Sunday, May 25, 2008

We Shall Overcome

We've heard of bloggers being castigated,hauled over the coals, threatened and even, (God forbid) killed, in countries such as China and Iran. Now this has come to our very own backyard. Oh my God!

Even then, the struggle continues and one day we shall overcome.


Anonymous said...

be safe and don't worry !! Kibaki and his cronies can never defeat kenyans!! look where Moi Landed- kenyans are very ready to take head on! Kibaki thinks by building police station all over Rift Valley and western that he can control kenyans??
kenyans just need one battle word and all those police will be running back to their mothers!! kenyans have stocked guns too and this time it will be an eye for and eye plus the anger kenyans have for kibaki and the police after the shoot to kill order!! kenyans are waiting for the time to blast those cops out of the kingdom come!! very ready actually thanks to good gun suppliers!(one must protect their families at all costs)

As for you Kumekucha- safe passage - open up the the blog so that we can post here more information and ways to protect kenyans from this mad blood thirsty impostor in statehouse and his cronies-
kenyans have changed but kibaki and his cronies think otherwise-
kenyans are waiting for the battle whistle to be blown and you will see the true face of kenyans!!

the country is sitting on a time-boom waiting to explode- people should by now have read the moods of the Nyanza!! rift-valley- western- coast - all this provinces have said kibaki should not bother visiting them?? and has anyone seen him going alone to any of this provinces??
my question is even Wetangula- does not appear in Western unless it is a Luyha funeral and ODM members in attendance!! what does that tell you??kenya is in for a big overhaul wait and see!!

Safe Passage Kumekucha - don't worry keep the blog open!!

Anonymous said...

Aluta Continua!

This blog will soon help Kenya change to a worthy and peaceful place to live in.

We bloggers at Kumekucha want to exchange with other Kenyans without shying to mention the "illness" of our people. It is not tribal, anti-gov or anti-anybody, but we vow to say what is wrong and what is right.

Most people here are well educated, believe in God and can differentiate between light and darkness. We want to contribute towards the real development in our country.

Many have said it: Corruption, greed and tribalism is the sickness.

Taabu, Chris and Co, let's tackle the above topics in details and find a solution to land problems, the bad governship including heavy perks for MPs and ministers, bad education system 8-4-4, parallel university programme for the rich, corrupt gov commissions and corps like ECK, KNEC, KPL, POSTA, etc.

Without the truth, there will be no peace.


Anonymous said...


Hey Many kenyans are in the same shoes- think of all those young male kenyans who have been jailed because of demonstrating against kibaki's rigged elections-

We are back to the dark ages of kenya-if you recall during moi's era kibaki is the person who approved for the nyati house torture on kenyans and supported Moi to imprison kenyans

ask yourself has kibaki ever fought for kenya democracy?? DOES HE KNOW WHAT THAT WORD "DEMOCRACY' means?? I doubt-kumekucha take care watch your back and have faith in the kenyan people!!we have not given up- we will fight for our democracy to the bitter end!!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about, you fool? who gave you the mandate to speak on behalf of kenyans? Ati "kenyans have....", 'kenyans wont....'.

You ODM fools will have to get one thing now; You are not KENYA! The words of lunatics like Raila, Chris and the other liars are not the words of Kenyans.
You can indulge in your relentless yelling, but please refrain from purporting to represent anyone in those yells.
Who in the world would want to kill a street story teller like Chris?

M-Pesa said...

This blog is just becoming pathetic! I logged on hoping to see very important national issues only to find for the upteenth time it's still WALLOWING IN SELF PITY WHILE LICKING IT'S WOUNDS. It's time to move on Kumekuchans!

Have the bloogers ran out of ideas? How comes nothing whotsoever has been said about the spiralling cost of living and sky rocketing cost of fuel? What about the issue of 15 withches and wizards who were torched alive in Kisii last week? What about triumphant entry of William Ruto in Central province on Saturday? What about yesterday's night countrywide blackout which sent callers to FM stations on panic mode claiming sabotage? What about the mischievous grin on Kalonzo's face as he saw off Kibaki to Japan?

Of course Chris does post great articles but now being on the run from his enemies, he's obviously out of touch with the grassroot issues affecting ordinay Kenyan. We are now lumbered with ODM apologists and professors of hate in this blog trying to force their ideologies down our throats in vain.

I hope Chris will continue posting explosive exclusives but the onus is on other bloggers to provide objective items and not monotonous 'thief in chief' everyday comedy.

Kumekucha must not fail!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:07, i am sorry it doesn't matter even if Anon 3:46 is alone he is a KENYAN!!!!And he has every right to speak as a kenyan.....

Ritch we shall overcome and i am just hopping that every like minded blogger will be safe.

Off the post, i thought that Ruto was a persona non granta in Central province....Was that Ruto in Nithi and Othaya or was it one of the comedies of the police spokesman....Was that the same Ruto who was being cheered by the locals or was he being heckled i just need a clarification you know these analog TVs can play games with you?


Anonymous said...

My guts tell me that Chris is running away to better his life and not because anybody is after his life. If it turns out that he is crying wolf to seek our sympathies and of those who are sponsoring his foreign sojourn, it will be a sad day for we have come to trust him here at Kumekucha. It will be the equivalent of a man defrauding his family members of their sympathy.

Knoppix!® said...

Anon 7:07 you dont sound like you take very good care of your wife that is if you have one at all.Chris has said that he is feeling threatened about this post or another issue and he as carted himself to safety atleast for now.If you hate ODM why would you even care to join them for a meal?Wether the threats on his life and comfort are true or false the onus still lies with him to tell us otherwise.I wonder why you could go into someone's house and you hate him so much.

Away from that,i hadn't realy figured out the full scale of readership that kumekucha recieves or has.I remember seeing a refrence about it in the standard and just reflexed it as being a fluke but now i think otherwise.

Kumekucha and by extension its bloggers (read those that post the stories ) are merely victim of circumstances.I say so because if you look at the political neighbouhood the same feelings people had on or before elections are still the same.Nothinbg much has changed.So if in turn the bloggers post some post which fall short of riot acts on behalf of the populace then this blog is viewed negatively.

According to me,some things even never exist.For instance the rivalry between ODM and PNU supporters shouldnt even be imagined as there is no such a party called PNU if we strictly adhere to the true meaning of a party.So in essence we have one side of the readership here who champion a mirage and the other champion a real thing.

In the course of championing the mirage then tribal proximity sets in.Chris for the umpteenth time allow some few PNU bloggers to make some posts here so we have a balance as it appears signing up on blogspot is an uphill task.Perhaps this may convince your pursuants otherwise.But even in the same breath i doubt a paragraph would end without anything tribal being put in.Anyhow allow a level playing field so that it doesnt appear like this is an ODM blog.

And this should mark as a challenge to PNU apologists to post what we can identify with although i have a sneaky feeling you will tell us nothing new if we could use such comments as M-Pesa's to gauge you.

Finally Chris,kindly remove the moderation as it is an hindrance to some of us.Just delete the comments you find undeserving to be here,the moderation hinders the kind of virtual chat we have here since the userplane thing turned out to be cumbersome and wanting.Some of us admire immediate reactions to our comments so we can make ourselves heard.By moderating comments,you are intuitively caving in to pressure from this state nabobs.Put the comments open so we can know what runs in the skulls of the agents of the offending sides.

My elder brother wilfred always tells me a good general retreats and attacks,so yours to me a tactical retreat and i hope the germans take good care of you coz thats where i feel you could have headed perhaps.On a lighter note i feel like you are pulling a red herring on us,you probably be in Kitengela looool just kidding!Have a good day !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the road to western kenya is not functioning, the railway is a mess to a point where
Museveni offered to come and assist and yet the thief is busy building more police stations to ensure that his tribes men are safe. Nothing wron with that except it gives the impression that only one tribe matters in this country.I suggest to RAO that the longer we entertain this thieves the greater the problem of getting them out will be. Fuck the peace accord fuck the coalition. STOP this nonsense. Justice must be done emelio must go we want our country back ASAP.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

We can all discuss intelligently without resorting to vitriol. The fact is that Chris's life is NOT in danger. If he wants to leave Kenya for greener pastures then that is no problem. But there are worse people in Kenya who have said worse things and they are free. So Chris - poa na ukae Kenya. Nobody will come for u. Incidentally I dont know your full names and where u come from but this blog has been giving us excellenet information - keep it up. Dont start panicking.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Luke where're you? You're most missed. Get in touch please.

Dude said...

Anon 7:07 The "street story-teller" and his valued associates kept the heat up during our most trying times, and probably played so small part in influencing public opinion both in Kenya and elsewhere. Why else do you find it necessary to post here?

Never underestimate the power of a good man. There is nothing in the blog to question Chris's integrity or insight.

Kumekucha - Godspeed and safe return - ONE DAY.

gide said...

Chris Yesterday the was a country wide blackoue apart from Central province .Is this reharsal of 2012 election thievery?

Emily said...

I am sure we will overcome Ritchie. Kumekucha will do great, there's no doubt in my mind.

Knoppix, I dont know if opening the blog is a good idea honey, coz Saturday I was here and moderation was not on I got to know both of Chris' names and his phone number for goodness sake and these comments were repeated over and over again. I understand this same thing happened last week but one again. The damage was already done, I am assuming a hundred other people now also have his personal details courtesy of these blog comments, so it is not a small matter as such-maybe he is protecting his family who knows.

Honestly, I didn't believe this story of someone running away from their family, I mean people have done worse things in this country, so I went to the Kumekucha archives to see what this could be about coz surely not just ODM-PNU stuff. I realised that Kumekucha does not only have government enemies as some of you wrongly assume, there are a lot of stories there that would rub people off the wrong way. So I dont think he's just a story teller either.

I see a lot of bloggers saying he is going to seek greener pastures, well I did not know that was a sin. I also got from the archives that the man is a grandfather, so how is he supposed to support his family, internet for one is not free in Kenya, is it?

Kumekucha, please stay safe and come back to the blog quickly, personally I have already missed you.

Emily said...

Yes Luke, where are you? and where has Taabu gone now?

M-Pesa said...

It's common sense that Chris would like the blog to be without any form of moderation and be on realtime. But on Saturday, a raving loony posted very personal and sensitive details about Chris and that's why he quickly turned on moderation.

As I have said before, this blog is not anywhere in the league of 'Citizen' tabloid and some FM stations which were openly advocating pogrom after the elections. Unlike the radio, this blog is for the privileged few with access to internet and computers and very capable minds that can decipher all the mumbo-jumbo posted here.

Fortunately, our president is not the monster or evil despot some people would like to paint him but yes, he's got his shortcomings which afterall is very human. If Kibaki was an animal as critics would like you to believe, Ababu Namwaba the MP for Budalangi would be behind bars today. He openly gave the president a juvenile tongue lash which made Raila and others cringe with embarassment during the MP's swearing in. This was in prime time when millions were watching on live TV.

Say what you like but Kenya is the envy of Africa when it comes to freedom of the press and expression despite the Standard Media Group being rattled slightly by overzealous John Michuki. Our press and media is also the most vibrant.


Knoppix!® said...


Well to imagine that Chris has gone to seek greener pastures could be anyone's imagination.Personally i want to trust chris.I dont care if he is broke or not so long as he fulfills obligations brought his way.He could or not be having a family and he has to feed it,be it fom the US or even next door in Tanzania.

For those of us who are sober we share in Chris' agony.Definetly he is not a comfortable man right now and all we can wish him is safety.Emily honestly i dint get to read or get his phone number and other personal details that were allegedly posted here albeit i would have loved to.But whoever posts peoples details here is obviously a frusturated person and i strongly feel at this point that there could be more than this blog that is causing woes unto Chris.

Chris i believe you are reading this comment,just like your dad warded off pressure to do something that was untoward,dont cave in to pressure.Let the comments open.I am not advocating for the opening of this blog to paste or post vitriol here but simply to get your enemies closer.Who knows,those who are second guessing your head could give themselves into your traps hence you will know how to guard yourself.

There is one thing which i know you do also know and maybe admire about RAO,he never lets himself appear vulnerable in public.He makes very good use of hindsight and i urge you to do the same.After all,if you locked the comments,the same twats could open another blog and dedicate it to bashing this one and stuff will still move on.

I might go on and on and sound a bore but all am saying is expand your space dont limit it.Beat them at their own game.You and i know the agents of offence are tactless.If i were you,i wouldnt have even left Kenya in the first place as the only way the agents can track you is by way of tracking your IP and after studying the geography of internet in Kenya that is a pretty hard problem unless when doing so from established providers.We have something we call dynamic DNSes and through that lpase you could be safe and sound.

I wouldnt want to dwell on your safety much coz as i said earlier for you to have arrived at the decision to leave then it was serious.My call is on the comments and i believe you will act on it.Dont also forget we all share in your agony and it should be clear that i personally regret if i may sound subservient but i will at all times in the existecne of this blog try to be objective as i can get.

Finally just a suggestion.Since the DOMO chatroom didnt take off,can you create a yahoo chatroom or create a common messener ID where we can sort of confrence chat.If you find this intresting enough i could be glad to create it anyway on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

How many Kenyan visit this blog? What is the % of Kenyans who visit this blog for any decision making.

Most of the people who visit this blog are those in the diapora, who withion nothing to do in the evenings, spread their lies here.

Like telling people that Ugnadan soldiers are attacking people in Kisumu, the swearing of the people's preesidebnt and tens more.

What more, this blog is being used by liars like Phil to paint Raila Odinga as God and anyother ODM man as an angel. Did Phil not run a feature on Marende's brother as the next MP for Emuhaya. Did he not run one of Esther Pasaris. All ended up being hot air.

This blog has glorified people like John Githongo, usded for Raila campaigns and others alike.

If Ted is really running away from some murderous cartel, and Raila Odinga is Prime Minister (with poweres) as peopel have been m,ade to believe, then whats the cause.

I think there is a just system in the country and by now, the ODM jauggernaut should have reacted to the effect.

Interestingly, it is in this same place that that we have been told by Phil (of all the people) that Ruto has not clout in Rift Valley and the real backers of Raila are other people that he cannot measure to.

The Kalenjins fell hook, line and sinker for the ODM charade because Ruto was to be made PM, a post that was not in the constitution and is only there by a constitutional ammendment.

Stop trying make yourselves big and great because you write in a blog and stop trying to make a great name for yourselves simply because you run a blog. CRY BABY.

Have we not been told that NSIS men have been feeding some famous names on this blog. Sisi hapana watoto.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

anon7:07 PM
a fool is a kikuyu thieve, thug and murderer who was not elected by the people of kenyan and is forceful in office!!
fools are thos kikuyu's from central lesotho who still think that kenya belongs to them!
When I SAY KENYANS?? get it right i do not include the central lesotho mouth pieces because in my mind anyone who is kenyans respects human rights - right to live - not looting from kenyans- calling names and abusing other tribes name calling them kihii's and apes and you shenzi when i say kenyans- you are not included and the kenyans i speak of are proud to be kenyans and not labelled as thieves world over!! read my lips fool!!

Anonymous said...

anon4:40 AM

Who is Michuki in the eyes of Kenyans?? a gutter rat!!

deroo said...

@ 7.37

I have come accustomed to your language, ideas and thoughts. You portray anger, and unswerving haterd with your Lesotho and Central Lesotho claims. You will say so much and do so much, but the thing is that the meassage going across is part of what Xris is up against at the moment.

If you sang the national anthem at primary school, then you can at least moderate you language and avoid the unmoderated anger and tribal 'ALL AGAINST ONE' tantrum.

I dont know you, but have it that Margaret Wanjiru is Kikuyu, Joe Nyagah is Embu and Tony Gachoka is Kikuyu and now, Esther Passaris is Kikuyu.

Sawa ndugu? I am not an ecop and neither am I lecturing you by any means.

Anonymous said...

The way justice works in USA = United States of America is far much worse than the way justice works in Kenya.

Hilary Clinton was caught without pants contemplating how they are are plannining to exterminate her opponent in June and she gave some examples, in order to be the First American Woman President.

watch this.

Anonymous said...

The Most Democracy ni Mdomo tu, does not work.

They are Capitalists and Colonialists in short. The likes of Britain, Dutch in South Africa and so forth.

Wa Africa lazima wanjikunje sana. just like the Chinese and the Japanese.

Africans should not only produce banana`s, Cocoa and coffee, but more than that to sustain the continent.

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