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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ODM Exporting Violence to SA

Following violence in South Africa targeting African immigrants, IDPs is acquiring new meaning for INTERNATIONALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE. Already more than 3000 Kenyans have fallen victims of the orgy of violence in Johannesburg and Pretoria. ODM's detractors will readily jump into snide conclusion that the party has successfully exported its brand of violence to demand EQUITY.

The scenarios may be very different but the common thread between the SA violence and our local version following stolen elections is SENSE of INEQUITY and domination. Call it whatever you fancy but every geographical local on this planet has its ANCESTRAL and IMMIGRANT owners. No amount of selective application of the law can effectively address such feelings.

SA may be excused for they may be considered still smarting from apartheid and white domination. But there lies a potent lesson on how to harness peaceful coexistence among a people. I pray the violence gets contained and our fellow Kenyans continue with their daily lives out there. Their home country is a flame already and the imagination of coming back is just too grim.

PS: Less than 20 hours to Moscow glory and counting. Poor brother Drogba. The guy is marvelous but unfortunately he is playing for the runners up. THERE IS ONLY ONE UNITED.

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Anonymous said...

ODM??? are you a joker?? who gave the police orders to kill innocent kenyans?? Kibaki?? who funded mungiki to go commit genocide in nakuru and naivasha?? PNU so who the heck is exporting Violence to South Africa??? Kibaki and his PNU Goons!!

do not abuse kenyans intelligence even the dead kenyans buried are spitting on you from their graves!!

watch what you post here it is an abuse to those innocent kenyans who died by the police order shoot to kill and the mungiki maniacs!!shame on you!

Anonymous said...

"ODM Exporting Violence to SA"
I guess being a kikuyu PNU mouth piece you had nothing to write but was looking for attention the usual PNU way of propaganda and spewing lies??
Like you have been told by anon 10:24

1. who started the abuse of power by using the government machinery called the police during and after election??in Kibera, kisumu, Butere, Mumias. Mombasa, webuye, kakamega, Namanga, coast, and many other towns except for central where police went trigger happy killing anyone they desired from orders given by their boss......


2. who used the thugs called mungiki to terrorize and commit Genocide before in Kibera and after the elections in Nakuru, Naivahsa
kibaki and PNU- even BBC reported the meetings they held with Mungiki gang members before and after elections at kibaki's residence-
so who is SA copying?? Kikuyu's from Central Lesotho!! they are the ones known to loot!! and steal from other kenyans too!!
why waste time with your suggestive post?? the whole world knows- not that the kikuyu's don't advertise themselves well all over the world!! kikuyu=thieves, thugs!! who doesn't know out of 100% 9% are legit!!

Anonymous said...




Knoppix!® said...

t is likely to be viewed as an DOM tactic but it is a result of capitalism and its stark naked reality.Whereas there wasnt an election down south something else is really wrong.

Again whereas land aint an issue again there are lots of imbalances.I read somewhere that the employers prefer to employ foreigners and i guess its because they are somewhat cheaper compared to the locals.

So the violence cannot be fairly be equated to that of ODM but the common line is inequality of some sort towards the natives thanks to foreigners.How i wish the ODM style was taken to Harare and Bulawayo.It would make lots of sense there and i would be glad if it were equated with our very own.

MAN-U Oyeeee!!!!!!!! Here we come to night!

Anonymous said...

If I read the thread right the above responses are all off the mark. What has brought the black on black violence is worrying.
Forget capitalism.....I will explain why. TZ housed and trained the ANC military wing. There has been a running joke that while kenya is a man eat man society Tz is a man eat nothing society in other words the TZds gave when they had nothing to give, they shared they sacrificed. Now SA people are talking about foreign nationals getting a piece of their cake.....Africans always amaze me. All my 30 yrs plus I have known Ugandans, Tzds, ethiopians, somalis, sudanese as just that Ugandans,TZds,Ethiopians, Somalis,sudanese.....but down south they are uncouth. At least in kenya with all our intertribal hatrade the word foreigner is hardly used in our vocab.
Sad thing though is that the white man came to South africa with a gun, shot the natives to a corner stole their land, and minerals, they are still there the own 90% of the country's wealth and 80% of arable land to date yet the hate is towards the poor africans who have come through gazzetted borders, got the requisite work permits issued by the gava of SA..all they want is to get a job and earn a living even eccept the lowest wages available many running from despots like Mugabe, war in Angola, hunger in Malawi.....shame on SA. There is clearly somebody orchestrating all this taking advantage of the many jobless poor south africans to push an agenda.
The running argument is that the foreigners are competing for the same services gava is giving....bla bla bla....they call it service delivery....when did you last see service delivery in kenya? maybe in the 60s we have not burned a sudanses cause of that.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


For once you have voiced some concern for the suffering of fellow Kenyans and you deserve a pat on the back. Those ODMers who condemn you for it (on account that the majority of the Kenyans in SA are Kikuyus) ought to be ashamed of themselves. The suffering of innocent Kenyans anywhere ought to be our collective suffering regardless of the victims' tribe. I join you in wishing these unfortunate Kenyans peace away from home.

M-Pesa said...

Most of the barbaric attacks that include setting poor victims on fire are happening in slums/shanties where people have little or no education at all. Does that ring a bell in what happened here in Kenya? Basically these attackers are really venting out their anger against rampant poverty that bites them daily. That's why you won't see Asian and white immigrants being attacked since mosts live in relatively secure areas and are somehow well off and blacks in those areas are busy living their lives. SA govt must address the fact that their country is amongst the most unequal in the world in same stable with Kenya and Brazil.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu has observed thus:

ODM's detractors will readily jump into snide conclusion that the party has successfully exported its brand of violence to demand EQUITY.

Our comment:

We may be wrong (we stand to be corrected if we are wrong)in drawing our conclusions from your article. We are of the view that by using the word EQUITY in capital, you seek to show your utter contempt for such demands for equity.

We seek not to address the issue of violence, but only the issue of equity for now.

We therefore answer thee this way:

"No society can surely be flourishing and happy of which the FAR GREATER PART OF THE members are POOR & MISERABLE. It is but EQUITY besides that they who feed, clothe and lodge the whole body of the people SHOULD HAVE A SHARE of the produce of their own labour as to be themselves tolerably well fed,clothed and lodged."

These are not our words, they are words of Adam Smith, the architect of capitalism. In simple words, he warned of perils to the societies that tolerate inequalities in wealth.

Unfortunately, all that they (economists & politicians) preach to you is the invinsible hand. They do not tell u that Adam Smith, is also the father of economic equity. It is not therefore an ODM demand, its a demand of humanity.

Anonymous said...

MUNGIKI has found it's way to SA.

Anonymous said...

Mungiki=NOT a political party
Mungiki=an illegal movement
Mungiki=racist and tribalist

What we experience now in South Afrika is a grouping which has decided to kill innocent people. They have been harrasing women with trousers and mini skirts, killing people aimlessly (Lucky Dube's death), hijacking cars and blackmailing taxi operators in JBurg.

The Youth of SA have copied their blood relatives from Kenya.
Killers in SA = Mungiki of Kikuyuland.

The Bantu Group has copied their Kenyan culprits and

Anonymous said...


You will recall that the salary of the holder of the Office of First Lady was increased tremendously sometime late last year. Using our wide contacts, let's please establish if someone has been drawing it since the beginning of this year.

Kwale said...

As for black on black violence; it is so easy and it’s always sound reasonable. Just like what we witnessed in Kenya in the last few months, the violence results from a combustible blend of culture of jealousy, hate, and envy combined with low esteem baggage that many black people carries.
Why do you think witchcraft is still rife in modern day Africa?

On another note, I just hope the Indian community in South Africa takes note of what is going on. The Africans have turned on them several times in the past in South Africa & it won't take much to re-kindle that hatred again.

Emily said...

Anonymous 4.07,

I would also like to know. This country has a reputation of stealing money from its people without shame. Where is that mama surely? Not that I miss her or anything, but where is she?

As for the Kenyans in South Africa, I just pray that the Good Lord above will protect them and keep them safe.

Anonymous said...

why do you people hate the kikuyu so much?all you do is to spread lies about them and calling them dont have to be tribalists.Ask yourselves,who started the wars in rift valley,killing inscent peple and burning themin a house of God without shame.Innoscent children and women perishing in fire.Even if you clain they stole votes.killing dont justify that.Incase of the mungiki killing people in Nakuru and Naivasha,they were just defending their fellow kikuyu.If the kalenjin had not killed the kikuyus in Eldoret,then the mungiki would not have killed people in Nakuru and Naivasha.Ask yourselves,which odm people are ordering the reliese of suspects saying they should come to build the nation?Since when do murderers,rapists help to build the nation?If they are to be relised, then the mungiki arrested in Nakuru and Naivasha should be relised to build the nation.period!!!!!!

Knoppix!® said...

This Bantu thing is now going too far.Some of us are Bantus and certainly do not belong to the All the tribes that subscribe from the Bantus.Thus it could be unfair to lump the whole lot of us into one bus headed to abyssnia.

Whatever is happening in south Africa is misplaced aggression and not neccessarily something copied from one part of the globe.The rioters might be having a case and again as we said here before the avenue they are taking is the wrong one if they have to get to the house on the hill.The have taken Haile Sellasie and they intend to go to Meuseum hiill.

Therfore let it be clear that the Bantu as an umbrella grouping for many tribes should not be misconstrued to mean one tribe.I think some people are overlooking basic facts and that is very bad for business i should think.

Have a pleasant night watching MAN-U toss Chelsea down!!!!!MAN_U Oyeeee!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

annon @ 6.29

nobody hates kikuyus every one loves them and wish they were like them or? Anyway I still need proof that 35 people were burnt in a church. names at least... they've never been published and I wonder why. if kiraithe said the shooting video we watched was fake rambo stuff then no kikuyu got burnt.

about the SA fiasco: I would have accepted it had they done it the day Lucky dube got gunned down in front of his kids. it was done by foreigners coz the whole of SA know this guy. these kind of poor vs presumed parasites will continue everywhere in Africa with the food prices getting as high as ever so hold your horses.. atleast the gangsters there have guns in the ghetto so dont compare them with tribal kenyan....

my friend ANTOH get tha Hell out of there maze like Kevoh did when he was almost shot by a white babylonian for talking with his chick

Anonymous said...

We should send these Kajangs and Kale back to upper Nile in Sudan where they came from. Problems solved.
I hate it when a GEMA marries these bastards.

Anonymous said...

the reality is that the moment you step out of the country, you are a kenyan. no one cares what your ethnic grouping, social class, etc.

that volatile situation in SA is getting out of hand, hope its contained otherwise it may break out elsewhere.

be safe


Anonymous said...

annon @ 6.29,
House of Mumbi lives forever!
You just go to Utube and type Kikuyu and see how many result it will bring out.
Go to google and google Kikuyu and see the results. The house of mumbi is unshakeable.

Anonymous said...

Even as we watch the situation in SA let us look again at what happened in our own country:

Why did the Kalenjins choose to attack only the Bantus (Kisiis, Kikuyus, Luhyas) in RV? Was it really a spontaneous coincidence as many Nilotic sympathizers would want us believe? If ODM is a national party and its members were angry becase of a "stolen" election how come the violence especially against the Bantus was mainly in Luo and Kalenjin zones? What was the true purpose of this Nilotic Mayhem towards the Bantus? Was it intended to catch the Bantus unawares and then annihilate them - that is, was it genocidal? When Raila tells us of being asked by the Nilotic wing of ODM to break Kenya at the height of the chaos, is he telling the world the whole truth? Were they intending to break away and join Northen Uganda and Southern Sudan to form a Nilotic Super State as it is alleged? Are these groups who wanted to break away still loyal to Kenya? Above all, what have the Bantus of Kenya learnt about the reality of post Dec '07?

Even as we preach reconcilliation, these are some of the questions that should never be forgotten by those who love and are ready to die for Kenya.

I shudder to imagine what would have happened if our esteemed police force (and later the army) did not react decisively.

Anonymous said...

Najifunia Kenya

Long live Kenya, our motherland!

-JIM- said...

Do South Africans even know who the hell ODM is?

Upgrade your reasoning man


Anonymous said...

Ngombe wewe ,what is happening is SA is nothing new , didnt the ugandans chase the indians before ODM?, didnt mugabe chase away the wazungu before ODM?,

Anonymous said...

I know iam wrong for this but remember when the elite of rwanda invaded Nairobi and were feeling good , speaking french and taking all the chicks in the esto , honestly i once felt like these guyz are feeling mzuri in our country or when the walalos moved to estates like komarock , grrenfields, eastligh and opened shop driving rents sky high , mathree fare na isi toshe veve na uchafu , didnt you kenyans feel like kicking somebody's ass? the diffrence is in kenya we are generaly humble unless pushed to the edge like kivuikibaki did.

Anonymous said...

Why do some people feel offended if one mentions Mungiki?

The problem in Kenya since independence is CORRUPTION and INJUSTICE.

There is only one area in Kenya where corruption and injustice is a way of life. If you try to set a bussiness in the area, you would be attacked and killed within a week.

People from this area are like cockroaches. They come, multiply fast and overtake the local people using orthodox types of trading i.e. selling during daytime, robbing at night.

They want to occupy RV, WP, Coast, Nyanza, NEP, South Africa, Rwand and Sudan. If they were humble traders, nobody would say a thing. But these people are chicky,thieves, brutal, corrupt, merciless and undemocratic.

This is why they suffered in RV, WP, CP, Nyanza and will feel it in SA, Rwanda and Uganda. Let the people of Sudan wake up, they will turn against them.

Nobody hates a good neighbour unless the neighbour is not good.

Anonymous said...

anon@2:29 am. You must be Felicien Kabuga.

Anonymous said...

Long live the house of mumbi.

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