sum would come to Sh 4,1 million.

In total, Pius would pay Sh 64,873,19 million shillings.


This what I call a really business minded clver woman: getting herself pregnant (as she admitted herself in court) and then make a millionaire's living out of it.

But maybe you have to be an Asian to take advantage of Kenyan men like she did.

For more on this go to - How the other half lives by Wayua Muli.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:41 that article belongs to udaku.

the amounts make for sensational and interesting reading if you enjoy gossip, but there is no fraud, no massive public coffer looting etc. for most of us here we are interested in politics, public service delivery and financing.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

ODM retained its seats and gained one. PNU added two seats, Congrats. More significantly, Mungiki's vaunted clout in mobilizing Kikuyus to vote for ODM in Embakasi was shown to be just so much hot air. It could not have ben more clearer than that. I have said it before and i will say it again, majority of Kikuyu are not enamored of Mungiki, and where Mungiki have any influence, it is merely through their ability to intimidate and to mete out violence. Well, it did not work this time, and they are as much big losers as the ODM, who have always overrated their influence in Nairobi.
Coming soon to a theater near you: The Kamukunji Showdown. ODM will also not win Kamukunji, which will go to PNU.

Anonymous said...

esther pasarris is after power, not to help the people of embakasi.I glad she didnt win because she has to work harder to prove that she can be a good MP. And besides, when did she start having these aspirations? On the other hand, waititu is no better, but pasarris has a certain dismissive nature that makes her look fake.

Anonymous said...


dont mean to bash you but in a previous thread you wrote the following

Blogger Kimi Raikkonen said...

In the coming by-elections, ODM will not win a single seat, proving how out of touch with the rest of Kenya ODM is, including on amnesty.

9:05 PM

i think you are a reasonable person, but broad statements like this and your comment above can dent your credibility.

unless of course its all just politics


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:50 - a woman first choosing the right (rich) man to become pregnant, then exploiting him and other men to set up a business and then claiming it to be her own and only her own, is capable of everything. Truth is, Esther Passaris needed to get out of the shady limelight of her private sexual life into the public eyes of politics (and politicians). That's where she sees her future now that she has reached the age where becoming pregnant is not functioning anymore. I'm glad the voters in Embakasi have seen all this behind her painted mask and expensive dressing and gave her a lesson that we do not need this kind of woman, at least not in politics at a time when we are desperate to get rid of the dirt of the past. Esther Passaris is definitely part of the clique which ruined our country.

Anonymous said...

Ati 3 out of 5, so ODM won! Ivy, you are too clever for me, i cant keep up.

Anonymous said...

I have read the full article mentioned by Anon 4:41 AM. The staggering figures mentioned are correct. They were taken out of the official court papers filed by Esther Passaris herself. For those who don't want to believe this since it is always easier to close the eyes infront of the truth, here is the link. (headline: How the other half lives).

Anonymous said...

If PNU wins the Kamukunji seat, how is it of benefit to anyone? Kamukunji has been having Norman Nyaga...Did he have any agenda....Same applies to Mbugua, what agenda does he have for kamukunji or is it just a mere fact that he schooled there. I as an ODMer want someone to win on merit and not because of his tribe. Mbugua will only win because of the kikuyu factor and no other reason!!!!I would love someone to proove me wrong, and that is why Nairobi is a mess?
What is the big difference between Embakasi and Kamukunji?
ODM did not loose, the people of Embakasi are the ones who lost, just the mere fact that the people who would have chartered the way forward were in their offices working and they let people who dont give a damn abt issues the rights to choose their leader...What a wasted opportunity?

Urxlnc the udaku page has not been on for a while....That is why Anon 4:41 had to slot it in here. Does it matter what Passaris does with her personal life? So long as she was given work to do and she did it perfectly...Hiyo tosha and by the way if Pius fathered the children then he has the responsibility to raise children in the same way that he would have raised them if he were staying with them...What crap?


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:12, Definately what did you think? Me and you at par? Haiwezekani


Anonymous said...

Passaris made a killing from adopt-a-light, hence one of the reasons why she was reluctant to give up to the public sector. Whilst obviously our useless city council is one, she wanted to continue to enjoy the subsidies for providing a public good, but like a true capitalist maximise on the profit. So using adopt-a-light for her track record isnt a very strong thing

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:12, read the comments of Anon 1:28, they make sense....Simple maths: 1,2,3,4,5...Then if you have five sweets and 2 children, then you give the boy 3 sweets, and the girl 2 sweets. You remain with 0. Between the boy and the girl who has more? Need i say more?
You see that is the reason why i can't be at par with you?


Abdul said...

1st of all don't forget few things:

1. To know which party is popular, you use unconvential methods. In this case, the ONLY determining factor is Wajor North because they don't have the same reasons other voters had in deciding their choice.

For Embakasi, it was simply to be a Kyuk seat as it was always. So, there is nothing new here. And Kyuks voted for their son as usual.

For Kilgoris, let's not forget that all ODM Maasai MPs and councillors (save Ntimama for political reasons since he will exit next elections as he said) routed for Koncellah not because of party but to save gaurd a Maasai seat that also carries the name of an entire district (Kilgoris). So Konchella's win has nothing to do with party but with tribal loyalty. You don't expect Maasais to forge alliance with Kyuks, after all, Maasai land was stolen by Kyuks.

For Emuhaya, it is Mudavadi's turf and also Marende's place, so it is ODM zone and ODM also have a grip on Western Kenya.

For Ainamoi, UDM is another small ODM, just like Sambili is an ODM woman despite her coming through UDM. Despite that, ODM which represents all tribes survived and the turnout was 48% unlike in the elections when it was 92%. One thing must be noted however, that ODM almost imposted Langat on Ainamoi, I guess out of sympathy. So some were angry. If PNU is popular, then ask KANU candidate in Ainamoi or Narc-K candidate in Emuhaya. You are joking boy.

Coming to Wajir North, here you can use as a factor. 1st of all, PNU invested in the constituency and its candidate held it for 2 terms as well. New districts, divisions were created just the other day also for election purposes. Moreover, PNU's candidate hailed from the bigger clan so he was to take it easily.

However, all that didn't work and NEP-ners voted for ODM despite PNU investing heavily in the place which is outside the political orbit in Kenya. So ODM faired better and still is the only structured and united party unlike the PNU 20 fragmanted parties.

Lets pray that no other MP dies bcos everyone has dear members and family. Politics shouldn't consume us.

Taabu said...

Take some nap and stop wasting your breathe in teaching BASIC ARITHMETIC. Better still if you have spare time you would rather copy the bittle or citionary. You are embarking on an exhausting journey you cannot complete. Please spre your energy for CHOIR.

That said at least Pasaries came out in the open and her lingarie is out for all to disect. But where is one Mary Wambui? Mark you Winnie's dad DENIED his own blood while making tax payers pay for Mary's security.

PNUers are opening can of worms. Don't even mention Mathare patient whome we pay in absentia for the last 6 months. SELECTIVE AMNESIA rounded in DECEPTIOM no less.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:29 AM - the only real track record she has is the fact the become pregnant by a rich man and be sure that she checked his bank account before even going to bed with him. One question remains: why did she give up the profitable business when she tried to enter politics. Which bigger gains did she see coming for her - first in trying to become the Mayor and when that failed to become MP. Does it not come even to the mind and brains of the dumbest of her admirers here that she must have smelt that she could make a bigger killing in politics. This woman smells money from a distance and does everything with this in mind: to increase even more her luxurious ways of living. Me I think that those voting against her have done all of us a great favour. Given the chance, she would have outshunned any man when it comes to bribes and corruption.

Anonymous said...


It is just that i can't take a nap.... countless assignments to handover....thanks for the advice anyway. Try and understand when common sense is not common so i was trying to teach someone to count bottletops.

The other bit as you have said let us not go there......It is a race they can't win


Anonymous said...

Someone - I can't remember who it was - noted rightly that Embakasi residents are the loosers here. You might have issues with Passaris (being an outsider et al -Didn't we import Anan to come and midwife the so called Accord?) but at least she has some agenda. What is Waituti coming with to the table? Can someone remind me why Uhuru never nominated Pasaris to NCC? How comes he supported Waititu will all the court cases? It is because Waititu is a PNU? And we expect to achieve Vision 2030 with such unprincipled and partisan leaders! God Bless watu wa Embakasi and Kenya!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to ODM. getting 60% of the seats is not a joke. And getting them in none-Luo areas like Emuhaya, Ainamoi and Wajir proves ODM is a national party.

Forget the parties that rely on tribal chauvinism to rally supporters to it in Embakasi and then use tribal divisions to get supporters in Kilgoris.

Good job ODM. The party of the future.

Anonymous said...

I have just wondered how Kenyans memory runs short. It all tribal rhetoric again, remember 30/12/2007, the poor wailed as the rich celebrated. Lets forget the winners and the losers, they belong to the family of the rich. Kwanini tuchukiane bure? Kenya is bigger than the Luos, Kikuyus, Kalenjins or the Luhyas. If you are a true patriot, say no to tribalism and join me at

Anonymous said...

Embakasi had always been a preserve of Kikuyus.

Kilgoris for Maasais.

So PNU campaigned on a platform of tribalism for both and WON.

40% however does not give you majortiy.

45 seats for PNU.

ODM as a single entity now has 100 MP's.

MEZA WEMBE!!!!!!!!!! NA BADO!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

Tribal campaign by PNU in Kilgoris and its impact on future RV issues

== PNU conceptualized and exploited the tribal division between Maasai and Kipsigis in Kilgoris. And won because of it with threats of Maasai-led violence against Foreginers Kipsigis.

Now tell me, what happens to Kikuyu IDP's in Rift Valley when the Kipsigis foreigners go back to their ancestral lands and demand all foreigners leave the area?

Martha Karua has her job on her hand. Minister for justice and reconicliation and yet her PNU party OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED tribalist tactics to win a seat.

Musical chairs is what the political class is playing. they have forgotten the lessons of 2007 post election. I fear we are looking at smoke screens. the next break out, njamba and RV are right, no annan will stop it. ni hayo tu.

Anonymous said...

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: amboffice@... [mailto:amboffice@...]
Subject: Address of Kenyans by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Raila A. Odinga

The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. Raila A. Odinga will visit Washington, DC from June 16th -19th, 2008 at the invitation of the U.S Government.

During this occasion he wishes to meet with the Kenyans in the Diaspora. We have scheduled the meeting for Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 at The George Washington University, Marvin Center, Grand Ballroom, 3rd Floor, 800 21st (Foggy Bottom Metro Station) Washington, DC from 6:30 pm. – 9:00 pm

This is therefore to invite you to please attend the meeting and listen to the address of the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Raila A. Odinga.

Embassy of the Republic of Kenya
2249 R Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Tel. (202) 387-6101 ext. 41
Fax. (202) 462-3829

Anonymous said...

The commander in chief-Kikuyu

Chief justice-kikuyu

Head of intelligence-kikuyu

Minister of justice-kikuyu

Chairman Human rights comission-kikuyu

Head of atni-corruption-kikuyu

And yet Munguki are killed extrajudicialy. There very own.

So why would they not kill Wamalwa,Were....kones...The works.
This is state sponsored murder typical way of central managing affairs I think kenyans should stop and ask ourselves how long we shall let this happen.

Yesterday it was Mbai, we let it go then Were, now Kones tomorrow its YOU!

The BIGGEST reason there is no economic development in this country is very simple....ask anyone who has tried to come up with anything truely revolutionary......some thugs with gava influnce will take it over or take you out. Weather your local or foreign.

The stories of people who have tried to do anything in this country is heartbreaking yet without such people being protected whe shall only get worse an deventually end up killing each other like the rwandese because rapist never know when to stop, until the are stopped.

Lets not engage in idle talk lets get solutions for this country!!!

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Just sickening politics of Kenya!! Crap!!


Daniel Waweru said...

Anon 3:04 What is special about Adopt-a-Light is that they did one thing which the GoK could not do. Lighting up the whole of Nairobi an its environs. And this idea came with none other than Passaris...She has been tested and proved that given the chance and space she can DELIVER!!!
What has Waititu done for the people of Embakasi/ Apart from grabbing their plots...Kenyans we magnify thieves more than people who can really work for us. I insist Embakasi must be split...I am even ashamed of saying that Waititu is my MP.
What has Uhuru delivered? He was the minister for local govt...What did he do with it?

You do know that the City Council used to have streetlights before Adopt-a-Light came round, right? And that Adopt-A-Light's idea was to refurbish the lights? Right?

It was a good move on ODM's part to have a woman candidate, I just wish it had been someone other than Passaris. I'm amazed that people put all the blame for the messy case on her: the mzee was also taking advantage of her. But Kenya is a crazily patriarchal society, so she gets all the blame.

There are far better reasons not to vote for her, top among them being that Adopt-A-Light has been very untransparent: it was given a automatically renewable five year monopoly - which is entirely unacceptable and prima facie evidence of corruption; it has two court cases pending; the KACC has also investigated it. Given that these issues remained unresolved, Passaris was not an attractive candidate. But please, let's have no more of the sexist rubbish about her past relationships.

I'm interestedin teh allegation that Waititu has grabbed land; have you any evidence for it?

Anonymous said...

For the fools in here who do not know that 3 out of 5 is 60% now you know, that is a very democratic and decisive indicator that who is should be president , mezeni wembe you can have embakasi it took three men to gang up against 1 woman and she still gave a worthwhile fight shame on you ,now all the plots in embakasi will be transferd to waitituu but we have something for him in the name of jemo

Anonymous said...

Dear ODMites,

You need to come to terms with the fact that the people of Embakasi want to be led by Waititu and not Passaris despite sewage oozing out of their water taps. Just as the people of Lang'ata chose Raila and rejected Livondo despite living without toilets, the people of Embakasi have spoken and Passaris and her admirers/suitors should go lick their wounds in a dark alley somewhere in K-Street.

Anonymous said...

People should see the bright side of Passaris' defeat. She is now available on a full time basis to be the First Lady of ODM so that they can have a reason to worship her "kalembo" face. Only in ODM would an alleged gold-digger be nominated to run for a parliamentary seat!!!! But again talent comes in different forms!!!!

Anonymous said...

In Maasailand, Konchella is now the modern day Libon Lenana. May Le Ngai protect him and his people from the treachery and subjugation of ODM. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha...This development occured more than 6 hours ago but there is no word on it here on KK.
Esther Passaris is petitioning Kivuitu to inspect the ballot boxes for the OBVIOUS FAKE VOTING MATERIALS that PNU used to rig the Embakasi by-election, investigate the heavy presence of GSU OFFICERS in Mukuru & other zones for intimadation of voters, open voter bribery among other shady activities from the PNU party that are clearly questioning the integrity of the results. ODM & Passaris as required by law informed the Police & other relevant authorities of these activities & provided them with SEVERAL fake voter cards used in the area, but with no response.

I am interested to see how ECK will handle this new electoral dispute, especially with IREC watching their every move...knowing Esther Passaris she will not let common thuggery stand in her way. Waititu may just have chosen the wrong time to steal this one.
ECK reeling from the effects of its role on the STOLEN 2007 ELECTION, may just take this opportunity to do the "right thing" by inspecting the boxes & nullifying the obvious thief if only to "redeem" whatever remains of their image, if any.
On the flip side they may just choose to ignore, yet again, their mandate of delivering free & fair transparent elections due to their obvious affinity for theft & impunity. But if they do, questions will certainly arise on why they did not do the same for the stolen election. This is not the type of scrutiny ECK is willing to welcome.

It is interesting to note that there were NO CHEERS for Waititu when he was announced winner, only jeers & shouts of ODM both in & out of the tallying hall. So unlike the other 4 constituencies.

Anonymous said...

9:58 AM please refer to 1:20 AMs' lesson on who is to "provide toilets for its constituents"

Anonymous said...

Daniel Waweru,
"On this...."I'm interestedin teh allegation that Waititu has grabbed land; have you any evidence for it?"

Go to archives (3 weeks ago he was being hounded by police in Umoja 2and by the way one man was shot and injured, Then ask who owns Rockfields academy in Komarock and Tena estate and how that land came to him and let him give you evidence that he bought the piece of land and from whom, as you are doing that kindly ask the neighbour of Rockfield just how come the gate of rockfields tena is right next to his own gate that even there is no breathing space. As you are still doing that, just wonder why the road is so squeezed. This morning he is supposed to be in KACC office, for what reasons or he is just going to tell his tribesman that he is the new kid on the block.
Don't attempt to reply...Ukiumwa sana go hang...Yes i have said that

Anonymous said...

Daniel Waweru your comments at 9:02 are laughable. LOL No comment


Anonymous said...


you already saw that but ji-enjoy tafadhali.

its just pathetic, there must be some law to bar people like this from contesting for public office until their cases are cleared or sorted out, suppose he gets convicted (luckily for him this may very well drag on well past v2030 knowing our judiciary system) then embakassi would have to go for yet another by-election if the term exceeds that set by parliament for MPs think over 6 months earns automatic vacancy or something like that. if that were to happen and emba guys elect another "thug" as this post implies then kk will have been vindicated, ama?


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