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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kenyans Attacked In SA !! KIBAKI IS TO BLAME

Kibaki must be held accountable for the attacks meted out on Kenyans in SA. He is 100% to blame.

We all know that these attacks on foreigners are mainly aimed at the millions of unskilled Zimbabwean workers surviving at the bottom ranks of South African society. These are the people who are stealing jobs that would otherwise go to South Africans of the same poverty status and skill level. Kenyan businessmen and professionals are just being caught up in the crossfire. There would be no problem if Zimbabwean workers stopped flooding South African low skill job sites.

I have been told that practically millions of Zimbabweans were eagerly anticipating the opportunity to return to their country had Mugabe accepted the election loss. Jamaas had packed their housewares while bus and train tickets to Zimbabwe were sold out. A few confident chaps had even resigned from their low paying jobs in the gold mines. It was all systems go, until Mugabe graduated from Kibaki's university.

Here is where Kibaki comes in. You see, Mugabe chose to steal the elections, Kibaki-style, under the strict guidance and advise from Kibaki himself. The postal workers have reported that Kibaki's congratulatory letter to Mugabe was on the way to Zimbabwe, five days prior to their election date.

The point is, without the election thieving example of Kibaki, Mugabe would have been very afraid to attempt such a travesty against the Zimbabwean people. Kibaki's determination not to be forcefully retired by the votes of Kenyan citizens encouraged and gave much confidence to Mugabe. To this day, Mugabe beams with immeasurable pride when he views the Doctoral Degree in Election Engineering awarded to him by Professor and Dean of Fraudulent Election Studies; Hon Kibaki.

Right now, Mugabe should be holed up in his palace carefully studying the latest catalog of Zimbabwean jails...with instructions to choose one. In turn, the millions of Zimbabwean workers in SA would be on their way back to their country thereby easing the competition for low skill jobs in SA. With the availability of 'their' jobs, South Africans would not see the need to hound foreigners out of their country. There would be no feelings of hate towards foreigners. It follows therefore that without the violence, Kenyans would be safe and doing brisk business as usual. Lakini, because of Kibaki, Kenyans in SA are in grave danger.

There you go folks. Those are the real ramifications of Kibaki's activities. The trickle down effect of his thievery is sure to affect Kenyans all over. The way I see it, Kibaki should stop advising other African presidents to do like he did. He should at the very least be mindful of Kenyans living in foreign lands. Fellas, every time incumbent presidents copycat Kibaki, Kenyans in those countries are bound to suffer.

Kibaki must shut down the University of Election Thievery…..esp. the statehouse road campus.

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Anonymous said...


the zimbabweans are really facing the brunt of bad leadership

who will rescue and liberate the poor in africa from clutches of bad leadership


Anonymous said...

"The postal workers have reported that Kibaki's congratulatory letter to Mugabe was on the way to Zimbabwe, five days prior to their election date."

Kalamari, are you serious, is this true


kalamari said...

UrXInc, all I'm saying is that, the seeds of treachery, deceit and thievery sown by Kibaki will grow into plants with humongous thorns that will prick all Kenyans all over. Poor leadership is truly Kibaki's patented forte.
As for the post office revelation, yes. My great aunt works at GPO.

Anonymous said...

You guys need some tolerable level of (im)maturity right now. Is it just me or is it a fact that ODMers cannot argue? Do you guys ever have something substantive you can level against Kibaki? IS there absolutely nothing good that can be deservedly said about Raila Odinga, your saviour? I mean, do you have to come up with wild allegations?

ODM is a "mass movement" comprising all sorts of people; intellectual dimwits, thugs,illiterates, sycophants and what have you1 i NOW GET IT

kalamari said...

UrXInc, this post is not about the hardships of South Africans or Zimbabweans. It's a bout the personal safety of Kenyans in foreign countries, esp. in Africa in relation to the effects of Kibaki's ills.
Do you know that a Kenyan was stabbed in Soweto by an ardent Desmond Tutu supporter…in retaliation to the shabby treatment afforded to his hero on a peace mission to Kenya?

Anonymous said...


Even as you blame Kibaki for what is happening in SA, please try to answer the following questions which I had asked in another comment:

Why did the Kalenjins choose to attack only the Bantus (Kisiis, Kikuyus, Luhyas) in RV? Was it really a spontaneous coincidence as many Nilotic sympathizers would want us believe? If ODM is a national party and its members were angry because of a "stolen" election how come the violence especially against the Bantus was mainly in Luo and Kalenjin zones? What was the true purpose of this Nilotic Mayhem towards the Bantus? Was it intended to catch the Bantus unawares and then annihilate them - that is, was it genocidal? When Raila tells us of being asked by the Nilotic wing of ODM to break Kenya at the height of the chaos, is he telling the world the whole truth? Were they intending to break away and join Northen Uganda and Southern Sudan to form a Nilotic Super State as it is alleged? Are these groups who wanted to break away still loyal to Kenya? Above all, what have the Bantus of Kenya learnt about the reality of post Dec '07?

Even as you blame Kibaki for what is happening in SA let those of us who love and are ready to die for Kenya never forget these questions.

Kalamari, don't you shudder to imagine what would have happened if our esteemed police force (and later the army) did not react decisively.

Anonymous said...


Please grow up! Diplomatic mail is not sent that way! At least, not in that Nilotic way!!!

Anonymous said...

Kalamari, you need to go live under Joseph Kony your great cousin in the Congo forest for a change.

Anonymous said...

Good people, don't be pricked by Kalamari. He does not intend to insult your intelligence; he just wants to outdo Taabu as the most irrelevant blogger at Kumekucha. Once he gets the trophy he will sleep soundly like a baby. That is all he wants to achieve in life and you shouldn't stand in his way, for he might spread the virus of under-achievement to you. So get out of his way.

kalamari said...

Why are some of you folk so tribal? I have NOT mentioned the word 'TRIBE' or suggested anything 'TRIBAL' in my post. Why must you associate an honest attack on Kibaki as an attack on the entire GEMA????

My advice to GEMA, please stop carrying Kibaki's cross. Let the man be crucified alone. Be fashionable and abandon this man very fast.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12 AM - I could not have said it better - this post about Kibaki being responsible about what is happening in SA is not just utter nonsense, but in fact utter stupidity. Just think a bit (if you have some brain to do so) - even the nonsense in Zimbabwe happened before the Kenya nonsense did - but of course some people here in this blog will continue saying that it was all Kibaki's responsbility..... you Kenyans are over-estimating yourself, as usual. But believe me, you are just a bunch of crooks (small crooks) - nothing else. Africa is bigger and this is what South Africans are fighting for: to get rid of people like you stealing their jobs and stealing their self-esteem. That's why they hate you and others.

kalamari said...

People must start looking at the larger picture. Are any of you suggesting that Kibaki has in no way motivated some incumbent African presidents?

One last thing. People must learn to laugh in this country.

Also, to these numerous anons, expand your minds as you read….between the lines.

Anonymous said...

So is Kalamari a first cousin to Joseph Kony or Silva kiir? All these dark skinned creatures can be confusing you know?

Anonymous said...


Surely how can you sit down and write such rubbish. Its insulting to our minds and time. Why do you see Kibaki as the problem and not rao and his odm. these are the guys asking for someone with blood in his hands to be set free, yet they insist on upholding the constitution.

It has come out clearly that Raila wants to talk with Mungiki so that once the guy in Jail is released, he shall use the same reason to say why then are we discriminating and not release those he maimed. Unfrtunately saitoti is smarter than him.

Tell him to advise beki to release the killers!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.59am. RAO did not steal an election. In fact, in lieu of his recuperating visit to SA, he indeed is a fellow victim.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:45 is still stuck in the colonial mindset, black is beautiful, so as black person referring to these "so-called dark creatures" you're exposing yourhate for yourself most likely your a light-skinned pnu sympathizer who grew up in a family of thieves and you are ashamed that white colonialists who you are now trying to emulate you raped your people resulting in your fair skin. So please try and find some skin-bleaching products and if that fails try running into a pair of scissors at full speed a few times!! Cheers imbecile

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Kalamari Lol. Is it your great auntie or a friend of your great auntie who works at GPO? hehehehe. Is there any other African Country that is facing elections any time soon? Mugabe can't have been alone in class at statehouse road camps. We need to know and follow his dinosaur classmates closely to see how well they learned their acts.

Anyway it's unfortunate but true that our good name has been tarnished worldwide.

Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Kalamari you're right about the tribal debate. It's overtaking us too much. Let me give you some homework. Write an article about another country, say Japan for example and you'll still find someone ranting about Kikuyus and Luos. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...


I had indigestion yesterday. Kibaki is to blame for the digestive enzymes going on strike due to the election theft learnt through the Kibaki experience.

Oh, and my car didn't start this morning, aparently, my battery had gone down since my lights were on all night long. The lights must have been on because the automatic shut lights shut off system didn't work. It was on strike to protest the theft of the elections by the main computer system for my car.

Oh, and I am not going to the gym today, why bother, Kibaki's theft of the election has set a precedence and I am not going to build any muscles today as my body is on strike from election theft by my brain over control of the rest of the body.


kalamari said...

Wanjiku Unlimited, believe me, if you wrote about imaginary people on the moon and gave them Kenyan names, some idiots will attack you for leaving them out. The disease in Kenya is the collective tribal thinking. My tribe this, my tribe that mpaka lini?

-JIM- said...

Man.., You are hallucinating. How can you blame Kibaki who lives 5000 miles away from South Africa.

So if Kenyans living in America get attacked in America, would you blame Kibaki for that?

Your reasoning is deeply flawed

Anonymous said...


as much as kenyans are affected in SA, i was hoping to think beyond ourselves about the horrible crossroads that face zimbabweans. who are opressed at home (extreme poverty and political intimidation) and then the country of refuge turns hostile. we (kenyans) have hosted many refugees but have always at least tried to be accomodating.

sadly we have now created our own internal refuges (IDPs or IDKs) due to gross (mis)leadership errors. but thats for another day

as you, wanjiku, sir alex, ivy, fave, myself and many others correctly note (any attempt by sober minded kenyans to bring back sanity is immediately scuttled by ethnic neanderthals.

am still however quite curious about that congratulatory letter.

the issue of kenyan being stabbed by Tutu supporter is sad and should be a wake up call for us. fro those not aware, the stupid deeds by any one of us, ultimately impacts us directly or someone else maybe close to us at another time and place. those spewing negative ethnicity, will reap it directly or indirectly here and now or some other place at another time.

and as always, kalamari, taabu, chris and other kk contributors let the truth be told


Anonymous said...

"If you abuse the Prime Minister you will be arrested on the spot!"----Joshua orwa Ojodeh

A very very interesting concept of change!

Fave said...

I think the best thing is to ignore some of this Tribal meatheads from Mashada.
Their current obsession is the Bantu alliance or something. Kalamari never mentioned tribe in his article, but, there you go. Some one managed to sneek in the Bantu alliance vs Nilotic groups thing.
Anyway, I won't comment on the issue anymore unless it becomes a real political one.
Deep down as Kenyans we know what ails us, lets solve it instead of meandering around with childish ideas.
Taabu and Ivy..., I know congratulations and just shut up and stop gloating!

tshangalosa said...

is it me or almos all kenyan"idp's" in SA mentioned in the news are kyuks?
They just don't learn do they?it has nothing to do with being industrious...they are simply too glutonious that they end up treading on foreign land all the time .whenever they getcaught up in shit.....they cry foul!

Anonymous said...

I didnt realize the entertainment value of trash till i stumbled on kumekucha. keep working the keyboards, kalamari. Te-he-heee!

Anonymous said...

anon 3:46

feel free to pick a handle such as "trash can" we accept all manner of trash

Anonymous said...

This article is total nonsense, why dont you find something better to do if you are so idle. I suggest you post this kindergaten crap in mashada and discuss it with your equals there. You can back when you grow up.

Anonymous said...

What is happening in SA is a true reflection of bad leadership in many of the African countries. Try to imagine, these guys, Zimbs and Kenyans alike are in SA due to lack of opportunities. The same way Mexicans, Africans, Indians, chinese are in USA looking for opportunities. The remedy to these isues will be for the respective countries to cultivate conducive environments, jobs and improve living standards their citizens don't have to look for opportunities elsewhere. As a matter of fact, what will happen if the citizens on USA decent on illegal immigrants like the Zulu are doing in SA? On another note, this situation goes to show how SA and Africans in general are still backward. Why kill a fellow African just because he had taken your job? These guys should be petitioning the government to deal with the situation. On the other hand other African countries should endevour to improve their countries so that they are not mistreated elsewhere.

In short, the problems of Kenyans in SA can directly be attributed to the thief in chief, general toad Kibaki. I left Kenya for the U.S since this guys din't do anything to address favoritism at work places. In 2005 I was a very poor guy and desperate, barely 3 years later I am driving, I live in a beautiful house and am enroute to earning a P.h.D, things I could only dream of, not to mention am supporting my siblings and family in Kenya......


Knoppix!® said...

I will sidestep from my tradition of trying atleast to stick with the post at hand - as it is an open secret many inmates here are not known to have tackled the part in engilsh known as Comprehension - and be the first one to call out the following inmates!

Inmate 101=Taabu©
Inmate 102=Ivy©
Inmate 103=Knoppix®
Inmate Number Unknown=Fave©

Its my presumption you are all standing!We did it again!MAN-UTD Oyeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I watched the game under several bottles of Alvarro and held to my balls!Plus that boy from Brussels is really brilliant!Long live MAN-UTD!!!!!!Oyeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Forest Gump said...




KALAMARI your sentiments are stupid, to say the least. You are so caught up in the ODM opium such that Kibaki is to blame for everything that goes wrong on the continent.

I am sure he is also to blame for the Darfur crisis, the drought in Ethiopia, the siege of Mogadishu and the recent Nigeria pipeline fire outbreak.

How kiddish it is to blame our leaders every time something goes wrong. How immature it is to always ask "what can the government do to us" instead of "what we can do to help the government".

Mind you Mugabe did not learn how to steal elections from Kibaki. Infact he dismissed Kibaki's stealing tactics as lame and ineffective. Mugabe had planned how he would cling to power since time immemorial.

I dont care how bitter we are that Kibaki's men rigged the elections but one thing that I am sure of, we were not this bitter when Moi used to rig in broad daylight - sample the mlolongo days.

Therefore it does not matter how much the president rigged the election! We need to stop mark timing and move on! Kalamari and company can you stop whining and discuss things that can make a difference.

Its time to drop this obsession.

Anonymous said...

You a cheapening this blog by publishing such sadistic and biased stories. The story and the reasoning cannot convince an imbecile. What is the value? Kenyans should start being objective. Who said that Mugabe has cotton wool for a brain? He does not need Kibaki to want to or know how to hold on to power.

Anonymous said...

Nilotics are nilotics.

Kihii is kihii, Full Stop.

Kalamari is one of them.
Kalamari prove me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I think that though kibz may not be totally to blame for the death or attacks on kenyans in SA there is a case to be made that alot of kenyans abroad SA and elswhere are there cause the situation at home is not conducive to progress. You don't want to go to school where there is uncertainty about your marks being reduced and some other guys being topped owing to tribe. Ambitious people are way to careful to allow that to happen. Currently kenya is for those who cannot get out. Kibz has been there for 5yrs and has done nothing to reverse it. lets not count the other yrs he served mo1 and jomo.This applies to even kuyos I know of kuyos who were planning to come back but changed their minds after the chaos. Forget the silly 6% growth of the theif in chief kenyas economy is so small that intitaly it has to grow at least on double digits for anyone to start talking about progress. The truth is that we can and Emelio the thief in chief himself said it has the potential to do just that when he was in opposition. Its only the young excited teenagers that truely dream of being in the foreign land but to the avarage adult nothing would be as exiting as having kenya doing well enough for it to be atrractive to stay in. Second only to Nigeria kenya has one of the most highly educated people in Africa yet all we have is chaos due to poor leadership and political uncertainty, dispite kibz being an economist he has hugely ignored the importance of perception of stability as a factor in investor confidence. There is a alot of arrogant talk from people from central about economic prowess...but lets take a walk into central and use is as pilot of what kenya would be under continued leadership fron that area..despite alot of money going in there there is nothing to show for it except topping up marks any idiot can do that. I challange the kuyos to make central the place to be. they said they have the money, they have always had the money, Qs- Why have you not invested it to improve the lot of your people. Mungiki is a loud practical object lesson that you can't even take care of your own to the point where they turn into savages and attack you. what right then do you have to claim to govern 42 other tribes? I'm not even asking you to help coast or nyanza just invest in central first put your money where your mouth is.

Sir Alex

M-Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M-Pesa said...

Toatally agree with most of you, the post is.......

*********MASHADA STUFF*************

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex @ 1:11 AM

If you don’t like the way Kenya is or Kibaki, I urge you to return back to upper Nile, southern Sudan now! Kibaki will be there for the next 5 years and thereafter Kalonzo is going to take over. Period!!

Anonymous said...

Precisely Sir Alex!!!!! Don't i just love Sir Alexes you have made my day especially the last paragraph.....Goodness i can't add anything more...

Fave i am not gloating nor boasting...It was just confirmed what i have always known....We are the Champions.

Knoppix you are not alone, fikad the office late ati coz i overslept but i couldn't help noticing the men in red ties, imagine the blue shirts were no where to be seen....Me think the chelseans were too ashamed coz they were comparing Moscow with Stamford bridge.....So someone told me that the "best team lost"...How many times do i tell you that football is not gymnastics you dont win by dribbling the ball, if you must dribble then it must fika the net!!!la si hivyo wacha

All in all the SA issue is a sad story but let me echo what Sir Alex has said let us make opportunities for our people so that they dont have to run looking for work in some other countries...SA is setting a bad precedent all over Africa, just what if all the other nations Botswana, Rwanda, Sudan decide to do the same thing, we will have problems coz kenyans are spread all over...God forbid


Anonymous said...

This is really idle & irresponsible talk. Why?...Why?...even literate guys like you must spread tribal hatred through unqualified information.No wonder your blog is classified as gutter. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:36, Can't you just read sense for once...It doesn't hurt eat humble pie...You have just been told the plain truth...By the way if Central think they can do without other people, let them develop their own zone then we kenyans might just emulate them and maybe just one day we might be like Singapore, Malaysia...Just set a good example and stop kibaking us we are just damn tired!!!


Anonymous said...


these people from CP can not develop themselves.

I went to Nyeri (HQ of CP). I was surprised. Nyeri is more dirty than Keroka or Mbale. The Provincial Hospital in Nyeri resembles a Location or a Distric Hospital in Western Prov and is filthy and smelling.

Isnt this a place where 95% of Kenyan Millionares come?

Go to White Rhino Hotel in Nyeri. The worst experience I have ever made. Dirty service, dirty maids, dirty everything!

These people are there to exploit and not to develop.

Anonymous said...

Why do some people feel offended if one mentions Mungiki?

The problem in Kenya since independence is CORRUPTION and INJUSTICE.

There is only one area in Kenya where corruption and injustice is a way of life. If you try to set a bussiness in the area, you would be attacked and killed within a week.

People from this area are like cockroaches. They come, multiply fast and overtake the local people using orthodox types of trading i.e. selling during daytime, robbing at night.

They want to occupy RV, WP, Coast, Nyanza, NEP, South Africa, Rwand and Sudan. If they were humble traders, nobody would say a thing. But these people are chicky,thieves, brutal, corrupt, merciless and undemocratic.

This is why they suffered in RV, WP, Coast, Nyanza and will feel it in SA, Rwanda and Uganda. Let the people of Sudan wake up, they will turn against them.

Nobody hates a good neighbour unless the neighbour is not good.

Mcheku said...

Kalamari, I for one love the post!

These people calling Kumekucha gutter press...I wont even start on you. Heh! yet they are always here reading it!

Anonymous said...

Mcheku we ni wetu, i am wondering where Mrembo went to...Ati gutter press, mashada stuff, surelly dont compare KK with mashada that is too low.....Can't wait the day they leave, as someone said, shut the door behind you!!!


Anonymous said...

Anon 2.53

I went to Nyanza and western province two years ago; and I was taken back by the level of poverty.
Mud huts litters everywhere. More mud huts as you pass birth places of some of the country most infulential people, and too many witchdoctors around.

Fave said...

Knoppix!® 10.43
I am glad to be on any list.

Anonymous said...

You should read some more before posting your nonsense. You obviously dont understand the matters you try to delve into.

Below is a more serious take by a serious blogger on the issue of the hatred for african immigrants in SA called makwerekwere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1;53

Nyanza people have not made any claim to money if anything they have been crying about marginalisation, they used what they could and that is go to school the results are there for you to see Obama's dad was even a Harvad grad but got lost in the kenyan civil service probably cause he came from the wrong tribe. They did well inspite of the mark reduction that I suspect has been going on for a while... Like Orengo said.Now central has been having the money and top up levers. What has it done? Central and expecialy Kibz has been practially living in the gava till. Yet travell around central their own people are living in squalor. Why are you getting upset? I'm just asking you to develop your own area with the money you have stolen from us. Kwani? At least it can give us bragging rights when we met other nationals and tell them of this ka posh place called central. Currently all we have is talk and no substance. You give us the impressio that you have nothing and all you want to do is come teal the little that we have.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:23, Remember that swahili saying that says waarabu hujuana kwa vilemba.....You will never know a witch/witch doctor unless you are one of them...LOL


kalamari said...

Must every satirical post begin with the words, 'this is a joke'?

Kenyans, the most important thing we are forgetting is to laugh.

Anonymous said...

at least people in CP do try to do something to improve their lives, at a very indivudal level. that cannot be said especially about luo nyanza, who seem most times to wait for someone to do that for you. i actually think raila is getting FED UP with this culture of mindless dependency, which is why he guessed right, equity bank to help people there to help themselves. Agwambo is such a kind mand!
even if luo nyanza, keroka or whatever backwater you mention, is much cleaner than nyeri, so what? the home of typhoid, kipindupindu and malaria is rather well known in kenya, so much for cleanliness!

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex, dont get drawn into the quite juvenile argument developing. For every point of argument raised all these PNU supporters do is "even you" "even us" "yours/ours is bigger/smaller/better/worse than yours/ours", and its impossible to edge in any intellectual argument. suffice to say your point is made and those that have any sense have understood.


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Ati Nyeri is dirty? What do you call people who wash together stark naked in Lake Victoria, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, sons and daughters, from the 47 year old first born to the 3 year old last born, while raw sewage from the entire "siti" is poured into the same water 50 metres away?! I think it is called being "civilised".

Anonymous said...

Kimi..take a break.."Pilipili usioila yakuwashia nini." Shut the door, make sure it does not...very childish arguement put forth by thee.

Anonymous said...

Take your silly stupid childish comments to the cheapest Kenyan site online which is called MASHADA.

Mashada has the lowest scum and in order to keep it relevant it uses one guy with several names to spread his stupidity. Just like RCbowen and the stupid Loriondo and his aliases as no one ever responds to his bull sh it.

Go grow up, you ar enot addressiung kindergatten kids, peleka these stupid lies to Nyanza where even grown men cant think for them selves.They wait for Rail to do it for them. Other people in th enation use their brains, you people just ape Odinga. Look how stupid you look to the rest of the nation.

This article is not only crap and a lie, its also a poor attempt at humor. It backfired. Stop cheapening this place as someone said. Pelka upuzi yako to Mashada which is full of 20 yr old kids. Hapa sisi ni wazee past 30,, we dont reason like you guys who just finished form 4 in the 2000's. Boys should not talk where wazee are , cause they inevitably show their stupidity.Shame on you, and i am yawning at the stupidity of this article. You will not convince even a drunk man on changaa and bhangi, so stop wasting your time. Useless blog.

udi said...

LMAO. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Please say NO to drugs

Anonymous said...


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