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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Master of Pretence and Betrayal

The Grand Coalition Government is one political animal that is too big for its nest. The truth is that the PNU-ODM marriage of convenience ended immediately it was consummated. Kibaki had his face on the pact but his heart and intentions still lie elsewhere despite spirited pronouncements to the contrary. He was dragged into the pact by both international and local pressure.

Kenya is in EXTRAORDINARY state which needs EXTRAORDINARY leadership which Kibaki cannot offer. His apologists still shamelessly deride protesters who forced the THIEF to relent as uncivilized. Well, only myopia can sanitize fidelity to a skewed law. Kenyans are ahead of the THIEVES and PNU’s call to turn to the courts was a script delivered straight from political scoundrels.

Fraudulent company
Kibaki’s fraudulent mantra has loyal students in Mugabe and the junta in Burma. These are dinosaurs whose political relevance starts and ends with their marionette nature. Mugabe the independence hero was to Zimbabweans what Kibaki was to Kenyans in 2002. As soon as Kenyans delivered Kibaki to State House after two unsuccessful bids before, he embarked on unparalleled mission to TRIBALIZE Kenya than never seen before.

So here we are a country crying for leadership but our tears is being mocked by a scoundrel ruling by proxy and cronies. Well, sitting on a fraudulent pedestal denies you any trace of moral authority to govern. And no CEO leaves his subordinates to run the show downhill without lifting a finger. It is even worse when the very subordinates are privy to your soft underbelly. Only a miracle can have people pulling in different directions move in the same direction.

Kibaki's bane is traceable to his archaic mindset moulded in nostalgia of the 1950s. We belong to different generation and IMPUNITY and utter contempt of Kenyatta's time will be resisted with all the might and sweat. Kenyans demonstrated their might on December 27 last year only for the THIEF-IN-CHIEF to trash their democratic and birth right with all the bravado and impunity by stealing elections. Well, gloating you can but the time to account for collective and individual misdeeds is nigh. It is only a matter of when and not if.

Air force man's crazy mzungu woman fantasy led to tragedy

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Anonymous said...

You will cry until you cannot cry no more. Kibaki is staying PUT like it or not!

Anonymous said...

you hit the nail right on the right spot and good post

anon11:09 AM how dare you suggest kenyans are crying tears for Kibaki!! listen very carefully kenyans are crying for the spilled innocent blood by kibaki and his cronies the mungiki foot soldiers and guess what- no more tears kibaki will be removed by the same kenyans!! useless is the tag placed on his name!!
kikuyu blindness is known by other tribes in Kenya - only when kikuyu's are looting does one see the alertness back into their eyes
emilio the thief and thug will be gone soon and kenyans we start rebuilding kenya!!

Anonymous said...

tell us something we dont know, this stuff is getting old .

Anonymous said...

Taabu, before you write an article, I suggest you think first. You know all too well there is no comparison between Kibaki, Mugabe or Junta regime of Burma (Myanmar). If Kibaki was like any of those two, you wouldn’t be sitting behind the computer to write about your obsession with “THIEF-IN-CHIEF”. Here are the facts; The Burmese media have been strictly controlled since the 1962. And in Zimbabwe, all broadcasters transmitting from Zimbabwean soil, as well as the main newspapers, are state-run and adhered to the government line. And yet a whining mug like you continues to enjoy the freedom of spreading vitriol around the world behind your computer. If Kibaki was to be accused of anything, it would be he is a wimp and too lenient. I just wish Kibaki was like the two leaders you just mentioned or Arap Moi, people like you would be relinquishing inside the-nick (prison).

You know what, I think your loyalist should send you to Moscow next week, and you will come back pushing up daises (dead)!
A Kalenjin Warrior Vs Russians skinheads,… no contest mate.
Not that I want you dead, but it would be a good lesson to learn not hate your fellow niggers.


Taabu said...

Stop being a saddist bro. Why would you want me dead? Anyhow I will miss you from without.

Anonymous said...

Kwale, I do not understand why you would use such a cheap denigrating term. Maybe its best you pack up and go back to your other country for which you have a passport. Wazungu na waarabu ndio mi husikia wakituita hivo. Mwenzagu kama hauna la ku nena, tafadhali ishia.

Bado kuna watu wanaoabudu mzungu jameni. maajabu kweli

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:57, best thing, whenever I see the name Kwale or m-pesa, just skip their comments, you will have saved yourself a few precious minutes in your day better sepnt on something else.

Anonymous said...


No matter how much you miss your Moi, he will never come back to micro-manage your life. It was easy going for you as a beneficiary of Moi's lunatic leadership but everything has an end. Learn to leave under presidents from other tribes. If you trully believe Kibaki stole your vote, then go remove him from the presidency instead of spreading your armaggedon idiocy. The world is not coming to an end except in your mind. Kibaki will finish his term assisted by Kalonzo and Raila, and another person will get a chance to lead. But you father Moi will never come back to nurse your tribal ego.

Peace Keeping said...

Kumekucha articles are good but the comments are like Nairobi River. Garbage, human feaces, sewage, rubbish and father of them all raw blood from slaughter houses. Nairobi river is being cleaned and may this owner of Kumekucha also clean up his blog? the vitriol and abuse is too much it is so depressing. when you tihnk of logging on here already the depression starts.

I've seen a lof of blogs but the hatred here is just too much. kenyans need to love one another starting from bloggers here. This blog is still living in the past and yet Kenyans have moved on.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for this but, but why dont you want for yourself what you want for others. You said in this blog you have not heart neither do you feel pain for those who lost their lives in RV - Now you sound like you fear death. Taabu just style up, repent through this blog and your repentance will be accepted. You have been very vitriolic and sadistic for the last 8 months in this blog. Please help in the cause for peace, otherwise hii dunia sote ni wapita njia.

Anonymous said...


just read - i have only one thing to say. Ndugu Taabu dont give us history sasa, please talk about the future and if possible provide solutions to the myriad problems that Kenya faces. The past is dead, the present and the future is living. Just like Anon 12.41 - your stuff is old. I bet it lucks relevance today. Help us shape tommorrow, we were able to take care of our yesterday and the minute past.

If you want to be different from Kibaki " dont live in the 50s" as you have said. Live in the future. You are no different from him if your commentary is anything to go by. You both live in the past.

Hope you will take my concern postively. Not meant to hurt, but pass wisdom.

Mzee wa Kijiji

Anonymous said...

Mzee wa kijiji,

This guys requires your wisdom. Why can he accuse others of living in the 50s, yet he is living in the past with his commentaries. Mwizi na mwizi tu. They are the same, only the names

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:56, 10:16, mzee wa kijiji

I agree we need positive comments in order to move on. Unfortunately current events since Dec 2007 are extremely distasteful. We need to face up to these events and find lasting solutions. At the same time you are right we should not dwell on them in sucha way as to preoccupy and consume every minute of our lives. But keep in mind these unfortunate events have been recurring in Kenya since 1963 and every new scandal exposed is more incredulous or horrendous than the last and executed with even more impunity. Surely we have to put an end to the culture of lying, deceit and manipulation by some of our leaders. Like yourselves am for positive contributions minus the hate, but I think we need to table side by side, the bitter truths in one column, and in the other column the positive thoughts (ways out of the predicament). Regrettably as I've stated before, we lack the teeth to implement any wishful thinking case in point, the recent report on atrocities in Mt Elgon area, but if you've noted, a few MPs are paying attention to some of the discussions here and acting on them. Not all are thieves or dishonest, and I'm ready to continue contributing even just for the one MP or leader paying attention.

Lets expose the entire rot in our system and work towards short and long term/permanent solutions


Anonymous said...

TO put into perspective, how does the chief architect or player of goldenburg buy into a party (KENDA) and even get an elected MP (Jelimo)

Its no wonder that Kamani flew back into the country, maybe he's about to bail out or buy into PNU or some other political outfit. These guys have to be exposed and the rot from this guy dates back to mid 80s from what I recall but its said that the family "has been doing business (mahindra, unspecified defence and police contracts, anglo leasing etc) with govt" for close to 35 years


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Degenerate pervert. Endless commentary and abuse hoping that Kibaki and the Grand Coalition will die or go away is just another muscular effort in intellectual masturbation. You feel good doing it but you do not get the satisfying relief you subconsciously desire, so you get more and more frustrated until eventually you turn to the intensely sadistic blogger rapist you have become. Such a waste. But who is surprised by that except the imbecilic dunderheads who populate this site guided by their sewerage director Taabu?
Newsflash ...the people keeping Kenya from going under are Kenyans themselves, not Raila or Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Kimi raikonen do some homework. Redo that piece and use cleaner language. The message will still come out loud and clear. The garbage and sewage in this blog is coming from people like you.

M-Pesa said...

TAABU AKA John The Baptsist preaching in the wild.

When is your birthday so I can buy for you a nyatiti or wandende to keep you harping on about "THIEF IN CHIEF?" Spare your ink son, over 4 more years to go! OOOPS..Did I say OVER FOUR YEARS????

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