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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Folly of Legislating Peace and Tribalism

The National Ethnic and Race Relations Commission Bill is the brand new political gimmick to legislate against SUFFOCATING NEGATIVE ETHNICITY. Well, the charade that is Kenyan politics never ceases to amaze. Our political landscape is replete with marvellous ideas that are manufactured with the principal purpose of never implementing them. Our political leadership is so SHAMELESS so much so that it has no qualms starting a fire only to turn around and cry wolf. Falling for quick unsustainable fixes is our forte and self-deception the national mantra.

While the internally displaced are being carted to their own devices in the expansive Rift Valley, Kenya’s political leadership is busy fashioning motions meant to create impression of a solution. The process is watered by selective quotation and application of the law for political expediency. All the tough talk only succeed in messaging bloated egos of the political scoundrels. And why not when they are secure in the knowledge that their loyalists sing along albeit oblivious of the impending cliff ahead.

We are a country busy chasing her own tail. Stop gap measures forms the nucleus of all our efforts to combating any challenge. If we are not forming commissions to investigate other commissions, we are manufacturing security committees to duplicate the police force. Political expediency seems to run through any decision made by our leaders. Beholden to regional and ethnic interests, these leaders have to look over their shoulders before making up their mind on any decision regardless of its weight and impact on the Kenyan nation.

Legislating commonsense
It is foolhardy to inflict pain unto yourself and cry for mercy from elsewhere.
It is foolhardy to inflict pain unto yourself and cry for mercy from elsewhere.
Kenya and her present leaders have perfected the game of hollow semantics. While making efforts is commendable towards finding a lasting solution to any malady, we only fool ourselves with tokenism and half measures disguised as objective blueprints. We need no research to uproot the entrenched negative ethnicity as conceived by Kenyatta, delivered by Moi and weaned to the present monster by Kibaki.

Our sorry face for politicians can indulge all they wish in soothing their egos but only hard and HONEST decisions can rehabilitate us out of the present state of national comatose. No amount of pretence that dutifully addresses the symptoms of our national ailment that conveniently leaves the cause to fester to cancerous proportions will wash. It is high time we stopped cheating ourselves that you can LEGISLATE PEACE, never you can't. Peace can only be CULTIVATED in an environment where every Kenyan feels valued, a sense of belonging and respected.

HONESTY and SELFLESSNESS are irreplaceable pillars in pursuit of lasting PEACE and national COHESION. The corollary is to continue with our national pastime of DECEPTION and doublespeak in the religious footsteps of our esteemed top TRIBAL CLERICS. And at that rate our MPs will next time embark on legislating commonsense.

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Anonymous said...

"Mr Kosgey, who is also the ODM chairman, said if the Government was genuine in dealing with the violence, then police officers who shot innocent youths during mass action should be arrested."

THe statement above is from Sunday Nation.

That pretty much sums up everything wrong with this government. Mr Kosgey is a minister in this government, so who exactly is he refering to as government. i.e ODM have been shortchanged, the ministerial positions they have have no strength or teeth and are mere window dressing. Or that the Kibaki presidency is still as powerful or internal security minister is unapproachable, what exactly is the message here?

THe fear of "moi" like leadership is in the air. i.e an ODM cabinet minister can issue a directive that can be rescinded by a PNU cabinet minister or president/vp thats the message i get.

We need to see more (self) confidence in the ODM cabinet or else they march out and embark on the much needed reforms


Fave said...

The violence that followed the civilian/paramilitary coup of late December 2007 has deep historical roots. It will take more than evasive maneuvers and vacuous legislation (as the one mentioned) to solve. Even before the elections outbreaks of violence accompanied by an exponential increase in crude weapons had occurred. Previous elections of 1992 and 1997 had a violence before rather than after, but still they had violence. Over 1,500 people have died in post-election violence add to the infant deaths in the camps and I think we are going into 10,000 people dead or will die due directly due to the coup.
Solving our problems will require some form of majimbo. More power has to be given to the provinces. Our provinces are currently controlled by the president through the colonial system of provincial administration. This system is corrupt and mostly unaccountable. It was put in place not to help the citizens but to prevent any dissent.
My solution for our problems has always been devolution of power to the people. People can only be lead in a way they chose by leaders they respect. We should remember that most of Kenya's ethnic groups have called for majimbo since independence. This call has been resisted and suppressed by a certain segment of Kenyan leaders. Majimbo is an idea whose time has come, like old age we either accept it gracefully or fight it until we die (or we will break up). We have to remember that majimbo or some form of devolution was endorsed by none other than U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Jendayi Frazier, who called on January 7 for measures of devolution to achieve a long-term solution to Kenyan problems. She realized the problems with Kenya lay with the governance by central despotic ethnocentric cabal.
Many multi ethnic third world nation such as India (1950s) and Nigeria (1980s) realized that most effective way of solving and preventing ethnic strife was to restructure their administrations and acknowledge ethnicity. Ethnicity will continue to play a huge role in Kenyan politics, peace in our country will require the expansion and acknowledgment of rights of individuals and groups. Accommodation of Masai, Kikuyu or Kalenjin concerns has to be addressed. It can not be addressed through legislation but by dialogue. Being governed by a faraway corrupt government is not and will not be a solution.
Remember countries break up and examples of that abound. An artificial construct like Kenya can only last and take so much strain before it breaks up. Those trying to hold Kenya together through an old fashioned colonial system will have nothing to hold on in the end.

Article contains some information sourced from the Foreign Affairs Magazine TM

Anonymous said...

What is it with Judas Kaloozer? Tears have barely dried on the cheeks of IDPs and he is already on the succession campaign hatching yet another self-seeking scheme.

We are trying to keep Kenya together and macho-bano Karua and domo-kombo Kiraitu are busy curving parts of it for Judas Kaloozer! Ati bringing together Merus, Kambas and Kukuyus to ensure Judas' presidency in 2012! In your dreams Judas. Pepo mbaya, Shindwe kabisa!!

Last Friday, Mr Murungi sparked the debate when he told thousands of people who turned up in Machakos during Mr Musyoka's homecoming party, that discussions to make the VP President Kibaki's heir, had started and the target was to bring together the Meru, Kikuyu and Kamba.

Anonymous said...

Don't just complain from January to December. Take time out of this debilitating routine and write a post on potential solutions. That way you will not only uplift your soul but you will be part of the national solution.

Anonymous said...

evidently the central/eastern mps have realized they made an error in timing with their succession plan VP which is known publicly anyway and are now retracting. fact is central/eastern cannot ever be trusted again to vote for any candidate outside of their province. what we'll see developing is a crafty ploy to woo either Mudavadi or some other "maleable" luhya or kisii leader and then come the next general election will switch back to their own candidate irrespective of what is going on elsewhere

fact is central/eastern voters are never to be trusted again to share common stand with the other provinces, any future candidate from the six provinces should not waste time or money going out there on any campaign. its not worth the effort and instead should focus on consolidating gains in other provinces. it is a sad but painful reality and will not be washed or wished away


Anonymous said...

biggest joke of the year

from the EA Standard
Karua, who is perceived to be sulking over Uhuru’s appointment as deputy PM at her expense, said while she supported regional unity, leadership should emanate from the people and not imposed by a few.

"I support unity but leadership positions should be acquired through democratic means, and not imposed on the majority," she was quoted as saying.

after successfulyy imposing kibaki on us

Anonymous said...

Hata mimi nimesema Kalonzo tosa. After Kibaki, the only other people with the ability to lead kenya are Kalonzo, Uhuru and mudavadi. Who amoong these three doesnt come from Central and is his own person (doesnt require permission from mtukutu PM before opening his mouth)? Nipe Kalonzo tafadhali!

Knoppix!® said...

Anon,7:36!Such talk is only welcome from pedestrians which i believe you are not.I wont tire to remind bloggers here to go and demand for refunds from their respective schools if they cannot observe simple respect for format and relevance.Look at what fave said and his predecessor.They kept their comments restricted atleast in one way way or the other to the title of the post.

Compare their comments with yours and you will admit yours are are way off the track.

Back to the post.I very much agree with you Taabu,for instance should we seriously expect anything meaningful from Kriegler.When the commission was formed it made sense because i could imagine Kivuitu being hauled out of office with his cohorts.But right now i guess another one will be informed to investigate Kriegler&Co.So basically its commission after another.Is it really important when its home with the citizenry who messed what,where and how?

So much canvassing is running in atleast every other department in the government.I have seen busy bodies running around with GOK LPOs and when you look at them they cant even raise even a chip of a note worth the LPOs they are carrying and we expect this very government to give us results surely!!!!!

All the ideas and ways conventional or otherwise reside within us and we surely cant solve our own problems.The IDP issue is being gobbled up,laws are being bent to raise funds,the desitination of the funds is unclear,Kibaki is clownishly watching,Our PM is attending every other party in town.Surely when will this guys get to work?They idle around and when a problem springs up they slap us with what Taabu calls a bandage but what i call a Patch or Kiraka!

We are indeed in a sorry state.

Knoppix!® said...

Soory I meant Anon 7:14

Knoppix!® said...

Soory I meant Anon 7:14 Above.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that what is left of the GEMA 'bus' is sitting on a scrapheap somewhere in Othaya. If I were Bw. Kiraitu I would start by looking for an engine and wheels before looking for a driver.

Lastly, am I the only one who thinks Bw. Kiraitu's understanding of a bus leaves something to be desired? Isn't a wiper supposed to keep the windscreen clear ... not steer a bus?

"We are in the process of looking for a 'bus' whose 'driver' is likely to be Kalonzo. We want to talk to Uhuru and (Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Martha) Karua to chart the way forward and ensure that the bus has a good driver," Kiraitu Murungi said.

The Imenti South MP spoke in the presence of Mr Kenyatta and Ms Karua, who are among those known to nurse State House ambitions.

Sunday, Government Chief Whip, George Thuo added that plans were under way to unite the Kikuyu community to rally behind the VP in the 2012 General Election and revealed that Mr Kenyatta had been persuaded to be Mr Musyoka’s running mate.

Anonymous said...

Taabu bills can be written until JC comes but that will not help anyone...Focus on changing the heart, attittude and the mindset of men...which will be a hard task i am told it is hard to change a man unless he is in diapers!!!!! Peace is not forced, it is achieved. You see it will be sheer deception to force people to go leave somewhere and yet these jamaas still have a grudge among themselves, one their family members are being held in some dungeon somewhere and yet you want them to embrace again. it is hard it is just like tying an elastoplast on a cancerous wound.
They are busy legislating bills and the Kiraitus are busy consolidating their tribes to rally behind Kalonzo....Yet Kalonzo who is basking in glory forgot that he had said he will concentrate on healing the nation...It just hit him and he realized Oh my God, that was a bad move, i hope she listened to Charity Ngilu yesterday, but being an opportunist i dont expect much from him. Kalonzo is one person who doesn't have any ideology, beliefs, principles and i hope that he knows a day in politics is enternity, he will just not know what hit him, and it will hit him hard!!!


Anonymous said...

I disagree with you,whoever is dreaming to become the presedent of this country has, either to unite all the country and get un doubted majority, just like 2002 or rig the election.The people in the Central and eastern province need to be re programmed, that is all. It is an uphill task,i agree, but can be done..i belive.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:43

the rest of the country is united
its for the central/eastern to either join if they want to, or go on as they have done in all the previous elections


Anonymous said...

After the temporary pause I think its time to put on the war amour and go back to war. The coalition has failed period, there are some people who will not rest until they have subjugated the rest of us. The wicked plot by gema to 'rule'kenya against the wishes of the people seems to be too still moving like a heavy undertow while the rest of us are struggling for peace.....that bill whatever it is has one purpose only, and that we can no longer point out the fact that gema is up to no good. We do saw it will be called hate speech or crap like that and before we know it we will have to double the size of our prisons and Kaloozer will priside over a prisonfleece scandal where billions will be alocated for prison and hardly a million will be spent...we are in deep crap. something' got a give the lesotho concept is looking very attractive...

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


Very sound points/arguments.

And add to the irony of laws being broken (amended) to collect (extort) funds from civil servants thus reopening the "harambee pandora box" does anyone recall how easy it was to invite a select few "heavy-weights" about 6 months back to a 1m lunch plate and a record was it 2 or 5 b or so we heard collected in but a few minutes in between toothpick activity, but yet combining all the ministries and other donor resources we barely got to the .5b mark. I have to ask, maybe those 1m plate guys could do with another lunch for a more worthy cause (IDPs) can someone pass the hat around?


Anonymous said...

UrXlnc @ 12:40 AM.
If you insist that we go to election 2012 with out wining the hearts of the central/eastern people , then You must insure proper ECK laws are in place guarding against rigging...other wise just be ready for a duplicate 2007 election rigging sag.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.49… It’s not just GEMA who are be rallying behind Kalonzo, it's the entire wider Bantu speaking community including my very own Miji Kenda, Pokomo, Girima and the AbaGusii in the west. We are all saying Kalonzo Tosha!


Anonymous said...

Fellow ODMers,

Be warned, the best gift ODM can give to Kalonzo is to continue to underestimate him. We can massage our egos by calling him Kalooser, but we need to stop for a minute and see the mammoth block of votes being assembled behind him. Information leaking from GEMAland is that the young MPs have agreed not to field a candidate in the next General Election despite the wishes of the Wazees to field Uhuru. That message has been communicated clearly to Uhuru by his generation and he seems to have accepted that verdict. After a disasterous hands-off leadership of Kibaki, the community opinion leaders are agreed that the community needs to sit out one cycle of presidential elections while re-grouping. That is how the names of Kalonzo and Mudavadi came into the picture. Although the Wazees would have liked to partner with the Luhyas, no PNU-friendly MP from Western worthy talking about survived the ODM wave, and Mudavadi is already engaged to Raila and was ruled as incapable of breaking away from the mesimerizing ODM show. Although the Wazees have forgiven Kalonzo they are finding it hard to forget that Kalonzo turned them down last year and went solo and in addition bad-mouthed Kibaki during the campaigns. But the youthful lot have no problem with Kalonzo. In fact, the pro-Kalonzo talk in Machakos and Meru over the weekend was not intended for national audience but was directed to the Wazees to toe the line and leave the alliance-building to the young MPs. But Kiraitu's big mouth in Meru did not go down well because he forgot the local saying that when you are hunting you do so quietly not to scare the animal away. Anyway, the Wazees are ready to toe the line and back Kalonzo as long as they can be assured that their interests will be safe in the next dispensation.

So Kalonzo is not the whiping boy of last year and our perspective must change accordingly. We must disabuse our thinking that Kikuyus can not support the candidature of another tribe. Of course they are going to have red herring candidates untill the last minute and then flock to a non-GEMA candidate. If that candidate happens to be Kalonzo, as is most likely, then he starts off with over 4 million votes from Central/Eastern alone without counting the Kikuyu vote in Nairobi and RV. Add to that the fact that Kalenjins might not vote as a single block this time, and you see the need for our ODM leaders to start thinking new strategies. The worst we can do is to continue chest-thumping.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:52, the serious one not the joker,

Yes GEMA can indeed support one from another tribe, yes one like Kalonzo who has nothing he believes in, one who doesn't have a stand and can fall for anything that looks like presidency even if all powers are snuffed from it...GEMA can't just stand one who can tell them the truth as it is...E.g. they can't just stand Orengo.
I think i agree with Fave let us go for majimbo/ugatuzi...It is an idea whose time has come...I mean we can't all be hold at ransom just coz a tribe wants to rule forever!!!


Anonymous said...

KWALE - Yes, it is true that the fight in 2012 will be between the BANTUS and the NILOTES/HAMITES. The idea was floated last year but was vetoed by the Kibaki's golfing buddies. The buddies thought it was too divisive but in hindsight they wish they knew how the nation was divided they would have gone for the idea. Now the idea is being justified by pointing out that in RV only the Bantus (Kikuyus, Kisiis and Luhyas) were attacked by the Kalenjins. It it is argued that it was not a coincidence but planned, and that the only way of dealing with this imerging problem of Luo/Kalenjin is to form a Bantu alliance. Already the constant verbal attacks on Kalonzo by ODM is slowly pushing th Akamba tightly into the Gema corner. Next comes the Miji Kenda and the game is over.

The tentative Bantu line-up for 2012 which is circulating is Akamba (President), Kikuyu (VP), and Miji Kenda (PM). But my fear is that if this strategy is followed then the Nilotes/Hamites communities will be permanently in the opposition.

M-Pesa said...

The 'Anake' and 'Athuri' in Gemaland have decided Kalonzo tosha. This will best be illustrated when Kibaki joins Lucy in hibernation two year prior to the the elections for Kalonzo to "learn the ropes".

That's precisely what Mandela did with Mbeki before he succeed him. Prepare for lots of Kalonzo from 2010 onwards on your TV screens ("political marketing strategy") executing most duties of the head of state.

Now that will be proper hands free approach from our beloved president compared to the freedom he's given his ministers. This according to Athuri will "completely change Kenyans mindset that Kalonzo is not up to the task..." Prepare for Uhuru as your next Rt Hon Prime Mister if at all Raila survives this term, which is highy in doubt. I don't understand how Kenyans can't read this very open script!

Na kazi itaendelea...

Anonymous said...

So Anon 2:43, So what is your fear? I guess you just need to wake up and smell the coffee

Taabu said...

Can somebody please spinkle some sheen of intelliggence into the LOWER PRIMARY CIVICs that is limited to bantu/nilote mix? That is a very attarctive kite that will never leave the ground. Very calculative in ropping in others to use as a ladder to be dropped pronto. Not anymore and not in Kenya. Distort juvenile civics al you wish but the AUTO EROTISM won't escape your skull. Indulge with glee.

Taabu said...

SELF DECEPTION EXTRORDINAIREE= mentioning Mandela and Kibaki in same sentence. Well, expand your ego and fill it with all the HOT AIR, congrats.

Anonymous said...


Why do you say Kalonzo does not believe on anything. Good acacdemic discourse call for camoparatives. Compare Kalanzi and Raila and tell with hindsight of history , whom you can believe.

Raila is a convinient politician - how many times in the last 16 years has he jumped parties where his ulterior ambitions go beyond? Didnt he had a day with wamalwa kijana and Mzee Odinga(God rest their souls)? What about Moi?, What about Kibaki? What about Kalonzo?. What does he believe in if - one moment is in Ford, Ford Kenya, NDP, Kanu, LDP, Narc, ODM-K, ODM etc. Ivy - Give us another one. At least we are good students of history.

Mwarang'ethe said...


It has been observed, wisely, we would say, that prejudice is the most unreasonable traits in human character. It has also been observed that one of the most difficult things in science is to invent a lense that does not distort the objects it reflects, for the least deviation in the lines of the mirror destroy the beauty of a star.

How then, unreliable it must be the distorting lense of human prejudice?

That being said, for those who seek to convince us of the wisdom of dividing Kenya into Bantu vs. Nilotes etc, we say this. Do not expect a cyclone of applause from us, for we see no wisdom, nor any gain, in such an adventure.

Fave said...

I normally avoid joining puerile arguments. I have concluded they are a waste of time. But this one is just too stupid to avoid.
These people harping on the Bantu alliance thing, are you for real? I mean, I have heard and seen childish proposals before but, this takes the medal. Trying to rope people together for convenience sake won't work. Bantu alliance kitu gani? I do not want to be associated with certain individuals in anyway, shape or form just because I am a Bantu. Very soon, mungiki will be defending my rights! Bantu alliance ikae kwao! Bantu is in any case a colonial eurocentric definition that should be done a way with immediately!
Kenyans can see beyond such stupid machinations for a certain segment of the society to retain and corruptly control power.
Anyway, the best way to test a proposal is to put it to a real life test. That alliance thing will fail. Justice for all and governance for Kenyans in a way we want it! Devolution now

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57, good student of history, what are these beliefs that Kalonzo believes in and pls dont tell me that he believes in God, when it is convenient. There is something that stands out in Raila, believe it or not there are somethings that he will never compromise on...And as you said you are a good student of history, go back and read again and you will find out...I dont have to enumerate for you


Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe: here are the facts; Bantus are the largest and wealthiest of the three tribal groups in Kenya. All Bantus are industrious farmers who have settled in the central highlands and in the coastal hinterlands. The Kikuyu alone number nearly seven million. They are joined in the central highlands by the Embu, Meru, Mbeeri, Kamba, and Tharaka tribes. The Mijikenda group is comprised of nine sub-tribes on the Kenyan coast. The Pokomo group of thirteen sub-tribes inhabits the Tana River area. In the West are the Gusii, Guba, Kuria, and the Luyia group of seventeen sub-tribes.

Anonymous said...


Its too earlt to judge, but in terms of political consistency - Kalonzo would fair better than Raila.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous 5.41am

Very well said. However, we seek no answer to the obvious. We seek the answer to the following question. How shall such an alliance preserve and expand our economic and social well being as well as liberty?

In any case, to argue that there are people called Bantus is to shows nothing but ignorance of human history. There is nothing like a pure tribe. It is the same ignorance that has bred racism. However, we are grateful to thinkers like JOEL AUGUSTUS ROGER.

If u and others who think like u seek enlightment, u can grab one of his books, such as:
1. From superman to man
2. Nature Knows No Color Line: research in the Negro ancestry in the white race.
3. As Nature Leads: an informal discussion of the reason why Negro and Caucasian are mixing in spite of opposition.

Taabu said...

What a cheap mindset some people entertain inside their skulls. It all amounts to a LITANY of DECEPTION-making you feel valuable to bend over and offer your back for a RIDE. You are demonized when not cooperative and ropped in for security in numbers when the scoundrel is under threat.

Be brave enough and confront your stinking soul. Stop spreading yourself too thin using Bantu thread. Next you will claim LUCIFER to be the royal loard of Bantustan. That mentality is what Kenyans HATE tagging others hero when they do the ass job as you wait in glee to pick the trophy.

Not in the present Kenya. Just ask yourself why you cringe at mention of DEVOLUTION. Simple minded TICK vomits on its host oblivious of teh danger from starvation once teh host is dead. Ati Mjikenda? Well we know of George Kiare Kinuthia who would LYNCH you if you ever spelled those names befoe him. DECEPTION and serial denial.

Anonymous said...

My my kenyans, are we so desparate that Kaloozer is the caliber of person whose name is now being bandied around as a presidential candidate. Funny thing kalonzo seems to feature a lot when tribal politics, bantu , nilots nonsense comes to play, what happened to issues based politics, we sway back an forth like mindless seems that now the way to the presidential office is by playing on irrelevant things like tribes....when did we get here.....when we wanted moi out it was a question of getting out a person, then the Kifucky tribalist shamelesy turned it to a gema affair and thats being turned into the future of kenyan politics, one that kalooser fits in squarely......makes MO1 sound very clever with his ..'kenyans are not ready for democracy' statement. Its our game kenyans are we going to be issue based or are we going to be tribal based?, we will decide, truth about it is that there is some serious intertribal tensions in kenya that can be raised, to our detriment as a country....At least people like RAO have fought and done their part but like monkeys kenyans will only realise the danger of forming tribal based alliences with gema once they have had a chance, to plant the seed and eat the fruit. I would suggest to RAO not to run infact no Luo candidate should run come 2012 and allow the other tribes to form their allainces with gema and have their is difficult to work with people who think they did RAO a favour by electing him. It amazes me that kenyans don't seem to realise that if and when RAO exits the political scene we shall be in trouble as country...the sad reality is that as a people we seem to be ambitionless we have to concept of kenya as a country and our tribal heritage seems to be greater that anything else and we shall reap what we sow....there is no kenya nation. Its an illusion. There will never be one unless we roll up our sleeves and start building it by fighting anyone who wants to divide us along tribal lines. Its Its interesting to note that the young kuyos just differ with the old kuyos in the tactic but not in the overall aim and that is to dominate kenyans obviously not for the benefit on kenyans. The Luos have been identified as the problem people other tribes look like they are up for sale......Qs What have ye against luos? Hating them will not improve your lot. Seems to me only the luos are proud enough to demand justice for all, other tribes are happy to be noticed by the powers that be...whoever they be as long as they are in they care not who is out.....That is kenya for you.....we are not a nation lets not kid ourselves. And we shall pay th price. As for the so called wealth of central peopl.....the big money in kenya has it roots in agriculture read farms grabbed from white settlers and given selectively to kuyos so the hard work there was blatant thuggery. where esle is the money from? We have no minerals to sell so where have the riches come from? No brainer stealing from government. And the lucky advantage of having your shags next door to a metropolis like nairobery can't fairly compare yourself with a turkana person and say that its cause of your hard work. All i can say is bring it on let the allainces begin we have nothing to fear.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


Keep your cool, no Bantu presidential candidate wants you Nilotic vote. Also, nobody cringes at the mention of devolution, what the majority of Kenyans don't want ni majimbo ya ukabila - they realize that that kind of majimbo would mean them leaving Nairobi (for example) to the ancestral owners and start blogging from Mogotio or Mbita Point.

I am for Kenyans uniting into blocks (Bantu, Nilotes, Western alliance, Central alliance, etc.) as long as they do so for voting or development purposes and not for barbaric attacks against other Kenyans. Take the case of ODM, for example, had Luos and Kalenjins (these two voted 100% ODM) not united to form that block, they would not have stood a chance of negotiating their way into govt. These blocks also give the smaller tribes a bigger voice than they would have if they were to go it alone. It is also a fact that some tribes share a closer cultural experience than others. So, TAABU don't be alarmed and see armaggedon in every idea that doesn't originate from your negative ethnocentric skull.

Anonymous said...


Today you seem to be very moody. You got good english, but its unpalatable. Use words that communicate honourably. Some in this blog are elders bwana.

Mzee wa kijiji

Anonymous said...

Now that Luhyas supported the Luos for presidency in 2007, it will be Luhyas turn to be supported by the Luos, otherwise if Mudavadi keeps on subordinating himself to Raila his political career will be toast come 2012. Luhyas must have real power come 2012. It is not enough to be called deputy captains while Luos call themselves captains. Luhya mothers have given birth to sons too!!!

Andy Capp said...

So I hear the matatu operators and common wanainchi are fighting Mungiki in Muranga. This is encouraging news to me. Let us support our Kikuyu brothers and sisters in Muranga in finishing off these Mungiki folk. As far as I'm concerned, this should have been headline news. It might be the beginnings of the much awaited wind of change in Central.

Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa Kijiji, Taabu English is crap!! It’s a self-styled grammar that’s not taught anywhere in any institution but used by Taabu to relieve his burning ego. Stinking rubbish!!!

Anonymous said...


We are allowing ourselves to let a single and almost simple problem of one group (GEMA+A) simply refusing to work in tandem with other communities, and letting this near trivial issue mutate into a monster that is uncalled for. The idea and gall of trying to woo other communities using catchy buzzwords like bantu is extremely laughable and should be ignored in its entirety. We should not continue to allow shortsightedness to rule over our better judgement. At which point do I suddenly become bantu or nilote was it in 2002 when RAO supported wholesale Kibaki, and MOI supported wholesale Uhuru, or is it in 2007 when kiabki went it alone with his central/eastern and the rest were with RAO. Lets stop these mindless games. Everyday I observe our leadership repeat the same errors over and over and this has gradually spilled over to very intelligent kenyans. Why is it that whenever problems arise, we take the really simple ones and exagerate and blow them out of proportion so as to come up with a seemingly innovative solution, but the complex ones, we try out best to hide them in the closets, under beds and carpets, anything but attempt to solve them. And worse still, even if the solution is there in front of our faces, we prefer to run to the highest mountain and look for or create myths and mystical stuff out of it.

Facts - GEMA+A have the leadership firmly in their pocket
- Future outlook does not look to bright going it alone so fact they need to enter more workable solution with other communities and hence the newly found bantu love

lets simply work with the facts and numbers, and then add strong insitutions to uphold due process. these new buzzwords for political expediency are part of the PNU bible of operations and should be ignored.


Anonymous said...

UrXlnc: You were lied to that only Central Province voted for PNU.
Here are the non-Gema PNU hardliners ALL Bantustans;

Naomi Shaban
Danson Mutangana
Chirau mwakerere
Moses Wetangula
Noah Wekesa
Alfred Machage
Sam Ongeri
Muskari Kombo

Anonymous said...

I would also like to remind the upright thinking kenyans of two phenomena

a) it is observed that some animals follow the leader(s) or lead animal with robotic precision. i.e if you put an obstacle in front of the lead animals so that they jump over it, even when you remove the obstacle, those animals following behind will still jump over the now imaginary obstacle.

b) the above behaviour is also found in modern day living in incidences such as phantom traffic jam/accident where long after an incidence has been cleared, there are vehicles still coming to screeching halt before moving on

I use these two analogies in a wasted attempt to understand why there is such acrimony between kikuyu/luo leadership dating back to Kenyatta/Jaramogi now supposedly mutating to bantu/nilote ostensibly to include the kalenjin. whatever hoops these guys jumped in those days and for whatever reason, some others today from all communities are blindly jumping over the phantom hurdles and manufacturing excuses.

Guys/Kenyans my plea to you is to let us all stop propagating and actively practising or engaging in phantom ethnic hatred and intolerance, which we inherited and don't even know what really transpired. Lets evaluate the obstacles that existed in that period and then remove those obstacles if they still exist or open our eyes to the new reality that individual ability and true leadership has little to do with race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, etc.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:18

That is exactly my point but you'd like to view it from a different perspective. What that clearly demonstrates as has been done all along is that other communities have no problem with a GEMA party or any other party so long as there is some ideology that is endearing.

Now show me the reverse of that coin, i.e ODM MP from central, and please spare me Ngilu, Mwau and the others who withstood the Kalonzo storm in a tea-cup


Anonymous said...

Show me just one PNU MP in Luo Nyanza.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59

Regretably we are not on communicating, first off the main thrust of my argument was on the presidency rather
than MPs and I should not have gotten distracted


Presidential Results Central Province
1992 Moi 2%, Matiba 60%, Kibaki 36% Odinga 1%

96% to homeboys 4% to all others

1997 Moi 5.6%, Kibaki 89%, Raila 0.7%, Wamalwa 0.3%, Ngilu 3.1%

90% to homeboys 10% all others

2002 Kibaki 68%, Kenyatta 30%, Nyachae .4%

98% homeboys 2% all others

2007 Kibaki 150%
50% exported for top up hehehehe

In short central vote 90+% central candidates, the sum total of ALL other contenders barely approaches 10%

That is the record, it is not just a statistical trend but a fact religiously repeated in all multiparty elections held in Kenya 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007.

I repeat, there is no need for any candidate from other six provinces to waste effort in this region.
They are utterly and hopelessly predictable and I mean this with all due respect to their democratic right and no ill intention at all. These are the facts and as a realist I must accept the evidence as such. You may wish to carry out a similar analysis in the other provinces but as you already know Nyanza voted Kibaki 2002 61% which already breaks from the mould.


Mcheku said...

Urxlnc at 2.31,

You have made my day!

It is common knowledge that Central province votes for their own, that is how things are that is how they will always be.....this tale of Kalonzo 2012 sijui what, is just that a tale!

Now. anybody with an argument to counter his excellency's well presented facts? Please jitokezeni tuwaone...hehehehehe!

Anonymous said...

Yes Mcheku, but just remember for flavor they are now warming up to Kalonzo, remember its the two provinces Central and Eastern, so it will likely be Kalonzo as the point man and then some fellow either from up Meru and probably a few other mixes for "regional" representation.

To make this work is going to require cunning, deceit and just plain blackmailing or hostage machinations never witnessed before. Why? Because we all know, the one that sits in that hot seat has it all. Moi's passing cloud turned into 24 years.

So likely the game plan as been said by many others before, it will be let Kibaki hang on to imperial presidency, then somewhere near the end of the period, complete "constitutional reforms" to dilute the presidency, in the event Kalonzo reneges on MOU and position someone else UK for PM or two Dep PM etc as fall back plan.

Best opinion to read on this would be that of one Mutahi Ngunyi


Anonymous said...

UrXlnc and Mcheke,
Not clever at all. The pattern is the same for each of the tribal chiefs across the different election years, 2002 as an exception. How about showing us figures for RV and for Luo Nyanza? Not clever at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:30

Broad sweeping statements such as "tribal chieftans" and "it is a statistical pattern" are an elixir for befuddling inebriated members of the local pub where no one is interested or wants to pay attention to detail.

Not sure what you mean except 2002, did the election not take place, or would you prefer to sweep under the rug the circumstances around the 2002 election that welded (in your words) the "tribal chieftan - kibaki" to the presidential seat from which he cannot somehow extricate himself
Presidential Results Rift Valley
1992 Moi 67%, Matiba 18%, Kibaki 7% Odinga 5%

<70% to homeboy 30% to all others

1997 Moi 69%, Kibaki 21%, Raila 2%, Wamalwa 6%, Ngilu 0.7%

<70% to homeboy, 30% all others

2002 Kibaki 43%, Kenyatta 53%, Nyachae 3%
Presidential Results Nyanza

(sorry ECK does not publish for luo nyanza, kikuyu GEMA, kamba Eastern, Borana North Eastern, Bantu RV and other microscopic [myopic] differences that some people want to suddenly introduce to differentiate, seperate and conquer communities)

1992 Moi 14%, Matiba 3%, Kibaki 6% Odinga 75%

<75% to homeboy 25% to all others

1997 Moi 23%, Kibaki 15%, Raila 56%, Wamalwa 1%, Ngilu 1%

<60% to homeboy, 40% all others

2002 Kibaki 61%, Kenyatta 7%, Nyachae 30%


two bit statistical analysis, am satisfied to state an average of 30% acceptance in RV and 40% Nyanza, 0.2% (negligible) central for outside candidates

i.e very crudely put out of 10 people if you propose an outside candidate there is a probability that the number of people who will listen and vote due to conscience or conviction are

in central - 0 out of 10 persons (you may recall RAO being thrown out of a hotel in karatina and stoning/barricading campaign teams - not sure whether this was juvenile or uncouth)
in nyanza - 4 out of 10 persons
and in RV. - 3 out of 10 persons

You do not need to take offense, those are the numbers found on ECK website as a record of previous voting.

Maumivu yakizidi, talk to dr. kvu2 am sure those figures can be adjusted any which way you'd like

Nuff said


Anonymous said...

I heard someone argue that it is up to the courts to decide if the polls violence suspects should be released , in my opinion courts can only rule on a case that has been brought before them , if suspects are still in police custody then the courts have no jurisdiction , this should be a call by the chief Govt presuctor(TOBIKO KERIYAKO i always thought this guy was japanese) who is under the AG , this is the office that should verify the evidence that the police have collected and decide if they are credible enought to stand in court .At this point the AG just like he does in corruption cases can order the release of suspects based on lack of tangible evidence , the police are not credible enough they are part n parcel of the killings by commision or ommision .

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